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35. Live From St. Paul!

2011-06-22 | 🔗
Freakonomics Radio hits the road, and plays some Quiz Bowl
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from W and Y see and eight p M american public media. This is free economics, radio, here's, your host Stephen Governor, so a couple weeks ago we did something we ve never done before we took Fr Economics, radio on the road to the Fitzgerald Theatre in Saint Paul Minnesota, and we put on a show in front of actual living people. They seem to like it, but it's hard to tell no everybody's so nice in Minnesota to start with anyway. My favorite part of the evening was when we gave my free economics, CO, author, Steve Levitt, sort of a homecoming roast. He grew up in Minneapolis. Most of his family still lives there, and he went to high school at Saint Paul Academy. One more thing you might want to know before. Listen to this progress limits, Father Michael, is medical research or one of the world's foremost experts in intestinal gas. When some circles he is known as the king,
a farts. So if you ever wonder where Steve Levitt got off, studying sumo wrestlers and blue names and the economics of crack cocaine. All you gotta do is look up. The family tree are then off. We go to the stage of the Fitzgerald so Lever. I did have an idea since were here in your hometown. I was wondering if it might be fun to go a little bit of this. Is your life on you and to go back to some people who knew you then, and to talk about what they might have predicted would come of you it does that interest you at all. Not really does it interest you at all
Let's let let let's, let's do that then! Ok, so we ve got. I am I mean it's mob rule, so we ve got a few guess for you tonight and our first guest is a long time. Teacher and coach at Steve Limits, high school alma mater Saint Paul Academy. Please would you give a warm freakin welcome to George later said, George. Thank you so much. for being here? I am really excited to be outside of area. I am, I can't tell you Alex scale. I wonder you and one either it into a number you get. Hundreds hundreds of action on a scale of one to end and you were math feature. No, yes, I am
on a scale of one to ten were in the hundreds, and we wonder why you're Calculus score what George? I wonder if we could start? to jog your memory, because we want to know your recollection of Steve as it as a high school student. Let's start with a photograph of of Young Steve LAB at that Georgia. When you see that beautifully her suit young man, Now. What kind of kid was your penance student? Was he Well, I knew him, I think, all six years he was in the upper school at Saint Paul Academy, and I guess curiosity is the word pops into mind at the story I would tell was when he and his buddy James showed up at my house one summer evening and said what you come out of the car. We have a question for you and I set out to the car and they opened the door and they pull up to eight footman wanna plants they had found growing behind a local hockey arena and they say thou where we can settle this forest. Is this marijuana or not?
and I said why on Godspeed Earth you think, I'm the person to ask this question and Steve actually responded. Because you want to Mcallister, didn't you and George I understand that you knew Levitt, not just from as a student or his marijuana expeditions, but that you that he was a quiz bulk I've had it are correct and you are, you ran quiz bolts at night. I was at that time the coach of quick ball holding on to actually run the quiz Ball Organization until I turned it over to much more capable person just a few years. So there we see Levitt TOP row. Can we may be a highly there's the you are? Not a big boy worrier, you noted. truth. I think I was sitting on a telephone book and I was quite small and now how good was Steve, equivalency art,
is what he is sitting in the captain seat there and, as an eighth, greater, actually remember that matter, captain and was over. He was good and it actually the reason he might be good is sitting out in the audience. I have a great memory of Stephen in seventh grade. He weighed about sixty pounds. You. here that he had no red blood cells. Who is a body? Was this pale a kid I see him outside and without a sweater on in a cool, foul weather and is holding this big our motive books. I said Stephen, you, ok and he goes my dad. Wake me up at night asked me the President's so that, how we got here and what level did he did? You win anything it is by the time he was a junior and senior. They twice represented Minnesota the National tournament and we're fifth in increased bowl. I tell you in some parts of the country is, is extreme
so they're schools and actually have travelling teams louder, icicles after having basketball team. So to finish, fifth, I think we're there from the north was a real surprise to the people. in Dallas, so you are a very good team and use the captain, the team, so you you're you're something you're hot stuff right now. I understand that Steve was not the only Levitt to play quiz ball right. Can you tell me who we're looking at rate right here? Oh, that's the suave ever smarter, older sister, that's Linda Lover. She went and also the captain of the team, and she has the same father is it turns in Staying yeah saint, I want to I say mother to re thought we are something here that I had now and ok and so Lynn, eleven. Let me say is now known as Linda genes are married name, and I just want to point out that Linda was responsible
for naming freakin comics, for which we are eternally indebted to set the right word or is still waiting for her check. And best of all, though I am happy to say that Linda Levitt Giants is here tonight. Ok also doktor Michael Levitt, the king of parts self is here tonight and, ladies and gentlemen, please a warm for economics. Welcome for Linda Levitt, shines and Doktor MIKE eleven. Here they gum how we do and so far you guys I'm here for my check. No doctor, let me ask you if you had to predict back then the
The guy who's. Waking him up in the middle need to drill him on President's for Quiz Ball year. ethical researcher, you you you, you couldn't envision some kind of future, but what did you think your son would turn into well? His mother thought he was a genius from the first day was born, so she would not be one bit surprised with success. I'm gonna have to stay in form and actually tell you the truth about I'd com sleeper or allow us Low Bloomer didn't read a book until he was twelve years old and getting a little bit worried and I had read the Book of Game member then book, but it was about the hygiene of baseball other browser. That is the first book ever gave netbook its it. Maybe you'd like to read the book, and that was the first book he ever read. He may be read two or three more books before you went off the collar.
No, You know I gotta say Saint Paul Academy sounds less and less tough and when he went off to Harvard my mother more more or less had her nose and everything said since winded Stephen gets so smart. So it was a bit of a surprise that you associate As for the one thing I knew he would not be a physician. He had one of these days off where you go and see what your father's doing any came in a laboratory We're doing surgery on a rat. Andy practically faded. Ran out of the room, as I gathered medicine would not be his future, and I wish I'd never really did would have predicted that we'd be so successful. That we'd be all beyond the stage of his girl better than huts our aid.
Now. Let me ask you this Linda. As a former quiz bull, compare, you yourself, I'm just curious Now you know yourself, you know your brother, you know your dad. What if let? Let's pretend that we could have the three of you as a quizzical team right now, team Levitt right and let's pretend that we could have you face off against like the current Saint Paul Academy, Quiz Voltaire, I guess there is one on right. I am we can't make that happen, obviously, but but if If we could Howard team Levitt, do I don't think we could be anybody accept the current cast of the bad girls club, forgotten everything we know well.
I'm gonna tell you. I did just tell my first lie of tonight. We actually have the current Saint Paul Academy. Let's give it a shot. You wanna play you guys. Gonna play a warm freakin amish, welcome to these Saint Paul Academy, Quiz Bowl team, the Spartans righty, so first dumb, the combatants Willa inquisitive style introduced themselves in a few moments. But first I just like to thank George George later for for putting this. they're in Saint Paul Academy, for putting this together and George is actually gone. Above and beyond the call of duty in putting together the quiz bore competition by actually compiling questions that fit the theme of our five free I'm Ex radio, our so prediction and suicide and science
algae and all that, and am I also just want to announced there will be a cash prize to the winning team all right, so I'm with that in mind. George later, let's have some quizzical thinks right inside this is a dream of mine. Are you ready for some academic actual your luck, you're about to see the Saint Paul Academy, Spartans Square off against the Levitt clan who will survive and what will be left them? Let's find out we're gonna kick things for this series of rapid round toss up questions worth ten points each so teams who Amazon, Buzzer's, here's that first question in a chapter entitled Jews nineteen ten, a Harvard student commits suicide. The narrator is didn't camps and who also appears, as a carrot, Absalom Absalom named this class. In american literature penned by William Faulkner,
and man is that's me, the crucible. no I'll, take it over here, as I lay dying, That's the sound and fury! So let me Abby easier questions for the dreams. This term, for This practice originated in the middle ages. It became such an issue that Pope Innocent the twelfth issued a capable limiting its practice. Ambrose beers defined it as appointing your grandmother for the good of the party. It was certainly in it in eighteen, sixty one J, F K appointed his brother s attorney general, and that is when the board and nepotism Never, tourism is the word for ten points and round the bar sisters and brothers don't always get along so well, while being chased by father this granddaughter of Helios hacked up her brother absurdest, the heat and that as winterbourne, Medea,
Medea is correct that dad, have to slow down to pick up the boys body parts. That's right! Let's try this one. It is reported This line came from Pierce Tower at some point in the nineteen Ninetys. It was printed on tee shirts by Tufts House and was quite a moneymaker. What is that that has become perhaps the most famous of the offbeat quotes about the University of Chicago. That's went aboard that where fungus dial. One goes to die, it's at least it will be attending the University of Chicago next fall. So all right, let's take it break after that exciting of verse play. We have twenty points, the leopard still waiting to get on the board coming up we'll meet the Saint Paul Academy team and see if team level can come up with any more falconer novels written by him
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tooth and also as an d o s o dot com flash for economics. Today, for economics, radio sponsored by progressive insurance. We're customers save an average of more than seven hundred fifty dollars when they switch and save visit, progressive dot com, your car insurance quote: it only takes about seven minutes: NASH, annual average, auto insurance savings by new customers surveyed in twenty nineteen potential savings will vary. From W and my c and eight p M american public media. This is for economic radio. Here we go with some more quiz bowl excitement. You Esther Ceremonies, George later let's take a second to meet with competitors? Ignites contest, let's begin by meeting C4 Academy Spartans, I'm
Even when the war- and I am the senior theme park had me- I will be attending the play for fun, ghostwriting earth of Chicago and my goal in life is to finally I'm catch them all Hello, my name is Zack Mooring, I'm also a senior at Saint Paul Academy. I will be attending Yale University in the fall and, incidentally, Aris my romantic peak and seventh grade when I had to girlfriends at the same time, which is kind of tragic and less. I had my romantic valley when I went to prom with my friend Carter, I'm Carter Petersen all senior had this school. I will be going. Madison next year, and I like to think of myself ass, a mythical see, creature. I have head of a shark and I'm doesn't afraid of anything. My name is kind remarks and I am also a senior all academy
and I actually just recently signed onto a contract, whereas the spokesperson of both like so I will not be attending college next year and I think we ve actually met the Levitt family so to make full use the time, let's have back into toss ups, but now and answers a toss up. They'll get a chance to answer a multiple part, bonus question that will be able to discuss. I've been looking for answers from the captain's that Stephen and Doktor Levitt the king far better. eleven Tokay, so here we go here, is that toss up? Not every twitter, never wins. This coach has had thirteen different head coaching jobs and long career, three college and ten NBA teams. He code You see, I lay in Kansas with a stand at the New Jersey Nets in between his last year. with this Charlotte Bob CATS, though we quit that one to name just veteran coach, perhaps best known for his sixties and run with the Philadelphia seventy Sixers and that's that
Brown. That is Larry Brown, that's right, so the students are going to get a crack at a bonus and it What do you know about one of the most important books of the last fifty years? So after one or for economics, Doc delivered, explores cheating by Chicago School teachers and with what end and what type of elite athlete soup the answers right fairly, similar wrestler, maybe yes, Rio Soongoora. That is correct. Here's your second one, Doktor Levin, can observation step further, researching the dangers of childhood. According to this real it's a child is one hundred times more, like today in one of these than playing with a gun, swimming pool and swimming pool, the filling That is a swimming pool and increase.
Mix. We learn about the financial structure of drug gangs, with leaders prospering from the work of a large number of very low income workers, to which major corporation did Levitt. Compare these drug gangs, like in insurance, something. HIV and your answer can Idee Mcdonald's, but we give you ten points on the bonus right. Let's try this one for ten, more comic stands will know that gene gray is one there's also won in Stephen Kings, novel the dead zone. Past based on the real life Peter Hokosa. You might have caught one Tv, maybe the Brown on Mantell John Edwards on its indicated, show crossing over or almost infomercials of the foe Jamaican Miss Clio. What word besides inaccurate describes them all Psychic psychic is right, so that's ten for the limits there on the right. In speaking of
sometimes quitting seems like a good idea, but it doesn't always turn out that way. Answer the following about famous quitters. First Richard Nixon might be at the top of the altar most quitters after he resigned from the presidency in what year did he do so? Nineteen, seventy three eighteen, seventy four Let's try this one. This actress gave up her role as these snooty barmaid Diane Chambers, on a hit series cheers to pursue a none too successful film career neighbour Shelly. Shelly long. Your sister does watch but a media. Ok, let's try this one and ninety. Ninety eight Jerry Hallowell split from her musical group, at least tell a recent reunion tour by what stage name is MRS Halibut, no less right. Maybe doktor love it. You know the name of the space related.
answer. What have you got? Yeah ok, security. Ok, all right Apparently the audience is giving you five pity points. There are no one is known let's go to this one. Some say it guided start in an email carrying the I love you virus. Even so it is more famously associated with strong bad, whose protegee She wrote a song about it. Everybody to the limit which was featured in dancing, but what's the word, and that is the whole Google gods It is a whole go out like a throne, an extra five. If either of you can study, when there could spell it s, H, Q, w, why D, a d No, why in their so well by was still give you the ten, and here is your bonus question.
during a freshman year at Harvard Steve Levitt, talk several friends and relatives into investing in Decanterbury downs, investment syndicate where honest to God. They gave him money and he went to the track and bad on the horses border. This would have worked great, they were made. Big money except the horses he picked did not win so, but live. see what you know about the ponies here. First, what is the name of the race track at which the Kentucky Derby is run? Churchill bans Right Churchill that that's right. What is the word used to describe the type of race track, betting in which all bets are pooled? The taxes in fees are removed and the remainder is distributed among the winners anyway, that good kind? You have an answer: its parent, mutual, it's good! You No, that actually and race tracks are often measured in unit of link equal to one eighth of a mile. What is that called long urgently for long
Furlong Furlong is right. You get ten points there. Let's go with this one, a dish. This perhaps upset that some of his men had been roasted and eaten kills the site collapse, responsible name. man monkey, one Eyed, Son Poseidon, and that's the policy of it. Party famous, very nicely done- and here is your bonus. Ok, efforts are getting ready to make their move right. Well, as a tribute today, delivered on stage here, we'll see what you know, because he knows a lot about your innerds. Let's see what you know about your innerds, let's see you fair on this question about the human body. What I've letter, word means involving or in the region of the kidney renal, Eric Arena Renal. Like green thing, renal, renal, athletic regional direct means that Bulgaria that's four letters. I always am renal real
correct, could provide the far flung aisles of languor hand are found in which gland the one leg will have the kidney adrenal cortex is go for it. Yeah, you know quota, it's the pancreas low and the three. My bones at a human air are the Incas, the malice and stay peace by what more common aims: are they known see? We got the stirrup and regret the anvil have right, stirrup, anvil hammer that is good for five, right and let's go to another toss up here, career. To ruin most, notably. That of the today show regular in Colombia, Professor Charles Van Doren scandals, and quit shows like twenty one, the sixty four thousand dollar question and Dato cost public uproar and nosedive in gameshow ratings. The network's reacted by curbing big pay. Us in fact, they were not allowed a million dollar prize until one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, which show made- and that is Player
Who wants to be millionaires wants to be a millionaire. That's correct! and we have one bonus left for you and it is this check out your world capitals depending on whether you want to count Vatican city. There are four or five european capitals to begin with a letter v, so you'll get five points each for naming the each of the other for the day the Anna know. What else is there? That's not the chapel ugly thing to do to get it right. I think we'll call time just to make you feel bad, let's see if the Spartans, no one could, in any other three the dews that Liechtenstein, Vilnius, Vilnius, let Lithuania and,
Washington DC. No one ever it's the capital, Malta, the latter in Malta right. So we're done but the top ups, and now we run out of time too. So I M going to thank you for participating SBA squeaks by eleven clan by Just- and it started back over to speed it up. I gotta tell ya I feel that oversaw the Levitt genius a little bit now, you guys we're good but wholly cat. So congratulations come on out and another hand for our Saint Paul Academy, Spartans. Thank you so much greater than they are
so congratulations! It was a really great performance. I mentioned there is a cash prize and. Obviously you guys red freakin Amazon if you're a super freak. So in super freak there was a chapter on altruism and we explored weather, You know how you know when altruism is real and how do you know of wet weather? It sometimes is the product of scrutiny you now you do nice things, because you know that you're you're being watched so I'm going to give you some money, but it comes with a little bit of a catch, and I've got two choices for you can still hear the choices choice. A is this big red envelope full of two hundred and fifty dollars cash that you can donate to St Paul Academy or to a charity of your choice. You guys collectively
and choice b. Is I've got for individual envelopes with each of your names on it and they ve got fifty dollars cash in them, so you can each have fifty dollars cash. We can put in your pocket right now and go buys a marathon and show it to George here, or you can collectively give two hundred and fifty dollars in the name of the Saint Paul Academy, spartan, fighting spartan quiz bowl champions to charity choice so so that you put your heads together. There's there's no right answer: you gonna, who do you want to be the? Does a captain need to speak? It's a voter. Our senior class gift was kind of a false for this year, but we would like to donate
My Netscape so long as we can say it is from the sba- was bolting. Ok! Is that isn't that nice is then this isn't that altruistic. orange, I'm gonna give you the money, just not that I don't trust them. Well tell you, we was really just an experiment where discussion with you, so you guys actually get the cash as well, so Cameron deteriorate Cameron and that If you did it the other way, I would have kept the two fifty that's an open for Carter and Stephen Great job, and thank you so much for playing and good luck and make love it's alma mater, proud. I'm sure you will thanks so much for the Saint Paul Academy Spartans, the George later to team level will see you soon. Ok, thank you.
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