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372. Freakonomics Radio Live: “Would You Eat a Piece of Chocolate Shaped Like Dog Poop?”

2019-03-28 | 🔗

What your disgust level says about your politics, how Napoleon influenced opera, why New York City’s subways may finally run on time, and more. Five compelling guests tell Stephen Dubner, co-host Angela Duckworth, and fact-checker Jody Avirgan lots of things they didn’t know.

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If you'd like to listen to free economic radio without ads the place to do that is sticker premium five dollars a month and you can get a free month trial by going to stick your premium dot com and use a promo code freak. You also get access to all our bonus. Episodes and you'll be supporting our show to that sticker premium: dot com. More code freak thanks. Today's episode is especial live instalment of economics, radio, you'll hear about New York City Subway system and the man is trying to fix it. You'll hear about the release between napoleon and music. And the relationship between politics and discuss, which is not as obvious as you might think. If you'd like to attend a future taping
If we can have a treaty alive, we would love to happy. We have up coming, shows in San Francisco and may sixteenth, LOS Angeles may Eighteenth Philadelphia on June six, London on September six and in Chicago and September. Twenty six for details, visit freakin on x, dot, com, slashed, live now. Here's good evening, Stephen Double or- and this is for economics- radio live coming to tonight from city winery in New York City. As you know, for economics, radio is typically a studio, show based on lots of for thought and research and extensive interviews in this life show we throw all that out the window, no forethought whatsoever joining me tonight as co host. Would you please welcome the university of pens?
Albania. Psychology, Professor Angela Duckworth Angela, if you dont know, is the author of the long time best seller, grit, the power of passion and perseverance, she's. Also ceo of care. your lab and one of the founders of behavior change for good Angela. What else are you up to through character, lab hoping to quadruple the amount of behavioral science? That's done on kids and how they grew up to thrive? So we we ve been doing ok, but I think we should have more science so that we can have more to talk about on for economics excellent. So, as you know, we play here, a game called tell me something. I don't know we bring guests onstage to tell us some interesting fact or idea, ores story. You and I will put in Prague them as much as we can.
We could then later on our live audience will pick a winner. The criteria are very simple number one: did they tell us something? We truly did not know numbered who was it truly worth knowing and number three? Was it demonstrable e true, which is important and to help with the demonstrable e? True part? Would you please welcome our real time fact: checker he's the host and producer of ESPN Thirty, four thirty podcast Jody ever again, very close, given something I learned about you very recently. Jody is I'm? U have a young daughter who has become an internet phenomenon, She had a moment as an internet phenomenon. Actually a photo I took up my daughter went viral is a photo. We took a first She'd eating pizza, airway, first sign the audience a singer now she went to this for the blissful state pizza sauce all over her face
Then I put it out into the world and it just like it went nuts I checked this morning. Fifteen million we have seen this photo, I twitter account and then they got ripped onto of the meme accounts and people were sending US examples of it being used. like random Czechoslovakia in advertisements and morning shows were asking us to come on and we cannot just laid low, but yours is cut away right, I Jody I'm glad to hear that your daughter is meme worthy, I'm glad
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