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387. Hello, My Name Is Marijuana Pepsi!

2019-08-15 | 🔗

Research shows that having a distinctively black name doesn’t affect your economic future. But what is the day-to-day reality of living with such a name? Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck, a newly-minted Ph.D., is well-qualified to answer this question. Her verdict: the data don’t tell the whole story.

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Fr Economics, radio sponsored by progressive insurance were customers save an average of more than seven hundred fifty dollars when they switch and save visit, progressive dot com to get your car insurance quote. It only takes about seven. National annual average, auto insurance savings by new customers surveyed in twenty nineteen potential savings will very, if you'd like to listen to for economics, radio without ads the place to do that is sticker premium. Five dollars and you can get a free month trial by going to stick your premium dot com and use a promo code freak. You also get access to all our bonus. Episodes and you'll be supporting our show to that sticker premium. Dot, com, promo code, greek banks. You never know, what's going to inspire an interesting piece of academic research. Imagine for instance, that you are a third grade teacher at the very beginning of a new school year.
The teacher sitting at the table in front of me my test scores of wine to be as HIV. I'm sick of this. If they try to keep this was ended, lemme correct came to a new school and they had just passed out the classless and my class list? I had first to last name of student and then we have the gender or to use the classless to make the name tag. That's when she heard the other teacher worrying about her test scores, and she was angry every every year, these their students and my test scores are going to be in the toilet and shit. ran over to the prince of all and they headed up and I am sitting there. This teacher, this fool looking at the front and back on my paper because Clearly I missy some sheets of paper Clearly, she's receive something with more information, and I have my pocket way
You don't want to see what is the wish of the transport of heavy taskforce where the taskforce, their light, look at the names look at the names. What kind of names that these kids have Joe March Amelia Giulia. Let me call me at the club climb. They had distinctively african american names, which apparently led the angry teacher, who was weight to surmise that they would be poor students and that they'd make her. Bad, and that is the catalyst started this research that research project would eventually turn into a phd dissertation. Its title blackmail in white classrooms, teacher behaviors and student perceptions and the author of this dissertation doctor marijuana, Pepsi Vandyke.
If anyone could understand the friction created by a teachers expectations over students name, it might be a black woman who grew up with that name. Marijuana Hepsey last Fr Economics, radio. We asked how much does a name really matter, so the ultimate question we wanted to answer is: does your name matter for the ECB, like life, though you end up leading but Steve Levitt, my free I'm a friend and co author are people who are cloaked saddled with distinctively black name. facing a burden when they enter the labour market level. Along with me, economists, Roland Friar and it's a large rich set of data, it encompassed the birth certificate of every person, born in state of California, between nineteen sixty and the year, two thousand and eight. Who did the name of the baby? The first
unless name the mother, along with a lot of other information that give you a hint at some economic circumstances. The research good then track these babies as they grew up and see whether their first name affected their economic outcomes, We were able to see some quite remarkable, which is that the name that you are given at birth seem not to matter at all. True economic life, so another conclusions, and also in agreement with the oceans just based on my own research. However, I can see where someone my question: that's the thing with research we're only interested in the end result. The study shows this, but we miss everything in between, which is why I like the qualitative In addition to the quantitative, because a quantitative gives us those numbers but the quality,
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