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47. Wildfires, Cops, and Keggers

2011-11-01 | 🔗
On Election Day, most people focus on the obvious winners and losers -- that is, the candidates. But we went looking for some of the strange side effects that elections produce.
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from ATM american public media in W and my c, this is for economics, radio on marketplace: here's the host of marketplace! Tyrants! Does! It is desirable. Again for little freak atomic radio. That moment of your lives. Every couple of weeks when we talked to Stephen Damn near the co author of the books and the blog of the same name, it is the hidden side of one of yes, everything Deborah. How are you I think, I'm great listen. I sent you a little somethin this week. You wanna, you want open. Ok! Here we go it's. Oh, my god. It's having! First of all, also heavy. Oh my god, yes of cheese, also another get out of here, yeah its height, again, it's a little many you're gonna get its wonderingly among the young to put it in the marketplace. Refrigerant, don't thank me too much. Guy, actually just trying to save myself a little money because, as you know, election day is next week are fine, but
because I, like my beer, what his election they have to do with it turns out election day and beer inflation sometimes travelled together. So here's Jeffrey Cubic an economist circle universe, barely a year after, like their tends to be your tax increases, though, You're doing your tiger during the year after, like you're, really going to be paying more racy guided, the ideas are incumbent. Politicians may not want to Hake Beer taxes before an election ruins the beer drinking constituencies pretty sizeable. So the taxes come later. It's weird but economic sense, oh
gets weirder head, always does man and always done? That's. That's my purpose here, but you know most people when they look at elections. They focus on the obvious winners and losers. That is the candidates themselves. We, however, this week went looking for some strange side effects of elections and believe it or not. There is a growing body of academic research on the so here in order of appearance, are Ben Oaken sparrows score us an ARCA Gauche in the period leading up to elections we find greater evidence of deforestation and increase the area for it. Two years, two and a half times Defarge burnt on a non election year, grimy lawyers in an election year and addressed it is right. After an election for elections in India, I did a lot of stuff will go to the last one first, That's one stock, the crime drop in India in comments. I imagine, want to show their tough on crime, so they do more policing. So crime goes down before an election, exactly right and not just in. India, but around the world here as well up I'd, so do
power station wildfires, though Hermia well, Indonesia, where that clip is about illegal logging, is big business. The researchers this theorizing logging companies bribe incumbents during the season to look the other way: the wild fires in Greece, similar story. You can't legally develop forest land there unless it's been burned by a wild fire. So again the theory goes the developers, personally and on purpose, knowing that the incumbents, if they support just won't quite notice- I do I know this- is this- is unintended consequences that's exactly right. You know, elections produce all kinds of consequences that are in no way an official plank on anyone's platform and next week with an off you're alive, We might see the special interests you are always jockeying for influence have even more in, once than usual, here's Sarah Anzio! from Stanford University. When all I can do
we're times like a city election held in the odd numbered years. The people who really care about the election outcome are gonna turn out to vote, meaning that each successfully mobilise odor goes much further toward keeping the alleged now come. When turn out as low right so Kai Anzio found the teachers unions, for instance, do incredibly well in places that hold school board elections in off years in those districts, teachers get paid three to four percent. More derided, it's the disproportionate impact that few people voting. Your vote counts more and there s exactly right. Now we ve argued before and for economics at the voting. Generally matters a lot less than people think in a presidential election that same but next week with off here, elections, you can have more influence than usual and then you can, you know, go out and celebrate your influence with the cheap keg parting. I hear the tried I'd vote early, faut, often for economics that God, who is the website Stephen Leavenworth, In a couple of weeks, my pleasure thanks guy came
Let me hear the stories of this weird election effects. It has gone on in your backyard, so give us your feedback when you go to free economics, dot, com, slash, radio and click. The talk back box thanks a lot.
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