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49. Unnatural Turkeys

2011-11-16 | 🔗
Our appetite for breast meat renders our holiday birds unable to reproduce.
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From ATM american public media and w and my c, This is for economics, radio, on marketplace: here's the host of marketplace. I really don T know but a free economic radio that moment in the broadcast, every couple of weeks where we talk to Stephen Abner, the co author of the books and the blood of the same name, it is the hidden side of everything. Domino walk back, a guy thanks. I've got a little on Thanksgiving Quiz for Europe. For that not all do quizzes it's my life, I'm gonna force! You are hearing. The Americans will probably about forty million Turkey's this month now. I hope this does kill your appetite, but what percentage of those forty million birds do? You think we're the product of artificial insemination? Really that's the questioning Fettes!
question at the eyes had is really the ok. Eighty two point: six, I donno great great S. Great guess: that's the truth. Is it's actually pretty close to one hundred percent? Really so there's no like Turkey, Jack's gonna! Look, let's unravel, isn't. Let me ask you this kind. When you are roast your family, Turkey, what ends up being the most popular me? that everybody wants, always, though I mean is the best mean always the way my family, the same footing as some people say that, just because you want to increase the surface area, fur gravy, but whatever the case, Americans love their white me, and this goes back to the nineteen fiftys when Traditional Turkey's got pushed out by a breed called the broad breasted weight which grows bigger and faster than the traditional bird, and that broad, wretched ways been selectively bread to have the largest breasts possible is just
one problem with this and I'm gonna, let Julie long from the USDA. Explain it to you. They modern Turkey has quite large turkey, breast and it actually says really gets in the way when the male and female charter create offspring, created Osborne Gama. Really that you consider So it gets into line your area that guide our at big and my mother. Listening to day you, so they can't you known, do it? That's exactly this tragic I think about it and, as a result, the turkey industry is built around artificial insemination, which is a very labour intensive and hands on process. Here's await works. A team of workers has to pick up each male breeder, the Tom, which might way as much as seventy pounds was secure his
contribution as they call it in the trade and then bring back to the Hen house to inseminate each hen and keep in mind with such intense consumer demand for Turkey. This is not a once a year event: here's Julie long again from the USDA. So that means once a week for five to six months. You have to go to work with the males and then go work with the females in order to produce Thea the meat that goes out for the consumer workers or a couple of things. I love this in its entirety, one who knew that girl Turkey's recalled hands to I love the way she said, work with work with them, but three it is also conceivably just to get back to the business thing here. It's a job programme. I mean people work with these turkey. That is a bright side. Absolutely a silver lining now keep in mind if you dont like this idea, and you want to serve your family, a Turkey, this thanksgiving, that's the product of me. Now, natural old fashioned turkey. Reproduction
then you might turn to what is called a heritage. Turkey, here's Cindy Mulder who raises heritage birds in Illinois, but keep in mind as she makes clear. Kite it'll cost you. I know in some parts of the countries that the price of a heritage bird for your thanksgiving table can be over a hundred and fifty two hundred dollars per bird. No way. Whaley gets a lot of money. It's about well over triple. Let's say what you pay for big bird yeah. Just to let authority haven't you have little fun in Lyra. That's exactly what I mean. Look the holidays, supposed to be a feel good time. So you may decide that, instead of making yourself feel good by dropping- let's say a hundred bucks in the Salvation Army bucket, you might want to and then hundred bucks subsidizing the rate of some male turkey to dwell me now
those are humble. You said very girl. Females economics outcome is the website. That's where you send all the hate mail, sweet, Stephen W within thanks guy happy eating.
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