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55. The Perils of Drunk Walking

2011-12-27 | 🔗
We know it's terribly dangerous to drive drunk. But heading home on foot isn't the solution.
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Fr Economics, radio on marketplace, here's the host of marketplace, Jeremy Heart, sank: it's free economics time. Every two weeks we explored the hidden side of everything and today why the first decision you make in twenty twelve is rich. Here, then, you think you're Stephen Donor, happy new year, everybody. Now I get home from that party. If your city where I live. Good luck, getting a taxi, and if you ve had some champagne and you're even king about driving home, well
drinking and driving is not only against the law, but it can also be dead over the women arrest. Friends, don't let friends, Dr Drop, all right, so maybe I'll walk home, smart move right, that's a terrible idea! Walking drunk is woman was a dangerous activities. You can engage in but Steve Levitt, he's my free economics friend and co author he's also an economist at the University of Chicago. Truly. If you faced with exactly two choices, walking drunk driving, drunk You absolutely should drive drunk now wait. A minute Levitt is not advocating the people drive drunk. We know how incredibly dangerous that is, but what about drunk walking is that dangerous?
Consider a few numbers in two thousand nine, the most recent year for which we have data about thirty. Four thousand people died in traffic accidents, roughly half of them were drivers, forty one percent of whom were drunk. Now there were about four thousand pedestrians killed and thirty five percent of them were drunk. Here's Levin again for every mile walked drunk turns out to be a more dangerous than the mile driven drunk out is to put it simply, if you need to walk a mile from a party to your home, your eight times more likely to die doing there Then, if you jump behind the wheel and drive your car that same, I know there is some caveats here, a calculation
This requires some assumptions because there's no government database on drunk walking also people drive drunk much farther distances. Then they walk drunk and most important. A drunk walker can't hurt or kill someone else the way drunk driver. Can that said, the death toll from drunk walking is undeniable. The danger of impaired walking is not insignificant and Certainly when it comes down to you, it's definitely significant Thomas Esposito. the trauma, surgeon at Loyola, firstly, health system in the Chicago area he's use to seeing a new year's day spike in pedestrians have been hit by cars as a matter of fact. January first is the deadliest day of the year for pedestrians and fifty eight percent of the people. Who died were drunk I'd rather work New Year's Eve, the new year's day because allow the time on New year's day. That's when people,
don to realize someone's missing, where are they and then they find them at the bottom of the stairs? side of the road injured s busy though, also has personal experience with drunk walking. A few years ago, his cousin was hit by a car and killed, but walking home from a new year's party. He'd been drinking thought. It was better to leave his car go home on Foot Esposito believes we ve done a pretty good job, getting out the don't dream can drive message, but that we could do a lot better with don't drink and walk. Here's Steve Levitt again for twenty years we ve been told you should never ever Dr Jones we should have been told you should never ever walked drunk any should never ever DR drunk and because nobody thought about it when we were up with what was moral and immoral. Somehow now, trunk walking just can't find its way into the immoral box, so listen have a great new yours.
liberation, but if a friend has been drinking and starts reaching for the car keys or this To set off on foot, don't let em because remember friends, don't let friends walk drunk, I'm Stephen W for market time in days gone by a ring. Bartos Murray Bryn Stephen governor are frequent annex corresponding he puts out upon cast to get that on Itunes and hear more african comics. dot com.
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