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59. The Hidden Side of the Super Bowl

2012-01-25 | 🔗
A football cheat sheet to help you sound like the smartest person at the party.
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This is for economics. Radio on marketplace fears the host of marketplace. I really don T know but a freak and on a radio that moment in the broadcast. Every couple of weeks where we talk to Stephen under the co author of the books and the blog of the same name, it is the hidden side of everything, dumber walk back guy. Thank you and I list Congratulations, you, your beloved New York, giant owing to the supervisory about that Eli meeting her paint new year and so you're happy now. So it seemed like a good time for me to confess little something. I've been hiding from you, which is I've, been kind of two timing: hey who wait, what I've been doing, these M football for economic sectors for the NFL network during the season. I gotta love that but ok, that's why I but here's the upside, which is I'd like to share with you a few things I
learn kind of the hidden side of the super bowl with you. Will you have a dummy? Here's the thing there, a lot of people who watch this game or or you know, go to parties about it between there. You know the deepening the beer, knowledge of who don't really know a whole lot about football itself, so when he got so, if you want to impress your friends, he could explode some cherished football. Myths such as here's one defence wins championships. Would it mean, of course they do not really true. Now, of course, you'd rather have a great defence and a bad one. But statistically, if you look at past super balls and football in general defence is not the magic bullet that the key Shea suggested. In fact, you look at the match up this year during the regular season on defence. The giants and the New England
creates ranked twenty seventh and thirty first respectively Evans, thirty two team and and in fact, actually the dancing and under two special teams, the Kyoto unit. That's right, they both squeaked in so which brings us here's another myth icing the kicker. Now that's where the opposing coach will call a time out, just as the poor feel go. Kicker is about to try this critical field. Gold, tyre win the game and the ideas are trying to get inside. The kicker head turns out statistically a kicker is no more likely to miss a kick. If he's been ice and in fact it may even give him a slight advantage and then he's got a little bit more time to prepare for the. So what does matter that? Well home field advantages? Nice, you know, there's a real mess,
it will affect not just in football but across all sports. However, it's not necessarily for the reasons we think the old Minos sleeping in your own bed and familiarity with the field. It turns out that probably the biggest single explanatory factor for home field advantage is the officials they make more calls in favour of the home team. Now nfl officials are. very, very good, but there also human and on some level, most humans seek approval, and in this case, in the case of football from you know, sixty thousand streaming fans hard to ignore No one I got you you're dumber, I have this is my aha moment with you already here's the thing: We live where the unlike the NBA friendships and, unlike major League baseball and the World Series, the Superbowl is played in a neutral site right. It's in Indianapolis issue correct, but here's the hidden title hidden side
let's not forget, threatens very met a different anyway. Let's not forget that giants. Quarterback Eli Manning has a big brother named Peyton. You referred to pay a man who had been the backbone of the Indianapolis calls for more than a deck. Nor the neck bonuses, and but he wasn't bad anyway. That's exactly right! So he's out this year, but even so the crowd at most superboss as full about a towners. I would not. shocked if there's enough pro Manning family sentiment in Indianapolis too may be translate into a slight home, feel dead for the giant. Well, I certainly let me, though, speak on behalf of those you don't really know. I care about the game they just want to watch and go to the party. Is there a thing that they can use to perhaps pick a winner? Here's the thing caught. You may not know this about me. I'm a bit of a crusader against bacterial infection,
especially serious and is no. I saw my its presidency not allow your old man's remoter coming from a super bowl right, but especially in hospitals and other public place, I'm always railing against poor hand hygiene. Well. Last week we had a football for economic shoe in the giants, locker room which was empty at the time and guess what I saw their kind. I don't know man on top of every urinal in the giants locker room there was, big dispenser of antibacterial solution right there on every urinal I gotta tell you even if you lie Manning, is too laid back of a quarterback for your taser. If you dont, like Coach Tom Coffins old school style from a public health perspective. Thank you. Gotta be rooting for big blue. The New York Giants there buddy. You heard it here. First giants by touchdowns over Tom Brady, I'm telling has their hands are cleaner to hear the heads of state princetown. Does free economic radio, free, comics dotcom? The website was in a couple of weeks? Ok, I good luck. I am sorry that the Steelers by those
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