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91. Can Selling Beer Cut Down on Public Drunkenness?

2012-09-05 | 🔗
Binge drinking is a big problem at college football games. Oliver Luck -- father of No. 1 NFL pick Andrew, and the athletic director at West Virginia University -- had an unusual idea to help solve it.
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so the new college football season is, is upon us, always exciting. Leave you know just unbelievable, sheer athleticism. You see the marching bans and the freshmen barking all over the stairway about cause. That's no aspect again! Now! That's so that's what I want to talk to you about today. Let me start with Oliver luck. He's young athletic director at West Virginia University. That's what he got used to seeing it football games. You people drinking far too much had pre game parties. Tailgate parties before games sneaking alcohol in the games, leaving at half time to drink, even more and back into the game. Now Oliver Luck happens to be the father of quarterback Andrew Luck, whose seers number one and it fell draft. Yes, he wants you cubey, for the Indian ATLAS, call them right all. It was not a little hopper. That's right up the path
but was a on and if a quarter back himself for a few years and now as a college, aesthetic director heat, you learn that most colleges, in keeping with their academic mission, do not sell alcohol at football game. I did body, not surprisingly, that doesn't stop everybody, including students from drinking, especially in some way Virginia among them. They have what's called a pass out policy. Yes, you heard you huh, We re what you're thinking differently, I'm gonna try. This does not have anything to do with passing out from drinking too much. It has to do with the fact that you are allowed to pass out of the stadium and back in during which means you can go out and during this all things not shocking right. That's the point! It is not, but that doesn't mean you have to be happy about or even tolerate it. So so Oliver Luck. Last year proposed that two things, one that West Virginia get rid of that pass out policy and that it try something different inside the baby, I'm going so I began to think a little bit. The circle
intuitively that actually selling beer at our stadium would actually help us gain control, so here's I need you to explain account intuitive thing. Like is how does it I'm gonna get some money from the beer sales, but how does it help you control the problem? right, ok, so rapid that let's do the money. First westward need clear about five hundred thousand knowledge and beer sales at first year, projected old, probably double this year rate that eyes but you're. Right now that you're selling beer in the stadium, you might think you're going to have more alcohol, trouble, more arrests for underage drinking, more violence, and that is what the campus police at West Virginia last year in the first year, were prepared for. But that is not what happened here. Is police chief. Bob Roberts into those till we made heard seventeen arrest on game days and in this past year really made seventy nine see that's almost twelve thirty five percent reduction and arrest. We made
which is good so is is wanted, namely trying to sell this other schools. I can get them to try, I wouldn't say he's an evangelist quite, but when they come when See what's happening there and they come for help. He gives it. The universe in Minnesota, for instance, wanted to try selling beer in the stadium it. I had to get, however, support from the state legislature. First and luck did talk to some legislative AIDS, along way and now, as a result, this fall Minnesota will be starting to your trial of beer sales know its total am exaggerated and drink fifty feet outside the stadium gauge. Allegedly you can inside right. My exact, I mean look, this is complicating you don't wanna make light of alcohol abuse is a very major problem. College campuses
and elsewhere, and the idea of making more I'll call available in more places, may strike some people as ridiculous. But what I like about this approach is that, instead of you know, when you ve got a problem, you can stick your head in the sand war. You can acknowledge the problem exists and try to come up with a new kind of solution, and that, I think, is what we're talking about Here- listen again, Kai to West Virginia University, police chief, Bob Robertson, you know you must will face reality in and try to control it in at least keep the environment safety can't has asked for a motto Kai, controlling reality when they had a time that rights even outrages do that everyday life rig it obvious that gun is the website is back in a couple of weeks seem at thanks. So much
in our next. But guess we look at what happens to your rational self. When you put on a mask, a middle aged lady came an apologist meal to its head, I'm so sorry for the most. When I found myself being very rude, I was going to close the performers even touch one. On one point I am so sorry we go behind the scenes sleep, no more a fantastically interesting piece of immersion theater. I got a little room with people out there. I would not have usually blindly gone into dark corridors, as I mused scared of everything will also here from the man who created the infamous Stanford prison
experiment. That's coming up on the next for economics, radio pot
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