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94. The Tale of the $15 Tomato

2012-09-23 | 🔗
Trying to go rustic by baking, brewing, and knitting at home can be terribly inefficient. And that's a wonderful thing.
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From W and Y see an ATM american public media. This is Reaganomics. Radio upon cast at explores the hidden side of everything. Here's your host Stevens. So lever. A college friend years once told me that your favorite meal during college was a deal pickle. Beef jerking
If so does at you, I did indeed have that for breakfast, but to tell the truth, it sounded better before I did it and after he left it is my freedom, its friend and co author he's an economist at the universe, Chicago let it sometimes makes fun of me for caring too much about food, nor, I think I think he cares just as much, if not more, it's just that he he cares differently. My case go to things like hey of Sea K of sea beef Jerky each about laying great crash, though pickles chicken wings. I love chicken. We do every chicken wings. I head cocoa pebbles for breakfast limits. Favorite part of the cocoa pebbles, of course, is drinking milk at the bottom.
Most definitely is dream meal, maybe Mcdonald's, burger king or something like that and limits favorite letters in the alphabet. Its began little a big see, little l and Ac L. It's a chemical symbol for salt. I gotta love saw some of his other loves root. Beer, for instance, have let him down so there with my first and there was the end of your appearance. I went to the drive through and I said, I'd like an end of european police and the voice came over the microphone said. I'm sorry, we don't have any repair. If there's something else I can get, you can like a bankrupt, antimony, yarrow like care. She rang out
Can you get that I've heard that after me, too, so I went to a carefully with my daughter, man and I waited in line for what seemed like an interminable amount of time, but I was truly shocked when I went up to the counter and I asked for a bucket of chicken and they told me that they are out of chicken, but in the end true love prevails in Lebanon. Is a man who knows what he loves, pretty miss a cheaper the better. There is almost no fast food Donna doors. A cave sea like if see burger. Poland kill her to pull back, as you may now we put out this podcast every week
twice a year? We also put out a series of five one hour: radio specials, that air on and pure affiliates across the country. These, our long shows are primarily reconstituted palm cats, but sometimes they have extra material that we don't want or podcast listeners to miss out on that's what today's podcast is shortened. Sweet little story about Steve, let's appreciation for food and where that appreciation from and what it means. When you hear him talk that his favorite foods can, I wish I could have done without of men and women so much better. It might surprise you to learn that he has a somewhat agrarian passed so growing up, one of the most romantic Miss Johnson
Memories. I have is that almost every weekend during the summer, my father and I would drive an hour and a half to a little working farm that my grandparents kept as a hobby and the memories of us. Really growing in a corner in zucchini cucumbers, potatoes. It is one of my fondest memories. I've I've always dream. Of having my own children experience dirt roads in the the simple country, life of pretend farming, It's never really come to pass. I'm not very good. At growing things we ve tried heavy, a garden in the back yard and the rabbits took care that pretty quickly so. Finally, I hit on a solution that might actually work, which was some.
I saw a magazine which was hydroponic tomato growing garden. It was a neat little contraption pricey, not a hundred fifty dollars, but all you had to do was put in some water no dirt in seeds and turn on the special late in la la fresh cherry tomatoes grown right. There you kid Cancer worked out so well, certainly with on a labour, and my kids were interested in it for me, be a day or two and and aid sat right in our kitchen and is altered. Violet light was blasting away. The neighbours even asked us what was going on, I think they thought maybe we're growing growing part in our kitchen. We had in the end, I think about fourteen cherry tomatoes total. So, let's see, there's the cost of the hydroponic garden and the electorate today, the labour, even if you take the minimum wage rain, I think we're talking about maybe
fifteen dollars per cherry tomato somethin, like that it was a costly experiment, eventually failing to get my children to have the same love of farming as I have, but it did get Levitt thinking a lot of things that we do for fun for entertainment, things like gardening or knitting were baking. These are things that our great grandparents had to do and probably would have loved to not have to do. Yeah so did the line between work and measures is a complicated. Leisure he's defined, is something you do for yourself, even though you don't get paid to some people will cut their own yard or their growing their own cherry tomatoes, but things that you will happily due for yourself. You wouldn't happily do for your neighbours that if my neighbors, who had
seen as growing the cherry tomatoes through the window had said that. Could you grow me some cherry tomatoes and I'll pay you the market wage for what it is to grow trainers. I say you crazy, I'm not gonna grow! You two major! You grow your own to me as in so that through legal gets to be interesting is why is it that were willing to do things which are common lately unpleasant and we would never think of doing them and market setting, but but the romanticism of doing them as leisure somehow takes over and and that's a question. I think that really an economist can answer that question for a psychoanalyst. I think and as Levitt sees it all these activities, we do growing our own cherry tomatoes brewing our own beer, baking, our own bread. This
there's something about us, the I think all of this movement towards doing our own labour in pickling in fancy free stuff that you do at home. I think that is really a sign of how spoiled we will become that our basic needs are so well taken care of that. We need to seek out some sort of hardship to feel whole, which is a good thing, is a great thing. I mean what what could be better than having all of your basic needs met
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