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99. How to Maximize Your Halloween Candy Haul

2012-10-31 | 🔗
Is it as simple as going to the richest neighborhood you can find? Of course not ...
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From a p M american public media and w and my c As for economics, radio on marketplace, here's the host of marketplace, tirades doc turnover for economic radio moment. Every couple of weeks we talk to Stephen double the co author of the books in the blood of the same name. It is the hidden side of everything and dumber. You are in New York, and I guess that since you're on the radio today, your warm and safe and dry yes from the storm- I I minor fine. We got very lucky alot of people obviously hurting in a lot of ways here and all kinds of chaos in New York. Not surprisingly, the famous village Halloween parade tonight has been cancelled.
It will probably be a pretty muted halloween everywhere on these coasts, but we're still hearing mother parts of the country looking for answers a listener, Saint Louis, namely, shall dosage wrote to us with a Halloween dilemma. He's got an eight year old daughter named Sophia. She, of course, one cigarette trick or treating worse but neighbourhood where they live, is not so great. So I hear the outlet Dat expand and said the higher under the crime rate. Theirs many people are keeping their lights on in Holloway night. You know, there's
many people that I've hollowing decorations now little Sophia had made some observations based on hollowbones, past yeah. Some perhaps go out like that. I think it might be the cat many wrong. Why money that I can add something. My crown yes up, like that. That's a pretty savvy a euro med auditing might get good rigour that exactly and envy Shaw Her dead. One to know so is little Sophia right. Do richer neighborhoods actually give out better candy unhallowed, so we turned to John list. Is a universal Chicago? Economists has done a lot of research on a related topic of door to door charitable, giving any look at both the wealthy neighbourhoods and less wealthy neighborhoods. Here's what he had to say. One of the best ways to go is to look for a community
that is public spirited and look for the wealthier parts of their community and then to approach that community for your candy gifts, and I personally thinks all the charm out arrangement. If you gotta get his prejudice, not attacking draining magazine somethin wrong, but straight up. Wealth is now what he's. Our I dont go immediately to the richest places in the richest places. That's right! There are other factors to consider. We also talked to the foxes Although the army not real estate database, which created a trick or treat index actually trying to identify the best trick or treating neighborhoods in the top twenty trick or treating Americans
here is the pillows chief economist stand Humphreys from an economic perspective. We thought children is a goal, maximizing automatons what factors when you look at, if you were trying to maximize you're a hall of candy on Halloween evening goal maximizing on sometimes that I'm pretty sure what is ill. I have to say about about how it construction index me: what are they use besides home value, which is what their known for? Ok. So, in addition to home value, they look at neighbourhood density. It looks in a walk ability, score and crime date. Now, unfortunately, Saint Louis Home of we shall do so and in his daughter Sophia, did not make villas list of top twenty cities, but Zilla was good enough to run the numbers for us, so in Saint Louis, and the neighborhood they came up with is Saint Louis Hills, which is not too far from where the design is live. It's got nice houses close together a good safety score hears Rick banish who lives in Saint Louis Hills. He says he and his wife spent
about three hundred dollars on Halloween low money. I'm we re of twenty houses on each side of the block, and so. three houses have somebody on their front porch. Given I candy
what, if you're, ok there's a center. But what, if you like me- and you just turn off your light in Britain on home, hub women on that block, you will stick out like a sword fun. But that's actually the point jobless points out that you know, while giving away kandian hollowing is such small stakes. It looks a lot like the other giving that he studies and what he's found is that, while we given some part to be truly generous, altruism sickness, we given larger part because we want to be seen as black cynical in what we find is that for every dollar, given roughly seventy cents of that dollar is due to social pressure and thirty cents is due to elsewhere. Ism, that's tough men. Seventy thirty! We talked about this before, though it's it's peer pressure right. It's just really simple that that's exactly re kind of feeling it tonight, however, especially in the parts of the country, were Sandy's hit hard like here in New York, that seventy thirty split might be about review,
four speakers in a hardship really does bring out the best, and so I have a feeling that tonight the generosity and therefore the hollowing candy will be flowing hope. So at least my kids are get ready to go, go if you live in New Jersey. By the way Governor Christie has postponed hollowing, it's not gonna be November. The fifth in case you keeping track so there you go. even though there is back in a couple of weeks for economics that gum is the websites AMOS, happy, Halloween kind, Jabba, Humbug a park. As us, nurses, Stephen under from free economic radio- guess how many episode We have now made three, which means that next week is number razor next week, listen and we have a special episode for you. That gives you the very best moments of our previous
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