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Extra: Full Interviews With Jimmy Garoppolo, Joe Staley, Mike McGlinchey, and Kyle Juszczyk

2018-09-23 | 🔗

Stephen Dubner’s conversations with members of the San Francisco 49ers offense, recorded for Freakonomics Radio episode No. 350, part of the “Hidden Side of Sports” series.

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Entirety exclusively right here on sticker premium, this do you, like the others, took place in May during the teams first couple days of priests in practice or what are called Protease, organise team activities will start with Jimmy Garage, the quarterback Hu Jia. the team midseason last year, as they were on their way to losing their first nine games and who took over and help the Niners win their last five games and was duly rewarded with a five year. Why hundred and thirty seven point: five million dollar contract hope you enjoy, even though the next major gas congrats on everything you're welcome, exciting, the art is gone. Great, really, fun has yours busy yeah, that's good was dragged whispers
yea significantly different from everything else. You been doing here, it is exciting, get back out there really Vienna, quarterback running and lifting it is important, but the practices yachts, its ask other guys in everything What would you spend Europe off season doing mostly conditioning, etc? I urge you normal workin out earlier. I was your initially what did Chicago for low bed, for high neuron yeah. I see the family in everything and then I will gather deal figured I've got to get out ally in that's gonna. Where do most my training gotcha I'm sorry about fifteen minutes. We're right there were more three hours would have no area will take it. If will begin just say, I'm Jimmy grappling your listing differing economic radioactive waste, Gaza Jimmy Grab Loan, you listening the free economic radio, so last year was it? wildly unpaid
the boy in dramatic and successful. You were you? Can you just walk us through it quickly from your perspective, starting a new England coming here, midseason and how it ended? It was very unique. I don't I mean I've never been in that situation, but It was I exciting. At the same time, just I want that took an app woke up by a hundred tax measures, tottered Miss causing. I next thing. I knew that next morning, five, I am, I think, other flight I was to San Francisco it. I just happened so quickly and certainly the way it works and was three. four days you for my birthday in two whole bunch of stuff gone on, but I Do you go through so many emotions? Initially cuz, you don't know. What's going on, I've never been in this situation before, and so your emotions are going wild and then you get here and now you're learning a whole new playbook. It's like learning new language and meeting new people. You don't know anyone's name.
So there is a bunch of stuff going on, but your things really worked out well after a week or two things started slow down and you didn't get a routine and worked out well, yeah first cause it from your agent was late using the press before he or she knew Now fifty those calls for my agent so long as you're nap. I was no. I swear I knew I was a foreigner and I address this. History do not every day now rarely nedda you'll. Never do that again for another season. So yes, it just talk about, did you have any inkling that you might be traded? First of all, I know teams have been talking about you right, there's, rumors and everything, but you know during the season, such as a quarterback you're, still locked in there. So many things that you have to worry about for the next Sunday that I really don't have time to really think about that. My agents would keep me notified, but they know for the most part, I'm also
during the season, so I and others rumours and everything. I don't really know whether to believe it gives some of this stuff is hearsay in return richer. Would you think I know about San Francisco, the organization the history coming in very rich history, Joe Montana, Steve Young? Those guys just die your paving the way. and another one through a little bit of a down downstream there. You know for a couple years, but just the fans around here are pretty unique. If so, I didn't know that never been out here before getting traded. So when I first got out here, though, the fans, the faithful and then they really are We have had a second, then its impressive are itself of all those weird and wonderful things about the way it worked last unto me the weirdest is at your agent. You, you share an agent with the guy that your backing up than we know the drama of
The drama I mean, I don't know you can tell me what you want. I only know what I've read have, which is probably true, but I, don't know what your relationship like was like with Brady I am happy to hear you say anything you want to say if you want to take a pass on a tick pass, but let's start with that love. Another media made out the same We, we always had a good relationship now additionally when I was younger kind of like an older brother tat relationship as I can, older in I know mature do the NFL we became closer. We became good friends here we still taxed here and there I called you- was a good friend of mine to three of us always protection each other, and it was, I eleven said, was a terrible decision at the same Asian, but I I think very well, then it they are ages ago for both of us both of our best interest but as at the end of a Daisy Anna Falsehoods business yeah. We also read that the crafts why
made it happened or wanted it to happen in the belgic was against. It tell me which again about that number I did not hear him Belgic after yet he was. He was the one actually told me that major told me initially, but that I've got about a great behind them. Told me We always had a good relationship in our very are both of us very straightforward people really not be Ezra anything. So I was appreciated after me out here You got the real with everybody who everywhere practice squatter starting clear backing on, and I respect him for that So everything a read and heard about you coming in you know we know the kind of detail We know that, the Shanahan originally said. Let's given time to get up to speed, he may not even see and played this year then should you come in relatively soon then, as far as I can tell you, ve never actually Lawson NFL Game, they started right. You want to do that but I'm from every
that we heard from everyone on the exact side on the players I years some combination of lake. Why a tunnel end Superman and Jesus Christ, like people just gather around you and love you. Moreover, tell us I'm sure you can't be that good water, some things that you were a card, and then you struggle with the you're trying to get better at a farce football and also being part of a mean. It's a huge you came in you. One I've games in a row that you started and then you're, given what was at the time his contract ever in football got guts surpassed, but it still pretty big, so its natural for both. The team in the fans and maybe even in the lead to look at you was a kind of Savior. That's a lot from this curious how you process that were most Signora now. For the most part, I just gotta do my thing: I've ever sets high expectations,
thanks for trying to predict things, but at the end of the day, no one really knows anything or what's going to happen, and I said a higher standard for myself and anyone ever will sell I gotta worry about that. More than anything in all the outside noises is, is this noise? He saw you really ass, they focused on. I know you're your craft and all the things that we have gone on this building it, sir. If you get caught up in all that stuff, you can have a tough time that a false hard enough as it is yeah. I'm Kyle Shanahan knew you pretty well. He worked you out when he was with the with Cleveland right for the draft. So just tell me about that relationship going back and what it's like now. We had a good relationship. I met with Cleveland a bunch. They were looking for a quorum back that year. And then take a man's, our trading up to take em right.
I read, but then I thought wended Cleveland erected trade up to get the twenty second pith, no serious, but I'm serious you still as either. Maybe a fourth forty hours, Rivah Forthright very soon. It was now to move on from that. but anyway, so he'd work you out a couple times area really good relationship from really from the start: menu workmen northwestern. I remember and I was a young, energetic coaching. We were I very similar personalities and I remember, go home and tell my parents, then and allows a guy who's in draft me by just die. You may go to start the process that you get with better than others in Macao to get connection right off the bat. So again You don't know football and you need a bow, the kind of and the mind he has and that he just tortures defences by being dynamic and creative, etc, etc. You just talk from another bow about
what that means for you as the quarterback and how that fits for you, it's how issues complexes the word it's a very complex off and system. How are you Paula, play for his visions and tell me what each term means each her heart we are for a while, really sorry, go on? Go north right, clan. Three jet y, see elbow that's one play as a shorter one gets out its eye as it tells us you don't want to do, but at the same time you could get into different packages. Word. One word tells all having guys with due, as does the complexity. The offense and now you got motion moving around the defense- is looking at a hundred different things. You snap it all the sudden and and they're messed up, and it makes my job that much easier, just buy simple loathing that we did before the Bosnians that that goes back to their films The coach storm studying all then it I it gives me.
Like others, in Olaf as a whole. These you gonna game, and you know the cautious have done their their study in and done their homework and assist eyes. Nice every day. Why am I here? Let's assume you turn out to have a really long and great Hall of Fame career array, and if you were to look back on like this time now as the Ewe Ewe beginning with your nose, your starting career, What would you attributed to preserve a lot of guys who physically I'm sure, like you're? I'll, see you and so on? So what do you think it actually makes you successful at this level. I've always radio rely on actual work, the dance at two o clock, HIV Aids, all aid costs. It is a good thing if everyone- ok yeah, I mean one it can be more physical and mental. You too hard day, some like there now more mental and physical died. Everyone has their own routine. Any now being, and I fell for four years now go on five. I pretty good routine that I've gotten used to in
during the season its eyes along tat season, so you have to have a good routine that keep your body healthy and gives your mind sharp for us. Wait. What are some things you do physically, that, like lay person could do to keep thereby and irregular person. Not aside not steadily athlete. Why do things for Korea backing so it's different than your average I I I have this stay loose on the overthrow Hunter two. Honourable. The day every day and, on our view, lived a ton awaiting get real big, its staff to do all that, so at some low different than the normal stuff, with your guy like good, freeze Africa. Now they make phenomenal food, is here lately and others it doesnt Herefordshire. Would you folks do for a living, my dad was an electrician. He just retired three four months, somehow barrier and my mom was kind of a cook shop
its area and she's. Looking retired person server, they gonna move out here, not your here. I don't think so. Yes, yes, they simply. I have three brothers again where's, your moving out here allow and the third is an architect and Chicago so he's is killing it right. Now, it's it's awesome, and then, but my parents, you know that I don't know. Very technical family and they like it or not, that their locked in a bag in Chicago we have to get my eyesight Bobby. I agree with the council yeah. Tell me may not think about it. Yet since young, but a lot has come into league with all kinds of you know. Promise and even success then afterwards. It can be really hard adjustment, as you ve been doing this one thing, since you were six eight ten years old and can had people take care of things gives talk that way,
Think about the afterlife of an athlete again, a real. It's not the rate is other eight phase in your life to ask this question, but I'm just curious, sir. Your thoughts, I've seen. Do it really well and not? Well, maybe it seems like an idea for myself. for a long way away, but it seems like coaches. And I like guys guy I've bunches guys I went to school with- I am eastern met I get the coaching because I miss that that atmosphere that family, I'm feeling and so now everyone on that talk to us. They love it and they say it. Just is joy that you do plying so hopefully that I got a long long time inside and have to start thinking about there. You have a prediction: for this reason, either in terms of the number of winds or how deep in the class do you have any idea in your mind whether you want to tell me you're not like what would constitute a successful season for you are. How would you describe it?
I mean there's a million things are going to that like what we, like at the end of the season, if they're, like name three or four things that would need to happen for you to consider this a successful season. I think we have to have a good idea. First guy not successful seas where we ve won practice celebrate we go along ago, I'm going to training, camp and israeli routine starts to come together and you start to see them all of the team the average guy failure, guarantee might now good standards set for each other, and I think we are moving in the right direction in that area. Thing. I've read from every player says if you like, you know the natural leader that people gravitate towards you. Agreement on the field is that something you learn to do your natural way of being I'm curious, yeah. I think I've never really tried to forget our young people I don't know someone that I'm not cuz. You know Evan says this guy's a great leader and you'd be like him, but I think if you start
out of your comfort zone and do invasion. I used to Gaza, misplaced a lot. We may see right through that they're they're not done so yet have the beers I I don't know. I've always themselves want two guys, and I think that place big partner, where you know in the four brothers, like agent number three soldiers. Brothers are used on an illusion. Brawler you like a little rather than getting more brought here again to older brothers, I'll. Never let you forget it advances and I'd be upset. If they daddy, I saw Oh no! It's just that. We raised of shares many a better Doesn't have memorandum here, give me humble and everything well. Thank you. Good luck, around a bunch of games when insuperable. The only thing is again here. I do have one issue that is asleep. this, then I can't let anything get more simple trophies in us you're one of the few that so you can get
one or two, but we have to keep the so if we can toggle between lawyers and seal that fires every year had an, I got lucky get mixed up. our interview with one of the larger and more colorful members of the San Francisco. Forty Niners My name is Stanley I'm a left, tackle Francisco foreigners. I've been on the team for this amendment twelve season coming up they play here in San Francisco, and you're easily the longest tenured better in here, elbows launcher Airbus. Looking yes, look, and yet you know, as I have to say I will he has raised still the right: yeah yeah had been brought him a couple of,
when she turned her face ass, so yeah. I saw this funny story where Green Bay and Maya had this old school helmet from my nineteen before? Is it real? It's in the last. fear of being legal kind of grandfather. I M actually switching face mass this year, but in two thousand I think it was twelve they try to. Switch face, masks, and so I was Tryin offers new helmet and very first came up green backers, opponents, clay, Matthews and he's the temple. Russia, Canada site, runs down your face and home, it was not fitting properly this new helmet com, a weird shit head and it was just slamming my nose over and over and has a budget pictures me, nothing was broken and like all the skin from atop, so that the scar up there was like flapped over and over over the bridge of my nose
It was a miserable game that was broken and I got broken. We did a one on one pass: rushed back in the college with no helmets. For some reason and cut a spin move. Heavy elbow to the nose knows it was completely on the side of my face, trainer came It was like your good seems pretty official, let's go now grown into a drone. Doing other big head It's a hamburger! You now six foot six about ninety five threatening sign. So when you started you thought you need to be heavier their hand. Came in Vienna fellows pretty light. I'll need someone advise you get heavier. You just thought that Lithuania when I came up to dollar seven, there was kind of going through a transition between my at the moment being big bruising like players- and I was very There were white spectrum of that scale of geysers, most away when I came in Vienna found. So I guess
yet again wait like. I was in college and start out about two. The thirty five hour, three hundred thirty five pounds at one point three hundred three pounds was was waiting. Yeah felt miserable can move basically was losing everything that put me in the NFL was my leg athleticism in my foot pizza one of these industries like us, through this from an uncharted, tried the other way when you have to do much more My house is eating everything, so I mean that I was at I ten when I got to college. I was about twenty pounds in new coaching staff came in Kelly is not nor Dame. He came in and said United will have tightened. Nay my off and saw you to play tackle, does get as much weight. cancel. I was just eating everything he's like. I don't care what you eat just tell they're, not. I was amount of college meal plan, basically and also had them couple bucks to go, get a burger and five dollars pizza at Little caesars and salad stuff in my face, and then also
work in our pretty heavily on our due to work out today. Prettiest, they only off season and working on every day about topic practices, they are young and cowards. Our European Union line, and before that the no trouble how'd, you like it when you started, it is a first. Nor was this you know, I wasn't really a. I was in a blocking tight end either I was brought there to catch passes. I was fast for my size, so are the transition for me. I didn't really do anything until they can have a clean slate to work with and have any bad habits as far as blocking took. Coaching pretty well We are obviously turned out great. Do you sometimes think I wish I could stay too tight, and there are now more than ever, a meagre would have been far from one or two really why I was a fast enough for asylum and I was fast for alignment re arsenal. retirement rain, I have that explosion. The guys here yet so for people dont, know
the ball at all left tackle just described country. Here a primary missions, especially relating to protect him, I can also like what you actually do with your body. Yes, oh I play left have always consider the inside of the quarterback made famous by that movie a book before a movie. the other work Michael Louis Rivalship, cyberattack the cortex by inside. So basically, when he's drop, Protection is Rihanna quarterback. He can't see absolutely top behind them. So that's why they call blind side and I mean my propeller job and the run aim is to move the eyes in front of me. From pointed we'd be wherever this scheme is wherever the play calls for your plethora of different blocks away and then combination, single blacks, double blocks whenever they are, and then
ask aim basically keep the defender from rushing the passenger and second, the quarterback. How on a member we used to hear that on average by position orphans of wine and were the smartest players, The team some people would say you be someone say: oh well, you know think about it, I mean. Do you feel, like? Is your group, particularly because the play bookie Unita? Not me mistakes obvious. There is a different thing. Having quarterback offices, probably no the most in the strait intelligence off its alignment. Hannah be smarter and on earth. Desperate as if everything with the way we have to break gonna play back again understand not what I'm just doing as a left tackle bath understand with the left guard center Right guard right back, we're doing them sometimes also the tight ends. The formations as nor the receivers aren't all that stuff. So you have to have a heavy grass with everything and that kind of ties, togethers, specific
like all five guys play the other and have to know the adjustments that we make so sad difference comes down there. safety down. That kind of changes are blocking scheme for a particular play. Then I'll happens within two seconds after the process. All other information know exactly what the adjustments are. What am I supposed to say how that affects me in, and also the right next to me, what my caused my tied and if I have one next to me that, as on one particular, do make mistakes so how many mistakes made you making the gear one the best in the game, how many mistakes of a nature of view no actually be there and Simon Repack, wherever the metal, amazing. I you know that stand for us. Error somewhere like this assignment areas. Mrs I was like a bachelor mps have read it on those after every year. Those are amenable. Those are, I think, if you gonna about poor preparation.
You should have a firm grasp by the time you get again day. You show firm grasp of you everything, a situation that we have with the paper is obviously it you're the combination blocks and where they have been made on the football field, but you'll technique is a huge part of what makes offer the Leinen successful. That's why we drill no individual drawers and what would you like a little tiny techniques of where exactly your foot placements are here for monsieur your hands. Your lovers known, you have brought run game here we call past sets New York slides, angrily, work using like slides the hand placement on that when we use our hands out. Those are always like he has very I really would be perfect. You hang around, so it sir. I consider those mistakes like you're gonna, like chosen yourself, aid to do your job as you when the blackened and be like. How can I make a better life in my pants
right here on this pasta, and I didn't get it exactly where I wanted to be. So you don't you better next time, you ve had something like six or seven had coaches year, career ethics, your six, so we can talk a little bit about the for many years than last year. The very bad start, the great turn round, but before we do that when Kyle Shanahan came in for a guy. Like you often Suleiman helmet, new is there to learn, and I guess for every head coach summit He was there to learn you every head coach calibre. They all have a different game. They run offensively. in a way of looking at the game of upper Ivan. For an unfortunate play with so many so many different cultures, and also I mean this- is done. We six headquarters but a offered according to submit an eight different, often systems. Seen everything don't call came in. I knew he was hastily stable, with sound,
outside zone inside Zone play action, sounds pretty your will worsen how to attack a difference with that. But what was when I'm gonna wasn't ready for was his. How detail warranted his specific scheme is and how how everything is pieced together in a way that he kind of seas, accident and the way he sees it- biofuels, pretty different than you had to go off and accorded, or so I was really excited because of his reputation that he's had any info about. I gotta first experiences. Pretty quick, so I came. Member was at last year at the beginning of last year when, when, when you were her and thinking about retiring and basically, everything was kind of garbage was that last year during the loosen streak? So can you just walk astute like last season? From your perspective, it was, an amazing. Turn around, obviously, but also you being her, I'm just curious to hear. I had and he's had a hidden,
basically something that was injured to something that we cannot deal with. That was causing my right knee to feel I cried. There is not really an injury, there's nothing torrents There's really really gave it is just one of the other. Every time I would load that leg up, which I do play. There was some kind I felt like displacement. Bonobo rubbing in others got to be really really painful. I don't mean I was kind of just dealing with through the season getting a ton of treatment and doing everything. I can to make it make sure I felt as good as missing games but just like, as far as you know what I had to do to get myself through it I'm just in the year eleven I was on my six lb coach. We are at think at this time, like Owens seven and was just like you know. I have a mental lapse of weakness there,
I was just the adversities Canna got to me. I was a young wife about at your urea four thousand, citing others might be my last year. I don't know if I can discontinued and through this is my body starting a family like this, and I feel like I'm doing everything we can is not responding like it used to be in winning, it would have felt divination winning kind of you. Everything, but also there wasn't really that it was just one of them is more so does the way my body was. Then? How did it get better? Did it not did actually was where, before the Eagles Games China released along exactly what it was by two years, something now I was doing like a bunch of different like stretches. I think everything just gonna bound up in doing this kind of strategy, My own and dismissal frustrate enough, and I don't reckon thus for anybody listening but like I just really like right down on Strachan, was accepted.
It was a moment of frustration as road test and I just can't all my body weight in the discharge and I just felt like my whole time, That is why I need you to feel a moonlight. It was sore for two days. I really really sore and then the knee pain was kind of gone after that. So I can release at allow eyes, but it was the italian Jane Eyre. What I told everybody thought about a given the trainers gonna recommend that for future athletes who have had their brightest, they can make an upstairs. He had his mood. Body and weird way, silver yourself, when you re your bottom night, you know hurting and thinking about quitting and so on. I know your wife is a former athlete as well who high level soccer player who never made the women's national team because of injury herself ran around so
I'm curious what those conversations relate. Come ABC you'd had a long career, but damn curious what those conversations willing we play, talk seriously about it. You know, but I had seen her kind of go through just when she was done with playing soccer. The league full of that she was playing in and, as you know, some that she was playing consistently high level, since she was like six seven years old and oversight, This kind of seeing that transition, so We're not gonna dig does come for me with the US. It was the first I had actually brought up, possibly not playing football, namely an a priori loaded scared of this that, like even talking about that. Do have thought about what you'll do afterwards. Your idea Tv Raymond,
and I want to. I mean I want to do things that have you not if you dont want to go more and more a radio guy. Maybe I don't know, I'm no idea revived the nodes ready. I do have my dear you know, I don't know. I haven't really thought. I haven't really thought about it too much cuz. I don't understand why I, like my mind, the way my mind works at their structure and I feel like there is staying at the stay in the moment, and so, if I start thinking about like set myself up for Football is worried that I'm not ready is forbidden to be. You know you. Let me ass his it's obvious now that a lot of former athletes, even those whom quite a lot of money when their done often not done time of their own choosing all suddenly they don't ever a career. A career they, don't they often on anywhere near as much money as a kind of thought they would have her, they didn't take care of it well, etc, but one in the conflict think is what you just sandwiches. When you're an athlete, you want to devote all your mental energy to being good now so nervous
advice for athletes or people who are trying to help athletes in the afterlife, how do you balance that you know do your job now? Do it well, but also try to think about preparing for you, I'm probably not the best person for that cuz. Like I said, I mean I'm not really setting myself up for light, tester but you're in good you're, making enough money unless your total fool with it, which you seem like you're, not you gonna, be fine! There are a lot of people who are now registered, address the conundrum there, where, where do you but you said you wanna get yourself up her for success after four point uses avenue to Canada, propeller yourself into something that the beneficial for you when this is all done, because it means a short part of our life right here- and I have been fortunate enough to play for going on twelve years and even then, if I retired, to denounce the thirty three now to have
large stuck in my life left. Have you ever been a play? A rap on your kamer? Are you know no yeah but like if you were the p. I came to you in said: listen Joey, you It's amazing long career. how would you suggest that the more at the median player, the guy's gonna get for three or four years and who earns maybe forty eight million dollars which sounds in the beginning like a lifetime but its Na Howard oh. Do you have any advice disappeared as a great job of setting aside with programmes and stuff in the offices of China, take advances men at all for the poor as is well known, that sort of thing that what you said For me personally, like I have two young kids, the Season is my time to really hang out and be a dad and- and I love spending time with them and love being with an m in
all the stuff is trying to set up for you know week to week, programs- and I just don't want to sacrifice that one potentially just hang out in my kids just go and you don't go to broadcast. Boo camper, whatever it is you I feel like this is kind of like on the job training to four: that's that's yeah and activity. stuff, Sir says what I'm doing. This could be a potential for me down the road and something in broadcasting or something but as far as taken it- programmes, paniagua persons are again. I should go back to last losing nine in Iraq. You'd never have you ever been on a team in your whole athletic rear. We lost nine games in a row at anything the before that we went through fourteen June, so we had a rough referred a couple years only that was what was coupled with two my body feel about come inopportune. Fourteen year, it out again. Can I go in their own seven route? We were going at that point in the season. I fear- and with this kind of
So I want to be a partner rebuild again yeah yeah, This is further along. I thought, but it's not. I think that we have a really good thing owner, so we keep hearing from fires and accepts that even over nine, the locker room was good. The building was be no positive worth something everybody but you? U something more about personal lessons. May person locker room, and I was prettier amuse, provoke about this with the media here was something I never liked seen before. In my career mean eleven years, I haven't seen a locker room that was going through the adversity that we have gone through last season and still stayed so solid and together there was not. When I was on, teams were twelve before thirteen three, and we had more division and locker room than we had last year at own eye How do you? How do you run in? We had a game, we won the giants and I was like celebrating. It was like it was like, and I even had a quote in a paper heroes like I felt this fellas go
when we want to energy champions again, because I was so like deserving All the guys in the water had that success to stay with it, I think that was kind of how worthy The reasons why we finish the way we, then, how do you account for that positivity I mean obviously the coach everybody I'm guessing guys like you also played a big role, but still it's hard to be oh, nine and is very trying- and I think it definitely starts with leadership upfront. You know that starts with with John and starts with Kyle and I'm kind of culture do they set the way they come to work after a loss they gonna set the table. But he asked and any other bedroom This is why the kind I gather in practice feel them and keep working mother and kind of setting the example of how you work through it and you'll not pointing the fingers in a really good room. As far as that goes and then- and we had a you're a rookie clash last year to that, just in it
I'll. Take it easy way out. They just cut down I can really really hard suffers fantasy. I think together. Do you think that had anything to do with the kind of that people? That John was look for in his rookie draft yeah? I think a definite figures. We saw that right away when those guys came and they were guys that were not so much being in an itself above whereby they enjoyed the work. NFL football player in football minutes on to him and yeah. That's one of the heart the figure out about guys coming out of college now cause they're so prone. to say what they think you're supposed to be saying to dig it is in the head coach that really dont know we're getting, and at any rate, Let us try to figure out the right guy. to bring in the area of Cross border draft legislation. Guys. I rode performed Mcgowan. She is the giant the scares me, when she is the Niners number one pick this year too. He is adjourned.
He's, so we ve been getting that, you have been very helpful. Taken him. their ears, slightly less giant Wagner and this is an amazing thing to people outside of football, where you know you ve got guys on a team who were working with their ultimate Europe this means and yet try to help them. Now I'm guessing you and your team beards or easier. If you in your fourth year you he might be a little bit more of a threat, I'm curious. If you could talk about that whole dynamic for a second year. it's a little bit differently because we're through different positions in our he plays right side on playing left that ultimately also design draft night or rather go play. A great writer occur by the army on China. China when games her, so I mean does it matter if I'm feeling insecure about my job, I can't help again it's coming in now, when you are not something when you came in is a rookie. Did you have guys? Who theoretically could have felt
by you, but who I helped you out of here. We had forgotten I was in reality, established. Guy I came in with competing right away here I drafted to take some his job. So loud but different dynamic, but it was never like now there is another. there is now like we're tension in I'm about that. I just feel like. I don't know I'm trying to teach him everything. I know I feel like it's my duty as a as an offensive. Lineman has been in this league for a long time and try to accelerate, Progressions as if a bonfire neutrality under the agreement, the commission wants to listen. If you don't want to listen in his figure out, when I did to our works best for you, but I'm not gonna. He, if you that's me everybody can about NFL for life. You know your husband, everybody off the field,
no associate were through not to associate worth on. Other stuff is constantly being applied. German, I am more than will welcome more than willing to mother so at the end of the season, winning less five to be. Who obviously was me now forming really well. Hopefully long term, what did that? like for you like. On the one hand, you are six intend team, which isn't very good. On the other hand, you go out with a five game. streak, and you are feeling better So what was your kind of mine? during all season in the now precision looking toward the seer. How optimistic how realistic it so etc, do I mean was used for our team. I surface where we did becoming a really made a huge difference for us? I play However, you can see why you know he gave up now drafting forms. I take this opportunity- is he's a radio everywhere, but I think that trap is too is to look at that. I see them. Those five games, every ended up weapon think that were discussed.
do they do that again? This year mean every season. I've been a part of it. Long time every seat is a brand new season and brings line from challenges and different situation that you have to deal with we'll be injuries or another even a division, stepping up her. U S! Lodgings! Last year, in the last couple two years, I show you how her injuries caused on our sobbing ass? This The thing is taken it one day at a time and done a good job that this house you so far we Big Fan Richard Sherman in previous years, no because he was on the other team and you were so good, but I think that was part of the reason why I wasn't because he was so good at what he did and now he's so frustrating to go against cuz. He kind of knew that that's out of the field is always going to be taken care of whatever you play. The Seahawks, oh, She works. Have monarchy. Enviously Beata gives a great person, gray player. You bring the tunnel that your leadership in a locker room listen. I d be run away. I ran out Sir, it's a young room to add.
A veteran voice and there's nothing positive. How many games would you need to win this year that considered as successful season? I always disturbances. even the years ever looked out on paper, the team have always to start that's ago, may also be the go every single year, But I never really have gone into like what the windows and what the predictions are, because that's our goal, every single season and again today to ask is what you do today to better yourself to ticket in Gaza you're, probably the only guy here, maybe maybe a couple who lost the Superbowl write me a girl, so like a blue, the eye to a summit but I feel like losing this reward. Vienna, one of the last two now listen: superpower, bandits Aristotle s like the worst Emmeline thanks for bringing them, now. We are sorry. The way we did. It too, is still very fresh in my mind. You know we're we're dead.
big early than had that they come back in the second half of them. Had that drive in the fourth quarter kind of time was one run it out it first and go from the seven your line, we're going to go in and we're the best rushing attack in the NFL, and then we pass it four times or three times and here in Lhasa, fuck yourself, familiar tasted, vectors of course, but was meant to be I am in reply to your twenty. We were used when a suitable, so I have to say I admit, he's a football players who make a fine human, but what I really really really lake is. I think you're, a musical performance is- and I think you who can Amitabha the finest I've ever heard like you absolutely extraordinary, I would be so honoured
things are take whatever you I mean. I know you ve been working hard. You just came in to lose you every regula, I don't know one or the other, What's your what's your appetite, I am sorry for your daughter is obsessed with Disney song drain. Saw them that's my repertoire yet, I'm a one as or go to I'm sure I love no honour you ok. Ok, I see what's happening. Yeah. your face to face with greatness in a strange. You don't even know how you feel historical What it's nice to see that humans never change, but new. Let's begin. Yes, it's really me it's Maui Britain in We would like the hair, the bad You stare at demigod for workers except you! the
he's gonna kill me knows, and as the rapporteur, I really Really you better watch out for frightens hook hotter. No past two years, if no worry ease for the rest of Europe Day Ease problem be cool dad No, is german just daily work tackle for the foreigners in future on your computer, gadget gizmos aplenty Who wanted the more you one thing above
twenty your planet twenty years. What do you do not even know me Deal. I want boy give me this request. Now what you do in after football teams servers pleasure and I think very much. I wish you a very successful season prison yeah thanks so much for coming in thanks for issue and here now is our conversation with the brand new forty niner and giant of a man. That's daily was talking about often of tackle MIKE Mc Clingy You are
be starting here? Pay right tackle. I understand yes, sir. My raining eventually left tackle, probably Sir planets were they all. I remember those so here's the thing we always here, like the obviously you out first round draft picture there, nobody bury you, but we do here the stories about how veterans who are trying to you now ethically make welcome young guys at their positions, sometimes aren't as welcoming as they may be. I know that you ve been getting a. You know, good advice. I'll come from Jos, daily, unjust, curious, like what your expectations were, and so on that front I really didn't know what to expect. As I've heard a lot of different things, I came from an align room. That was completely the opposite of that. We and our aim. We always helped out everyone there came into the room no matter what age were. You were always in a welcome part of the family, and fortunately, here in San Francisco I have had the same experience thus far.
It's an awesome group that we have and there has been any by its making. You feel like scrapper anybody, that's making! You pay your dues to hard other than a couple jokes here and there. But now it's it's been an awesome. Variance with all that's all the guys that we have in our room and Everybody is trying to do the same job in and that is why any Ricky hazing anymore then that I wish I mean we're only rarely in day to day practice so ways I am assuming on waiting till training compromised on my guard up a little bit. Even in two weeks, I saw a little bit of a guard up to see. What's come in you, how tall that's explain and your weighing were three tents and I would say, what's your optimal way- is that of any ever once you're. What's your shirt? Is it were yet at West Point, my family friend of ours, for his passport? There I see the Heather, I think, may miss bond to itself Four
you come from a big family? Four brothers, one sister sunlight for rose ones, are certainly always the sex. Ok, are they athletic? Nuthin I don't know we'll see they're all younger than me, so I don't know if anybody can make it to the NFL, but yeah they're there. They definitely play their sports so how many games of you must do to injury and the last ever years. Never I've never miss again. There's always but ever since another, family obligation as like him, first or second grade, but I can't remember that ISA, but since you play about presumably been a little bit injured. what are some of the things you played through sprain left ankle Stein flu broken hand. Now, next that every other were nothing but a major was the broken hand, something that most same people would have not played with her. depends on how much you also boy. Yes you explain specially for people don't,
care know anything about football at all like what's your job, My job is to I'm running lanes and key people off Jimmy Grab, love. So that's all I can do that, I'm just I just gotta get in the way. My job is so the paradox, sir. I guess the maybe not a paradox. Is that the hard thing to come across some of your size, whose also fast and coordinated and a good athlete so there right that many of you to start with, but then there are a lot of people your size and speed. Don't make it. So what is it? You think that is the difference between people were physical. Capable and who are gifted with the size, but you don't have the capability to pay, your level college, and now in the NFL boy fingers It's all mental. I think I think it's about how much you want it much love it and how much it you're willing to sacrifice for it.
I was never the best athlete on my team. I was- and I am still not the best athlete on my on my team here, but always wanted it more. I've always worked harder than anybody else in just attend the detail and things you need to know how to solve cracked, you need to know how to learn. and I was always pretty good at learning so fast. You can do that and combat combined with you now really really truly wanting something that bad. That's what separates? Anyone give me an example that I, like football, I'd like to put my whole life, but, like I really don't know when you talk about learning, how to learn in your position. To give you an example of a particular thing that you I'm better at maybe over the years and how you figured out how to get better things is fundamentally and how to move up playing off its of lions. One of the more unnatural human movements on earth and sport. I think you are required to move other law large man, out of the way in
you're trying to stop them. Impasse protection you're completely moving backwards. So it's it's a different. It's a really really different thing to have to learn how to do and until you- I can feel it until you can watch it on film and self diagnosis right when things happen and that's what separation comes in so when you watch yourself on film, what do you do when you look for what you learn from DC? Like you look for a case where, if you ve been be what We're doing where you ve been or wrong. We know why you know when you should be in your at this level. You know why pretty much immediately you're just looking at it to look at it and visualize it up. How not to do it again when you say why doesn't mean because its work is the other guy was was I'm pretty convinced that. Often of unless you're getting an absolute free desired. Yeah all defensive players are playing off of what you do. So if I can control what I can do better than the other guide and I'm gonna be in a better position right there and what about confidence. Does it
slow for you. It is when you're young, when you first start now to major level football like it did at Notre Dame for me on my first couple years, a shirt. I certainly didn't believe that I was going to be what I became to be and I'm still not. I dont think what I want to be. So it's always it's a learning process of of continuing to move on and continued better and in deadly confidence. We. waves a little bit when you're young in and mistakes. Absolutely are happening. But when you get this, If you're not covered in your private computer now, do you do That said. I mean there are a lot of guys. You get drafted first round to don't work out there, a lot of guys, you're and drafted by making a lot of guys were drafted, but there and draft a guys who do become great players become hall of fame players. Have you you know? How do you care for that. I mean how a lot of guys. Come from. Smaller situations are different situations and colleagues that then, that some of the union
guys it? You know. Tough situation caused, came from a smaller school had other people producing ahead of them at their school, and now there lay bloomers and then once once they get their shot and and eventually some. If you really do, we wanted as football switch inside you make it make sure it happens, and I think some first round things there's a lot of, especially in today's day and age, there's a lot of media a lot of media attention and if you played a big time program, if you have a lot of media attention behind you, you know you're kind of pressured into making pics that necessarily are the best ones and it's a measure of. miss information of a first round guise of who they are as approach, and what they can do as a player, and I think some of its probably a little bit of complaisance is well being the first John PIC is obviously a huge pride or badge of honor associated with that, but, on the other hand, the special.
you come, and your team now and you were your teams first pick this year, what kind of pressure that put on I'm not really worry about the pressure and I think that's one thing that I learn grayer as college went on and no one's attention starts toward your way and expectations. Just can you the growing and you should look at it. Rotation as something that you ve earned, and I think something that I have always tried to do is as if people are back in the highest and most production out of me, then I've done. something right along the way to get there, so I just got to stay true to what I'm doing and stay true to who I am and and good things will happen, Paul and I may be wrong. So pardon me if I am
You were not contacted by the Niners and during the run up to the draft is everywhere. I had one formal interview with them at the combine for fifteen minutes long, and that was the only contact that I had then wish any EU protein content with a lot of other team. A lot of other things I'd individual workers were coaches came to my school. I was flown to some of these teams with three or four different visits with a man, and you know you sometime just all facade and they're trying to play a hand with other teams are. Sometimes it's really truly vested interest in you, but yeah yeah. I think that I'm lucky because I love the situation here. I love the where this organised issues that you know the area that I get the living now pretty sweet. Do so did they not? I mean you I hear these cat and mouse game that a team contact a guy like you cause you don't wanna tipped,
the team that they're interested in you do. Did you talk about that after the fact? Why aren't I didn't talk about a necessarily? Oh, I did a little bit of Kyle because he had had a. He was joking around with me because he was so close. My cousin Matt Rank, who was his quarterback for two years now: rind ass, one of the best quarterbacks last, whatever terrorist outrages, Gyre by Kyle on him, were pretty close and he didn't even tell Kyler daily and just because you didn't want to get back either me or somebody are why well just things didn't happen unpredictably during the draft as they dont lose either someone out yeah, yeah, so house, I swear you. Who would you get the call from John or Crown was first and then Kyle was right after him? Yes, so as soon as rope on Smith was announced for the bears my phone rang and whose job on the other line and ran pretty excited? I didn't expect to happen, but it is pretty awesome.
This team is obviously had a pretty eventful lasts, warlike fifty years, but the last that you now five eight ten years, particularly some good and a lot, not so good. does it feel like to becoming onto a team. Obviously, you ve got your stuff to take care of this. This in turn around. It started out really bad last year than ended up really really good. I'm just curious you think of it like what are you gonna contribute to that turnaround, or to continue to do my job and an end to the best of my ability and at the possibility in this leave to help the forty nine hours when games, you only three goals that I've ever had in my of my career of playing high level football. to help. My team will be the best I do and then in the third one has been the best off into line unit, though in just now, and yet a fellow was in the end, the nation in college, but now it's in the NFL captain and ordered him to twice twice what
some duties associated with that that the public might not know about I don't know if there's anything everybody what a captain does, I think you're not doing bad checks. Now I mean efforts needed. I would overburden we're we're we're pretty good Gruber guy's, an arrangement It wasn't. I wasn't there. We had some hard times there in my true senior shooting of foreign aid. It was a hard season, but you know is the normal, bigger teammates example, and if anything in the news NEWS beside the knees beside you say how many cattle, in a day. You know I don't care what foreman- and I know my body at this point of what I need to eat to keep weight on or if I need, I haven't really ever had the feeling of needing to lose weight, but so my body to feel and look the best that can dine. I know what I need to do PS. I way like one. Seventy two: do you think you could they break me it depends on where we're going
Bridge Yonah Football field? languages through me up against the wall. Here I don't know, I don't know if I had that your instinct amid a jury of any right now it well. If I stepped between airlines, it's a little industries, they literally what a guy of yours concise could do beg. You could pick me up and put me through this wall. They re often one of the best Gaza so I know that you're, a smart is by the thing with a boy, it's a dangerous game. Again, it's hard it's hard to live through and it's hard to be able to flip, that's which in some guys know, unfortunately, are enabled to to have his destiny. lines with that. But I do he's doing the best guys do and it's a matter of you know when it's time to I could stand work and you have to have that edged here, but you know when you're in everyday life, you know better than anybody else. It's really interesting say that I am
its journey. Really good sportswriter once wrote this thing that captivating about sport, because I've been a sport and for a long time he said when athletes going. trouble everybody says. Oh you know they they gonna make more of it than than is normal, and he said that if you think about it sports year, encouraged to do all these things that you you're not allowed to do these things in mind, you're supposed to be the as others Let's be indifferent or about you any cross it when you get onto a field that it's not normal for society, that it definitely it it's a hazy world is if you can manage yourself, but in our you seem a mean plainly year: record is, as we know it you command yourself, you have you hand guys on your team, Notre Dame let's say who you see
we're, having a hard time drawing that line and tried to help them? I think it's it's it's it's not as much of a physical thing as it is mental. You know one guys get a little too big for their britches. You gotta bring back or better earth there. Just not responsive and you gotta figure out a way to no product get em off your team, so but I said you know you your grave, football player. You can. We can all be great football players, but in the end of the day, we're no better than anybody else. We have that we have a job. Other people have jobs that they do so it's just our line of work and it's different, just a different feel to work yeah very much- and I hope the other great first year- and I wish you all the best Next up is Kyle Use, Jack full back about, start his second season with the forty nine hours. Then
just got a nose and brain drain and what is rain, training so The dunes who suffered this company called narrow, PETE Pro there and he had started off as you working on some different breathing techniques, picking it up with your heart rate, but now we ve come. moved on to more advanced part of their where you work on your brain and parasympathetic state. I wanna get too with that I'm kind of no. The word means I know so. Basically like get you out of that fight or flight sent, where are you know a lot of us you eat, if you send the room like this and for whatever reason your brain is in that fight or flight stay, and I can't calm down, and I can't get into this recovery mode We do saying we're right. We watch. Basically, you have your hooked up there, Sensors are reading your brainwaves and depending how their reacting, why you watch
Movie, that movie will either shrink, are pause or Brighton as Canada, giving your brain. Feedback on house was, put you back, a better, this is over multiple sessions of multiple days or something. Yes, I'm all right. Now, I'm trying the log against fifteen hours were at the training and about twelve hours in How many other guys on the team are doing this, I know how many player Christine Oddy, probably like six voluntary yeah, you volunteer, concussion last year and so on this she's in a kinder made like Derek, Arid, cited that I wanted to put a lot of energy towards my brain. This offices of this is something that I came across and
interesting health is a year like twelve hours into year and what happens when you become like proficient fifteen hours? It can happen if a wall, I get a reassessment of fifteen hours, and we can see you know where my brain is that, but I've already seen the benefits of it where anxiety levels have gone down, big time, sleeping while and already feel, like I'm processing information. What asters now How would you persuade yourself that's not out to see, but I now yet has definitely something you know you have to watch out for, but I mean I'm I mean, even it is a violation of aggressive or even if none of those appointed locker were technically work. If my head, they are than they are in. Our view, has translated at all in the plane for bomb I mean today was only secondary a practice I mean I want to think that I was proud
the same things visually quicker today. So I mean hopefully interesting here both backup distance meaning get it would you just say your name and what you do yeah call you check for back for the San Francisco. Forty one can't you haven't, got a Harvard visa against me, how many harboured alone in Vienna? Fell these days. You no surprise you, I think we're somewhere around, like twelve me really, I saw your career, he started Baltimore correct first four years, Baltimore then one year, but for you mothers in Missouri Shortsighted, says: you're. Ok, I say you came in just in time for all the fun here right so, you are coming under team. They had gone to fourteen year before and then last year was the dawn of a new era, just walk me through year process last year,
yeah, nine, and so on I mean it was. It was an interesting deal when it free agency, and you know that An interesting thing in itself does not exactly knowing. Where are you? be united, add just asking just gotten gay it sounds trying to figure out how agents. Thank you Maronite how I see now he had long long ago. We were gonna dates ever I next off season, yet but you're, not just in our work, with that having you know soon forgot where she's in becoming with me in by that I mean everything worked out great when near my age. Went to combine talk with lots of different teams and A sense of San Francisco is really interested and the you have come out to California. The idea playing for Kyle Shanahan to really great ideas me play Virgil.
Launch a former player. Did you know any? Did you know much about them other than what you you know kind? I know a lot about Kyle, because when I was in Baltimore there was rumours that we're gonna hire him as an offence coordinator and he's kind of front Gary Cuvier tree, and that often very well- and I great year when Cuba was my orphans coordinators. I was excited about that Daphne knew who John Lunch was murmured him as a player and just like the idea of a former player. Ignoring innovation, I thought that was really cool. Should then, when they, when you first heard that they're interested in you did you did your paws about the nine years. Considering that they had had some rough years yeah I mean that was something if I had to consider, was coming the team. You know that you didn't really have autonomy. Success, but I tried it. kind of spin it my head, Sir
about it is I've how cool would be to be part of that that first class some of that turns it around. You know ass. I was I going to that college and being part of the first recruiting class for that head coach. That turns all things around kind of looked at it here. We are kind of Kyle's, first free agent class that you know hopefully can get this thing Turner. and then obviously it didn't turn around, at least in the beginning. So what would what I mean I look at it now collectively is over nine, but obviously it's one week at a time and I'm guessing it gets a little bit more frustrating every week. What with what was going on for you than definitely super frustrating, not how we expected things to start, but you may prize, just how positive thing state around here is pretty incredible: not something that I was used to experiencing in Baltimore. If you know we lost, apple games. In a row I mean things are going crazy and and the facility and people
charge when he explain exactly, but nobody was walk on eggshells here. We are so very confident that we are moving in the right direction. you know every week, I'll pull us and clear to Show- and I were making progress. I swear guys just stick to it gonna turn around. And the dead man and made it super. Why didn't you know we ve heard exact the same thing from everyone from Jed, two players, etc. which is that you'd never know and not from the locker room? It was no nineteen and I'm just curious kind of hooking up. Two things you said about your brain training and Kyle, showing you clips of things that are gone well, was at a kind, they can do, you think he was practiced some kind of positive. ecology that worked because I mean the reality. Was you were over nine and yet people seem to think that success was coming so yeah. Definitely I think
you know you don't say you don't see the positively and, unlike our record, we ratify. somewhere else, so he did a great job. Showing us those clothes and showing us. You know just exactly what you're doing well and you know as a football players, arrogant and release. The way I work if I'm never get any positive feedback, I mean ex things really tough server. To do that. I know that really shocked home with me, so you know he shows me a clip from the game a clip from practice that we cry did something really well and he points it out Ok, I'm doing something right in it a motivating. I have to say that just sounds like exactly the opposite of what lay people think about Falco. We think, like you, could have a pretty the game than they call you and show you. This is the block you missed. That doesn't exist. Happily been a part of that too. But I almost feeling it's more of a kind of a new age thinking of this more positive feedback, and I know it
definitely resonates with me. You know Never gotten much from a coach's just screaming at me and telling me how terrible I am at. I don't know that just doesn't work for me at I, like a guy that Points out when I do somethin incorrectly, but he also reward me when I'm doing something the right way. Its interest So are there any other examples? The eating, because that's the best exam we ve heard of how the positivity can happen. Budgets him, showing you the cuts of you doing stuff. Can you rank of any other examples? I mean, I just I just think about my times like with the raven. when things are going well, you just there just a mood in the in the building. you know when your past in coaches in the in the hallway, like you train keep it short you're not trying to make a ton eye contact. You just want to get moving. Do you day were here. It really wasn't like that. You
Are you position potion? It was easy to still go talk to him. You feel awkward. You know that and get any sense of their. What are your expertise, Since, for this year, I got high expectations. I spoke to win, I think You can already feel just from the two practices that we ve had so far that things feel a lot different than they did last year on a lot more confidence the office of side. There is definitely a better understanding of the offence as a whole because we ve been in it for a year, Was it a lot of re learning, for you? Will you this system It took a lot of a lot of work, as I played in a system that was similar, but I mean Kyle takes everything to a whole nother love. So they there was allotted learning new stuff. for anybody when you're learning something new you just? U dont reacts quietly spam. You know, there's just that Miller second of hesitation and you'd, be surprised what a huge difference so can you
We reconcile this year's stand. I know the NFL often scissors super complex radio. That- people with we literally when even understand the terminology in the play call right at all. And that you got eleven guys who all I understand it be than executed at the same time at lightning speed. Okay, so we know how hard that has been. Then we also see that Jimmy grab low comes in and after Ten days is basically running that orphans and winning is five games how do you explain that that's a good question. I think really gotta give Jimmy Alot of credit and he did such a good job of it. he put in serious time after practice, what we the coaches, by himself, here all night, just trying to learn this playbook and they ve also got a tribute. The fact that he was able to extend plays is able to get the ball out quickly and people is asked.
the difference in our orphans. Or Jimmy and once Jimmy came along- and I The difference was we're were converting at their down we Burnham. Third down you get to run more please, we run more, plays either dive deeper into your playbook, in two year game plan of that weak That's when you get to really start to exploit the defence and all that, you put in this week, we're ok, we saw they were doing their second work and take advantage of that, will these three. Now you can't really things are you now but when you actually moving, The ball in getting first ounds start to set things up, and things really started to come together. You had a concussion last year, you said was during a gamer practice during game would happen. So your plan, the Allay Rand's. There was a Thursday night galleys we three and we on the goal line and just run an elite play in
back my head with their linebacker and, TAT, a really it was really weird. I remember it's like sounded like I remember hearing a noise and my head, who is almost like like a pal liked, is bringing I thought. number feeling idea. I said a tuning fork like for guitar, something is weird, is feeling Right after that play, you know, I'm pretty shook up, but we got back up to the line very quickly were trying to get another play in, and I remember I'm the huddled MIKE I like, I'm, doesn't I start by like do I sit down and my waiver train- or do I sluts- is run this explained then I'll figure it out after that? Would I I've been so quickly. I stayed in IRAN and explain and it was the worst Cissian same thing, ran into line back and that one being finally put me out,
whereas you unconscious for a second and then had an inner get taken in my trainers, knives. You regret sounds, like you- regret. The designer played F a high social taken myself. Arbed things happen so quickly, it is also just you know, macho theirs pride, and there were just stupid position be like in it there's? No that's changing their gather in ITALY is changing. Like those no shame in my taken use, I found that situation like your brain is way too important for this kind of stuff, and I think I think geyser started understand that a lot more, but still I think so ingrained in all of us that there is a little bit of that pride that still keeps guys in their me. your player to had you hand concussions previously nuthin, officially just doing desolate, I'm sure I had in over now that action
John Herschel, who we ve had on the show actually couple time already really really. I love love, Mammy, interest, nice guy, interesting guy, so His decision to retire, I think, was misunderstood. It was is more complicated than just you know. I saw the report he'd had caution, I think he got in practice what it was with the Raymond. I'm just curious as you know whether his decision, whether that made you think about anything differently yourself, you know I would never take it to the, or at least I don't think I would retire and less unites started to rack up a lot in a lot of concussion. That's became a problem, but you know I'd issue, I love the game too much that I don't think I can step away from an early and you know so that I dont run into that situation. That's why I'm trying to do some of these different things to really strange in the brain and just get a better understanding of it and
in all my search engine meditate or have you ever yeah yeah yeah? Does it have you noticed any effect tremendous were I have I actually I enjoy that in I mean it's not an extensive, its nose. Maybe six to ten minutes here in I tried it. tourism. You tried twice twice a day air I usually just once before I usually do before I go to bed at the very least, I try to do it on the night before games, but I do pray tell us something about being a professional athletes or, more specifically, you know and NFL full back there. You think most people just concept over wouldn't understand, or maybe appreciate- maybe I think other people. I don't think so. Understand the amount of time that's put in outside of Sunday. you know I, like you, a lot of people. They know we practice. They know we work out, but
They realise that, like during our pays too far off season programme were only blocked for four hours. I'm here, four eight nine hours, you know like we only required be here for that for abounding people realise just how much time is really spent in this facility. Have you been teams, where most guys would only be therefore the minimum I want to buy more is pretty girl, like most guys were put in that actually time, but I would still say, like it doesn't really compared to two here. They do such a good job of that there's so much available for us. He might work, I mean, as far as our nutrition is like off the chain. It's it's incredible. There's so much information available there in the food is great, so I mean I do a lot with our dietician were I mean right now we're doing like a it's another
brain study were doing It che supplement tests by like. I have that available. I have the brain test available training room is there are medical, TAT is so great about I'm going there and asked for anything, I'd get copying and yet grasped in I can get acupuncture. I can just get a massage flush if I needed, you know how come clean coal Hutton quota, Sanna steam room. We get the way room is all always available. We cry of therapy there with crowd therapy, the chamber that they pomp thing is nitrogen gas in their super cold in here and there for like three minute in dropsy by tempers charged super love, so tell us some. Let me just ask you better a series of em gimme. what you're doing Monday at ten a m typically Dern gave during this
during the season. So that's monies are like body maintenance, Erika Mann, the money juices you're off. They hear them yeah? Ok, sir Monday at ten, a m probably get him such king Friday at noon. Friday afternoon, we're on the field came Sunday with the atm, whether one p m game. probably starting to get up and you re for breakfast came at the tea motel yeah yeah than one of us Sunday night. Let's say Sunday night after the game, you asked again, you know depends of somebody's in town for the game. Usually there is somebody so we're, probably grabbing dinner gotcha somewhere with our friend your family is visiting thanks
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