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Extra: Jeremy Lin Full Interview

2018-10-20 | 🔗

A conversation with veteran NBA point guard Jeremy Lin, recorded for the Freakonomics Radio series “The Hidden Side of Sports.”

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If you'd like to listen to free economic radio without ads the place to do that is sticker premium five dollars a month and you can get a free month trial by going to stick your premium dot com and use a promo code freak. You also get access to all our bonus. Episodes and you'll be supporting our show to that sticker premium. Dot com, promo code freak thanks to their homes, Stephen Donor- and this is a free economics. Radio extra hour. or conversation with NBA Point Guard Jeremy, Lin because the new NBA season has just begun. We viewed Lynne for our ongoing hidden side of sport series in an earlier. so number three, fifty one which was called here's why you are not, and we athlete we heard how Lynne was overlooked out of high school in college, at least to see. degree because, as an asian american kid, he didn't look the part of an mba player. Nor did it help that he played his college ball harboured, which is not a basketball powerhouse.
But he exploded onto the world sports stage in two thousand twelve and what came to be known as Linz sanity leading the New York. X to multiple victories and putting up a personal stats line. That would make a superstar happy When is now with the Atlanta Hawks, his seventh team in nine seasons, No longer starter, he is However, in the third and final year of thirty eight million dollar contract, we spoke a few days ago. Lynn had come straight from practice. Hey Jeremy, Stephen Debonair can hear me yeah, hey nice, to meet you haven't These measures were so Jeremy WAR would use
aid is one of the biggest differences between being a professional athletes and what the average fan thinks it's like to be a professional athletes. You know everything I don't think the Irish Van really understands much about what it means to be a professional athletes to have your life in cars. The scrutiny and all the pressures I mean yet to think yeah. Oh every atley is obviously making a lot of money, but how many people are trying to pull and pry and tugging pole of the different pressures that each and every single person in that person's life and a lot of you, you love dearly, I have to say no to constantly. Are you to set a mound rates for yourself, because everyone wants something from you and that's just the people there, we love and then there's the people that you don't know and all the different business opportunities in our different things and so
Yeah and then the other thing is everyone thinks it's fun. It's like you're, getting paid to play, basketball. All you do is like play. Basketball like you. Should you should make your shots you should and people to understand the pressure, This is not fun and games shop at the wives year go down the street to league like this is people fighting for their livelihood and fighting for their families and this is I got a real thing and injuries and things like that, like fans, are so quick to dismiss it or make fun of someone who's like all some like their grows alma he's causing injury and are making fun of it, but the guy's spent, like all his time, making himself a great battle per that's where he loves doing like the amount of effort, the heart but the love for the game, like those type of things and then for everyone else suggest like from the outside, come in and make
one of him or whatever in his twenty fifth year? Meanwhile, he spent twenty five years, giving up all the different temptation.
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