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"Tell Me Something I Don't Know" on the topic of Rivalry

2017-06-20 | 🔗
Steve Levitt, Scott Turow and Bridget Gainer are panelists. For the "Freakonomics" co-author, the attorney and novelist, and the Cook County commissioner it's "game on!" as they tackle competition of all kinds: athletic, sexual, geopolitical, and the little-known battle between butter and margarine that landed in the Supreme Court. WBEZ's Tricia Bobeda, co-host of the "Nerdette" podcast, is fact-checker.
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Why do I read? Why do I have conversation? Why do I travel have to go to school? Why do I pay attend? Like do I pay attention? Because I want to be a news because I want to get outside my comfort zone, but mostly uselessly, mostly because because I want to find out that I'll find out Stein doubts, because I want you to tell This is made Rama Manual. I want to work You ought to tell me something I dont know radie. Thank you, Mr Mer. You probably do know that Chicago's home too many great rose from our baseball team store pizza places too. Power Yeager year. We know all that, tell us something we don't know you might not know. about the rivalry between two great Chicago blues, ledges, muddy waters and how a moth,
did not know that when how will first came to fathom muddy waters, gave him a place to stay, but that friendship quickly turn into a rivalry. The two legends pity for the same shows the same songs and the same van members. Muddy waters, stone walls, guitars, Wolf, stalled, water, sacks play right back and when they were playing the same club on the same night. Hollywood would extend his set to try to minimize muddy waters, time onstage and by most accounts the two had a love, hate relationship and their rights, Every sharpen their talents, change music history in the process welcome to tell me we're gonna know I'm Stephen Dub, nor thanks to mere Rama manual, for the warm Chicago welcome and for helping us introduce the theme of tonight. So rival ray
tell me something I don't know is live journalism wrapped in a game showed talk about rivalry. Tonight we have got a gold star panel, which please welcome unit, Chicago economist, Steve Levitt, Cook, County commissioner Brigitte inner and the lawyer and authors Scotch row. Let's begin with my free economic spreading, author, Steve Levitt, Levitt. Here's what we know about you so far. We know you are an award winning economist who loves to play. Golf on horses and eat fast food, we know your father, a medical researchers whose Study intestinal gas is known as the king of parts and that your mom is a psychic novelist who channel
stories from the Heavens, Steve levity tell us something we don't know about you. Please would have no great to be here in the theme of rivalry it reminded me of when I was ten years old. I was on a baseball team that actually came from behind to win in the last evening, the city championship in Minneapolis Minnesota and all of my other commits poured out onto the to celebrate- and I sat on the bench in just watch them and my dad was so humiliated by the, but it happened that he band me from any kind of team sport further our future and likely. He introduced me to go off, which is one of the best thing that ever had an excellent Levin, very very happy to have you here tonight. Our next paneless Brigitte gainer. What do we know about you? We know that as a cook county, commissioner,
you fought for sunshine laws, job training and a better way to auction are vacant land and buildings in Chicago. We know you grew up on the south side, but you started your career in New York. Is a community organizer and then back in Chicago? You worked in city Hall and the park district before becoming commission to bridge gainer keeping mind tonight's theme. Rivalry. Tell us something we don't know about you then they'll, that's a six and I have forced sisters, and so we had an intense rivalry. My second sister was the much better closed buyer. So we my other sisters and I would come up and elaborate schemes, but the best was when I started about three and a half months for I went away the school starting to fair it away her clothes to various friends, because then you should be checking my bags and so like any kind of art of war. You need to be planning fire fire in advance that it saw me all the thing now about politics, very good. Thank you. Bridget fun.
Scott to row. We know you as the prototype of the lawyer novelist whose books include presumed innocent and, most recently testimony. We know you're Also Chicago Native, that your mom inspired you to be a novelist and that your dad was an Obi g. Why any delivered roughly half the other kids at your school we know is still practised law that you're a former president of the authors Guild and congratulations are in order. You are a lifelong Cubs fan,
and I believe, only took a lifetime. So Scott Euro tell us something we don't know about you, please, right after I graduated from law school, I came to work in the. U S, journeys office here in Chicago and was lucky enough to be assigned as the junior prosecutor to the prosecution of William James Scott, who was the attorney general of the state and among Bill Scots lawyers was sensible. Yossi convince was really a great trial lawyer, but also an author. He had written a book called Helter skelter, and the book was about Charlie Manson years later, of course, published presumed innocent. so this trial represents so far as I know the only time that two wires, who both wrote number one New York Times best sellers ever tried a case against each other.
I did not know that. That's that's pretty awesome! Scott Turow Bridget Gainer, Steve Levitt, so happy all of you are here to play. Tell me something I don't know: here's how it works guests from the audience will come on stage and try to impress you. with their idea Kayser I dont knows you're free to tell them what you think asked them anything you'd like once you ve heard them all your pick, a winner based on three simple criterion number one day Did they tell you something you truly did not know? I'm too was it worth knowing and number three. Was it demonstrable e true to help that the monster be true part? Would you please welcome our real time? fact, Checker Tricia Bobby that Russia is a journalist, senior editor of Digital at the great public radio state w be easy, who's the new debt pod,
Do you really make sure our ideas are indeed factual? Absolutely on the net had caused. We talk to people about their obsessions and if there is one The thing that I can always count on nerds to love. It's fact incorrect people who are on the right just a very happy to have you here, it's time to play dynamism I don't know tonight's theme, remember rivalry. Would you please welcome our first contestant Pollack Paula so nice to have you tell us a bit about yourself I am a writer and editor and author of the forthcoming memoir. No relation. Ok, Paula, I'm ready so or or paneless deliberate, Bridget, Gainer Scott, two rows of what do you know it's worth, knowing that you think we don't know ok or what common product besides alcohol was there once moon, shiners.
Is it something you would eat or drink or something completely different, something you eat or drink up, and could people go to jail for making this some dead? It is a popular in the places where moon shining was popular still exists more brought than that This is an american phenomenon or Kenneth American, it's all across the world, but this did happen here, New s legal today or something that it is legal today and its cause, and today and like moonshine, I thought got its name because you know you drink in Europe. In a twilight world is, is this. Similarly, if not intoxicating, does it have some knock out effect demands an EU tax. you're. Not you. You have no desire to give India.
Our report, wants. You tells a story: what's this product that, like alcohol once had an equivalent of moonshine It's actually margarine so in the early twentyth century, the government. So highly regulated a new product called margarine that it prompted the rise of Mars, during moonshine nurse who made it and sold it. Equally, on the sly, so margin was first developed by french chemist in eighteen, sixty nine, Almost immediately the dairy industry panics, there were vicious battles in Congress over Margarine Wisconsin set at our called it, a monstrous product of greed and hypocrisy. Eventually, the dairy lobby successfully pushed through laws to restrict its sale. The substance was heavily taxed and stores and restaurants had to be licensed to sell
Hence the moon. Shiners government also made it illegal for margarine to be dyed, yellow, thereby making it less appealing Wisconsin, where milk is the official state beverage. was the last to cave and allow for the sale of pre died, yellow margarine in nineteen sixty seven, however, margarine heads of advantages that kept in the fights it was much cheaper than butter, and so, during hard times like world war, two sales went up. Then in the nineteen These health concerns over eating animal fats made margarine the healthy choice. Margarine manufacturers invested in major advertising campaigns to publicize that claim, and I think we actually have
clip of Eleanor Roosevelt in an ad from our Dron is ago. Most people never dreamed of eating luxury, but times of change validates get a monitoring like new put. That really takes the biscuit was their commercial. That word of continuing the president's pension for the benefit of his widow. So margarine was more popular than butter from nineteen sixty two
thousand, but now in the new millennium. The pendulum has swung back and butter is back in favour. Paneless does a surprise, you does it intrigue. You surprise me, but I do believe it because my mother was growing up in world war two and only margin was available and to this day she will not let anyone bring margarine iter because she associated with being poor things. Butter is the only classy where to go. I feel about larger and, like I feel about Mary web, which is its associated with my childhood, and then, when I left and got a job, and could you my own thing I can ever about again was part of the appeal of margarine that it was less perishable or what I assume its less perishable. It's made of.
What's sawdust and oil or something so. There was a big problem in the early twentieth century. People didn't really know it was made of. They thought it was made of like cats and arsenic, there's a cartoon of those things being thrown into a vat from their cargo tribune, and was that kind of campaign done by big milk against move with Armenia, right exactly so, the dairy lobby was vicious. They even for a while made its mandatory in some states for margarine to be dyed, pink and black, like really seen colors worried or whether those margarine is actually eighty percent fat, twenty percent water- and it just uses different kinds of fats before you finish up with stricken with Frederick Patricia Barbuda. How is this crucial rivalry between margarine and butter of these checks out in its worth, knowing that not only did the pink laws exist, but they were overturned by the Supreme Court, so Vermont New Hampshire and South Dakota
closing that margarine must be dyed pink and they said you can't force people to change the color of food and they You know you can go down a pretty good internet rabbit whole. If you also want to try to figure out what the natural color of cheese with is thank attrition. Thank you. Paul harder for playing. Tell me something now. Would you please welcome our next contested Joe Cobb's. hey Joe Gloria. What do you do? I am a sports business, Professor Northern Kentucky University. Just South Cincinnati works glasses on international rivalries and sports and money ball sports economics. I Joe what you have worse tonight so
I also operate. The sports data website called no rivalry dot com, that's can o w rivalry, dot com and through the website we ve interviewed thousands of sports fans across college football and the four major professional leagues here in North America, and we asked those fans what their favorite team is, and then we give them a hundred rivalry points which they can allocate over any of that teams. Opponents. So if they were to choose the Cubs, they could allocates sixty two. The cardinals and twelve to the reds and twenty two. The white Sox are, however, they want allocated. We then compute a different score between two opponents to make a list of the most unbalanced rival reason sports. So my question is: what is the most unbalanced rivalry in sport so that this means the fiercest antagonism, the most unbound?
so we're subtracting the two opponent scores, meaning I hate your team and you dont care at all about my team. That's so one team. Allocates online or their honour and ignoring north american? Is this happen it? So this is a game. This plain both a? U S in Canada, its played primarily in the? U S so you're universes sports fans? Are? You said the four major Leagues College Football baseball basketball hockey hockey and, of course, major league soccer being the Fort Jennifer and if they are innovative and then college fell over it? But so does one of these teams have anything to do with a very large city in New York state? because they don't really seem to care about anything that happens anywhere else good question, but no, while I'm guessing college football regrets Coregos College Football, There are just teams who are really good for really long and they don't need to be bothered by other team.
the living not down the door. You guys just gonna, walk through it sky. in Britain, are you big, cultural, boffins, yeah, I'm guessing must have to do No damn everybody hates Notre Dame Ray. we're getting pretty war now, while so is noted, half the equation year that yesterday, while the other half of the equation and the West Coast now visit also and the state of Indiana. No, and we're assuming that no name is the hated, but not the hater. That's correct that has a safe assumption, want me to give you another hint chair. So it is EAST Coast team and there is a religious element to the rivalry
jewish theological seminary must be balanced and very very animosity. That was really impressive, noted in Boston Cogitate Joe tells a bit more is such an interesting idea, sure so Boston College fans will allocate on average seventy four of their one hunter rivalry points to North Sudan, but Notre Dame reciprocate with a measly two points of their hands, you get a difference of seventy two points, which is a pretty big spread when the maximum is a hundred. I'm surprised, they even know Boston College. This one of the interesting things about this rivalries. It even has a name the Holy WAR, which apparently Notre Dame fanciful
care about at all, and we've identified eleven primary factors that contribute to rivalries around the country in multiple different sports. In typically, when you have an unbalanced rivalry like this, one is the biggest contributing factor is relative dominance, meaning that one team dominates the other team on the field, but in this case, for this one, it's pretty close so Notre Dame as one hundred and thirteen of the twenty three, so Boston College has one hundred and ten, but yet it's still important to understand these unbalanced rivalries, because with all the money involved in sports today, you have tv networks and sponsors and leagues and conferences, and so they're trying to maximize fan engagement, and so that's where understanding the intensity of these rivalries becomes important and then, from a fan perspective there is
worse than being hated, except for being ignored by arrival, Tricia and balanced sports rivalries. What more can you tell us? I think it checks out, and I want to do a little survey here in the room who, by applause, considers themselves a Cubs fan, wait: socks, who considers themselves a fan of both yes, you're doing it wrong. That's not how rivalries work guys, you're, not getting the points if the pic aside and here you're going to have. One fact about Chicago's words: rivalries is that when the Cubs one former pro Obama, who is a die hard white socks fan pleaded with his speech writers to please please, please not put any jobs at his beloved white sucks in his congratulatory speech to the Cubs,
good stuff Tricia Joe. Thank you so much for telling us something we did not know or it lets welcome our next contestant Steve, prove it I see what you do. I'm a biology professor at the University of Chicago What do you have forced tonight, Steve so some background across the animal kingdom males exhibit and incredible variety of strategies to attract and obtain mates. One of these strategies can actually be acting like a email. So my question is: why word males behaving like females ever be a successful reproductive strategy, so they loading the dishwasher, where they doing other things that are useful way, however, that what was Dv Malik the activity that they would also were female mimic We can be morphological and males connects. They look like females, but it's mostly behavioral, so display
female orientated display behaviour did they did they used their female this hurt other male rivals, they dont use their female, not to hurt males dancing liberalization, but at the end of the interaction, the males are psychologically but that is a human metaphor, but I've heard one Wondering is: is there a name for this fact like as if the Tutsi of fact There are names for the males, the do this and are mentioned, and the second is the behaviour successful. Do they tend to attract, meets at equal or greater rate? It is certainly a successful one
you're, not it's more successful than being a normal mail and and acting like a normal mail, is something that people like me spend their lives, sprang to study and quantify, but do they get the mate they want? They get mates is the mate. They want a woman or is in the main they wanted system. Another may now they're trying to make with a female. Ok are the males who pretended to be females, males who would be unlikely to have maids if they went the usual wrote that is correct you're good. Is there a physiological differ? however, so let it was asking if they need to do this. Essentially, they do need to do it because there are also tend to be smaller and they look like females. They cannot obtain maids the normal way so to speak. Is it that Females have already gone the male rotten and there like,
changed my mind. I think they're fooled just as much as the normal mail is fooled I think we should stop now before it is dangerous, so steep, why don't you tell us? Why do some male animals imitate females? So, Female mimicry as a specific type of what we call sexual mimicry and sexual mimicry, is most common and fishes so, for example, in the common blue Gill, sunfish and that species large territorial- how else can aggressively exclude other males from the mating site where females lay eggs? But small males have another strategy. They act like a female and that allows them to follow the real females into the mating arena, while the large mail is displaying. The sin is a female laser eggs, the male swim,
fertilizers, the eggs and then leaves immediately before the large male knows: what's happened so when you say have sex? Yes, we're talking about a fish in which fertilisation is excellent. also there there are many same sex partnerships in non human species, but those usually don't led to reproduction, something very surprising. Knowing how nerdy academics are these small males that sneaking are actually now in scientific publications as making fuckers. And if you back to God, please put in fishes
after that. We're gonna take up my safe search, but again this is just one type of what we call sex. all memory, and so there are many cases in insects and birds and mammals and which males mimic females, females were mimic, males and uneven can occur between plants and insects. For example, there are plants where the plant imitates declaration of the female of its pollinator and the male becomes in thinking, he's gonna get sex, but he's only provide, the opportunity for the plant to get sex so alien frustrated, and then there are many species of marine fishes in which individuals actually changed sex. Going from me, the female or a female to male Tricia. I dont know quite what to call I'm going to call it sex swapping fish for now, just to be on the safe side. What you say about that, I say you: should all Google sneaky fucker
fish is a brave, and then you should This is not uncommon in nature. This checks out in its also, as was maybe alluded to attack, takes some human males use, but it may that fire and they may end up in what is scientifically known as the friend zone. Very good, steep brewage thanks so much you're playing. Tell me something I don't know great job. It is time now for a quick break when we return or contestants will make our panelists tell us something. We don't know. If you would like to be a contestant on a future show or attend one of our upcoming shows in New York City in June, please visit Tmsidk com. You can follow us on social media. At TMS. UK underscores, show we'll be right back
Welcome back to tell me something, I don't know many Miss Stevens, Gunnar Paneless tonight, Steve Levitt, Bridget Gainer got to row, and our theme, you recall, is rivalry to that end earlier tonight we ask our live on here in Chicago a simple question: what's the most intense rivalries sports business family. Whatever that you have ever experienced so paneless, I love each of you too one of the replies Levitt, you first, what you have when I love here from sending k, I was in the name. for ten years and the biggest rivalry experience has been when two different: U S, naval, ships, Poland to the same port, there would be little street fight, simple brows. It's amazing, Bridget gainer what he said. I have something from Sean EM who says
I want to say this, but my father versus technology and technology always will always nice Scott Euro. Would you have there so this from my Jose. Oh- and I relate to this one personally I'll say says the most intense rivalry. one I have with my wife for my dogs, affection. While she admittedly does everything for him guess who gives him treats. Needless to say, If you ask him, I always win or a time to get back to the game, to please welcome our next contestant vs, Cape Neil Agur wall. you were you calling in from, and what do you do there? I'm calling you from New York and I'm a cultural psychiatrist system, professor at Columbia, university and author of several books, about the
around her array. Terrorism sounds like a good fit for our rivalry theme tonight. What forest Neil? So the islamic State and the Taliban are both Sony militant groups. ok for control over the Middle EAST, but olive on form than ninety nineties after the Soviet Union retreated from Ghana, son he's not state formed in two thousand and three. When the? U S invaded Iraq, when did the public library between the Taliban and the islamic states start? When did the public rivalry between the Taliban and these Lummix state begin paneless? Did this relate to a single historic event. Yes did the first public airing of the rivalry happen, mostly in the? U S or in in the Middle EAST. In Afghanistan was the? U S is full, no surprisingly,
and Neil is, is this? What you study is a rivalry between groups like this, or is this a subset of what you're, after this belongs to other? What I've been doing on the call upon in the islamic state? Does this rivalry? Does it? How does it play itself out today, always pretty intense, because they fight over control for territory in Afghanistan and militants keep switching sides so where they, where they agnostic towards each other. Before the public rivalry ORD was there an alliance, they were mutually suspicious of each other. There was one particular event and blew out other problem into the open. Was economic? Doesn't great question? No wasn't too have to do. A sport was noted, Ayman, boss, College playing in Afghanistan. It is called the Holy WAR that rivalry that's no meal You know that there is an urgent need, one
you tell us than when I guess more important? Why and how the rivalry between Taliban an islamic state begin so twenty fifteen the Taliban announced the death of its former leader, Mullah Omar, which prompted the islamic state to go on social meat with its claim to lead all Muslims worldwide in the wake of the
robbery, both group started to use messaging about unity to promote their causes and the Muslim World historic States claim to unity. Is that its Caleb descends from the prophet Mohammed, the recruitment and pr efforts are mostly through periodicals and videos. The Taliban in Prince periodicals as counter that jihadists have always fought United behind them and that to divide Muslims now risks killing civilians. Americans should exploit this robbery for our own kind of message in the past. How to messaging hasn't achieved the right cultural understanding, rendering it ineffective. For example, our state Department once insinuated that it would kill recruits to the islamic state which many of its supporters locked more promising than martyrdom going forward. American efforts should highlight muslim scholars would dispute. The islamic States claims that the caliph and the fact that the Taliban is killing muslim civilians are
levels and we should pay more attention to proper distribution channels. So those messages are being heard. What our proper distribution channels in that part of the world social media. So there's even fake news in India and they may live every more than you can ever believe. Neil Duke salt. With U S government I have not had the pleasure. I have written a book called the Talibans virtual. I'm read. Tat looks exactly at its writings in four different languages and arrogant persian window in English, and I can tell you that, although we might consider fake news that they have a pretty crystallized worldview and perspective for how the conductor messaging love it. You ve done a good bit of research in terrorism in detecting terrorist, very different question than the Niels looking at, but does any, come to mind to you for exploiting this rivalry from spectable, let's say the saints yummy
the union has a lot of great ideas are ready. I did have the privilege of work. A little bit with the? U S, government- and I was actually surprise Neil at how much of the military effort was not about guns, but about winning. Mind. Do you think we did a bad job of that in general? Despite a big effort, I think so. I can tell you that, for example, when I look at the Talibans work are writing songs that are pretty catchy with great rhythms and a liberation. got some pretty tape. So performers and I wonder why we don't have people like Gc Beyond, say hoping tat to our message out as a way of counter messaging, I'm curious. If there are any, I guess, parallels in the states or elsewhere with let's say rival, drug gangs, criminal gangs and smart exploit
patient of said rivalry in one of the things that that I think we all see as people who live in Chicago is that so much of the violence that we see in certain communities is being driven by social media, far more than easy access to guns or even the drug trade. And it's the exact same things that we have just spoken about, which is the kind of public one upping, and the idea that someone whose whole kind of value proposition is around being the toughest and having power and control. Now the social media, just kind of dysentery, mediated across the entire city and that drives it sure related. What route has said. I ve been working on this problem of abundance in Chicago that I made a proposal to some policymakers which they have not yet accepted. But I actually think one of the best approach, if we could have reducing borrowed from Chicago, would be to have a massive media campaign which the messages real men fight and I think we could.
but up boxing rings around Chicago and new social media, and so basically a change that culture so that, instead of shooting each other, we actually that these guys get into the ring and beat each other up, and so I'm so far have had luck, convincing the public policymakers and we should be encouraging them to fight that's good, our factor tissue Benita. What more can you tell So this all checks out, and it seems that ISIS things the Taliban is thinking to small in being in more nationalist movements. Instead of having global ambitions in the town There has been fighting for so much longer that their sort of myth that they don't get credit where its due in their eyes and also if you google, tell and songs, the first artist who pops up is Toby Keith, who I dont think is going to help us out Ex. Neil Agro all thank you. So much replaying tell me that we are now well, then. Would you please welcome our final contested?
see the boys hasty see? What do you do so a doktor or candidate in human development and social Policy Northwestern University excellent. The floor is yours. Current statistics show a startling lack of diversity in corporate board rooms solved affirmative action, which is a type of policy that designed to change the composition of the candidate pool rather than the criteria used during the hiring process. Is a potential policy response What organization created and implemented a soft affirmative action policy its being copied by the likes of facebook? In the? U S, Congress. so when you say change the candidate pool, does that mean you change who gets referred into it? So in this case the soft affirmative action policy, was geared towards changing up race, ethnicity, but that could be
gender, it could be whatever specific demographic is focused on those disorder. Nation have anything to do with the? U S government now, does it have anything to do with any of the press actions are vocations anywhere, paneless are involved in law, government, academia, nine? Does it have to do with sports? It dies, reject gainer and so we use a change in the candidate pool. What you mean is you? Don't just necessarily get to pick who you wanna interview that diverse candidates are in front of every single person, who's in hiring decision
yes? So there is a rule that requires, in this case each entity, that's doing hiring to make sure that their candidate pool is composed to meet certain standards. Oh, I think it's, the NFL that established a rule that for head coaching vacancies, there has to be an interim of minority candidates. I think it's called the Rooney rule that is correct very well done year in two thousand three, the ruddy rule was adopted by the National Football League and what the running Nor does it requires every franchise that has a head coaching vacancy to interview it EAST one minority candidate, so all they have to do is to prove to the League office They ve interviewed a minority candidate, but they used to have the same high
in criteria if I'm for minority and not minority candidates. But my question is: how will the Congress employing this number wine congresses are required to publish any of their diversity statistics, but organisations that have looked at since or did some investigations recognise a vast majority, almost all of congressional? ass are non minority candidates and so oh, when Senator trucks humor recently came to this knowledge. He encouraged all Democrats to implement the Rooney rule for their hiring just to go back to what the river was like an idiot Well, I was interested in whether or not it actually had an impact on the probability that a minority filled ahead. Coaching vacancy in the NFL there's a noticeable jump right after the re rulers. Asked in the share of NFL franchises that employ a minority head coach,
We should be concerned that there might be something whether that be social, cultural or institutional, that incurred contemporaneous too Ernie rule they could be causing. This impact to happen I find that a minority is twenty percent more likely to fill a head coaching vacancy in the Post war era than the Pre Rooney era, even taking into account the general positive hiring trends towards hiring minorities, one of the site, taxes that the winning percentages of minority head coaches drop precipitously after the passage of the rural beforehand, you needed to be a really high, achieving minority and ordered even be considered, whereas in the Post Rooney era, the differ between minority and now minority had coaching performance is not even a significant, both good research Lucy. so you're, not only for economist for degreaser really. Thank you. Thank you very much. Should we should we know that the Rooney rule
comes from the organization which happen to be the organisation that I support my entire life, and which has one more superboss than any other organisation on earth and therefore has no rivals really. Tricia Tricia Albinos, so cc's been telling us about a really interesting series of events. concerning a rivalry for, if you think about it, he's very very few rare and precious had coaching jobs in the end. A fail right, really high profile, high impact. What more can you tell us Tricia so checks out- and I think it's interesting, also to compare some reason stats, because right now seventy. Two percent of NFL had coaches are white, but
leading a league where about seventy percent of the players are not also there's never been a female head coach in the NFL, probably obviously, but for the first time in twenty sixteen, the Buffalo bills hired the leagues first full time. Female coach. Her name is Catherine Smith. She coaches quality control, special teams and I have no idea what those words mean together: nicely done Trisha and Cece thanks. So much for playing. Tell me something I don't know great job. Can we please give one more hand to all our contestants tonight? I was fantastic. It is time now for the panelists to pick a winner who told you something you truly did not know something. That's worth knowing and true. The panelists will use a ranked voting system. The contestant with the highest overall ranking, will be tonight's winner and will join his back onstage later. Alright, then, who will
see you boys, with the Rooney, ruled Neil Agur wall with Taliban verses, islamic State, Steve Peru at Jones, with sexy time for gender bending fish, Joe Cobb's, with lopsided sports rivalries or Paula Carter with Butter verses margin. While the boats are being cast, let me ask you a favor. If you enjoy tell me something, I don't know, please spread the word and give it a nice rating on Apple pie, guests, deter or wherever you that you're pot guess and thanks are right, the panel's votes or in once again thanks so much to all our contestant. Sadly, only one of you can be a winner, but we do have for each of you this certificate of impressive. Now
which suitable for framing and tonight's winner with his idea, K called sexy time for gender bending Brewage Steve you'll come back on sage later to face one of our paneless in the final round of tell me something I don't know which one we'll find out right, after this break welcome It is time for our Paneless, Steve Levitt, Brigitte, Gainer and Scott to row to answer some lightning round questions written especially for them Steve Lever, the economist behind Freakin comics will start with you. Freak anomalies is to economics as blank is to blank. I would say
economics is economics as sneaky. Fuckers are two bluebells. Let it would you rather, when the they'll prize economics or make the PDA senior tour Wikipedia Senior Then it will you three favor restaurants or change in the world for dairy queen suppose lay and Wendy's what's the best idea, you've ever had letting the New York Times that you interview me, because so many fun things have happened since in writing. Freaking out with everything, as the best thing that ever happened to me, that's sweet
worst idea, you've ever had, and it cannot be the same answer as the best idea. So what I was in high school, I went with a friend and James Templeton and we had BB guns and we were near the Mississippi River and we just had it be fun to shoot into the ice and see how many shots he would take to break the ice. And after we broke the ice. Did I realise, as actually standing over ever and I fell into the frozen miss the river and was very lucky not to die. If I let you the power to unilaterally invoke one economic policy to be, I think the flat tax if we just had a flat tax with no loopholes introduction. I would like to have Did your king of Farts Father ever use his kids as research subject, so he didn't in his very narrow area specialty? But I too remember once you
I think if I would go and ran up all my friends and he would pay anyone who let him draw blood from them. Ten dollars, my friends, why without any consent of any kind Many ban is through the blood whenever let me finally Chicago is the most blank city in the world, but I dont think I was most anything in the world is the second most lots of things that they promote, Steve, let it Lastly, dont accepted. Unless these I thought you were a sure winner until they were gonna want to win, I do not want to be against the other Steve up. There had had no way I like that limits already strategizing, but this super smart because he's either throwing the contest or pretending to throw it nicely done. Steve love it. county. Commissioner bridge again, are you ready yet how many county
shares are there and what are they? There are seventy and there are four Republicans in thirteen Democrats. So it's it's two parts. The first is the kind of like a board of directors budget, and then you know the county oversees. The public health system Hospital and the end of a criminal justice system and the real stay functions, and so you know There's been a lot of work on criminal justice reform. Brigitte were told that an element of school you ran for class president with the slogan, don't be a loser vote for gainer. I did how that work out. Well, it's still going I'll bet. It worked out well at the time to you're a damn who's, your favorite Republican. Ok, I think I would say at Fort really yeah, because You know what I think that we underestimate the enormous amount of pressure he was under and he can it took the high road and, I think, really suffered for it
there is a combination of kind of playing the long game and putting other people before yourself, and I think that we could use a little bit of that. A good answer just answer: Bridget Gainer: when are you going to announce your mayoral camping? Well, if I do come back on the show you the lightning round again very good. We ve got some essential Chicago dilemmas that you'll have to re so quickly, cubs we're sock, sacks deep dish or thin crust the dish ALS or Johnny's else, John, lose your bill: Mary, oh yeah, municipally, polluting, delusion, true or false. The four stars on Chicago's flag stand for sausage buying votes at Paris, Bueller and sausage, now now an hour now. What do they stand for? Therefore, Dearborn cries out the fire fire
in other words where nice yacht world colombian exposition of eighteen, ninety three and similarly in eighteen, thirty, three right, the other one, the centre progress at the other finally present Trump, his head, some unkind words for Chicago. If you could take em on a private tour load, you show em ring question. I start downtown and I would drive south and you would I would go through Chinatown and then I will go through bridge born and can prevail, and I would work my way all the way down and just when you If someone in a car, maybe you tax incentives them. So maybe that's it! I take it. I would again thank you so much for an hour now to our final unless this time magazine ones called him the board of the litigious age. Scott to row here we go Scott. Why did the
wait so long to win the world Series just to keep us all in suspense. We get the whole rate. What you know thing, but if you are going right about a profession other than lawyers Slota, being professional, wrestlers Ray come on, I mean: is it real? How much is real? Did they get hurt faking it What's the best tv show ever about lawyers, I would shake take he'll Street blue sky who's, your biggest literary rival or do you like most writers, have nothing but warm feelings for Europe. For your fellow writers, I do have warm feeling, sir, my fellow writers, but I am frequently confused with John Gresham, so much so that when I was recently somehow a answer to a question jeopardy the contestant, of course gas, John Gresham said,
I understand, read at least three newspapers. Every morning, why bother? Well it's it's actually study Journalism to see how they contradict each other, use the chairman of the Illinois Executive Ethics Commission, having been appointed by Governor George Ryan, who was later convicted of federal corruption, charges tell us more about that. Actually, Europe for ordinary fact? Checkers have got this one wrong. I was the first ethics pick of raw Nagoya, vetch, much you're either that totally changes the picture. And finally, got to row you ve claimed you can take a call for client in the middle of writing a sentence and then finish the sentence after the call. Do you build a client for this? half of the sand only
if they haven't been nice nicely done. Sky throughout this time healthcare live audience to pick one paneless based on their lightning round? Who will face our contestant winter? In the final round of tell me something No, so who be Steve, Levitt, Bridget Gainer were Scott to row. Audience would please, take out your phones follow the texting instructions on the screen ok, the audience boats have been tallied and our paneless winner tonight Steve. whoever might be done,
we have the battle of the universe, is Chicago the battle that this Steve's please welcome back to the stage now to compete against Levitt, Steve, Cruel Jones. Our final round, ladies and gentlemen, is very simple. In a moment we will reveal a topic related somehow to tonight's theme: rivalry, Steve and Steve. Then each have a minute. Tell us something. Don't know about that topic, no googling, no audience help. Just your own universes Chicago brains to rely on case your tempted to makes thing up. Remember Tricia, but beat our fact. Checker stand,
by. What, then, is our final topic? Well, some of the greatest rivalries, of course, or between nations in one of the greatest of the greatest, is rivalry between the? U S and Russia, and before that, the Soviet Union. That's our final topic tonight tell us something we don't know about Russia or the Soviet Union, use your imagination and good luck will give
a minute now, while our fine list are thinking, let me remind you to visit Tm S, idea, k, dot, com to get tickets to upcoming, shows or even better sign up to be contested also at tea a mess. I decay that come. Ok, Steve Levitt, Steve prove Jones. It's time you will tell us something we don't know about Russia or the Soviet Union level, you first what he got. So this is really embarrassing because the fact them about to give you- I taught it to my undergraduates two days ago and as I thought of them, I was almost certain. It was false. They first Communist revolution took place in Russia, with the boss, rethinking over nineteen thirteen and according to the academic paper that I was teaching to my students, factory production crop production, many other things
fell between nineteen, thirteen and nineteen twenty one by between sixty and ninety percent in just those eight years of the initial amazing social experiment with communism, and I use that with my students as a celebration of how great capitalism and the markets are interesting. Are eight Steve Levitt, nicely done Steve, prove Joan, what he had for us. Well, during the cold war, there was, of course, intense rivalries between the. U S and U S. S are in one of the officers of the USSR. Had a specific task of coming up with embarrassing names for politicians in the United States can remember all of the names of the various politicians, but the the best one was for Ronald Reagan than his nickname was banana cowboy, our eight before we put this to an audience vote Tricia. I know you have now much time, but is there anything you can tell us about the collapse?
in the russian Economy Post Revolution or the tale of banana cowboy and another manufactured politicians names? As a journalist pains me, say that my first curly is still Wikipedia on this, but that the russian Yemen, is said of nineteen twenty one and twenty two had economic disturbance as a. because of that that generally checks out and when you, Google, Ronald, in banana cowboy. It looks like this he'll, be true or may have been something from actually another public radio game show such results, and my favorite bun, backed about if I may is that beer was not considered alcohol, but classified under ten percent, as just food into like twenty eleven thing, if so much Tricia time now for live audience to pick a winner. This time will go by simple, throw
oh and more measure with our applause, a meter right here, remember the criteria. Was it something didn't know, was something it's worth knowing and was demonstrably true. Ok first makes a noise pleas for Steve a bit and now Professor Steve Private Jones Wing and at ninety seven decibels our champion tonight, Steve Private Jones, so Steve Proof Jones? What can we possibly give you as a prize to reward you for this astonishing performance tonight? Well, we ve got something special. This is a real once in a lifetime opportunity. First, before we take the prizes we,
You tell us about the greatest rival or rivalry. You ve ever had a person that you ve really tangled with I've never really had any sort of negative rivalries, but I have lots of positive professional rivalries with all of my past students do some of never get a little bit too accomplished for their own good, though they do matter of fact is. Is there one? Maybe that comes to mind? That's particularly those that there are a couple of them whose positions I wish I had do you want to give us the initials? Let's say if the one with the position that you most, which you have just learned, first name is doctor. very well. Here's your prize, our Paneless, Steve Levitt, has agreed to personally call this person and tell
her that you one tell me something. I don't know tonight and rub it in. well. That is our sober tonight. I hope we told you something you did not know about rivalry thanks to our Paneless Steve, whether Bridget Gainer and To row to our backtracking, Tricia Bonita were often contestants and thanks especially to you for coming to play, tell me something on our next episode. We're back washing Do you see our take on its number? One industry were calling that episode politically and our palaces are to Serbia. News chief Whitehouse correspondent, Major Garret, former Hilary Click, campaign manager, Robbie Luke and Washington, Post Communist Alexandra. Peter
It's what I call Niven when I should be like send me the most jovial fire fighter, you its next time. tell me something I don't know Tommy we cannot know, is produced by w productions. In association with stitched, our staff includes Alison Hockenberry, Emma Morgenstern Harry Huggins, Brain Gutierrez. they invest ruler and Rachel Jacobs, David Herman is our technical director. He also composer theme music thanks also to our good frenzy, while tricks, whose minds survey software, has been so helpful in putting on the shelf. You can subscribe to tell me something now upon Apple Podcast or anti. Unless I d pay dot com, you can also list, without ads by signing up for stature premium at sticker, premium, dot, com and slashed. Tell me you'd, find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram thing. listening.
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