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Why Is There So Much Ground Beef in the World? (Special Feature)

2017-11-06 | 🔗
In this live episode of "Tell Me Something I Don't Know," you'll learn about carcass balancing, teen sleeping, and brand naming. Joining Stephen J. Dubner as co-host is Alex Wagner (CBS This Morning Saturday); author A.J. Jacobs (It's All Relative) is the live fact-checker.
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Why do I mean? Why do I have conversation? Why do I travel have to go to school? Why do I pay attention? I do I pay attention because I want to be a news because I want to get outside my comfort zone, but mostly uselessly, mostly because that is, I want to find out that I find out starting doubts, because I want you to tell it evening. I'm Stephen Double or- and this is called me something I don't know recorded life night shows up- is your city. We have got a crowd of smart people and we will bring them on stage to tell us something interesting or puzzling, maybe even amazing, if it all goes as planned, will all be a bit smart about the time we're through joint meeting as proposed. Is the Atlantic contributing editor and see
just this morning, Saturday, Co Anchor Alex Wagner Alex. Let's see what we know about you so far, and we know that you grew up in Washington DC and what I would call a professionally democratic house all. We know that, besides CO hosting CBS this morning Saturday, you co host the radio Atlantic Podcast and you cohabit incoherent, new baby with your husband, SAM Cats, who is a former White House Schaeffer President Obama. We also know Alex that you worked for George who needs anti genocide, organizations and the Vogue magazine called you delightfully profaned. I'm looking forward to that Alex where one is an explicit pod gas. Is it not, you know, and we have to pay it of jungle, little red with Syria. Subject cost, and I tell you, lie
Hey you're welcome, even let this be passing the hat for the rating so Alex Wagner. Why don't we begin by you telling something we don't know about you, please and second grade everyone. All the kids in the class had drawn pictures of what they wanted to be when they grow up my mom and dad professional Democrats, as you call them set out one. What does Alex one to be? Surely its president of the United States or astronaut, and my second grade teacher, looked and said? Well, actually, your daughter said like to be a make up artists. What are their? Why didn't you become known? I learned that I hate make up and that which is why television is a weird professional before me. Alex Wagner very happy there
we are tonight having to be here. Let me explain how it works. Guests will come on stage to tell us some interesting fact or idea or story about a topic of their choosing, then Alex, and I will hear them out last some questions and then I would live audience will vote for a winner. The vote is based on three simple criteria: number one: did they tell us something we truly did not know number to. Was it worth knowing and number three was it true, since truth is kind of sort of important, got onstage tonight, a real live human factor. Please welcome the much beloved age aid Jacob. Asia is the author of five wonderful books, including the forthcoming. It's all relative adventures up and down the world's family tree age. It can give us a fun fact from the new book. Well, Stephen, as you may know, most of us have neanderthal ancestors
self? Are you denied dont diet, be proud, the banana or falls, and almost avian mixed up way back when so, your great great great great times, fifteen thousand or so Grandma Grandpa were on the end or thought, and my favorite fact about grandma and Grandpa the address all. Is there not as dumb as you think, don't believe the stereotypes? In fact, according to scientists neanderthals, they likely have the gift of speech and of currently had a high pitched raspy boys like Julia Child. That's literally, that is absent. Language really have actually been neanderthal after the good I'm out of here, where we ve got it. We're gonna get her dna. Well, a J thanks for neanderthal facts, thanks for being here tonight, I'm excited to play our little game showed together. Let's start, would you please welcome our
first guest. Her name is SAM Darwin, he SAM. What do you do? I am a butcher and ceo of relations craft Jerry here in New York City, excellent, SAM, so I'm ready so Alex Wagner and Age Jacobs. What do you know? That's worth, knowing that you think we don't know. Why have a hypothetical you're looking to shop at a whole animal butter shop? Maybe it's glaciers. Maybe it's one of either but you're shops. We have a New York, you walk in to this whole animal butter, shop and you're in the mood for beef which cut. Do you think the butcher really really wants you to stock up your refrigerator with so which does? Should we assume and something you they're very expensive or some? from maybe a body part that not a lot of people want to put in their mouths. I can't
firmer, deny your assumptions you can't compete now and were assuming. This is a cow is yet be for tat can be right now now. Let me guess you set a whole animal butcher shop. Is that what you called So that's the thing, and what does that mean? Well, you know in the fifties when when farms were told them- they get bigger, get out. There is a shift in the way, but you're shops operated so used to be that a butcher shop would work with farmers and people would have rails where the whole animals came in and then they be broken down and now there very few number of butchers shops or even companies that operate that way, but a whole animal but you're shop would be considered. An operation that really goes direct to the farm and purchases from the farmer in units of whole animals and that's how the farmer cells and the bigger the bigger distribution Sis man is, I want thousand pounds of x and zero pounds of why current ok? What's the shelf life for culture,
guess. Interestingly, the longer you leave something as a whole piece, the longer you can go without actually turning it into something else. So that's what dry aging is? Can you explain? I've always wondered about that, because if I hang up a chicken breast the way that you don't I get Dante, I don't it's not ended up and are there other meats, I guess poor great you drayage porker you. There are some people in the colony world who are playing around with aging pork, an aging lamb in my experience in the butchers shops that I have worked in it's not good idea raising it doesnt age the same way, and I honestly don't know the science behind it, but it it gets kind of like tacky in slimy and smells weird to. Ideally when you are properly dragging something you put it in refrigeration and also really really great airflow, and if you're getting
very fancy about it. You might have salt or you might actually put a bacterial culture into the walkin refrigerator. You have that just like you might do it with a cheese or something like that kind of like a start, our culture and begins to sit there for ever not forever. The oldest piece of meat I have ever had the questionable pleasure of eating was was three hundred sixty five days old? Are you so so the question was what kind of me or what caught in a whole animal butcher shop? We think the butcher would most likely want us to buy. Ok, I want you tells the answer. Is we're not getting, So the answer is ground beef, which is really not glamorous to most people, but when you are a whole animal butter shopper, whole animal company, there's this concept of carcass balancing and actually the highest balancing that phrase that we use Bell has
like us are too silly move. Yes, so does this mean that they direct cows to gain more weight in certain spots and others before they kill em, or this happens after the guy, This is an after the killing thing I mean there definitely are people who focus on genetics at actually. Entire meat industry is trying to carcass balanced. If you think about it on a single cow, there's only so many stakes, so you're talkin, like sixteen revise ten New York, strips to hold underlines too thanks to steer its basically to have every stake, except for a hanger there's only one hangar the rest, is breathing cuts, roasts and ground beef, so
you're sourcing and entire animal for your but you're shop. You actually have to move those parts kind of in equilibrium. You have to make sure that you are using up the ground beef at the same rate that you are moving stakes, otherwise, you're going to end up with a big pilot, ground beef and that's when it's time to have a freezer sale or make chile terror. I ask when we talk about ground beef. Does it come from specific parts of the animal. It depends. I mean them the most basic way to think about ground beef. It's just that a lean too fat ratio, but it could come from any muscle. Animal. So, for example, the shank means your calf muscle, very, very tough, so there's a trade off always between how much a muscle has been used and how tough it's gonna be, but the tougher it is also the more flavour it's going to have. So that's the reason that you know a tender lines great
cook it in five minutes. You can cut it with a fork, but it's never can have the same flavour as pop roast, which you have to cook loans low for six hours. There's also little bits and pieces that you can enter into stem of us are saying some of us around. We all do you call it a cow. Well, a cow! Technically is a female candidates. It there we ve got beef
animal? Maybe you call it a beef animal, I don't know I've wondered data, you landed at least we will call it a beef. Like honestly, I mainly a beef or something I got so you get sixteen revise. You said right right, so just like humans, you have ribs, and so that's where the revised come from. So if you cut them by hand in between each rib, you end up with eight of them per side. If you cut them on a ban saw, and you got them to a specific thickness, you could get a few more. If you less so here's my question, I can understand that ground. Beef is less expensive than stakes because there's apparently a lot of it. Rain and also people may prefer stakes. But if there are sixteen at least revise in a beef and there
we like to flanks to skirts and one hangar? I know those have gotten more expensive. Lately they become more in demand lately, but for a long time those were really she. Why would rabbis be relatively more abundant than those and yet also relatively more expensive, at least in the past right? So there's a couple reasons for that wine. Is that these days, a lot of revise our dry aged? It's one of the few pieces of meat that you can do that with because you drive a whole raft of ribs. Then if you cut some off the edges, you're still left with a decent piece of meat and its aged, there's another piece of it, which is how many bone in cuts there are so yeah. There are tons of stakes, and these days you can get more and more cuts from the shoulder which we love to do with our butchers shops, but is not very many that have bones in them. you can then put on the ground to that end, how many licks pounds of ground beef? Do you get from the average cow at least two hundred
Wowzer, no wonder, you're, trying to shovel it out the door that's about now is easily why, when they go to kind of farm to table restaurants, you see a lot of grass FED Berger and not a lot of grass FED stake absolutely cell There really is no box to meet supply chain right now for pastor raised animals. There is, you much if you wanna, pasteurized animal, you have to either get directly from the farmer or seek out one of these small butchers shops. So if you're a restaurant the same deal either you directly to the farmer and then you're on the hook for balancing the carcass, which nobody wants to do with notable exception. Merci tavern here near city, they actually by whole animals and read it to their different restaurants. No these at all in how in the restaurant they all agreed Dorothy, they special the stakes. So you will never see a stake listed on their many because each
Her has different stakes that they go way. Each server in the restaurant can offer a different part of the beef that night at eyes. Pretty could so ok, so if you're eating there, what do you ask for? What's your favorite? where you been asked for you dont get issues if you get the server who has the hangers take you can order that? I see the prisoner are well, let's say you know which Serbia has, which I'm just asking you We urge the penalty was basically those terrible way of ask you. What's your favorite kind of beef to me, while as as a butcher at a whole animal shop? My answer has to be that different cuts are good for different thing, though I have no true favorite, but I am a big fan of the flat iron stake, which is a cut from the shoulder. The point is that it is both under an flavorful, and it's really think so. It cooks super quickly and I love it. You can draw age all of the cow right and an end.
And why wider more people dry age, other parts of the cat, so a lot of small butchers shops will hang their carcasses for one two weeks before doing anything to it and that helps firm up them because as hanging there. It water will start to evaporate and when the water evaporates, the flavor concentrates a little bit and then also improves the texture, and there's no reason you can't, but if you think about the big industrial beef operations there units pennies that they're trying to so they actually are motivated very much too in keep their weight up, so they want to be as well as possible, and so they even have invented this term of wet aging, which is when you take them. Sound is good where you take a cut of me and as soon as you can you vacuum feel it in that way. Any is really attractive word, but any purge that comes off of men is helped is kept in the bag and then the customer pays for that. You could mean through punk ban, though beef
urge its sole fastened and for you to bring your beefy knowledge to us. Ok now you ve heard a lot from GM about carcass balancing, the only thing that you need to flag or anything more you'd like to tell us it just a couple of quick things. First, I looked it up the agenda neutral noun is bovine that covers cow or ball so or cow who identifies as a bull just want to be safe home sole. This imbalance will will not be a problem in a few years, because several teams of scientists are working on something called clean meat, cultured meat You take a cell for Macau and create a hamburger or a steak and is actually coming quite soon in the next few years, the amazing thing about this. You don't have to be restricted to cows or pigs. You could have rhinos giraffes in humans, ethical cannibalism and another business I'd
celebrity meat, so like a bad added in order me underneath all workers were everywhere Darwin. Thank you so much your Blanco me. Would you please welcome our next gas, Marco half Nerve Marco, where you from what you do? I my senior economies that ran Europe, which is the european affiliate off the rank operation, ran right, which is kind of like the CIA kind of you live. You live where I live and then by reaching out from Switzerland, and why are you in New York? I'm just visiting is x x for use even as first time actually as for me so you're just another swiss sky. They works for a british, bring
so the CIA, who comes to New York for his first and only time to be on a hot gas. What do you have to tell us tonight, Marco? So my question: today's across the yes, the majority of meat in high school start at eight, a m or earlier. So what will be the impact on the economy of schools would start later. Impact on the economy of schools were to start later M, assuming working, but the parents of children who are going to school later and and sort of how they would affect the economy, not necessarily know interesting. Now we know I've heard and I have teenagers I hear directly from them. The teenagers need more sleep because it's an intense physiological developmental stage, not intense emotion,
developmental stage. Let me clarify intense physiological so, presumably does it have something to do with that? Yes, you, you go to the right direction, something to do with sleep I'm assuming that fleet patterns establishing adolescence have a long term effect on products pity in adult years briquetting there very swiss answer That's not how we do things earmarked just gonna say what they didn't. Even if it's not based on fact that's not what I meant outs, let's start with this its narrow it down. Here we think its positive or negative. I'm assuming its positive new school started later just
has that sort of where what where the trend is going in education rang, but I'm thinking now. Let's say you get the teenagers up really early and you get him off to school. Early, get him home by two. If you get him in bed by eight than they can't be our doing mayhem and destroying the economy buying things so that could have an adverse effect on the economy. Marco, I think alex- and I have reached an impasse here and we'd love you to use your crafty swiss knowledge to bring us out of it. So you may have heard, or you experience herself, that nature, have different sleep. Wake cycles compared to adults are young children, so, based on the item to accommodate a different sleep, wake cycle major medical organizations, recommend middle and high schools? Don't start before eight thirty in the morning and beyond. The health benefits of that actually lay the school, so time could ever very beneficial effect on the economy. So our own research shows that if nation wide schools with started
thirty, a m the boat about nine billion dollars a year to the? U S economy in terms of larger GDP. So to put it into perspective that roughly about the annual revenue of major League baseball, we as to GDP because teenagers sleep again, more sleep, meaning they do better in school and then that leads to increased productivity enunciating. Yes, they do back in school. So it has been founded one hour more of sleep increases the probability of innovation or attending college, but somewhere between eight thirteen percent plus a lack of sleep, is heavily associated with car crash.
Russia's is is one of the leading causes of death among american teenagers and when you're dead, you can contribute to the account exactness this difficult. Yes, that would also mean presumably teenagers, many of whom drug themselves the school if they're going to school little bit later, maybe that's also when congestion is generally less and that might increase productivity for other people who were trying to get to workers are not part of Europe, and we have looked at that, but there there could be one check it out with organ swing you I did read somewhere, because there is a movement to push for a later school start. That teenagers would just take advantage of that like they taken just so many other and stay up even later, and so actually, they wouldn't crew. This fleet benefits Keziah till one o clock or two o clock in the morning and then get up at eight o clock. There's no point, but interestingly, research shows that if certain are delayed, teenager get more sleep that meets on average. They go to bed.
at the same time, but they get up in the morning later and actually, interestingly, they benefit from the better quality of sleep, that's. It tends to come the way in the early hours of the morning, and that means a school. Let's out a little bit right does that and you have to do The games by having a later exit time, not necessarily and also it would leave you less time between school and after school activities to smoke dope. Eighty Jacobs, Marco Hafter, has been telling us that startings later, without only be kind of a more humane thing to do on some level, but would actually increase GDP. Does that sound remotely possible? Well, I think the gist is true. I cannot vouch for the dollar amount unless I get a doctorate in statistics. So I'll get back to you in a few years, but it's definitely true that it would help and- and I also think my kids will kill me-
in this, but that summer vacation should be shorter. That would help our economy and delay. Since I am a fact, Jack area I did have to check and and the U S funeral industry does account for about. twenty billion dollars in economic, active, so we'd have to say you're, not from any more of a big win anymore. If Marco Marco happier thank you so much you're playing around no region, it is time now for a quick break when they return more gas will make Alice Wagner, tells them things. We don't know. If you would like to be a guest on a future. Show war attend the future. So please visit G M S. Idea came up com, you can follow us. Unsocial media, Auntie, em s idea. it underscores show we'll be right back
Welcome back to tell me something I don't know. My name is Stephen donor fact: checker is aging Jacobs. Tonight's co host is Alex Wagner before we get back to game we have some lightning round. Questions rules, especially for you, Alex Wagner, already, has take very much so ok here we go your twitter bio says you are quote a person trying hard to finish a book. What's the problem I had no idea that books were so damn long. I am right your book? It is. It is actually we'll say: nearing completion, we're going into galleys, which is a terrifying concept, but I've been working, three and a half years, which is a real a long time and in television world
is it a memoir to some degree it is, to some degree a memoir. It's about immigration, identity and there are neanderthal percentage. Actually much like ages bother go where we all look forward to reading the outs. As noted earlier, you grew up in a very democratic household, with your mother's sway. Font and you're late father, Coral, who is a political consultants who also co, chaired Bill Clinton. Nineteen. Ninety two campaign pretend, however, for a second that somehow maybe it's a teenager, you saw the light and became republican. How would you have gone about telling your parents. I would write a note and pack all my belonging, because I would never be illegal and house again, as we heard your husband SAM Cas former White House chef, is he actually good cooking or is that just the thing you can get away with that he is a very good chance and he is a very fast which matters the white lame something that you make better than him? However, I make better me pal: spaghetti
he bowed to know anyway, that we come on over guys if you could host or co host your own show about anything except politics, or would it be the joy of painting to I'm playing Barbara Alex? You were a trend forecaster for three years, so considering your training, which ensure is extensive and forecasting list three trends that we can expect in the next year. Hey civically plants, ok number one drop waste and see him our harem pan they're ready for that number. Two croak ease. Do you guys remember them the eye glass. things still use your number three bone up on how to launder money for russian oligarchs, because we're gonna be glad about that latin twenty eighteen you're hurt it here. First, ladies and gentlemen, our
Wagner. Alright, let's get back to the game. Would you please welcome our next guess: Doug Howard, Why didn't you tell us where you from what you do, I'm from watching this time the sea of multi dimensional economic evaluators. We figure out what things are worth and then we figure out overpriced or underpricing. Ok, you breathe you help. Firms derive the most value that they can from their business. Essentially, yes, and we also hope and figure out where new products should list. We might gaps in markets and it tells you what were you might be. It will place a new product where you wouldn't have any competition. When you have to tell us tonight Doug, why is underpriced, beef, bad, wise under praised beef, bad session,
as this is a pod cast sponsored by the before that, I feel like some how big beef got Yes right now on the table for promoting the night. Ok, so I'm assuming Here I mean beef is an expensive product when it is an impact for product in terms of the environment and that's expensive to grow. Beavis finds itself the nexus. of several other industries, o re without embracing is off. The sea could have repercussions. Other industries occurred misguided repercussions in the its own industry. That's what you're getting at how among the beef wholesale industry. What we discovered here is that people by ground beef based on the Linas and package size came so we ve actually drive and equation.
Predicts that that predict what they want or what they produce should be raised. That protects the sustainable price as a very important concept and what we do sustainable price as a function of that Venus and packaged, says people pay for the convenience of the smaller packages and the pain for the leaders of the ground, beef and after wholesale level and January twenty twelve. We discovered one point that was thirty four cents, a pound under its predict surprising, as thirty four cents a pound times, two hundred ninety million pounds at two hundred million dollar Bubu that they created because they didn't understand their market right. Sailors are underpricing beef. You in January, twenty two Yes, they had one product underpriced. There was a hundred million dollars because so many pounds being sold
what what industry is most far off base when it comes to pricing? Well, the ground beef was pretty far off, but the aerospace industry is very often off brave, sunlight two things in an Albuquerque somebody, velvet business jet. That was oil price that one third of what it was worth and they ve lost a billion dollars in they went bankrupt and had they known what they were doing, they wouldn't go bankrupt. I looked up to see what is the most overpriced industry. and according to some semi reputable website, it is a movie theater concessions. But now I raised my money this as nine on percent- I don't know about that. I think everybody thinks about this. The what what aging raised, and we kind of no like Alex said, will that's where they make the money deep? Have you ever done any work in the concession praising resorting to look at beer right now? What's the value of a good beer in the Mojave California, which is a little small town, verses, downtown Manhattan?
Sometimes you see some beers overpriced. I wonder where they make more money, they dropped the problems. It is very important to figure out where that media in point is so that you don't lose money and that's what this is. To anyone. I get probably has a different story: railway, yes, Ethel endeavours in New York or moral; neighbor, overpriced drinks? Yes, was the most comfortable point? Yes, but we get our cheap, so it all worked out. In the end, a Jacobs Doug has been telling us about underpriced, beef. a hundred million dollar Bubu Usin. Do you have anything to support or refute? Well there, there A huge amount of literature yet online about this by I did run across the most expensive beef in the world to continue with the beef thinking. There's a butcher and France who
a three thousand two hundred dollar rib steak, and he claims that every state is fifteen years old and kept in deep freeze and the cows live in forests and they are talked to every day a day. Thank you and dug Howard. Thank you. So much for playing. Tell me something I don't know nicely done time for one more quick break when we were our final guest and then you are live, audience will pick a winner, that's right after this welcome back. Would you please welcome our final guest of the evening Jonathan Bell Jonathan Bill? Laces
what do you do? I run a brand naming agency so over the years we ve names and critical. Duff we nomes, singular. We name serious ex em, we name. The recent call of duty game, infinite warfare. We name One will be along the lines now. I do have two questions before even proceed on. You say you named serious exam correct. Wasn't that a merger of serious end? Thank you. I should be clarified. It was I named serious before it merge with acts. It was actually called C D- Radio, ok, and so I was came in and right and care of the kind that I'm serious. I'm thinking, what were you choices, sea areas exam? some serious that'll, be I rarely at all the other thing I found curious. Is you introduced yourself instead that you run a brand naming consultancy yet? But you didn't tell us its name so so it took a long time to figure this out, but my committee's call one.
W take, so that the idea is that you know it's a call to action, won't branding, but also the premises that any brand brand is really a product. This wanted. It has a desirable components. So that's where I come with it. I like it, especially in print but with your lovely british access, it sounds world like won't going for butter everything I say sound so much better, stating the guy. You know there was a study that showed that american assessments of british Speakers- basically we over judge their iq by about fifteen per all right all right, so you came here to tell us something: we don't know what you have worse so
We are creating brand names for products of companies. What do you think the failure rate is on the naming project? What do you mean by failure rate? So if we generate a list of fifty names, how many of those will fail robbing sausage based on the serious exam story? Also fifty percent fifty percent Alex seventy five percent, but I won't I If he's the brand naming guy now, it must be like a hundred and one percent yet relevant. Ninety eight percent, like what what have you named in your life today, Michael Line, and I still can't believe we named him- I'm like God, we got to do that and we have to apply for a licence. What's his name sigh, see anything negative so Jonathan, give kids some curious. I do their names, Lucas and Louisa. Did you pay? Someone
for those nay. I had nothing to do with it. I think that our aid, We ve been us sniffing around at a number that we think is somewhere between. Let's easier and eighty nine we dealt with down there. What would you? What is the actual says about ninety five percent per annum? It's a very high percentage in terms of failure rate because you ve got So many names out there. You got trademark issues, you ve got urls, think there's somebody eight hundred and seventy thousand words in an english dictionary, Brill That's something like three hundred million companies or company brands. So do the math right are their trademark trawls like their path? controls in Silicon Valley. There, a lot of people just lock up patents are people locking up trademark name. You can't look of a trademark because you have to damage
what use is not like buying a url so that there is a lot of complexities, nuances of trademark law, which is why trademark law is exist to solve some of those those issues and challenges, yeah, what's harder to name a company or a product, I would say company just because you ve only got more stakeholders more people need to pull their fingerprints on it and have an opinion. Typically, companies have much longer durations Prodi get named further set down in the management ranks. Where is everyone can be aligned on a final name and you walk into the sea areas, office and they might say the likely what else you got and then back to square. One is very, very, very difficult which industry spends the most naming its products. the pharmaceutical industry is. One of us must spend a lot. Yes, it does, because farmers
the call naming is very, very complex, because not only do you have to surpass and make pass the hurdle rates of trademarks, the FDA actually will need to approve your final brand name, and the reason is because people can die if that, given the wrong prescription drugs, therefore, that there's a higher hurdle right in terms of king sure. The pharmaceutical brand is distinctive and unique versus everything. That's why you see these really crazy wid ex volunteer, exact rain. Yeah yeah, there's a situation back in the early nineties, nothing where there are two drugs on the market, low SEC, Alessi C and lay six alliance. I acts and someone died, but because they got the wrong prescription drugs, so they were the FDA, forced low SEC too. angels, earnings and fry low SEC. Whether aviation process for the farmer naming very complex I mean you gotta understand some of the science in you. Ve gotta be very
Careful about making false claims carts coats calls calls him tonight cure cure perfect, because the drugs gonna work in terms of the industry that you find gets you creative juices flowing, sounds like obviously farmers really difficult, but is there one where you're like a? We have a fashion client- and this is gonna- be fun to do, because the processes jamming cause a pretty cool, we'd, just name seven cruise ships for rural, caribbean and celebrity guerrilla. That's what they're always like swedish princess. like normal, so it's a wee wee wee way for two years we grow caribbean and we named quantum anthem, ovation guy, and then we just named another ship harmony. So that's the this thing either night I mean these things a huge. What do you think when you see a car company like AOI names, its models like a six and eight does not just make feel like a barber walkin around in hate ash. Very San Francisco, put your hands on not rhetoric? Is this action,
wisdom about that Obama? Nurse true account name with some acronyms afterward, puts the emphasis back on our day when you're fourteen you ve got explorer and you ve got a dozen or two dozen different names that sort of takes away from the Ford name and major go to build equity in those different car brands and an Jonathan quick question: how do you read the name tell me something I don't know can along. Hence the reason why tendons accurately Adrian Jonathan Bell is telling us that naming things for business for commercial purposes is very difficult, high rate of rejection, etc, etc. Anything to you, That's that's very true, and also there is another problem it in mentioned, which is that. How and names translate in other languages and there examples. Perhaps the most famous example of this is Chevalier, introduce their car Nova to South America, but in spanish Nova me
no ma am it doesn't it doesn't work so as it is to that await? Actually, it's all just fine everyone oh here is an example of this is the stupidity of corporate Amerika Actually, it's all fine, because I guess there a lot of ironic car buyers found a day. Thank you so much and Jonathan, thanks so much your way you from now. Can we please give one? My hand to our guests tonight raced up all around. It is time now for our live audience to pick a winner, but first outs Wagner eighty Jacobs and I will each way in with our favorites member. The three criteria did our guest tell us something we really did not know. Was it worth knowing and was demonstrably true, so Alex some curious to know what
Lee entreat you tonight I mean look. Did I know that teens not being able to sleep in was? I think the Eu S economy, nine billion dollars. No, I did not know that there was a thirty two hundred dollar rib steak. I I gotta go with them. Darwin, though, because I did not know there were two hundred pounds of ground beef on the average bovine carcass im. Kinda makes you feel that, even after a big Berger that you should be a lot more, it's just the tip of the iceberg its wearily just the tip of the iceberg, Jacobs? What tickled you tonight will I I was delighted with many of them. Jonathan Bell, I thought was interesting, partly because I have a son named Lucas, and here the sun name Lucas. So this is a huge relief because of my son ever complaints. I can tell him this: is these scientifically correct name
Roy. I found Doug Howard's presentation so compelling because I love to know that there are people out there trying to determine through means that I cannot begin to understand where thing should be praised, because I think that's a pretty important and interesting thing, but listen our votes or non binding. You are the people who have the real vote. So it is time now for you to take out your phones. Follow the texting instructions on the screen paints a who. Will it be SAM Darwin, with carcass balancing Marco Hefner with why you should let teenagers sleep even more than that do Doug Howard with the law of value and demand, will call it Gore Jonathan Bell with how to name a brand while our live audiences voting. Let me ask you a favor. If you enjoy tell me something, I don't know, please spread the word, give it a nice reading on Apple podcast feature or whatever you get your progress. If you want to listen to show,
without any sign of first, if your premium extra premium dot com, slash tell me thank you ok. The audience boat is in once again thanks to all our guest presenters, our winner tonight. Thank you so much for telling us about carcass balancing fan, Berwin Gratulation SAM, to commemorate your victory. We'd like to present you with this certificate of impressive knowledge. It reads: I Stephen Dublin in collaboration with Alex Wagner and Age Age Jacobs, do solemnly swear that SAM Darwin told us something we did not know
for which we are eternally grateful, and that is our sober tonight. I hope we told you something you did not know huge thanks to Alex and age eight to our guests and thanks especially to you for coming to play, tell me something on the next time you something I know. John Mc Warder joins me as co host for a show about bugs bugs every variety you can imagine. I have often found slugs to be uniquely disgusting. I see them coming out of the garden and reminds me of what one advantage might be of dying That's next time on tell me something I don't know tell me something I don't know, is produced by w productions. In association with stitches, our staff includes Alison how can vary Morgenstern Harry Huggins Brand
terrorism, dandies ruler, Rachel, Jacob Nathan, Roswell Herman, also composed our theme music thanks also to our good friends. Quality. Our minds serving software has been so helpful, but on the show you can subscribe to coming up. Yet, oh no on Apple pod casts the church or unto him ass. I do k com you can also listen without add by signing up for secure premium at sticker premium dot com slashed tell me find us on Facebook, but an instagram thanks for listening.
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