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9/11 Remembered, Serena’s Anger Beaconsplained, and Bagel Atrocities

2018-09-11 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the <em>Free Beacon </em>podcast, the gang discusses the post-9/11 world, tries to figure out just how wrong Serena Williams was, and worries about Cynthia Nixon's full load.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners listener. Discretion is advised Go ahead, make my day low and welcome to write and writer the official pockets of the Washington Free began. I'm your host Elizabeth Harrington! You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS. W F, b freebie can podcast is available on ice. Google play and sticker play subscribe to your friends and leave a review dreamy from the right today is free, beacon, editor in chief matter,
many. You may remember him from such mainstream media shows, as the area of forty five podcast and Larry Oconnor Show can follow, Twitter ACT, many fellow alive and well it's a match. Ray is free. Begin, president. In category five red wave, Proper Aaron Harrison were not exactly sure what he does round the office basins of checks and its good enough for us whole Harrison Good morning was also on the area. Fifty one podcast do ok right. Mr first on right and writer. Today marks seventeen years after nine eleven, now known as Patriots day to honour the nearly three thousand lives lost on September, eleven two thousand one vice President MIKE pension- Secretary of Defence, James Madison participated in the service at the Pentagon. Present trumped delivered remarks in the field. Of Shakespeare Pennsylvania, where America fought back trumps and honouring the heroes of flight. Ninety three Matt, what are yours
as we look back on America's resilience is kind of surprising to me the other night, as I reflected on the fact that it was seventeen years ago that the attack happened. I was in a storm in New York City hosting first, your students. I was a junior, they had just arrived at Columbia, university and fresh meat, and their first experience of New York about five days in was nine. Eleven welcome
welcome, because it strikes me that nine allowance now become basically a civic holiday. It's part of the american traditions right I mean just the figures were doing these things for seventeen years. We're gonna continued to do them, I think, is important. They were not having these solemn commemorations of Pearl Harbor Day seventeen years after pearl, harbor and ravenously its historical date and people. Remember it the day that will live in infamy, but you think about the emotions are still so raw. Seventeen years, seventeen
years after Pearl Harbor, it was nineteen. Fifty eight we head invaded and occupied Germany in Japan and turn them both into our allies today were still in Afghanistan. In fact, by next year or some time in twenty, twenty will probably have the first american soldier born after nine eleven deployed to enter an stem, and it makes one wonder inner disputes we're thinking have we produce. Have we been following the right strategy? Why haven't when will be unable to reach such a decisive victory like we have wars in the past? We ve been able, obviously, to prevent another catastrophic attack. The low level attacks with which a real and terrible have not become so frequent that basically, the operations of our society had been interrupted, and yet this ideology is still very strong. I think we need fresh
king about how we approach this these issues Harrison. Are you extending your best wishes to even the haters and losers? Today? I know not. Them, but I consider only the haters and the losers, the actual terrorists that are out there right, not my personal enemies. I is a different debt different day that I celebrate that want, but does look. I I also was in college at the time I was a junior. I got, but by his sleeping with the auto private like, as I was asleep, wouldn't happen over those in central time deepen the hut. Taxes urine Harrison Terrorist, so I dont the guy class to like nine, thirty or whatever, but also said my phones ringing, and then I just assume that it was my roommates girlfriend who would just routine Leave things, and I was gonna ran warm alone was yourself on visiting. This is I this might be before I had a cell phone. I do so
But he had a phone is going off. It's gonna, and I am just like- I ignored asleep in whatever a case of the men next time just rings and raise our pick up. My mom she's, like. The tv we are under attack like that, is one hell of a wake up. Call em like what are you talking about such turned out of the World Trade Center YO, there's aeroplanes flying into it And she had just seen. The second point is that second point was the one it was broadcast live across the country. So I'm up man, I'm on at the end of the first thing that I thought was. Yeah. This is war, but it's real look like a movie on tv, but it was a real life war that was happening and I'm sitting here, I'm about to turn twenty nineteen years old and like em getting drafted the end of the week. You know what is actually going on here. My main members, so that day is a step that the confusion that was going on the EU.
See at an enormous building collapse. Almost on the hour it seem like you know, you had the put the two towers had the Pentagon than you had world trade center. The other will We are building an evening yeah and it was just it really looked apocalyptic on television. I remember I went down and I gave blood, because that was the one thing that they were saying they're like well, we don't know, what's stopping here about the plane crash in Pennsylvania and then there are all these other reports of airplane, that had gone awry, because if you remember, I think it took how long it takes them to clear the sky total immunity was something like an hour. Our half at the most she would always planes that were left were automatically under suspicion that were fighter jet scrambled throughout the country, and then you would just here on the radio that, like one headed our way, so look. It was really a Dave panicking fusion, but it was also very heartening in the sense that, like everybody in the country was immediately on the same page That really is, I think, what people
to remember when you're talking about nine eleven. It was the fact that, like out, we can fight about politics. We can fight about sports teams. We can have this fight at the bar, but you get off. In all of our countries under attack, everybody suddenly does seem to jail and cohesion around. The fact that this is about survival is about our way of life, and Hopefully that does when we remember nine eleven, that's how we proceed into the future and in future centuries at next Hurricane Florence. The category four storm is concerned. Doing on its path towards the Carolinas and Virginia with estimated winds up to a hundred and fifty miles for our present from treated the storm, looks very bad and urge the incredible citizens and North Carolina South Carolina entire EAST Coast be prepared Harrison. How are you prepping well, this is this. She that died. I assured a pretty deep passion with thoughts are closed. His mission today, Michael Goldfarb,
have been pretty pretty involved with prepping community her for some time now. I when you come into the really since birth, it don't look When you come into these natural disasters, I mean we're on that was we're here in the Dc. Areas were kind of on the peripheral, really in the danger zone, but we are in danger of some serious flooding when the day drove saturated soils which then loosened the roots of the trees and yet trees to follow. And then you end up with massive power outages and if the power or goes out in certain areas of the city, namely- Where I live, you got about thirty hours until Armageddon actually does set in and so the way that I'm gonna do this. I want to go out and buy additional ammo. I know that that's usually the waiting. My can I talk about. We want to go and save with regard to our supply. You need, what's only supplied, need honestly not going to the supermarket you're going to straight to the year now, like you can go weeks without fear.
Can't really go weeks without ammo when you need a gun and when you need disarrange yourself in your family, you know: locker Lily vodka need somebody a protector Ike, I'm not rich enough to have my private security force. You know Such measures would call the helicopter and give me your age, did from my United evacuated rounders from my luxury Penthouse Arlington in Ireland. Yeah now you can't. You can't do that on demand, especially in time crisis. So yeah, I'm gonna go by small Emma, I actually made by another handgun, I'm I'm on the market for handgun Rhin, random fact that I don't know I follow you gun fans out their weapons export, but I have been frequent contact with actually informed me that the gun that is actually the most deadly in the world is actually the twenty two more points: and I have yet there perfectly perfect weapon in so he was actually recommending that I go out, get a twenty two. You know. I've always thought that point too. You know small caliber, Oh come on, how
How is that actually gonna? Stop anybody any like what I ve never seen you when you get up from one. I would like to know what good point and an for the marginal marksman like myself, much easier to work. Trophy accuracy, of my thoughts on hurricane or how are you prior are gonna? Have the Harrison's come over? There I hope that the present here fit of my family, Why would a while ago I want leaning on the basement. You'll need to meet a variety of areas in which we have and then you can bring the the twenty two big storm. You know and I hope everyone stay safe. I dont have any other things. Tat had power without your currently accompanied by tee. What hello, ventilated survivors! That's a good point. If anyone filed a one in Hawaii was a chop now, two hundred the hurricanes is following you tat. I know that we are the good luck, charms
everywhere. We went in Hawaii the storms Syria to them I don't want anyone. There are always on the sunny side of the iron k of next national Security adviser John Bolton threatened to sanction the international criminal court, which he said is antithetical terminations ideals after the acc announce it is investigating the? U S, war crimes in Afghanistan. We will not cooperate with the ice. You see Bolton said we will provide no assistance to the icy woman. We will not join the icy see we will let the icy die on its own. Bolton also The closure of the Palestine Liberation Organization Office indeed, which has waged multiple deadly terrorist attacks and pays the salaries of terrorist Matt. Don't mess with Bolton yeah. This is so much women.
Great, I'm happy as we record this podcast definitely Bolton seems to be influencing alot of policy here, whether it's this attack, this totally rotten, correct attack on the international criminal court or it's the closure of the piano office, or you know we're taking a much more hawkish line towards The pending Syria russian iranian assault on it Lib Province and then there's also Bolton in his remarks to the Federalist society, the other day, which I believe Natalie covered. I he also talked about how look with the North Koreans have to walk through the store that Trump open for them and so even you know, trumpet kim- might get along personally, whatever that means, but the korean Green government is not done really anything except a few cosmetic gestures to begin the Duke dynamically relation process
So now I feel I feel safer. We and more confident, knowing that John Bolton is giving the present advice net right now, the president's seems to be listening to it. Harrison why I didn't know it was tradition to give gifts on shut up about this phenomenal way to celebrate the jewish new year I thought that this was a real, clear messages, as it were still standing strong with our jewish brothers and sisters out there, and look I've stopped. The timing was absolutely impeccable, but this is an important and it says that we are actually going to back up our rhetoric, which is not something that Britain that price. Administrations that really dont. We re huddled palace the people all the people that are blown up its powers and men and fired the homemade rockets into neighborhoods today think they're, not these.
Harry. I don't care if they claim to be dead democratically elected over there, that we will not recognise terrorist states and that's exactly what they want to establish and the fact that we are able to back this up by throwing them out of here. Is a good thing and it sends a strong and clear message to the rest. The world now Farsi, her national, going out Kangaroo Court goes who really care like this? This is something I mean it's much like the: U N, it's in a body that has no enforcement mechanism adjusted sits there to harass net Equally, the United States of America. I brings us down to everybody else's level. It is stupid We do not have to comply and anybody who's got their pennies and a bunch over this whole thing. You know lavishly hates America, they probably do they're, probably not Americans, to begin with they care the international criminal court they create care about all these yachts and everything that the issue and who cares now
the other thing I just like to mention is that for everybody in the city, that's all spun up over the latest Bob woodwork, fake news, but we're gonna be talking about all the chaos it's going on in the White House. You will, let me give you. Let me touch about chaos is chaos, throwing Frickin p out of re is chaos telling you know, given the middle finger to the acc, not like we're actual the trumpet. The situation is with a lot of credit here for getting done or river. Sing another of a bomb stringent environmental regulations were back methane rule, yet you can just go down the line, obviously DEC, I think you're well oiled machine. Then we got a new Supreme court. Just is about to get confirmed. I mean the fact is that if you want to look at it on the merits, this is actually a very competent administration, despite the fact that they are trying to pay this picture of this chaotic, incompetent presidents,
it's really now, if you look at it a policy still, if I can just that you can have both. I may I just Being studied, Donald ACT promptly, chaotic right. If you Donald Trump, like you, know, turbulence chaos they'll, follow him like a cloud of dust. Where are we going to operate? That's how it operates and yet, at the same time, he's also been remarkably successful in business and entertainment in american politics. So I'm not say That is a feature of this presidency. The kind of tumult and just Nina sometimes, but it does seem to be not incompatible. With actually achieving them. Most conservative policy goals yes in a generation better than Reagan subversion. Now it's time to check in with our pop culture, expert Natalie, Johnson, full Natalie low is what do you have for us
as I am sure my fellow upon casters. No, it is currently New York fashion. We and we had a bit of a hiccup over the weekend. However, when wrapper cardy be my fave through one of her to let us add another wrapper Nicky Manichean during during an event hosted by Harpers Bizarre hit. This is this is a good up day. I got here. I just heard they have argued. You say learned our lesson. Hardy throws a shoe occurs at around you, never I'll be out. He reported number do so is Nikki Menage as adapters W was in avoiding the shoe to Jack. Has it she did not get missed I'm team party that I love her, but I also like Nick emanated from a little bit upset by the few, but anyway I'm according to team Nicky was sitting with her entourage at a table in Cardiff, came up to confront her over comments. She apparently made about parties
parenting ability cardy, as I have reported here, just gave birth to a baby girl she two instagram after the incident to post a note about Nicky sang she'd, let a lot of slide, but when She chooses to like comments about her daughter and parenting skills that it's a line too far So yes, so she took her stiletto off during this event and shocked at recognizers. There is some footage out there, if only as it worthwhile up yes, Nicky recently addressed the incident honour. Her Craig needs help and that this woman a party is at the highest point in her career and she's thorn. Shoes Nicky Menage got pre big mouth and I think that cardy be also
a lot of noise, but you know what the thing about party be accorded be actually has a history of backing it up. I think it is somebody who just is a lot of time. A lot aggregating autonomy, real big game. We rarely see her walk the walk. I mean she was with meat meal right when break just basically murdered him and in the night, so I went to you what was spread like three. The answer is no either rascal. Ok, Ok, so weird team cardy be I'm gonna come out. I was better. We are presented a low taxes, yeah yeah she's married wrote to the demand. Not all. Sometimes you need to throw. It is mainly women who have children now right. Let me why should she talk if you didn't know that Zactly and keys and Nicky's from I mean exceeds Macartney, be as from the Bronx. So this is he's off. And tat. I had no idea
report not move on. In other music news. We have carry Underwood its facing a lot of criticism over her new Sunday night football opening song called Game, on which debuted this past Sunday, before the bears First Packers game right. So they Sickly threw out the weight in all day for Sunday night. That's a good sum which it I'm still that faith Hill doesn't do it anymore act thing I much preferred raging. I know you don't change happen. A year ago, twenty four she hasn't Harry's been doing since twenty four. I'm no says she stretched over and twenty thirteen. The song was still waiting all day for Sunday night and twenty fourteen. They switched the song to O son night, which is in all down hills and as yet and waiting, and now they release that's new one card game on this with your brain. Really not a fan of AIDS writ its way to poppy fur yeah football. I liked
other ones, because they are a little bit more country country rock night anyway. So Twitter, usually per usual, we're not happy. One person said that their ears for taking a knee in protest- it's pretty clever and our final update is olympic Swimmer Ryan, lofty Fabian, The year, man swimming was asked me. Why has gotten married for the second time to play ball? Remodelled Caille? I read the couple first. Hatched in January, during a courthouse civil ceremony and gain self Florida, but they wanted a bigger weddings, so this past Sunday they got hitched in palm springs. California, and their fifteen month old, baby boy Keaton was the ring bearer, UK and notable is that they got engaged just a few months after locked and limerick. Teammates said that they ve been robbed at gunpoint at a gas station, I'm in
de Janeiro after the Olympics, as we were no longer to be far space. Yes, they waves. It was once again shit there again trying to get shake down by the locals. Assented gas pointed out to me. I wasn t walk the other one right. Yes, Isn't he like banned from swimmingly with ban first from something for ten months that my region, That is one too many suit of it's. Ok, while get for him second wedding near to the same. Yes, I am aware of the truth of the matter on the child rearing asked them good faith, lastly, the children. Thank you now lay for this much needed Nepal to update of first centre Walter rounds. Arena Williams had several meltdowns during your unit. U S open final lost a twenty year old Naomi saga, demolishing her racket and calling the chair on fire a liar and a thief after she was caught. Getting coaching from the stand being a sore loser is ok, If your Serena, however, as Katrina Adams, chairman
U S. Tennis Association praised her and crapped all over a saga, saying perhaps it's not the finnish we were looking for today, but Serena you are a champion of I'll champions, of course, arena explain that she was just out their fighting for women's rights. He's never take the game from a man, because they said thief she said of the empire from it blows my mind, but I'm going to continue to fight for women in New York. Using agreed writing what rage asking what rage costs a woman man, that's right! because men have never been penalised for throwing temper tantrums on the court or shouting at the roof or being Ray added Craig Iraqi stepping over men have imposed on it. I dont want. I don't know a thing about tennis and I want I think, televised menaces about as boring as television
off. They have no disagreement that online internet has no interest in the game. But when I heard this, when I heard this it didn't, I think so much is being made of this on both sides. I mean athletes complain about referees all the time. I don't care, whether Serena Williams or whoever it is so she's complaining. Guy ruled against or it may have cut. Did it actually cost fanaticism? Is gonna lose any right, so we don't know whether it actually cost her the match or not. Let's move on its because it serene it. It cut turns into this huge culture worthing, but I think is one culture. What usually I'm fine with culture Warren? I think it's interesting unrevealing about America. This is one culture. Worship places dislike com com calm down list of confidence leave him anyway, but you know what I'm sick of about this whole thing. They treat Serena like she's, the first female athletes to ever have given birth kind of like the tree beyond, say.
It's like oh but she's, a mother and then she's out their yelling, I'm a mom. Now you know I would never she was. I gave it a rat. What was what was the? What was the call she was getting coaching from stands right took a game away, but river warning warning. I venture to get risk. You got a warning for coaching from a stance that basically strike one right strike too, is, if you break your ram Ok, that's what you're smart! He wrote that rag and nothing was pulverize, so she then than the rule, save you mean what is it a rapid abuses? Officially the term? and so that strike too, and that requires the removal of a poor man. She could she got a machine, what yeah there and then so when they remove the point owing to the rules it was? It was like many points called him leave and then with the subsequent penalty. No, that was it that was sad threat. It was right to follow the rules.
He got angry agendas, the most important, because all story of the day, I'm sorry They just want her to Wednesday that I would have New Yorker Hamburg and ever that's a much more interesting know this This actually learn sexist mad, but I read doesn't want to talk about the women's sport really is put. If you read enough feminist literature and feminist reporting, let me ask uploaded: it owes a minor, that's what you were studying when nine eleven hours really need. I thought I rail agreed in Uppsala Land, so I was up worrying, hinder theory. Reading on Julia Kristen, Judith Butler, they that you slept in that is good. Googling picks up, never mind. Forget that I don't want you to go out of my uncle existed, a Google existed, it was you mail, do not exactly correct. The other came out slightly after a graduation, I think of five. So
yeah already work to tow RDS, ok, yeah yeah, that's how this was a marquis. So what the things that I read was had. This was apparently the darkest day in women's and its history, and they they totally forgot the fact it wasn't an intelligent king laws. Now without second that was no pillaging king want no didn't she Bobo. He threw the match Yak of handling was a soviet Rick's body resources by DOM does so. What happened here is that they said this, the darkest aim. We must have a history. They completely forgot about the fact that Monica cells was stabbed the back. But what are the Finns out accordingly, like actually there's blood drawn on the corner? Is that was the most surreal day little darker? Yet Arthur put no look, I ok. So here's what I think on this. I think that there are there's a little bit of merit in sweat. Serenely was complaining about in the fact that the US she called him a thief and I think the rough at that point
so catheter behaviour that he decided to drop the hammer honour, and I think that that when you look some of the other referees and abuses that they taken certain sports. In our view, this is great, the overall Terry Collins, the Mets manage sure that popped up and can drop in some really heavy stuff on the on the umpire and all I'm saying is like. I think that the umpires, the rough Yes, they do have a tendency when they get involved in these back and forth, with players to try to make themselves a little bit more part of the game and they need to be. I think, a Skype probably needed to set not being called a thief is not really like
being away, but I feel, like I'm gonna, take this servadac yea. There was no direct threat. There I mean is so a book I think, could strike three probably didn't need to be authorized there. I think that the first two were certainly author were certainly reasonable. Penalties to be installed in the game, but I mean serenely, would give you one of the things you might want to a big complaints about Serena and a lot of these other athletes that are prodigies from a young age is that they are coddled entreated like the twelve They start off by twelve years older identified as prodigies. They go to these tennis academies. All they do is play tennis. They don't actually have a real life, don't have real interactions with real people and a kind of halts their emotional growth. If you ve ever heard it read an interview with serenest sounds.
Teenage girl. She's always sounded like a teenage girl. You know, there's a lot of likes and a lot of arms and a lot. You know there's just there's too that there is some type of a maturation. That's that is halted with a lot of these prodigy athletes, and so they continued to behave like children when there had to of thirty five and that's what you saw you saw now is a you saw in knelt down that a teenager has. It was a teenage temper tantrum, and I think that that is something that, like you know, maybe we need to think about when we have these athletes, What what is going on at these academies, where we're just plain test as a teenager, need be playing tennis twenty four hours a day out of the extent of net they had democratic socialism. Former sex in the city stars, Cynthia Nixon is stirring the pot again this time with her bagel order, Gotham, as reported while on the upper West Side, Miss Nixon, ordered in public and on purpose, a cinnamon raisin baby with locks. But she didn't stop their adding red, onions, capers, tomato and plain cream cheese. That's what I want a full load,
she said. Lay our current want. All tat could quote: right lay hid her often confronted with their order. This mix and defended the cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese and locks as her go to its, not uncooked oatmeal, but it's Delicious- and I say, don't yuck my young- don't knock until you dry it, Sweden, salty, it's an unbeatable. Combination MA I'm going to miss Nixon when she loses two Cuomo by forty point: she's, given the pod cost so much material, but would you eat that primaries Thursday yeah yours, interesting as the new programme for many years is on September eleventh, and I was kind of surprise when I go. I thought the primers nominate is mooted, Did the thirteenth certainly has to more days in the political order while online? I have very complicated feelings about this issue, because I I built if I have had the. Cream, cheese and locks on a sermon, raisin bagel. I have,
I've heard that when it's like the only bagel too high and that she crossed that I dare not cross is adding the capers. So I think the key Birds when cinnamon raising is this the tasted, I'm not you're, not comfortable, we're not comfortable with I'm, not comfortable that. So that's that's where she went a little bit too far for me, but I was kind of shot at the outrage that's bellicose, she'd been such as social media, liberal media darling, whole time and those in the earth. The lie I make this is what this is. What actually motivate people to get angry at her is her taste and Bengals Right Harrison D get the full load on your bagel, sir. Excuse me, that's what she calls it does, and what was there I deal with. I have observed a full load of anything. Well, how do you like your? gone, not like this the order of up.
Sociopath I mean it is like you wanna talk about like issues like oh, I need every color the rainbow on this. Like look nothing is cable. I like capers right I'll capers to what I know you are here today. Would I lie in fish capering, forgetting that who the hell would eat a plate that had anything that had the following: combo, Zadig, sweet, salty theory cream that I read. This is vital to take its nose smell its taste. I then you got It is that you got capers on top of it, which our boat there's also audience and put some four can read onions on it. I hate red onions, not put read on using it.
The ongoing combinations. Fine, though, if it was like a plain bagel, you know what it is. This is how ochre kills people in Batman right because is not one of the chemicals that he has there in access chemical, but it's the company, it's all these ingredients, terror in isolation or even in combination or find its, but you you add them altogether and its deadly. I just never had a craving for fish flame, anything you, don't I don't like locks I've. I've had I love managing and I can just download it and I can act like I can try to keep it up and is one of the things I'm like choking down. It? Is these not I've? Never for resuming morning the real American just never I've, never write up in the morning had been. Let's not Ellen area made have lied, even though it lacks. As you know, I think that's it as usual, but you'll confused person. If you make an order that that varied, that its confused, but you wanna, decisive leader. Look I'm glad that she's
come on I'll, just bagel that isn't that guy is such a loser. I think I actually think this might help her, because this is free media and the closing gaze. Any type of an election. You get this amount of free media people are talking about you. There there I did that she's running against whom they have that tat. I only bridge things you find that that it had to delay the opening because Cuomo rushing it and get it a head of the primary and then there's this flyer that kind of accuses Herve, Anti Israel stuff. That's not necessarily valid and. She so should actually having a good free media moments. I have very good closing weak and I would not let her eyes ass could be. Actually I would. I would be surprised if you pull it off, but I'm just saying I don't think it's out of the realm and possible area very doubtful, Finally, today's made up holidays national make your birthday, which you can observe by making your bed
origins of how they are unknown, but, according to the National Sleep Foundation, make your bed can help improve your sleep by reducing the amount of tossing turning and restlessness, which in return, can be good for your health Matt. Do you observe this holiday each and every day, learned about this holiday today. That's why we're discussing I know, I'm a writer I was interested in our panel. Our panel leads their room. Yes, because I found in my life degradation wishes. I, when I was a single person, I've the room when I left my apartment to go to work, everything's, not fine, clean. That was made now as a father of two. I leave- and it's like Chernobyl. You know, I'm I'm, I'm I'm leaving that it's our whole mess it's a mess. I just want to flee. The house I want to get out of there see you make your wife dealer is what you're saying that she make the bed now shouldn't. I've always did
she's also she's out her wages, Cadis like it's like of with a war zone. So that's that something that had an interesting we enough. I agree with those scientists because I've also having trouble sleeping you d, better, you d, better monitoring, silent needed turnover, newly I, like half maker you now, I kind of like pull up. You have mirrors yeah, you make it kind of like MRS Annabelle colored, like make sure I mean. Sometimes like you, don't know that waste. I guess all you do if you took the sheet ever having a morning air, you sleep and hurriedly lane. Oh, I don't believe it. I don't believe that substances in the world had Harrison. Military six I'm require. Is that why you don't come to the office it until eleven, a yes but failure, they re dangers on each morning. Not, I think lowering reckoning MRS Harrison's flaw
Vertical laud bedmaking, we don't have little Avanti already. Does she made her back? She workin on a red light and out of it, while she she actually know what she does. She's really good at stripping the create all of it. Continents morning. So I don't go in to get her out of bed until everything that was in the crib is officially out of the criminal. That's the first step you have to strip the sheets before can get to making gas, so we were working on it, but you know the ripe young age of of one years old. We're on our way, never workin on ethics. Unfortunately, that's all the time we have today is a vision of right writer. I'd like to give special thanks are producer, L before and, of course, a free beaten, guess, Mattie, cotton Etienne Harrison. Natalie Johnson Remember, founded on Itunes, Google play in stature, just search for free, began to unsubscribe, tell your friends and leave a positive review like listener stalled.
Hope who says love right and writer. You guys make my weak better without the pod cast. I would have a terrible depression about politics. Until next time
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