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2019-04-02 | 🔗
On this very special, super-sized episode, the gang discusses politics and culture and welcomes back a cavalcade of guest stars as one series regular announces a stunning departure from the show.
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hello and welcome to write and writer the official Pike S of the Washington Free Beacon? I'm your hosts Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F, B. Freebie can pack s is still available on Itunes, Google play and sticker play subscribe to your friends and leave a review during me from the right today is free, beacon, editor in Chief Matthew got Nettie. You may remember him from such mainstream media programmes as meat that press daily and impure morning edition can follow him on Twitter ACT. Nettie homer, however, with and further to match right is rebuking President Errand Harrison who would never paid off less than seven dollars, ferchar sound when exactly sherry does around the office. Besides the Czechs and that's good enough for us, you know the thing is I would never even pay for occur. Saw the first place a first.
Right and writer President Trump is threatening to close the border with Mexico to deal with the crisis that saw a hundred thousand apprehensions last month. The highest amount in more than a decade quote, are detention areas are maxed out and we will take no more illegals. The present treated on Monday next step is to close the border, always with its finger on the pulse, the media's warning of the dire consequences at such an action. As the New York Times reports forget about our national sovereignty. Closing the border will lead to widespread advocate a shortage has met the horror of people love their advocate us, but what my problem with this move? It was not a move. It's a typical Trump thing, which is to make a dramatic gesture to focus everyone's attention and a real problem. He threatened to close a border several times before, he's, never done it. Maybe he'll do it this time it will be for a short duration Reagan, closed border actually in nineteen eighties,
and there will be economic costs shirt, but it will focus everyone's attention on humanitarian crisis. The problem with closing the border as a policy is that it doesn't actually address the problem. The problem is not have to do with the border. The problem is our laws. The only way to solve this crisis address this crisis is to change the laws, and that is something Congress is not going to do Harrison. Well, that's comes for the terms of the party of open borders. The dams are the poor. Are the party of lawlessness. The Democrats, are the ones who are going to wear this around their necks in the twenty twenty general election, because we have as much as the latest talking point says: deeper. Violation of Albany New York sitting at the border
every single day? Ok we'll. Why are we allowing that many people into this country to begin with, especially when they are unfounded, and we do not have the resources at the border to secure it is to secure the border. So this is a national security issue. Donald Trump is taking action rightfully so kit. This is number one job, as you know, is presently United States is to protect the people of the country and he is doing so. I don't have a problem with him in this making. This move right here is a good thing and, as the other colleagues, I guess you're trying to tell me that we are fully depend. On Mexico to feed our millennials, the Congo Movement Millennials. Have nobody would a but themselves over this? Ok, they have their. The ones that increase demand over avocado. It was an obscure fruit that that only like strange people from California and South Texas consumed it- was a very the very fruit but now
as we call it has gone mainstream for hatched. It will, I think it's a fruit is a giant not in the middle of why you see if you will grow on trees years, so that would be free, learn something here. Everyone all I'm saying is that in America we can do anything. Ok, we know that no one else, this is ending have of jobs. They won't do grow ever caught as well. They say you see what really that or is it just the fact that Americans love every time I dont, then it's not just the other kind, o toes then the milliner sat down at the Guatemalan on you don't like welcome. Oh, I do that it has actually welcome. Only money of patriotic regulated Americans like welcome very short shelf life with walking Molly. I don't know if anybody has ever died. Why you need the advocate of look. It is all about saying that electric and balls and from power it is like more probable. I would hope
the finest guacamole now to settle this, then we need to fix what look a lot of things. I was somebody who has spent a lot of time and forward. California is the object of capital the world and they are more than if a bowl of producing a standard supply of other cod or that is not influenced by pop science, millennial, culture,
Ok, that is really what driving this logic crap. It says that the fat NOM cod owes is better for you than like fat out of a cow wrote out. That's all set up next axioms reported a bombshell scoop, also known as news. We already knew that President Trump is saving judge. Amy Coney bear it for Ruth bade. Her Ginsburg see on the Supreme Court quote: I'm saving her for Ginsburg Trump has reportedly told AIDS as bear. It is young Catholic, a favoured among social conservatives and a woman making her an ideal fit to replace Ginsburg. The one upping of secret drug rape ring allegations will be something to see if Brett Cavanaugh replacing a swing vote caused a national melt down with lives, storming the doors of the Supreme Court. One can only imagine the breakdown succumb Harrison. I'm actually concern for their well being. If this happens unconcerned for the future
country and the fact that Donald Trump has the foresight to know that Ruth Baker Ginsberg at eighty six years old by the way, happy eighty six birthday last month, Ruth better Ginsburg Way to go. You made it this far. The fact is that her simple state of concurrently being technically alive, is a medical condition in and of itself when you're after, when, post. Eighty five years old, you can drop on a moment Thus in Donald Trump knows that protect the future. This country, we need to act and we need to act quickly. The fact that he has already signed are that he is he had put any, but the Coney bear it into the driver's seat of the replacement train. If you EL, it is remarkable and it's really well. It is something that will protect the future of the country. He needs to do this. It is of the leader of the female population nest.
And the others can give me often and attention here, but I am furious at the cult of Ruth Peterkins Ginsburg, because there's all these cheap Lily vodkas experts, so much propaganda, man, Jack Odin, any little girl book about little girl leaders. There is not a single conservative woman that has ever mention right It is more bearable g and rod, and an idea should do a children's book for Phyllis flatly. That's who should that be great, yes status We now take some time off and this so we all I'm saying is we need more national female conservative leaders
four years later it. Let's get her dawn. The clock is ticking r b g math. I dont want to poor cold water over this report. I'm sure Trump may have said to someone at some point that he is interested in using nominating judge, bear it to replace Ginsburg if the seat opens up, but I've had so many articles cross. My desk of reported Trump conversations that I just I'm continually after forced myself. You judge the man by what he does now would nominating the right kind of are the anomaly well, but yet you dont know I mean I again, I'm just going off,
the reporting the last time round. They don't necessarily click, and it was that it was important for trump anyway to see her perform on the bench which she is now doing is, I think, she's on the seventh circuit, but so who knows what the personality will be the next time? If Trump has another appointment, if she is nominated- and I do think it would rally the base behind her- You'd have a religious war, a war of words, but the Democrats have already moved in such an anti catholic direction. Their attacks on catholic judges who are denominate by trumpet nights at collided, acts on NICE Columbus. There very well tat her on the basis of her faith and they will say that a believing Catholic should either accuse herself and commit to it.
Using herself from cases that might touch on her faith or not be nominated at all, and this is this is an important fight to have, because the Democrats in making that argument are being
Awful there being half of the higher anyone else's an air of their again religious liberty and they're, trying to basically move traditional forms of religion and religious practices out of the public sphere, so that that public sphere can just be safe and more or less established as the home of what you might call secular humanism spread the or bad news for bud. Nags Democrats of apparently finally gain the use of their eyes to come to the conclusion that Joe Biden is kind of a creep Lucy floor. As a former democratic assembly, woman from Nevada writes about an uncomfortable encounter with creepy uncle Joe in the cut Floris says during an event in twenty fourteen Biden, first put his hands on
Shoulders quote. I felt him get closer to me from behind. She said he leaned further in inhaled my hair, I was mortified. I thought to myself. I didn't wash my hair to hay and vice president, you have states is smelling it. Second woman, says bite and touched her and appropriately and rubbed noses with her during two thousand nine political fundraiser in Connecticut. But if you're looking for more evidence. I would stare you towards the multiple free beacon super cut: videos of Biden, public swearing in ceremonies being very touchy fairly with women of all ages. Meanwhile, captain of the crew team in male nanny Rob O Rourke, is facing a scandal of his own as more and more people are coming to the village station.
Data. Is a fairy Matt. It's only April twenty nineteen, I'm scared of what else is going to come out. I also love the correction. They appear talked about. The beta rally in El Paso were formerly launched, and the initial draft of the post of the story said that he addressed the crowd in his native spanish, he was forced to criticise what a bunch of idiots has made a very like you ve been Ben Road aid. If I disagree with Ben roads literally about everything, but he was on point in that article on the echo chamber when he said that the political presence countries made up of two for Europe to don't have a great many. Just look at that article and say: oh Beethoven, native Spanish, you're, absolutely right Biden, vitamins behavior, I think, is true. What would one would be used to from a traditional backslapping irish Paul, which is what he is here and it's one more
m piece of evidence that his age is a really wrong or out of step with the current democratic party. At the headline ice on the New York Times today said that another woman says bite and made her uncomfortable or what uncomfortable I mean I did I'm uncomfortable four times a day. I people make me uncomfortable should be forbidden from in public office, though, maybe in some cases they ought to its yo its circumstantial thing, and the final point I would make is last week in talking about Anita Hill by it and said that we need to replace the
or form of white man's jug. Juggled assured why an oh yeah judicial system, no hang alone judicial system, which is the system of due process, and so you know one can't help it. You see him being hoisted his own petard. Here and saying you know. This is where this is where the revolution inevitably leads Harris. I did like the lashing pass headline. Joe Biden affectionate physical style with women comes. Their scrutiny. Has. That is one way of action at. That is one way to put it, but what is it so creepy we always, namely that guy like to, but we ve done, he lay still. Here for videos of this much material touches ease, they feeling problem is that Joe, let's face Joe hasn't run a race, a competitive race ran. The modern era is less competitive. Raise was nineteen seventy for those that is forty five years ago. Ok, that is a different era.
Oh Biden still thinks he is he's only as good as its last race, what that was his last race in two thousand and one in twelve. He was so close to off from the rest of the field and he was not the one that was in the spotlight. That was all bombers job. Ok, he writes a coattail straight into the oval office and read up so be ok. It was not a hard race for him. Ok, so his most recent hard race was indicted solely for forty five years ago, when you could get away with this stuff when he was a young swinging, Dick twenty nine years old run and for the United States Senate. Guess what women like young handsome guys Joe Biden was a young handsome guy, wonder at one point in the very very distinguished token young person, he was the token young purse. He was. The beta e was ADA Generational re. So if better get the prostitute himself to the big down, that's right both now he's a now is in the game. In his back, the only problem is damn near fifty years. Older in b is a creepy old man. No better was going around and rubbing
is smelling, hair, doing the double hands on the shoulder. Nozzle whispering sweet nothing's aerials years. That's it that's why it's creepy is because he is so much older here, not a young handsome devil anymore. Look bill! Clinton can't get away with half of this crap anymore. Back in the day I used to do the two fingered handshake. He could go over and say hey baby, You wanna come meet me in my hotel room after room and that wouldn't be in the press. Leave that unaddressed, listen It is that it is that is at bill. Clinton could get away with it back in the day. Right. He can't do it anymore because he's over seventy
by news damn near eighty years old- you can't do it is it is creepy when old due to do it and unfortunately Joe Biden is Peter PAN. He never grew up now, it's time to check and once again with our favorite Doktor Leonard Pond driver Vice president of the David Gorgon Institute for Excellence and bi partisanship productivity. Couldn't talk he's just back from Germany right yeah, I like to say hello in as many languages as possible. Pete Buddha judges has so I hear you have some thoughts on the Biden stories ideal, but before I do, I just want to do something and then Mathieu said earlier. Ok as a humanist, We are not terribly secular. We often will. Have our own prayers of beetles, lyrics, reporting, Bertrand Russell right
Do you like a show, brought value you? We have many many rich rules that are deeply spiritual. Men, just because we do not believe in a God per SE does not mean that we are second so I would just say: you're scared, online, religious, spiritually on eliminating that act beta. I feel that this programme is going a long way by having made it sort of reach out to different community. Try to have a very safe space for other humanist feelings. Did our eye, and I just wanted to correct the record that not all human well are still about unquote secular done, as I do not mean to other young you I was just saying I was just describing what I view as the the political philosophy. Do the spiritual philosophy of the religious of the of the progressive left? Well, I would say that it's not just the progressive bathroom,
We buy partisans who love humanism, I just I just one likely menaced in the renaissance sense. I think we should be that is for further conversation, my lady I caught Jonathan living since Eagle. For me, That's more your fine! So, unlike that part of your departure opera reading groove- yes, yes, it is anyway the lighting up on on Biden. This is such a hard question in so many ways I have you know The german institute has been all over the maps and the scandal bro. Our first thought was now the Bob Mueller is done investigating Russia. Perhaps he can, you know, get a handle on how many women appropriately touched how many women have been inappropriately hot, how many women's hair have been inappropriately smell, so we can get a full accounting.
This problem and I take two years ago vines been in public life for so long, some of us at the institute. You know, we'd. We talk about the idea of a kind of South Africa truth and Reconciliation Commission, where you would have a chance for the victims of Joe Biden, unwanted physical advances to Their abuse are as it were, and you know why there will be no legal penalties. It would be an opportunity for healing and getting you know, sort of correcting the public record, as we have to think this goes back quite a long way. We see this becoming like a girl and institute like crews, annual crews of reconciliation and forget like that. But then I really sort of thing about cause. I'm a boomer and ass a boomerang. You know I am, I remember Woodstock Gruyere there I was it would set. As a matter of fact, I was, I was their decision.
I now and in the fish. Those were my top headliners, but I got turned on across bestows enough about with an end of a guy, but an eminently on ass me, some French, anyone pretty pretty good, pretty good folks here there I do anyway, my generation we're hookers, that's what we do. We we hug each other. You know when we go through the generations generation acts and now millennials they're, not So what does that mean national conversation on hugging seriously, because we can demonize Joe high ranking in there? We could get hoary Booker. I want Frank and I want Booker, and then I have you know, and then I want this. So it was a dream with Flores TAT, Lucy Lucy Floor, mind if I all join forces with very sorry to access The girl might learn about that slip up? Was he still on suspension by the way
prison rape joke, but he made on their stone the Canadian don't work and on his these are working on the knee. I slip of the tongue is not going to define the Bergen legacy round it. We do without a few shows ago. We want to deal with it now again, but my my point is that maybe this is a moment for national conversation, because the boundaries for Joe Biden, where it was ok to smell someone's here, am I I remember these wonderful shampoo commercials of the early nineteenth seventies. Everyone wanted somebody smell their hair. Look at me, I'm using prowl that kind of thing so Dhaka, just real quick. What type of shampoo do you use currently had his undisclosed right now? I don't want to get into it, but it involves
Ok, so this is an opportunity for healing it's an opportunity for dialogue. I won't we're about here, and I would just hope that Joe Biden can take that opportunity. I think he's shown and he's got some respect for these victims and it's interesting to see different democrats of different generations. We saw Nancy Pelosi said shouldn't be disqualifying and you know we ve heard from other other democratic. You say it's a much bigger deal, so it's something for the Democratic Party, but it's really some even ornate. Isn't there a danger? in defining deviancy down right. We ve gone from we ve gone from Azure Ayscue wealth gone from actual sexual assault. Sure too were frank in it was a photograph of
It was a photograph of him groping, you'd, beginning on whether that embargo was Glenn thrive and grabbed rank raw. Yet what so at right, so that there is no standard for any of this, and it's not an even that you know maybe making advances on people in the in in your work or line of work, or you know, there's having there right in what you ve been doing this, it's all on Youtube. We ve seen it from the guy. That thirty years, why years? Why is it an issue now I'll tell you why issue now, because he's the front runner in the credit party, that's why they're doing this is clearly would Bernie trying to to sabotage the campaign and prevent him from running, and you know, maybe he should run because he's had a terrible terrible few weeks and is only getting worse and hasn't even announced job. Not run a man. Well, I have to say I could if I cannot grasp the argument for us. This is why I have called for a national conversation on hugging
I always tried sexual assault right women or Joe. You get your describing these women as victims. Is that the right nomenclature, victims, I don't think that for any money hunters- and no one has the right to tell of someone who thinks there a victim. Is there not a victim? That is the first rule of power, and twenty nineteen we feed from mad, and so as I said I I mean I'm a Woodstock guy. We hugged and smelled hair. What are you doing in the money that was IFOR ploy? Why you doing enjoying one of the greatest shot on our concert? I've ever heard what I was doing. They don't make music like that anymore. I must thank you doctor pond driver. Please stick around four. I would have tools that the rest of our segments, today's jam pact, show it's time to check in with our generational ambassador, Paul crooks than low Paul fellow is: has it go in stone pretty good, especially because I have some good news for you.
Oh yeah yeah, the face of my generation has found, Love Congratulations Park now, of course, I'm talking about Elizabeth HOMES, the Under of fairness of quarantine for Dropout Silicon Valley, icon, she has gotten engaged to a hotel air, William Billy, since for her, I think you know, she's gonna need some of that money. She has gotten used to a certain lifestyle. So for those of you who need some background, homes was the founder of the blood testing, start up fairness, which took Silicon Valley by storm Gal. Support from the Obama administration, other prominent public figures doubt to not go so well she's. Now,
the subject of books, documentaries and even a feature film coming out starring Jennifer Lawrence, realign yeah, now the whole thing when it went up in flames, but they thought you're sitting next to an actual Farragos Board member, with a right now, Doktor Leonard Pond, reimers early ass, his perspective on this scandalous. We can have a lot of people. I I I had no idea what technologies where Turkey is forgot, you never really know what you're gonna do. Yeah there knows ran into some issues, cannot the laws of physics more Andy. It was all very tricky, but but her status as I kind among my generation is pretty much unquestioned. So pictures of her. You know in funny costume hang out with this guy on my, whose seven years under thereby with
how old is she she's, she's thirty, five Nor can I ask you something you do. Would you want to smell her hair, no, I dont get it at all any old cringe how any type of physical contact disgusts millennials withdrew. I'm getting that Charles Charlie, supplying a recession in everything and disappearance. Early interacting with other human beings, is a trial for members. Of this general you're working on an area of comfortable. I think we're we're going to system of the European Institute for Millennials to sort of where pin that, based on the color will say it. Hey to touch them all. I get word ranks day isn't yet airway relies right all endeavouring to old technology from this damn boomer general now. Look if you want to speak to the millennials now you need to design an app and going to be called the consent. In that way, you have an electronic written wreck.
With using maybe biometrics that will allow. You can send hardly way how hard or rub kiss in coherent, che. Ok, whatever you can go Roby there will be a list for every gender, all eighty five of them, every every possible physical contact. You can have often three thousand four hundred twenty seven of those and you will have it and it will be able to you the cell phones will be able to communicate what I hear app. I think I'm at ban against them. What I see or hope is that, like you know, you know these millennials, maybe maybe can see them bring back Jean jackets with lotta little buttons on it. You know: stop the war that kind of thing, and then one of the buttons would be abundant would change. Color would be a color depending on sort of your level of of consent. In terms of just a greeting go nicer than Miller, earring yeah, but I gotta say
the homes. If you go and look at these pictures, she actually looks like a normal human being, Renate Sommer, Latin saying I'm ever out has looked like an actual animal tron where she was like robot Female Steve jobs. For the longest time she looks happy. She looks normal. She looks like somebody who's your age. Thank you PA for this much needed update now for a very special pop culture update, I am very pleased to announce its time to check back in, with our foremost noted pop culture, expert, Natalie, Johnson, Natalie, hello, live hey scorn on just
hanging out in the pop culture world so inherent say finally went to go, see Lindsey Low here. Yes, I've been gone all this time in the make an earth. I wondered where you and it's not, I mean you're totally blacked out on social media. I can't really why you do not even have never ever so good to know you're you're, safe and sound. Well, what's goin on so tender last week, teasing new height verification feature would prevent men and women too suppose, from lying about their high on that eating. Finally, yes, has: this happened before now to either of you now ass? I had anything they I always on. I have gotten the age I they lie in out of here. I got one guy that was literally lying about everything. I'm it didn't work out, as the verification were so in a blog posts hinder said. The new feature was being implemented to battle what it called quote: Height Fishing, a k when five five months,
the man behind that there are six for it or above to verify hi simmer phony son out tender, sad users, how to take a screen shot of themselves, standing next to a commercial building and now it's ok. Really salaries were notes are sadly it's like. They have to be discussed, oh yeah, oh, my thing was: why don't you just take it in like a several up, seven eleven door where they have you know the height, oh yeah GAO, that's good idea! You may remember how I think: it's if you steal not that I will not again learning so many. I one question that only knows the very go repaired. Sadly, however, tinder revealed that this was just in April fool's day.
This is the biggest vs. Abraham bulls is the words, and this wasn't even on April fool's day, they didn't like they didn't know, he's right. They didn't last Friday. That's not even know that just lying, but does not know so they said that they wanted to raise awareness. That only fourteen point five percent of the: U S male population it over six feet, despite numerous real, whereby I had seen other Ellie love, it is, we all think we're six feet. We all we're all like Trump going to round up. Oh yeah, I'm here flyers him, I'm a little over five ten year, sixty six feet. Guy I mean you know, and you know what we need that for a self esteem. Like that everybody gets a trophy. Everybody gets to be six feet
for one in very upset that this is not real right. They should find out away figure out a way to make this happen, because I think they got really good feedback. They did for the lady, they had posted a video and it got over three point. Four million views on it and people are very excited, but then they of course had no guys Wang and were hot. Why dont you verify way, or at Tankerville or their here? We all know that it went down like you know that, Stacy territory on verification. Is there now Then I think that I was year its link to your facebook yeah, that's helping anyone from flying on their facebook about their entry or whatever, so you could just created not that I'm gonna do this. Please take that create a random profile and for all people know right. That's you. Yeah until until five listening, I did they shop for the day when they see that you are,
That's I mean I can only get you so far. Is that all that advertising you end up in the day and you're, never gonna go out with. I guess the most. We can probably get use set against United Voice Mail or gets you the swipe rain, which then I guess They hope that that will then lead to their personality being so great that their height doesn't matter but have been studying. What on earth are we or else going on at Prince Harry, had banished his former best friend for warning? but not to marry Megan Markham, So we had to get some royal news by now. I love that Goldfarb. Isn't here, get mad at me that we're talking about them, I it was initially believed that Prince Harry ditched, his friend Tom or Skippy for his heart partying ancestry, but the truth has service that he actually dropped his friend after Skippy advise him not to rush into marriage with Megan mean hopefully on team skip- I am Here- she wrote bad. There were together through
nobody, but but wider volume also had warned against it. He was on. Tat has now she's no good gab, she's, very controlling arms. Gimme was apparently with Prince Harry. When you got busted playing naked billiards in Vegas, I tell sweet and two thousand and twelve, We all remember that so it's this is apparently all part of megatons quiet, air brushing of Harry's old posse. She doesn't want him around any temptation, while she's having a baby's waiting we'll go on the royal posse just about a name that band that you're gonna broke The beetle gotta keep young. You tell her that I got that. One right are perfect. She didn't have caused by deepening of our classic music rolling, Stones lead singer mixture,
go either those Keith Richard yes, yes, he does something else in Libya and we would like the guitar it. Ok, ok is we're going surgery to have a stent placed in his heart. The bans North American, no felt her tour, which was set to kick off in a few weeks, was postponed after Mick Jagger was diagnosed with some. Unless they didn't say what problem, you didn't look into and I didn't. Let us look at you. You're probably relates to his heart, so it yet. I bear to put his dinner. If he's gettin up there, I seventy five good. A boy still young online video, so He drew, and apparently he is an extraordinary physical condition, so they do expect him to make a full recovery scrutiny. I don't know, now about that, while a time the railings Jimmy had a song that people really nevertheless rolling stone song that I can actually remember, is in two thousand six or seven or seven around that time they wrote a song about. Neo
once really really their anti shot. I don't know I dont know less. It was just nice to feel it. I felt acknowledged no, we felt acknowledged That's nice thoughts, no one! I didn't know Keith Richard Richard name right exists,
My aunt I Neer come the only lessening the protein rich, regular outlasted within every hour. I p will thank you Natalie for this much needed update. Of course, thinking of first and our culture around securing its top spot as the worst fast food burger king is testing a vague and burger at its locations in Saint Louis, teaming, up with impossible burger accompany created by creepy Silicon Valley, biochemist that created a high tech plant based Berger that bleeds made of wheat, coconut oil potatoes and seemed an iron containing compound found implants and meet Burger King reportedly partnered with the plant based food company. To make me better through science. The fast food chain released a video on April fool's day. That was not a joke, revealing it tricked its customers into thinking. They were eating beef instead of lab grown devils. Food quote: that's impossible. One customers,
it tasted, just like a whopper, should taste will Matt exactly whoppers are disgusting, so aren't being burgers Brougham or most of them you have, and this is this- doesn't look like a bean burger. It looks like a whopper. It looks like a real birth. Artificial is above immense, its It's almost wearing last time. Anybody without burger king I've. Never actually even had a whopper. I hear you are, but I like you, I wouldn't like one of them. I could bear their areas it there. It's a line, maybe less far in life, I'm just gonna, stick with Mickey sorry losing MAC. I probably preferred I like the quarter pounder list. You need some variety in your life, The trial of the big MAC need more than Jordan's CAS yes well, but feel free to expand your her eye lives? But obvious, say it? You need to get out there and you need to experience the rest of the world. Ok, I want this lab meat.
What? If I'm not ordering I'm not going to burger king for a flame grilled, Frank and whopper, I am going here for the classic someone a double whopper with cheese. I wanted. I wanted my way bright. That was then that was their distinguishing characteristic that you could. Hey, I don't want tomatoes re and also they have onion rings Dana regulation, onion right now, burger king. Is there not a lot of work? they have been yeah. Why? Just as regional tastes, summoned look at worst surrounded by, everything out? We are surrounded by liberals who have like these look happy, a pleasing, the vague and there's a freak and solid stand on every corner in this freakin city. There is that there are health claims that the only thing that these around here or is rabbit food. It is like Grain ball game bowling. Let us some Spanish was nuts. On top, it is pathetic. In an hour, you feel free to mix in a little micro, Jim
ray every other block. Yeah. There's a exercise place to go, worked out every freakin to uttered feed around here following substances I want. I want a burger king in my neighborhood strategy if I were ask what happened to the castle. Likewise, no one. Why are there no casserole? Restaurants? I've been trying to bring back the hamburger helper. Milo, I mean I faced great resistance that I love that, with my comfort from now on, I was growing up Casserole meatloaf gel emeralds, the fish that I feel that I have some of the food that made Amerika great and, and we don't have it any more you sound. Like a have you been you a golden claret. Have you been to a golden corral recently, dilate? What I love come said this that's what that's we're gonna get this corral, you can go to movies if you're in Texas,
can go to. You are well what's another good one. Doktor p, why midnight I love ban against is a classic at next week's bringing back extinct. Animals turn out as badly as it did in Jurassic Park. That's the question presented by the Washington Post, which reports on the revive and restore project which is trying to bring extinct species back to life. The group is working on bringing the extinct passenger pigeon back into the wild by removing genes from modern pigeons and replacing them with passenger pigeon genes. One of the founder says the project is not about resurrecting corner carnivores dinosaurs, but creating hybrid animals quote created from both living endangered species and extinct ones by playing God in tampering with their genes. Restoring revive would like to do something similar with woolly mammoth
editing the extinct creatures genes into those of modern asian elephants. According to the report, Harrison what could go wrong of such love, hate relationship with science and scientists really about us nowhere and where I actually would love to see Mastodon resurrected. However, the liberals and the environmentalist gonna are going to have a huge problem on their hands. The mastodons, the woolly mammoths naughty, did back in the day what they were like the biggest cause of deforestation on the planet, at that the water, the lives gonna, do what you went about cow. What about health I dont, know why? Don't you get started with a real problems? First methane from Mary and a cow that doesn't far how would be well wrath, and this is another thing but food chain that I don't understand why the lives trying to save the California. The blame where we are the cows natural pluck predators. Ok like we will eat cows, never solve that problem. That's just like that!
what's going on around. Here is what is going in India with. Maybe it is not there a billion people in India. These days but how many locks? Rather these rotten Braun your horizon. Nobody ever talks about their emissions. You noticed that so is China is always but the United States, nobody talks about emissions coming out of the billion plus people that live in India with their holy cows. So I watch yet where I watched a few minutes of the drastic world movie that was on one of the premium table. Train wanted anyone's I'm very much against bring back any form re lie. Would you want to do that life, especially once you start the survival of the finance lighting and you can create one of the? What was the bad dinosaur in this one called I got you. Does it hereafter to the ultra raptor, the really big raptor yeah mega dear raptor rapid. That was, it was something like that.
Anyway, scary, yeah, scary and enters just living with you know, kitten. Look I think you can get it the bags pornography as several cats, why can't you weapon some of these animals? I think that that was one of the sub plots and Jurassic world. My item four, recognizing bands of raptors to go in there and kill terrorists attic en route. They can dig the tunnel idea. Finally, space scientists want to pay you almost nineteen thousand dollars to lie in bed for two months. Researchers commissioned by NASA are looking for women to stay in bed for sixty days to help them study. How weightlessness affects the human body as a reward? They will pay almost nineteen grant who stay in Bed Matt. The sounds like a good gig think I'm going to leave the pot and do this. The pay is better well, you know where we're going to try to make an appeal for you to stay. Also, don't forget that out just so ten
when Yang Gang is elected next next year, we're all gonna get our checks and as the new owner of a pair of lovely kittens, I have to say my views. Of the universal basic income have changed raw because then If President Yang, I could just hang out at home, make sure the cats are ok I guess so you're, not the only one that kind evaluating hanging a change. Ok Harrison I could do this argue, find a curious that we do have to eat and go to the bathroom also while lying in bed just a fire just a fire like I haven't done that, but the truth finally comes so I spent most of my weekend in my mid twenties rang over bad flippin channel people. Are parents tell us how we do it went up on Monday morning so yet and think this is. I am curious as to what
you don't need me. It is developing why its women now I know now, I think it's also in Germany, so doktor might be moving. This could be something that the European Institute might sponsor. I fear but he had quite understand. Unfortunately, that's all the time we have for today's very special edition of right and writer, I'd like to think are producer l before in all of our free beacon, guess matter, continuity and Harrison Doktor London Pond driver Paul crooks in an Natalie Johnson. Thank you for coming on today to end on a high note, but, most importantly, I'd like to thank all of our fabulous listeners for being with us these last fourteen months. We couldn't have done it without you. Yes, this will our final show right and writer is going on in indefinite hiatus. I realize I need to take some time to find myself. The possibilities are endless. I might hit the road started. Journal, become an ant
maybe I'll make a stop in the main canosa enjoy Natalie a weekend trip in Vegas, Sissy Goldfarb sounds nice before taking a much needed rest on a mexican beach collecting sticks with cotton Eddie, I'm also contemplating excepting a ring search fellowship at the Gherkin institute. But all I know is that all of Harrison's experts in the cycle analytical community advised me that it's really time to leave the pod, for the sake of my mental well being, but I'll always be grateful for the privilege of hosting the most stat podcast in the game, and it isn't even close on.
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