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Acosta’s Triumph, Avenatti’s Disgrace, and Raccoons’ Drunkenness

2018-11-16 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the <em>Free Beacon</em> podcast, the gang discusses the latest round of Jim Acosta news, wonders just what's going to happen to Michael Avenatti, and exposes our national shame: drunk raccoons.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners listener. Discretion is advised, go ahead. Make my day low and welcome to write and writer. The official podcast at the Washington Freed Beacon. I'm your host Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F, b freebie can pod cats is available on Itunes, Google play and sticker play subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a review journey me from the right today. Is free beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, caught Nettie? You may remember him from such mainstream media shows as meet the press and Fox NEWS Sunday. You can follow him on twitter at cutting.
Hello, Matt, I was, and further to match right is free beacon. President Errand Harrison who, after a lengthy legal bad battle, has had his White House hard Pass, were stored, we're not exactly surety. Does around the office baselines. Jackson, that's good! Now over Us Harry's, not think that I have had my past stores. I crack in that light, you're beautiful Friday morning. I don't think so Ah, I stole member we're gonna take to appeal at first. Writer, a federal judge, has ordered the truck administration to return soon and brave reporter Jim Acosta from exile and return. His white House hard, pressed pass, restoring his right to throw temper tantrums and the briefing room CNN said having accosted back with fifteen of its other reporters must not just a victory for CNN, but quote war largely for Press Freedom Matt, I guess a cost
can changes twitter picture from the constitution now origin. He wants to he'll, keep it like that busy preparing to run for the democratic nomination when they want to know what is now the next logical step for him. We should pull him we are at a level that I am extremely hall broadcasting. Nepal, him next luck, Chuck refuse strands with this case. Jim cost is a show boat, and the issue, though, is whether the White House followed the appropriate procedure or whether there was any procedure who revoke the pass into that's why they were granted the route. The restraining order in the past was restored, because the judge who was appointed by Trump said well,
looked. Are there are no rules here, em if you had rules and in fact, if one of those rules were continually interrupting, refusing to sit down after you had been called on, refusing to give up the MIKE to the in turn, which he did forget about, whether he scuffled with her anything he he kept the MIKE, even as other colleague Peter Alex There were standing. If he had done all those things in it was written down somewhere, then the Trump administration would have been justified at seems to be an implication of the judge rolling hover, wasn't written down there, and so because the courts there to restrain arbitrary power that isn't theirs, they they ruled in favour of the Costa. So I think this goes away. I don't think the way houseful pursued any further but- and I hope that they just won't call the go back to not calling on the Costa
so you can kind of avoid any flare. Ups Harrison another when when because having Acosta in there, I think is of Wigan Further Trump Administration. I guess I dont, really nobody likes the sky is what spotless, better all the more reason to get him out of here. I don't think you're cost has any right to being in, White House, its troops House for God's sakes we're rabbit property rights in this country like. Why can't you? Why can't? really trespasser use trespassing trespassing. Why? What like? I got a legitimate cause, went into my house what about Tucker Karlsson? Maybe you should let the freakin protesters that are threatening his wife and kids into their house to film, because those in order that easy. This is what happened in border. Apparently, that is the rule that written down. That is, if the secret service determines that the holder of the hard pass, a threat to the present then, while he was in reality that poor in turn
well, I think I know maybe he was clearly a physical threatened. I think there's just gone after him, for he saw the fact that he's so annoying and of not she's could be a mental health hazard. Anybody around here I can make several reasons for getting rid of Jimmy cost. About good compromises should give a mental health check before you get allowed to have a press pass If doktor on learning is a perfect medical or light ring bags actor Ronnie, though I think that they should continue to appeal this. I think they should go back with every excuse in the book. Get creative, keep the pressure on a caustic rejected his reject the damn thing and today- and they can go on and argue because they are growing all the way to the top think it to the top. The german cities Then he- and I don't know why you uphold air. This is a very important legal question time. The most important CNN is in the headline. It's the total. The whole Whitehouse Correspondence Association is just a nightmare club that you have to know that
the Great free beacon access to their claret like so. If we came across the has a right to oppress pass in the White House, we should I've won in the Freakin Whitehouse Correspondence Association is well like I love how like CNN has a designated seat in though the press, briefing room. Ok, maybe we should instil like a little. We're fairness amongst the media and say it's a free for all. First, come first served: you get your own seat, there's no special privileges foreseen in which apparently exist in this country, which is not fair and is not in the here the constitution and not fair with prepared, not in the Spirit of freedom of the press. He rests. Can now it's time for a very important legal update on creepy porno lawyer,
Michael ever naughty from writing writers, variant, chief legal correspondent, Victorino, Mattress VIC, hello is oh yes. Last week was a good week for our friend Michael, have a naughty the Lord of the stars, or at least the porn stars. A court found no misconduct in his role at Tully Coffee, which he used to own with Patrick Dempsey. This week, however, was not so good. What happened you say was a hard weak. They were so. Yes, we have naughty, was arrested on Wednesday by the LAPD and charged with felony domestic violence. Bill was set at fifty thousand dollars. He was able to make that bail that night. The alleged attack happened on Tuesday and century city and frankly, I was shocked because I didn't Wendy still lived in Slovenia City since they cancelled allay law, repayable sundry, say anyway, Tm Z, mistakenly reported the woman involving dispute was strange. Wife LISA Story Avenue Knotty. It wasn't institutions scrub that from their website and risks
trying to figure out the identity of the alleged victims, let me down, I don't know who it is, but what we do now. I prefer mystery one in protecting the Kennedy of Victor, but we should not leave I get. We should believe her though whoever's. Well, here's well, here's the thing or what we do know is the woman came to the police with visible injuries in that's enough to warrant the rest of avenue naughty. That's how it works in many states. You have to soak show some sign of bruising. That's how works in New Jersey to anyway. Now for this, for the record ever naughty denies anything happened. He calls a quote completely bogus and later told reporters in part. I have never struck a woman. I never will strike a woman and he's a confident. I will be fully exonerated and he says you know my character. You know me as a man- and I appreciate it now coming hard to his defense was his client, Stormy Daniels and she said right.
Now they're just allegations and I'm going to reserve judgment, but she also said quote: I know what it feels like to be on the other end of that by now, meaning the other end of the accusation that do you know where You know where AIDS for clearing out your well. Aren't you know where she deliver that statement. Yes, in the? U K, that's what she was at the Oxford Union, She was preparing oral argued argument. Nuclear not I'm not kidding, procedures that are not covered shoes at Oxford and apparently she blew them all away back thanks, veg. I thought there was also report that that it was she hit him first, whoever this mystery woman. That's DMZ. There is a lot of garlic travellers like Natalie over here and I'm writing taking you don't. We also have a criminal referral from the US and introduce your committee about everybody in his client Julie.
Well, that's what I've been in the following, hindering judging how much time so much time has passed that you. And been paying attention, though doll. I was overwhelmed by the assault story, but yes case some of our listeners. Don't offer chiefly go, corresponding. You do have a lot of time upon it was I made it hard? You don't you can. In order to go on what you have to come up with those parties about that there is nothing plenty about sending a referral to the FBI by the FAO It is right that the FBI investigating Avenue dungeon, that's the next, that's out of the house's hands down, which is good before it becomes a democratic house. So that's onto the of the king said: did you guys have eight Mb Harrison Chevy thoughts on this? what good development with Avenant a year without an already he doesn't seem to have an alibi. What's the what's his excuse here, like what how is he I was valve aches? Yes, she felt onto his fist right Isn't that what they always
She fell your honor, you felt like she. She hit me first, it's not yet what every? What? What is self defense right, those that can be the claim, because clearly something happened here, We had the siting, remember friend, verse, spotted ever naughty and some female companions and very attractive, only my companions very highly of man about town companions and off, and they were I believe they are drinking alcoholic beverages. If I recall the photo out of red and curbs. No. No, no, it wasn't a keg party, a birthday, it was a very nice again areas requires IP was the wind was in the restaurant there, the wind, it certainly was we have been holding with holding this evidence from the public record for some time, but certainly we up yeah, very willing to talk to the FBI that once they and ass to give us a call. We should say, though, right just one last thought on this- is that there is an article today, picking up something it was in the access into something notice to Democrats really do want a fighter in twenty twenty rattle
this year I gave only been. This is kind of a way to win that nomination. I was, I also really like avenue. Bodies profile picture end quote on his lucky law for Lahti: good clothes on that when whose use there and when he still had hair, I get well what about mixtures says one of his philosophies for when he hired a new associated the naughty firm is dont. Tell me the cases you on. Tell me who you ve beaten, that I might be along the lines that we know what he's talking about skirt hurried up. Next, President Trump has endorsed by partisan criminal justice reform. Legislation that was pushed for by Giovanni are the first Step ACT would reduce sentences for some three thousand people convicted of crack cocaine related offences changes the way the? U S. Bureau of prisons calculates the amount of good time credit for prisoners and lowers mandatory minimum sentences for drug felonies, including reducing these.
So called a three strikes penalty trump receive some praise from Democrats, but not everyone is on board as Centred Tom. Cotton is calling it a jailbreak bill. Harrison wended Trump become soft on crime, while this is this is I think this is a mistake for trumped pursued so I don't really understand what you heard ill here. Also, look at the first know ever happen. I I am also strike. I am as an equal pay. Equal Failing our vital right when it comes to the performance of the present, because we're on the under one guy in this entire country that, once president trumpet succeed over all else- and I think the most and listeners of this programme understand that's exactly where I'm in bilateral hasn't actually acted on this. Yet it's it's under consideration and we know he listened to this programme. So I'm embarrassing line shall my advice Provo.
To the present United States with good of country, but I don't understand how we're gonna have criminal justice reform in bit, which basically involves releasing a bunch of drug attics, rapist murderers onto the streets to this country and we're not gonna walk up Hilary. Some of them are very fine people if high. If I was a governor of one of these cuts of a state out there, I'd be terrified or or presidential candidate lists of Wanna, be Senator who's going to vote in favour. This thing, I'd be terrified of the Willy Horton. Add that's going to be dropped in their heads, when one of these rapists goes out murders, somebody in shows up in and add one day sinks their entire political career. So so, for you, it's really matter of sequencing. If we lock her up, first I'd be willing to negotiate, then you negotiate, but to do mental justice reform before she locked yeah, really about royal to attack. Another point: now: that's not my only term. Ok, mother, criminal justice reform in exchange. For luck
the pillory in building what I was going to say. Why can we build a blog and a lame duck in my role as small crowd? If we want to know what he wrote, if the goal is to put more criminals on the streets we need then why- and I am against that. Ok for the record. I am against putting war criminals on the streets, but if we have to do it, lets prevent fewer criminals. Are that's prevent more criminals from entering our son? border bright. Ok, that's all should begin on a non criminal as on others. We got enough criminals in this country as irish liking like we do not need any more push. This one sits the new congresses trumpet yet both from is kind of a box here because he's doing around tat a cobra ass agenda with the right, You don't do the wall, but you do do criminal justice reform. Then you know the populists and nationalists of who typically support tramper gonna be very upset, and you see that with Tom Cotton
kind of give giving the president a warning saying: yes, not your thing, you're alone order guy! Why are you being moved into this? So why has he been moved into it? Well, obviously, he listens to his son in law and secondly, I think he views himself as in competition for
who knew votes among millennials among african american men to Cairo, even among women who freed from this issue is kind o he's Belize and rehabilitation. He believes in giving second chances, and you saw that when Van Jones came a very strong and said you know this is president Trump moving and breaking new ground. This is a dangerous game to play. Well because you dont know, if you you don't know what you're gonna get those new voters, but you do know you might lose some of your old ones right. Ok, now, it's time to check in with our favorite culture, expert, Natalie, Johnson Natalie, who I live yet exciting, celebrity, citing idea where I have few sightings from the independent women's form gala I attended on Wednesday. The stars of Democrats, diamond and sell could better were seated a few tables from me,
free became an olive branch. Sure is actually you pointed this out to me. He had approached them and told them that the free beacon loves everything that they deal fact not so he ran up to me and tell me they were. There is obviously I had to go and say hello as well. We took a selfie together and chatted for a few minutes and they were very lovely and you couldn't even Take a selfie of yourself. I couldn't because I couldn't move my arms and the dress I was wearing, so I still try to take it. For me so generous. You are very kind. I liked the videos where they have the big glass of red wine as isolated. But the present were they. I haven't were drinking because it was right when we had transition from like the cocktail hour to dinner, being seen so wine man, the wine, had not been flowing officers even more. I'm excited
like a contestant from Chris Sol season of the bachelor which aired in twenty fifteen, her name as Gillian Anderson. She worked at Fox NEWS on their assignment dusk in DC. At the time she now works. Does public publicity for the Examiner Washington's Harry. Just ass in bachelor has made so she was known for her tiny, because many is, but also for a crisis black box that would send for her, but even when only clothed and wearing jeans. Where this is my favorite thing ever happen on a bachelor studies. In it I mean, of course, is there, always wearing bikinis at the heart of by the poor, when it's like. Ok, sometimes you need to censor
she had the sensor when she was wearing jeans. She would be fully enjoy. What is going on here rather was constantly a black box following her around it was led in very should at last that long on the show was sure that's going on is going. We should explain its and inside joke to the bachelor audience, because this contestant Julian was accused of having a very here. Asked by one of the drunk oligopoly- competitor, and so the producers went along with the started, putting a censored black box over her real and everywhere like it. If it isn't, it has lasted through. All of the reunion shows that all the follow up certain inside yeah. She was also a bachelor in Paradise to find love, but so the guy, whose heart she was trying to win over during the bachelor Chris, is facing jail time on charges of leaving the scene of a fatal. Sit in a couple of years ago, so I had texted lays an Harrison immediately upon seeing Gillian was seated right behind Breton I,
a hand, hairs is me to ask or who would get more jail time Chris or Avenue and I was you knows, tipsy enough to pursue the question and she said of a naughty Europe. Here fur and then shook her head on poor Chris, so that'll backed and breaking news on the culture update as the first news we ve broken since you slid into Benwick. I'm just staring my right in right now Well, that was a period me. Have you heard of year what Elsie oppress much Sheikh women are abandoning high heels for flights and apple emerges are now reflecting this according to the Wall Street. Oh really. So now, instead of us that was very gendered and sex, it was only shoe. Option was a high hill. There are four shoe up at options for women, which I didn't even now, and all four of them had heels on right. Now they got a lot
complain it's like the patriarchy mallia. They got a lot of up complaints. Apple has now added a ballet slipper emerging to its females collaboration. People had complained that it didn't reflect reality now that flats are considered appropriate. In work. Settings and community is not a free beacon. Though I will hear you I where he I wouldn't acceptable for it, Think I'm the only one left. Let me get you wear skills everything now only because I'm five foot to so I do where I really everywhere. I knew only one. I said but I am also the we have trouble with employees wearing trousers. The in the middle of winter, when you would expect people to wear long pans luring shore they come in. We ve had some people, not someone in this room. I would be very liberal. We ve never go out alone and not any shoes at all
the I got an idea or how that have casual Friday. Today, though, I'm wearing the eye like beer sure right and writer stir it. I don't. You are very on level I feel great and as just beautiful audiences, if I was wearing heels with you now. I could see the Paris runway really running now realized ass. I had the large states, LU, LU not even flags in your girls, really great fashion forward and finally, finally got something out of this podcast, must I got my com membership I know that up working
maybe we're going there or is there anything else, whereas now think that that's it right? Thank you. Natalie of much needed update up first in our culture around it turns out everything you read on the internet isn't true. After crowd, funding sites are increasingly being used by scam artist, trying to con well meaning people out of their hard earned money and Bc News reports, a heartwarming story about a homeless marine veteran who gave a new Jersey couple. His last twenty dollars to get gas when she was stranded, was actually be ass. The couple market d me me, so they can compete with clerk, were in cahoots with the homeless guy, whose name is Johnny Bobby Junior and they started to go on my account that raised a four hundred thousand dollars by cunning idiots online. The three have now been arrested for fraud after this.
And fell apart. The first hell was when the sum cops so called homeless guy had his lawyers accused the couple of hoarding the money and the homeless guided only receive seventy five grand. Meanwhile, the couple it gambled away, the rest, Matt Disease pave the way for us to lock my cable for pretending to be a hero. I note your time ago brought more broadly witches. Heather now art the State Department spokesmen woman got into some trouble with the media. Yesterday when she said that you know, fake news does exist, Airhole. How dare you say that said the media course well. Look story fake news does exist. There are scams. People report uncritically. I think I actually may have retweeted story on arrival. In writing. I know when I was spreading. You don't know
was so you always have to follow up and envy you incredulous, even when it comes across as something that is feel good right, which everybody wants these days. They want to feel good and that this is just a lesson is you can initiate yeah Harrison? I feel like knows that these, if they're not made up our just ridiculous and they don't really need help. Workers Jamak asked his fault, because Acosta has almost single handedly tanked all credibility of media in the public's I because public nothing's they can manipulate the media because an immediate manipulated the media war by any story.
As extraordinary and is insane is it is hook line in stinker without any proof, all you do is look back at Cavanaugh situation like apparently the guy's a gang rapist, like that's just how he parties apparently- and we saw three weeks of nonstop coverage- that in so that this is what's going on. This is our country. Today we know we can manipulate the media, because media has no credibility whatsoever. So you got these people to go out and they can say: oaths feel good story, and then you get the liberal go. Fuck me account that always seems to be attached to every one of these stories. I really would caution artlessness the next time they see. One of these extraordinary charitable causes, that shows up with a go, find me account attached to it. That's the scale, that's where the money goes. They don't even know how to regulate these go find me accounts. It sucks were they to show up and you got a quarter of a million dollars in this holding fund for you to do. God knows what apparently just gamble and by drugs. So
I mean get worked for a while. That's why we're starting be Rome, rigour, Petruchio account. People can spot for us that they might more reliable re goin on whom he hinted at in blockchain again. Next, a new studies as being too handsome can harm a man's career, as handsome men are more likely to be seen as a threat by their bosses and our hence less likely to score equally powerful positions. According to G Q, Harrison tell us your struggles This is true. I've been complaining about the situation really since day. One eyes unimpeded your credit here that the programme of the presidency- I don't know what I've been through to get here. Look I Very well aware of terms like time and a half sigh time and a half in the third side of the mob. Ok, you're,
Those terms unless you started out of the damned bottom up and floors for minimum wage working overtime, take an extra shifts and office max. So long as you could, like that's hustle, it's called struggle. It builds character, its grit, that's what takes you to the top and it's the fact that I have to work a little bit harder to overcome the the discrimination stack deck again of many of my chisel jaw pack AMS. My striking wicked. I mean eyes threatening you would want. You now look at the struggles real, but you know what I'm not making any excuses for myself. I was work. A little bit heart, I get up a little our a couple hours earlier in the morning, and I go to bed a few, where's later, because you know what for Lily vodka, so I work for now and it's all worthwhile in the fire. I matters right. I do left I know it's really touching, even you, two listeners, if your beautiful you can
One gets you great now you can achieve greater, so I first became aware of this phenomenon back in the two thousand for presidential cycle, when John Edwards, with competing right and Andrew Ferguson, wrote a fantastic piece on Edwards, where he was like he's. The victim of, what's called reverse, looks ism, which affects the pretty boy, candidates in politics and the king of far because peace, just resent you and they don't want you. They don't want you to succeed, you're not in every man you're, not in every man, and so I would might take away from this. Is the California congressmen Eric swore? Well, he of cable news. Tv right is planning on running for accident, but I I from russian army tat gonna, get very far. His age also come diminutive. Those that my counteract the the leader of the hair that Edwards had better have beautiful here,
right. I mean what was a thousand dollar haircut rashly behold him the bread girl that without was dismayed at the words Edwards, those than Edwards Lechner, was the brick girl right. Finally, it turns out rapid raccoon spotted in must Virginia may not have been rabbit at all, but actually we're just drunk quote. We have had cause of suspected rabid raccoons twice over the last two days. No police department, rode on Facebook turns out, they appear to be drunk on crab apples, Matt, drunk or not, raccoons are a menace that should be shot on site, yet cutting the grim more withdrew. Their there, my least favoured an oil of inter of reducing Fred and actually think it explains a lot if it turns out there just drunk the five men exit their violent, awful behaviour yeah. So again, one for example, though I think of the sea overwhelming influence alcohols having in our society
not even now, affecting the state of nature. Gad S Harrison. Why I that the record would be a perfect animal mascots that Democratic Party, if everyone Where did the jackass? So we think about it. This is modern. Democratic politics is the way a raccoon operate in and out of its daily life. Oh Eve very cute and fuzzy on the outside, like they always got their hands out forgive away from it, and yet right hands doesn't want to get too close to where they get the cute little eyes. A kind of look like a sweet, little CAT one of them up and pattern. You throw a little hot, like a stale hot dog the girl on edge and what are they doing? What I'm getting on this? So you do, you give one hand out what to do to come back and take more and then the next thing you know their living near garbage cans and then the next thing you know you go out there and you open your garbage. Can what is theirs jumps out and with its razor, sharp claws and invidious teeth attacks you gives you rabies
then you're stuck with the medical bills for the rest of your life. It's exactly the way. The democratic party, I am free healthcare, their young independent, fixed. The rest of society and everybody else gotta pick up the tab because you're given away garbage to turn to these little rafters out there that look, really cute and seem like they're very harmless. But in fact, like you need to protect your own watch out for your family. Defend your property, kicked him cost out of the window there you go, unfortunately, that the drive after today's desert right writer, like to give special thanks, are pretty sir I'll before and of course, I freebie can guess MAGIC Eddie, an Harrison Victorino, Madison, Natalie Johnson, remember find a son. I didn't school play in stature, just search for free beacon. Please subscribed tell your friends and leave a positive review like a listener. Snap crackle pie,
who says this podcast is lit, but I could use more writer and a little less right. Continuity is squish of the Jeff. Flake variety go far visiting goldilocks of conservatives. Try it all was stand strong although her fifty five year old, smoker voice moves me out, Natalie, o Natalie thanks but now and then said something about Harrison until next. Everything,
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