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Bernie’s Red Dawn, Bloomberg’s Bank Account, and What to Do About Roger Stone

2020-02-13 | 🔗
With no Matt or Goldfarb on the show today, there's no one to hold Harison and Eliana back as they cover everything from the Democratic primary to the Roger Stone case. This episode is brought to you by <a href="https://www.swagright.com/collections/washington-free-beacon" target="_blank" rel="noopener">SwagRight</a>, where you can shop for the finest conservative apparel and accessories. The gang starts off with New Hampshire, where the <a href="https://freebeacon.com/politics/bernie-wins-new-hampshire/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">socialist revolution was started in earnest by Bernie Sanders</a>, with Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar nipping at his heels. But Harison argues the party has painted itself into a corner where the only choices are to let Bernie win or to stop him with Bloomberg's billions. With Mini Mike <a href="https://freebeacon.com/politics/bloomberg-fyre-fest/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">paying for everything from ads to memes</a>, his candidacy is a test of whether you really can buy an election. For Harison, whatever happens will lead to either Bernie or Bloomberg running as an independent. And he'll be at the Democratic convention—with his gas mask on—to chronicle the chaos that is sure to ensue. Eliana takes the discussion to President Donald Trump's tweets about the Roger Stone case. And news breaks right as the show is going! Eliana gets the scoop with her handy-dandy smart phone. It turns out, Attorney General William Barr is not happy with Trump opining on social media about this high-profile case, and you'll have to listen to find out what is Harison's take. <em>Free Beacon</em> legal correspondent Victorino Matus has the latest on Michael Avenatti's ongoing Nike court case, where he could face decades in jail if he's found guilty of extortion. If he manages to get out of that bind, he's got another one in April where he's defending himself from the charge of stealing from porn star Stormy Daniels. And then after that, there's a federal fraud trial coming in Los Angeles. He's a busy guy. And in the culture update, Kitty has the latest on Keith Richards's newfound sobriety and the possibility of Tupac Shakur being alive and hiding in New Mexico.
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but up up up up up good make. My elbow and welcome to write and writer, the official podcast of the Washington Free Beacon, I'm your host Alianza Johnson, the editor in chief of the Washington Free Beacon, and you can follow me on twitter at Alianza. Why Johnson, the free weaken podcast is available on Itunes, Google, plain stature: please subscribe, tell your friends and leave a review freebie, confounding, editor Matthew. Continuity is not joining me from the right today, so our show will include only the writer and rightist voice
is joining me from the writer today is free, beacon, President Aaron Harrison. We don't know what he does around the office, but he signs of checks in that's good enough for us Harrison welcome with as always is Garth me I'll, be in the role of gothic and not joining us from the writer today is free bacon, chairman unlicensed Republican consulted Michael go far yet again on, if he remains on staff at the beacon, but we are ploughing ahead without him up first, it was a
dawn in New Hampshire Tuesday evening. As these socialist senator from neighbouring Vermont Bernie Stand, Bernie Sanders, one states, primary, no terror, Mcgowan apps were used to count votes that we know of yet closely following sanders in the vote. Count was the boy mayor from South Bend, Indiana PETE Buddha judge an Minnesota, Senator Amy Closure, who made a surprising third place. Finnish Harrison is Bernie unstoppable well until he meets the the immovable force right now, the he's the unstoppable force. The immovable object is Michael Bloomberg, bank account and he's about to come. Had on into that hearing about twenty days, so What is this all mean? It means the destruction of the democratic Party. As we know it. I do see any way that they can wiggle themselves out of this corner there. These idiots painted themselves into
party is so weak. They couldn't bully anybody out of the race that they that they really need to do and now they're reaping the the love reward of having a dime war communist about to be their nominee unless they can have the billion AIR put in their tax media mobile? Stop them good luck with that little conundrum, because Bernice whole operation is against billionaires the entire his entire his entire reason for running, is to take the billion wealth and give it to no, the government so that any that these people, like you, do you not think that my book. Limburg is going to defend his fortune Very last minute I mean he is
one of these guys, gonna run as third parties. That's my dick work, while I loved lots of people, both political analysts and pundits, and reporters pointing out that, if you add up all the quote, unquote moderate votes, including those of Aimee Closure and P Buddha judge they out number that the number of votes that Bernie got at, which goes to show that this isn't really Bernice Party. At which made me think of twenty. Sixteen because, of course, if you counted up all the aunt, I transferred robbery, of course, out numbered the votes that were cast in favour of Trump, who only ever got a plurality. The gnp of the gas supply is drunk party. Now Scouts party well marked by question for those folks would be one out of the percentage of burning voters that that voted for him again in this round
How many of those people are going to be there on election day when they rip the nomination illegally from his grip grips once again is red hair from his red hands. You think they're, those of those that's the point. Did you people that they really need to be concerned about, because there's no way in hell that they prevent Donald Trump winning forty states without the Bernie Comics so there are there in a bind that I don't see how they get out of this. They they really. This is end game here is not pretty. For the city of Milwaukee come July, you'll be there chronicling it I am delighted that we're gonna get a air b we got a crocodile haven't uber can I mean just a freedom can from the rooftops so that people can tune in to what is happening.
Betty over in the underground enough in their area. Your news coverage through the ever that's right can filter right throughout the camp on our roof. We're gonna have drones. Circling the student documenting all the looting. All of these being pillaging, arson that is going going on outside of the that was the fight arena in downtown Milwaukee. I can't wait, I'm gonna, be there gas masks on have the mall Thomson backpack I will have I've been watching a lotta anti for videos to prepare so that blending with them. You gotta have a really club but anyway I am ready to go burn down the Democratic Party with the Bernie costs, with like minded Vinnie like you black, it's gonna, be, Fine, I care we look there screwed. What are they gonna do so it does seem to me Harrison that president is increasingly concerned about the prospect of a Mite Bloomberg nomination, because you,
He turned his attention to Bloomberg on Twitter now I remember when he was doing this about Joe Biden and about poker aunt is where they now exactly so. The president is tweeted. We are recording this on Thursday afternoon. He's tweeted this at eight twenty three I am Thursday. Many MIKE is a five foot for mass of dead energy. Who does not want to be on the debate stage with these professional politicians know boxes, please he hates crazy, Bernie and well with enough money, possibly stop him. Burmese people will go nuts, but the president was done there. He then tweeted o this. Actually, this next week came first, many might Bloomberg is a Loser? Who has money but can't debate and has zero presents? You will see. He reminds me of a tiny version of job low Energy Bush, but job has more political skill at is treated the black community much better than many exe. We should point out that I just
Many has become his first name. It's like one. Like rooted Hilary or crooked h just became crooked. So so yet many has a real problem here. That he's got the present on his on Twitter in the president has yet to not do so political career. Once he engages on twitter that, once you put you behind the crosshairs. Like you're gone yours conditional taken seriously, it is, but you know what he keeps knock em the mountain Pocahontas. Our Ip Biden like literally falling down the mountain, as we speak like he is, Walker is falling behind him, the wheelchair, the eyepatch like
rails, coming, it's like, if you don't like followed, does not kill him. The debris coming down after him, Wilkes, ok up next, the scandal du jour this week is the President's alleged interference in the sentencing of his POW Roger Stone prosecutors recommended that stone should serve seven to nine years in prison, but the president tweeted raising an objection on Twitter. That quote, this is a horrible and very unfair situation. The real crimes were on the other side, as nothing happens to them cannot allow this Mitch miscarriage of justice following the president's tweet, the Justice Department overruled Korea, career prosecutors, issuing a memo saying that their recommended sentence was too long which lead those prosecutors to resign and Mass Harrison was the president in the wrong the president,
in the right. Ok, the president is always them in the right on this entire investigation. This the people question whether the deep state actually exists. All you gotta do is look at this Roger Stone case of the whole thing: is you really need to be sentenced to nine years jury, not of your peers, but of your political enemies, as we found out today, the foreman in the jury that convicted Roger Stone was a democratic. Aid for Congress in two thousand and twelve, who had a litany of Instagram, unfair The post of her opposing it democratic politicians. Posting Anti trump means you think that this guy gotta fair trial. The fact that declared in this trial on its face is is ridiculous. It in itself when the fact that then you have the mowers allies who are still pissed off at Harrison. Yup president was many beats ahead of you.
Now. It looks like that. One person in the jury in the reduced donkeys had significant bias. Add that to everything else- and this is not looking good for the Quote- Justice department- that well look the deep state in the Justice department still exist and they they are work. They are acting on a vendetta against president and they are taking down his his allies as as best they can and with really draconian senses, I, what is your stones, crime here. Can somebody explain that to me. He apparently didn't tell the truth entirely too. Congress well used victim of destruction of just a hard line to conquer, which both this cab Brandon. Both you know what this year's ok, the witness tampering charge. I love it because he threatened to kill the guy is who was a long time associate of his, whose testified under out that he didn't take the threat seriously so
I don't understand how you can be tampering with the witness when the witness is like. Yet this is just normal push. This is how you he he talks I don't understand how that's a crime. So that's a fake crime, obstruction of justice, as we all know, that's what they throat you when they dont have a real crime against you and then what's the other one line to Congress was that there was that what do? I think I think, obstruction of Congress. Oh obstruction of Congress, even real, wholly sacrosanct okay, so he obstruct people who basically obstruct for a living. The member of the United States. Congress are the biggest in thus liars in the country, that's what they do for a living, if I'm not mistaken in You are now trying to say that that down said that he didn't have an explicit conversation with the Trump campaign about the Wikileaks weirdo. That's what we're talking about how this but that's not even the undermine crime. So I
I think, right now you gotta throw out that the conviction of stone and if you dont throughout the conviction of stone, then Mr President contract Pardon, let's get it wrong. It's time now, for our legal update from the beacons cheaply go corresponded victory nomadic there. I'm surprised you not covering this stone scandal through so many things to cover and not enough time- and I figured you know our good friend Errand Harrison. You more than us afraid they'll. Just I'm sure how do you anyway? I am happy to revisit at any point for any of our listeners. Hit me up in the dams will figured up. So I just wanted to say at this very moment say twelve person jury is decided. Fate of lawyer and one time democratic darling, Michael, have a naughty as we speak. The actually gonna start today because number nine had a job interview this morning. Will she get the job to resettle out,
In any event, the former lawyer to poor star Stormy Daniels awaits the verdict in the ninety trial, where he's charged with trying to extort the company out of more than twenty million dollars. This is day two of jury deliberations and asking from experience. I've been on a jury twice and once the foreman- and I was actually the one who had to say guilty- and I couldn't even look at that- that amendments in the I felt a little bad, but I dont think anyone's get to feel bad, saying that in this- Ryan VIC. What was the the final sentence when you re all right bam that was unclear Guenaud the the guilty of the defendants were almost activists homeless, absolutely at that, even if it is guilty. Although we would have been happy to be incarcerated, I would guess I've. I've got my had a suspicion that they were just gonna, get a slap on the risk. I don't you know
these things got out. What I remember is right before we had to go out and we have been there for days deliberating on this, and I was trying to figure out there. So do people got excused from the jury because it was all over the news and, unlike I, have no idea these people are talking about and it turned out. It was that the news happened when I was on my honeymoon site is totally miss the so I would I guess I was perfect for that, but right before we got out and these defendants, their mostly young children, teenagers, kids and whatever their twenties with their families out there, and somebody in the jury made a joke and we all started laughing ass. The door opened up then we got chastised for them, so that was that, if not decorum decorum decorum, that's right! Ok! So if he's found
DE on all three counts. Avenue body could be sentenced to forty two years in jail and he has yet to face trial and the Stormy Daniels case which is now currently set for April twenty one as refresher. That's the case where he denies stealing three hundred thousand dollars from her, but the money and that's all Even she find hard to swallow and then there's the federal trial out and L A where he faces charges of fraud and money laundering trying to hide assets from his Ex wife than others, and that actually even more serious than the Nike trial. Again, he is currently still being held at the Metropolitan Correctional facility in Manhattan, in EL trappers old, hell, no less where about forty degrees, so you have to find creative ways to stay war. That's not a pillow but I am sure we will have a verdict for you by the by the next episodes of statehood back to you. Thank you back. We go now to our pop culture. Expert kitty. Do pray,
Kitty. What are you have for us, hello? Everyone? I now believe that cloud either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. It is sad for me to announce that the eighth wonder of the world and Medical Marvel Keith Richards can't get no satisfaction from nicotine. That is the invincible original rockstar recently quit smoking cigarettes after decades of lighting up, he has also slowed, is drinking with Willie Nelson quitting quit smoking marijuana flower and now keep Richards barely parties. This makes me feeling nothing is sacred anymore. I appreciate it since it's the rules for the rolling stones to keep touring says map. Mick Jagger has been my dream: geriatric boyfriend for awhile, but I've heard this saying quite a lot of my purse, Life and it applies to Keith budgets. Today, I'm not upset, I'm just disappointed for how could you quit smoking less like a stable for others? Point worthy he's got the lung cancer
You gotta, look right, did see it through to the end you ve been doing it for so long white deprive yourself of the joy and pleasure of another long dark age of eighty or whatever, is right now right. I've just sad about ass, ancient nothing's, fair keep Keith, should trust himself his own, like vile rhythms of prevented death on hundreds of occasions just buy whatever Toxicology Moses in his blood, sir, that could have been the success of the city's actual. Unlike many birds, is all carefully and balance right. Now you throw something awful acquitting smoking rights through. I actually better. Now I think the vision of a petition having and start smoking again look for the good of him get enough signatures in the White House I'll, take it hell yeah. Let's go for this I'll get. Those stories are filled with drama fights and their potential for being used. This saga continues for family understand and John Peters. He got very
heavy in an email this week and even call himself an old fool. She didn't gets a cash. Any other sources. Security checks during their twelve quota twelve day, Quantico marriage, but here It offered two hundred thousand dollar dad and bought her a brand new wardrobe because he said she's broke also says PM propose in the attacks and he was engaged at the time to some one else, but down to her family under said pants playbook as full a great strategies, but I only need, chapters about getting a wardrobe in debt repayment, this is FED tasks. Getting in the way, I'm starting to really like I am in this because sheep, doing what she needs to survive. Well play golf clapped her egg kitty. I think you need to go ahead and order up the black card right around the globe. All I'm saying is she's like I want to be her apprentice, the I think you're right now. I think you can really take some of these lessons and reports.
As for them. She she is an inspiration, and there are some big question. That still remain unanswered, like which Kennedy murdered Marilyn Monroe, how many tonnes of food, c, O Donnell go through goes illegally, who never has very soon Actually core really died. You just assuming that there are multiple times food. Have you got that her eyes, like Trump, I'm not a huge brianna, rosier that'll longest, saying one of these, She will be answered this year and I won't be about rosy Zackie veterans to back the greatest from you and see claims. The wrapper is alive and living with a Navajo try. That is protecting instances. The authorities can't go on their land sea back. I suppose we shall and my beloved LAS Vegas in nineteen. Eighty six in the documentary saying he's alive and while his family is aware of the title and aren't protesting at it is believed to back is currently and Belize, and I have my
a card ready to pay for the opening night TGV goes there isn't much. I love more than conspiracy theories and wrappers, especially Tupac. Think they believe polices where actions John Mcafee also believes you what he's got his rod gotta get. I am today after interjected, some news breaking bravely as we record that you heard of your site area, then this is gonna, be a tough one for you, ok attorney general William BAR Mama, lasted President Donald Trump tweets only Roger Stone case hook, telling ABC News, Justice, department, correspondent, peered, Thomas at the President hearing what the quote make it impossible for me to do my job in an exclusive interview attorney general billboard till they be seniors others do the President Donald Trump has never asked him to do anything in a criminal case, but should stop tweeting about the Justice Department. For her.
He said, I think, it's time to stop the tweeting about Department of Justice, criminal cases, I'm not going to be bullied or influenced by anybody, whether its Congress in newspaper editors on board or the President bar said, I'm gonna do what I think is right, and you know I cannot do my job here at the department with a constant background commentary that undercuts me: ok, Harrison, who look out like this is bought this William BAR standing up for himself standing by his with ordinary man at a year. It's why the the Justice Department stance so firmly behind him and he's gonna respect his ultimate decision right here when it comes to the stone case and its also, we not wipe President Trump has the power of the pen when it comes to the pardon and can do whatever the hell he wants to whatever so yeah. I think are in the right, situation. I think that that does that Trump doesnt mean Europe is wrong in the statements that he was putting out on twitter, but I believe that by
has a right to stand up for himself, and if Europe really wants to to get in here in really interfere. If you well in a legal way, he can pardon stone, he's just trying to turn the coups heels. What is it I ll give. You know how, like the hyper ventilating headline, thereby abc I'm sure, there's our total revolutionary Zaga Tromp report, the troop administration, it's a coup, maybe the twenty fifth amendment will be wiped out now, but it makes them conflicted, though, because on the one hand they they love, vilified, Barbara now, whether they can say so well This presents a serious, oh man. This is gonna put them in a tough spot, It is a positive and- and I, like things, come under the hill right next week. He's makes our friend I work for bill part of seventy two, and it was he was a good man- is giving what that is. This breaking news update was brought to you by our sponsor swag right dot com, where you can find some of the finest.
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don't be a pony soldier and get it at next in the beacon culture. Around Michael Bloomberg. Campaign is dropping means like their hot. The New York Times. Reports of Bloomberg has contracted some of the biggest me makers in the country to post paid content on Instagram, promoting his presidential campaign. Ok, the campaign that the Times rights of the campaign which launched which launched this week has already play sponsored poor Son Instagram accounts, including at grape juice boys. I mean page with more than two point: seven million followers Jerry's media as own popular account, with more than thirteen point three million followers and at tanks, and not draw a member with more than two point. Three million dollars meet the accounts, all posted Bloomberg campaign ads in the form of fake direct
Suggests from the candidate now what the Bloomer campaign was asked about this and his senior national spokeswoman said MIKE Bloomberg. Twenty Twenty has teamed up with social creators team girl aberration with the campaign, including the meme world. While I mean strategy we knew to presidential politics we're betting. It will be an effective component to read people where they are and compete with president trumps, powerful digital operation, We can't do ourselves so why? Don't we just go pay somebody to team up with us is that that kind of what they're saying I think South ok now now. We know. What's the secret sauce to the Might Bloomberg campaign, I mean this is such a thing campaign that he is running eminent cracks me up, because it's all fake right, It is all just. Can you buy an election work, a fine democratic party. It appears you can the duties surging in the polls all the way up the third place and allow the super Tuesday states
There is some real momentum there behind the dollar's server thou. Let's taken these Paul's recently. Well, look I'll! Tell you one thing: if He wants to approach the free beacon with a partnership to team up? If you will, I think there is a price tag there for our integrity and urge our team work. If you will so, I am happy to split the gigantic truck of cash, not equally, but I will do tribute some of it amongst the staff and my colleagues, studio as well. I know
we might interpret it can't be protest about somebody with eleven programme would be hosted: pockets. Yeah, hey! This is my personal favorite item. Our final item for today about a new trend called gallon Times day. Isn't about this? For you, it's actually today so happy Gallanted stay the to the New York Times, reports that, where Valentine's day focuses on romance a holiday that can feel alien. In or exclusionary. For some I mean I've sober their gallon times. Festivities offer a more welcoming vibe over the last decade, fans of the show, parks and recreation, where I guess this originated- have been crafting gallon time, celebrations, pulling some elements from the show and creating some of their own, so at honour at a rooftop, Restroom in Manhattan. People pay forty dollars for a brunch menu featuring IVO Cuddle, toast bay.
Gal rise before guys. Some gas exchange gives but dial down the Leslie level intensity to sparkly heart rings, inherit cliffs they and they played per second upon whom, so yeah. I found this lake at dinner. Section of like amusing and pathetic. My daughter told me about it because it's already popular in schools, where the nine year we argue- and I dont know, she's doing Proserpine but vague. What is the eating scheduled more bets are off all bets rockets at the weekend. All bets are off. Everyone sank. Excuse me, I'm just glad that, like Iraq has never gonna happen to celebrate. This ridiculous should also have dudes in our doors, though, want be an exclusionary holiday for thy, looser, ok, yeah she broke Gunnar gonna, be there fight Num off, but like let's just put this out there she won't have to. She will always have Valentine
and die right I'll stick to guarantee. Instead, my sister, you look, you know what I just read: oh my god, it's just groundwater! that story. We just talk about Bloomberg, an agenda in the meme generating company that he hired seem people it at the fire. Fast oh, that DR read this on that really get what it can bring us now observe the three big rust on earth. New information in the Bloomberg Meme higher kids, you know what people showed up to fire vest fraud. You'll have secured a peep cooper campaign. Maybe they show up, they think they're they're there for a good time and in their left on a deserted island, that's being burned down by communists. Oh rears may remember, follow suit couple, only with many soldiers for many MIKE. That's what Why you wanted to get what a big corpses, because they were too big for you, think about this
a guy that point size that price size MIKE. It's probably your cap, it at a point. Sixteen ounces, that's about it. You're a normal sized but when you got guys like Trop walking around with like the super megabit gulped guys like me, it's like it makes me feel in you're, so that's probably what's buying this whole thing, K being five to investigate our know. How I feel about all that voting on the many, but that is all the time we have for today's edition of writer rightist legacy of especial thanks for producer. Paul crux, then, and of course our free beacon guess, Aaron Harrison victory, no manners and kitty debris remember find us, and I too, in school play and stitched just search for free begin. Please subscribe tell your friends and leave a positive review I did not go through our views to see if there was a funny one, but I've got. You have some notes for our listeners out there.
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