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Confirmation Hearings, Jobless Libs, and the Bey Witch Project

2018-09-21 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the <em>Free Beacon </em>podcast, sponsored by Zip Recruiter, the gang discusses the Kavanaugh saga, Harrison wonders when the libs will stop being a drain on the economy, and the group takes credit for knowing months ago that Beyonce is a witch, as one former employee claims.
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low and welcome to write and writer the official podcast of the Washington Free Beacon, sponsored by zip recruiter. I am your Hustle Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS. W F, b freebie can podcast is available on Itunes, Google play and sticker play subscribe to your friends and leave a review. Joining me from the right today is free, beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie. You may remember him from such mainstream media shows as meet the press. Daily and reliable sources can follow him on Twitter. At continuity. Plum at all is furthered. Mats right is free, beacon, president and designer the sexy, handmaids tail, hollowing costume, Aaron Harrison, not exactly sure we does around the office, but he signed the Czechs. That's good enough for us Hollow Harrison. Good morning was returning to the fore,
today is the chairman of the free beacon, MIKE Goldfarb International men, a mystery and licence republican consultant. He always keeps are powerless and line helical far below us. First on right and writer, we are waiting to see whether a public hearing will take place next week with Judge Brett Cavanaugh and if his user will show up Republicans and the Senate share committee offered every accommodation for Miss Christine Blasi Ford to testify publicly privately or from comfort in California, but her democratic lawyer, Deborah CATS, said a hearing Monday, quote not possible. Is now demanding the hearing, be quote fair and ensure her safety President Finally, waitin on Twitter saying right: coalesce lawyers want the FBI to get involved. Now, why didn't someone called the FBI thirty six years ago? He also Cavanaugh is a fine man who is under assault by radical left wing politicians who don't want to know the answers they just want to destroy and delay facts, don't matter Trump said I go through this with
every single day in Dc Matt. Is this hearing going to happen? I don't know I'm not. I don't want you haven't Monday. I think that I can be sure of because the latest demand from the lawyers representing doctor, Ford, I'll call. I miss. I really do that alliance may not at its doctors, lawyers representing doctor, for it want the hearing to take place now on next Thursday, which, coincidentally, I'm sure was the day on which the committee vote with lands first half and right. So I've always said throughout this process that the democratic strategy has been to delay. Delay too after the election in hopes that they gonna win the Senate, and then they can just quash the nomination and
radically keep the keep that seat open for two year. What happens when Trump Ones reelection one another? What happens if the Republicans expand their majority in the Senate, which could happen to we just don't know, and then I think, is the weird bottom line here this is this is an issue on which, no one knows what's gonna happen, but weakens I can prayed, beat pretty much tell you that I seriously doubt the hearing will take place on Monday as scheduled, Harrison what's gonna happen. Cavanaugh, is getting confirmed. Ok here this is political war. If anybody doubted that we are the did that we are in an active hot war right now within the confines of the country, this debate over. The Cavenaugh nomination should settle all doubts. The democratic throwing,
Everything that they have. This a hail Mary passed by the Democrats to prevent another more Europe. Presumably more conservative justice join the Supreme Court. Somebody possibly farther to the right than Anthony Kennedy was the justices retiring. This is big for the lives. This is the only thing that they have. They have to prevent this and they have to show the left show their constituency end of it in the voters at their trial, motivate in November that they are doing everything they can, because if they just lay down and roll over and let cocaine Mitch Mcconnell us- top all over and once again shove another conservative justice down their throats than what good would they actually be in Office in power to halt. This is maniac named Donald Trump in their eyes, so they put this is that this is a smoke signal at say. They are trying to delay in delaying delay just like math. He said but they're trying to like just see. If there's anybody else out there that possibly
You know I gotta say a stink guy from from from bread from from bread cabinet in that's what it is it's about, trying to just draw out any characters from the shadow. And maybe given enough time to say all while you know this guy, he gave bird. It an intersection one day. I think that's probably disqualifying and now he's running for. Office exact knowledge of slaughter congressional such as we have this conversation that has not happened yet right Friday. Right right, still hasn't. And so all their, but all they need is more time in their eyes because the longer they delay at the longer the day the game goes on. So really that's what we're dealing with here go here. In their the curly wanted delayed as long as possible. I thought it was clear: they were bluffing about this FBI. Investigation and Centre Republicans called their bluff, and so they
Defaulted too. Yes will come in for the hearing, but we need more time. I mean I don't know whether she's like gotta hair appointment on Monday, as you know, is right. There are very important you no peer review of her or psychological parent lightnings search. Is she, according to the New York Times, she's done? No prep removes political reporting that she is now being advised. My fight in the former this her whole eyes, director, there are sixty, while certainly since July, but we are other remember her other demand. Mike is it he goes first egos burst. So that she can then contradict and impossibly introduce new material. Without him, having the opportunity to respond to respond yeah. No, it's interesting a couple observations, one, the doktor fourth thing: I'm just struck every every liberal commentator you listen to doktor for or how fast,
doctor, for then alike and brick, having like everything else that live in the area. And I mean what are you gonna- do doktor, port and judge cabin or now you don't know you don't not. When you have an attempted murder, he doesn't have a phd in feminists theory below what did you see that there is an element of this? That's like it's a roller coaster from minute by minute. Yesterday, before she said she was going to testify, felt the tide- was totally going out on them and then she says, she's gonna testify and a certain conservative makes a certain allegation. That may or may not be true, but but you know, is is certainly become usually problematic and all this and all of a sudden it feels like I'd go the other way, and maybe his chances of eroded is any of that region I don't know it just like this repress, but This is all about Ms Mcdonald fortitude as as the republican leader right now. This is this is. This is why he is in charge, because he is
it is the master, the Senate. Currently the guy's quarter backing. This nomination he's just like he's quarterback every other judge nomination that that we have pushed through and gotten on the on the federal benches. So listen Mitch has not lost yet. I don't think he's gonna lose this time at next. North and South Korea held a three day summit this week. Where can jump on says he is willing to permanently dismantle key missile facilities, its main nuclear complex in the presence of outside experts and verifiable, irreversible dismantlement of its nuclear programmes. If the? U S, declares an end this year to the Korean WAR can also said he wants a second summit with President Trump soon to hasten DE nuclear zation. Meanwhile, the? U S has identified the remains of two american soldiers that were returned from North Korea in the summer, as army master
urgent, Charles H, Mcdaniel Mcdaniel, a Vernon Indiana, an army private first class, William H, Jones of NASH, counting North Carolina met this set. This all sounds like real news, but I haven't heard much about it on the cable networks right well, you're, not gonna, shoot Everglades, Doktor, Ford, Judge, Cavanaugh and that's that will be ended somewhere. An idea is the story until its resolve, one where there is no question about that. Korea, I dont think, is a good story for the administration. I feel like they ve lost control the process. The process is now being driven by the Koreans, north and South Kim and Moon, both of whom seem to want to reunify the peninsula at we don't know what that means
We all know what that means for Japan or for China or for us with a kind of disturbing the one they were lacking throughout this process. Why? We should make more concessions in Wild North Korea's done? What they gave us backed remains, and they blew up that thing that they were using anyway. The one thing we need, I think, before we make any further concessions, is an inventory, the missiles, because we know of the warheads. We know that they shifted their programme from the theatrical launches and the big detonations at shop everywhere to an underground fissile material production programme, and that is what came is trying to preserve, as he's doing the song and dance. So if there are willing and they're not going to be our despoil that here I do know what will happen if they were willing to say these of these is the material we have now. Then we can talk about another summit, but I feel like this story is getting
out of the control of the administration. Harrison like, I think that's. What we're dealing with is that North Korea is getting out of control of Kim Jong IL right. Now, like you, have tens of millions of people that are starving it, isn't it is one ability to disguise lifestyle look was fast, wants to sit middle? The Swiss Alps, drink, champagne in bank a bunch of whores like that's, really what he wants to do. He can't do that. We can preserve that type of lifestyle in North Korea. So long as it's not too big of a pain, the two big of a pain in China's right now it becoming a really big problem for China and they have to fix this problem now that the fact that we keep trying to renegotiate settlement of an official end to the korean WAR is kind of absurd, because that gives young and guess what you don't get to win
You don't get to save face for losing the korean war. Ok, you don't get to keep nukes, that's not your prize. Okay, so the nukes need to be gone are right and I think that truck gets that. I think that his negotiating skills are going to serve him very well. Here I will we have not seen that he is willing to tolerate any time of nuclear development going on in North Korea. That is the issue here, and I think that if the nukes are as Mathieu said eliminated and they can be verifiable eliminated, then I think that we will be moving towards some actual progress in solving this whole korean issue. But this is a really tough issue. I don't really think that this is going anywhere for the next decade. Goldfarb. Ah, I was out of a smart republican foreign policy hand last night, who commented that that Kim's offer to dismantle young beyond is the exact same offer. That was made now twenty five years ago already by
The head by his father that led to that was the opening of the agreed framework. So. Have they got doesn't bode? Well, I mean just the thing even work anymore. I mean it was actually in producing a lot immature. Then I don't know I'm not I'm not in the weeds on North Korea's nuclear industrial complex, but but it does seem like this thing is, is not going in a positive direction. On the other hand, who really gives it? Because you know North Korea is just I mean, despite what the Obama administration made out to be as the number one threat in the world. I think that was their own bias that they didn't want to deal with a rat I didn't want to deal with the Middle EAST. They didn't want to deal with Russia and they didn't want to deal with China, and so they made all his folks. On North Korea when, like the real problem staring them in the face. It's the Iranians. It's the Russians, it's the Chinese, so who cares and nobody's taken the nukes off these guys? So it's all just kabuki!
What then are the wrong and hydrogen of kabuki is wrong again. Next jobless claims have fallen to a new forty nine year, low, partly because of Hurricane Florence, but mostly owing to a searching economy. Market watch reports, the? U S, economy, sped up in the spring, sailed through the summer in his heading into the fall with plenty of steam record job, opening strong, hiring, low unemployment and rising incomes are likely to keep the good times going, even with the Federal Reserve poised to raise interest rates again. Meanwhile, the DOW search to its first record high since January and the Essen P, five hundred had a record high yesterday Harrison. Are you tired of waiting at I'll, never be tired of winning a meter? Maybe I will answer. Maybe I get up, maybe a little board of winning. Like, but I'm never going to be tired, I mean look. I expect when it's not like brilliant Bela check at the patriots it expect to be in the Superbowl every year
I know eagles goals as regards what you get you get mix up, can't win every year, because a just gonna lose the desire play. You can take a couple hours. I would imagine not tromp, Thou trumps gonna keep one guy. I think I don't know what I'm talking about it was like I might take on this. Is that this just proves. My theory is correct. All along lives dont want to work there. The laziest of of people, ok, is by nature. They want to be given things. They want to be given things without working for them. What is trumped on trumped has given them jobs, we almost heavy flat unenclosed. We also have no one employment in this country. Thanks to President drop the jobs around there. The money is returning to the economies of the law. What kind of these are surging manufacturing is back call my arms again did you get in here they are. I am, I think, is that the economy is a new handout
but it s not our jobs, none! I don't either tastes you given them the operator job is the opportunity you have to work. They are there. The list the latter are the way. Maybe you take them for years, working on great fun result. I know that's why you're saying that these three point, eight percent unemployment or whether we have that's the lips. The three point: eight, is the lip They still don't wanna work that this work must have. Our entire pill heads not most. What I learned TAT but like it you should they're, not serious about trying to help the rest of the country. The cut your rest, the countries our getting these giant arms bore rain. Then you have to stay. Come on what you want, like that's what that's? What America's all about its about giving everybody the opportunity this c mon. I register floored by this sociological analysis. Get yourselves real problem with employment in this country. Is the lips
they won't work. That's their ungrateful out real browser balloon. Everybody knows that the lips are or are for the most part, just not serious people. Ok, they dont have serious jobs there. The sociologists out there are areas that we will get there now employ aid are not working, they don't want a word that are not working or they there had their their tenure and academia. They are now working on those jobs if they have those jobs are not working right by nature that getting three check? They just think that, like everybody else like wants to have
like laissez faire lifestyle grew ya could have if you could harnessed the lives in your economy and actually put their know, how you do it, just don't try nets really like clay was you know obstructing down on J tramp arrived before we get to our pop culture, update, send a check him with their sponsors, zip recruiter. You know it's not smart job sites that overwhelmed with tons of the wrong resonates, but you know what is smart, zip, recruiter, dot com, Slash Beacon, unlike other job sites, it recruiter, doesn't wait for candidates to find you zip recruiter, finds them for you. It's powerful matching technology scans. Thousands Erasmus identifies people with the right skills education.
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wow. What was by Israel is fundamental crunch and what was the milk? It was Geller melt, oh good. It wasn't like to understand or anything we're on oil now, but some fans have pointed out that she may have had serious milk and twenty thirteen when she posted about it. Instagram Irish. Fifty all this stuff before it just didn't, go viral burners over then like changing. Then maybe this is the first time is like changing what she probably was afraid of the carbon in the sugar, so she just posed with it but didn't there: are millennia of killing the cereal industry? this story, a wild bag was that millennials or too late. It's too much work you take the cereal out of a buys. It now get the fridge she'll there, cereal cereals coming very lazy to put the milk and eggs like cereals, coming back, though, if you saw like the M J K, distract on Eminem like half the time, she's going Kelly is eaten a bullet cereal and then
look on the sidelines of lot of common aims. You got the guy's man, I've cereal motion, much like I'm, always our eye on how it is going to become what else you more Her dashing news, Chloe Carnation is moving back to Cleveland with her babies, Father Trust in Thompson, the notorious cheated no tourist. She thereby in house one he has to get back to playing basketball, so they cannot work on their family. I guess that are really get somewhere, so the relationships feeling better than ever more good, you know said, do you believe in second chances, man you're, the dating expert sure I do about their chance. You have run into this exchange strikes in her yesterday responsibly Fan club to women. Ok, we, Ireland. Next we have diesel has chosen Nicky Menage as the face of their anti bullying campaign. The slogan is the more hate you where the less you care, so it somewhere
Billina Dunham revolve clothing line. I M going to show us a slut in the ad is cheating gonna talk about party be like low lying hurrying out of you. A lot of people are complaining that Nicky Menage as boys has riots Blasi the faint. How could do show possibly make any genes it would fit. That's a fair point either now she's, I mean a lot of people are complaining about this, but she hasn't responded to the backlash. Probably just shouldn't get paycheck Finally, this is a very important one area in that the reporting unwieldy gas and has been too long sentence. She's been mentioned, but the slander in the deal bees are saying that it's all fake news. It was all just publicity using I'd. Really rather claiming is she says I heard and Serene was hacked on her in Sweden, is always a good draft or passport that had her birthday as she is born in two thousand to which would make it
sixteen. Ninety nine of all young, especially will not be the youngest, like, certainly get Harrison listen. This is gonna, be fake. New FBI me hear them Togo, joy, red doctor for loyalty and get it mine Christopher Ray you gotta get on that Europe needs to order this, just as it is, is the suggested I wanna hear Erikson's thoughts on guilty, but just to interrupt for one. Second, is the Democrats position? The trump has power, to compel the FBI to do what he wants yet is a tall order area I, after four completely when value here. Don't you you're a guy? Can you order investigation clear now Neither are not allowed. Will Albertini ended investigators, divergent rolling. I would trade that that's the point I gotta know Cavanaugh to smaller absolute yeah, yeah yeah yeah negotiate from a position of strength.
Back to its aid through good point Harrison. How old is she ok? Look. I think she was hacked because, like anybody is like we ve heard about. Deep, fake video. They can fake videos. Now all women, no absolutely thy big in deep fake, a passport. Absolutely nothing! Look. There has been a Smith. There has been a smear campaign that has been launched against loyalty ever since she had the tops of jail started early in the summer. Okay, now she did something very smart. She would engage in a whole lot of this criticism and a whole lot of this. Like backlash, that was her style of flexing than her style of of making it to the top and hustling she went dark. Voltaire hasn't been heard from in months, and I think that was exactly what you do when you get to the top. Like you, you, its counter he would have because most people say would you gotta give him more and more and more? What do you want them? Wanting more
You do not give them what they want. You give them what they want to know what they were in the a process of rebranding. I mean I didn't know I wanted low tabled until you started playing. Videos like high heads of ways to lower its hours a nine year old boy, was also possible. Those you sound like a nine year old, what's proved its also possible that she's hustled her way from nine to sixteen book. She's always outwork everybody, she's she's, move more bricks, sold more cocaine kicked in more
ever guineas than anybody else out there, especially of her age. It's possible. They are too did the people come after you, money or the tough while our right, Wolf Stepney. Thank you for all this very real news on culture of furs and our culture around beyond saves former drummer Kimberly Thomson has accused the singer of practising witchcraft, but not just any witchcraft. Extreme witchcraft Thomson filed a restraining order against the woman who calls himself a queen S. First clue alleging Bay, Praxis, dark magic cast, spells of sexual molestation and murdered her kitten Thompson, attributes beyond, say to the quote: loss of many jobs, thefts of homes, the murder of my pet kitten magic spells on my lovers,
numerous broken relationships, though the restraining order was denied twitter isn't fold as nice. Guy five o four says: why are you people shocked? We ve seen the woman where Satan throw up signs and turn into a demon. Onstage Matt, The rapporteur has seen through beyond say from the start of these. First of all, these are credible, Alec ok, truly for predators, guy on the technical another, whatever I may make a credible allegation, someone who knows beyond say well, these Germans. These allegations are in just recent right. Get there not like thirty. Six years have be I investigation before we go forward and determine whether they have a restraining order on Bianca, by the way it's obvious she's, of which I am not sure that ever why not merely Andy's ever have been saying this for year for easy watched, Grammy's anymore they're, all which is it's weird therein discipline
You know who they should get Christine O Donnell Delaware. Ass to have I write Cacena. She rang. Where are they now realise that younger what she's doing yet she said he's, not a witch, but can we write that at the three big guy Cholera Z, what makes it be answered? He I think, she'll take your call characteristic and actually do not in keeping with my feet. Believing all women? This is a tough one for me how knowing what I know about certain disgruntled employees and former employers. I think this is more of a practice of bitch cry. As opposed to witchcraft after the drummer. Ok, this is pissed off disgruntled former employees, trying to smear one of the biggest stars in the planet and probably try to get some few a few bucks out of it. I call me crazy: the crazy, but I think that
That is what we have. We have the practice of bitch craft being employed to the fullest extent. It's one of the other Goldfarb do thoughts on this I mean I don't like that. The answer I tried to tell I mean tat we for evil. Your first written writers been referred, so I dont Natalie does not really you're, not you're, not come now. Library of her Natalie would defend beyond, say just but she's vat around the spell out to guess that's what the spell does it makes it makes Newton, not it's one thing to just like the songs, but that's not how she's treated in the media. No you having like work between Bay and the my dad's personnel. That's the magic right there. I'll bet, Selena Gomez, though she pretty good at next turkish chef news,
red group. Shea also known as his meme alter egos sought bay because it is over the top way. Sprinkling. Spices on his dishes is finding himself on the wrong side of viral social media, as he posted videos of him serving dinner to Social was dictator, Nicholas Maduro at stake. Housing is Stamboul New York Times, notes that saw baser lamb, chops, costumes, fifty dollars at his restaurant York, while venezuelan suffer under socialism. That has led food prices to skyrocket gotta go without meals and two thirds of hospitals not having any infant formula for babies. Venezuelans in Miami are now protesting outside his restaurant calling sorbet an accomplice. Videos drew the ire of little mark, oh, who tweeted out the phone number and address of the Miami restaurant and said quote. I dont know who this weirdos salt Bay is, but the guy he is so proud to host is not the President of Venezuela Harrison. You know who
Hayley bought? You knew that Hayley Bobbin wasn't Alec Baldwin's daughter. Did you know who's Albania of course, only be solved by was, and of course little. Margo knows who salt Bay is, otherwise you wouldn't be tweeting about it. Just kind of like a ridiculous thing is there Yet I am glad that you brought up the whole Baldwin fiasco from the most recent episodes in that's why that Natalie is serving her one game suspension. She tried to them: Splain, Baldwin, family tree to me as well. Just some dumb white guy doesn't under India you hop Alan S, do lead her. You know no, I back down because I'm afraid of you little bag limit. You know this. This me to the dynamic that we ve got in this world today. I didn't wanna like jump in I d like to be a man. You know I am describing ass, all intimidating and stuff, but like so I just like meekly accepted that I was wrong. It's not case. Ok, men can play the pop culture game. You ve just wells any woman, and so
an appropriate that and that's why she serving or one gives special she'll, be back next up. So I think, with a clean slate, no Bygones Andrew second chances now back sulphur. I actually think this is a good thing. If we're trying to foster a revolution in Venezuela like that's what you want to see you want to see the ruler being served by you know like the Bush star shifts in the country in the world. You want to, them living above everybody else's means. You want to see him not as a man of the people. You want to see if a man of of the powerful lead, so that's the way we should be doing. This is like yeah, that's exactly what socialist still yet it once they get to the top. They call the power all the wealth, all the fame of fortune, all of the beautiful women become around and- Then they rabbit and everybody else's face. Ok, so I think it's actually good thing. Let's get this revolution gone mad yeah.
Now, if Maduro is planning to go to the? U N g aid next week, when the tram administration should deny, I am wearing rights, I think there's a real way. I mean short of military intervention that even then we got rid of Noriega the with the military intervention, so we got rid of Grenada with melted, feel a bit harder, probably, but nonetheless, I think our objective in Venezuela should be to topple his regime in this helps whether dotting, the restaurant and forty helps is another question I'm kind of the devil heading, but it makes into making sense. I mean it's, why would you do that? You, as I also had ITALY, was. I thought it was about the answer: I know it's hard to keep it straight. Sorbet queer eyes, ears, spelling difference. As Ba like before, and anyone out the other man and this assault,
but actually learn something I don't know. I guess I don't know if that's what they haven't seen sprinkle. So why sprinkle all my stakes now? It's all I always vomiting laying down is he on teacher is Now you have viruses like he became a mean because he looks weird. Woody during the night like bad answers, what he very seductive? We carbs his meat and then the finishing touches to some very
like Alan Macartney, inspires eyes like many Maduro, you know if he inherited and wherever Argentina's fired. At times I M talking about, came to realize how about the drinking champagne beset with sounds good to be the king. I get this affair. That is the only ever. If you ever got in charge of a regime watch out I'd be envied under the very big. I know everything. Unfortunately, that is not the time we have for decades. Additional red writer I'd like to give a special thanks, equities r L be born, of course, are free, beating, guess, medication, Etienne Harrison, Michael Copper and seventy Merrick remember Fund is on Itunes. Google play in stature just search for free beacon. Please subscribe to your friends and lead a positive review like a listener Java bomb who says quote, I enjoy the ban and I was of a laugh, I love to catch up with episodes who are moving my law and it must be strange to see a man laughing while knowing thanks buddies.
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