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Democratic Debate, LeBron’s Bowing to China, and the Beatdown of Environmentalists

2019-10-18 | 🔗
The gang discusses the latest Democratic debate, NBA star LeBron James bowing to communist China, and how the Brits are fighting back against the environmentalists. This episode is brought to you by Ethos life insurance.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners also, it should be taken to seriously listener. Discretion is advised, go ahead, make my day hello and welcome to write and writer the official podcast of the Washington Free beacons sponsored by eat those I'm your home Alianza Johnson. The editor in chief of the Washington Free Beacon, and you can follow me on twitter at Aliona. Why? Johnson, the free beacon podcast is available on Itunes. Google play in stature. Police Dr tell your friends and leave her view. Join me from the
right today is free beacon, founding editor Matthew continuity. You may remember him from such mainstream eat media outlets. As the New York Times National Review and Commentary magazine, you can follow him on twitter at continuity, Oh man, however, we honor further to match right is free beacon, President Aaron Harrison and while the best speechwriters don't take credit for their work, hats off to the free beacons. President for a letter, well written omby on president trumps. Have to President area one of Turkey. Some might call a perfect. It was perfectly written letter and I think that we are all seeing the fruits of the pen once again to go with the perfect phone call, similarly, there was a beautiful phone long beautiful conversation, perfect are perfect phone call, perfect letter, perfect results. Returning to the programme is the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international man of mystery and licence Republican Could sultan. He always
sir Paneless than line fellow go particularly on enjoying again on the programme columnist for Bloomberg View and intrepid investigator reporter Eli Lake. We love his passion, welcome, Eli, ghost of mere con past. Chairman of the project for a new american Kurdistan.
On today show poker haunt us under fire. At the fourth democratic debate calmly campaign showing public signs of strain and Lebron James becomes a flag for the czech arms up. First, the mainstream media want touch her butter. Democratic competitors showed no such compunction. Pocahontas was the subject of blistering attacks a Tuesday evening, democratic debate or rivals from Bernie Sanders to Peat Buddha Judge and Amy Closure slammed her for her refusal to tell voters whether Medicare for all will raise their taxes. Matt did the debate? Do anything to dent warrants, front runner status? Yes, I mean, I don't think it shown up in the polls yet, but I think both by them and one did not have very good weeks. You know I've been saying for some time to get myself credit that the mere pizza they're waiting for his moment, and I think he had a good debate because more passed up six opportunities. I believe to answer the question of whether Medicare for all, which is
demanded by the Urban Institute to cost thirty four trillion over a decade. I will result in middle class tax increases, she refuses to say, and it gets to the I think, her core weakness, which is dishonesty, so she can have a very good week. She's she invited are both, I think, flawed front runners, and I continue expect this raced change in the coming months. Will that wasn't the only attack that warns rivals through at her calmly Harris tried to shame Pocahontas for her failure to Back Harris's car to kick trumped up Facebook, but Pocahontas was having none of it Harrison while Warrant big own of Pocahontas be enough to secure the nomination or is there still room for Hilary in this race requires a gigantic lame that Hilary could come in here and occupy number one. Hilary is is funding. Until we know what no matter what you think of her politics, what about if you think of her criminality, no matter what you think at the body count.
She's a serious candidate with serious plans to dominate this world cup, Harris might be the least serious candidate in the house. Three of the democratic feel, I mean think about her big ideas. Right now banned Trump from Twitter But that's what shit that's the hill she wants to die on shore No wonder Elizabeth warrant hold her to go to Hell. It's just stupid like these that people have real problems in this country. This world is facing serious problems of all irish word about Twitter. Well, how about had Kelly Mary Ban triumphant conversations with reciprocity? Berwin and it is only one way to do that, but we have to have a lot of her team photo shopping. The image of car work at their ok. Look at those. You haven't Syria that they are not only what I mean in that, yet that's her other with big strategy to win the election. Is you have this clown communications rector of hers like photo shopping in common Harris into the city?
Roosevelt rumour, wherever the how they were having a meeting I M, showing you plus yelling at me, I made no sense dragged for it. So incompetent you're. The hair campaign, is such a disappointment not ready for primetime. Kemal hers is out there flailing and its members, so they did what you always do in a crisis situation. They said nothing, and did the tweet that won't let every that we think that's what every browser yard exactly tat would tell you know just add, though any groups Ericsson is too modest to say this, but there is one other big blow to her to warns campaign this week, and that is the free beacon store I found in my morning. You mail has they viewed, therefore tomahawk. Yes, once I must have a market is flooded with the foam tomahawks,
the Magyar rallies? You're gonna get it before the right. You know why we always now those aided in stores at the man of war and is open to other free beacon, pop up store will be selling form tomahawks towards ten dollars. Apiece available, free beacon, dot com- if you go to the store icon at the very top of your screen, will be directed at page Regan by your very to take the next matter. Rally Kitty view. Pre herself is the one who came up with his brilliant idea, she's in care she's in the off. Competition for the largest commission right now. These things are flying off the shelf. It would not I mean, can you just picture? Let's just say the Democrats: do the unthinkable and dominate Pocahontas herself. Can you think about the? Can? in short, haul, down and Charlotte entwined. Twenty with the entire arena, where Gimme some Ground. Tomahawk drop just trap and away like a second. The trump brings up Pocahontas ivory talk about funds
intimidation the election will be one on the spot. It's gotta. Have make it happens in an area that is the vision except Harrison that the worn campaign also went back this week and deleted a video of warranted guessing her native American Herod. Well, he was not a windows with solar, but don't worry, preserved on the free beacon website, rebuking dying honour that ensure London. You know this isn't even our add further for this podcast stay tuned like yeah. No, I was surprised to the extent to which the means impress was rattled by warrants the Bay performance and they love her They really love her. They really want her to be. The girl and I am they were nervous because she's not had any real competition. So far, none of these debates, if featured any he taken a shot her at all and all of us, when she got the shots in clover. Char was kind of effective bluer up.
Republican talking point thing like before she could even get the words out of her mouth. Buddha judge was kind of effective against her, so do you know she not superhuman infernal didn't die. That's the other thing writes a bird. Early Bernie literally revived another wheeled about such a large but low bar Allah was he needed to be healthy and he came across his old self little illegal was it not so one has to pressure from the left worn they thought what nine months ago, they thought she was fatally wounded. Was terminal. There was no way she could ever win the nomination, let alone the presidency. Then they talked themselves into she's the front runner she so strong she's been waiting for this rural life, but like deep down, they still have that fear and you're gonna see that if she is the nominee every couple weeks, you're gonna see this panic attack because they know that she is fragile, whereas brittle this, the problem with the democratic feel they all sock. For two weeks, the media thought the Elizabeth Worn was about
what contender another finding out o. How can it be reminded every six months that she socks I found out she's anti cripple the shooting a global, but get your who is an actual cripple. That's in their field is job. I back. I actually did die on the stage he was screaming, like I do in one of my like tangential rats at the end of the debate. What an embarrassment the guy is clearly out of his death is so sad. He is the candidate, who never was in this race. Just as he always has been in the previous two times, he's flamed out running for President
you see a fund raising numbers. The guy can't even manage its own budget. You spending time hours, promote com or more than is currently command conall as more cash on hand and by a maze of Kemal said. She's atop your candidate by that Richard is speaking of Camelot. Her team really did have a banner weak on twitter after a buzz feed. Editor tweeted that warrants domination of the Trump Twitter question was the highlight of the debate Kamel of flak in SAM's, appealed to her boss buzz
and you ve been Smith. Calling the tweet quote: whiteness manifest this kind of Love SAM's. Who is white in SAM's, who may not know he's wide, but but isn't that a few people in the face of women's actually wider than Catherine, so an SAM's tax, spend Smith to say quote this kind of stuff is just a really horrible look for you, guys, Smith, replied so about my view with him saying this is whiteness manifest in this is a horrible three guys, The horrible freebies was an enormous bit a projection from in SAM's onto Buzzfeed and Smith. Replied you seriously not have real problems. This text makes me think you are totally totally unready for an act of actual presidential campaign. You I are these: the death throes of presidential campaign or his rigour, mortis already set in its hard to say
Now. Are really in the region, a region of northern Syria? Unified? I'm? U! I am sorry, but it is an outrage that I was watching. Those debates and I saw tolls Gabert talking about regime change worth what's wrong with regime change wars. Apparently republic. It used to be in favour of regime change worth knowing the guy was going up there. It's like red or code pink talking about We're gonna emulous worries, like Lamy on Aren t get my money back. What are you came here on this under false pretences, is putting us in Hamburg amateur show. Now Syria, who I was tired to the debate, have tied to the diverse here's. The problem here, you lie. The problem is nobody his nobody? That's listening at home just heard your brilliant elocution of that situation at hand Is your microphone is not properly oriented towards? You know you're you're vocal corps,
nobody her. It's fucking reeling from a closet next door, that's where they open yelling from food. Yet I feel like it the closet, five it for the last NEO conservatives. Actually care about what we're off with me caring about like anyone. I got out of my second who actually care a man is not that I remember we supported the girl. You know why, because they were the hold it Bobby reason: Single Democrat on that stage, other than other phonemes mutation controls Gabert. They don't care about the cur adopt your position. They don't care by. Then there are the biggest Johnny come with me on this ever like Eli, like nobody work. EL bottoms any more women to horse it. We don't wear weeks, two meetings anymore, it's just not in fashion anymore, the things you so passionately care about. Let it go
move into the twenty first century will show up and rough. They were left out of prison. Ok because we want to hand them with wars. Look if there are eight look, if you're, not in prison than letting remove, really be bombed, look would not wait. I'm wearing the way you and endless words is by to invade and start another s, love of the war. Somebody killing, ok back to come We need to take that early intervention. Ah, you know that was used to like them. We, like the intervention, are their press aids. In recent memory. You have done more damage to their candidate, maybe Hillary Clinton but maybe Hillary Clinton, but wait I've known their calmly interview. I fear, then, that two thousand eight, the original added by the way rebel, how I loved it, but I love that only when it comes to buy. He walked out of that studio. Michael
Rousing standing ovation from the entire campaign deserve It was a more owl booster to a meagre down trodden kicked in the nuts and left to die in the ditch campaign go farm raises spirits became an inter, the euro is not an extra one and I have never had on tv again, but it will it go for a fifty pounds. You're my gold one at the time mentioned. Rather the fifty one didn't Modena dance around the name that shall not be named back in two thousand and eight of reverence Jeremiah right when Mccain refused to deploy that attacks against our dollar. A guy I'll fill our listeners in on the back, and while you guys talk your insides gave five listeners to this part are all aware of what we are discussing. Ok up next lake
superstar Lebron James stepped into the fray this week to take a bold stance of no stance on the Hong Kong protests. James is announcement came after he criticised Houston Rockets, general manager, Darrow Morey, for supporting the Hong Kong protesters, tweeting that he quote, wasn't educated about the situation at hand. James clarified moments later that he was quote not discussing the substance, others. Talk about that. What he did not mention was that he makes thirty two million dollars a year from Nike, which in turn makes about four point: two billion dollars in China annually on footwear alone. Perhaps others can talk about that Matt. You know it fascinates me about this. Whole stories
lot of criticism on the right, as this is the hypocrisy corporate hypocrisy? How can these S J W companies be basically play into the hands of the communist Chinese? And the truth is, I don't see it as very hypocritical, because any corporation is what are they most afraid of their most afraid of scrutiny from the government and the way that you attract scrutiny from a govern.
It is by basically causing controversy and that so that's what's happening with the NBA in China. They don't want to cause controversy and that's why they're for social justice and woke here at home, because to be S J W is not to be controversial. So it's the same type of logic that governs the corporate behavior in both continents, where we took we cannot accept, is the fact that the way you attract controversy in the United States today isn't by being woke its by being a christian conservative. That's what is controversial! That's what that's what you invites blow back and if you doubt me, just ass, chick fillet or ask hobby lobby. That is what is controversial, fine point and I would just add, I was furious. With a line I was hearing from the Ambien Alot of the attendant sportswriter summit, Amanda event, where your hearing it was offensive to chinese people what Darrow more aid
general manager of the Houston Rockets tweeted, which was a retreat of like solidarity with Hong Kong, to which I like a really there's, twittering China now because it so its offensive to the chinese communists who are running China right now and that's an end There does all this. Obviously, all I would ask those there is look. There is chinese NASH and shortly on, the government, and if you recall that video from earlier in the protests where There were mainlanders like criticising the Hong Kong who had been flying american flags in the airport and they were saying to them. Why
doing that. Why you're Chinese were so. I agree that the twitter accounts that our policed by the chinese authorities were responsible for a lot of this controversy, but I do also think that it is reflective that one reason why these companies are so quick to pull the shoes or to get rid of the endorsements or even remove officials is the chinese populace, is extremely nationalistic and that nationalism has now turned against the pro democracy movement. Here's my theory of it, which Leubronn embarrassed himself. I mean, of course, comment was like a veto, the joke on Twitter. He said The choir part out loud and when my money and how dare you and that that was basically has you're the thing which our guys you know pre for the last ten years about how how he's chain, the world for the better and how dare you tell the shut up in Tripoli, told there are more shut up in drivel, but I actually think this is all
shut up that it's all the way down that the Chinese were just looking for an excuse to go after the NBA that they don't actually want. The NBA in their country. They dont want american athletes getting sneaker deals in their country. They want NASH, industry, that's what they want everywhere. They want their national champions to be the dominant economic players in China, and why would they be Be within NBA League, where these guys have outsize influence these like ok, they may have the NBA under their thumb today, but who knows where it goes in five years in ten years, so I think there are looking to the sort of support and protect their own kind of sports leaves, I think, we're gonna seo next five ten years as they try and stand up some kind of alternatives to the dominance of american professional sport, Why? If I was the bronze social media adviser, I would have him we'd like a free EAST Turkestan or we too bad, I would or you don't. I mean what I would tweet a photo of like a much lesser China
in any event, like a greater say, support the Kurds, with that well now you're just baiting being run in hot on that and I'm trying to cool down our as far as they are brought about he's not going to do that and it's like an and then what with Stephen they smell like a grown man, worries about the money and like also aspire, is also a current of anti Americanism that courses through the social justice movement and its one. That would then they see, but, for example- You ve heard comments right with you now. I know why we live at the second met there that position the anti, Eric and position is fine with chinese repression, its final matter, because we're we're the ones at fault. Ultimately, so they are being consistent. That's my that's. My take modest, my hot miss, I think, might touched on something that I think needs to be explored a little bit more. Is that your? It was China who invited the NBA over, but
was only in return that was only part of their young mink strategy from where they created. What thought was a basketball terminator when they bread his two parents, like the two tallest people in China, to produce this seven foots nix monster of about while player that they thought they could export to the United States, basically rent him out for a couple of years and then bring the NBA back in under the Gatt. Under the rule of the superhuman basketball player. Who happened to be chinese, they thought that they were controlling the NBA. What that, unfortunately, trimmings feet knees and ankles, and everything else really only held up for a couple of years and it failed. But anyway I did, and now he is in charge now he's in charge of the chinese basketballs. It's not. That is, I think, it's a total backfire. I think that they thought that they can make a play to kind of Domini had been here longer and now it's really comes down to it. We don't forget to mention a low movie called space. Gm too, which is set to release in two thousand, Twenty one were
Braun himself takes on. The Michael Jordan Lead role of cultural export, a huge american movie that needs to be allowed by the chinese censures if they're going to make any money in it. That's what a bronze really coming from. Here too. It is about the money with him. They been. You know in a sense the power to him, but also what an eighty. What was he thinking speaking a money, a quick word from our sponsors. This week you may be putting off getting life insurance answers especially relevant, give the two democratic front runners, our septuagenarians and republican front runner- is also a septuagenarian peoples
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he's go by one of those tomahawks cause. I really need a new bag in some Botox, so I just need you guys. You do this for us, the veiled wrapper and fire Festival, partner, job rule was discussing a lot of things recently, including as time behind bars of always heard. Suppression. Regarding prisons, like don't drop the so but now I know that angel solves slogan, comfort wherever you want, it doesn't applying the slammer he acts com. That really is present six years ago, and the only thing that still handsome is the toilet paper supposedly. It was late awaiting with Abril opened up up up up. I was shocked to discuss the toilet paper and not the microwave cookbook. He previously wanted to right after gaining thirty pounds during his stay deck con college. It makes you why, sure that a judge our rule is this scared from the teepee. How is his fire partner fire Festival, partner, Billy
farlane gonna handle it when he's out in the Sharm and enjoy the go society. I love that billing filing guy He is now in a low security rather than Ohio, so I'm kind of wondering who he is in his cell thou. Moving on from one may well away one man well acquainted with the gleaming to another who has more mugshots, then Lindsey low Hand, Alec Baldwin, as any accomplishments, they're getting snapped, isn't one of them physics to Europe actor, we'll get arrested over a parking space that can't seem to pull out of his wife's driveway Baldwin in his yoga de Jure wife, malaria are expecting their fifth childs together the I got married in two thousand and twelve incense. They ve had four Children. One miscarriage analysis, been arrested three times in brooding ones over riding a bicycle against the flow of traffic,
this has not discourage them from passing on his premium genes, which seems to have no parliament direction. There is no word from the Baldwin's of Alec is allowed to play this little piggy with his children's feed at all, or if he refers to all of these children's toes as rude thoughtless, little pegs Gower employed in it wouldn't be a package. I say it in isn't in Hollywood and women be standing aside and discuss the divorce last. Madman, actors, Christina Hendricks, shockingly announced the end of her tongue. Your marriage to Madam Secretary Actor, Jeffrey Errand. My favorite part of their statement is today we take our next steps together, but on separate paths. These two have bowed to always work together to raise their two beautiful dogs, which I've said before and I see him by that. It is extremely difficult to do. The split was a surprise to the internet, but the motion in part, was that the man that was married to those gorgeous woman is-
guy and super troopers. That's licking the glass in the back seat of the cop car, and I love your authors in case anyone. I remember her she's stunning, and he looks He lives in a basement. That's kind of amazing! That's a huge pull for that too. Somehow he let her go I want to know how he must this out. Is that a recent photo of her yes she's very gorgeous and those are real, boobs spectacular. Those look more like basket yeah or watermelon. You gotta have back issues there and find we in the beacon culture around London, computers were not fans of the climate change protestors who mob subway stations during peak travel hours this week, Londoners took matters into their own hands. Cnn reports shouting at one protester who had position himself on top of a train
one fearless citizen than grabbed him by his ankles and dragged him down Harrison Really this is enough to stop global warming right work. I hope it's something that speed this action here and the states, but we can learn a lot from our european allies. This was a a fantastic Ak Act of rhetoric. Fusion for these scumbag protesters that have nothing better to do than disrupt people's lives. In their livelihood. That is, Apparently what the protest movement now does they just come out? They block traffic DE ruyter bicycles. You know that their need. Eating their vision, cuisine known about how I dont protest anymore. You appreciate value your maturing, but it's about time that the peoples that the real p the silent majority. This country stand up to these freaks when they start protest. In disrupting our everyday life. Look. We have freedom of speech in this country, but you don't like freedom to like sit out there and like this
rob the floors hops. Let him do it if I let you think, there's a difference in degree between what we had here a couple weeks ago in DC and New York and with these extinction. Rebellion protests which began on for several weeks now in London and are true, had been truly disruptive. Amid to the point, you know Long waits and such, and so I can totally see the frustration and boiled over and has also it was. I may make a round of them. You know well tried to reduce Britain's carbon footprint, Adolf Hitler and those of the people, the good people of Britain Hoof. The fight to the Germans right and he sought again. They still got. They still got fighting them, they might not yet I they might get threatening to go through, I believe anywhere, where thus in Normandy, unlike certain others, that we knew action yeah, but I'm not going to go down there are serious about. It does seem like a greater losing it entirely. What do you use your draft syn
gonna, get along in Birmingham to say, are fighting back there, urban centres and fire now rule Britannia yeah, well disdain thanks. Let depressing because they re on you. I didn't write the world with. Don't worry, we got another topic. We go on the guy or finally Buzzfeed NEWS reports that porn stars and sex workers are furious. That Instagram is policing their content. Facebook, not the only villain. Here, though, I think Facebook owns Instagram taking down their accounts while offering confusing guidelines and explanations for doing so. This vicious actually comes. Despite a summer meeting, were actors union representatives and platform officials tried to hammer out their differences Harrison your response to this unchecked aggression sure look. I think that Facebook has got itself into a little bit of a real problem here with their stock because simply put
they care too much. Why did they care about what the hell this crap you not? What crap is this is. It is being spread on there Therefore, there are so many variations of crap in the world. In online. You cannot police them all that The nature of the internet is what makes the so horrible. It's also makes the internet so great for them to go around and likes it here and just arbitrarily saying. Oh, this is good content. That's bad content! I mean they're. Just gonna continue to keep digging themselves this whole. Just should have stuck by their initial position. Which is like one look. This is what it is the platform did I ever tell you want some warning labels out there, but enter at your own risk, the more delighted that wasn't gonna pornography and there would be no internet commerce, pretty much?
They speak for yourself. No, no, I'm telling you that's a fact. Some of us use this for educational purposes. No, it's a fact errands reading on online degrees, and nobody would there like credit card on the internet until we haven't figured out there, the paper poor, its effect, I think they're killing the goose this land, that gold mag bad move, Instagram But Instagram also took away the feature of looking at recent activity of other people, and I'm a little upset about that, because I can no longer stop all of the man that I have been watching and watching what doing and who there like a well. I love Facebook. I support every decision, on Board Sadly, that is all the time I was happy. I resident Scully that is the time we have left for today's edition of right and writer. Special thanks to our producer, you're cool sitting in Firefox then today and, of course, our free weaken, guess, Matthew, continuity, Aaron Harrison Michael go bar you I lake and
do pray remember, find us on Itunes, Google play in stature, just search for free beacon. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a positive Ruby review like listener. Jake W who wrote Robe help or three thousand and his waterway. I system just didn't work for a red, blooded american podcast glad they brought jobs back U s shores with Aliona as the host until now?
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