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Epstein, Fredo, and the Invention of Canaries

2019-08-14 | 🔗
The gang discusses Jeffrey Epstein's highly suspicious death, Chris Cuomo's similarities with a certain movie mobster, and the idea of millennials who write on the internet unionizing.
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Welcome to the Washington Free Beacon, podcast on your host Daniel helper. Thank you for listening to free beacon. Podcast is also they'll. Want apple. Google play in stature. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a review coming up on today. Show will go behind the scenes of Jeffrey Epstein suicide whose to blame trouble. At CNN a candid video catches host Chris Cuomo slipping out at an apparent viewer who caught him Fredo the network stands behind. Their hop had an anchor will also have exclusive reports from our legal correspondent in our pop culture queen and finally, Hollywood again bouser the mob was cancelling the hunt. The right call will discuss. Join me on the show. Today is a dear old friend. The show was Harrington who rose to fame by once hosting this podcast than is now a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee. Welcome was well
thanks for having me automation, man, taking Maya job, the new age, new economy. My compliments the folks and sell Silicon Valley for when we sent you out for repairs over the past month. The upgrade I think it's good. You think so that that friends, his errand Harrison's lifelike free beacon, impersonating, looks more so That's! It is a new knows also in today's programme, Alex Griswold staff writer here at the Beacon democratic donor, Jeffrey Epstein, on Griswold democratic donor. What now you ve gone right into the intro powder, yet please note, have going you wasn't saying out, result democratic donor using Alex Griswold Next Barrett
democratic donor treasury obscene. There was an algorithm air go for democratic donor, Jeffrey Epstein, reportedly committed suicide. Last Saturday at New York, Correctional facility Epstein, a close friend of Bill Clinton, was being held on sex trafficking charges. President Trump, who also socialized to New York, financier in the past on the press, to figure out what to figure out. The Clinton connection you have to ask quote: did Bill Clinton go to the island? That's the question: if you find that out, you're gonna know a lock trump set in a statement acquitting spokesman said the suggestion the Clinton's are involved is quote ridiculous and, of course, not true Liz who's responsible for Epstein, cowardly death, hum. That's what we're gonna get to the bottom of re. Adding that's why we need to answer these questions. I mean the sky. The most and tortuous prisoner in the world may be tried to kill himself, maybe was attacked. We still know the answer to that. The first time was on suicide. Watchful
each and then taken off and out the guards earthly at what we don't know what the hell is going on. So we should have answers right. I know, what's going on what it's exactly the settlers, raise a right. The simplest solution is mostly the most likely speed solution. Think that's how they get here either. The simplest solution, this case Hillary Clinton, had this mother or kill. That's the most obvious thing: barber was spotted on pedophile island. That's year's report That is the one guy that they're like in the in the Clinton. The one Clinton family denotes little find the trump pedophile island, because they don't hang out of place called pedophile island. You do fine Bill Clinton. Pedophile Ireland because we're the sexes, that's where Bob goes and it's pretty is that whatever is in Jeffrey Epstein safe at the bottom of the well
at pedophile island beneath the big Golden domed. Weird temple thing that the piano house allegedly, is what it's called there. That's where all the answers I know we gotta go now. We got it doesn't make sense and we want it doesn't make sense, makes perfect sense. Why does Hilary care, whether the Bill Clinton implicated in all this? She apparently considers him vital to her presidential aspiration you, you think this is all part of her twenty twenty one gets that she can have the name tarnished again, one more time, Griswold. Well as the moderate here. I I'd like to say that people talk about in other partisanship in this country and how the two sides can ever come together, but I think they did in this case. I think that Democrats and Republicans working together killed.
So I think this was a bipartisan moment that we should we should have lot. I think you know, I think it was probably like a murder on the Orient Express situation when there's like twelve different people in the each strangle him a little, and everyone's hand. Isn't it there was a bit of. There was a bit of trauma there is about written Hilary Gun, few tugs, and but honestly this is good. This is good for our country, but we're taking a tough on crime. These have. Moreover, I am sure you didn't know it. You didn't get disdain corridor Firstly, the then why does act as I know, so we could actually have a trial and figure out what happened. I love the media, though complaining about conspiracy theories when they literally pushed a conspiracy theory that Trump was a russian agent for three years and now there's
All we can push theories when their stoking at his Walter, Scott, Scarborough Gonna, Goddess garage, yeas, petticoats rush, of course, as always rocky deleted that sweet, but he looked up a whole bunch of other tweets where he took on oh how convenient for the rich and powerful new country what he was only Yes you're right you just getting but letting go all the time he had gone on Monday that and to give them a segment. Oh, isn't it so going that President tromp is spreading, conspiracies, etc, etc, as did literally the exact same thing, what I am concerned that there may be a serial killer out here, you think so, because the bodies keep piling up fishermen's foster. Today there was a judge over seeing another Epstein civil case drop dead would have the right beyond the age of a yea, the ripe young age of ninety six, the judge
revising the case. Mysteriously dies. What do you know? Well Outcomes Razor says that that ninety six year old man was killed. We learn of yes. Guy I'm dead serious in this. I don't know I'm ready for looking at me with a kind of a smirk on their face. We ve got the but with there's a reason. Clinton body count was trending on twitter, no fewer than forty eight hours ago. This very day, and now we have another body him we another body on the plot, starting to regret my decision
don't worry, I figure will be welcomed, wormwood and now it's time for illegal update with free beacons, chief or legal correspondent. Victorino matters counselor. What's on the dog, it hello, rouble helper, and I welcome the thunder dome right. This is what's going on marginal sports. Vanity port annoy was commenting on twitter about employees at the Ringer one of the union eyes port annoy then said he would smash. A bar stool union quote to smithereens. This prompted Rafi, leaped stir of livestock
to reply that, if any bars to employees want to form the union, the M him partner then fired backside. Give anyone DMZ he's gonna firearm right. So this brought the attention of that great champion of the Proletariat Alexandria, Cassio Cortez, who tweeted if your boss tweeting firing threats to employees. Trunk unionized, you are like me, breaking the law and can be sued on the spot, all workers in the? U S have protected freedom to organise for better conditions. So much for port noise. Wait. I guess it's not what you I've felt raw, ok, fire. We rob religion and I read part after you read parts of it. I stole that from fancy. Bilbil Moorish, don't blame me We support the way such the opportunity.
Invited EO, seated obeyed him saying welcome to the thunder dome. I doubt this will happen. So just a couple thinks I'm pretty sure the stories do not want to form a union because they are working for Barston sports. Do not fight fitters, also the best way to prevent union grumblings by keeping the workers happy. We hear at the Beacon have free snacks and free soda now technically EO is correct that under the National Labour Relations ACT, workers do have a right to organise. What's this year, I got I received a note from freebie could present Errand Harrison saying we do not have a right to organise okay, well, go back to you rob a helper. Thank you very much see at an anchor Chris Cuomo was captured viral you're. Getting interpret we're not going to talk about this God. Are you serious we're just gonna role right through their robot helper Harrison. Would you like to try locked away in
is as the chief executive of my dear lady, yes, we already got a comment from you. We don't need a second and now I need the money deliberate on this little bit, because people do not these damn millennium. That are that work at all these websites are the guards the all the other ones vocs, although the ones that are unionized thing, I mean they're struck cry, they They are not out there breakin their backs every day that their typing in all the other freakin keyboards plain on Twitter, like you, need labour protection is very good. I mean it's very bad for your positive you sitting on a computer. All this is what I'm talking about right carpet. On earth, no joke millennials or grind the. What are you doing back their skulls like? Thank you. What are you doing for employees who might be suffering while I look is free beacon employs decide that they really do need a
and they want a union as well. There will be some new rules around here. Ok, I will institute an equal pay clause here at the free beak, and that means everybody will be guaranteed a living wage. Fifteen dollars an hour. You guys we provided that benefit well, and we will be limited to a forty hour workweek now, unfortunately, for you, guys, you're, also because everybody's making an equal amount of money, you're also equally replaceable, you guys you guys like that oughta give sounds remarkably, some somewhere, two thousand, if anybody, if anybody wants to complain about a reduction reduction in salary, with an obvious, replace your somebody else, I
these lists. Harrington on this, very Prague Castle can robot if anybody thinks their special around here, they're not bring it to my attention and I will start instituting some reforms. That's really my hot take right now, madam I saw I sighed with porno is possible, This is ridiculous and see, would lose that debate, but that most of the union, actions usually involve like physical labour, like people that were being set down. The mines like for they invented canaries. Can I just send people down there and it didn't come back your dad. You progress down event. If I may move the robot was shifted off scrip, your folks say at an anchor
first Cuomo was captured on a viral video getting into profanity laced exchange with the person who called him. Fredo. The New York Post reported the son of the former New York governor and brother of the current governor Coma once referred to himself as the hapless godfather character and a radio interview. A video that went primetime Monday on Twitter shows Cremona heated shouting match with the with this man who caught him Fredo with the CNN newsman telling him it was an insult to Italians. The same way the Edward is for Africans. Fredo is from the Godfather Cuomo said he was a week brother and the use of it to an Italian is disparaging Harrison as our colleague VIC Mad, as noted in his defence. Afraid, oh isn't Cuomo missing. The point is that this really a compliment. Well he's stupid. So, like that's, what that's really what this insult white so effective is because Chris Cuomo thinks he's being called the inward. What an idiot, ok, not stupid,
brothers, stupid, moronic, incompetent brothers, are called freedom. Ok, it's a simple term, its effective its accurate, because Fritto in Godfather was a moral anyway. Disloyal moron aims. A murderous son of a bitch tried to kill us. Your brother wasn't very smart, that if I may I Chris COM was interesting because he's kind of a mix, because, on the one hand you know you compare to Andrew. Obviously, you're gonna say that he is the lesser Cuomo. So that's very frayed alike, on the other hand, he's real hot head, and you know you watch that yeah, I mean every other word. Is you know enough bomb in its fight, your passion, good fellows? I mean that's how much he was drop in it. Threatening to throw somewhere down the stairs and afraid it would have never done that. Freedom is very considerate. He was warm use. Kind was at all
at our side, he would have been a wonderful council body was how he was a coward. He why he tried his best. He tried is probably kill you, how lovely wife he had a lovely wives, lovely very anyway, so very good bar manager. We are giving a very bold casino operator because, even though the waitresses loved him and he loved them Griswold, I am. I am not surprised that the Crispin traveller Fredo thing, partly because he had also said previously- that fake news is like going journalists. Edward so this is sort of his ammo is finding ways in which he was oppressed with almost certainly psychologically, because he had such a privileged coming up and he knows deep down that the only reason why he has any person of prominences because of his father and his brother, but to the legitimate, but I'm not surprised that he acted like an idiot. I am a little shocks that seen in kind of fact him up on the
as Fredo's slur against the tide. Take your daddy would end up. They'll lose floored meant the CNN statement stating that like yes, this is a derogatory here's. The glacial slur does it out, and I would ask I agree with them. You know the guy was out having dinner. His family's some some hot had comes up to an elite and react to Basle. What can I just defend? Violence can work, well as violence in this situation. If you ask me what have been the answer, if Chris Cuomo, just turned over to this guy. That was heckling him and said you and smashed him in the face. Everybody would be defending, where's Cuomo, because everybody knows exactly what was going on here. Is you have some guy needling him while he was out with his kids at some look like they were circus tat? I have no idea where they were effort, as some kind of some kind, look event, but honestly, everybody would have defended Cuomo for punching this guy in the face. Instead because, as we have stated previously, Cuomo is kind of
so what did he do? He started within our head. Bob call animal pull our dropped? It suddenly. He becomes like gargoyle, tough guy rocky from the streets of fully all of a sudden. You now talking talking about trying to somebody up, and so so that that becomes. He runs its mouth and because his brain is not fully functioning. He starts sing, idiotic things and he is basically cemented being called Fredo into everyone, is tweets from the future. Is, is gonna, be nothing but Fritto clips being tweet right back at him, every guest and hates him he's gonna column Fredo on TV. He is radio. He wanted to defend himself. Called, and now he has become for no it's To be honest, tombstone, ok, for it be like lies Chris Cuomo, ok, Fredo wonder the carbon to his tombs, that it will be your gonna, come by later with great care and are already on a white, maybe we'll be like the new EDGAR Allan POE Grave visit thing is I ever
somebody comes over in the middle of the night and it again you may I I could see that happen. Paul. When he's a nice anniversary, his death people combine and drop by drop booze on it because he was, he was a full blown drunk, and they know that, like that's how PO got down soap in Baltimore, you know you go visit. The grave brings booze with you, which is what the hell is going on at Santa broke, my heart to hear that Chris Cuomo South use, this ethnic slur and CNN had at all. I repeat it is so offensive, but they have a very troubling pattern of using this ethnic slur on their own programming. So it's very appalling original, regularly leap it out every time.
We gotta see- and I made it on their efforts. First avoid Gardner. Now we're Odin Trump campaigns on tee shirts in their their sound pretty fast. So that's good news really home at home. If you should have removed the actual number with their celebrated. I heard that Let us now turn to our rather than a pop culture. We never really moves this show along. I think that its smooth the problem- it is a really it's a transition function widow. He doesn't have a but further the audience at home. This is what I know more conversation with Daniel Help, you come to hack Lily, it's actually Aramis. You come into a completely logical, ending point of conversation, and then it just followed with awkward silence
cool, it's just like whatever it needs. There needs to be an input for there to be an output and that's the problem. There I get a little nervous with glazier. You notion ass accompanying over the show here. Well, were there will never be a true replacement for less Harrington on the show now turn to our resident pop culture. Queen kitty, Dupree. Allow how What's going on in Hollywood. Well, I'm back from the West Coast this morning, red eye. You guys are lucky that I'm here by Miley is back to being mile, Has anybody heard about the ass? I m very excited we're talking. I why she before miles yeah, she was she was miles. She was tat. She was just going as miles, but so over the weekend. Came in like a racking ball. Partying like she was in the USA over the weekend. Really she was exploring other regions in Europe. She's been may occasionally in ITALY and lay Como is
the only water she's been dipping, oh goodness, so do tell. I I wish there was enough time is south relishing fingered the Miley Cyrus than a hanger games. Actor Ilium hands were have split after eight months, a marriage in a decade of on an updating, a part of this statement from Molly said they still remained dedicated parents to all their animals. They share while lovingly taking this time apart and other related news. Another couple who has recently split is former olympian cake, Jenner, Son Brody and his wife hold on hold on oh yeah, whose goose wrote that just yes through Kate, everybody calls her Caitlin. But she wanted to be called cape because that's the book right isn't that book, I'm Kate, I and call me Kate. I I don't read that I don't I haven't. I dont have only go by word of mouth from the streets were that's what makes you like in such a way
such an esteemed rapporteur on Hollywood, gossip, I'm getting down and dirty and the streets were ass, saw no right round each other and his wife called Uncloud Caitlin Carter. They have called it quits. Despite having a wedding in Bali, they were never legally married. So over the weekend, lemon merrily made headlines breaking up, but the biggest headline was that paparazzi released photos, Miley Cyrus, entailing Carter, kissing, poolside and late Como, ITALY, the Ladys, are getting over the men together through this was We need Goldfarb on the show, because he'd be googling. This image rush out share with everybody here at the tape. I haven't seen this entire I there, but I want to talk about the statement that my land Lamb came out with. It said they're going to continue to be responsible parents to their many pets.
To avoid, say, I can tell you about when you're trying superior and paths with your acts, it does not go well, you know he's gonna wanna have different sitting times. He tries to feed the dog at different times. It's really citing when they come back to mutually Ramage yeah. I had to get my dog a massage after the last time a cheap and lay down. This is this is new kid who do a woman named Kitty was gonna, be such a dog lover I am talking about a a kind of Katy now just more politically charged satire. Thank you
by the way, did I thank you guys politically charged satire denounced by Trump and the right ran squarely into horrific news of a trio of mass shootings. The Hollywood reporter says universal pictures responded by cancelling the release of the film the hunt which chronicles a dozen deplorable trying to at last, a group of private jet lying elites bent on killing their anti choice, gun loving targets, the studio claims it did not foresee the reaction Griswold Wise Universal wrong about the mob. Well, first followed. There is a bad idea about the mob. I mean
Additives make a fuss about cancel culture all the time we can. Then turn round into the same exact thing. That's just annoys me, but also it is glaringly obvious from both the trailer and the Kosovo provided. The Hollywood reporter. That's the there was the so called deplorable were being hunted, are the good guys in the movie and the bad guys? Are these rich liberals who use their hatred for essentially Trump supporters to justify murdering them? It's it's. A great satire supposedly lies a great the movie. What sort, let's be honest, but it was a good satire of sort of the the harsh ultra partisan attitude we had towards our fellow human. I look forward to seeing this movie and I'm pissed that it was cancelled. I'm sure you'll be able to see it when its snuck onto Netflix her, who later was when did the right turn into the left. We didn't that. I'm very troubled by the lack of realism,
four Comfortless movie. I mean, let's be honest here, it'll liberal elites. They don't know how to hunt and come on then on ELM guns, they're, the ones that are protected by bodyguard, that's so, while no, I think it actually is accurate. That's exactly how liberal would own gone.
The liberals on the guns? Nobody else can know they just have the body guards protecting fire gun, Gimme a break or look. I was actually two different taken. This move up come with Griswold, since this movie should come out. Artists are already knows, I'm a big defender. The first first amendment answer: I sent an hand the market in second in and I say let the market decide here, but for me I don't see why a conservative would be pissed off about this movie. Clearly there that the conservatives in this that deplorable Trop supporters were the under docks and I would venture to guess that ultimately, it's one of the deplorable that ends up victorious here now, there's another perspective, I'd like to bring to the table its that every single one of the act.
There's an the film makers in this movie. We're liberals so fresh sake. Some visual visceral pleasure in the fact that you're watching abundant lives get and slaughtered on tv. The way I watch most movies on my going at big liberal that wanted and about a fundraiser that one's given over thirty thousand dollars the Clinton Foundation in Newgate and limbs hacked off all the time. It's it's actually font. That's how you watch movies nowadays, conserved, because Hollywood is like uniformly liberal. So just lock go to the movies with lit warmed. The most lives are getting blown away beyond us. That's why I watch it and I think that's like a healthy way for for most society to watch these texts things I wanted to have like a free begin watch where we all go the movies and we all picket deplorable, are you who survives than I thought. I'd probably pick one of the liberals for me this is something that nobody else is brought up a Hansen's written
this issue has already been made. Ok, it was called sir, giving the game in it start iced tea and rubbed her. However, that's a smiling lonely keenly. Couple other, like all star character. Actors in Charles has done now: they're remake no new ideas in Hollywood and it wasn't a remit, but it was the same basic concept as a VIC did. If you do this, but I mean it goes back to the most dangerous gambling as dialogue, but I thought you were going to say hostile because I feel it you know the highest bidder than can have people tortured to death, and this is like red state hostile. My only thought was that the aversion that that people on the right would have for the movie is because of the violence, not because of the ending its. It seems very clear from the trailer that, as you have pointed out
the deplorable win, so I don't see what they would have directed other than I have no, why liberals are upset. They literally just spent an entire week, blaming the president for a shooting and then their upset that this movie got cancelled like if their blaming political rhetoric, maybe dont. Have this movie come out right now, laughter, a socialist shadow bunch people in Dayton. What appears to be the action they are taking as their shelving it indefinitely improbably forever it it'll sneak out to Netflix is what will happen, the weight for everyone to forget about it, and then those kind of sneak in internet flakes was not a complete loss and we'll watch and realise that the movie site- and it was ridiculous that we got the weak, so worked up about it. They could do a double feet,
With this movie and Green Inferno pilgrimage lonely ago, have you seen midsummer that's kind of along the same hear people saying I should see what I tell you think the ending. I guess I should see. Oh ethical. Sorry, it's great bunch of university lives thing you now cut up further for their cultural relativism, heart pass. What that does it for today's episode, special thanks to our producer, Paul crooks them today, special ghastly, Harrington and, of course, a regular, stable, a free beacon, stars, Aaron Harrison Alex Griswold Victorino Madison are pop culture. Expert kitty. Do pray, remember, find us on Apple, Google planes ditched just search for free beacon, please scribe. Tell your friends and leave it positive review until next time or just leave
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