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2018-02-23 | 🔗
On this episode of "Right and Righter," host Elizabeth Harrington welcomes Matthew Continetti, Aaron Harison, Natalie Johnson, and special guest Michael Goldfarb. Topics include the gun control debate, bullying, Brendan Fraser, the Bachelor Winter Games, Millennials, Justin Trudeau, and turning the Moon into a gas station. You won't want to miss it.
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but go ahead make my day. Why welcome right? In writing. The official had cast at the Washington Free Beacon, I'm your host Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F B, the free beacon pot gases available on Itunes and Google play. Please please subscribed till your friends and leave
Review journey me from the right today is free, beacon, editor in Chief and Georgetown Cocktail Party goer Matthew caught Nettie, you might remember him from such mainstream media shows, is made the press daily and impure morning edition. You can follow him on Twitter at Continental, hello, Matt, hello was thank you for having me further to mats. Right is free, beacon, chairman and volunteer freelancer for the Trump campaign. Aaron Harrison were not exactly sure what around the office. Buddy signs the Czechs and that's good enough for us hello Harrison. You know me We also welcome to the programme today the chairman of the Washington Free Beacon, Michael gold international man of mystery. Unlicensed republican consultant he'll be keeping our paneless in line hello, Goldfarb bug you for putting me appropriately to the right of her somehow disease
rightist. A first on right and writer. Present Trump has been meeting with victims of school shootings and law enforcement and is proposing having teachers conceal, carry banning bum stocks, but also increase background checks and raising the age for rifle purchases to twenty on Harrison its Trump, losing your guns, no he's not losing me on guns. I think that is having an appropriate discussion. That said, there really is no negotiation that when it comes to the bill of rights, in my opinion, I dont they just listing the president's speech at sea pack. It sounds like he sought is Priscilla defied and this issue on pretty confident that we're not gonna be encroaching on the second amendment anytime soon that many years less on guns there is from making you happy. He is you know, and I'm the squishy is that the pre beacon on the issue of guns. I think- and I don't see anything that he said that isn't just common sensible. I mean
I think probably the most controversial one is for raising the age on along on purchases, but even there you know there. I am actually I can kind of sea. The second amendment position too, because our great exceptions to this rule, and especially for people who serve in the military, what to kind of prohibit them from firing from purchasing firearms after they leave at young. I have second thoughts about that that the basic point, though ass, to be that you start small, and I think the place where everyone can start is with fixing the background system. You start small than what you get big. Yet you get big. You start where everybody can agree on and then you can move on from there. I grab
anybody the guns out. It is used to this end. What does your strategy and what's the instrument here? Why think arming the teachers, for example, is a completely commonsensical proposal, but there's clearly, as one can tell from the headlines allotted debate about it and in the liberal opinion, elite opinion is not where I think most rational opinion should be what we we arm, pilots after nine eleven, we armed pilots we allowed pilots to have, but concealed weapons if they are trained and appropriately vetted. I don't see any reason there probably tons of educators, whether their teachers or whether there coaches or whether, there administrator, who do own firearms who could go through the courts.
Carry training I'd, let them cab their weapon in school if, if necessary, already have the guns in the schools from the resource officers, so I mean asked where I'd like to go call time. If I get to say that the left believes we have a second amendment problem. I think the right as as failed to have to make a forceful argument in response that what we really have as a fourth amend the problem, we have in a seal. You problem, we have a problem where we don't. We we respect their like the rights of lunatics did not have their homes searched. We respect the light the writer of lunatics and, unlike says back the terrorists do not be detained for more than you know a couple minutes. They can't be any kind of the police snooping around the mosque. You can have. You cannot police new round a school and, like maybe checking the lockers o? Imagine if they checked this kid's locker you'd have the
Seal you down there saying that is like a violation of his of his right to what it has certain you know. It's afford them trade agenda. We focused on the wrong moment what we were focused on the wrong amendment yeah. I agree completely. I also think that the most tragic aspect of this entire story is the system failed at every level. People were doing what they're supposed to do. We have this ridiculous metro adds that I've been listening to for over a decade. Saying, if you see something say something and people did you have sheriff's office being called you had the FBI, Tipp line being informed. You had kid saying I don't wanna be around this guy he's crazy. You ye are you and had, of course, that resource officer the sick, which was the euphemism for security guard at the high school and at every level the system broke down. That start there. That's the small,
that's Harrison, I'm coming for your guns, man, the old man. I appreciate that cause. If you see something just draw your gun and the new your pants outside the school on its good there's, a shooting going on next step it seeing these high school students using gun control. Talking points has inspired liberals to argue. We should lower the voting age to sixteen or even thirty that could this be the solution to all of our problems.
Be really the start of a whole other side of our problems. That's a long standing liberal wish you always lower than the voting age always increase the ability of whether its felons or or with his juveniles, to vote in elections. May I think it what's funny is how that ideas going nowhere fast and I especially in the fix it, but I've been saying this for a while. Now we're the only society in the world where youth is elevated above age in every other society in the world for most of human history, age is alright, always elevated above youth, and that is that you look to your elders. You looked here traditions and I was basically
Wait was in America up until about fifty years ago, and now we ve gone completely in the other direction where, by the time I'm sixty it's gonna, be oh raised the voting lower the voting age too, for you know the wisdom of the wisdom of a four year old when it comes to politics, awoke eight year old, Harrison Matthew. I think you ve started to convince me on this issue. In that said, if we raise the age you can buy a long rifle. Maybe we should raise the age of when you can start driving a car. That's the latest weapon of mass destruction, that's being that's being utilized by radical Muslims. Several car tax over the past couple of years. What's to say that if you take the guns away from eighteen year olds that they're not going to start using cars, also just the undeveloped brains of a teenager, I don't know why were putting them behind the wheel in such an early age, they cause far more accidents than anyone
the US on the road next to them extremely elderly and, honestly, like that's the biggest threat to to some most teenagers are the biggest threat for them. Living along and healthy life is getting in a car accident Right Goldfarb deal self driving cars right, so maybe we'll get the cell shooting gun soon. Then you know that just the robots will do all these lean over us. I saw a very interesting Paul this week from Axiom saying that the public really does not like the idea of self driving cars, and I thought how great how American is that that you we want to be in charge of our own vehicles and we don't want the robots driving us see if it is a victory for us. You saw that the Falcon rocket thing when they when they landed those two things I mean. I agree. I dont like electric cars. I would like a coal fired car. If I could buy that, I would, but when you saw those two things
down, it was like well that he's coming you wanted to sell for driving call car. No, no. I want to drive the Golkar Ok, I agree with the mariner I'm with America, just the car MIKE. I want everything coal fired. I want like up. You know a giant chimney common out. My house, belching coal into the neighbourhood, get me wonderful, beautiful, clean coal, beautiful, clean coal. Next up the free beacon reported this week that three quarters of young Americans do not qualified to serve in the: U S: military, that's because they have a criminal record lack the education, but mostly because there too fat Harrison. When did we get so soft? This, I think, has to do with the anti bullying crusade that has been going on in our schools. Listen, there's a theory that the bullies are kind of the enforcers of standard norms of society in school. You
stupid, hat or stupid coat. You get made fun of u dont where something stupid again. If you're fat, they tell you your fat and you start losing weight, stop eating Chios. So, honestly, I think that's. The problem here were coddling the youth to say that whatever they do, that just an expression of their individuality- and it should be Valued- well guess what society in real life doesn't That would handle Anti Julian five. Why Matthew? Having wine bullied ivy, I dont there we go too far. We have to go too far in kind of trying to counteract and suppress bowling, but the the idea that is, the lack of bullying, that's making american teams. This is so stupid that it's totally deep inside by Harrison S,
not a deep anything. Let me make one point: let me make my only the Chinese are in this covers the breakdown of the breakdown of the traditional family that is making us would have to do with every those in your own apple pie, eyes. You know how first of all we're all here, all of us making this conversation are completely soft, so we need to recognise better point for yourselves. They provide your five physique vast body. Broadcasting industry. You go home and you got the baggage vetoes. You don't have your parents they're making your dinner. You got nothing to do but sit on your ass and play video games. Watch tv! That's how you get fat, it's that, because there is a lack of somebody pushing you round and stopping you in the locker disagree. Look at me. I have a hard disagreement with you on this one, we're not gonna compromise here you take the boys at a school and all of a sudden
thing. Everything goes, Nidal falls apart. God are you know I mean, I don't think it's like an obvious. What Harrison saying is, I think, the kids they they all think their special. You know and that's what they're being told and they need to be told by somebody that there not special that there, which is used to be the function of parents- and I agree with you on that- that's different, that's not necessarily the bowling. That's peep! That's what parents response to do. This is my home white book. You saw this in person at the sea and inform you got the girl with the shaved head. You got the tattoos, you got two kids wearing clothes, it don't fit on. I mean it's a mess out there, she was at school, went mad committed, Beth Burner. It's not say pet, is that the issue is that the issue is the breakdown of social norms that the american families aviate you. The shaved head is a symptom of the breakdown, ok as saved headlong.
Rails here next step. Vice president, might pence held the second meeting of the National Space Council this week, vowing to win the next frontier on the moon, Mars and worlds beyond the administration wants a boost and NASA Funding and Commerce Secretary Welfare Raw says we're going to turn the moon into a gas station for outer space map. My only question is: how can we haven't done that already, because America has yet to be great again. I mean this. If you look at one one issue where America has lost her kind of crusading, pioneering spirit, it is a space program. You know we were the first nation in the history of our species to reach the moon and nineteen sixty nine. We we had the shuttle we had the space station, but over decades, in decades we ve just let it drift away. This was excited about Eu Law, must proposal and I'm so excited about. Turning the moon into like of like a highway rest, stop on the way to the plan. I've got an idea. I've got an idea.
Joint venture between Eric Prince any law mosque. Okay, so it's it's a gas station, but it's like a heavily armed gas station that could defend itself because the Chinese are common right. Does that was newts point is like you could even call and you're going to set up this base up there in the Chinese, are gonna, show up and liking you'd better, be armed when they get their Harrison. Look I'm with I'm with you both on this. You can't stop pursuing the next empire. We need to keep you can't, but you can't stop at the moon, gotta go to Mars whether we should have a base on PLUTO. At some point I mean, if you look at you you're going to do it, you don't anything about PLUTO like there could be diamond mines and, like crazy, you know element. That we don't even know about yet I mean I saw avatar on obtaining. Maybe that's out they're pretty valuable at something worth pursuing, but it also gives us a sense of, I would add that you remember the Mcgovern an avatar, the big one,
tell him where ever you confirmations been held up here, and I think we have a very viable candidate limitless, do twice as administrator right for national visa tolls, Oklahoma name Those are my and develop very proud of you makes. It would also be very proud to accept the the replacement nomination before we jump into our culture topics of right and writer. First, we must always check in with our pop culture expert Natalie Johnson Natalie welcome he lives. Thank you for having been so. Of course, you heard it here. First on the free beacon podcast that we had big news for them. Knights episode of Bachelor Winter Games, the incredible finale we said that been. Why would be there in something big would happen, but unfortunately, you ve been left kind of heartbroken.
Are you holding up Natalie, I'm not holding up? Well, I am. I didn't get into work until eleven a m this morning I couldn't get out of bed, I'm pretty heartbroken by the fact that Burma propose to Clare. Though I will say I dont really see this lasting, given that he's already sliding into other women's dams, acre means goodbye. Why, if you are listening, could be waiting in the wings rattle user, you don't mind being a second or third choice in this situation. Does that's kind of what been was fit was faced with, and yet he was faced with that, but you now he hasn't met me in person, yeah and I'm sure, once he dies be exceedingly greater in his eyes, then claim to have much younger tail. Exec ten years of Europe have an additional question for you. Not only now did you think because they, as they say the best, the absolute last year, did you think that been while possibly fake news to you after the conclusion of the winter games itself when been widened appear, and we had to wait till after the rose
actually get the had been walking back. You know I then why wouldn't lie to me. We have a real connection on instant Anthea. I was sexting. Is actually the entire episode. Tell him how you doing yourself out there. I did. I tried you know I put my heard on them on the line that this is what happened at you know still still go, and you know the bachelor winter gaze was a great showing for America actually, I represented, took home a golden rows of course said Dick. I share that with Canada, but will whatever will gather, but it really touched my heart bachelor winter games. All these couples, the true love Harrison. It was amazing. This is the magic of the bachelor government. Just tell you, there were tears in the Harrison Household when been law made his proposal, the class and Clare? When we talk about the measures that EC after the final rose honestly Chris Harrison delivers no relation, he doesn't why now there were tears in my household too, but they weren't happy tears.
A devastating devastating. It was really rejoicing over there Dickens lose your right. Actually, I America's sweetheart charmed the pants off that Canadian, both figuratively and literally, she made a big step in her. Well, let's just say her personal development over the course of the show, which is three shows abetting she held out. She held out for the previous two sounds like got. The final barrier fell so to speak. Now I also want to ask you about highly Jenner was able, with one tweet, to wipe out one point: three billion dollars worth of snapshots market value people are speculating. Does she not like the redesign does not like the app anymore I haven't notice of you, ve been snapping lately Ivan I'm I'm still using snow tat, although I well say I feel, like my mother, adopting to a new technology trying to navigate the redesigned,
it's quite divorce confused sending out snobs, but I'm really not quite sure how to open tat sent Natalie. I'm curious get your thoughts on the inordinate amount of power that is wielded by the cartoon family. I mean here we have twenty year old, Kiley Jenner in bed, presumably coddling her new infant and all of a sudden. She should like you know what I don't really you snapchat anymore. Why don't I tweet about it and, in the meantime, wipe out what one point three billion dollars of market value literally overnight, I saw that tweet nose like snap, you get a serious problem under its incredibly impressive, the croatian family. You have to give them respect for the amount of our that they wheeled they it. There is the equivalent of President Donald Trump tweeting on negative things about companies and they lose billions of dollars, and now you have kindly Jenner, who is a rat reality tv star who sells lip state
for her living and in its just incredible, and they lose one point three billion dollars. I mean they just have that's insane amount of power and there's something to be said about that will for all we do traders in the market, investors in our audience. Natalie do you have any idea who which company might be indexed on the Croatian hit list I think Instagram is probably going to be next Dena right now, it's on the p it's on its high. It's gotta get its down. Ok is both. Finally, as our resident feminine I wanted to ask you about Jennifer Lawrence Fun, she's, always of funds topic for us at the free beacon. I guess, but she was scolded by feminist for not covering up in the cold. What was going on here yeah? I think that was absolutely insane. It's the same thing. We talked about the show last or talked about on the show last week with its time's up campaign against these women who are protesting being put into boxes and then placing themselves into yet another box in terms of dress code. You know let J Law do her thing, let her be sexy. If she wants
show some skin and thirty degree. Whether so be it. I mean she looked a great and not for such a gown, and I would not have worn a jacket with it either exactly if, if Jennifer Lawrence once the right to look sexy, let's leave her alone now. Our returning back to write and writer for culture topics. G Q is out with a fascinating profile. Whatever happened to Brendan Frazier he's disappeared for Yours is just now re emerging, honour tv sets or turns out it was me too. He was touched in appropriately by former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Philip Burke, let's added to the list Anthony RAP James Vander beat Terry Crews Harrison or the real victims in Hollywood men who, I think the verb, also victims. In Hollywood, I mean Brendan Frazier. According to the article, how does taint tickled by the present
without Hollywood, Foreign Press association, this guy's a roving pervert and is any like honestly. I've never really been a big fan of Brennan Fraser, but you're gonna feel over the guy, because his career was short circuited by molestation. To them with psychologically now whether he was black Balder nodded? He gets into it. But in the article that says that perhaps he was blackball because of the way he reacted to them. The financing, but die in I got I gotta say I feel for Vernon Frazier here the craziest status statistic out this week came from USA today, which pulled women in the entertainment industry, and they found that ninety four percent of the women pulled experience some form of harassment or assault in the entertainment industry, and then we combine that with stories like Brennan Frazier and all the other men that you mention it. What is going on inside this is that it is kind of
This orgy, this kind of like Hieronymus, Bosh Tab low of just decadence, and yet these are the same people who lecture from their poems about sexual harassment in the earlier and more chose it's the hypocrisy and condescension and snobbery is just maize is CS. Somehow they can turn the golden gloves into a publicity stunt that makes them look better on this topic Goldfarb. What are your thoughts about Brendan Frazier in, and me too, I mean want a kind of Europe. We got into the wrong business right like if we gonna Hollywood instead of Washington, you know, would still be writing thing he's right, but you get to be at this orgy, which sounds kind of amazing. You, no second I didn't know. I didn't know this about Random Frazier, but I've always you know the whole school ties thing like they couldn't find a Jew to play their part in EL there's, like no jewish actors available to the play there,
heart. So have you not against Emma was more like a criticism of Hollywood general, both both yeah, I mean I just I resent the fact that no school ties it was like they couldn't find a Jew. Who look like me. To play their part in what was wrong with a gentle empathizing in Indra dramatic I experienced anti Semitism prep school. You know, but I didn't look like Brendan Frazier. If I look like Brendan Frazier, there would not have been a problem and- and you would have been bullying. I would have been the Bali then, and that would have been good for the other kids get you didn't. I dream about an see. No man, that's really. My only experience with bread and classes is the classic, the bad actor is about who they were too and any no man. That was our signal. Now our producers saying there's no sequel, but you would know then anyway, in positive news. Millennials are embracing marriage and fortunately, this means they're using avocado to propose an posting it on Instagram embassies. Today, show pray,
these visions and yogi who have helped on the trend that Matt, isn't it a wonder that millennials can even afford the advocate is to propose with in the first place No wonder at all, thanks to the Trump economy which is run and hot right now than they were? The other getting hot air narrow all Ryan setting at all the millennials were sitting in their parents, bedrooms looking at the faded poster of Hope and Jane what they're not in the bay. Rooms anymore, baby, thereafter, work from him to work now take this. Is this one? Well, there's a millennial issue, but the real issue is now is not the millennials, its social media. All these people are just doing this deposing the stupid other causes, so they can share with their friends and get clicks for example, via upon thy Rata VI rally. Social media is the worst Bein in America. Today. Harrison Look, I'm just over millennials in general are more concerned about generation. What are they calling a generation z coming after them like
the millennials under sick of under their lack of personal responsibility, the skinny genes, the ridiculous for door is the hipsters in Brooklyn I mean the list goes on destroying this country, but like what are you gonna? Do their adults like? Let's try to save the youth at this point? Right got fired, no, no. I think right about the social media thing which, like actually goes back to the to the school shooting stuff, which I you watch these kids and look. I feel bad for the kids, it's horrible, it's a tragic thing, the tap into them, but they all seem to want to be celebrities. I mean I hated criticized the the kids but like what are you can put yourself in the middle of a national debate? You kind of gotta be fair game for. The criticism and actually look at them, and I think they all want to be on CNN. They all want to be on tv. They all want to be the tweet
viral. You know what the slam down of the republican congressmen it's doing, something sick, the people and unlike the parents, should cut it off. I mean I just as bad furred, it's bad for everybody. I have to say, though, the unhappy that the least millennials we're getting married. That's possible I gotta get a bit there's a same sex marriage? Is there not a couple? That's fine! That's fine to me! I'm fine with that too. As you know, the other there's anything wrong, but just don't proper with the ring and then avocado element good point, just like we predicted on the free beacon, podcast, the american women would carry us back into contention at the Olympics. The? U S women's hockey team one called the feeding, Canada, but one canadian player was not happy with winning silver.
And took her metal off immediately Harrison. Isn't it at least nice than the Canadians understand that second place is first, loser are gonna because watching these works, all losers. This was a mass. What an does it bachelor winter? Get you not look. You went first last and in the Olympics were what it ruins seventh place. Now it overall metal six. But who cares? I stop watching? You think I actually watched women's hockey game wrong, well success Matt! I am with Harrison on this that this alembic has been a waste of time wasted effort. They had been started off with the north korean propaganda. It's gone too long. You can. I end with this kind of fizzling out poor performance ism in fine that this actually doesn't want, except the silver metal. It's fine! Let's move on! That's the start,
re examine whether the Olympics are even worth, it will look at this summit. We have first also attack like the biggest star and biggest success, the Olympic Sean White like what he does his gold medal press conference. In what the first thing, hey man, you remember that time that you need me to decouple people. We sixteen years old, lay in the guy dragged the flag around after you on and then had the fake tears and the fake waterworks to try and like make himself more marketable. While the point is that the questions were really about that were there, nobody seem to care. Nobody care? I will say, like love, you, an Earl was likely attitude. I saw Lindsey violence,
since this morning, where she said you know, there's too much focus on who came in one place in law body or didn't get Gall Tammy in its it is there to win people put a huge amount of money into this thing. People are like sitting there with their kids, trying to explain to them how the world works. You know that that, like it's important for America to win, and then they don't see any winning, so my enough trump yeah. I respect this girl who moves like they're too, when she was there to win yet. Finally, just insured l is travelling in India is really looking the part making more outfit changes, then in a bollywood movie than that isn't is just another example of gross cultural appropriation. Here I mean he, Trudeau has been kind of aghast spree. Right,
because remember he made that reference to quote people kind which he then try to say was just a joke a couple weeks ago and now he's in India and he's trying all these indian outfits and China looking silly and but you know I have to tell you, though, just using my wife is a focus group has no effect because she, she has literally told me that just in Trudeau can do no wrong, because his handsome really here, that's that this guy. I don't even know what to say he's like the millennial president like away I don't it's just a disgrace, the guy's, a weakling look. I think it is a credit to our own all agree with Harrison Layer. He is a great case from Have you guys know what that's why we have resident drop, but I want to
we're going to say it is that it is a credit to Donald Trump that he is able to get along so wealth, Justin, Trudeau. He talks about his great friend. Look. I guess this is the diplomatic skill of of a true leader, something that I certainly wouldn't be able to deal with gold time. I mean he's french Canadian. What do you expect so easy to beat up on that its funding fully the Canadians flick once that better than French? Unfortunately, that is all the time we have for today's edition of right and writer. Let's give a special thanks for producer, Louis Bunch, the fourth and, of course, our free beacon, guess have you got Nettie Erin, Harrison, Natalie, Johnson and Michael Goldfarb remember find on Itunes and Google play just search for free beacon and please subscribe. Tell your friends. Leave of review until next.
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