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<p class="p1">The latest Right and Righter tackles gun control, Dianne Feinstein, Michelle Obama's forthcoming book, Monica Lewinsky, an extra-special segment on "The Bachelor," Sonny Bunch's support for vigilantism, and supermodel Emily Ratajkowski.</p>
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but go ahead, make my de ruyter it'll pass at the Washington Free Beacon, I'm your hosting. With Harrington. You can follow me on twitter at Liz, W F, p of rebuking podcast, surveillance on Itunes and Google play. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a review. Joining me from the right today is free an editor in chief and inside the beltway conservative Matthew, cotton Eddie. You might remember him from such may remedial shows a c span. Q and a special report even follow him on Twitter. At continuity flow Matt, hello, was further to match. Right is free
He can president and lifetime and are a member errand Harrison or not exactly sure Does around the office, but he signs the Czechs and that's good enough for us. Pillow Harrison took up First, on right and writer, begun debate continues as Trump promise action on bump stocks, with or without Congress, numerous companies are getting in line to announce their severing ties with the MRI Matt. Isn't it a great pr strategy to take sides in a village? the fight and stick a finger in the eye of millions of patriotic law abiding Americans. I've been so like upset watching the coverage of these corporations cutting ties with the inner edge. It's exactly what happened if you would call a few years ago over the religious freedom amendments and that some states are passing after the victory of same sex, marriage and the Supreme Court, and whenever a state's elected legislature puts through law that a corporate titans disagree.
With or one of virtues signal over. They basically launch economic warfare against against these companies are in this case. It is it's a civil society an association, the inner AIDS exactly what we should want in America, associations and and having deliberate debate over politics. Instead, these corporations exercise or power in order punish opinions they dislike and the media cheers them on, and it's just been extremely disturbing to watch. Meanwhile, of course, were hearing about the crisis in democracy, because the guy who tweets from his bed and the oval in in the White House the real crisis of democracy, is these corporations that seemed completely politicized and not actually interested in hearing views, but basically punishing those that they disagree with Harrison, but their and our aid there, just a bunch of child murderers. Re, that's force, hope. Well. This brings up one of the key.
Phrases that the left is in twenty seventeen, twenty eating, Gaslight! That's exactly! really what blaming the and our aid suddenly and our raise the one. The blame for the crazy. Kid who went in and murdered seventeen children in the floor to high school How do we get there like? That is so ridiculous? It's it's! It's a reason to look outward as opposed to looking inwards. The inner then do this? They re is not a terrorist organisation generate defends the second amendment. It's in the bill of rights. It's like it's one of our most cherished rights is the right to bear arms, and here we have a bunch of liberals. To gather and finally exploding Tragedy to shift focused
one of their most hated political enemies, which is the National Rifle Association and over two million dollars. The law abiding citizen members Matt right. Well, you know it's fast Harrison dinner point out that there is this blanched to blame the inner. I say an end: our aid well we're every day brings out new headlines about the failures of our institutions, whether it's the Bower Carry sheriff's office, whether it's the FBI who people were leaving tips on and on the phone line. Whether it's the school resource officer, who was a Brower deputy where we're getting the sense that you know at every level. Somehow government is failing. Americans
in the most basic way, which is to keep them safe, and yet the corporations and the Democratic Party and of many figures in the media are instead kind of just pointing the finger at the National Rifle Associate its befuddled and disturbing you're, really ignoring a lot of inconvenient truth when they are Well, I mean I'll give give Jake Tapir CNN credit until he had so much egg on his face. He had to do something he may he deserves a jerk off down. There really did a number on CNN after that Town Hall, May I kind of like the officer I from the simpsons
the police are awake. I study wig roused out that's her share if Israel cut his ease wing of York acts and is also an amazing leader right next, at Diane Feinstein at the age of eighty four is running for her six term, a senator of California, but did not receive the backing of our state. Democratic party. More votes went to a more progressive and younger challenger. Harrison. Yearn aid just should define step aside. I think the California Democratic Party made a really smart move here, we're on since, when did we get to this point, his country, that you were once you are elected to the sun? see that you have a right to that tendency and use can be challenged when you're up for reelection. I think that that primaries are here, the four parties I think, they're healthy for democracy. I think it no reason that you really need anybody over the age of eighty in the United States Senate. At this point, look what we look what's happened. They
largely spend most of their term in the hospital after they get elected, the colonel who start losing their mind or several examples of them actually going crazy in office. The gym, Jefferson, Strong, Thurman me there's a bunch of amount there you're it's a recipe for disaster. Now The people of the state have the right to elect whoever the heck they choose, but let's not make it easy for these old farts in office. Matt Harrison his fork. Heaven daily on who is the status of the state legislature. Her, I think I think you ll. Let me put it this way. I think that's a more honest choice for the democratic of California than Diane Feinstein, the Democratic Party of Caliph, has gone so far. Left Diane funds, No longer is a reflection of that party. The Democrats of us is problem on their hands. Right now is that they are going off to left edge of the earth would well I mean an end. We should say to the daily on Dinna. Get the endorsement was split
Today the party didn't write. He has already neither one percent to achieve our esteemed. As you know, last year we had a big split in the caliph went Democratic Party between the Bernie Crafts and corporate than a brute emigrates Hilary people, and that's reflected too in kind of the party politics surrounding this nomination. I'm fascinated by you know the other thing. The watches that California has this new primary system, where the top to vote getters are proceed to the general election and a lot of national Democrats are really worried that, because there are so many candidates running the gamut on the left that you may have situations where neither of them wins to proceed to the general flax or what the way that you know when they conceived this liberal reform with a great. This is finally the way to crush the Republican Party in California, because a top to voters will always be Democrats, as we just get rid of the Republicans, and now like so liberal reforms. It may backfire on them. Look I think it's great the jungle primary for a reason you let the most
which animals just sit there and tell each other apart and king of the dongle kind around three, that's a primary for you get nowhere near America. Look it's healthy for democracy! I don't look. You say the system is rigged. How do you see that any more like the parties can control these things there? Out of control? great well, I mean they wrote that the Democratic State Democrats wrote the changes around with you because they thought it would give themselves the advantage. I really am, I think, is right. I hope it backfires autumn. I hope that the next step tearing the caliph is ready for twenty twenty. According to our scoop at the free beacon, the long time Clinton hand toward our branch sure who better to take on Trump, then me well Matt, who better, I have to say, I'm going against the conventional wisdom on Twitter. All the twitter bodies, such as the use of someone like sunny bunch, for example, was saying to tarry Mccall. If he's gonna be horrible further, I I've been saying since Trump was elected and this whole kind of reorganization of the Democratic Party began.
That will go through this left wing episode of the democratic politics will have identity. Politics will have Comma Harris of Oprah all have their moment in the spotlight. At the end of the day, you know what the democratic going to nominate a white guy and twenty twenty. I'm sticking by that that and its aid, We might as well have a Terry Mccall of B that White guy, Democrats will dominate in two years to take on Donald Trump Harrison. Look until the Democrats want to rise up and take over the Clinton machine and kick the quaint machine out of the party. I think you're gonna have to reckon with the guy like Terry Mccall's. Look using use your classic court gesture in clown with a lotta charisma he's got a good sense of humor is very personal type. A guy who clearly to anybody, restocking, the Washington Free Beacon, Braddock. I'm pretty sure did. No, I said, is very charming. Engaging in always of these
Very, I would say positive type, a guy which I think you need in politics is proven successful, and that is what one his we want. Only one the state when election in Virginia he probably would have one reelection. If, if there wasn't a term limit that so I dont know how he is going to survive in a democratic party that is so bent over the court and quote rigged two thousand sixteen, election that was rigged in favour the Clinton machine. Here we go again, this is the same thing. It's twenty twenty election will be kind of like a will, replace what we're seeing California or in the congressional primaries right now and twenty eight in which is that there's so much energy on the left at the left. Splitting the vote I loved you have you have won't you ate Canada. I saw that Bernie Sanders. Suddenly, vice Andrews has just announced, he's gonna run to replace Carol Shape quarter in New Hampshire. He now becomes the eighth Democrat running in the
memory, eight of them all the many of them well funded and, of course, running the stream from a more moderate Democrat which the DE triple see wants in that in that seek to someone like me why centres is gonna campaign on its single pair health care and massive tax increases. So what's happen. I think, and twenty twenty as you have all this energy on the left, thus put the left for good and Democrats at the end of the day. You know you always go through these episodes. Oh, oh, did you know Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders challenge. The Democrats will nominate someone who pleases their elites and why not? Why not tell him a coffee he plays Gough. He play golf tromp. He told Brent. That Trump is isn't that bad of not only its trump a pretty good golfer, but that he does he cheats lesson. Bill Clinton
Trump always comes off a better in these discussions. Next up, it was announced this week that Michel Obama's memoir will be released in November with her publisher, promising quote a work of deep reflection and mesmerizing storytelling Harrison. Will her memoirs be as full of composite characters as her husband's? I don't care I'm not going to read the book you ve already pre ordered your comp, NY honesty we had. I could not care less about Michelle Obama out tales from fairyland book. It's gonna be drop down our heads like everybody, won't be able to escape it. That shall be everywhere. Love we're about right, great! Let the fans read it. Look, there's fan fiction, is it has its place in society? I think letter letter make a million bucks Let her go on a media to her by anyone. Where the rest of her just don't care about Michelle Obama and so to develop.
Listen when Harrison goes low. Michelle Obama goes, While I'm going, I with her, I can't wait, become you do like to read? I do like to restrict my for. I fear I do like to read. I set its called becoming. I don't know what it, but that means whose, because what becoming unemployed is she becomes becoming rich, what they go, get she and her husband got what sixty million for the two books. What country you have immutable? Fabulously wealth is without having a job at the cover I dont have. You saw the cover photo it's much better than her official portrait, which I defended. May I defended portrait, but this photos much better. I'm excited for the book. Here's my real question. I dont think I dont think Michelle Obama is gonna run for president. I think, should be a terrible presidential candidate also thing she doesn't want it. I think so.
She was just like our tax, but the real race. The real race is Michel Mo Bomber verses Oprah, when he twenty not for politics, not for the presidency but we'll Michelle Obama. My displace Oprah, that's what she wants: the answer's, no because Terry Mccall, if he's gonna, win that primary, because he's got the backing the Clint, if not a primer, is not a political primer. It's a social, cultural prime who will from the oil per hour a real president. Will Michelle Obama go for the gold and try to dethrone the queen of television over Winfrey? I ask you, and their friends now cause I could get.
Nasty no more. I know more on Richard Branghtons Yacht Michelle Obama, organizations or icy, or you can go on the yacht anymore. Oprah pretty sure has around your cheek. She doesn't need richer. Pregnancy is where we get to our culture, topics for right and writer. It's time to check in with their favorite pop culture, expert, Natalie, Johnson Finale land. So we have a lot to do Gus were about bachelor nation. We have. The women tell all was Sunday night and also last nights. I think Harrison caught at the most dramatic episode in bachelor history, big feet of a first. Let's see the highlights of the women taller. What was the shocking moments when we had our favorite villain come back crystal her voice? Is well noted,
Those are on so we had her do have her return. We heard her call are a a need all we can flag and labour. We had her call him a needle back, which I'm not sure, if that he confirmed that the internet has arrived. Well it all. We doubt yeah, you can tell yeah so that that was a nice return. I wait, I have to say I will made me team crystal, because our really is. Just such a buzz kill, a guy that I was how these armed him up. I ain't yeah exactly. I was happy that we had someone on the show who finally set it out loud, that he has just a complete wet blanket, but it is a kind of deal for the bachelor. What these guys are. Basically, and all man again just are to sit there and let the women about a writer. I also my favorite, the women talk. We got the full story about Becker EM and was
missing persons affected, Amor back a k, bigger and bigger back, but I got Genus Becker Martinez has apparently, while she was on the bachelor, a missing person in California and tell us what what have we learned from the women to all we learned that back. I am who was twenty two years old at the time filming and got a lot of flak for her age. Despite being one of the most mature women. I've seen yet on bachelor but she, her mother, filed a missing person report after she got dumped on bachelor, and she it turns out that she had gone off for two weeks to a weed far and didn't have service or whatever else, she's ready for Jane. Arguably, her most mature decision during the exactly
So you know we found out that she is doing well and she's alive and she will be on bouts, learn Paradise, which will be very exciting news. Now I like better, she was one of the best ones, but ok, so last night, big episode bachelor we're down to two women. Now your favorite, Lauren, B and back a K. A home. Tell us about, our sights up and tell us about. Lord, be your thoughts on horribly bars as Harrison's that last night's episode may have been one of the more dramatic in bachelor history. Press Harrison says it all the time, but I think this one was was true. It was real. We had back a caves ex boyfriend of seven years return fly out to Peru. And randomly show up and talk to ARI, and I have to say I have walked away with back a case ex boyfriend our only such our aid in a heartbeat
he was such outrageous com. No now he was is way better than are you kidding. He is its incomparable, how much better he is. Then our IRAN or flower brought her flowers. You want that our aid and withdrew extra drippy, you can watch out here always trips either rather like Ross. Actually, you know ye rots paper before that. I bought her view. Our just give me a break what a bunch of like slot you guys this hearing right now. This scumbag had had his opportunity data. For seven years and then broke up with. Her is the first time that he's seen her in over a year when he finds out cheese, on television, comes down there and is stupid outfit, and he just gives her the sap most ill thought out, and I wanna be romantic speech. Not I I agree that was my favorite When there were there talking when he's trying to win her back in and back a k says: oh you you just live like you
in a movie. What do you think this is the notebook as she's on a television show to try to meet her husband s? So it's much better. Do you live in a tea while I Jake, I would have taken him over our in a heartbeat there's. Just there is no question about that. But so are you. This was also the obviously Ross did not get that begin. They affect. Thankfully, not maybe that's my Knox DM attack after the Berlin Wall. Failure who here anymore exclusive, but so it was also the fantasies. We saw episode, which is always a fan, favour, and I wasn't it something that coincidence, I guess it right before ARI pulled out the fantasy sweet card. He told us all three women that he loves batten. Many they accepted that it at any rate that was brilliant right, brilliant, its classic its classic college frat boy play of the I love you.
You have now come to my bad. It is just so too is so typical. It was not surprising whatsoever. He, you know, presumably slept with all three women. After word after telling him, he learned all three of legal remedies said in his one of his camera interviews. It's it's a bachelor hall of Fame qualification like it. If you go three four three other fantasies Nothing. I just want to interrupt for just a technical question. Do we not think that there are ready, sleeping, each other before the fan always very difficult. Harry happen before one like there, technical, but a blot obstacles to doing it's called the process like love, but they're. All in this house are in these hotel, don't think they have asked, namely through a set of ITALY. The bachelor himself is sequestered from the rest of the day, the rest, but the hair,
yeah. Well, if I can, I still virgin well, they might now now certain crafty women have been known to break our package sneak in to his ruin flax season. What's her name, shortening Courtney, he we abhor ay. I believe they had got they did in the ocean, there was young. I was increasing that answer. My question you have been so way with two women laughed. I particularly liked this sister wives ending with their the sunset in Peru with the horses cows Both women by the arm is very and I was a little too sister wives for me, but I have to say: I'm team back at this point. Lauren be just like Army, is a complete buzz care. When I M Virginia beat so I mean not just just short,
my point is she's. The second I saw that she was from Virginia Beach during her home towns. I was just so completely on surprised. I mean everyone. I've ever met from Virginia, be Germany to school with a lot of these girls. They are in. My story are just so vanilla, white, blankets. Personality base basic, just completely basic, Lauren be just in a word. Thank you. Very much now lay for this update and we will all be watching next week. Thank you, of course, thank you so this week's episode for culture topics first step we have Monica Lewinsky, is out another personal essay and this time, in the wake of me to sing maybe Bill Clinton, Scumbag took advantage of the power Dynamics Chris the loser now says it's time for a quote: broader conversation in american politics about Clinton and Women Matt, I can imagine what took so long. I was floored by this month, Monica I'm so
hired Monica Levinsky. It's like every six months with their new say by Monica Lewinsky about her experience twenty years ago and now the net and finally of this I say: oh yeah, you know what I was twenty two and he was the present in United States and twice my age, so maybe consent to really too. Oh, you think I mean it's literally what we went through twenty years ago. This is the whole issue out and by the way, then you up and lied about it. Just Monica come on met, Monica should go in the bachelor. I don't think she ever found she would make a good bachelor Harrison? Would you think too old ages, either ages on the panorama or look Matt, you write the market. It is that time a year again time for money annual essay and vanity fair same thing, basically written just a year or two later what I sure will see it again. Rom remember her her incredibly inspiring TED talk, that everybody will resurrect language,
once again just the same thing now look there, some value in this right. Let's look at the bright side here. Monica He is out there reminding everybody. The bill Clinton is a sexual predator and Hillary Clinton is her. Is his number one enabler but Hilary is still out there on a mediator. You can't get rid of her, so I think that there is some good that we are reinjecting. This fact that built took advantage of an intern inside the rule of law. Is the United States and created this massive scandal of his own doing? If anybody, the blame here. It is bill. Clinton don't put too much confidence in Miss Lewinsky, because I'm telling you because that in six months trample say or do something It should be out with another essay saying well, no matter what bill did. Trump is worse, and so I take back my vanity fair. I say until next year, when I take it back again. Just so, I can remain in the spotlight and have also. This is a critique of vanity, fair magazine, because you know this is their big kind of a tent poles before the relaunch
Rebecca Jones and new editor, and it's just recycling, it's our motto. Monica online to again, you know, she's, like one of these c span, collars, whose every episode is oh Monica. Here she wants to talk about what happened over twenty years ago, or what by the way, and then they also recycled the cover of a Hollywood reporter with Jennifer Lawrence and not even the covers original. So this is it. This is a much larger than Monica Lewinsky, its of vanity, fair scandal. Yeah great next step Chris Pratt is in trouble for having the audacity to send his thoughts and prayers to Kevin Smith. He just suffered a massive heart attack. Harrison is the more hold the story, never tweet
never tweet? I agree with that. I practice that on a daily basis. That is why I am not only to find me I'm a little time design me I'm going under several account. What you have several other aspect. Is you talk to my tongue for yourself on twitter? This is fake news. This I don't know where this slanderous accusation comes from. Listen. Twitter is trouble of always said that never say anything that you know after a couple of drinks, if you have a twitter account on your own name or totally sober when you tweet others. Lately I ran ten o clock at night, sometimes not even as on all of a sudden, all your own torrents light up. I think you gave the troll army you gave the russian Troll Army teaching it in. Action during amplified that problem. We are the troll you're, the troll army I was added. I was hacked over the bed had. What did you take on Ichorous Brad
twitter is trouble if you're a believing Christian who happens to be a major Hollywood star in this is this is the debts what twitter is trouble for years? A guy only wants to see his friend or even who knows, if he be knows him, but Kevin Psmith has a heart attack where we really surprised about that. By the way he has a heart attack and Kevin Chris Pat Crap passes prayers and the Twitter mob launches. After what does he supposed to do? I'm it it just it again. I beat I be so happy to live in a world without social media if just vanished overnight, I would be. I would be like a babe in the woods. He thought how happy I don't know how working to promote this frickin podcast search the necessary evil, sunny button child lighted, a true american hero this week, a man who got out of his car destroyed DC speed camera by stopping on it and Chuckie it into traffic. Matt is
the greatest active civil disobedience since the Boston Tea Party, throw the camera smasher and sunny jail. Okay. I cannot believe this opinion was voice. Eyes. May I am on the side of law and order here, just because you have it What did we all know, the DC traffic cameras? I you get to know where they are you'd view did modify your behalf. Your based on where the location is it's either you can live with it and if you have problem you go to City Hall and it's gonna, take it out vigilante style, ridiculous, someone has a stand for law nor Harrison come on nothing more american than standing up to an oppressive govern, it's just like the first and second class glasnost, how this could be the start of a new tea party in america- and I don't mean the Tea Party party, that we had really change face this country, the better they re I mean I mean like this- is a flash back to the To Boston Harbour back back in the good old days.
If you were impossible, harbour was ugly. They targeting feathered it. Haven't you seen the John Adams, many serious and look at it now. Ok, a lot you get. You can have a lot of turmoil that can lead to a lot of good. So look I think this, I think that the people of these We have had enough now. The care about people do you see, I don't live there and I write. Where to go there as little as possible, but I will say I was inspired by this act. I hope they take all these damn campers thou know if he was a DC resident. Who did this? Can it just like they never carried out on one for guys it mattered. So this is why such a measure is diction, because it reminded him a bad man who he loves, worship and have nothing to do with Batman Batman. Had to go outside the law in order to enforce the law. This person just smashed government property. Rage, and because he didn't want to be ticket it. I'm sorry person has slowed down slow down please. This is like an authoritarian.
This is our fascism get started. Behaviour like please: let's have a camera on every one of my movements so that every My fourth somebody's gonna be able to write me a ticket like that is the most with Dick Iulus possessed you can have these speak cameras and nothing but revenue, generators that do nothing for the safety of the country where the peace. But are driving on the roads. All they do is raise more money for a government that wasted go through city hall, don't reckon, and by the way there are some people who, if you know, if you find them for flageolets, though be good, you have to raise price for things it we'll get. You helped increase a call for something taxes, I'll write. You guys increases tax increases in a field. What can we learn from having gas healthier? Finally, free begin favorite. Emily radicals have married over the weekend but made her announcement on Instagram stories. She buried Sebastian their Mcclaren, who one starred in a short film Buffalo Wing
Harrison. Is this slugged good enough for her yeah he's good enough for her? I mean I'm I'm over her like we need we need. We need a new mused. The free begin, I think, open additions are here. I think good that these young women are growing area. Five. Look there aging out. Once again, I dont have a price with this. I am very happy for her own. She still doesn't his nudity appreciate that its own, do you not think the marriage will stop the taste for me, Well, because listen, listen that some people are incredibly talented, naturally at doing certain things. Just because you can it doesn't mean you have to stop your God. Given talents, I have a few thoughts about this. One is how does one really compete with the man, whose name is air and maybe have bear in your name. I guess the! What are you gonna? Do it's out of my best friends in schools and bear he practically Mary supermodel. I believe you did not sign sank. The second thing it's always these incur.
Happily hot women, always Mary the producer, you know it's, never it's! Never it's never even really an actor anything, it's or or another model, it's the producer or or if you my God adoption or the dancer ratio is dead that's my advice. Every young men, if they want to marry Emily, at a house? Keys successors become a producer. That's that's the way to do it. Producers again: Frank, disliking operatives, r L before he very successful Unfortunately, that is all the time we have for today's edition of right and writer. I'd like to give special thanks to that producer. Louis bunch. The fourth and, of course, are freebie, can guess Matthew, cotton, any Aaron, Harrison now, we don't remember finest on Itunes and Google play just search for free beacon. Please subscribe, tell your friends, leave more reviews, severity guns, great ones until next
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