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Immigrant Caravans, Putin Powwow, and Condom Snorting

2018-04-03 | 🔗
On the latest episode of Right and Righter, the panel discusses a world without borders, self-serving op-eds, and the museum of selfies, among other pressing topics.
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but go ahead, make my day low and welcome to write and writer the official podcast at the Washington Free Beacon. I'm your host Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W B, the free beacon, pod gases available on Itunes and Google play play, subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a review joining me from the right today is free, beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie. You might remember him from such mainstreaming.
Outwards as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. You can follow him on Twitter, at cotton, Eddie, hello, Matt I was, and further to mats right is free, beacon. President and founder of the Rex Jones Fan Club Aaron Harrison were not exactly sure what he does around the office. Buddy signs of checks, that's good enough for us, hello, Harrison scooted own. We also welcome to the programme today the chairman of the Washington Free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international men of mystery and licence. Republicans and he always keeps our pen was in line how local farm pillar up first on right and writer, a caravan full of fifteen hundred illegal immigrants is headed to the southern border, where they will try to sneak across trumps, says the caravan which was organised by the group. People without borders better be stopped before it gets their match. Should the air strike on the caravan be manned or unmanned? Well, I'm in for accuracy sake. You probably won an unmanned.
There would probably did because the drones, because the drone controllers or in their their bases, I think they have better situational wearing, forget the alarm of people on board. You know what to have it without also your right magnetic inroads, comfortable reprogram. I mean the problem with having a man strike is that unless you have ground support it's hard to get accurate, targeting information exists. More broadly, I think the issue raised by the people's caravan is that immigration continues to be the defining issue of our time and and it plays into trumps hands. This is a left wing group and, like you said, their name is people without borders. This is a test as a publicity campaign, they're bringing up populations from Central America and the walk region of Mexico, which region is our hocker and silently about either. No oh, that's right
and I don't think there actually gonna- make it to the border, but you better be sure Trump will have something there to meet them. If they do Harrison actually were hearing now, Mexico's sounds like they're gonna, maybe stop it's. A trumps tweets might get results here. Well, listen. We ve got us in this before haven't we that we also scarface. You know that's exactly what Castro did an early, what nineteen eighty he sent all of the dregs of his prisons out too, to Miami to corrupt popular can destroy the country. This is exactly what's going on how many of you people. On this caravan have had background checks. What does it was a criminal, or do we have little elements here that are about storm the border. I welcome this caravan because I can't wait for the show. It's gonna be great goal. Five. You know. I m fascinated by a couple things: you're one is: the report originated with Buzzfeed yeah by the national security
order for Buzzfeed already suspect is yet is doing a story on a group called people without borders. That's marching, I mean what it's like. If, then, it's the- anti national security related reveals that it is in that I mean you're right about Buzzfeed, but it isn't national security issue. Typically, when columns of foreigners move and to your country, that's called an invasion, and I actually think this helps president trumps argument that the wall can be built with Defence Department, Appropriations and there's something different about this than like you know in world war. Two, you have you no ships of refugees, jewish refugees that are turned away. The country things like that, but It was like an element that, where it was, you know throwing themselves at the mercy of the country looking for a place to settle and just be left alone. This is like It is a challenge to american sovereignty. It's it's! It's an overt challenge. There saying you know that they don't believe
in our borders and and they're gonna come here, will that's an invasion? What they also what the hell kind of a concept is this Borders don't exist. Would because we say they don't exist list other borders do exist Our border exists because we say it exist, it's time for present trump to enforce a border. I can't wait for the mass arrests and deportation and or execution, but it can also say that that every time trump tweets about this, they report on Trumps tweet and put caravan in quotation marks, as if Trump has come up with this word heard like I don't, even if he did, I don't know what the issue would be, but it was called the caravan from the beginning. I'm just gonna, I think, Sesar. With this I know it's my sure, but they keep you know Trump called it. The quota unquote caravan. It's a slur of. Did Hispanic p
traditionally move and caravans? Is there some I'm a missing something necks and what appeared to be an identical script? Members in the mainstream media all came out in unison, denouncing the Sinclair Broadcast Group for blasting, fake news, liberal networks or upset that Sinclair had syndicated content, calling out the media for pushing their own. Snow, biases and agenda Harrison Sinclair must have forgotten that only CNN is allowed to tell us what an apple in a banana are right. Well, listen. We go to www it. We ve got to cable networks that play off the exact same script on MSNBC and regular, even even regular, NBC on on their night. We news and ABC on its world news tonight, NBC Emerson, see CNN, ABC They all play off the same script. If you see
gotta do is watch about fifteen minutes of cable news, and then you can see the same stories about how awful Trump is repeated in repeated repeated, with the anchor looking incredulous and judged by India and just very sceptical, unjust, just so disappointed in the state of our country under president drop. They play off a script, Heaven forbid die tromp actually has a news station in operation. That wants to say something good about him. Who cares? Who cares what
on your either. If you take your you, like your news programme or you change the channel, but here's the thing the promo had nothing to do with Trump. It had nothing to do with the opinion and its true. The opinion segments on Sinclair, many of which were led by our friend, Boris Epstein, are pro trump. This was eight. It is exactly like. The CNN banana commercial erupts, you're, absolutely right, David Ruts, my substitute kuc. He read the promo and he was shocked by the outrage over this has all the saying is. There is fake news out there we are going to report. The facts is on
highest as we can, and yet the media is outraged at this. For reasons of displacement or whatever the real argument, if you want an argument that Sinclair it's their growing concentration of power on the local television affiliates- and this is why even Trump friend, Christopher Ruddy, also friend of ours, who runs new smacked, he is opposing some of the regulatory changes Sinclair wants for this reason. But the left can't even talk about this actual interesting issue of financial concentration, because they're so obsessed with Donald Trump and the wider will also look at whose broke who cortical broke. This story put together there there only super cut of not love the anchors speaking debts been owned by universal another syndicate. It's an actual rival to Sinclair this. Is that this a battle over local stations in local supremacy, no local markets, there's no more like authoritarian Orthodox,
broadcaster than innovation. They actually secretly scrip half these things. So I think it's really hypocritical. This whole argument is ridiculous. Ruddy remedies had it or to write, so he's got a dog in this fight. The Sinclair thing, I think, I think, you're right I mean that's exactly what their upset about, though that's what they're honing in on is them saying in a we hear in MID Michigan, we here and you know and South Georgia, that the fact that they took the same script and just change the location, and so it's that the continued in a diminution of local news but of course like whose You know the New York Times is not their distributing the same content all over the place. Cnn history then remain long and all over the ladys only affiliates would have the same. It is in this area, but I just you know every they hate Sinclair because Sinclair's wing and a growing enterprise and getting favourable treatment from the government and their that it also nobody's Making these people keep their jobs. I don't see any these anchors walking off en masse. Besides it they'll be, ways to immediately
this is such a joke right up next Andrew Mc Cave and his wife Jill have both defended themselves in the pages of the Amazon Post. With the loser sang, she was a quote accidental politician who stumbled into receiving six hundred thousand dollars. Tearing the caliph met, I must have missed a part of her bed where she explained it was the f b I who recommended her husband, be fired. I don't think I've ever read a more disingenuous up red plenty of disingenuous our pets. In my life, this one ranks among them, it's an amazing defence. She suddenly somehow Jamaica misses the fact that it wasn't husbands, involvement or non involvement in her stupid Senate state Senate race? That's it issue. It's her husband involvement in the Hillary Clinton email investigation, that's an issue which happened after the election, so she like reverses the the colonel
gee here in order to make it exculpatory it. The on its own terms, apiece makes no sense in and more broadly now. This is the second MC came to take to the pages of the Washington Post to defend his herself, because her husband did it literally about ten days ago, so I don't stand. What you know did did they get a job over the auditioning for columnist jobs? You know I mean there I'm through the end of that waste problem or what personal relationships are giving them this prime real estate in the washing component. That's the indictment of the post itself is that if you have a grievance against president from the Washington Post is right. Therefore you are you got it. Who is raise your hand and say: oh I've been screwed over, I think by president Tromp, and there you go. You gotta have paid job it tomorrow, but also the timing of her argument doesn't even really matter because to refuse himself it should adjust,
the appearance of a calm down. Her allegation is basically that, because the quid came first there can't possibly are you all right and also the creepy as part of the peace from my point of view is when she mentions governor them and then in the next line, starts calling him Ralph because they're so close their such bodies, the improper any of it all, especially when, like what to governors of go, we had a. We actually had a governor go to jail under FBI investigation, but this governors on offer name basis with the wife of the deputy director. What are we supposed to believe? Her story where she says she was just Part of a little new segment in an end governor, lieutenant. Governor Northern happened to catch that and then he was like this. This person, who was on television for twenty seconds, needs to be our next state senator from Virginia?
I don't even really really be true, that everybody got seven hundred thousand dollars like she says on the story no way I just looked at our last farm. Calleth gave a total of one hundred grand to all the house, delicate races, So it is a desirable handing out wheels and on the ground with orders at the free beacon, once I roused from their drunken stupor sure to investigate that today, a k up next in their phone come station last month, Trump and Putin discuss the possibility of holding a meeting at the White House. This news came out after both the United States and Russia have since expelled diplomats Harrison. Will this meeting happen actually do things? Maybe we'll have a longer believe Vladimir Putin is actually visited. You know, since two thousand or two thousand one spinal. Time with W cannot look. I don't really know what to think about this. I don't trust. Putin any farther than anybody could throw em Arby's. Clearly not is clearly summit,
who doesn't have America's interests in mind when negotiating the Trump. I don't know this unorthodox style that he's got. We haven't really seen a pay dividends, but then again we haven't really synod affect any. We haven't really seen any of these formal summits, yet
with any of these maniacs, like tromp, or a good guy radius out diary revealing for Leah and pertinent and kindred Kim Jong, so that I think this story about the offer of a summit at the White House really highlights the dangers of Donald Trump Personalized, an improvised foreign policy. The last time Putin visited, the United States in the White House was o five. Now, of course, what happened three years later, he violated the sovereignty of the Republic of Georgia, and that was really the beginning of a cascade of events that led to this kind of a nature of relations between the United States in the west, more broadly and Russia Trump, because he changes is moved so often and he loves going.
Or you know the fifty yard punt the hail Mary pass and he thinks that he can get along personally with all of these strong men. He'd suddenly raises this issue. When course the Kremlin seizes on it because they would love this. They would love the attention, especially if the location is the White House could then they get the up the photo opportunity with Trump and the White House. This is a bad move and I think I think it is of a piece with kind of the cobbled together summit with Kim, which I can at least even semi understand, but but also now, the changes in trumps attitude toward Syria and the kind of the uncertainty of our policy there. I think there's some shortcomings here, Culver Eminem, against that I hate Putin. These bad guy is a thug. We should not have him in Washington and host him and feed him on the
her hand, I I I can't help it. You know it is the anti anti in a side of this, which is like I mean there is never a meeting with a head of the Soviet Union or Russia that that the left would not embrace, but for trump. The idea that you know they would be against kind of meeting where there could be a cooling of tensions and a conversation about how to cooperate for Sir in the years that's been the default position of the left is that is inherently good thing, and now it is suddenly an inherently bad thing, which is absurd. There right it's bad, but their hypocrisy, yes, overwhelming tam o came before we jump into our culture tat.
Sound right and writer, it's time to check in with our pop culture, expert and staff writer at the free beacon, Natalie Johnson, hello, nightly, hello live so first we have bachelor. Ari is back in the new. So what happened? Anxieties outraging people as usual. He is so he posted a photo. Easter, which was also April fool's day of a woman with a baby bomb sang. I guess we're pregnant Bunny in the oven, wherever that may have been clear and had tagged, his fiance learn, who was, of course, the original runner up on the bachelor and then got propose to anyway. So he caused all this outrage because, hours later, he typed April fools, and now all these people on Twitter are angry because its offensive to women who can
a pregnant, those which is so absurd, but I saw this story and I totally fell for it is of the votes cast. But first I just see the picture. I was, it all makes sense. You know he knocked her up then, in the fantasy really, then they realize found out. That's why you made this, which I was like light bulb in my head. I wonder I took me I'm so gullible I felt for I mean upset. I think the argument is ridiculous, but I'm anti Aristo, like I'm all four and right, but you get some of these- were the people have said they say come on be better than that: it's not a joke for many struggling families to get pregnant extremely expensive at its heart. Breaking like people need to get a grip maybe get a group, but also I'm all about the army batching and I'm very happy the bachelors back in the news that we can discuss on this lovely
as with so many people who love our bachelor out aid, they there. What's the top reveals speaking of April fool's. Did you see the Linsey low hand bizarre April fool's Joe? I bet I think, with what happened here. Sorrow she positivity on Instagram or a series of videos showing off letters from all these top universities, Harvard LAW, Oxford, Cambridge, I'm saying that she had been invited to deliver the commencement speeches there. Upon closer examination, the letters had a ton of typos in them and clearly were not
real, where its unclear, whether Linsey was in on the joke or was it fell for fell for it? Is you run it herself ass? You re written videos were bizarre, but I couldn't really tell she was using our british access or not. Now I couldn't tell on she and that's that that was my first question. What if she delivers these commencement speeches, boy, which accent well should be going for it. We also breaking news on the celebrity fund front. Channing Tatum is breaking up with his wife, and yet again you heard it. Your first cuffing season is over yes, Channing Tatum and his wife of nine years are divorcing. They met on the set of step up, which is it Spivey and everyone's really upset about this. But, quite frankly, I'm like incredibly ecstatic I'm travelling to cattle for the adaptation, and I think it's perfect timing. That is firstly, that neither indicative oh, my gosh is great news for you.
I ll go and one of those Holly Workbook bus toward the sea, the homes of the star- and I wasn't going to before, but now we assign to possess a perfect opportunity. Islanders, date mid, I'm a little suspect of though they say, there's nothing salacious that happened here just to best friends, realising its time to take some space and live there. Most joyous fulfilled lives as possible apart. I bet you there's somebody else involved. There is a hundred percent, I mean come on every time. One of these breakups happen. Somebody else get feel so bad for Channing. Now I mean it's, the adding he's gonna have a real hard time getting back. You now getting arguments. Babes others has the question. If there was, if there was a third person, was it someone having an affair with channing or someone having an affair with the wife right spouse who was betrayed and
relationship? This is very true, but I too often times thereon movie sets of the meal or Bailey. Had I only had I may I maybe we are now we all saw magic. Might care come on. It's definitely. I did not know I was definitely has eminency something there might be a little controversial here, but I mean Channing. I just assume the Ladys think he's basically a ten MRS Tatum. I've seen her not exactly a ten. Ok, I think she's pretty high up there
pretty high, but not high enough to got nine nine, eight or nine. Her were hard six hearts six year, Audio Jennings, the twelve am I, in my opinion off the charts are thank you so much Natalie for this night she needed update and if he was away now for culture around of right and writer, Lee Whitehouse held its annual Easter egg roll on Monday and our very own errand Harrison was. There was no longer as stuff in person, but bologna was actually taller in person that I then I anticipated. How can you trust anything? He says about women. Maladies trash JANET S. Excuse me I'd! That's a fertile sat on the show that I didn't actually question your judgment. You didn't ask me at any rate the first lady ten point zero as high as it goes
hey. I got a little person as well and holds up in person. Let me tell you: this is not a special effects masked over beauty that we're talking about. We are talking about an angel from Heaven, but how was the Easter Egg role honestly led? Was it the best never well used or hey, who was really, moreover, photo up for the moms out there to get cute pictures of the kiddos dad's really get dragged along for arm candy, especially in my case, and to be effectively a mule to carry the baby, but at least with the with me, I stuck walking at least seven eight miles walkin around the White House beautiful place, but I was borderline dead by the time I got back. Men go five. Any thoughts on the Eastern we'll go far was also there. Oh, I don't know, I guess I was there. I was passing- probably not so well,
you don't know might have well. They have people on the lookout for jewish interlopers into the Easter Egg Rural life. I will say, there's a matter. I did notice a different colored span for MIKE than what I got. I just had the plane gray. Wristband MIKE actually had a gold wristband. Now, no MIKE, I don't know that like a class distinguishing thing here already. I was a religious discrimination. I get the go whenever I want, and an ear dear subjugated Anthea little time group that the poor people I heard of the people a family of the people, the elites I'm surrounded by adding as nice as its economic, economical tradition, goes back to the nineteenth century. I would never go because the crowds and the distances involved and lot of screening chill out we're looking at the times from pages warning, though, do you see this picture on that now have so the New York Times from
page today, has a pitcher of the two sisters in there in other toddlers and that the younger one is crying and so that the YO trumps, the Easter Egg Rural, has the crying baby. That's it that's the image they put out now. I personally when I saw the flood. Oh, I thought it was cute having several having too babies. I'd like I can identify with that moment, but it is everything about you drag worlds. We really should go back to the moment. They have the killer bees like chasing the chill in about of course, at the time don't worry about the bees? Lay, they won't hurt you I guess it's all right. I wrote a book called you. There is something I regard a perfect metaphor: violence, foreign policy. Look, I gotta I tell you, though, this Easter egg Wrong not come off without a hitch got a little more than I read, you might be able to tell them I'm a little low energy that I don't really have my little Haydn me, not tippy top
not to be top shape today, folks, but here's what I went to the White House he's direct role with the hopes of either getting a picture with the present the first lady or that creep Easter Bunny my little by little baby, the Winkler, but this is what I actually got. I'm pretty sure I saw a corpse yesterday, about five minutes for present was scheduled to come out. There was a mass rush of biomass officials because son, who had a heart attack at the event what I'm not kidding. I haven't seen as reported anywhere so breaking exclusive live here on rightly writer. News on this. Shall we would you like to break news, a big, a big hullabaloo was a terrifying seen the wife was there in tears. In hysterics, yes ruled the dude Strip
down. Basically, nay the deal on Easter Egg World Nora ended up being a corporal Matthew, because I put, on the stretcher stretched out more daring, allowing ailer bashing can way to watch on Netflix the show where they got Harrison to kill a man at these two I can add anything more to this other than the fact that, like TAT was what we got right before the president came out. Is we got possible dead body rolling through getting kill at the early next Rex Jones, the fifteen year old Son of Info wars, founder Alex Jones, has challenged the college rejected David Hog to a debate on gun control, saying name time named the place name an you Harrison, this wouldn't even be close. Listen. I have been watching a lot erects Jones I recently on in for wars, and let me tell you he is a chip off the old block. The kids got the it
I'm a little. I feel, like you steal my act a little bit, but I must be less right and writer packing, but you know what that's just the cost of influence right. You you, the show, gets bigger. Our influence spreads, we're gonna have some imitators. I take it. As we lottery Rex would. Tear David hogs face often remain. It wouldn't even be closed because Rex actually knows he's talking about now? I would also be interested to see which colleges Rex has been accepted to end or denied firmly fifteen. I bet she's already. These aren't you going to college next year or been banned by every college. I mean listened at least he hasn't excuses. Is the son of the Hated Alex Jones Hog, apparently until he filed all of his applications with just a student now, obviously, hog would be focused more on two matriculate in the fall
because all you do is wait for spring semester whenever the hell that application deadline is the greatest thing that ever happened to him was the mass shooting at school is exploding it to its fullest he'll get into every school in the country so that issues kind of dead. I think man, I one I've always thought era, Harrison. Was the son of Alex Nouns so surprising to me that there is another one that named Rex Jones, and secondly, it is a little bit odd, though I have not seen hog good in a debate.
Over gun control in a lot of interviews with friendly journalists, he's done some conversations where they might have a report, obviously that they had the town hall thing with the republic and officials like Marker Rubio, but an actual substantive debate. I have not seen him in and I wonder I wonder why he's reluctant to to do it. I think we know the answer to that govern yeah, I'm in in our kids. Today I just How is it is turning me off pretty hard here and I think at CERN in America off like he is not the ideal spokesmen for those laws. What's her name, the Daisy Daphne with Acute one, the pretty one, the one with glasses year, yes she's much, but they should put her out front. She is much more compelling this kid. Is it
after I don't. I don't think we should go. I don't that's. That's got to have any the less the shape had. While I went too far you did. You took it in a bad directive which any Disney at something that in any case, she's she's like I'm telling you know sweep soft face for this and hog is, I mean an awful I'd up next in a perfect distillation of our times, there is now a museum of selfies which claims to explore the forty thousand year history of self portraiture. In reality, millennials just go to the museum to take selfies. Now we should have Natalie back to talk about self portrait. I don't know what you're referring. I think that'll he's got. Some words some interesting wilds of our aid into aim window. This culture, but Matt tickets go on sale for twenty five dollars. Did you book your visit yeah? Do you think anyone's actually going to go to this museum
I think so there ain't there's already pictures of them. Taking so that the point of the several used not to look at other people, so is to look at your own self why go to a museum of other self no Matthew. Why do people want to see the Mona LISA hike it? That's that's a work of art this. Told healthy note. The self first add ons and nobody ever goes moment alone. Do not favour the Mona LISA. There's a horrid Mona LISA is a self portrait. Nobody knows this. No, denies. This is this is scientific fact Then she was a trainee and he Well, how welcome around that, without this was hers selfie, that ever like wind, beta, ok with us, gave finally viral? That was the word. A viral Tina yours. Are France via teenagers are partaking? In quote
condiments snorting challenge, because of course they are Harrison. What are your trusted health experts saying about this? Well, I glad that you asked me about this, because it's not really the this. The health community that I reached out to report on this issue is the american psychological community that it turns out that this generation is exceptionally boring. Now they get all this media pray. For being so poise and so anti gone and anti social, but the fact is that there are actually just really bored. If you look at this generation, they are screwing, less. They are drinking last, they are doing less drugs and they are performed, but what it was before they're like performing better on on test scores and down, but here's the thing. This is all boring, but where are the real rebels here,
All these kids do everything they ve done is derivative. Even school, shooting generation on from the school shooting generation. I wasn't School and Columbine hit for their sole shooter. Have you seen the antagonism junior, and this proves theirs it at that? But that's our whole messaging right? Is it there, the school, shooting generation. We go to a war zone every day, yet statistics have proven that this is actually the safest generation in american history. They have far fewer threats to their well being. Distance, then than any generation the past. This is the most coddled most well taken care of most cared for generation in Fortunately, there are also the most boring and in fact therefore, with themselves. Look at this shit that they're doing Norton Condoms Who who comes up without a then get any totally border or eating tags? Hot eating soap is behind us outboard. This is not about the generation. It's about social media think about the ice bucket challenge this social media
creates a universe of chow. It's very nice pocket challenge a challenge I snort there are. No scientific challenge was different. That was the back, that's as wearing. Why I find it sad duplicating I dont people? Does everyone had to do it because they wanted to put their video So for me to get a lot, I lay on the social media and you won't have them snorting com or eating right high pouring buckets of ice now you're still regulate the face. Bladed shut down you two pictures on by Google, like oil start doing drugs drinking screwing later used to do back in the day. That was the good tat ran still are like the time said that peace this week about the town in Virginia not far from not far from Deasey, where they they profile. This seventeen year old kid who's, gonna change the world and take away everybody's
HANS snooze? What kind of a seventy seven year old guy sit, not a park bench and there wasn't bad you only seventy five regarding their lives and is just sit and on the bench ribbon, Botz being like, I seen it before. I'm still gonna be here when they're gone. Across the old, seen everything. Meanwhile, we gotta generation, kids that are putting condoms up their nasal cavities, as opposed to put them on their yeah and ok, and you got just like the villages where the std situations out of control in owed, so that all people we have a lot to learn from them and we should respect their elders? And you know I do agree that this this generation is like. Oh, they agree Some guns are there that the story actually said that they may be the greatest generation yet what their music site, the cartoon soccer movie suck everything about them is
this use best where the rock stars today, where the true rebels, we don't have, we got a bunch of kids in Florida that are doing with their parents, don't do what how that is its ox. It's boring. You know he said he was low energy. I met a sudden. I back, you know tat about three items. Will nordic autonomy walk among experts? Unfortunately, that is all the time we have for today's edition of right and writer. I'd like to give special thanks to our producers. Louis bunch, the fourth and, of course, are free beacon, guess, magical Nettie, Errand, Harrison Michael Goldfarb and Natalie Johnson remember find us on Itunes and Google play just search for right and writer. Please subscribe tell your friends and leave a positive review like Listener David moles, who ranks as number one in right wing pod gas ahead of the weekly. Sub standard sang quote. No one denies this on till next
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