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Impeachment, New 2020 Candidates, and ‘Journalism’ at Northwestern

2019-11-14 | 🔗
The gang discusses the first public impeachment hearings, the latest Democrats jumping into the 2020 ring, and the meltdown of student journalism at Northwestern University. This episode is sponsored by Ethos Life Insurance.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners. Also, it should be taken to seriously listener discretion is advised, but go ahead, make my day, while allowing welcome to writing writer, the official podcast of the Washington Free Beacon sponsored by eat on your host Aliona Johnson, the editor in chief of the free begin, and you can Follow me on twitter at Aliona. Why Johnson? The free beacon podcast is available on Itunes, Google play in stature. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave her view. Joining me from the right today is, for
we confounding added or Matthew continuity. You may remember him from such mainstream media outlets as National Review and the weight weekly standards. He is the author of international best seller, the persecution of Sarah Palin. You can follow him on Twitter. At continuity. Hell am at. It was very big in Indonesia, anything else. Yola victims are the best seller list for a long time in Indonesia. Further demands right is free, beacon. President Aaron Harrison who has just returned from a doctor's check of his mega levels and the test results are back their sky, high and prostitutes boom mill. We talk about what he does around the office, but he's the Czechs and that's good enough for us returning to the programme is the chairman of the free beacon oh go far international man of mystery and licence republican consultant. He always gives our paneless in line. Oh, go far away on a up. First impeachment goes under the Cleveland
Starting the acting: U S, ambassador to Ukraine, Bill Taylor and some dude in a boat. I Taylor disclosed a second phone call. Overheard by one of his aids? I now think now we know it's too between President Donald Trump and U S ambassador to the EU, Gordon someone, Taylor said his eavesdropping aid. Could over overheard the president asking someone about quote the investigations and telling him that the Ukrainians were ready to move forward with them. This is opened a new front for Democrats about the security ramifications of the president, calling american ambassador on an unsecured phone line. Surely a game changer in the impeachment Battle Matt,
Where do we stand under the first historic and momentum of the republic here future now, for that for calling out an unsecured line? It's very confusing to me. I kept there's always references during the testimony to the regular channels versus the irregular channels, and I was like was the need to relax the vat or something resolve irregular channels. Do not you not using the regular channels using the irregular channels, but that's not why they are good
Impeach him they're gonna teach him, because I hate him right and they ve always wanted to impeach him and but but then so then I say well. This is always about. He was holding up the aid to force the Ukrainians to open up the investigation. Ok, that's an abuse of power, but now it seems like there also include in articles of improvement, bribery which didn't happen and witches bribery is like if he personally, if he had set his Olenska say he had personally said, is a landscape. I will pay you. I will give you a new trump tower, you Zalewski, if you do
This doubt, would be bribery to me, then even the personal profit on one end of the spectrum right, we'll, never get it, but this is extortion right. It's story is different than using both the words they rush. It uses both bribery and extortion. Saying it's not bribery that I think we can rule out. Extortion would be you do something for me or else right, and I think this kind of what he was doing, but on behalf the United States. Well, that's the question.
Cause you're. Here I mean, I don't think I'm not doing it for the common cause than that's when you would say well that was an abuse of power, but soon Harrison Harrison whose testimony do you think was the most devastating for the president for the president. Now none of us I mean the monster, was most devastating for the Democrats was tailors. Taylor were when he said that his your they asked him, or when did you become most concerned with what you were here and he said when I heard that the president was holding up foreign aid, to Ukraine quote a country in war during wartime. That was to me that discredited their entire argument, because he at that point stopped. I stopped serving the president of the United States. He should be serving the american people is done serve through the present United States heat at that point. Put the Ukrainian in
above the american interests he forgot, which country he was actually represent, and to me that's where it all falls apart. Impeach too, you should have been found. Look. This is this. Is your deep state of Iraq? You totally right, though, they seemed these first two witnesses and I assume word recordings and Thursday tomorrow. Are you fond of it? The Exxon Valdez Matias? She's testify they all. It seems to me there more concerned the delay in aid. Then they were about the reasons for that area. Like the reasons for the delay in a bid to listen to their statements more, we need to defend Ukraine. Ukraine is the front lines. Ok, but oh boy I held up the aid to there was no military. There was non lethal, non leap right, you didn't you do so you impeach bad. For that I'm gonna, just don't it's it damn it. This is the problem
Democrats if they wanted to make this a bipartisan thing if they wanted to get the polls in their direction, which is always talk about the the pudding, the political interest, the head of the deposit policy, shaping shaped by the political interests, not even that, I think, is now going to convince a lot of people, because most people assume all public policies into self interested in, do that only but that's their biggest point, that seems to me and it was lost midst of the details that yesterday I can tell you my my my own family, the response I got, which I you know like everybody in DC. That is your barometer for, like water people outside the bubble thinking and it was that was boring and didn't a glove autumn, which I think is a fair reading of what happened yesterday. I watched a good amount of it. It really boring it's not a republican talking point if it's an objective reality and and they didn't like love on him. I mean they didn't advance the ball. They had a product
is dry run without the cameras, and then this is what they get when the cameras or on its, they are incompetent people. The whistle blower may be competent. He has done real damage to this administration in this presidency. The Guinyard whose down on the hill. They are like incapable of doing anything but helping tromp they're just useless well, this shows what I think you know you? You talk about the deep state in these bureaucrats and these career officers that that think that they are serving the countries best interest them in themselves at their their own personal actions, but what they're not doing is- and we heard disrupt the Obama administration that ok, what you you may not agree with a bomb, but you need to respect the office of the President's. Ok. What we have seen through this testimony is these these buildings, you're bureaucrats, do not respect Donald Trump, the person, but but
don't, chief of staff or ordinary former secretary of state and consequently, when they start making these unilateral decisions up what a believer in the best interests of this country. They are not respecting the office of the President, the United States, in the weight which that office Caracks should that that is the deep state that everything all deviates conspiracy, not the deeps, is alive and thriving and we all seeing it played out in a public stage now to the twenty twenty democratic primary, which has two new entrants being capital executive, Devolve, Patrick, former New York, city mare and multibillion air Michael Bloomberg. The paper of record is wasting no time coming after Bloomberg, noting today that he has a history of making massage in his dick remarks. The paper reports quote. One remark attributed to Mr Bloomberg went like this. If women wanted to be appreciated for their brains, they'd
to the library instead of two Bloomingdale's. Another line, purportedly minimal railroads is adaptive. Another line, purportedly Mr Bloomberg sales pitch for as a parliament Peter Terminal said the machine will quote: do everything, including oral sex, although it cruder term was used. I guess Mr Bloomberg was quoted as saying that puts a lot of you, girls out business, thereby mad rich, crowded billionaire will clear the field first, Michael Bloomberg or Tom's liar. You know whom has my vote now as Lloyd Blank Fine vows greatest tweet that he put out today attacking Elizabeth, worrying and say: look. I actually agree with you and all things, but you include mean this Adam and you're. Just defining me by my group. Two risks. He goes. I guess that must be in your DNS rival and I lad tribal. Yet tribalism must be in your dna and that was a good burnt. That was that I was hot, so he has my vote Bloomberg making
strong play for the be overthrown with there. Were these remarks there? U is Bloomberg running or not, because you gonna wait, November of November nineteen I'm. So May I just say November twice in the night, the first week in November, nineteen and an he's up against the wall. He's gotta get filed in these in these primaries and his first week There are launching this campaign sensibly is to do nothing and let device Patrick actually get in the race before him as like another late entrant, emblem Tal Stick is on the com. Guy on the serious guy, I'm highly organized, I get done all this is really bad first week for a guy who is supposed to be the guy who gets done conceding, get anything done its work, we its trial balloon, which
How can we say that I'm not really is getting anyhow and serious at all? Is like Patrick Deal given credit used like all right I mean, and I'm going to New Hampshire. United did the CBS morning show and I'm an actual Canada Bloomberg. All it does is he gets laudatory press from from called not the paper itself colonists than your trial. Donald Trump before Trump actually ran, like always tone with a run indecisive, he's like hand, wringing hamlet, total. If it's a problem, it isn't it. The report as it visit nine Mikey. What else is happening? Biden has been rising, impulse is not tied and you can stop Ojo just keep on shop one along till one of his eyes, calls out of. Ok up next freshman
democratic, congresswoman, Ill Hon Omar is still working to learn what constitutes jus hatred as opposed to sincere and totally appropriate fila symmetric criticism, type of israeli government after Rollin work. At this this week she asked mentally out of sheer ignorance, fell on the wrong side of the line. Once again, when she respond two CNBC report that the billionaire Leon Cooper men would support Michael Bloomberg and the twenty twenty presidential race Wonder why Omar tweeted, adding a puzzled emerging face a spokesman for Omar said she was referring to the fact that both men are billionaires rather than the fact that both men are Jews Harrison. Are you buying it? Ah, what the dirt jewish billionaires via you accept that further?
I? U but like this, the game should place. This is the game the squad always plays. We know this, but that's why it's so easily believable right off the right off the bat she's made this bed. This is what she is she's like made her political brand on, so she gets to live with the consequences of that. As far as I'm concerned, we all know what her heart is, it is not in the right place. Ok, we'll Omar as late as tweed came. At the same time, several distinguished academics published a study finding that Omar has been the subject of a disproportionate number of Islamophobia smears amplified on twitter by trolls Those smears include allegations that Omar married her brother and quote unquote: bigoted responses to O Mars twenty twelve tweet, alleging that Israel is hypnotizing the world. While that settles that my Are you persuaded those? Did you write my you know. I,
I was just so shocked when I read the report on this study. Is it it it just I couldn't believe it like. People are taking public money that they're, like public institutions in this country, that are funding the damage to write both studies- then there are no more, but I leave- study in that's really what's going on in America, you're too dollars at work are paying. You know, you're student, that's too high and your call it costs too much will this is where the money is going to studies of twitter and how it not nice, to align Omar AL who, like us through things about people, are calling for an anti semite, and that apparently is hate speech. But you know what that community someone I mean. That is one of the true things at the writing about her and it seems it's pretty compelling the evidence of marrying her brother. Conclusive, but it's pretty damn close outlawed adultery. Other allegations against her
the best thing about this study was that if you respond to her tweed saying Israel's hypnotizing the Jews, that's hate speech, but her tweet, they dont, discuss the original tweet. They don't discuss. Now. If you respond to the fact that she was married to people at the same time, they dont discuss that but responding to them. The bigoted way. That is bad. If an earlier date? Yes, just to be clear, was not. The state did not recognise both marriages. Alonzo. She divorce in her fate, tradition. That's what she said. She divorce one interfere tradition before our legal update, a quick word from our sponsor eat. Those insurance. You may be putting off getting life insurance because you think it's complex, expensive and time consuming with eat those. It's not eat. Those is faster, easier and more affordable way to get life insurance to make sure your family is taken care of, even if you aren't around to take care of them. Listen up. Bernie Sanders their committed to finding.
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Ellie Yonah, yes, former representative- Eddie Hill, just hired a new lawyer carry Goldberg whose special ices in revenge point cases, ass Goldberg once had a client who soon grinder, because an ex boyfriend pretended to be the case and had a thousand do come to his home and work looking to do really unsafe things are spared the blow by blow. Let's just say: Goldberg is go to when it comes to sex torsion as you all know, Hill was the congresswoman from California who abruptly step down. Last month, she'd been in a relationship with a campaign. Female camping staff are well married to her. Husband Kenny has slipped, they were in we all now know is called a throttle. I won't get into the ins and outs of that, except to say it was a consensual, but then hill and her husband decided to get divorced in suddenly nude photos of her were all over the internet Katy, whom you immediately Hutu finger as the culprit occurs.
Strange husband, there were also allegation. She was having an affair with a male staffer, at which point the house did launch an investigation and our relationship with the support congressional staffer that'd be house rule. Twenty three eighteen, eighty see that's why I'm illegal correspond has anyone reference that clause to you in the past Is that why you're familiar with no? No? No! I just give my research. I remember that in MIKE. Let us speak from experience. No, I remember thinning out in the field and allow a rather area from ports I remember from towards. It was at that point the kitty held then decided to step down, although she still denies the relationship with the male staffer Needless to say, there are a lot of holes in the stories. Let me see if I can fill them has labs father says his sons. Computer was hacked. Someone else put up. Those picks of her sitting make it on a cheer calming the female staffers here. Someone else posted the pick of her.
That mysterious tattoo, which, after careful analysis, I have concluded as a fourleaf leaf clover wrinkled it's about the iron, oh, no! No! No! No! I thank all. It is a wrinkle forli for gas at some point in dark in a dark, Yelverton, dark, green trust me. I didn't lot of analysis of this. Terry Goldberg says all options around the table, but it most Kenny has what gets like a two thousand dollar fine a year in jail. California's one of forty six states with revenge, porn laws. So if you live in South Carolina, Massachusetts, Mississippi or Wyoming go nuts for Europe also has the public interest exception? So if she goes after state you know which posted the pigs. I imagine this would be their defence. In the meantime, five Republicans, including former congressmen, Steve Night and George Papadopoulos, are, calling for that seat now that she's gone on the damn sides, Rigour says he wants to see. Everyone wants her see my only advice
Let's get a new sea cushion. You all saw the picture. You know what I'm talking about this advice. You get about hotel room bed spreads back to you, wait a second. I just variable not date for the team? Here I have a picture of carry Goldberg, and this is rubble. I would like to see more of It's great librarian yeah. She goes to good partner. I mean if you're going to sleep with another staffer carry Goldberg is bricks, rules. Thinking back, we go now to our pop culture. Expert kitty do pre kitty. What do you have for us right? It's been a big league in Hollywood, Switch had her an haze. Just can't seem to find love with a man or a woman. She is accusing her latest acts. Bag little lies actor James Tapir of stealing from her. She says he changed the locks on the house to keep her out and spent the four hundred and fifty
I was in dollars. They received from refinancing the house, which was possible because she signed the deed over to him. He's fighting back in an emerald. To answer all your saying quote: I truly do not understand this drama and hope it isn't linked to extended drug use. The former couple never married so sadly there is that there will be any disputes over who will write the alimony pony on this man. This just goes to show that, after decades, in Hollywood, annotations biggest tat wasn't from some we'd, but really from dating Ellen Degenerous. There's only one thing in this world that I enjoy more than discussing divorces and that's couples getting our celebrity. Getting fat once phone actor who Russell grow is charitable person. I mean, I know I shouldn't
joy of better just really gets my jollies one spelt actor. Russell Crow is cited in the Sydney airport linking quite large, but not really in charge and looks like he has been throwing cheeseburgers down his mouth instead of found that hotel employees he was spotted down under in Australia digging first something in his down under back regions, after dining with a friend. Clearly there isn't anything romantic between them since I'm guessing its ban quite some time since Russell could effortlessly see his equipment. He is currently single, but it appears he isn't ready to mingle, since he can't give women the tingles and is only found his way to the principles, and here is a la she's, a poet and AIDS are even now at all. That's not what I want afraid lest I want to put it last week.
Anyway, I read it. I got my god. This is not for a role. He looks like he's not like them with a fresh with legs options in months, the perils of wearing sweat outfits, because it becomes to comfortable that you forget your laptop. That is absolutely right there, because I don't know what evil digging for hand is so far down. You know, but he still doing ok she's cute, You can tell that is you, but he is like our little guy millionaire so I always his last movie. What's he done recently gladiator without delay and
Finally, I sadly have to announce that the standards for sexiness have officially been lowered, and I blame people magazine for this monstrosity. The magazine officially named singer John Legend, these sexiest man alive yesterday and I would like to either have a real count or be put down. He may have in any a grab me an Oscar into Tony, but that doesn't mean anyone any one wants to bound him. In the past, the current the Kronos looks had been compared to the Arthur Cartoon Legends photo shoot, includes him and went in a pool, but unfairly certain every woman is feeling like the Sahara desert. After seeing it would like that, I would like to know who is on the panel for those voting away. The standards vary, sexiness have plummeted, I'm straighter than an arrow, but if John Legend is the sexiest man alive than I have to rethink my orientation,
and become a sexual? This is the new standards for sexiness and I have thought of him. Looking like Arthur and in a poor man, you, those pretty harsh, would warranted harsh but fair, its yeah uncertainty and woke. That's all. It is right, as like he's woke, she's woke they're, trying to get people who were under the age of seventy. To read their magazine. I mean they got the most annoying woman's husband on people magazines sexy now I like, I think she got this. Your twitter, like a bunch of people at followers on Twitter. Like share one vote for him. He looks like a child. Why does he look like a child? He has kind eyes he has now. Ok, thank you, kitty, anytime guys and thank you get it
and finally, in the beacon culture around just one topic. This week, the Northwestern University student newspaper is under fire for issuing an abject, pathetic apology for doing its job texting students for comment, publishing photographs of student activists protesting a campus visit by former attorney General Jeff session. And what else did they apologize for, calling me students out that was texting, texting them beauty. The phone, oh no in use and I'm a naming the student protesters, which meant that they were then subject to disciplinary action by the university. The students of the student activists said receiving text suggest was an invasion of privacy and that publish publishing their photographs was re traumatized thing for them. The newspaper agreed and apologize the freebie consent. Brave, freelancer out to ask daily Northwestern editor in chief Troy class and a few questions class in hidden,
his office, while his colleagues told our brave freelancer that was not in the office and wouldn't becoming in that day, despite the fact that he was spotted several times our brave freelancer. Eventually, class in emerge to tell our freelancer that he was not conducting interviews at this time and was focusing instead on his personal health. I like how you refer to our freelancer. In the same way, the people refer to whistle blower is the identity of our brave freelancer, public. Yes, yes, the island, the article of Matthew, Pena, he's out with Europeans, have owns it. He owns it. Absolutely absolutely him. You know I'm in from the most interesting aspect of this story. You know from my little narrow view of the world is that we got the inner. With the editor in chief of the New York Times didn't New York Times does a double by lined. You know, fifteen hundred word, you know,
sport on page from his explanation of what why this is really more complicated than it looks They couldn't get an interview with the Guy Free Beacon did in the headlines. Journalism or tromp yarn northwestern struggles with trauma, porn revenge or an imagined if they apply those standards to the free beacon. How traumatized all of us would be what they say, what they just but get our ip banned for hates now, just think of it as it is the old. There were no repercussions, but we described are workplace in the same way that these since describe their college. I recommend, like the New York Times, does traumatized me every day when I read it like if journalists really gonna try and protect people from trauma than they should be judged on published. I ain't in terms of the workforce, you're you're more the trauma giver than you are
travelling at our Morelli ATA, because there's plenty of trauma an porn here before guarantee you that, whether the guy, I think this whole thing is just I was more struck by a we just at the school shooting this morning in common Harris calls in hysterics to MSNBC, because obviously, when you're trying to solve the crisis, that's the first thing you should do as leader of a state that has a tragedy, and it is called On the verge of tears in hysterics to MSNBC and preach about how oh, if Only link should literally said that she said if only these kids, who are who go to school and such every day of being shot with their bulletproof backpacks, if only they could vote. So is it owing to take them moving into the voting booth coming out of this institution of fear that we have created the liberals have created in the education system to the ballot box to get real reform like that that
that is their game and are not shall they want to make all of these places of education. Like these, these labs word, you can breed nooses new citizens through fear, because they are afraid that this guy is afraid that people are going to be traumatized by being confronted with ideas that might not make them comfortable or might not agree with them or not not make them feel special. We'll do it so the excuses that it's it's traumatized, so I dont have to engage. I don't have to actually have to make a clear argument and that's the economy, and this is how liberals get more liberals into society. They say that note that any he brings an opposing viewpoint. The EU needs to be shut down and send and sent out of society is it is. It is madness, but this is where the lids comfort credit to the president of Northwestern received. One of these open letters from the kids who said Jeff Sex this basically it's like he's him Many studies of fascist and its fast
the study Ology and we demand that you apologize and that you cease all contact with like you. Is the police had brutalized this brutal eyes and repress than all this stuff and end. The president just responded in one line like one of these kids and was like that's actually not at all what happened. So you know basically jump in a lake at some credit for ever. I look at this letter and, unlike let me start googling these. He hears I'm just curious like who signed this crazy letter communist. Do they work it? I'm like they must. Some of them must have real jobs right all else, for it was like a paralegal at care in Chicago the Council on American Islamic relations. It was like transgender student, whose, like I don't know what they do, but science, it's some kind of community race, organizing job they studied. It was like
all the way down was just like we were actually that's. Who is there graduating is like political activists because they think they provide them with us to us what they provide them. Not activists for truth, the judgements of the american way, what they provide them with this nonsense, language like Micro, aggressions, because, if you're being micro aggress than the conversations we shut down river Micrograms view needs to be punished. This is look are defended bullying on this programme several times, and this goes back to my defence. We need more bullies. We need the bullies to come back because the second Lukas away they have done this right now is everything. Comes in, cut down is caught that deals with confrontation is considered, bullying and the air, and in these scumbag kids, that can't stand off from themselves. Get this excuse to shut
on anybody, the comes in their way and tells them their rightful place in society which is back in their locker fit, but that, unfortunately, that's all the time we have left for today's edition of right and writer. I'd like to give special thanks to our producers, poker, extend and Grand Piero and, of course, our free beacon, guess, Matthew, continuity, Aaron Harrison Michael, go, bark victory, no Madison Kitty do pray. Remember find us on Itunes, Google. I tunes Google play in stature gesture for free begin. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a positive review like listener die a bad ass mom who writes. I love this podcast and wish it were more freak. Frequent. The whole gang is great, but its Aaron, who is my weekly stress, reliever as he are circulates what I've been thinking that cannot say or the unemployed. Just like Charles Cramond. It don't work, a dialogue at ass, there's always a spot for you here at the beacon until
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