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The Free Beacon Podcast is the official podcast of the Washington Free Beacon, your favorite warmongering Kate Upton blog. Join favorites such as editor in chief Matthew Continetti, Free Beacon president Aaron Harison, and others as they talk about politics, national security, culture, elections, government, and the people that annoy them. We are on a mission to find an explanation of the moment, or something. Decadent, depraved, and always interesting, the Free Beacon Podcast can't be missed.

subscriber only Bernie Battles Biden, Pocahontas Surrenders, and Symone Sanders Brings It 0:32:54 2020-03-05
subscriber only South Carolina, Political Trolling, and Government-Approved Panic 0:28:21 2020-02-26
Dems Self-Immolate, Sanders Marches On, and Roger Stone Looks for a Pardon 0:32:03 2020-02-20
Bernie’s Red Dawn, Bloomberg’s Bank Account, and What to Do About Roger Stone 0:30:06 2020-02-13
Mitt’s Grudge, Iowa’s Debacle, and the Best State of the Union Yet 0:28:29 2020-02-06
Bolton Takes Center Stage, Bernie Surges in Iowa, and Bloomberg Bombs Airwaves 0:30:43 2020-01-30
subscriber only Impeachment Drags On, Warren Keeps Slipping, and Liberal Hacks Face Off 0:26:52 2020-01-24
subscriber only Warren Knifes Bernie, a Jump Ball in Iowa, and Obama’s Legacy 0:31:23 2020-01-16
McConnell Owns Pelosi, Iran Backs Down, and the Royals Reel 0:29:00 2020-01-09
2019 Men of the Year Awards Show 0:33:44 2020-01-02
subscriber only The Right and Righter 2019 Year in Review 0:38:23 2019-12-26
Obama Allies Slam Biden, Libs Deny Science, and a New Christmas War Begins 0:30:52 2019-12-19
Horowitz, Barr, and the Victimization of Katie Hill 0:37:33 2019-12-12
Impeachment, 2020’s Anthony Weiner, and a Rough Week for Milfs 0:37:41 2019-12-05
Boring Buttigieg, Trump’s Third Term, and a Gas Investigation 0:33:30 2019-11-21
Impeachment, New 2020 Candidates, and ‘Journalism’ at Northwestern 0:30:30 2019-11-14
subscriber only Off-Year Election Results, Lefty Billionaires, and Melting Libs 0:30:58 2019-11-07
subscriber only Kamala’s Campaign Layoffs, al-Baghdadi’s Death, and Identical Twins 0:32:13 2019-10-30
subscriber only Hillary 2020, Dem Threats Against Israel, and Katie Hill’s Throuple 0:36:30 2019-10-24
Democratic Debate, LeBron’s Bowing to China, and the Beatdown of Environmentalists 0:31:58 2019-10-18
subscriber only Hillary 2020, Warren’s Re-Education Camps, and Group-Marriage Counseling 0:38:24 2019-10-10
subscriber only Shark-Filled Moats, Racial Discrimination, and Franken’s Failed Comeback 0:37:27 2019-10-03
subscriber only Dems Try to Steal Democracy, Hillary Sabotages Biden, and Pondriver Returns 0:36:44 2019-09-25
subscriber only Eliana Arrives, Kamala Craters, and Warren Gets the Media’s Love 0:34:14 2019-09-19
Remembering 9/11, Keeping Up With CNN, and Eating Fake Meat 0:36:37 2019-09-11
subscriber only Biden’s Bloody Eyeball, Bribing Iran, and the Beacon’s Big Announcement 0:31:09 2019-09-05
Biden’s Brain, Israel’s Enemies, and Larry King’s Thermostat 0:36:39 2019-08-21
Epstein, Fredo, and the Invention of Canaries 0:27:04 2019-08-14
subscriber only Guns, SoulCycle, and Clinton’s Impeachment 0:32:39 2019-08-08
Marianne Williamson’s Debate Witchcraft, the DCCC’s Meltdown, and Jeffrey Frankenstein 0:36:39 2019-08-01
Mueller’s Testimony, Al Franken 2020, and Harvard’s Class Clown 0:33:54 2019-07-24
The Squad, Google’s Coziness With China, and Broke Beto 0:39:33 2019-07-17
Jeffrey Epstein, Tom Steyer, and Ross Perot 0:36:56 2019-07-10
subscriber only Democratic Debates, Hunter Biden’s Vision Quest, and Farewell to Sonny 0:37:27 2019-07-03
Mueller, Dem Debate Preview, and Regime Change in the Dominican Republic 0:35:00 2019-06-26
subscriber only Trump’s Chances, Iran’s Aggression, and Mulvaney’s Mistake 0:33:15 2019-06-19
subscriber only Hacks on Hacks on the Dem Civil War, Buttigieg Rising, and the Worsts of the Week 0:34:54 2019-04-17
A Very Special Episode 0:43:22 2019-04-02
Trump Unleashed, Avenatti Update, and the Decline of Suits 0:31:20 2019-03-29
subscriber only No Collusion, Avenatti Arrested, and Nazi Donuts 0:29:33 2019-03-26
ISIS Falls, Biden’s Bad Week, and Dr. Pondriver’s Return 0:31:35 2019-03-22
Beto’s Bucks, Trump’s Numbers, and the Generational Ambassador 0:30:12 2019-03-19
subscriber only Trump’s First Veto, a Lower Voting Age, and the Ratio Undone 0:32:55 2019-03-15
subscriber only Impeachment’s Out, Iowa Polls Are In, and Daylight Savings Forever? 0:34:04 2019-03-12
Dems Denounce … Something, Brown Drops Out, and Blockbuster Persists 0:34:13 2019-03-08
Endless Investigations, Hot Dog Sushi, and the Return of Pondriver 0:31:07 2019-03-05
Trump Walks Away, Bryce Walks to Philly, and the Generational Ambassador Returns 0:34:27 2019-03-01
Climate Kids, Knives Out for Bernie, and Breakfast Beers 0:28:54 2019-02-26
subscriber only ISIS Bride Has Regrets, Dems Back Reparations, and Pondriver Returns 0:33:47 2019-02-22
Jussie Smollett, Carlos Danger, and Millennial Dating Tips 0:30:57 2019-02-19
subscriber only National Emergencies, Coup Plots, and Water Truthers 0:34:29 2019-02-15
Trump’s Rally, Omar’s Bad Tweets, and Rage Yoga 0:29:28 2019-02-12
subscriber only VA Dems Implode, Green New Cow Farts, and a Return to Centrism 0:36:03 2019-02-08
SOTU, Super Bowl Blues, and Dr. Ronny’s Return 0:34:17 2019-02-05
Politicized Intel, Border Negotiations, and Super Bowl Predictions 0:33:48 2019-02-01
subscriber only 2020 Drama, Trump Giving WH Tours, and Bathroom Waiting Lines 0:33:24 2019-01-29
subscriber only Stone Indicted, Maduro Out (?), and Out-of-the-Box Bipartisanship 0:33:05 2019-01-25
subscriber only Kamala’s Hopes, MAGA Kids, and Emotional Support Alligators 0:29:55 2019-01-22
Whoa If True, Beto’s Blues, and Pizza ATMs 0:32:56 2019-01-18
Russian Agents, Fast Food Feasts, and Woke Razors 0:33:26 2019-01-15
subscriber only Shutdown Strategies, Teeth Cleanings, and Nudist Restaurants 0:32:52 2019-01-11
Oval Office Address, AOC Dancing, and the War on Men 0:34:20 2019-01-08
subscriber only Shutdown Schemes, Unlikable Pols, and Mean Gene 0:36:10 2019-01-04
subscriber only Right and Righter’s End of Year Spectacular! 0:35:45 2018-12-28
subscriber only Free Beacon Men of the Year! 0:28:44 2018-12-25
Shut Downs, Syria, and Just the Tip? 0:29:42 2018-12-21
subscriber only Obamacare Being Destroyed, Space Command, Letters to Santa 0:32:23 2018-12-18
subscriber only Chief of Staff Watch, Dem 2020 Watch, Keith ‘Richard’ Watch 0:30:17 2018-12-14
Shutdowns, Cookie Dough, and the Secret to Eternal Life 0:29:25 2018-12-11
subscriber only Funerals, Moon Shots, and Spam Calls 0:24:18 2018-12-10
subscriber only Farewell H.W., Hello Joe, and Whither Can Openers? 0:34:35 2018-12-04
Cohen, Cows, and Handmaids 0:30:52 2018-11-30
Invading Caravan, Russian Aggression, and Door Opening Bears 0:33:01 2018-11-27
Turkeys, Betos, and Cheetos 0:32:39 2018-11-20
Acosta’s Triumph, Avenatti’s Disgrace, and Raccoons’ Drunkenness 0:30:18 2018-11-16
Trump’s Eurotrip, Amazon HQ2, and Take Your Parents to Work Day 0:33:10 2018-11-13
subscriber only Recounts, RBG, The Apocalypse 0:35:27 2018-11-09
subscriber only Election Results, Dicklash, Secondhand Fitness 0:34:13 2018-11-07
Caravan, Roger Stone, Airport Drinking 0:25:33 2018-11-02
Pittsburgh, Clinton 2020, Spooky Stinkbugs 0:30:07 2018-10-30
subscriber only Troops to the Border, Halloween Candy, and the Great Books 0:37:05 2018-10-26
Nuke Treaties, Avenatti Woes, and Baby Names 0:26:05 2018-10-23
The Hof, Mansize Tissues, and Unwanted Kisses 0:26:51 2018-10-19
Horsefaces, DNA Tests, and House Races 0:27:36 2018-10-16
The Red Wave, Kanye’s Big Moment, and 77 Natty Lights 0:30:41 2018-10-12
subscriber only Haley Out, Kavanaugh In, and T-Swift Speaks Up 0:31:55 2018-10-09
subscriber only Kavanaugh, Kavanaugh, and more Kavanaugh 0:29:04 2018-10-05
Ice Fights, Trade Wars, and Child Snatching 2018-10-02
subscriber only Kavanaugh, Avenatti, and Weight Watchers 0:32:26 2018-09-25
Confirmation Hearings, Jobless Libs, and the Bey Witch Project 0:31:27 2018-09-21
subscriber only Kavanaugh’s Accuser, Declassifications, and Trashing Your Kids’ Art 0:30:05 2018-09-18
subscriber only The Three New Legs of Conservatism, Amazon Delivers Christmas, and Norm Macdonald 0:32:56 2018-09-14
9/11 Remembered, Serena’s Anger Beaconsplained, and Bagel Atrocities 0:35:39 2018-09-11
Trump’s Rallies, Resistance Op-Eds, and RIP Burt Reynolds 0:32:50 2018-09-07
subscriber only Kavanaugh, Kerry, and Rat Town USA 0:28:18 2018-09-04
subscriber only Trump v. Google, Nixon v. Comfort, Gosling v. America 0:28:45 2018-08-31
subscriber only John McCain, Lanny Davis, and Tequila Shots 0:35:44 2018-08-28
subscriber only Impeachment, Illegal Immigration, and Vitamin J 0:34:11 2018-08-24
Mueller, Scooters, and Nazis 0:32:26 2018-08-21
Security Clearances, Dem Slogans, and Whitey 0:35:38 2018-08-17
subscriber only Omarosa, Four Loko, and Pelosi’s Future 0:32:53 2018-08-14
subscriber only Space Force, Coast to Coast 0:36:21 2018-08-10
Lebron, QAnon, and Fat Cats 0:31:41 2018-08-07
subscriber only Great Jobs Numbers, Terrible Tweets, and Dreadful Bachelorette Parties 0:32:02 2018-08-03
Trump Meets the Press, the End of Snow Days, and Bigfoot Erotica 0:34:18 2018-07-31
subscriber only GDP Spikes, Press Sticks Together, and Cohen Turns Rat 0:34:56 2018-07-27
Owning the Libs, Locking Her Up, and Eating Chick-fil-A 0:33:26 2018-07-24
subscriber only Biden Time, Climate Change Kids, and … What Did Trump Say? 0:36:30 2018-07-20
Trump and Putin, Democrats and Socialists, Die Hard and Summer 0:36:15 2018-07-17
subscriber only Strzok, Stormy, and T-Swift 0:36:05 2018-07-13
Kavanaugh, Caves, and Swamp Rats 0:33:29 2018-07-10
Pruitt Out, Avenatti In (?), and Sweet Dreams 0:34:17 2018-07-06
subscriber only Trump’s Tweets, Restaurant Civility, and Straw Bans 0:34:52 2018-07-03
SCOTUS, NYT, and Commie Dems 0:31:15 2018-06-29
Red Hen, Travel Ban, and Men’s Fashion 0:34:41 2018-06-26
subscriber only Melania’s Jacket, the House’s Immigration Problem, and the Racism Dog 0:34:30 2018-06-22
subscriber only Immigration, Bad Political Ads, and Mandals 0:32:33 2018-06-19
The Trump Show, Crappy Tippers, and Nail Clippers 0:32:28 2018-06-15
subscriber only The Trump Doctrine, Trudeau, and Chick-fil-A 0:33:56 2018-06-12
subscriber only Leaks, Puns, and Pancakes 0:34:37 2018-06-08
Pardons (Again), the Eagles, and Dino Bones 0:31:27 2018-06-05
subscriber only Pardons, Puerto Rico, and Pastries 0:33:49 2018-06-01
subscriber only The Washington Free Beacon Interview: Scott Pruitt on Controversy, Paris, and Baseball 0:13:08 2018-05-30
subscriber only Memorial Day, Hostages Home, and the Bachelorette Returns 0:30:34 2018-05-29
subscriber only Canceled Summit, Pink Wave, and Michael Rotondo 0:33:41 2018-05-25
subscriber only Obama to Netflix, Hillary Can’t Get Over It, and Trump’s Mole 0:32:52 2018-05-22
subscriber only Mueller, the Media and MS-13, and Anti-Semitic Dolphins 0:32:40 2018-05-18
subscriber only Palestinian ‘Protests,’ Online Gambling, and Airplane Etiquette 0:32:59 2018-05-15
subscriber only The Free Beacon: Live at AEI 0:33:52 2018-05-14
subscriber only Iran Deal, Eric Schneiderman, and Mitt’s Main Meats 0:31:50 2018-05-08
Rudy, Hillary, and Handmaids 0:30:00 2018-05-04
subscriber only Bibi’s Big Presentation, Korean Peace, and Peppa Pig 0:34:14 2018-05-01
subscriber only Diamond and Silk, Kanye and Cosby, and the Cry Closet 0:32:55 2018-04-27
subscriber only Rand Paul’s Cave, Melania’s State Dinner, and Kate Upton v. Natalie Portman 0:31:18 2018-04-24
subscriber only McCabe’s Misery, Barbara Bush, and Tween Rappers 0:34:04 2018-04-20
subscriber only Attorneys, Clients, and Coachella 0:33:28 2018-04-17
subscriber only Comey, Kardashians, and 2 Live Crew 0:34:07 2018-04-13
Michael Cohen, Apu, and Urinetown 0:29:44 2018-04-10
Scott Pruitt, Gray Hairs, and a Munchkin #MeToo 0:33:11 2018-04-06
Immigrant Caravans, Putin Powwow, and Condom Snorting 0:34:25 2018-04-03
Pardons, Princesses, and Goat Yoga 0:33:09 2018-03-30
subscriber only Expelling Spies and Scrambling Eggs 0:33:07 2018-03-27
Trump v. Biden: Who Ya Got? 0:31:46 2018-03-23
McCabe’s Millions 0:31:39 2018-03-20
Mueller’s Neverending Story 0:32:02 2018-03-16
subscriber only Breaking: REXit 0:32:03 2018-03-13
Trump’s Nobel 0:30:08 2018-03-09
subscriber only The Media’s Death Wish 0:34:41 2018-03-06
subscriber only Trade War: Bad for Guns? 0:30:59 2018-03-02
From My Cold, Dead Hands 0:31:06 2018-02-27
Fill ‘Er Up, Moonman 0:29:16 2018-02-23
Right and Righter 0:30:37 2018-02-20