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Kavanaugh, Caves, and Swamp Rats

2018-07-10 | 🔗
On the latest episode of theĀ <em>Free Beacon</em> podcast, the crew discusses Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick, wonders what took so long to get those kids out of that cave, and reframe the debate over the DOI ducks as a case of survival of the fittest.
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go ahead? Make my day. Hello and welcome to write and writer. The official podcast of the Washington Freed Beacon sponsored by Express Bbn. I'm your hosts Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS. W have be freebie complied gases available on Itunes, Google play and sticker. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a review. Join me from the right today is free, beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, cut Nettie. You may remember him from such mainstream media shows as reliable sources and whisky politics. You can follow him on twitter at cotton. Any closer,
Hello is further to match. Right is free, beacon, president and Miss America Chairman Nominee Errand Harrison we're not exactly sure what he does around the office. Besides the Czechs and that's good enough for us low hairs, girls were gone Turning to the programme today is chat, is the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, International meant mystery and licence republican consultant. He always gives our penniless inline helical per kilo of a first on right and writer. Present trump nominate, Judge bread, Cavanaugh, who sits on the D C Circuit Court of Appeals to be the Supreme Court Nominee Cavanaugh Clerk for the justice he would be replacing Anthony Kennedy has a tap not resume was a Bush appointee is an original list and was on trumps list of potential nominees. He released during the campaign, but clearly Matt Trump, really again because of the Mueller probe. That's right or he will say what is I love these secret deal that he had with Kennedy all along. I see that or industry by Putin. Right or
it's all. He picked him because Kennedy son worked with Deutsche Bank to finance it acting the dot. The conspiracy theories, handhold, o sick biases loved the pre emptive strike that there the Democrats are gonna, have on whoever Trump nominated with they. Would you see the women's March least that said, president Tromp has nominated Ex. We must oppose
their released without, even though it only in a number of these days. I think Cavanaugh is about a solid pick. You could find it's a unifying one. There is very little chance that he will drive away the moderate Ladys from Alaska Main, which was real worry here. John Mccain is already on record, supporting the PIC George W came out with a very great graceful, ungracious statement yet last night. So despite the democratic opposition, renounce looking like mainly sound and Fury Harrison well, look huge props to both Mitch Mcconnell for the crew of the century. Kid
in preventing the nomination of merit Garland. I love the line. He lives pointing out that garland was on the court. The circuit court of appeals for nine years longer than Cavanaugh Rights like that matters. Ok like accused the ok. If you have divided government as we did with Obama like you, should make your kind of forced to make a moderate choice to the core merit. Garland was not a modern, he was, but he was a mere beer standard, liberal jurists, and so I didn't make any compromise, but now the sudden ur they're losing their minds again in, like a, we have two nominated a moderate, that's acceptable. What they really want is a liberal, so put the greatest part here, as they have no power. This is going on we got a cabinet is good, is confirmed today, as he was last week, as he will be in two months, is a huge day offer conservatism. Look if I was the liberals. I'd be a lot more concerned about the tenth justice on the supreme
court that the grim reaper, because we have an opt out we have to. We have written it against work at eighty five years old, Stephen Briars and be eighty years old next month, but cannot be terrified at the decisions that the grim reaper is about to make Ray go far. Those decisions are final. No I'm I'm sorry. About cabin I mean? Look, I'm not I'm not a legal scholars, so I don't I'm not familiar in intimately familiar with the universities, I'm no Harrison, but I do think we got the most neo con of the potential appointments in cabin on the the one of the primary criticism with him seems to be that he had takes the most expensive view of executive power, and this is where the concern comes
I'm about now. You know his potentially I don't know. I don't even know exactly what the hell they're concerned about their worried, he'd like Mueller, is going to need a subpoena. The president or indict the president and that's going to go to the Supreme Court is kind of crazy, but but he does seem to take a broad view of the president's power to torture which wich eyes, port, and he also has, as seems to have offended ramp all and so Rand hasn't quite come out and said that he is opposed to this, but he's It be known that he might be opposed to this I think that goes with real big, Lincoln and get a bunch of media attention and get their hopes up and unfolded. The I think this is Rans actually grown here. He's is squeezed evolving, because, instead of saying he's, gonna be against it and then rolling over three weeks later, he's just sort of floated out there, so he doesn't have that far too real it back in, but I'm excited at next. These failing New York Times is very
concern that without the government's help, women won't know how to breastfeed the Trump Administration work behind the scenes to soften and over broad. You and resolution mandating governments to quote protect, promote and support breastfeeding had the audacity point out that some women need formula for their babies plan. Parenthood is now calling out the trouble administration for trying to ban breastfeeding Harrison, that's nice to know that the baby survives a visit to plan parenthood. They'll totally sure it's rest head excellent points, always look. Everybody knows wondering about me and said I am. I am a bit rest guy. I said I am- I am about like protecting appreciating preserving
often serve and shapes sizes. Angry those citizens were all colors of the rainbow when it comes to press, so I am, I am very supportive of them carrying out their natural function, which is to feed and nourish offspring. That said unfamiliar with the fact that there are certain complications and in learning how to breastfeed and in certain biological challenge that approach each person differently. That look formula is there to supplement its there to preserve life. It is it is. It is a miracle of science for breath. There's suddenly so anti sire exactly know. It's always science is always a very pro science of philosophy. Until there are certain inconvenient truth that arise and man I mean
clearly just supports all women and the choices they want to make for mood. This was a media story because it's the New York Times drawing on the same international I'll use the word global. First bureaucratic sources that their drawing on. In all of these stories, we seen in the lead up to the NATO summit over the next two days. I have read easily a dozen stories saying how Europe instant error that Trump is going to come into this now. Summit in be mean to them and it's off source to this same crew of Europe. Rats who don't have America's interests in mind who want they want to hit the president, that's what they hate. They hate America in the Hague. The president, who happens to be a right wing, like liberal democratic president. Those are the only the only time that the the alliance to secure is when a liberal Democrat is in office right because I live through the same thing with George W ten years ago, so it
once again, relying on the problem with these sources, their self interested, and they can be wrong, and they were clearly wrong here that this, through various elections to signing onto this extreme breastfeed statement of its right. We're in that that's what the trumpet administration, just like any republican administration, is Leary these multinational treaty and the organisations say expressed scepticism neck and they run to them. Times. Is ours? Destroying ban breastfeeding wouldn't that even mean caught his eye with that I'm gonna, worse stupidest headline go far. Just so odd because, like the wheel is really turned here, because I feel like twenty thirty years ago, the left would have been on. The Zack the opposite side of this right I mean they thought breastfeeding. Was this unfair burden on women and
Cyrus lies, pushing grimy lay were the ones for formulates create, so we want, because also because formula back in the day was for the rich remember that only the pores were bore breastfeeding right, so there was a way to even the playing field is to push for me off tall, the poorest yeah. It's very confusing, it's very conferred. What's happened here why the left is suddenly, so I guess we're in the pocket of big formula right. The allegation which I wasn't aware of that, but I welcome them to the corporatist foliage. I know that they can sponsor right and writer Vi Vii allows by can rally the israeli government that had next these saga has tag deal. I duck is over as interior secretary rising updated as that. The mother duck, who made the interior headquarters are hung for
over a month had abandoned her nest after DC rats. Eight, almost all of her eggs quote. We have bitter sweet news about the deal I ducks and geese that treated useless last week, aided the nine eggs were eaten by rats. Mama duck abandoned her nest shortly after that one twitter user noted. Ah, yes, I remember when my niece nephews were eaten by rats and then my sister abandoned her remaining kid bitter sweet day go a verb. I think this is a good metaphor, because anything in DC that sea Nice and heartwarming usually will end up with swamp rats devouring it hit boats, a horrified, Entail is the kind of traumatized on the side of the twitter mob, though it seems like that. How dare he call it? Bitter sweet aspirin thinking and shoot the duck on site to be with trespassing at that
borders that we all know my areas Gazette lasted for two likened to two months. We did this little duck and then the ducks gone, and they did they go out of my head. Yes, review all right now out of the anyone know, I dont think you re, namely when at length the land can they were just there. It's like he called the experts and the fish and wildlife service, which is part of the Department of Interior to get to get it ice and how to care for the ducks, and now the remaining duckling has been negotiated, the actual rather shocking. That's so rare. It is Harrison thoughts on our ip there. S been called totally wrong here. Look derive lives not matter, we have like there's no time there's. Nobody is investigated. He rallied eggs should be here, will be also simply survival of the fittest? Earlier I mean that's why it's bitter sweet deal together. Issues measure is bitter, sweet racism, circle of
How do we know that the latter will have little brat babies that need to be fed like a delicious egg breakfast in the morning so you got little quack quack runnin around here, and I just want to nourishment for the stronger Spanish WHAM supremacist argue that if eleven their look ducks the idle dream: ducks removals. Filberts g inferior science, eggs and what not very precise, of next proving its status as the greatest of all time, Dick Cheney signed a water board kit for such a barren Cohen, which appears to be for his new, should show serious for Showtime Code has been in secret talks with Harrison where Why Republicans like Genie, I think in their hearts? They are and honestly I saw this and have a big question. Your most that most people are duped by social Baron Cohen like they don't know that you're going in for hoax interviewed to make them look absurd,
I have serious questions as to whether chaining knew this like think he's a traditional hopes. I think he knew exactly what we are doing and socially. Cod is one who got played here because he doesn't understand that, like Dick Cheney, dont give off yes, I'm worried, wording like notices, that is one of his signature achievements and I tell you, it's Marcia, you're, better watch out, because we get to more justices you're, going to find out how good water boarding actually works. You ve met who, That was my reaction to whose trolling who yet- and it seems clear to me anyway. That shady was true. Yes, it has a lot to relay how easy it is to train is America. We live in Gina hospitals at the CIA Right Gay marriage is a law of the land, never had a problem with the marriage down trumps in the White House, Chinese coming up solid as always got five yeah Cheney, Cheney, plainest cards. Well, here any seems actually
the Euro, unlike the Bush family Cheney, seems to be well regarded by the administration. He got scooter pardoned right, rights at other than that to my worst trainees, America, the most thriving so Jane. You don't worry we'll before we get to our pop culture. Update is time to check in with our sponsor Express. P and with all the recent news about data hacks and breaches, it's hard for me not to worry about my digital privacy, no matter what you do online. Your mobile carrier and internet service provider track it all every website you visit every email. You send it's ridiculous. So that's why I decided to take back my privacy by using Express he and these days I dont use the internet without it expressly pianist. Leaving Vps provider that let's use curly use the internet without being tracked by anyone Express Vp N,
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We had another very worrying episode of the bachelor at last night, at this season is nigh, not the exciting part, actually was when President Trump interrupted it in saved us from for you decide to announces that already. It's not that I still in two hours the real shit, so we at six, men laughed and it was a big episode, because next week is home towns which means Becca is visiting before men's family rights got down to the wire, it is so started off with a one on one with cotton, our professional football player in the Bahamas, where they go diving for caught Conk Kong, Conk crashes, yes, conk shells, and a local guy convinces them to eat the Cox Piston, which looks like an earthworm, because, apparently it's an aphrodisiac Branwell than they are making jokes about Collins, big conk before he reveals here. In fact, a virgin refer,
so did bad. Did that can't help him, then so back. There was a little bit stresses when he first said that she got up from the table and needed to take a moment to you now taken the new which the producers totally told her to know a hundred light. There is, I mean they acted like it was this huge secret that he had been holding, and it was just like. Ok, you made this decision and I just got to say the other guys are all talking about. This he's got a complete. This is a skeleton and his Why don't you would have thought about it on the opposite of a skeleton in your closet? You Samuel would opposite. You would have thought it was something a lot more mixed extreme sir, I mean really the second Eastern heard said virginity. I was like a little bit relief, I don't know what that all what's gonna happen, and rightly so, but he got a rose so yeah, so he got IRAN's parents again and then we have the second one on one with Garrett who was married for two months. He used to be my favorite, but he just gets dumber dumber, as the he is. I don't I don't like that guy at all now here
is the one that like was dated. And then engage for three years and unmarried fairly, Foremans yeah, and only this guy. Yet so they gone day and then that's when Tromp interrupted my only escape from politics for every week rudely interrupted. I cannot go into why, and this is now the second time Trump cards interrupted. The bachelor and I know Harrison disagrees but he's doing a great job of US her sizing millennial women wasn't. What are you doing here is actually building an audience for bachelor a paradise which, as we all know, is the best season of the barriers throughout the year. That's a good point. This trail I care. What happened we had. Another guy tells her he's in love. So that's nice and dandy. Heaven, and then we have a group date with three of the man and one of them says he can't get down on one knee right then and there and propose that our Yo Leo so which is totally
fair after four weeks, but apparently not because she sent him Most normal of them is now right. You, I was your favorites favouring Alan, doesn't look like Magellan at all the Spaniard from parts of the Caribbean. Who did she picked that she kept the Guido she kept? The Guido q is looking more more like a guido everywhere Once again, I'm gonna have to have a conversation. After the show up offensive turn, you dont flick your hair black, like it's just where there are also many. That's that's that's not that it holds the necklace like the hare sticking out at the top of their not how offensive determine when she worked it doesnt. Our aid what also local deserving going out of it at the battle of ours, about a really good contact at digger. New Bieber Bieber is engaged to model Hayley Baldwin Laughter like two months of data. That's great!
yeah that's so we just reported, like France, like the bachelor at time, whenever you're eyeball was broken, her her we're at Yale. We reported that this would like three episodes ago. We reported that Justin Bieber, Hilly Baldwin had become Instagram official, which I oppose, means they posted a picture together on Instagram. And now I see that was definitely less than a month, link to it and now they're engaged. So I think this is a really great trajectory. I've been going to church together have so I have. I have some good quotes from here, but my favorite one was Justin Bieber posted in Instagram and says. The thing I most excited for is that my little brother and sister get to see another healthy, stable man. That's nice guy! You ve been dating for two months already had already sign she's got him to shave off his crusted,
he had known all sire as it were, that was bad arrive. I'm not anti mustache with violence interest. What I find interesting is that Hayley Baldwin was literally dating another guy, the Mat gala, which was like two months ago. Well, sir so he got you, then you know ever slit in rural, get him alone jealous it's good year. Tat you get the guy back early. I definitely I'm yeah, but he calls Baldwin had the love of his life. I don't think it's true Selena Gomez come on another. She seemed unfazed. I saw lots of headlines that she didn't care. I yeah people said she stepped out with longer locks after size. Ok, we also have George Clooney somewhere crashed his mopeds yeah. He was writing a motors scooter mo type thing when he crashed it into a Mercedes
in sardine, like sincerely severely injured someone writers, someone kind of injured. Some wine at hate, he's smashed his head into the windshield, but he's fine. He was hospitalized. Now he's fine, ok, I'm worried about Clooney holders. Why should he really that driving around and mopeds Gotta say is that I kind of side with Clooney on this one, because once I tried taking one of those DC bite share thing down from the mall and ran into an uber, so I really see you can enter it back. I mean nothing, don't even have a motor just including defence. I actually got to try some room clinic. Is an entrepreneur zone to kill a brand? I get to try some of this stuff over the weekend. Oh yeah rig bank off seated my expectations. It was phenomenal so, like honestly, cloning like his step, the I very much negative rating in my book, but now is kind of like a little more. Maybe
drinking that, while on the school? Ok, thank you now for this much needed. Culture update a first in our culture round. Thailand finally got it shit together and rescued all twelve boys in their soccer coach from a cave. They were trapped in for seventeen days. Elon musk studied is leaving his many sub if needed in the future, which is made of rocket parts and named wild boar. After the kid soccer team present Trump congratulated the tiny heavy sales on a great job. That if we had our seals there wouldn't have taken less than a day. Probably, but you know I have to think that the recent tied Thailand has maybe seals that American Navy seals of help train the tiny, ABC good and For that. I think that the power of alliances in Milton Mill
relationships is so I think the big winners here is the Thai Navy speed on the very pro Thailand yeah and tie people some happy to see everyone rescued But- and I hear I turned to my colleague throughout this episode- I've had serious questions about why the kids were in the cave to begin with, yes, soccer team, taking them, but linking two miles in, I always had been scratch. My head, yeah heresy. Color me sceptical on this whole charade. I think that when you hear tie boys here cave, diving and exploring look, I'm just saying it's not the most normal of circumstances. So look I would like a thorough investigation of what has been going on over the past couple of weeks. I mean look,
I don't wanna like start speculating, but I figure if the mainstream press not likely you you rarely speck down. I am usually well sourced here, but I just that my spidey senses are are, are ringing do you think they were actually members of a soccer team. I think that there may have been something else going on here but why are we going into a dark hiding place if you will come and maybe were waiting for transport for some their nefarious reason, I don't wanna say human trafficking, but I'm just saying tie boys hidden away in a cave and suddenly something goes. Haywire is the pick up. Was the pick up late and now there are four of them for their staff. It in there. I don't know I don't want to speculate you just asking questions, I'm just asking questions just like the mainspring stream press does when it comes,
but let me hear again and trotted the bottom for sure investigate. That's all I'm say: let's answer the questions right next, Trump AIDS cannot go anywhere without being harassed as lives are taking cues from crazy Maxine waters to never let Republicans live in peace, White House officials, however, bring the matter? Gracefully like a crazy man running by with a shopping, cart screamed you be ashamed of yourself. Go look in the mirror Kelly. Conway, replied, mirrors, earned dial. Nine I'll go get one now Harrison. It doesn't really seem to be facing the Trump team esteem Miller. Also nonchalantly threw away his eighty dollars sushi after being curse that by our tender. Well, look! It's a testament to their character right. This is a true test of character. Strength when you have to go out in front of this insane mob that exists in this country, but where you can't even just grab grab grabs than to eat without having somebody in I'll call you a murderer, fascist or whatever, and scream at you and threat throw crap as you like, but of course, Stephen through
that suits you every like freaking out overthrowing eighty dollars shorter, while if one of the weight staff comes she's away and tries to attack you'd. You really trust that food sushi, especially what the hell you don't type us I was on that stuff. What was it is better to be safe than sorry look. I look at the Trump administration. Patriots is kind of like that, guy in Tiananmen Square standing in front of it Hank? I mean that the tank is the mob. We are the patriot standing up to the approach to the oppressive left in this country and, and I support them, but look. This is their acting with honour here. You have not seen them lash out, you have not seen them through a punch or pulling on on any of these freaks and honestly, if I was one of these risks, I would be a little concerned that maybe one of these guys does without again because well, as they say, I'd say you did last year, yeah yeah, look somebody whips out a brick
These are really not well they're they're. Not. They need not disagree with. My esteemed colleague here, though, because I think the more appropriate role with the sushi would have been to eat it in front of the restaurant. And here's what wealthy bit by bit you they were merely trying what exactly, if you're, really. Go after him, visa the via the food. Why would you alert him to the hostility right So that is where I rational, Hassebu. Ok, look. You had to make a calculation, but what would own the lives more? I'm going to do she or lined enjoying the sushi right. I could write in front and seeing how far it would go yet. Another said, that's all,
just its book, it's got decision, you haven't, make it in a split second, he threw it out. Maybe he should have eaten it in front of the restaurant. Ok at next. The latest restaurant trend is getting out of hand, as people are paying fifty five dollars for bloody marries that need three servers to carry them. Garnish with fried okra, avocado baseball size, scotch eggs and two cornish game hands on a on twelve inch, secures bloody Mary was once a simple combination of tomato juice, vodka and seasonings, and the normal sized glass notes the Wall Street Journal. Now that he come with a burgers either a bacon reptile Pino, a pickle spear, Cuba, pepper Jack she's, a pickle ptomel, timidity low, Tommy Como to you Don T,
thank. You met a heifer versed in Brussels sprout and an onion ring others with a soft shell crab, but nothing comes close to his Constans monster, Mary with cheeseburgers lighters crowned by pickled eggs for smoke, chicken wings, alternating chunks of sausages, she's all on top of deep, fried cheese, Kurds and a pickle and pickle chips? Natalie. Do you even know what a bloody merits gases? Unless I know what a bloody Mary and are we gonna do? I thought it was a corkscrew? I love Lahti married, but actually what I got at brunch you bronze, I done I now surprise, but ok, what's getting lost in all of this, the rest, the panel, what about the vodka right primarily have you ever had one of these I will now that sounds the invader. Mostly I ride out in these most I have had in a bloody Mary is shrimp, and that, I think, is
I was- I Hadn'T- arrives everyone in a bloody now. I've had won with bacon, I enjoy bloody. May I lay they always girl. They have some bacon in their along with the Tipp, with an old garnish olive pickles. Nice sets foot sense. Of course, celery. That's fine, but when I was looking at the photo Ivan, maybe one a wretch and not living it's not even appetites. It's two days later, about like there's somebody skewering. If you take out one skewer, the whole thing might befall tango pony the partners have bans on them- gas. Yes, oh my god, that's so the Harrison honestly, these things they make me sick of this. This gimmick has been going on for a couple of years now. This is not necessarily a new trend you're there always trying to outdo each other, but, like honestly like what are you drinking? A bloody merit? Usually you're pretty hung over you're drinking this thing. To cure your hand over these look way more like a man. The food challenge where they are continually conflict can thing without puking. You should be able to get the damn thing.
Free. I don't understand the pay to suffer lately. I've dollar one! Let me what what's next you can have for putting a jelly donor in their top with its raw oysters and You know what a sentence that I have a raw you're. Very I live in a city. The whole thing is disgusting, its atrocious you're, an absolute slob. If you're picking this out for brunch, you don't like it is it's a gimmick, and I'm not in Finally, something worthy of our at rage as Miss America is feeling the backlash from its new found. Handmaidens policy that ban contestants from wearing bikinis a group of twenty two state pageant signed a petition calling for the resignation of the organizations Entire board of trustees, including Gretchen Karlsson. Harrison. Doesn't the pageant need to go back to its roots, like nineteen, twenty one and Linux City Boardwalk, where the prize was being quote the most beautiful bathing girl in America. They hit the nail on the head, but this is the soul of the lists America pageant that is
I, like nobody, cares that these bay- can play the violin or speak. Eighteen language can say we are in favour of world peace. What is is this is this is a beauty contest. I know that, like there's a lot of folks other than going to disagree with this because you are actually trying to do- is to take a well rounded individual and provide themselves with an educational scholarship to get a higher education. Look, I support that. I am with it, but guess what at the at its soul it it is a bikini contest, and that is what drives the eyeballs. That's the only reason that anybody really pays attention to this thing and that's something. Let me tell you this Donald Trump got this when he took over the misuse where's pageant. He realised that this was a that his contest is going to be a chair, a contest for the hottest women in the world, and he starts
out rating the Miss America pageant in your eye in this America Paget declining. Meanwhile, the latest cleverly pageant went through the roof in terms of the ratings and no, then you get it all political nonsense and that was ripped from his hands, but doll trope got that that the story made me think of a Sullivan's law named after the former national view, editor GINO, seldom, which says that any institution- that's not explicitly conservative, becomes left wing over time and sure enough. That's the Miss America pageant right. What's shocking about it, though, is the backlash, and I'm I have to say. I was heartened by this by all the protests, including by many contestants of the pageant saying we are proud of our bodies we all are. Be that's. I want to show them off alone. I'm now wish to know that sounds kind of family guy, I'm not I'm not. With my point I mean, I think this entire thing is such books and it almost sounds like a decision that was made by a man trying to be woke
because if I were one of the pageant girls, it is a beauty competition. That is why, you're on this I mean it's never been more than that you'd scholarship programme, whatever miss congeniality as they call it by beyond that. It's never been more than that, and these women buster is to get there bang and bodies, and if I had that I would want to be going around in stiletto. Did my bikini doing this impudence exactly what? If you don't have the swimsuit competition? Or evening. Gown competition would you have you left, would like the national spelling out Annapolis, oh yeah, exactly now eyes, so its offer a cat. Unfortunately, this all the time we have for today's edition of right and writer. I'd like to give special thanks are producer. L before, of course, are freebie can guess. Matthew continuity, Errand Harrison MIKE over and Natalie Johnson remember, find us on Itunes, Google play and sticker just search for free beacon. Please subscribe till your friends and leave a positive You like listeners, Sebastian food Jewelry, whose as the Ladys are great and says nothing else, besides that
until that time
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