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Marianne Williamson’s Debate Witchcraft, the DCCC’s Meltdown, and Jeffrey Frankenstein

2019-08-01 | 🔗
Host Bill McMorris and <em>Free Beacon</em> President Aaron Harison are joined by podcast engineer Michael Goldfarb and special guest Vic Matus to talk about Marianne Williamson's mesmerizing debate performance, the <em>Beacon</em>-induced meltdown at the DCCC, and Jeffrey Epstein's attempt to become a real-life Doctor Frankenstein.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners. Also, it should be taken to seriously listener. Discretion is advised, go ahead, make my dear A load welcome to the Washington Free Beacon, podcast, the official pike ass of the wash them free begin on your host fancy bone Morse filling in four Robo helper, three thousand, who had another glitch this week. I joined is always by former Washington Free Beacon food in beverage. Director VIC matters that takes
in Europe, Nobel International Man of Mystery and podcast engineer. Michael go for bill and dark psychic force, Aaron Harrison well said Bell. Finally, an introduction fitting of my podcast in broadcasting challenge you to check this out on Apple podcast, steering Google play or better yet this five, sir Rating and writer review, to help this ragtag group get more listeners. Little little shouted a little just note to our audience of which there are millions, but the mill in the millions of listeners that we do have are not giving us enough five star ratings. On my we are currently right for two half starved out of five. We need to get those numbers up and get him up fast. So there you go, you ve got your mission for the weak folk, I think Ober word boot, you as a driver, a few drop below for seven or something right score, lift their. She come speaking of left. No said way here, but Marian Williamson Gold
captured your heart. The way that she captured mine I mean she's is like staring at a bonfire. I mean you just can't look away and you could just listen for hours her go on with her, I mean after the debate. She did that CNN. It were she like actually expropriated, every left wing policy that these other democratic berwin when it comes out of her mouth, it doesn't bother me well. That's why it's like a no you. I thought you knew the wealthy bags and and the raised the tax and the capital gains tax annually in free healthcare, and this then, that but like when she does, it is like it's kind of charming. That's what makes her a which their hypnotic the magical forces of Marian Williamson are quite power, persuasive and powerful, especially
downtrodden and the disgruntled and those in crisis in their own lives, which is how she's may a fortune through her practice of witchcraft throughout the many decades shit. I don't think a lot of people know a lot about her history, but she is kind of a self help guru if you will she's claim to cure cancer. She's claim to help folks with father, alcohol and drug addiction, help overcome them through the power of positive thinking and in crystals and other both its out. There I mean looking at the was watching the seller arrive POD Castle long time ago. Maybe a year ago I Stephen Tyler of Aerosmith was sitting there saying that he was a big
and of Marian Williamson Self Help when he was dealing with his addictions. So I just like that she's a little bit of a snake oil salesmen, but to be you could say, snake oil salesmen, you gotta have the qualities MIKE's describing, which is you gotta, be very persuasive. You gotta be hypnotic and you gotta get people to buy the bolt. I think she's toward a pretty good job. Part of it is the aspect that is the way she talks, which is like this sum. It's like she's in a murder, mystery and she's by concealing her background. As like, you know, like a young, you know, prostitute and she's like putting on this in these areas. That are just it's just captivating. I'm sorry we're just about every actually inside young prostitute level have also not over to our co sponsors of Poland, a fact and get them to look into that. I wasn't gonna go there might, but I was gonna, say she's kind, like a cast member from Dallas in the nineteen eighties or or from dynasty. She has a sort of southern twang, but she also has the feel that
you know if she worked in a mall and thinking about malls now, because a stranger things got balls in my mind, but she worked I would be at one of the scented candle stores or an absolute or Spencer's gifts. One of us, but my concern of courses. Is she may not be able to get over the next hurdle for the next debate, not high rank. What you think right now she's got that that that is the next her, but I think her debate performance is a mature, is the most googled candidate after nice one. So the fascination is there and it really. Your small dollar don't donated. Small dollar donors is really the only thing which is gonna get or that you need to get out of there. I think she's locked in for two to three percent out of feel for the next couple of over the next couple of months. I mean she's fascinating on this level and that's all it takes to any of you if you capture people's imaginations in their attention where over we, our marathon nonsense, debate on CNN Rio that had literally five hundred thousand people watching. You only need to get twenty twenty percent of them to kick in twenty five cents and you're good. If you had,
You taken Marianne Williamsons special sauce. Whatever the hell, it is that we find so allow bring about her that twenty years ago, it would have been a little more clear, will write a new match with Tulsa Gabert looks then you'd have a really imposing Canada, but that you know what you like. This actually say: windows. One of my other takes on this debate and it is about physical attractiveness, and I don't mean I'm not going to be sixty two. Andrews, making a casual observation that you're gonna, organise re insolent, arise. It in handsome guy doesn't seem to take too many issues with the attractive Ladys running for president, if you notice that anyway, I thought I got hot once you doesnt touch EO sees pretty cute, you know, and trump his as, but in its with her panties, not running for President look at in honestly he's gone after the stranger
and more than her. Just who are you lot Anders? Who do you who'd you who, what's your ranking words, go around the room mechanisms that maybe this is the show that we were destined to have? number one sexy as this building blocks in your by far well, you can't deny high, I would say yes, we're gonna have really this other it followed you Harrison Gopher like a policy is a very attractive one. Actually, those are correct, That is why these young Gateway and Donald Trump doesnt attacker, and I think that Marian Donald Junior, She builds up merrier another attractive one. Hillary Clinton not very attract have you a gladiator nonstop still attacks not even running against, so I think that might be a key tool Democratic society, maybe as we do today, is awakening from all us, but do you think This is what's going on and I think that maybe she meets certain attractiveness threshold for the president, where I think
I think, with war, and maybe twenty years ago wasn't going to get the heat that she's getting now because of her advanced age. I think once you cross a certain Rubicon in the number of decades acquired on this point, that that could grant you a certain, reduces your Munich now toasty Gabert is a big fan of the Washington freebie can do you think she's gonna check out the podcast. My you know, she's she's gets a frantic about the beacon like much everything else she did, which I am extremely proud of. She relied on the very serious investigative work. The free beacon did on Kemal Harris's record, as attorney Jane, in California. We hear did us a study relying on fire and other publicly pub,
we available and things that we made publicly available- and this was Charles Layman- did this work and he set about trying to figure out how just how many people of color had Kemal Harris put in prison and one in the statistics he came away with? Was some fifteen hundred and Sixty Californians who'd been locked up for in o penny, Annie, marijuana charges, storing Kemal tenure and tall see came after brought the heat on this issue in the debate last night, it was one of the one of the big companies located in his moment may be the biggest moment of the debate about the land and
I'll, just sort of said. You know just sort of you know, trashed or but like had no substantive response, and that is our biggest vulnerability issues of cop and and that's not a popular position on democratic plan. She is act ass. She isn't. She is also a bonafide elitist. I mean this her reaction to that she did not respect Tulsa enough to prepare for an attack from somebody other than by last night. I hear it like that was literally what she was prepared fortune and so Herbert spots. Mike's absolutely right was not of substance after the debate she throws a dig. It tells you saying: oh I'm a top to your candidate. Tal see she's like one percent she's, not a serious candidate. What I'm sorry but you're, not the substance of her attack, your She goes on radio stations and tries to play it up that she can be cool to the young kids by saying how it was found that she's smoked a little we'd every once in a while. She doesn't have a problem lock and I'm up for doing the same things like Shia Kemal hers. Her because vulnerable afforded. If you ask me, is her elite is in and she is
liberal ITALY do not fall for this. Nonsense of hard, scrabble upbringing. I mean she live half her life in Montreal, Canada Prep School net, no, the Kemal moment over VIC. She had no, I don't think it worked out well for her last night and is interesting, because if you are one of the smaller candidates, you know how do you. How do you get ahead here? You gotta do something flashy and what also gather data I think worked it sort of like when you hear stories about what in prison enough each Lamont Sopranos. What does he say, find the biggest Tavis guy and then just you know? get the hell out of them and then no one messes with you and I and tells you tat she went after tomorrow and worked in other Alison everybody's like bulwark. She come from an obviously Harris was not prepared for that. The opposing about tolls is, I don't know anybody saw the work at video, she's been posted on Instagram eyes at her surfing or something no she's, don't fall body worked out Sunday mornings, pretty pretty intense
without her in the viewer net see. I have not for people know what went on show. This is really part of it. We went from starts tweeting? How do I get it up ass? I wanted out of it so so bite. It looked like a doddering fool ass night, just You have stumbled over himself really can really did it seem like he had lost a few steps it was teetering, but he never quite collapse and that man now benefits from the unbelievably low expectations we all have for him if he doesn't completely collapse in stages drooling on himself. You like, we did ok, sort of survived up there. Look at Samara bet he's miss speaking constantly its aid. That was the first time. Was a daisy. I resign heights in only he said. First, you know we can't do it. Eight years of Trump. And then he says you know, courage all three are withdrawing all wrong and you forgot the year. It was
was genuinely confused and then alternative. So I see twitter during unease in oak is, I think it's it's like it is poisoned, then it's not it's not refusing to try and absorb debate and come to your own view, but then after it at the end, I go to twitter seo people saying and asked what was is and it turns out. It was trying to tell people that tax. I got. Yes, he forgot the shape but I dont tax. I don't know, I never know how that works. Anyways. I was genuinely what the fuck is he talking about. If anybody things Joe Biden has ever sent a text in his entire life, they get another thing That is not. How did I possess part about him? No, thank you Tal nobody on there certainly is it did it was Joe dot com taken and he had to get Joe three o three, oh yeah, because everyone is giving the website maybe maybe the most experienced yes and tax. If it goes to the Google Thou, Google and just types and into the sea but that's not how it works that somehow texting works. So I felt add forum. On the other hand, I thought he pushed back really well against jeweller brand.
But she was terrible going. I do not yet have done away with that. I totally many she repeated herself because that's the only angle of attack she had it was. That was a pathetic attempt for by her, but she is kind of a pathetic candidate. She doesn't really around one running she's, all unknown shows utter, though also not being attacked by Trump. Yes, you know Let's just Trump had re hurdles, fascinating theory, I'm your same things to watch for over the course of the programme, accredit primary who is tromp, attacking the attack in the hot ones or as the attack in the old nasty ones, shall we will keep the the attack tracker going at the free beacon what policy making
regular future the website, but not about idea. That's now in terms of in terms of Obama's legacy, I mean they basically ignored it day, one as enter styles point on his coverage and data. They spent the entire time attacking it. What this is this is this is the challenge for the democratic field is the fact. The fact is that Joe Biden or the Brok Obama's legacy stunning so that everybody wants to say that, oh you don't joke, they need be building up Obama. Well, guess what like? He was such a good precedent that his at opposite became president a good president was elected for this country, but the Democrats, the kit, praise alma. They have to be so thing fresh, because the Obama legacy is drop out, going to say for the Democrats that want to have this nomination. The big question is: how do you take down?
bite and right? How do you you have to take it to us everyone's that everyone knows in the grand scheme we all of Brok Obama. We can't seem combat about Barack Obama, but in the short term he was vice premier. Re use. We gotta go after his record. We and how do we go of? Unfortunately, his record is Brok, a bomb is so dont say his name, but will go around it. I was surprised that Biden didn't just fight back to say, say his name ages. I say what they want to be cowardly about- let's, let us admit it here devised as do the best job of defending Obama through I'm he's the only one that was on stage last night. That was someone's Iranians if, but it's so funny to me that he continues to kiss barracks in Barrack second chance to endorse, but Joe Biden for President has still refuse to do so. I mean one what's going on there? Why and why? When will it happened? Why Emily seeking to wait until the frickin convention did to get behind his guy that he thought was good enough to be one heart beat away from the presidency, but not
Should we be president insane? I mean that this was one of the funny things I noticed a about about by during the entire debate is he went out there? when he talked about the policies of the Obama administration. He said he had never said we. I was surprised by that. You know because he is wedded his campaign. So much two I was well. They took a lot of that right, like one of what was the policy where he got jammed up invisible group, Hu Jia, once you may relate to in relation to the detention centres. Yes, it he's like oil. You know, I wasn't the president just two. I believe any. Then he like, then he than himself unease, and I will not disclose. The advice I gave me, the blog I thought for him- was like a pretty nimble. That was good. You know, fleet for answer I mean he sees like again was, like only survive that no, I think, you're right. I look. I think what we saw last night was Joe Biden at his best. This latin last night's Biden was as good as it gets. Forbidden
If you can maintain that through the rest, the primary, I think that he will have success. He may very well when the nomination, but that, if that is Joe Biden best, it is not anything compared to what Donald Trump has been averted. To this day. I was gonna say he should just own it right. It's eight years. Recent embraced the reckoning ones talk about the crime bill, it's a bad world They live in that if any candidate says I'm tough on crime, that's a bad thing. That's about its bad, that that's a bad things went there, but it's a good thing for open borders. Immigration, that's gonna, play well and the general I mean we do do born and Sanders that faction of the party. They think teamed up on debating, I one: are they going to keep teaming up and come September Are we going to see them really go after Biden Kampala? I like thing at some point: I mean the first night I thought was like No, it was substantively a better debate, and- and it was,
trusting, because you had the moderates on attack and not as good as you'd like him. To be like you at least, had a sense that there was like a genuine debate in the party about. Should we be insane or not insane second night, it was just like all phoning us, I mean Kemal alike craning your neck. Every time the like try and turn around in an envelope Biden, unlike Ray create the magic. The one bright moment of our entire campaign. Notices alot of theatrical, lied and never make eye contact with her once the entire night potential and exist. But I would say there's just no way that worn and sanders can keep this both up. There's just not enough lunatics out there. For me, the split vote evenly and have a chance like a one point. One of them has to consolidate. Their vote is exactly right. Look, I think Bernie I like everybody knows what Bernie is and what Bernie dots like.
There's no change. She's been the same clown for fifty years running for office. I think this she was actually are going to start gravitating towards Warren, because I think that people see her is possibly the progressives is more viable candidate than Bernie. I think she is a huge problem for burning and I thought that out of the first night competitors she had the best night. She was the credits. She definitely had the most consistently liberal positions and that's really what their base wants is a contest you could be the biggest that the biggest communist out there. I mean look, that's why Marian Williams? It did so well, it's like who can say that they will give away more free you who say that they will tax the rich, though, that the heaviest, who can that they were very gotten. So what that's? Why? Why the plaza Was freaking Tasmanian devil onstage stage last night like he was drawn by the more he's? Not
was poachers land held most of em, don't land, but he still throwing them and because I've always notion that makes it very fascinating. Onstage unethical does well for him. I thought socialism for the rich up at that was very effective line. It really went over well in his closing statement. I thought De Palacio no, but you want to convert the problem with the worn. Enchanters is also you know like in the Highlander. There can only be wandered into had really and ones to be the other ones. Vice president, I mean that's not going to happen in so I mean eventually mean the other, a great tat he now but they're gonna hafta. You know you're stuck enough to find it out with each other no did Delaney or any of the other self proclaimed. Moderates today give Biden Playbook for for handling these insurgents. Or do you think that he needs to take a different approach? Is delaying still a democratic?
Agnes. I thought I saw that he is ideal wells yeah, I think that's, probably the logical choices than bill weld will make some kind of an announcement here in a month or two of a game. Changing selection and it'll be John DOE any, but the other John. Don't you your report over the entire time? I need silver say this, and I do think there is some truth to it that you know the warrant Saunders did fine, they came out of the bait fine unscathed, but like at some point, there is a sort of it begins to accrue. Have these people. Out there saying we, as Democrats in Europe, take everybody's in health care away. You know it's, it's not just Europe, They say a level containing point, but it's not people are watching Democrats say to them. You're, going to take everyone. Garroway now I dont think Delaney Gonna make the cut for the next one, but
there's gonna be somebody in their who's. Gonna say this is not something the brakes. I nevertheless Biden, while if Biden can fend off his. What I think is a pretty obvious cognitive decline, and this is my pick us up, not because I am a medical professional, but I have watched several pseudo medical professionals on CNN. Try to evaluate the president of the United States is own mental state in his mental acuity. In trying to make the case for invoking the twenty fifth amendment, I think that the Democrats need to really pay attention to Joe Biden, cognitive decline, the muck, mush, mouthed finals, final words. In every sense he seemed to give last night to confuse
There is confusion that he showed over the text. Message call to action. Joe Biden is in cognitive decline. It is just a simple matter of human biology, as that is what happens over the course of time. Now the Democrats of engage this conversation with the Republicans from an offensive standpoint, but if they elect Joe Biden and God forbid, he becomes present United. They really want to have that conference with us about your body, but now they have opened up the twenty fifth amendment: everybody's a doktor. Now we can start so in terms of upheaval in the Democratic Party, we saw a big blow up at the de triple see, of course, the organization that's tasked with funding in electing Democrats to the House of representatives its imploding right now we saw five top top leaders resign on Monday or get fired under very, very acrimonious conditions, and it's all because of branches of the Washington Free began. Well, look kudos Brent sure
could the Washington Free Beacon for starting a conversation about race at the discrepancy. It was a long overdue caught a conversation that needed to take place, and finally, there are coming to the table and their lopped off the heads of the diverse figures that don't belong anymore. We are getting to that. We are getting down to the nitty gritty and we are actually trot starting to see results there. Actually, a few publications out there. That meant that it was the Washington Free, Beacon right now who does to one or two grudgingly political had two, but anyway, they followed up a several stories are in good, for that now says this was this was a great scope for the beacon and and it shows that these things can have a long tail. Unlike you know, everybody liked to ignore our stuff on your first come out and then you know people are reading, it ended yours and you know you can only ignore it. So long and then it blows up in your face- and that's that is our em
Bubu, so I will about this, though the one thing that really shocked me was the call from these Democrats, the head of the hispanic carcass that the replacement as executive director of the triple sea should be highly qualified person of color, which I think that is right in saying that there are basically said white people need not apply I dont know how that legal I dont know. If maybe I don't know I talked about this or somebody they said. I guess white people are not protected class, but that is a crazy thing for people like you know they talk our trump saying, the quiet part out loud. This is the Democrats. Other side of that saying the choir poured out loud. You know why people don't apply for these jobs because we're not gonna hire you, and I just think that madness for a party they ought to. You know I understand why they want to have the verse
but at all levels of their party the day you know it is a more diverse party than the Republican Party, but say that out loud. It just strikes me as crazy and self destruction especially when life for those jobs, that you want to get it here, you'd last over there, that no, this pitted hispanic carcass against the congressional black caucus. That was really a bay it being all major driver of this is their they're, calling it to widen the de triple see but the whole complex from a black staffer, sending derogatory tweets about Mexicans. Y know. Massages Lee was unless begin to write a fire and only on while that, just as we have all been there's a couple of different character seriously, there was a director of diversity coup, I believe, african american African American, worry. We report who report on who made disparaging comments against about homosexuals in the past and those were resurfaced.
That was the grenade underneath the tent over there. That started this whole conversations. Happens as the executive director, who, I believe was a lesbian Army veteran Muslim, this identity party get ya. Gotta is very, can get as indeed, why she ends up being ousted and that's the first. The first casualty of this whole war over there was a lesbian military service veteran. So I dont know that they have named or replacement yet, but then you got that hispanic caucus fighting with the black hawk is in any way there there eating their own over there. I just like to sit back and enjoy it, but a dress, MIKE's question earn riches? Should white people apply or are they even allowed to work there and more? I think they are. They just have checked a privilege and you saw Kristen Jellybean Checker Privilege last night on state. She was the one candidate who was like my white privilege, protects me and my kids from not being shot if they D said where sweatshirt now in the El Cry
that followed the Monday night Masker. I believe they called it. An anonymous lawmaker told the hill, the idea of all de triple seas damn sitting around four hours on Friday and again today to talk about this internally enrages me shut the fuck up about your feelings and just focus on winning. Do you think the inner c c sits around all day worrying about the make up of its staff? I would hope so That was the Bali. Don't business lawmaker. How have a point just do your job and win us elections, or do you think that we need to have discussions about staff feelings, though, by my my focus has always been number or, first and foremost, what is the job? What are we trying to accomplish here and then everything else is secondary or not at all. You know something which the point is winning than just when no I mean it is watching it like they're gonna, they're gonna die.
Themselves. The news is, the question is: do they destroy the country. Version is a race against time. Ida is like it's not sustainable. This idea that, like there's this Vienna, we rights obsessed with this with Ireland. All time is like victimhood pyramid and, unlike you know, if you're, not a trans woman of color like you're. Just gonna walk shut your mouth because nobody wants to hear from you that just like gets. It is ludicrous now now this is starting at the staff level. These duty it spreading to affect the presidential nomination it already is absolutely. This is what the party stands for. This is what they these are, the fights they want have. This is the conversation about race class engender that they ve always wanted now VIC moving on to oppress minor,
These. We want to talk about the Russians of quite a draft, but I do know that every day as bigger and bigger something they ve been, they ve been getting so much bad press lately, but we saw the washing post reached new heights, in Russia is totally gabert would say fearmongering when it linked hamburgers to the tribe administration and the Soviet. Union is there, and if so, why do you know you? Could I had with the wish to register to be relaxed, of Brown me. The day. I read that piece about how one thing is, you know, tromp as more russian connections than you think, including hamburgers, he loves that hamburger and, as you know, Russians love hamburger too. I also do not know the Russians loved hamburger. I guess there was a short moment. I imagine that they were really loving it during the hollow to mere or we who turning the clock.
Evaluation period, but yeah, I I mean it's like yeah sure I've, even if the, if the present needs cabbage or the Russians cabbage. Will there you go there's the connection I mean so get saying they I'm just me. That they would devote how that they would devote how many words whenever it is to this in part at the lander of of the hamburger member with which a rigid AIDS Joshua's Erskine as one of the history of the hamburger, the late Joshua's Erskine, he traces it back to its. I there Saint Louis, possibly Wisconsin or Connecticut, and a place called Louise Lunch Bucket, but that's more of a patty mail. I don't over counts as a hamburger when it's slight Wendy Light Brown. Anything your guy figured out holy shit. Do you know how good this is when you put some cheese and bacon on it? yea. I leave Thomas right great innovative for Wendy's. He was
It was a pioneer in that, but the origin of the hammer of courses outside of carnivals and stuff, so the meat was exactly the best buy. You know their meat patties on bread and then trapeze artists that have grown insular target. You have suddenly here's your Berger and then eventually these started selling hamburgers outside of factories and who- who wrote this I did a review of its look up between a modest version then, but the late Josh Zawoiski is very small, historic is. It sounds like a russian name vague. Oh, my gosh do just didn't demagoguery. Crackling code now It doesn't matter whether you mash up meat or our slices, speaking of which thank you bill One other I note here is a police, as this is as my role as food and beverage, director, police and Manatee County responded to a domestic
salt, mammoth, accounting, manatee, counting the Florida yeah. That's like an Bradenton that areas under its own. It's on the gulfs. I saw it This is an element in Florida, which is, I think, north of Sarasota and who will not give his name says that he was assaulted by his girlfriend fifty five year old, Kimberly Jean Carol some sort of an argument and all of a sudden he says she hit him with a car fish, which I imagine there's legality about fist versus slapping and what not, but quote he got assaulted because of how he cut his meat and potatoes for their dinner and they don't know lab rate. But I have my theory. My theory is, he must have done. One of those I've done. One of those were you cut all the me ahead of time and that probably annoyed is a kind of annoys me, but I don't, I don't think so TAT, my children for that, but you don't know where
I dont know if there's any other theories about what would bother her about the way he cut the meat and the potatoes, but I imagine he was one of these who cuts it all. I had a time and then to urge you not to be well yeah. I do know what you mean and I don't have much to add them saying that analysis was out of them, saying that analysis was very well done ass. He ate rare of me. Go ahead MIKE, wait, I'm workin on myself, Oh, I was the wrong one, what other it's gotta, be a bad joke with each other. It is there in his earlier now compare the timing is impeccable, moving on to get it to job here I had a part of the producing has undergone a lot hears. The engineer are newly hired engineer muffled within mystery. Now we another floor to credit though we need to talk about is, of course, Jeffrey Epstein Bill Clinton, friend, yeah
now that's Jeffrey Obscene Harrison. I know you want to fill us in, but I gotta say ahead of time. The more I read about this guy, the less I care for him. Well, just account our readers up Jeffrey Epstein, he proprietor of Sex Island off the corset in the: U S virgin islands in one's own sex island where he imports. Many many young and pretty much under age, and almost one hundred percent of them women to have his with a hundred percent on rage or a hundred almost ninety percent women of listen. I don't wanna gender any, but others are okay, so anyway. The net ladys to come out on this pervert is that he on top of his sex island he actually had said sex ranch. Slow Laboratory in New Mexico, where he was trying to persuade various academics and researchers in the fields of physics and Ingenio want on what what's the what's the genetic sites. I should talk to him
experts about this well does make us make up its, not genealogy, geologists, geneticist, yes other with perfect, and I saw what he was doing his he was trying to solve the problem of overpopulation in wheat genes and the human race by replacing inferior. Things with his personal superior genes. Now this fever dream from this sex pervert is that they would import sixty or so women at a time for him to inseminate and create progeny. Who would then go out and procreate in the world, and then there were just be billions and billions of Jeffrey Epstein around while he is continuing to like just pump out genetic material, create new life so anyway, but this was the only way is that he would do ye. Who would pay these academics to come down like Stephen Hawking, also another pervert,
to go to these dinners, where he would try to spout off his his cockamamie theories of how to save the human race and try to get them on board. It doesn't look like he was very persuasive and got black vault out of a lot of these guys These four this shockingly by anyway, just wanted to show you what to do to touch on one of the latest revelations in the ongoing saga of Jeffrey Epstein, notorious pervert read this now devote his body ends up in jail, probably hangs himself again, despite his his long history as a democratic donor. Do you think that this is actually going do help the Democratic Party, particularly people like Bernie and was with warning really does proved that billionaires are terrible people. Now. I should not like to much mother you. It's not gonna help is the Jews like another. One of these always lies are gonna, be the jewish yeah. You know really just die,
hopefuls Harvey Wine Stena. There is every in time it's you know those Matt Lauer, Thou, hast, thou one. You know, there's a lotta juice, getting openness me to thank tonight and I have been targeted here, He has since the targeted attacks as the squirrels. He could not come and ask I don't know, what's behind it already on live animals are well I just now. I had one question, but I'm afraid about the answer should be rear facing me. Yeah, that's the thing a terrifies me: you hit his plan to populate the world with him his see, yes, I was planning on doing this in a laboratory style process or what he was taking the women. He would just do it. The old fashioned intellect he wanted to do a scientifically in a lab, but I wouldn't there would be some rose puddles, maybe fresh batting, every two or three,
There's always so it a lab, but with his wares may I like this is one of the long term. If Doktor Frankenstein was a billionaire, he would be Jeffrey, Jeffrey Epstein, that's really what we're getting on her. Well, this has been the Washington He Pekin Podcast, the official podcast of the Washington Free Beacon wounded. Do I thank our guest former food in Beverage director VIC Madness. I forgot what even called you dark. Psychic force, Aaron Harrison. But not as dark, is or psychic as Jeffrey Epstein? I guess and international man of mystery and also podcast engineer Michael Goldfarb. Followers on Apple podcast, Sticker Google play leave, reviews up, lie and say that I am utterly red. One on air of somebody leaves it next time, a man or maybe Robo helper, we'll just honourable will programme rebel. However, every endeavour
I am really sorry can be here today. Very sorry, specially adapted
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