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2018-03-20 | 🔗
<p class="p1">Today on Right and Righter, the team discusses Andrew McCabe and self-driving cars before trying to figure out exactly how many people had their ears pierced at soon-to-be-defunct mall chain Claire's.</p>
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but go ahead. Make my day why lowly Balkans, he rightly writer the official podcast of the Washington Free Beacon, I'm your host Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS. W have be free, begin. Podcast is available on Itunes and Google play. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a review, Joining me from the right today is free beacon, editor in chief and beltway leaders, Matthew, cotton Eddie, you might remember, from such mainstream media shows as the breathing with Dana Polina and meet the press daily. You can follow him on Twitter ACT, continuity, hello, Matt. I was further to match right
free beacon, president and chief data officer at Cambridge Analytical Errand Harrison were not exactly sure what he does around the office. Buddy signs of checks and that's good enough for us. Hello Harrison Happy first move spring everyone, we so often to the programme today, the chairman of the Washington Free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international men, mystery and licence republican consult. He always keeps our pen was in line hello. Goldfarb morning up first on right and writer, Facebook is under fire for allowing came its analytical to harvest personal data for millions of accounts to warp the minds of would be Hilary voters into pulling the lever for Trump. Now. Democrats are demanding answers from liberal Mark Zuckerberg Matt. Certainly, campaigns have never use social media Try to sway votes and social media companies have never improperly shared our data. I
on Twitter posted a business week, article after the twenty twelve campaign, where it the headline trumpeted, how team Obama use big data to get win reelection and then, of course, the headlines coming out of this latest revelation. Are Cambridge analytical Use, stolen data to shape the profile and influence of votes I What what's going on here. One level is just the media falling for Cambridge Analytic, his own bs right. So you see them to saying oh, the psycho Graphic profile that doesn't mean anything, and I also think there's a lot of the large contingent of reporters. Just like saying the words, Cambridge, analytic, you know, get upset investigated and they imagine themselves like the characters in Isaac as amongst foundation novels.
On a broader level, though this is big text moment of reckoning. I don't think there's any doubt about it that the regulators are coming. You see that in England you see it in Germany and you're gonna start singing in the United States, Amy Club, a sharp and John Kennedy, the Republicans Louisiana. While saying that Take to answer questions: this is the public sphere, these platforms, and we already know that the platforms are biased against conservatives and now, of course, since liberals are invested keeping the platforms to hold, but whatever political, are they have? I think you have both parties interested in regulating it's a perilous moment for silicon Harrison yeah, I'm in the mastermind behind all this tell us tell us more work is: is it so bad trade capitalize on what Facebook has been doing since its inception that this is the thing Facebook, its entire vow oh, you was initially predicated on the fact that it had everybody's living in breathing biological
psychological data, because everyone, what's going on Facebook and they were continually updating so over the years. You don't we running an election. You would have to go and get a voter file. The voter files were based on information from the previous cycles election. So it's a minimum two years old and usually four years old when you're, when you trying to do this stuff. So what Facebook was was just a giant voter file for of these political, consulting and data firms to exploit? So I, understand really what the big deal is here, they're just doing what God intended with this data that everybody has given Facebook and Google we ve all along you don't let anybody that's been on the internet and its over the age of fifty knows that Facebook, Google, big text, all monitoring, you left and right there. Stealing your data there collecting data tilt monetize. So what happened year? Cambridge analytical comes up tool, utilise it. They paid Facebook, a ton of money.
And now here we are just finding out that. Oh you know, one of the republican firms actually happen to capitalize on on this once as opposed to what Obama was doing in twenty twelve and two thousand and eight, where they actually had Facebook founders working on the Obama campaign. They admitted that the that Facebook was allowing you Obama campaign and twenty twelve do things and other campaigns were not allowed to do with the data. So look. I think this is just it's a little bit a sour grapes. That's a little bit of a new common here called I'm getting that's right. I mean I've seen my Cambridge analytical cycle graphic profile and you know, look had me in the bottom. Fifty percent, for a rota system which I feel like automatically as it as a Jew with the last named Goldfarb I'm easily, unlike the top asylum, so I dont I dont really by the hype on psycho graphic monitoring, On the other hand, I am old enough remember when these guys were the good guys right they were on the left. You know that
Obama, when reelection dear for Obama brought President Medvedev, ok, who they are hey they win, they knew all along. The Putin was in charge right, but they were. They brought President Medvedev too silly valley to go meet with these guys, so they could help the Russians get the technology and when their own Silicon Valley that John? but ass. The weather was invested in I mean that actually happen: Obama, the Russians, the Silicon Valley to show them the technology. That's it may say. Ok up next Andrew Cave was fire just before he was set to retire, receive his full pension, which, by all accounts he still getting after the FBI's office of professional responsibility, recommended he be dismissed for leading to the media and lying under oath
now he's joined the resistance Harrison about time. We talked about again Andrew Mackay like this, that the reduced the prayer pity director the FBI is of Rob. There's somebody like figures in this ridiculous spider web that has been woven by Mueller and the Democrats. I don't even know who's who anymore. The only thing that I have heard about Mackay is that he's the poor guy who's gonna lose pension after he lied. FBI, investigators right. That's really likelihood that the whole story line with Mackay here they're using it to claim that like Trump, is somehow becoming even more of an authoritarian by controlling the Justice Department through his hanging out through his threat fire Mackay. Therefore he would and lose his government pension, which is extremely fat? I mean I don't understand why were sobbing over a guy. That's where the eleven million dollars losing a two hundred thousand dollar your petrochemical access, and also you had resistance types. Starting go fund knees, fur his pillow
ass pension that he's not even going to lose any is like it yeah worth. Eleven million dollar, how? How is it worth? Eleven million dollar nine? It's called the swamp Matthew, I'm not sure. If I were I desired. Where do we remove its twitter? Can I get up now don't you like yours have reporting you need to do after this pot? Catherine, doesn't I've rentable? This is what this is. What my sources inside the go, you're sources, also I've. I've received several email for our even receive an email forward. Yesterday s life for wars will know that his wife actually work for those rose law firm for Hilary guidelines. I doubt it. I don't want to see our spread. This information on this pod can all investigation is distant formation. That's the point will be doing a lot of checking up on all of these claim. It always cause battery beacon, dot com, but I will say here when even been witness, who runs the law: fair, blog and Laufer Podcast Xanadu Comin friend James call me and he's on MSNBC all the time and even then wit,
says that you know what they may have caught had cause here to fire Andrew Mackay. I think that the media's on thin ice in denouncing the autocracy of Donald Trump in this specific instance Mackay. Seems to have like really flop, flouted a lot of FBI Protocol and of course you know he he's. He places double game with the relationship between his wife and and Terry Mccullough. Remember because the wife was running for the state Senate seat received a huge amount, huge amount, seven hundred thousand dollars for a state Senate, and it makes sense from a call if you like, you, know we're gonna truck kept insulting my wife. Whenever we mentioned, why have you met Donald Trump like have you ever seen him on tv, of course he's going to do that. So I think I think, there's a lot going on here and I also think the media sometimes puts more thought into a Donald Trump tweets. Then Donald Trump does because then the headline is for the first time, Donald Trump mentions Mueller by name in a tweet
What do you think Donald Trump gave any thought of all this will be the first time this is when I crossed that Rubicon. I don't think so up next president trumped once the death penalty for opium dealers Matt, is he going far enough? That's a great weight afraid this question was Europe because, There are so many different punishments that draw drawing and quartering lay in the GDP, and I guess if the death penalty I would try and he likes to bring it back. This is classic trump. He is you being rhetorical maximum list when, in fact
the actual details, or rather minimalist. If you look at the actual policy there saying we're, gonna pursue the death penalty in cases when it's a federal laws applicable, which is usually when the drug dealer has already murdered. Somebody actually think you know, if you add, if you had the death penalty for big drug dealers like a massive distributors in such that would act as a deterrent, but I think Trump is setting some standards here and it may actually cause some people to think twice and remembered what Crump does Us Scott Adams always said. Is this thing called anchoring, or he always like sets a marker out? That's at the extreme, but even though its not literally true, it will begin bigger perceptions in that direction, and so I think in that sense it's a good policy, yea ones to be tough Harrison dumb totally for it I mean it seems we working really well in the Philippines.
Under president. Do tear dagger trafficking over. There is down over ninety five percent over the past two years. More statistics is that you get that for the famous sources edge of a cave, eleven million dollar net worth listening, ring and check on unwittingly reiterated about journalist does not disclose source. That's just a fact, journalism wanna one yet so listen. I think it's a good thing to think about and think about what we're doing. We're we're dealing with your we're doing was a mass of opium crisis. It's killing people by the thousand. That's does an undisputed, indisputable fact retentive than ten or ten. That's so we're dealing with something that mass murdering people and who is written, as well for bringing this murderous substance into our midst. It's the drug dealers start killing them in that, let's get rid of the problem, but, let's put some actual, you know
deterrent into two bringing in drawing up with all the stuff other than making movies about them and turn them into. Like you know, cash money millionaires. Let's take care of this problem and got five thoughts. I am actually concerned I care about the death penalty. I care a lot about it. It's an issue I and follow closely and I'm worried that there are like real threats to the death penalty moving forward, and I am supportive of this policy. But I'd like to see the Trump Administration put, that the death penalty on firm, funding for the future and am am I gotta say, look, I'm sort of surprise. We can't get the drugs to kill people right through. This is like a big thing. They block the pharmaceutical companies won't give em, they block him from importing the drugs we have. These drugs, apparently that are killing tens of thousands of people and I wonder whether this
She is right in front of us if we're gonna, maybe we kill the drug dealers with the drugs that seem to be very effective, a killing people with Sentinel with Sentinel rain and remember to sentinels a national security issue, because the bulk of its coming from China, MRS literally China, a poisoning the american people in a weird reversal of what happened during the opium wars of the night. But it sounds like its effective painless right. I mean, I think it's a novel policy or proposing it's like the the solar panels on the wall. It pays for itself there the drug down the Hamleys hatch. I sentinel up next so while preparing, for the gun, control rally in D C teen activists David Haug has found out he's been rejected by every college. He applied to Harrison, maybe serve going on tv. He should hit the books. A second look at dark you ve been astray since you know remain listen. I think that there is something going on here right, like Mr Articulate, can't patently
no right of three paragraph as in and passes s eighties. What we rejected from life multiple lower level state schools in the state of Lord is ever we're dealing with here. So it sounds like me: why can't these? to get me getting your college. I think it's odd, but it won't surprise me when Harvard or yea all or one of these other elite institutions from the east coast. Parachutes end to save this guy's bought at the last second they're, going to take, probably, sub seven hundred as a two year in throng. The middle with a bunch of genius is from my from my head off all the all the other dreamers that their accepting up there are sound. Matt, but now he's got so many extra curricular activities. I think Hog is really rapidly spent, whatever moral Kapital he accumulated from being at the park with shooting he's making the Torres of all them a major you know, liberal entertainment, complex shows
just using the most kind of this role and polarizing language around an array and then republicans more generally, this is a guy who, I think, was thrust into circumstances, obviously not of his own choosing but like you, know what these teenagers there's a reason why we don't let them vote as because they're not intellectually and psychologically capable of of like making these judgments at this stage in their lives are fragile, and it also you know he clearly, as is the actual bend, and I'm not sure he is interested in college anyway. Why? Why do you need college and he'd be part of the case against college? Like you should just go straight to being a celebrity activists? Will perhaps a drama scholarship would be, in his view, Germany is very good at reading lines that are provided in the theater group. I believe the same responses are in a minute is shockingly reactionary from from the college emissions answers I don't know it's sort of, like you can't believe it's true so something's going on here,
They probably had the applications before the shooting. I think that the simplest explanation would ever make an exception and, just as you know, push a good do, no anti gone activist into the extent of bureaucracies work very slowly. It's possible a lot of these decisions were made, and you know before the attic, I think that's probably right before We jump into our culture topics on right and writer. It's time to check in with our favorite pop culture, expert staff, writer at the Washington Free Beacon, Natalie Johnson, hello, Natalie their lives. We had a huge announcement yesterday broke on Twitter has to do with New York. What and we had sex in the cities very own Cynthia. Next, then, allow undying a challenge to Governor Andrew Cuomo, and I I have to say I'm so excited about this. I do not think that there is anything more economically New York, except for maybe times square, that section the setting- and this is great and in our own rapporteur,
sure, actually knows Cynthia used to ride the bus with Miranda any went to school yeah, and he told he told me to police quote him on the spot chasm that she the very nice lady said a rose, so it was. She has the endorsement of those she came across that way cut on the ad unity. The campaign launched. Add that she had. It was very, very well done, except the very end was a little creepy win. Then she looks at the camera. It will take what Jean than look at however, the entire time and then she's on the subway, avid she's, like directly into the cavern little creepy yeah. That proposal, but you know I'll, give her a pass with that. I'm I'm team Miranda all the way, though she needs to pay. His side in the sex in the city. Feud. Yes, and so, if she's, going ass, J P or can control that might wait that eleven ways and loaders knowing voters yearly. If I will hold power more, I think that more
all our team ass J P, but they just don't know can control it like. I do not think it also has to appease actually registered vote or New York Nelson Control of overseas now yeah, but so what I mean there's a lot of voters that can go on one side or the other you now. If she's gonna get ready Cuomo, I think you need to take a stand. I think she's canal and can control I think so do ok. We also want to talk about Clare, the jury chain is also filed for bankruptcy, not just toys or us, airs yesterday. This is gonna heartbreaking newscasts I mean that they said a hundred million years, pierced worldwide yeah. I was one of those I was too. I had I Wasn'T- I had three year period, wondering is that fifty million people or a hundred million here I think you'd, be fifty-
people only get one at a time. You know if you get it up, I ever it now we decide how to hurry several years that yours but Natalie count them individually. Only has three years that I have five holes. Yes, five piercing So five anyway, five These are on ear. Yes, anyway, a lot at years loud. It's kind of sad. I don't want them go away me, though, in the red to attend the retail hurricane and monsoon wipe out is the most devastating lost that we ve had thus far. Yes, ok, and finally, the crown you watch the crown on Netflix. I unfortunately only seen a couple episodes, but there's scandal involving pay, equity what happened,
going on there? Yes, so we had, we had the crowns clarify who plays Queen Elizabeth Shit be easily the star she has shot the most scenes, etc, etc. And then we have met, sat through played Prince Philip, who is not as it in as many scenes and he was being paid a lot more now we're having, we'll call him to donate two times out, but I actually think that that's misguided. I dont think that he was the one who was making the decision to pay himself more money. I think that that was the productions fault, first of all, I think that the production is are the people who need to rectify? That's not the man who plays Will the problem is: do nobody knows how this works? I mean nobody knows how a building works. Key as in doktor, Hugh Right, which she was the lead role, led title character. Storm that he with his agent, I'm sure negotiated. You know a higher
contract. I mean she was in some other show, but was she than me lead? I mean that it goes on x, biggest area and I agree with, and I should the guy and why should I have to give up and I'll he shouldn't have to give up? I was I had the same feeling landmark Wahlberg donated his one point: five million to time's up. Thought. It was just absolutely ridiculous of these calls for him, and if he didn't do it, he was gonna, look like some sexist asshole, and so it's just this. Isn't the actors fault? It is productions, fault and it's something that needs to be looked at and again when we're having these debates, as you say, experience needs to be taken into account here. Ok will. Thank you so much for this important culture update, Natalie, of course, thinking up next John Oliver is trying to hijack, might pensive daughter, Charlotte's. The vital delightful children's book about depends family rabbit. Oliver came up with his own book
where the funniest Matt you get a kiss pence hates the gaze. I don't I don't get it not only do I not yet it so I don't care, I dont understand the fixation with MIKE Pence in. It reminds me that no met manure much and about how much the resistance hates Donald Trump the truth, as they probably hate MIKE Pence more than if my pants were to become the president. It's not like the polarization where the endless criticism would fade away. It might actually weirdly be amplified because pence gets it like the heart of the issues today, which are tend to be wrapped up in section identity. So not only was it not. Funny was also fairly disturbing to me because it showed kind of the continual and ascension and snobbery of a lot of our cultural led against Bible, believing Christians, gonna look. This is how we got here, though right I mean Bush was Hitler before Tromp was Hitler and pen
we'll, be Hitler next and they leave the find it down to a point that there's like no there's no relative perspective, so uh when they start scream and bloody murder, about trumpets likely. You scream like that about every Republican, so people didn't and it is not even I mean it's, not you. It's going after the wife and daughter doing a book I downloaded files are. This is what I call the proceeds to this book are going to victims of human trafficking right and you have all John Oliver's followers just flooding, the Amazon page and giving nasty reviews, but good Amazon at least they cleaned up by the time I checked, they ve all been only verified purchasers and they're all five star reviews, because it's a nice cute little book and they're not profiting off of it Harrison wives, the good but the Republicans of real deficit. In going after democratic vice presidents, I mean the Democrats, kid
kicking in their attacks have been think about what they did to Cheney, yeah now their work and on pants and what they did Dan COIL before them. I mean it's like that's kind of a cottage industry, democratic party and, like you didn't, we didn't do anything to change Jimmy Chin Look. What they did was making Right Nord it made me look it made me like I'm more honestly but like what you saw, what they are doing now the whole. You know he's like this evil, overlord and other stuff, which it all good overlord, evil, overlord ivy Netteke, it's up to debate, but I mean I know what side of the ILO come down on. Having changed, behind those attacks on training combining like that rap, I dont think they are later glove on maintaining up next a self driving non coal fire fired goober. Killed a pedestrian in Arizona, prompting the company to halt testing Harrison. Can these killing machines bestow?
well you're a guy. I got that I got the internet hot taken today on this one. This is where the machine start uprisings kill a guy, that's how many Germany, those tweets, are out there and we are tired of that. Tired of that mean. Look it's just. If it's me, it's just more like this weird, like arrogance that is, that exists in Silicon Valley right now. That, like the technology is so much farther along than it actually is now, on the other hand like we're gonna have to bring. Few eggs we're gonna, get her automatic driving cars. I mean that's just the way it is how do you test in life circumstances without being in in a year and alive environment? I don't know how you do it. If you don't do it all I don't know. Maybe maybe we should just focus on simple technologies, like
fares and perfecting that before we get the cars we can master that master everything. I know it's it's funny, it's kind of like the two technologies with a technologies in a race with just normal humanity, because you know traffic data, These have been rising in recent years and no one really sure why my personal belief is that its dumb people texting while their driving, because I see plenty of that, while I'm driving. I look you two other lanes and I did it there at the people in the car next to me, going sixty miles an hour in the best way, an answering their email. You assume that's part of that, so you're you're, almost You have to pick your poison. Is gonna, be the goobers. It's gonna, be the self righteous. Imagining tell us our already rather idiots details. I want everyone to have eating than at the head. I don't think it's I think we're blaming. I don't think we should be blaming. The drivers are not the ones that are at fault is nine
turns actually pedestrians that are being distracted and then his walk out and rollin run out and not those are rising too, but it's also just traffic traffic. Advice, rashes and things like a woman was not in the crosswalk in this yeah. That's true was so she deserved it, but this was a total, but she in the crosswalk or not- I will give you my address. I Christine it's like a Stephen king will become a life ok up next Jim Carry shared some of his art on Twitter. That isn't much better than rosier. Donalds spokesperson for carry would not confirm that the obvious unflattering portrait of Sarah Huckabee Sanders was Sarah. How can we sanders? Who carry criticised for being a Christian and said her quote? Only purpose in life is too low.
For the wicked Matt remember when Jim carry used to be funny guy that was so long ago. If anyone gets, you know what I was, maybe twelve, thirteen when he was funny the last time. I can't remember the ancient history you know. Not only is it with the christian thing which we talked about here, but is also indicative, how quickly liberals go to people's looks and attacking people's looks, and you know I always, then it's always women right in. You know you, the their self fashioned identity as being YO holier than thou and having the most perfect morality and defenders of women is quickly crumbles whenever there confronted with someone who just doesn't agree with them. That's all it's about, and yet it is of such that we will move rapidly. Moving into a situation where we don't even get to the point of having honest disagreement were so quick to just kind of condemning consign people who are different but politically
to a lower level of my manager, stupid opinion that now my sight Mohicans hair. His then why I just would like to say that, like mental illness is no joking matter, and I think that Jim carries out downward spiral into the depths of mental illness is kind. Sad its burned his talent, I mean. I also didn't think that that was necessarily a picture of Sarah Andrews. I thought that was a self portrait of his famous character, Vieira De Milo from living color, where he played a female bodybuilder. So it's possible that it is not the key actually or his representatives actually confirm that it was a Mercedes they would. They confirmed that he did the painting running waited for whom it was yes! Well, maybe not one Euro, Milo, didn't work for tromp. We don't know that. Listen if Caitlin Jenner can can support tromp in TED crews and the Republican Party, possibly Vieira De Milo, does as well. I got five. I have
view on this. I mean what Jim carried did a painting and you all saw then there were talking about and how did it happen more? Our borders? No talk about its good, it's good radio! I like talking about picture. You know I like that. I like the cause we show too. You know these people do things later in life that doesn't really affect the art they did at the time can finally Harrison you have discovered a new Netflix show called the push. I feel it, maybe your master plan to dwindle. On the free beacon staff. Well, I wouldn't be so concerned about myself actually pushing anybody out more than sunny bunch might be one that will mass murder. Now this shows, like ice, got caught the showing Netflix last week, It's a one episode shows like an hour and a half long, but the concept is that you can be socially pressured into committing murder inside of their an hour southern
this porch love, who they had sat up from months fancy. They brought him in for an acting audition and they had to do a bunch of social experiments and end. So they took place the audition, maybe twenty five people they took the top five that appeared to be most socially persuadable through just peer pressure. They would have like a group of people, a ten people come in and they were just randomly start telling them to sit up and and sit down and then ring a bell and everybody would do it so you'd feel pressured into it. But that's how they figure out, who is most gullible so anyway, they invite this kind of what he thinks. A networking function and just a series of unfortunate events just start happening. There's a heart attack recently eventually get there's gotta start dragging the body all over the city of the facility Had people kicking the dead body because it is the body really dead. Ok with this is the brilliance of it is that it was actually that there was a bait and switch that happen have
through where they had Hollywood, make up team come in and make a perfect sake. Corpse of this guy was lifelike and real. So that's what they were dragged round was actually the body, so they think it's dead. Yet they think this guy died of a heart attack and they're trying to cope. That at this, that this black tie fundraiser and then at the very end, this guy turns out he wakes up and he's about to call. You know, they're on the roof of the building and he's about to call the police and say these people try to murder me there. Were they lock me a box, they were dragged me all over hill and the girl. Of people that has been manipulating all along gets to the climax and they say: ok,. There's only one solution here, you're the guy- goes over it onto the alleged to make a phone call. It smoke a cigarette. You gotta, put I've got a push in agriculture, remarked the I'm not going ruin it Is there no sort of way there were different people, but but the big question is like hoo hoo round here, who wrote this table would be capable of being
that situation, our values, can, I say, did they use Cambridge analytical? I didn't depopulating ass. I grant people on this odious british show, so I wouldn't worry about math and connect. Stay. That Harrison asked all of us to watch the shoe out, and none of us will have another really Richard just do the same repairers and the african world. You remember that time, because this time in their lives, the laundress him any pushed amount was Cristoforo. My bad that's the one piece of information, you're gonna, correct on the show. Jimmy Cave is worth eleven William, but unfortunately, that has all the time we have for today's edition of right and writer. I'd like to give special thanks are producer Louis Bunch, the fourth and, of course, are free, being guess, magical Nettie, Aaron Harrison might go far enough Johnson member finest on Itunes and Google play just search for free beacon. Please subscribe tell your friends and leave a positive review unless
listener vulgar demos. You only gave us a three star review, but at least is the moderator quote given what she's working with until next time,
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