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Michael Cohen, Apu, and Urinetown

2018-04-10 | 🔗
On the latest episode of Right and Righter, our eclectic mix of topics include the death of attorney-client privilege, the silencing of Diamond and Silk, and a fire at Trump Tower.
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but go ahead. Make my day why low in wealth and to write in writer, the official podcast, the Washington Free Beacon, I'm your host Elizabeth Harrington, you can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W B freebie complied gases. They'll have on Itunes and Google play. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave of review me from the right today is free, beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie, you might remember him from such mainstream media shows us Hugh Hewett on Amazon, B, C and Fox NEWS Sunday. You can follow him on Twitter ACT, cotton, Eddie, hello, Matt! I was
and further to match right is free beacon. President Aaron Harrison, who has also been raided by the FBI, were not exactly sure woody around the office body, size, the Czechs and that's good enough for us hello, Harrison Good Morning too, to be here. And returning to the programme today is the chairman of the Washington Free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international man of mystery and licence republican consultant. He always keeps our penniless in line. How local for o, o up. First on right and writer. The FBI did the office of trumps personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, after referral from the special Council, Robert Mueller Matt IRA were the F B, I being really tough on Hilary slurs await. No F B, I let her chief of Staff Cheryl Mills beacons. Hilary lawyer says she wouldn't have to answer questions under attorney, client privilege come to think of it. I don't remember any raids during an investigation. Well,
Robert Mahler wasn't in charge of it and I think if one thing we ve learned from the mother investigation so far is he has about as low and an opinion of lawyers as Michael Goldfarb does at, which is pretty well I would say, hang all the lawyers, and I think that would keep me from job at the Atlantic thing a health to hit a word that would endanger employment chances. This is bad there's no way to spin it. I'm sorry pointing out the hypocrisy that that's just life life isn't fair. This is bad for President Trump. It's bad for Michael COM,
more and I think, that's the one silver lining you might be able to get out of this. If you're a partisan of the president's witches, it seems that Mahler came across information regarding Cohen that he then referred to the southern district of New York, which then went and got the warrant to do this, no knock search, so not clear, mistress put it. That way. Is that clear that whatever they are where after and coins office directly relates to the president, that's a pretty thin silver lining Harrison what I'm just confused, how we got here. The referral to the southern district in New York is pretty obviously in regard to the Stormy Daniels pay off. I'm sorry this I'm in the New York Times is reporting that there also investigating this payment to the Trump found.
Sure from the ukrainian oligarchy after he gave that speech in September of twenty fifteen, so not clear that its recognise one of those that story was amazing, that they get a teen paragraphs in and say Trump took a hundred and fifty Grand has found nation and Hilary took third eighteen rang mill now I know her admiration life's it Did you say I mean this is just the way it shaken down of Cyrus GO had none Please tell me more about eight. I am here. Why seem to know more about the details and you, so I will tell you more well, you hate Trump, and you want to hear you wanna see this presidency go down and flames were all well aware that the fact is that this is a bad thing for four tromp. I agree with that, but what we're really dealing with here is a is an investigation that has a complete The open ended objective. There is no the directive on this other than to take down tromp, though this is this. Is this the swamp. This is how it operates. This is why sessions is to be blamed here for accusing himself here he's the one who open the gates here.
He's the one that that, through its refusal, it was put Rosen staying in charge of this. Instigation, assign meal Mueller to investigate tromp. It's what happened. Is what does not always goes. Listen! This is it frustrated because it's bad aright, look, the the Justice Department is running wild and they can do whatever they want. They have now obtained relations between drop in his personal lawyer? God knows where this goes right, because it attorney client privilege is out the window Harrison Senate. The agrees with the president. I know pointing out it's obvious, but I mean the double standard. It's insane thick one email investigation with such a joke and then did I have this does
the complete opposite scorched earth is enjoying. It would never happened to road to Democrats who were actually violating laws and left me. I didn't care here- is a double standard that that more interested in amused by which is the the universal outrage on the left over the violation of attorney client privilege at Guantanamo Bay? Ok, the Al Qaeda terrorists. Through plotted the murder of three thousand Americans, their attorney client privilege was considered by the left to be sacrosanct. Okay and this the Democrats, Sir giddy their giddy at the idea of peering into Michael Collins, privilege communications, I really seems like a straight out of me. I can't We were find anything in those arguments about you know it's just its eye.
Personally, I am willing to make a compromise here and say: look let's all agree that when there are bad people that we think are doing bad things, let's just disregard attorney, client privilege. Ok, I'm willing to meet the Democrats in the middle I'm willing to meet halfway. I'm willing to sacrifice Michael Cohen on the altar of the diminution of legal authority in this country, because the lawyers are there, the worse, its term have actually others were worst year. James going I am lives. You brought the red point where it will work. Was the special council on Hillary Clinton. Where is the special council on Hillary Clinton? Communism to go on a barnstorming book tour that starts up next week
and we're going to see his true colours here and we're gonna see somebody who was out to get Donald Trump from day, one I'm glad he was fire so anyway. The little thing I want to point out. Ok up nets- Mark Zuckerberg is testifying on capital held today, as his repentance continues for allowing a Republican when the presidential election, but in bigger news. Facebook is censoring and suppressing diamond and silks content, calling the pro Trump Ladys unsafe to the community hairs. This way bigger scandal than Cambridge Analytical its huge honestly like this is Facebook Centre. Several gone gone wild and this is the big problem that I have with Facebook is that always determine they always allow their quarters. Algorithms to dictate how the company operates. They have liberals, pudding Putting the data designing the systems- and this is so, then you end up with a system that discriminates against serve active, so it's not really an open. An open place
Warm as it's been sold to everybody who is purchased to advertising who has engaged in this platform formerly used it to accept and their audiences and communicate with a large number of people. Facebook suddenly realised that well conservatives, our starting to dominate Facebook. So, let's ratcheted down to kick him off, get him out of here and they're going to justify it with them. For a preposterous reasoning ever diamonds or danger to the community. What the hell are they talking about? It's crazy man, I'm with Harrison here I I enjoy diamond and selfish, solitary dignan more disturbing to me was: did you see that tweet Jack Dorsey had the other day where he was linking to some article written on medium dot com by a Bay area activist saying you know? Basically, California shows that the Republican Party should just you know, go out,
extinct right, and so this c o of a major tech platform who happens to host the President's twitter account basic. He said it. This is a great red. So actually, whenever somebody says it's a great red I can always doubt they actually read the article to theirs. It means maybe they skim the headline, but even that is like ok, so you're. The ceo of this important platform and yours you're, basically signalling that you're happy if one of the two major political parties, when out of business that to me is disturbing- and I think that's why we're we're going to see more regulation of these media companies in the coming years. You know it's kind of a it's a vicious cycle for these companies. I read that peace. I mean it was political porn. For liberals I mean you know, I don't know, I didn't say I was convincing lightening the thesis was out of the control, but here's the problem. I think, which is these companies
have put journalism and a really bad spot. They have, they have destroyed the business model and journalism is suffering and newspapers are suffering in me is suffering, and so reporters don't allow little Suzanne, I'm telling you what happens is now these people barely make a living out, borders happen to be wildly overpaid, but most reporters, I think, are r underpaid and their their barely make a living, and you know what they don't own stock don't own stock and facebook they dont owns, Amazon? You know so they have oh they're not vested in the system. The way a lot of other people in America are there only incentive, They see. You know these companies crater the stock prices tank. They want to see him, they don't they. They have nothing to lose in this game too. I think there's like apart but where the media now they're not stakeholders in the system, while forty years ago maybe people had
jobs, they had pensions, they had, they had stock. They were invested in the economic system in a way that they are not today. Other left with is just their normal values and morals and in political outlook, now, ok up next present trump is skipping and upcoming summit in South America to oversee the american response. The chemical attack in area, which will be quote forceful. He said Matt. I remember when the Obama administration assured us that no chemical weapons remained in Syria. It's incredible! I'm going through some of the cliffs now for a commentary. Column writing them. You know John Kerry. I meet the present twenty fourteen saying we got all the weapon out. My favorite isn't as reclined tweet, even even for the agreement with Russia was announced. As of his days before the agreement was announced in September, twenty thirteen, it s tweeted. I can't believe how successful the Obama Syria policy is. I bet they can't believe
I can believe I can believe out unsuccessful unsuccessful. It was this is, but nevertheless, Trump is confronted with a major dilemma here. The tone of his rhetoric, since this latest chemical attack was revealed, seems to suggest that he is going to bomb something and the more he talks about it. I actually think the more he has to bomb and meanwhile, you have kind of like these Syria truths, which apparently inhabit Fox news channel now, because Tucker Karlsson is on their on his programme yesterday Well, how do we know it was the russian hurry knows Assyrians. Its trump is gonna alienates some of his base here, but he's put himself in a position where I live. He has to respond forcefully and we're not leaving anytime soon, I'm happy. He is not going to alienate his base by bombing Arabs.
I dont believe that with a paleo con part of the base, that's not the base! That's why I underline that three kids at the MRI agrees etiquette had a gory error. The paleo cons make when they think they're the reason Trump was elected but they're out there Harrison. We also had Bolton day yesterday. Well what what if stay on the job right. Look. I think that boldness gonna bring a sense of reality to the situation that I think has been ignored for far too long, I mean look. I do touching on the Obama administration. It is like their standard mode of operation was to declare victory over problem but we're inconvenient, but they didn't really want to address and then get the hell out of their. They did in Iraq and the joint rigid in Syria and so now we were left with designed to change course. So well. Anyway. We were now left with his festering potter's winos stew, We ve all got to sit here. Deal with in the report. There are a whole lot of
options here other than the fact that we know that the one foot in one foot out strategy is not really paying any dividends. We look. I am a little concerned on which you know if we get out of there, which country we're gonna seated seed, Syria to our receding it to the Russians are was eating into the Iranians. I dont know they're both bad option. And we ve got human rights atrocity going on here. I hate seen the pictures, the kids coffin up, foam and of the corpses that we're piling up there. I'd really like to see a saw just get taken out. Look what the hell! What why can't we? I am disappointed that Bolton did not effectually the bombing of a country on his first day job, but if he pulls off in We want a you know: it's not bad, it's not a bad, it's not a bad start. I actually think you know it's funny. You see the Mahler investigation is closing in right and it has this feeling of like this is this is getting pretty bad now. On the other hand, I was feeling, like
is actually started to do some really good work on the foreign policy front. You have the chinese president making Conciliatory sounds in the last twenty four hours. The markets up it looks like they are actually gonna make real concessions on trade that are important for trumps base, but also for America, and then you have. The uranium currency has collapsed, which I think is purely the bolt in effect, because people know that guy means business and the russian currencies loading russian market has collapsed and the russian rouble is down because Trump for The talk the policies are actually pretty tough We actually making some real progress against real bad guys and we're gonna bombs. Here it's called the art of the come back. If anybody's read the book, that's what we ve got it. We ve got the king, then come back. We got the solar survival, the the principle Each poond hang you whatever. You want to call em like Donald Trump, never count em out. It looks dark right
now, but I'm Tellin lives not appoint right. There he's on the marvellous if Trump practices, strategic ambiguity and the madman theory of politics there's someone else is doing it in DC right now, that's Bob more and I think cannot ignore Ebby via Weller Debbie Down, ok letter. What I don't think there might, because you get caught fire more. Yet, let's get the pardons go on. Let's shut this thing down shudder down. College students in her home state would rather see a musical called urine town. Then Elizabeth and as MSNBC cancel the town hall with Pocahontas effort. Outcry from the students involved in the musical at was filled state University, Harrison, maybe they're, two kids aren't so bad after all, it is a silver lining here: I've who wouldn't go see urine town over us.
By Liz WAR. Finally, some common sense on campus, like the left, who started the Eet its own when it comes to their own speakers, love it. These kids work really hard on urine town. Ok, look back In my day we used to have wizard of OZ. We use TAT Peter PAN. We used to have what our town all the classic school plays, but, like now, got some. That's what we're into the twenty first century we're looking forward, urine town, that's where its at everybody get on board. Guiltless outworn offer campuses more Europe and radar bad. These kids gotta be better than David Hog, whose all should also a theatre kid voting, I would was worn I would hurt, would wish school was as West Field State University. I don't think you can get in there like if he could. I would hope that, like they would get Cason is leading you're in town next week. Next semester, ok, for we jump the end to our culture, topics on right and writer. It's time to check in with it
Natalie Johnson are pop culture expert. His returning from California did you he channing. What would happen that I do not find this morning. So I was wasted trip. The abbots thinks well at least the weather's nicer than it is here. We have a lot of updates on the bachelor winter games. Can you please tell us about them? I can so my main man Ben while and Clare Habit adequate the privately after about a month and a half of an engage televised engagement. It's only it's it's over it's over stun. They issued joint statements on their respective instagram accounting apologizing for disappointing their fan alongside picture of their feet. Yes, yes, they put it on junior their adequate
I must say I think you dodge a bullet here within what is not working out. Then. Why? Because anyone who uses the phrase or truth, it's not a keeper with you, but Clare definitely is the one who ve penned that incident post and that you know I'm gonna, give you signed off on I'm gonna. Give then why you know a few months to get over this difficult month and a half and two relationship, but I will be back in those. I'm serious, so abattoir keep an eye out of there, couple. Other couples who met in found love on Bachelor winter games with the status of their relationships, we have the Euro left from winner games, which is really disappointing because listen I had very high hopes site ever found love. It was such everyone migrants, interrelationship on that which never happens and bright, but yeah we had Dean and Leslie S they caught acquits. She also announced on it
Stu ground. Yes, we had. Actually I Harrison. Favorite love her she's as she is. She is just absolute electricity. Sent from Heaven and you know she could do better than whatever his name is worth. I don't want her to do better. I want her to do or I want her to have like a new boyfriend that she falls in love with and has an emotional breakdown over like every six weeks, yes and handling of ice and sketch we also want to check in on highly Jenner, hasn't You line of lipstick, apparently, yes, the highly lip kits. They dropped a new line of colors. Today I believe and they're all these darker colors, but one of the colors that's been catching. A lot of attention is kind of this brown green. Almost like a camera. Colored lunch really lipstick that
literally, would look on zero people, but anyway, she's been catching flak on social media, because people are comparing it to her child stormy seas. I totally disagree with, I think, maybe blue green. On Kiley. Also. I didn't really think it was so green and blue changed. I thought of what I've had some experience. And I thought it was more like leprechaun, so it was our greener than their given credit, for I think it's. I think this is a line from Kiley Haters We know there is a lot of em out there and I think this is a little better, just the haters kind of winning the twitter work Do you agree that to me it looks more like, like camera, after you, roll in the mud situation and that's better than baby group yeah. That's good
Finally, we have a bunch of haters knocking on Elizabeth Hurley. Who is how old fifty to fifty two and looks amazing? What happened here? She's bang and she posted this instagram on her. Ass, the sun, sixteen birthday, but she was wearing the super. Revealing low cut, dress pretty much every he's out there to say the least and she's getting flock for, but look she has banging body. Hollywood has a lot different. In our day to day families. I don't know what goes on out there, but I've seen this before we ve all seen it before parents being really appropriate next, their kids, so whatever ia, and they don't look like Elizabeth Hurley, either yeah, they don't look like Elizabeth she's, a babe I say go for. Ok will. Thank you so much for this important update. Natalie, of course,
Keep up first refer culture around on right and writer. The twitter mob is trying to destroy the last vestige of humor from the simpsons. As quote not everyone thought there joke about political correctness. Destroying comedy was funny no. In fact people began pretending that LISA Simpson is a real person who would also be offended at the chauffeur? Not apologizing that appear like every other character, on the show is a stereotype, CNN I also wish to point out that appeal is voiced by Hank Z area, who is not south asian he's, not a police. Officer either any does Chief Wigan Harrison he's not even a comic book. I well look. This is where we going. What is this free speech attack on comedy? I write that nobody. How did it's it's like this? This is a new generation of critic that has been born and it is their job to deconstruct every piece, a comedy and figure out who is going to be offended
by what, in any type a comedy, comedic bid or tv show or movie it's kind of sad in pathetic, because basically every piece, a comedy is making fun of something. Exactly look. I'm just gonna go back to the cause, be show simpler time automatically other family, family, family humor enjoy things complicated, boyhood moral character Can, I just say: what's markets to me about the up? Whose story is it it's not even like there was a click or a widespread social movement condemning approved its one guy yeah, one guy. Who did kind of were documentary highlight one watchword in writing. Joe Biden is also really and Flavius, like their Biden has proposed, is pro stereotyping
as I say, also something that for even for the Simpsons to bend over backwards. It acknowledged this right. Is it a debate if there's just one guy who's offended that to me this kind of this obsession with the these subjective feel, things of smaller and smaller minorities. Until he gets the point of hers, literally one person complains, you have to change your entire institution. That's gotta! Stop right! Ok at next, each frailer for the new star words me. These solo was released and sunny bunch notice that Amelia Clark throws like girl and really shouldn't keep being cast in a bad ass in bad ass women roles net, but she'll probably be cast as the next Indiana Jones well right. Spielberg said recently that he could see the next Indiana Jones being a woman which again is in, Indiana Kind, China, gender neutral name, I suppose, but
the largely baby could still baby could maybe do it. You know the with Amelia Clarks, Sir. I've actually thought there was the best thing Sonny has ever written and he's been a working journalist for fourteen years. Finally did something right by pointing out that Amelia Clark there is like a girl, really I don't worry. It's only one letter the noble lowers the upshot is sunny. Looking for a woman who throws like a man is that I guess what I did. I actually other diary sue Lyra like a bad. I rang the other than the other women action heroes who you know o king like take down six a heavily armed ninjas in one elsewhere. Then they they land. They run talking about the magic of Cinema Harrison and they spend their karate moves or at least a varied. Now built, not at an inn right, then they start throw light
girl, you know it s, not the Demille Clark. There is like a girl like that. She's throws like Barack Obama. Very it that's why we defend that. Yet the point of the sunny also pointed out that she's been she had been cast. Sarah commoner in the terminator reboot and it's like she has no like London Hamilton. Was this crazy, bad ass chick? Amelia Arthur. Alright, let's progress, you just lie ridiculous. You gotta red, Sonny's, wag, unplugging, sunny spot. So not can I bad shameful outcast pine, our nations conscience Jimmy Kimmel made fun of Maloney US of any an accent because he doesn't speak five languages, but he really stepped in it when he made a homo phobic joke against Sean Hannity and was forced to apologise to the energy Bt Q Q. I a peak unity person, if kills and gay jokes. Okay again, that opens up a lot of possibilities for
on the part of the fact that you have so little. I for one welcome this new found change in milk Free Beacon, podcast about, but here we are again reed we're attacking comedians for doing comedy. Now, look Kimmel brought this on himself because he stepped out of his community. Nike he's using his comedy to make a political point in a long running political feud. You'd like I don't like going after comedians for for trying to be funny at all, so I don't. I just think that maybe Sean using this as as a vehicle to get some attention. Ethical worked, I think Sean actually didn and I saw supper. I saw his response. The camels gardencourt apology last night, which, by the way
apology for from right from Kimmel I mean it was like half the first three sentences of it were sincere and then the next six sentences of it went back to mocking Hannity in trying to make his points, and others must insincere apology over and at that time. Hannity response last night was greatly says: the beef school but if Kimmel, what's he started up again, he's got the whole archive all the camel that he's done over the years anyway, I'm kind of sick of it, because I think it's like at the outset to due to talk, show host, promoting each other writer, Matt and don't forget. Nationality has his black belt in June. To set a things, got really Tom Canadian. Karate man would end that fight pretty quick ok. Finally, a fire broke out at from tower over the weekend, but was put out quickly because it is a well bill building.
A model posed outside the deadly scene and peace and love David Crosbie, said, burn baby burn. You see that you see that again was you're, absolutely right of Trump, bringing out just violent radiations among the people who really hate him. The most and the dead guy lost his life because of this of fire, which was quite striking. I haven't seen much footage of similar fires like that of Manhattan, but it was really go strong Trump, of course very strong, far vivid, is the best Royal Owings Vyvyan far Yo Trumps tweet out, it will add nothing about the victim. Is this about how well built the building? I was in the fire women. While I was before the guy died too. We know then his iron and it's interesting that you say that it actually it's kind of a clever political thing that trumped does he always thanks the first responders emergency workers, and kind of men and women in uniform
whenever any of these kind of disasters happen, and I think this because he recognizes a kind of connection with those with those folks should have thanked the Gambino too, for using high quality concrete and that building risk NATO It is the proposal concrete tower. It happened, and I think we now see the foresight of our president in in that kind of sturdy construct, and it was contained in the one unit. Yes, one man died, but the concrete ball having a lot bird entered it from spreading tally, impress Mister Harrison. They have any thoughts on the fine I'm in there's anything. We do. You know it's that fire melt steel. So that's why concrete was a wise choice here I don't have really a whole lot to add to this. The them- and you just saw the vultures online immediately, trying to figure out how many corners trump and the Trump Corporation cut in the construction.
This building. They wanted to know spring has area a bunch of like a rule either as a bunch of like conspiracy theories and rumours that, like trumpet like avoided fire inspections and unpaid people off, I saw it was out there, but once again the haters are gonna jump in and really try to mix it up and introduce mere trump. Whatever Unfortunately, that is all the time we have for today's decision of right and writer. I'd like to give a special thanks for producer, Louis Bunch forth. Of course, every beacon guess, Matthew, continuity and Harrison Michael go far. And Natalie Johnson, remember, find us on Itunes and Google play just search for right and writer. Please subscribed till your friends and leave a positive review. Unlike Listener Josh Ebby, who complained that sunny bunches, on the pilot cast until next time.
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