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Mueller, Scooters, and Nazis

2018-08-21 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the <em>Free Beacon </em>podcast, the guys (and it's all guys today; sorry everyone) discuss the Mueller probe's end game, celebrate ICE's deportation of an aged Nazi, and wonder what's the deal with all these scooters.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners listener. Discretion is advised, go ahead, make my day hello welcome to reign writer, the official Pakistan, the Washington rebuking, I'm your guest host victim this feeling in four Elizabeth Harrington, the free beacon pot cast his available on Itunes, Google planes sticker. Please subscribed tell your friends leaver view joining me from the right today is free, beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie, you may remember him from such mainstream shows as meet the press and special
Port with bread bear, you can follow him on twitter at continuity, hello, Matt, elevate and further The right is free begin. President Aaron Harrison were not exactly sure. He does around the office. Buddy signs, the Czechs and that's good enough for us hello Harrison I lose You are looking tanned rested and ready I've been on a wild and crazy. Venture, although I am when are you not? While I'm told that my most recent show was arguably my best show a lot of praise on twitter. So thank you to all the comments in and thoughts and prayers and love and that I've been seeing at there. It was like you every week. Really, Returning to the programme as the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international man, a mystery unlicensed republican consultant, he always keeps our paneless. Line hello MIKE Slovak what's begin with it, but we haven't visited in a while the smaller probe still going on over the weekend. The president reacted too in your time story by tweeting that the feeling you
Times, wrote a fake peace today, implying that Cause White House Council Don began was giving hours of testimony to the special council. He must be a John Dene type rat. I think that thing that bothered me the most about that tweet is how he misspelled we council twice and meanwhile on meat, the press, the President's Other lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, admitted the twenty steam meeting from terror was but getting Durden. Hillary Clinton in any one would take that meeting, but they did not know. The meeting was with a russian, but it's sort of in contradiction with Don t. You see Melick hunch me them eating with with Russia he then told chucked hard that he doesn't want the president to fall into a perjury trap and somewhere in the back and forth Giuliani, said truth is truth Matt the windows and panic mode. Should they be or are we just making a lot of nothing because its August.
Were nearing the end game of the mullahs probe. So it's not really the doldrums of August here, but I think things are coming to a head basic. The basic question is whether president from sits for an interview with Robert Mahler and the White House Harding its position that that interview will not take place, basically daring, Mahler to put up or shut up and with the understanding that it would be highly unusual for Mahler to subpoena a sitting present in the United States is specially one, and I think this is where the New York Times article becomes important, especially when. That president basically waved executive, an attorney client privilege for most, but from what I know all of last year to allow his own lawyer of the White House Council down again to sit and talk to the investigation so
I think we're nearing the end game and dumb, I think, would be a bad idea for smaller to subpoena Trump Harrison will, as usual, more struck by the reaction of the laughed than I am anything else. My favorite part about the Eu Mcgann testimony is the confidence that the anchors of MSNBC and CNN and all the personalities and various like clowns and yea who's that they have that come on or shall the confidence that they were expressing. That Mcgann is indeed flipping like a rat like I do now come on who the hell was in these meetings like a virtuous speculating. This is the biggest projection that we ve seen from the left The press in the left wing activists that around there I mean they really are hoping against hope that that this is finally going to be the end all be off? I'm not even
this done began. Can't talk? Is anybody in this room even ever heard his voice? I've never seen an interview. I've never seen a sound bite. I've never even seen a speech. This guy's given gone again is that he has a lot box. Friend. You think he just shows up into sits there. Any good lawyer, one just sit there like just I think that thirty hours could possibly be fits. They let him answer every quite having we saw this in the godfather. We ve seen in all every mob movie ever seen as just in I've taken. That is repeat the fifth I'm taking the fiddler taken, but now seriously. I I just Think of dollar has DOM again brother from ITALY, where the right across bring him in prison interview Rome, I got just add a fourth attorneys around his shoulders, doesn't have to say anything else. Not he knows what it me now, but like this, between the brothers errors, and why is it down again is made of career in Washington? Out of not,
keen and suddenly we think this guy's rolling over every needs. I think it's preposterous in the fact that these people claim to know what was going on inside. That room is ludicrous. Goldfarb, you know it p. Who the hell knows what he said in their eye? It seems like the question is what was trumps state of mind? What they say that would indicate his state of mind. I mean you're already scrape in the bottom of the barrel. If that's where you are, because you don't have evidence of collusion, you're focused on obstruction and- and it's not even clear that I do feel like they're still some confusion about whether the President really can struck than investigation, whether he doesn't have the absolute prerogative to fire people or hire people in the executive branch. So I just who the hell knows what he said knows what they're up do, but I do think that Mahler
is really getting to a point where he does have to put up her shot up. Because I look, I think mothers been. You know he certainly cultivated impressive monsieur around himself, he is scared the living out of a lot of people in this town and now the demand for trial. Is it this sort of these key moment the lie? There come back with a guilty verdict there they won't. If they do. I think it really strengthen smaller hand and- and people are gonna wonder what's next, but if they don't- and he doesn't sort of bring this to a conclusion quickly. I just think it runs the risk of fallen apart pretty quickly, but I think you bring up a really good point there, because I think that the manifold jury is going the key to this whole thing, because if the feds can't make the case to the average person that sitting in the jury booth and they come back, hung which I predict that they're going to do it's exactly where the american people are in this entire investigation. Like it's got. No,
where everybody is so confused, you ve got to get four five people that are convinced that he's guilty. You got four five people that are confused events that he's not and whatever, however, is left in between, has no idea what to think whatsoever. That's the point that is the mark of a failed investigative. If the upshot of all this is that he's going to produce some, you know really charged and frankly, pretty partisan report for the Democrats disorder be the basis for their impeachment per It is I mean. Is that really what he wanted to be at the outset of this thing, I sort of feel like if Mahler Gonna keep his reputation live up to his reputation is gonna, throw people in jail for crimes related to collusion, and it doesn't seem like he's, got that ok next, stop Trump has revoke the security clearance of former Shi Ite Director John Brennan. Now it like to add other former until officials to the list, possibly Philip Mud and former d
James Clapper, the president tweeted. That motives quote in no mental condition to have such a clearance and, of course, he previously had treated that Britain will quote. Go down as easily the worst in history and since getting out has become nothing less than a loud mouth. Partisan political act who cannot be trusted with the secrets in to our country, Matt, where does is, and I'm thinking more about along the lines of the godfather again when Tom Hagen tells Michael Corleone you'd, have you don't have to wipe out everybody than Michael says? I feel I have to wipe out everybody time just my enemies. My favorite aspect of this is how, from got his sight, some mud who I've been watching on CNN now. For the past year and a half Who can he's just so angry is angry all the times. Every little thing is is angry gets really upset and irish cattle, like the Democrats, court Lewandowski, is like a heat, is and also kind of another John Brennan amended the rhetoric over the top. I was thinking the Democrats achievement but Leon.
Women are currently already. I leave when he's an independent contain independence. I think the analogy Gerda Mud, but only reason Trump saw this- is because Hannity played the clip other shows a trip truck was watching Hannity and so trumps saw the CNN thing which got his ire and now he's threatening mud, the with Britain it ever rather with clapper. It seems that these slightly backing off a little bit, because now he's saying that even clapper recognised that attendance rhetoric was out of control with which it is an now. Brennan is kind of flip flopping on whether he he meant that Trump has committed treason or not. He told Rachel Matter that was just as irish temper, but then he taught told Chuck Todd the other day that were no no it's you know it's it's up there with what it with treasons call the present trees and you don't have evidence
former ceo director, you can't do that without facing consequences, in my view, Harrison. But what I have said all long about Brennan is that he is a political actor ever since he left off, as the guy has done nothing but practice politics from the outside. He is a an avowed political enemy of the present United States. He has no business with a security clearance. It should have been revoked. Clapper needs to be reviewed, I hope he revokes crooked Hilary security clearance. I hope that he revokes Eric holders. Security clearance was too, who is talking about launching the president in the presidential run because they are exploiting the security clearance is in there. Using them as a political weapon against the present, a United spray states revoke em all revoke fibre. Local Parma Rover, crooked Hilary revoke or stupid, rapist, husband and review provoke. Every other democratic has wanted to run for president, as the president has secured acute need, will yes B. Is anyone there is called out solution, afterward right, so
Does the story lay was that the president was considering revoking Obama's, which I love this story because tromp, of course you know, I think Trump actually does have a little foresight here and he doesn't want his revoked. But that is gonna be a really interesting side. Because the Democrats are gonna want or revoke his security clearance and everybody in the Trump administration as soon as this thing is over. So this is like all things in politics once you start, you can't stop, and so it You know there's a lot of posturing around of what I am hearing you when this administration leaves office and if the Democrats come in, if that ever happens, which you know Harrison is predicted ever happen again, but if it ever happens, is never going to day are gonna. Try and people are crazy. They're gonna, try and strip everybody in this administration of their security clearance. You know what all felt. That's why elections matter? That's, why republican voters and people to support this present the independence and the Democrats like this president. They need to get their asses out to the holes in June and November of this year.
Make sure that the Democrats don't take control of either. One of the high doesn't think it's funny. Dvd Obama has ever used his clearance in the year and a half since he left off at these is too busy thinking about of his forty minute lecture commemorating Nelson Mandela or his its sixty million dollar Netflix D everyone about. What about Yom? Carry, though, carry on different occasions, meddling now, rights of candles. Night takes handing out. What could have been you want to. The long knives for securing variances, ok, speaking of which he was aggression officers have supported a ninety five year old Man, Yahkuk Polly to Germany, where he stands, accused of being an S labour camp guard in trouble. Nicky Poland, which was a sight of one of the worst singly massacres of the Holocaust Matt. This problem
one, the portion, the deportation most people will not object to. Even if he's ninety five. While it puts the Democrats in an awkward position, because this is from you know, Alexandria, causing Cortez who started this call when, with her upset in June words, abolish ice and wealth of ice, is the one that supporting this Nazi. So if you don't If you want to abolish I polish ice. If you want open borders than that means, war, criminals can get a stay to as much as the people fleeing violence in El Salvador and Andorra. So there's a political angle to this, but it also justa justice and I was interested to find that a trump made. This a priority and told Rick Ranal, the ambassador, Germany, get this, get these debt deportation papers in order, and they did it Harrison I mean, what's there to add,
the part of the perch like gig. It get him out of here. You know me well what the hell they Oregon cover for half of the Gatt after these people that shouldn't be here look this is this is a matter that Iraq is law and order. The spy for enforcing the law we either have laws. We don't have laws, we have borders, we don't have any Celso Nazis. That's all we hear about my other hand of trumpeted. Then you may have to side with the not lose heart of me, I'm wondering when public Canada's thinking, because he's very big on Trump. On the other hand, he made it he's made it a thing of his journalist occur too. Then? The Nazis, Yonder Marianna, remember that live in the United States were eager for Fridays, became equality to be trying to square the circle Goldfarb. What You stand on this. Let me guess, I'm I'm hopefully can still keep contributing Journal of american greatness over there. You know, I have to say that sound. Like a german name to me, I don't know what of Germany, he's from you as a pole, I think but then wisely getting deported to Germany, ways and ethnic
I don't know. I got only we don't trust the poles to take here. These things like they used to know that territory was has disputed in them has. That is part of the living room. I don't know I just this without the one thing, which is that it is not a traditionally Germany I think the Germans want to prosecute and because you know it's a german labour labour camps. So I guess meanwhile, though, the Germans let the Nazis March in Berlin over the weekend, you see- I don't get this guy, don't any marching, looked good in those picture, but I was the one side rising, but neither I went there is still some left, that may now I mean you're getting up at your ninety five now you're talking about the guards all the higher officers of, while, obviously, by now boy you're good at right that we now know what's crazy, Finally, on a lighter note, we are heading towards the longest ever bowl market. Supposedly a three thousand four hundred fifty three days today, but I kind of depends on your definition of bull market. Some people are saying and of
If this means its technically began under Obama, so you wanna give credit to words. Do right Harrison! Excuse me, I mean the. Market started under Obama, so he gets credit for that. Now trunk gets credit trump. Only use the only guy you deserve any credit, Miss untiring because he's, president for well over a year and a half nothing at this time, market has done nothing but go up since he's entered office like you, I'm sorry, but like we're going to be judging president's on the stock market performance. It is only the day. It is that it should only be judged by today and today alone and Lebanon future and right now this thing has gone up like a frequent you long, Elon, Musk Space Ex rocket math beautiful lives, those rockets. Never,
whereas by going to say, as you line Musk interview with the New York Times were breaks down in tears and basically embarrasses himself with the sole bark at this great and look yet shirt. Think you're right.
Mr resistance. It did start under Obama, but there's a thing. It is the turn of the trunk trade which we ve been living under since his election. It's amazing just the the amended the volume by which the market has gone up since since Trump was elected and in his policies I think, have been given em a qualified support by mark and markets very nervous about the trade stuff, maybe more nervous than it ought to be, but over all his policies have been well received so em. It he's he's the greatest salesmen of our time and he's he's got a cell s economy, though it seems like most of his attention is spent on punishing incentives. Some critics Goldfarb, I you know, I I wonder what the impact will be. If it really is a tremendous,
blow out in November, just because at that point the do you go from the Trump trade to the commie trade, which is like. Oh Elizabeth Warren could be the next presidential come scare. The people four damn Democrats take over either House a Congress will crash this market. Yeah yeah. I think that's a real possibility! Ok and now it's time for a special pop culture update, would Sonny And showing Infringe Natalie Johnson, hello, sunny big. This is a weird studio for us This is not our usual Syria. Well going, although it is this twice a week, so what's happening, let's see what's so, you know, you know, I'm fascinated by the box office numbers as yet life it s your thing, that's what I like and number one this week, crazy rich aims mean Asian showed up. There were some. There was some discussion whether or not the the Asian
represent a lot we represent, but your people went to the polls and bought them the tickets and so the weekend actually was kind of dominated by by chinese market. They really having a man for these kind of films and between between the maggots, crazy rotations. All tone go totally dominate. Would they have been better off with Netflix, with a gipsy in that stuff about other turned down some massive Netflix deal to do crazy rotation, crazier, wide eyed depends on what you mean by better. I naturally, as I always mean when I say that I will there's, I would say that Netflix probably would have paid more up front, but I I I like the producers would have made more. They probably would have made an equal amount based on I mean the other thing. Is you say? Oh, this is a legacy movie that'll make
money for marine among our that offers a producers jewish or were they asian too. I this is, I haven't looked very very. There were, as I think I think, their sons and daughters fusing Andy's, I'm not adding to any of us. They got that's where we are historical, historical question did the Asian show up for boys in the hut. I dont know about I know they showed up that like Panther. Can we just take that back you? How do you know it was asian audience that even led to this. What we're gonna do white people- I don't know because of how does it agree? No, no! No woman! I now wants to see this moving like they're, not asian. I'm just telling you about my number by them. I'm just telling you what the the breakdown of the audiences of this was. It was like forty four, major? While forty bright light? That's good! The eagles the eagles are now. They now have the best selling album of all time: hey great vehicles, man they have the greatest hits the, best selling album of all time and people are upset because it knocked off Michael Jackson's thriller
bore there? There are in fact, a conspiracy theories circulating right now. How could the Eagles overtake Michael jacks? Michael Jackson is so popular because he's a child molesters, but that's what you gotta take it up with the hour. I am on this when I got no, I got no opinion on the trail. Molestation, as opposed to records, I don't think I know people on both sides priority issues on earth, but there is good people on both sides of this argument. There's the child molesters and then there's the hour. I can't really say which is worse and then finally hooters in decline. I when to bring the substance. We haven't lady free Free Beacon, podcast,
This is the all male revenues. The very kind of you notice is very testosterone. Heavy episode, but gonna hastily, apparently hooters, is in a lot of trouble. Seven percent dip in store locations over the last few years. The the very reputable marketing firm porn hub says that people are not interested in searching for breasts anymore, which obviously impacts the the bottom line at hooters and a young millennial was talking about how he would improve the store he wants waitresses. You don't look like bottle blondes and aren't you know like Barbie Doth figures. He just want somebody who sit there and talk to him and listened to all his problems.
We looked like a teenage bork and I think there is a link. I guess I was going to say its internet porn, this destroying gooders that he held up because areas. Why are you know whatever the allure was of going to hooters and seeing the buxom waitresses when you have instant access to the most filthiest perverted on the the planet, you don't why why? Why would you go? Who have electricity watch either? I don't. I don't go for the filthiest, Where will it, but I think, if they just of the wing of a clear. Yes, I think the wings are not there. Standing there. Maybe your has failed men, not that great I go, I will go to the sheer Tilly Hooters after the National gone show out there at the convention expo. That is, that is quite a scene and there is a long time, but the wings are just not there good. I think the late
you're lovely. But the way are you getting naked wings you getting breadthways no naked. What am I a money order? their signature wings, the breaded wings, do that's why breaded wings, maybe ok! Well, thank you very much. Everyone no hold on hold on what I didn't get the floor here, and this is all I know is that the wings even Jerry Chicken using lounged haven't been your other than MIKE haven't been to a Hooters improbably five fifteen years. It listen. I want to tell you who actually ruin hooters, ok, the lawyers ruined Hooters, because was five years ago. There was a massive DUI lawsuit against hooters That is why, when you gotta hooters- and you want to hang out watch for our game, you can only get forbears now. What state have everything they have everything electronic we monitor because they lost a negligent vehicular homicide. A lawsuit because some
I gotta trashed out it, I believe, was the fair, backs hooter, EAST hills and people on the way home. Then this stuff, I've. Never seen anything like it, you go into a Hooters now that, even in this August, suitors casino I haven't been the biggest I've, been a Vegas, ensigns variant swearing. We warmly do drop you off at the Hooters, yet not stay there like I'm or that they really whaler like get a lister over there, but that is actually not the millennials, it's not the porn. It's the Loi, fascinating good thank you very much indeed, but actually somewhere day. I learned up first in our culture around on writing writer I'm sure you all watch last night's MTV musical words. There are all kinds of antics, Kevin Heart, told the president, the code socket and who should have to destroy the pink carpet, but Michael have a naughty himself. The lawyer Stormy Daniels, which I think is kind of strange cause don't think I've ever known, someone who is really in the famous celebrity Matt, what's happening here.
Well on the attacks on from from the stage these are so boring and they're so self defeating because you know, if trumps, trumpets, standing up for the people who were despised by the cultural eat. Maybe the culturally chestnut despise those people in her tie a different strategy. Another naughty I'm fascinated by it because I think it was a pretty cunning move and getting more respect for him by the day in Trump gave us reality, television, politics and what were learning. Is that the rules are reality. Television politics are very different from politics, as we understood now, when it was just tromp practicing reality television, politics- you can make sense of this, because if just Trump and it's his personality, but now that we have Michael, have a naughty Michael Cohen and Amargosa practicing reality: television, politics with the secret recordings
and the fame out. You know, interviews, Andy dribbling out possible revelations that you begin to see just how much trump is changing the political system and the one group that seems clueless about this is the Democratic Party nor on the sidelines. It's the reality, tv people now who are providing most effective opposition from Harrison. Ok, the such old news so played the vehemence. Actually used to be a cultural like landmark, neighbourly away, a neighbor ravelling. The Oscar grams of reactionary Grammy's. There are better than the Grammy's night out they from probably about nineteen, eighty seven until nineteen- ninety nine two thousand two thousand to adapt something that was must see to because you they still had and maintain the ability to shop biotic. Right now. It is so overplayed right now, this whole show was a train wreck. This stuff about did this. In the present
That has been going on in the opening accents for ten years. I remembered a long time ago, Russell Brand hosted the two thousand eight Vm Aids and just trash George Bush and Mccain in every Republican. It was just the This was done time years ago. Are there still Donna today? Look the performers This is by and large I saw. I saw a good chunk of the show. Performance is by, and large word were message there was justly you get your your generic pop singer out there you fill a fillip to stage with seventy five dancers. Do their own thing, nothing really choreographed. The only good performance was Travis. Scott that is, I thought he hid it out of the park and then you had they had to go and dig up Aerosmith out of the grave to bring them to. The show with postal allows. Oh I I saw Stephen Tyler in the hotel lobby in New York over the
We now you get down. I know why he was in New York, now also care. I traps props to Aerosmith. I thought that the cross, with Post Malone was like actually a good performance and by the way that injury, they started off a dream on, but then they brought out poisoned the attic, which is something they don't play as a feature tune very often so a classic. I thought they brought the house down at the very but overall the show just avenues: three hours. I did they get it, but he was watching it, but clearly somebody did. Someone did ok. I know that we are talking about cultural impact on right, writer I get prepared you work hard in touch with the people. Goldfarb didn't watch it. No take. Ok, I'd like to urge caution and restrained to my all male panel on this next subject. As there are gentle, not Asia as it turns out. It's like Arza, like us, Iago, apparently like the cheese break it's Asia because that's the continent.
For now I, like the US it s, okay, so like as echo for light on one his pronoun. I've never heard any of that. I just started hearing it yesterday holiday. What are you doing? You know let's go to that gets you ok, for, though, is an armored, isn't ass more. Moreover, what I heard them on the TVS saying, Austria, it turns out: she raped a seventeen year old actor, Jimmy Bennet she's, only cheese. She's accused of raping Seventeenyearold actor Jimmy Bennett awaiting the only reason I hold on, who only recently settled with her for three hundred eighty thousand dollars for the mental trauma of the experienced less to say I was blown away by the story, Matt so Jimmy
It could be said that, but look at another case, but I gotta go ahead, but God this is poor. Guy Harris like this poor, seventeen year old Boy- and I think we all need all still have memories of being seventeen years old and we all have had that nightmare were a famous actress with with thought very voluptuous body sat a beautiful woman strolls into your hotel room little Bit, ain't, maybe it'll tracks, little trashy, but not too much strolls into your hotel room and just proceeds to I take you what what's a good free, never enough pleasure, tat pleasure to strict pleasure tab. We ve all have that nightmare and we ve all woken up, and I am sure that we have all look down and we have all my god like that was that
Just one hell of a inexperience and out this poor guy got had actually experience that in real life, thoughts and prayers- and I you know, look three hundred thousand dollars. He actually not eighty he's kind of a RO like he was able to pull this off and get paid three hundred thousand dollars suggesting he could be a free beacon man of your that's just he's in the ball park. Ok, let's talk about electric scooters. They're everywhere, and I don't just mean across the country and across cities I mean they're literally strewn everywhere. I saw one wing in the middle of em Streton Georgetown Map. Is this a fat or is huge They are just a major obstacle for what I call pedestrians people who use their feet on the sidewalk. Have you been following this? We have the red tied in you now read tightest appears every so often scooter tat is good at it. I haven't. I went thirty cents.
Years of my life, not seeing at ably scooters and in the past seventy two hours, all of a sudden there everywhere. In fact, when I was coming to work today and just crossing, Lynn Street, on my way down Wilson, there were no less than three idiots on voters there wobbly there right now helmets, why, when it will, what went wrong with the bikes good point and why do you have to wear a helmet on your bike. But not gone out wrong. It is more dangerous. Why? That's, how I think, like Helmut laws are stupid, like you, I think, if you dont need where helmet anything, I grew up. Never working at the helm and all I see these little kids running around General ping. Pong ball helmets me pads, because here too, coordinated right of bike. What you know you're, not a right of bike properly. You fall down scrape Yoni, Yum Pompidou, wheedle head and you get that
carbon. You learned not to do it again. It's ridiculous. It like this is that the money is part of a whole bomb administration was when he was on Marthas vineyard in his mom genes and stupid shirt with stooped. Like Helmut running around looking like an absolute tool, I'm like that is the system that is their utopia, they want everybody to look like that Big Evan. I was just textbook right and writer from the scooters to Obama on Marthas Vineyard. I wrote the scooter for them time you ve been wanting to do that for a wider one old Europe. Yes, they are all over the place which most interesting to me. It's not just like one company, that's dump scooters all over the place, there's like eight different brands of scooters, it is kind of fun, though, but super dangerous until they make ongoing design. I did they make a deal to city to just swap the bikes for the scooters.
We'll be chaos on the streets. If they always acres wondering this red, maybe they could talk to the administration about making a deal with the city, so we get our military parade, which apparently Muriel Bouser rolled our president on, but you know this is also an effect of the fact that keeps damn natural work like that thing is a death trap, so yeah People are going to try to get around on all your means, you're doing either way while we're helmets on the matter. Look. I think one of the reasons that there So many of these and strolled about is that there is a major technology problem in these things are not made. Well, I've been reading a little about about him in there they break all the time what the hell are you going to do when you got a broken ass scooter like yeah drives a party that thing right go back to the bikes banks or walk. Ok, that's all the time we have for today's edition of right and writer, I'd like to give special thanks to our produce well before and, of course, our free beacon guests, Matthew, continuity, Aaron, Harrison Michael Goldfarb in sunny bunch, remember finest, and I tunes Google play in stature, just search for free, beacon? Police ascribed tell your friends leave review like listener. Jaffrey did nothing wrong.
On the of Thrones reference, and he says that right and writer is quote condescending. All the right ways until next time
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