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Mueller’s Neverending Story

2018-03-16 | 🔗
<p class="p1">Topics include Robert Mueller's subpoena of the Trump Organization, the results of the special election in Pennsylvania, Putin's new space race, celebrity breakups, who Zayn is, whether we should believe Justin Bieber is a committed Christian, pets in airplanes, Katy Perry, and how wrong Sonny Bunch is about Stephen Hawking.</p>
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go ahead, make my day hello and welcome to write and writer the official podcast of the Washington Free Beacon. I'm your host Elizabeth Harrington, you can follow me on Twitter at was W F B. The free beacon, pod gases available on Itunes and Google play- please subscribed, tell your friends and leave a review journey me from the right today is free, beacon, Editor in chief and beltway conservative Matthew, cotton Eddie, you might remember him from such mainstream media- shows as employers morning Edition and America's newsroom. You can follow him on twitter at continuity, hello, Matt. I lose sight for having moved off.
Further to match right is free beacon, president in captain, in the space force, Aaron Harrison we're not exactly sure what he does around the office but he's. Hence the Czechs and that's good enough for us hello, Harrison good afternoon up first right and writer raw Mueller subpoenaed. The Trump organisation, including quote some documents about Russia time said in an understatement that Mueller appears to be broadening its investigation
News came on the same day: Trump sanctioned Russia for election meddling map. Is this investigation ever going to end? I think it will end in the next year. Probably though, the way to think about it is different parts of the investigation and at different times, and is what this resembles to me most clearly is the warrants Walsh Investigation of IRAN, Contra, which went on for years, which involve two different administrations, which came up with usually people indicted on complete process crimes, and so when I look at this latest a news of the supply of the of the Trump organization you're wondering what did the documents have to do with Russia seems MIKE Schmidt, the reporter who broke the new says that it seems like it had to do with business relationships with Russia, so that would mean that it's not the personal finances that from had warned of the New York Times actually earlier or lately,
dear. That would constitute a red line. If Molly did, that bottom line is no one knows what's going on. No one knows what's going on with the Mulder investigation. No one knows what's going on at the White House Congresses and doing anything that Washington is in the midst of complete kind of confusion and melt down and its. I just be wary of trusting anything. You read until the event actually occurs. Harrison what he would do you know where my sources and sends administration the informed me that they don't think this thing is ever going to end it. It is in which, on more mowers, totally follow himself on this. But one thing Finally, do another year after year finish. The rush investigation and they're gonna find a way to rope in stormy Daniels in some other russian Porn STAR, whatever
and we're going to discontinue the run down this ridiculous path like it that there will be another special counsel and other special investigator and other special prosecutor and other special this especial that its until they can identify an actual crime but the hell. Are they trying to prove what are they even invest it? I dont even know collusion. It's such a nebulous topic. I think it's a total is to time and eat. I just allows the members of the deep state that are against Donald Trump to go ahead and pursue these awful these ridiculous allegations and try to make something up. Maybe that's right. Maybe they do happen, a catch something in the net one day or somebody just happens this trip and stumbling and lie to an investigator. What do I mean remembering what its like forever ago, but the House Intelligence Committee issued its findings its conclusion and said that there was no
spirits see and what we say. The word collusion: what would we really mean collusion is not a it's, not a legal terms that if there was a crime here, it would be a conspiracy between members of the trunk campaign or the Trump organization, or have fillets of that with the russian government or its pass through, like Julian Assange and Wikileaks in order to hack the deep Sea or John Pedestrian and then distribute those materials that has not been proven yet, and so the findings of the House Intelligence Committee was that you know there is some bad judgment like the Trump Tower meeting
in June twenty sixteen, but we can't go. We can't show anything further and so Mahler hasn't either, but that doesn't mean that he won't, and so we all just needed kind of like take a sets stepped back and say I was I had this conversation really argument with my opera driver, the other he was an I'll say. I took two gone it personal digression here I have noticed a sea change in my group were driver in twenty fifteen twenty. Sixteen at almost to a man there's only one Hooper driver had in that period, who was anti Trump, all the other one said trumps gonna win trumpet when fellow gonna be my right of every goober drivers in the past few months, who has brought it up unprompted to me, it's now anti Trump,
and what base well one guy. Let me off the White House. The other data was like. I hate that man matter at an end today, but that is that the guy the other day had the CNN on and he would have all. Can you believe what you say you don't really that it's no eleven owes a reason. Anything there's a reason for this very simple explanation: ok back during the election in two thousand and sixteen you didn't tip in over driver. They didn't accept hips and two thousand sixteen or any time before that since the election they accept tips. Now they are just plain the economic odds here, because the d C was Ninety six percent for that psychopath Hillary Clinton. So they figure? If they just start about Trump, they got a better shadow, yearning and aunt. If I stop tipping move or driver, I won't have to listen to the anti Trumpeton abstention to permit the first point, That is some straw level now and I love it's. Drivers will continue to be too
The media is also of aside from the Russia sorry freaking out about Trump, basically being able to tell just introduce anything he once when he's to go. She aiding with him. And also scolding, the japanese fur wrecking our call cars with bowling balls or something well to manufacturing. The bowling ball. Testes says that you drop the bowling ball onto the hood of the car. We dont trust it. Apparently, the only analogue people can find for this story was from Letterman routine from the nineteen eighty he may have seen on tv and stuck it gets his everything, Donald Trump it nothing, there's nothing new about Donald Trump right. There are periods where he kind of receipts right. And it appears oh he's behaving like a normal Republican where a typical republican politician, but then he always comes back to whom he is. He hasn't changed in what one of the one of his chief characteristics is, what he calls and is part of the deal truthful
I personally with his way of saying either exaggerating org is making things up now. The funny thing is those exaggerations and sometimes of stories have colonels of truth in it and, in fact, if you look at them, a paper just this morning, there is an article I read about the canadian trade deficit is actually under dispute. It depends on how you count these things. If you include services which the Canadians want us to do it and which show that there are actually isn't a trade deficit between the two countries, or do you exclude services and focus on manufacturing, which is trump in his voters and in that case, Trump is right, so there's a colonel the truth, but its embedded in this kind of over the top. As always with trumped, dramatic and often funny kind of Paul Tail Harrison I mean what did you take away from Trudeau? I mean you can just basically say whatever he wants. Winston wins the argument. True doze been lying about. Is gender identity
for the longest time. So I figured that like if you can make up facts and trumps. Just plain and simple tit for tat came like this. It's called leverage and when you're a tough begins later, like Donald Trump you're, gonna fight fire with fire so fully supportive of him doing whatever it takes to make sure that we're coming out on top and whatever trade deal were negotiating, whether it be with timber, steel or oil, whatever. Let's just get the damn job done and what's when the fight up next in an act of stunning courage when faced with the choice of going to class or skipping school for awoke political cause, kids across Amerika chose to skip the national walk out for gun control, featured kids holding signs. That said, disarmed the police, Harrison. Did these kids make you optimistic about the future? Actually, you know what they don't shocking. You know what really believe that is holding its feckless teachers and school administrators is. If these kids want to stage a walk
During the middle the school day, when they're supposed to be in their learning their there, their reading, writing and arithmetic, then they need to be Kick the hell out of school. That should have been a suspension spending. For a day and then I'll teach him the way that actually operate in the real world, because this, fantasy land that did millennials have created where you can just do whatever feels good because you're doing for, like a righteous cause or whatever fungicides bunch of you throw bull that they feed to these little kids called Indoctrination- is why that is why the conservatives so off of the educational system and from that from the teachers unions, it fate filtered straight down to the to the education of the little kids. I'm in my favorite part of this whole thing was the third graders in that word, lying down in their own version of a die, and you think the third graters violence surely came up with that idea. No, it was one of these psycho had lived liberal teachers, Thou decided
take him out on the lawn enjoy the nice day by pretending to be a dead body out in the middle of the law. In the media was naturally cheer leading this all day long everywhere I mean Harrison says the students in the walk out should be suspend parkland couldn't excess or expel Nicholas Crucifixes, Shooter Howard going to expel the the people who are part of the social justice man, I'm I'm amazed at how quickly we ve gone from what seems to me to be a complete institutional breakdown when it comes to the shooting, not only the ability, the the ability, the inability of school administrators to control the shooter. Because of these fears that he would be counted as part of this racial disparity in school discipline as part of this so called school to prison pipeline that now Obama, the Obama administration wanted to stop, and so many school administrators obsessed with, so that prevented them from taking a tough stance again
damn right, but meanwhile we knew all these warnings were taking place calls to the sheriff's office. Then we have the debt of the new footage showing the deputy outside the shoe, while the shooting was taking place, He threw his lawyer, he says. Well, I thought I heard shots outside. That's why didn't go in? We have called the FBI every single level of our government government failed, and yet because it coincides with the agenda of the Democratic Party, the entire national conversation has switched to, but to proposing gun legislation. That's not that that's just inconceivable. Just not going to pass gets its unrealistic. This is the failure of the left or what is the solution? Dish government more government right, that's always the answer. It never ends in until the until they get they can actually install. I dunno, but some people, actually have an interest in preserving these children's lives opposed a running for cover and actually giving them tools to protect children, it's got its,
don't really see how this ends. This the day of the walk out, they released the surveillance, video that showed her the cup not going in, but that gets no coverage because it is a Finn see world where we just talk about gun control policies, but we don't talk about what actually happened to prevent it again. Well, and even Congress passed a gun control build a c, I mean it's not gun. Control is a school security bill and it helps background checks in such, but that too it's that is neglected in favour of kind of the.
Just through signalling riches, singly right up next, a very close raisin, Pennsylvania's, eighteenth district appears to have been won by Conor Lamb, a quote God fearing gun owning Democrat, who supports tariffs and won't support Nancy Pelosi. Matt is the so called blue wave all that blue right? Well, it has to be a powerful way to actually when the house, with democratic Party, like like what happened in two thousand and six it so interesting. I went to the websites of the two candidates in this race and the website that talked about opiate addiction, infrastructure and protecting social security right, if you think three big Donald Trump campaign planks was Conor lambs and, of course, Conor. Lamb said things about guns which were completely contrary to the gist of the national conversation over this school walk out, Conor Lamb says he's prologue,
he's not really, but it just against signalling pro life is enough to kind of neutralize the issue in some of these districts and the republican candidates account he was a much more typical kind of WAR Wall Street Republican within reluctant to embrace the trump agenda. This is an example of how Trump understands the republican voter, much better than republicans, do and that's a major problem for the Republican House Majority and the fall, because you know who has pretty good instincts when it comes to politics, Democrat and if they don't shoot their own feet on this and run more candidates like Lamb, I think they are on their way to winning the House Harrison. You said here that it's the candidates that matters out right now, you're assessment with a second defeat, apparent defeat. That's a lesson from two thousand and six is the lesson from two thousand and sixteen candidates absolutely do matter. We gotta,
The two thousand six democratic wave, Rama manuals. Entire strategy was basically running. And in moderate and conservative districts that had a republican quota profile. Primarily they wanted veterans. They wanted anti war veterans. They wanted servitude. They ve. They wanted conservative in appearance, as opposed to the flaming liberals, hippies that are running around in Vermont right now, successful strategy because they run as republican light. Now I am more sceptical that they're going to able to retain their democratic base when we get to the to the MID term general election I I am not really seeing that the Democratic Party is coming together, cohesively, like they did in two thousand and six. They had the war to galvanise around they had the failures of the government over over Hurricane Katrina,
and I'm not seeing it other than there are pure hatred of Donald Trump so that's enough to run on well we're gonna find out, but in terms of an actual message, a coherent message in an actual strategy that developing for the Democratic Party. I don't see it at this point. The way we saw two thousand six, it's been enough for awhile. It was enough in Alabama was enough in Virginia was enough here in pencil, Vienna and even in the special lecturing the Democrats lost. Their vote was up from twenty sixteen. So there are a lot of people who just want to show that they dislike Donald Trump, and that may be enough to win those twenty four seats to take control of the house. Next, taking a cue from the free Beacon pad cast President Trump once America to create space force, recognising that space is a war fighting domain, meanwhile Putin announced his own mission to Mars for twenty nineteen Harrison should we say bring it on. Well, if we forgot it balls,
it on. Let's, when this race look, we won the last one. Why can't we win this one? We have any any Putin is now they don't have the wherewithal to actually when this is more than lip service from from Putin built around like we need to get tat, we do need to get to Mars. First, like we ve talked about this couple a couple podcast ago, where Obama really took NASA, and made it take a couple of steps back during is eight years in office. There was no replacement for the shuttle programme. Bush wanted to return to the moon. Look of we're gonna get to Mars. We probably need to colonise the moon first, let's let's get a little forward operating based there and then let's make a move, but if we to get our doubts, Neptune and PLUTO, and then beyond. Aren't they should the Neptune, Riga, look we gotta get there, I don't
there's, any look we need and we need delete. We need to lead, we need to win and let's start making some audacious goals and what's really start accomplishment, you know I m a trumpet always thinks big. That is when he is in a in every dimension. He he's always thinking well over the top kind of over the bounds of mention and of this reminded me of his idea for the solar wall, which I would love to, which would you have the solar power power, real all right with which it pay for itself. That way, you know, if you have a space force, VD space exploration. Why not get the defence department involve? That's why I'm an artist and so many of our largest technological leaps come from our defence industrial base and the necessity of improving military technology. Let's have thus have the space force. Let's have a star.
Fleet near on line up doesn't was I and some Conor letting our authority. I would. I would like the science division that I'm not good at mad, but I do I like the idea. I'm not, but I would I was kind of you know, that's the division that I like the most embargo and I'm gonna stay here and I'm gonna directed from earth. I'm happy here, you know: what's the term Regner IRAN phenomena managed in such a hurry to win the war at home before rejected the Gualtieri topics. It's time to chat with are pop culture. Expert Natalie, Johnson, hello, Natalie live so we ve had some kind of devastating celebrity break up this week. Can you can you tell us about you? I mean it's. Its official cuffing season is over and were moving into set single summer. We had the break up of Justin Bieber and Selena Gigi Hawaii
unseen and just recently Don Junior and his wife for nuts are now in a separate furred for some very, very sad off. In its Jaso? It's just we it's really not a good time to be our relationship right now. Overstating. You know, I didn't even know whose is it. What is it in this. I am engaged Erika I had heard of her. I guess she's a model yeah, I'm out of the sky. We need you to command explains what does he do? Jane was the lead singer in one direction. If you recall oh, ok, I've heard, and now he is he's a solo, but I want to go. I want to get back to Justin, Bieber and Selena Gomez, because not to me was the biggest celebrity break up the weak, and I this aside tangent, but I want to go on with Justin Bieber get so much crap from the press, but what people don't talk about as he's building a church? Yes,
He dropped out of his tour to build a church and he's still gets gone by the media, and I dont want. I dont want I. On your toes a little too much because you're gonna touch on that's, but then you have, people like Cato Who were I who banter forest? Clinton and Obama and where these obscenely hideous political darted out in the church- and now he started out in the church, left the church and just killed. Not so I mean this is just a terrible another example of media by us, a guy with these God, fearing people. What kind of church are we talking about here? it's a Christian. My I think it's like evangelical rise very actually know some. This is I'm. I feel America's anatomy, that's something that I had, but he knew how very active with this pastor. Oh yeah, some kind of a spiritual, Montoya, apparently hot Hollywood Gerardo and you don't really think of him or his songs. In christian terms, but yeah he's. Why is your eyes about the purpose? Tour
I was not here, but he found purpose but tat. He had sold it because of his violin, but you do have signed with like. Is it too late now to say sorry? And I think that's? U: no sign of repentance ratify its in every ten yeah. It's never too late. Now. I am not buying this one religious reformation of Justin Bieber Seiners, some scam going on here. I don't know what the churches- technology, or whatever the hell he's he's dealing with here, is an angry. I would rather have Justin Bieber and his pastor, then Brady and that quack must lose. You know that that that he follows in his life, so I've good for Justice They also converted he got Selina now Celine has been carrying around a bible that guy's going up. So here is now just to be buried, the God fearing man. What can we say? That's all! She deserves better press. Another topic I wanted to discuss with you. Snapchat again, stock went tumbling
the net, this is a problem with millennial. Apsley one celebrity says something and it just straw. He's her your market value, what happened here, it's not released and add slap real, or punch crisper. It's it's completely brilliant idea. Marketing to completely does states fall so anyway, obviously Riad, I tweeted out and was like what the hell are you doing. You cannot do that caused the up A billion dollars, which is great That shows you that you know people are standing up against domestic violence, which should be a year. Now and not a no brainer, but then Some partners that highly Jenner, with zero reasoning whatsoever, costs the out more costly up. One point: three billion, just certain illegal to be saying that it's dead. So God that's! That's, there's not a thing of the moves in this. The celebrities are attacking snapshot and is costing billions of dollars left and right exits. Who would have thought that that would be their biggest vulnerability right, but I've got a couple of thoughts on
this whole, who she should you either punch Chris Brown or Slap Marianna Chris Brown cordially it's so funny that, like you know, people like don't really care what you say about Chris Browning saying about Chris Brown. Like with it. I, unlike cut his balls off, beat him up like saying that throw that guy out the window he's a total pieces and I've got some tat. No, no! I'm not going I have some thought is really hot. Take on this were enrietta, I'm going to say As for myself, I don't get it disappoint. A lot of my brands. You hear it would burn up the pod they really hot. Its do. How later I think
might have answer, come to know their like vacant, I'm you and you can provide the take gonna deah, the trap hall. Poland, oddly may sliding unvarnished truth is something it's part of my branded something I've been developing that account on me for this, but in they're gonna see this as an act of cowardice, but I think in the present the thoughts of preserving the pod cast. This is actually a heroic act of cowardice on my part, just keep it to myself. Someone Amr keep that's a great self sacrifice, your movie, God to our culture topics as Stephen Hawking, renowned, physicists passed away this week, prompting sunny bunched right heartfelt story about how he was in the slow science class Matt urine heard. Were you a fan of hawking? I I I was a Carl Sagan guy Ok, I love cried curls up huge Carl Sagan guy Carl Sagan. Like is responsible for my intellectual development. Now he was also like hawking. I kind of terrible left winger by
a much better writer, and so I wanted to be a hockin guy and then I looked at the book and the book is complete traffic. You give no way you can read that book and understand a single thing. There is a pretty good movie aid by Arrow Morris about it? But that's just because they kind of show some pretty pictures and a nice graphics and of course, the one thing here: here's how superficial and stupid people are, the only reason they like Stephen Hawking is because of it. Computer generated voice. Tat was the only reason I mean he live they all ass. He had this chair, but you and- and so he was it table guy who achieve a lot great, but really what you wanted to hear was the computer generated voice? That's what made him a cultural icon, and we should just recognise that Harrison. Student organ was appeasing and look I don't. I don't really get this whole notion that If you are disabled or you ve got legged debilitating diseases that absolves you of being, and I like the fact
is how many wives this guy have. I don't see the movie is Dick, his personal appearance. They personally disgusts me and I don't think that's like now verily fair game to discuss a pod cast, but, like I'm, just gonna keep in a realistic way. I kept the realities myself on Lebanon, Stephen Hawking, getting ripped the the pure article, two rated love receiving hogging that was expressed and pop culture on twitter and on through all these websites was just nauseating. In the event weaving for our own sunny bunch. You who wrote this disgusting ah and praise of the influence that he had in his life and we actually had to publish a rebuttal to that because it was so wrong. Headed no pollack actually wrote about how awful Stephen hawking was mad. You know a little bit about this. Well, I mean hawking, like I said, or is it left winger. He was anti human really. He was also anti semitic. He was part of the media s movement. He was very hostile, Israel toward the end of his life. He kept up
more and more about how humans were a disaster that that we had hoped the extraterrestrials would come and save us look this is it just shows how science taken into the sunlight agree really becomes anti anti here. An anti humanist undermines the very things that it should be about in dumb. So I don't think we should, you know just on uncritically, embrace him I'd like sunny bunch dead and so that just a lesson for everyone. Listening to this does a great point of it. He was hawking was also in favour of like a one world government, because he thought that, like the nations wearing cable organisms governing themselves, and he was a huge trumpeter called trumpet demagogue that can't be controlled but get off that maybe a little bit but like that could be a good thing. Let's look at that. I prefer to look at the past, Stephen hawking, very down humanity and in all look should not one more,
one final, five honesty allowing if this guy was so smart. What Cape of contributions this guy make to solving ale ass. All right he's got this big brain its devoted to science, and yet this guy does nothing to discover the root cause of ale ass. How could you possibly curate, who knew more about a lesson and Stephen hawking? And meanwhile, this guy's trying to explain theoretical black holes in time travel another set of bullshit out an outer space really serve humanity. In my part, rotten hell next Berry had a busy weak preying on the nice christian boy, auditioning for american Idol, taking away his first kiss, she also may have killed a nun Harrison's cheap, prosecuted now you who should be prosecuted is that that little by little and take the kiss from King Parry
our. I look like an area for it was look. It was just like this. It didn't reflect well on the male gender by and large. Look if Kith Katy, Perry, beautiful woman, pop starlit, extremely popular, wants to front you. Like your letter. Do I mean it was on national tv? I saw this thing live a little shocked at his reaction, but he didn't seem all that offended at what I really think is funny here is Haiti. Perry is such a hypocrite where, if that that's just put them in opposite in opposite roles, if he had asked to peck her on the cheek and actually went for the credit, slippers and tongue I think that there would be a big uproar over that meanwhile night but you'd be defending her because she wants you to visit him. You shoot I shoot out in him. You are defending the people who are explored their positions of power to take engage in sexual contact, your doing yeah,
Sir, it's knives vertical as ever wondered at his. We really have many arguing about how no I agree with you that Katy parries, a horrible person, no, I didn't body, not we're in total in its ago, also your entire about the Hilary they Hilary thing we're all that was maybe even now that we're all over the Maghreb. Now eighty pick the boy if the boy did want to kiss but wait the border native kissed him, he said he was saving is very well. As for something special, I mean that's an honest. The tragedy is no look. I would have taken the company's grandma I so protests. Everyone is upset that dying on a united fight after being put in the overhead compartment, the owners apparently ever checked on the poor poor for three hours story got worse,
when senators introduced the Wolf ACT, to prevent this from ever happening again, not are you out raged we're we're, not a serious calculates that we have to start recognising that and look. I love dogs and everything, but has become a big problem flying with the dogs and having dogs in the in the main, Canada, emotional, San Marino animal. When I grew up like, if you had a fly with the pet, you put them, you check the in the luggage, an ear with probably uncomfortable for them, but you know what they survived. I think most of the time, because its debts procedures there. So the Alps we now is. Oh, I want to bring my pet as an emotive need. The pet. Neither either have a secret patter of except my feet, and you hear about the the dogs or stinking up to the cabin, and now you get tragedies this, where it's also by the way, if they tell you that you're gonna, have to put your pet in the overhead compartment you gonna leave the flight
I mean that's, what I know is down if they were they presented that you have to put in overnight compared the owners should have just said, while not taking this fighting and find another flight or find another way, tat the pet we're not a serious country and weak, and I think that even as much as I dont like what United did here, we have to start really thinking about. Like our we behave as adults like do. We really need to bring the purse dog on every flight at you know that we that we go on Harrison Look. I am a big dog guy, as probably as big a deal guys matters, Carl Sagan and true true, and I too am sick of the amount of animals that are on flights. Ok,. Everybody under the sun is now able to declare war whose
with the emotional support peacock. You remember that one a couple weeks ago, outrageous like what are what are these animals? Do not only eight Voltaire, only people that should be allowed to bring dogs on two flights, you, marshals and I would say you know anybody that is a veteran, I think, all veterans that have served overseas should be allowed to bring whatever animal. They want. Those that those my three exceptions. Fortunately, that is all the time we have for today's edition right and writer. I'd like to give a special thanks to our producer Louis Bunch, to the fourth and, of course, our freebie good guess bad. He caught Nettie Errand, Harrison and Natalie Johnson member find us on Itunes and Google plague. Just search for free beak. It play subscribes, tell your friends and leave a positive review like listener. Bagasse five: five: five who write sit back, relax, take.
In some combat journalism. Until next
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