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Nuke Treaties, Avenatti Woes, and Baby Names

2018-10-23 | 🔗
On the latest episode of theĀ <em>Free Beacon</em> podcast, sponsored by Calm, the gang talks about how to reassert American nuclear dominance, sheds a tear for the creepy porn lawyer's latest woes, and tries to figure out the best gender-neutral baby names.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners listener. Discretion is advised go ahead. Make my day hello, and welcome to write and writer the official podcast of the Washington Free Beacon spots. By com. I'm your hosts Elizabeth Harrington, involving on Twitter ATLAS, W F, B, free beacon, podcast cast available on Itunes, Google play and sticker. Please subscribe to friends and leave you don't owe me from the right today is free, beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie. You may remember him from such mainstream media outlets,
political magazine and the weekly standard can follow him on twitter at cotton. Eddie. Hello is further to me right is the president and the free began beautiful Aaron Harrison were not exactly sherry does around the office. We signed the Czechs, that's good enough for us Ho Harrison. Thank you for the very kind introvert you're welcome, turning programme is the chairman of the free beacon, my Goldfarb internationally history and licence republican consultant. He always keeps are wasn't Mainhall Goldfarb Hours, first on writing. Writer present rallied for beautiful TED crews in Houston, Texas. Last night, blasting Robert Francis Rourke, sometimes known as NATO as a stone, cold, phony trump unknown the mound that he can no longer call Pocahontas Pocahontas, because Elizabeth Worn has no indian blood and said he prefers me, What a nationalist over a global is, who Frank, who'd, frankly dont care about our country, so much
that is going on a rally. Blitz is helping the right way. It looks like it there's seems to be a gap in intensity that has closed the races continued to be tough subs in the Senate, and the House map still looks pretty bad for Republicans, but it's getting less bad. It seems every time they update the m the races further Crystal Ball, Larry sabotage in for the cook political report. If you're a Democrat right now, two weeks from election day, you would want the races to
again separating you would want your candidates to begin creating leads outside the margin of error. Now course of your Republican, you want that too, but Republicans are on defence here and so there's a lot of questions about pulling, I think, remember: twenty. Sixteen we under counted in the polls, the number of whites without working at whites without college degrees, who then showed up and gave us the surprise of a lifetime. Are we doing the same thing? Is the air pollsters doing the same thing I was struck by you know? The media has always been criticising us rally. That happened last night in Texas, when it was first it was like. Oh you know that must dare to shows how desperate Republicans are and worried about. Beta will now become clear. There's no little reason to be worried about beta. And I was like all this is Trump You know such a hypocrite because he can line. Tat now is beautiful tat, the here's, the thing you know
three races house races in Texas that are pretty important and two are toss: ups O with PETE Sessions and John Cumbersome and then there's another that leads Republican, that's will hurt the moderate on the border of those are shoulda, Republicans chances of holding the house in so when trumps in there and in all the Texas media market- and you have a crowded eighty thousand people, nineteen thousand of whom can fill the stadium that helps US republican candidates. Right Harrison yet match right about that, especially with all the hype in the media love s that has been going on with better in Texas, it's good to get and push back. Finally, we get our rock show with Trump and pitiful TED in a massive venue with a lot of enthusiasm, beautiful its head was fired up, I must say he was screaming and tat might look. He should be because you know what that, though, the disproportionate coverage of better in that race is just kind of the interested.
How's the biased that we are dealing with in this media. You know you that that the simple fact is that Texas, the cities and taxes are not a whole lot different in the big cities on the EAST coast to the West Coast. They are chock. Full of Democrats. You ve got democratic mayors in every major city in taxes. So when the people up here in D C and in New York or calling to get the scoop on what's going on in Texas, they're just talking to a bunch. Other liberals and hostage are huge dinner Dallas. So you get this like repeating the goal of liberal nonsense and you get an rally like you get last night with the boy thought beautiful TED, you got the president in their real. I can show you the facts on the ground, a lot better than what you get when you just a media. Talking to itself. The rally was amazing: tromp, full vitamin jailbreak embrace last night, is now talking about a ten percent tax cuts for the middle class. That's exam, the way you run this race borders. You know that
That's the eye that immigration you talk about it and we're going to hit the veterans. We gotta get back the veterans where the veterans, their mistake. That is missing, but you know what it's like. You talked about the one eyed, oh Jake well so far, but give a week. We were talking taxes last week and I think that he is following a fight for weak plan to the general next week. Is veteran, I think we're going to be looking at some veterans issues come up anyway. It's if it's happening. I woke up. Map mentioned the poles. While I was walking pearl this morning for little evocative woke up. I get news. Learn from the Washington Post, liberal Washington, post of all places saying that these battleground cows, poles are any statistical. Talk is this blue wave is not here, because farm you know, I don't. I don't trust the poles after twenty sixteen. So the fact that the per post and all these other place.
These are not seeing a blue way of now. I don't know what to make of that cause. I don't trust these people die. Now, I'm a little worried that there were fair point. You know so their fullest, so we don't trust them so who who really knows on the Texas thing? I think it's really interesting that he's down there. I sort of think the one thing: No from twenty. Sixteen is the Trump has better political instincts than the rest, and I always where to go, and they refer to dig him where they did. The rallies ring the campaign he's down there for crews, and I don't I think he takes the beta- It seriously. I think he wants to make sure that beta does not mean that race risk. Would be a catastrophic disaster for his residency obtained are ones that race we're losing everything. Ok. So what so? I need a lack of its quite rationally going to make sure that doesn't happen anyway. Hilary should have gone to was constantly make sure she doesn't lose was cannot say, lesson that we learn he's doing what pilloried did not do so. I am, I think,
good that he's down there. There are a bunch of house races that are that are on the costs, but I also think it focuses attention on the caravan which may yet be the defining issue of this election night. I trust trumps political instincts more than I trust the washing impose. So you now it's time for update on America's favorite porno lawyer, Michael Avenue, knotty from right and writers, chief legal correspondence between a VIC hullabaloo the slow Monday was not a good day for our friend. Michael, have not even know the story died. Daniels lawyer and the Democrats best hope for twenty twenty received personal judgment from L, a superior court ruling that he must pay Jason Frank, his former non equity partner. Four point: eight five million dollars Frank had contracted with ever noddies notified. From you. Gotta have a naughty which went bankrupt, outbreaks actually over ten million, but take the four point. Five million Paid into installments that's what he said in any event, western and our later in Santa Anna Court, a judge
in favour of the Irvine company, which claimed Egon Avenant, he had not paid rent for the last four months in there. For poor, Michael, staff are being evicted from their off, space on fashion, Island, Newport, Beach, California Matt. You know we're Newport Fashion Island, as you been. I live unfashionable that I've got hopefully the land up at a sunglass hunt or something like that, and on top of this he now always a lot of money to his Ex wife LISA Korea have a naughty in July, a judge ruled that by all that- and I think there is anything like rejoined. The banks of the Potomac even that out here so quickly, michael- has to pay his ex wife. Now, a hundred twenty five thousand dollars a month in spousal, Where am I a hundred twenty five thousand dollars a month, spousal support and about three? Two thousand,
dollars a month in child support life. That's why they were living in a house where they were paying a hundred thousand dollars a month to eventually by the house, and then he moved out and went to an apartment that was costing. Fourteen thousand dollars a month and read a lot going on. I have you been doing the math. Where have you been calculating how like young lad early? So our is more it's more than I think I'm in my mortgage, yes, but to just lie to justify that spousal support right LISA says that the monthly expenses load for their one son, twelve thousand a month for nanny. That's a pretty good! like twitter. Thousand dollars and clothing a month and hold on a hand. Twenty thousand dollars in groceries a month, which could only mean one thing: their shopping at Bellevue, cheese. The only way we can do twenty thousand one, so the daily bestowed a bit on this was very good anyway.
It's a very legally complex story. Even for somebody of my legal acumen, the abolitionists include. Wasn't there attacks lean, also, my lot of means a lot of events and, of course, because you have the relationship between have a naughty and everybody socio economic naughty. Let's not forget Tully Coffee, Patrick Dempsey. It's all there complex Patrick Dempsey pseudo because I really wonder he had to cancel his resistance rally. You said so that the people showing him we're saying that things would just be a lot more clear if he released his ex returns, rising he's resistant today, you still manages to find time to go to New Hampshire, because he's gonna for president and fight fire with fire in. The ever naughty update, my boss. Some so thorough. Thank you back your next president Trump says he is terminating the intermediate range nuclear forces or Iron F Treaty with Russia and promise that we will
build up our nuclear arsenal. Until quote, people come to their senses, presence that Russia has violated the Cold war era agreement. The band medium range missiles asked is, this is a threat. Putin Trump said, is a threat to whoever you want and include China and includes Russia, includes anybody else at once. To play that game, you can't do that. Ukip, that game on me. Harrison play time is over these. These nukes are all ok. We need the money nine, the nuclear triad. We need to be we need to be thinking forward, We are we are dealing with cold war era, weapons the need to be up to upgrade its they can be used. By the space force, wellmere In over future, colonies on future planets and moves like stars, asteroids, whatever we need
all of the above strategy when we gave us bars line wrought by the letter, we noted that the space for space worsens overwhelmingly popular you. They are selling March like crazy, like the people want the space force, ok, that that is the Trump legacy into the next millennium. Now, what get back to the nukes, but could gives The Russians are like there, trustworthy. Why does anybody believed that they talked a bottom soup did not have been fought, have been following any of these treaties like we need to look at these things again, tromp is on, but trot drop is point with his policy and with the strategy in dealing with the Russians. The Chinese like we need a full on new twenty first century, modernization of the way we deal with nukes map,
Harrison's. Absolutely right. I mean the Russians have been in violation of the treaty now from us the decade. I think this is long overdue. Obama should have got withdrawn from it and you know, as Harrison alluded to the Chinese, are party to the eye enough treaty. It was a very laudable deal between the Soviet Union and the United States in nineteen, eighty seven, and so the Chinese,
course are developing their own nukes and modernizing them as well. So we have to be able to have a space in to counter that threat. This is all against the backdrop of the significant shift in national security strategy that Trump launched of you go back, and you read the national security strategy, the United States last year it was moving with what they are very clear about is moving from the counter terrorism orientation, which we had been since nine eleven to one where we are dealing squarely with great power competition. That's what this is all about. That's what pensive speeches about! That's what the other we ve also withdrawn from that postal treaty. That was at the end of last week, which we thought gave a Chinese afraid, an unfair advantage and that's what sat on sending the two destroyers through the Taiwan Strait, just the other day, is about now getting out of the eye enough tromp is reorganising american foreign policy to finally deal with this world. Where were the unipolar moment is over and we have to face
Russia, and even more significantly China Gulf I'm when this thing was a disgrace, because the Obama people knew full well that the Russians were cheating. There was just incontrovertible proof of their cheating that anyone really conceal or hide the fact that they were cheating on the treaty. They deployed new internet range. Nuclear missiles in a big public show and were menacing Europe with them. So the Obama people didn't really have a defence I am struck throughout. That the Obama people even now are not really putting their heads up to criticise this, because this just indefensible to stay in the treaty, where the other side doesn't abide by it, but I will say that Harrison comes up a little bit short in his
You, our nuclear strategy, to my mind yet and I are gonna, we need to re start testing neither bring testing. But I do you guys, you steal my thunder no size. You know what we're on the same pair, I writer and right, and you cannot modern I've- had a force until you test these ancient nukes and make sure that they work. Ok and then we need the test, the new ones and make sure the new ones work, and I see the Trump presidency in here for heading into the election. With the return of this sort of Saturday morning, nuclear testing that our parents grew up with get people excited, see their tax dollars, see that these things actually work. You know put the fear guy the Chinese and the Russians. That's how I want this thing to go. What can happen to know when the wise nuclear test was innocent
amending non north korean underground explosion? Seventy early eighties also wisely that, like the Tsar bomb that the Russians dropped like that's the biggest one hundred megaton bomb like we You gotta wandered one Megan. Whenever we talk about them a web, No, that's not nuclear. My of his eye is payload. Destroy the regular Russians, haven't dropped a nuclear bomb they tested the terrible testament. Oh well, last nuclear test September, twenty third nineteen. Ninety two well. That was a case of yeah. I'm going back. Likewise the Indians and the Pakistanis tested and ninety ninety eight. So we got it, we have to catch up. That's your point. We have to connect before we get to our secretary. Perry is listening, I'm thirty, is all the cabmen secretaries. Listen very good, sir, about culture updates time to check in with our sponsor com. Do you have trouble?
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You guys, like I nothing of in your home, Ok, I'm not italian! What? What do you want from me? Just content? with real star Teresa is out of seventy three. The g, it asking people to pray for her husband, Joe Ass, he faced deportation back to ITALY, Joe, will be deported after he finishes, having a forty one month, jail sentence for male wire and bankruptcy, fraud, which apparently allowed him and his wife to net over five million dollars over a ten year period. He set to be released and twenty nine Ok, so I've never watched that which house Is that ok, come on their italian right
I don't want to stereotype. Put out her right say we shall have a separate initiative with Metal one off to school to the next item. Police action A man was stunned, proudly flaunted, her unshaved, It's on it at the Europe and premier of her latest film. The hate you gave this is so groves yeah Harrison. I expect you to a conversation separately with Natalie about these kinds of top. I actually didn't on this topic. You can think less. That's the first to admit that I and I said: ok, I don't know this person is manner. She Currently, we pay and hunger games all that. That So I think we ve got half the quote Non binary actor, who, as people notes uses both they slash them and she's last. Her pronouns showed off her
pit hair and Valentino gown posting a photo to install hashtag armpit, you are so grow say that again, the next day the carving Weinstein's infamous casting couch may end up on a shooting range or the freeway are actually not, which naturally our posts they were listening to. Write and writer install our Christmas tree idea. Yeah just shoot up the casting cow. Yes, exactly like this top so the real estate broker Weinstein's former Tribeca Office toward page sex, a client is considering buying the couch so that they don't need it to a gun range just kind of funny, because Wine Sty tried or deeming himself when he was caught with all of these allegations,
by saying that he was not going to turn his focus to destroying the energy about my kind of around this reserve funny way to get back yeah awesome. I will think not only for this great her offensive of furs and our turn around baby names, an enormous gender gap, the blog baby name, wizard, analyze new names for boys and girls and found boys. Four willingly get names associated with power and strength like savage diesel thunder chaos and rage. Meanwhile, new names were, girls are associated with joy and beauty like Lilla Jubilee, Christine Lace, heiress and gorgeous it would he reasonable to expect that the new names entering a more how a terrier society would be more balanced in their gendered expectations, said Lord.
Burke, who conducted the analysis quote, but in fact the numbers just don't there that out Matt it's great, that these names are adhering to sexist gender. Arms, but these names are just awful. I prayed think what the gender neutral names that the scientists, the social side has referred. Table. Does the ottoman and eyes boy you have to have something you did not in the re is a real name. Yet all of those are real new names. Diesel thunder chaos, re lightning power was I'm gonna cut off the great aircars, but there also pretty terrible, can I came up with, as I wanted the name? My son Exxon, member of Exxon, global gender neutral. I know that there will be power it's like these hormone. Does you can only get our elected? I might name my my next daughter that gorgeous continuity,
That's a nice ring Harrison coming law vulgar shit, It's like a savage but like. I don't know that I would ever call a kid sab like that, since the ascending line aim was, I would go a predator rowdy, because you like rowdy, writing Roddy Roddy, would height name for out erotic piper yeah. I, like the Harrison Roddy hears wrought, Roddy Rowdy here, Roddy rowdy say that three times Ass stone cold. Steve Austin Harrison there. Yet Naxa New whole foods opened up a navy yard last week, its first location and southeast DC. Knowing it Hence the new location is quote more than a grocer. He wasn't tony and reports complete with self serve wine for sitting and shopping and build your own avocado toes station.
So the quote millennials can go crazy. The store, so hasn't high station, which We found the Allegro Espresso BAR, which also smooth these nature, coffee and self serve draft code, pressed juice, go. Is this your new hang out? Are you making this up? No, that's real yup, an archive bar yeah. How do you carry on is a try. What are you ok, worries right, an area that I was a child I voice set aside, but I pronounced decline in all of the West them When I think the caravan needs to go right to that all foods. As I have run out on me now, I will limit the things from introducing itself serve. Why yes, it's like a little robot paying. That gives you a prepaid card, and then you
go and there's like sixteen to choose from so you can't like accidents pour your own like one bottle. Now you do power yourself, there's like sixteen. I guess he used the cards him. You know why Douglas and rises up while you shot, there's something be learning looked. Drunk grocery shopping is where the finer pleasures of life. I think that there's nothing wrong with crack, and accordingly, I would like maybe some beers, rising rack and called out of this whole foods. This one, but maybe like that they have some lovely I'd like mad and rest periods in a giant or that you know the ici, be your or safe way will start instituting like more alcohol sales, while your shopping. I think that would be amazing, because you look drinking and shopping sometimes gives me some of my more creative meal ideas, and that leads to a great things. There is a when I lived an old town. There was a wine.
Are at the whole food there and it was a creepy single seen my particular type, a good, not millennia, not millennials. In an older, older yeah divorces, nothing wrong with that. Like Unfortunately, that is all the time we have for today's edition of rain right. I'd like to give special thanks are produced or I'll before and of course, our freebie can guess met many an Harrison MIKE Gopher they dream of matters Naturally, Johnson remember find us on Itunes, Google play and sticker just search for free beacon. Please subscribe tell your friends and leave a positive review like listener. The kin who says quote much better than that sunny bunch vehicle over at the sub standard on until next.
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