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Owning the Libs, Locking Her Up, and Eating Chick-fil-A

2018-07-24 | 🔗
On the latest episode of theĀ <em>Free Beacon</em> podcast, presented by Quip, the gang discussed breaking news on the Demi Lovato, how best to own the libs, and whether or not Chick-fil-A will take over the planet.
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go ahead, make my day
low and welcome to write and writer the official podcast of the Washington Free Beacon, sponsored by Quip Electric Duke Brush. I Marhaus Elizabeth Harrington, you can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, doubled up, be free, beacon, podcast is available on Itunes, Google play and sticker. Please subscribe to your friends and leaf of review journey me from the right today is free, beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie. You may remember him from such mainstream media shows as meet the press daily and impairs morning. Edition volume on Twitter, at Continental, Guillemette, pillows and further to mats right is free, beacon, present an Harrison who warns against the dangers of not owning the lips.
Equally sure we does around the office basins of checks in that's good enough for US home Harrison. I also warn against the danger of not owning firearms. Yes up. First, on right and writer, President Trump floated the idea of revoking the security clearance of several top bomber officials have been vocal opponents of Trump and constantly seeking to undermine its administration met. The move would be unpleasant an unprecedented, but so is the extreme political bias of the former heads of the CIA and the FBI right. Then, if you think that the abuse of power in the wire Carter page. Then it may seem reasonable to take this type of drastic measure. However, I disagree and I can't help thinking about Washington D C in the fall of twenty thirteen, when Harry Red believed that the filibuster needed to be revoked for lower court nominees because of drastic measures and offer report
construction ISM only a few years later, to seek hubris, arrive in the form of I'm saying, never This arrive in the form of Donald Trump and how to a Supreme Court nominees one seat it. So when contemplating such a move like this, I think we have to recognise that there are anticipated consequential consequences, which would say to us that perhaps the norm, of allowing them to keep, the clearance ought to be preserved, Harrison well shock of shocks on this one. I disagree that you might like distant colleague here. This is a needed move. You have Brennan Clapper who's. The other one homes and re solemnly call me doesn't have one any moves. Will guide levels have one anymore
whenever romola, so we can survive without chromium Mackay having security actions there doing quite well with their go, find me and thereby making a tornabuoni on their bullets up books of laws of war in what not now but like book you have Brennan Clapper especially have been vocal political, enemies of this president in self declared? We so will you hate him with another one absolute another, vocal opponent of the president and his agenda, so so Rudy conferences are not political weapons, and that is exactly what they are being used for, and I will take everybody back in time to the romantic fall of two thousand and five where you had a former national security adviser named Sandy Burger walk into the national archives, with his security, appropriate up clearance in hand, observed some very classified documents and proceed to stop them and is underwear and try to take them out of their adult
no I've, never officials to have these permanent clearances. I think they should be temporary if they are called upon, like you know like you need them. Expert advice for various crises going on the world and only they can answer the question, but they may need to be ready in on a couple of things. Fine, you can do that and two seconds and get them signed it, and this is the point four cents I don't understand the reason for permanent political for permanent security clearance is for political actors to say if we frame the policy in that way, it sounds actually quite reasonable to me say that these, so why don't you leave government? You should no longer lies likely rising once it becomes. If it can once it seems like he's targeting individuals
I merely because they oppose him on cable news. I think you're getting yourself into dangerous territory. What's a good thing that the present listens to the shop and most powerful totter ass. Nepal casting an air influence makers. Ok up next North Korea has started dismantling a missile engine test site which one expert quoted in the New York Times. That is an encouraging sign for the trumpet menstruation. Since these facilities are believed to have played an important role in the development technologies for the North Intercontinental Ballistic missile Pro programme. Meanwhile, present Trump is warning. I ran firing, often all caps tweet saying never. Ever threatened the United States again or you will suffer consequences, the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered for we are no longer a country that will stand for your demented. We're of violence and death, be cautious hares he's got a little fire and fury for them to. Finally,
president, who stands up for the interests of this country and will defend us at all costs against these ruthless vile jihadi dictators. I love this tweet we're standing up for America. I don't care. I hope it scares the crap out of the iranian the iranian laws over there that run that place. It is. It is a threat with merit. It is a threat with purpose and do not with the United States of America in of this country Putnam on this matter, I just I'm question is once you go all caps. What's that now go, and I think I think the only avenue is emerges. I think the next time Threatens IRAN over Twitter he's gonna have to have like mushroom cloud emerging or something or to communicate its seriousness and l
the level of the wheel, terrorism using a mode. Yet what we haven't, but that's the only way, is now he's gone all caps now if he reverts to small to lower case it's we end its weak it's. It's lessening deterrence so now these archives, I think I'll just be- has to go emerges. Yes, he's gonna have to task somewhat, dance Gravina with some social media, Visor defined emerges. Particular the remainder earlier crisis. Exactly I gotta had already simple you just put used the phrase out all doesn't even have the gun any more than there are other middle finger remotely use out like the regular finger button. That looks like it's about to push the red button. So that's all you got me, but we need to make the button bigger and bigger is, but it is much bigger and more powerful gay problem solved
within the mainstream media was appalled that attorney General Jeff sessions would get a chuckle out of spirited conservative high school students. Cnn reported breathlessly attorney General Jeff sessions, be top law enforcement officer in the country, repeated the words lock her up Tuesday that were being chanted, a rallying cry from Donald Trump campaign events calling to jail Hillary Clinton and then laughed the Chad followed sessions telling the guy they wouldn't be, like all those snowflakes which Emma's embassies alley. Belge notes is generally a derogatory Torme term who held cry and after Hilary election laws such as I said I like this bunch, I gotta tell you you're, not gonna, be backing down, go, get em, go get up that I'm beginning to feel hopeful for our future. You know who's as it happens. I've been on a secret mission river
in at the G. W campus indoctrinate urban works around what happened, but we break for lunch today and the District House on the cheetah view. Campus kind of a food court student centre is swarm. With blue blazers and milder hat, I haven't seen a good, let all any Margaret had in one place before now. As you know, I don't really get out of here but they no longer a. You know about town yet issue leather reporter, so I didn't see it on the campaign trail, but I'm here I was in the middle of bluest of blue DC and surrounded by trump supporters. So I encountered this crowd first hand. It is, it is remarkable site Harrison, sounds refreshing, yeah, dived, I'm glad to hear that this is hopeful for a future. Now I it is also hopeful for just sessions, pricks
that's out of you like me, they ve got henchmen stages for the attorney general's future. In his current position. I think it is actually on the upswing notice. We have not heard a lot about I urge us sessions anymore. I'm present has not attack sessions and quite some time he is kind of faded away from the forefront of Troy. Ire and rage and speculation. Suno. It's been replaced by clear subversives in the administration like Dan Coach, the DNA, but what you have here, as you have just sessions, I think getting back in the president's good grace. I was here and you see this this chant because it shows that Jeff sessions, despite the heat that's been thrown his way, has not lost his heart. He has not lost his commitment to mission and he is on the rise and, I think he's been a very effective attorney. We also hasn't locked her up. Where is not going to not yet
I don't know what to say. Keep hope alive is the world's leading the words man, sinister people who work, is an news. Every hour outraged over this today, Where were the campaign was every single rally? I mean a crocodile tears or something else on the news of your work. Zira and Emerson Newsday, though obviously there going to be panting locker up at the convention and Charlotte and twenty twenty. Yeah now I have been urging she's she's gonna, be the nominee ran a democratic side, so will be Will he wrote a police and clean up next ambassador to the United Nations. Nicky Hayley isn't infallible. After all, she has downplaying the importance of owning the lives and politics and trying to steer the kids. Way from winning quote. I know that it's fun and then it can feel good but stepped back and think about what you're accomplishing when you do. This highly told the same conservative conference of haste.
Students. Are you persuading anyone we ve all been guilty of it at some point or another, but this kind of speech isn't leadership? Is the exact opposite Harrison? I thought right Leadership was defeating the commies and winning wars yeah. I don't know where to find here recently that this high pressure, we saw a couple campaigns that Ngos amazing going after John case. Maybe you know, I don't know what the hell is going on with Magee Hayley owning the absolute, there's a centre piece of this administration, the centrepiece of the way I live. My life is the centre piece of a future. This kind, If we do not own the lives now we will be paying for it for generation. Think clearly the kids get this they do get and that's actually credit to their waste generation for maybe so boring on other fronts in their lives that this is like. The one thing that they become good is trolling the lives.
Creative means are we that is actually yet there was a quote out. There are from one of these all right, wackos that said that they made their way to seek to victory in two thousand. Sixteen and there's a little bit of truth that, and I think that that this creative way for the right to get their message out on the lives on them at all costs. I do think Guff, Ronicky Haley's future. This was unforced air, owning the lives and, conversely owning the con seems to be the pattern of american politics. For the foreseeable future, and our own Andrew styles had many suggestions on our side in creative ways. You too can on the lips. So I refer listeners to free, big dot com. They have number three, especially which one was that that was, you can actively participate in
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up until this point Becker has not had any alone time that we know of with any of her remaining men. So this is where she gets. It her three remaining guys. We had blade. The greed, oh and, dare I say left on this episode. She's just drawing me. I don't even have a name written down in July last. I am I'm owning the man who was luggage I've got to go where Gara. Yet so, basically what she does not take the want of AIDS, and then she decides at night whether she wants to have a sleep over with them. So, yes, you do not want to be the last May during my visit the three day in a row situated right, so so It throws away and Blake was first up and Am I using the right term year? All of these guys are pressed yes, They're very presence there, obsessed with Becca ones, pressed me. It means-
My family taught me. This also means are just obsessed with her. Had overhead ours, too much shorter impressed you like kind like pressed on pressed on, like that they are directed on. No one else. Only eyes for heard is obsess credited yet the three of them are definitely pressed and Blake has been telling us that he's in love with her the entire time. But this point you gets very secure, especially after they have their sleep over and she leaves too
go on a day that it arts crying, which is pretty normal. I would say you were in love with someone who undergo and often have another the air. We d, you get kind of bother said that she's. Could it could sleep with her two other guys? Literally got caught, but that's exactly what exact I mean he was the first, so he should you not take solace next up we have the Guido right Jason and they gonna day day and Becker, makes a joke about living with him in Seattle and then immediately gets really uncomfortable and awkward and has to walk away and said that she made the joke and then realize she just couldn't see a future with them right. So always LEO was sent home that night. He did not get it
good for hers. If she only join us here only slept with two of the guy you. This is a real winner. Yes, there he going up for Europe, not scare Gary, there wasn't a snub. Does we thought he goes home, but not before giving back a scrap book of their relationship so that what Interesting and then we have a higher it again very press like he had to give her his scrapbook these No wonder she sent him home yes, and then we have Garrett, who may or may not be one of the dumbest contestants on the seas in if not ever right. I really cannot listen to any talk, but he kind of sounds exactly like TIM Tb. Seed us his voice, the exact same so anyway, we have next week the mental all where all the contestants come back and talk about Becker and and we have the finale in which she will get engaged right. I could, then we can finally stop
talking about. I now until evaluate erudite bachelor that way better way more wrong. Not even one week bring Christmas we also have Tom Brady was body, Jane. You wise. We had photos surface on line of ham and next to his model, wife, Gazelle and he's wearing this green swim trunks and he is supporting a doubt. Right. He he's not. I mean this is a really anything new. Never really had the best body. But I was I was wondering about this: it's a quarter backs in what golfers they don't really need good bodies, they don't need good, but hop athletes and I mean look the got. He looks to me like a grown man. Himself thinks he's in a frat. That's just you know my! and by the guy, has also one four five Superbowl championships he's turning forty one. Next month I mean he's dating just
a balloon dead shoe is like the worlds there are large debts. Gooch Andrew Patient, when their Merry Brady as things about this, though, was it didn't you go on this crazy? Healthy diet goes so secret, echoed attitude, so do not look good yeah right. He has a book out describing that's crazy, die fatty did at its work here. I dont think these pictures are an endorsement. Oh well: well, he proudly doesn't really carries a pretty good life Also Linsey low hand is a good boss. She s a goodbye, so an Instagram two of her employees, precedent Instagram on the official Instagram account of low here beach house in roads a k, a sister club to the one in Meekin hours a day a day, and they also need to check yes and they posted a photo of the two of them in silk. Robes,
and Miss matched heels right one of them was like a really clunky your warm, he all right and one was like a sandal. It honestly was candidate. Look very bad and Linsey was having none of its huge commented on the indirectly directly on the official social media post of her own club, saying where the same shoes please or you're fired Therefore, as I gotta say is this is all the more reason we need to go check out the meekin those night club to see her savvy managerial style of close. Nodding his head. Yes, I think I think Trump would approve of this. Clearly she's turned her life around I mean this is what she's she's cuts wrote with the competition reporting onto the feds? Yes and now she's gettin, all the employees in line the system. I know she's turned around here. We also have our Kelly update.
A Jew. I beg you, listen to this. What I'd team minute on I just now to pay far listeners who don't know our Kelly was and is an army and be singer who was popular in the nineties early two, thousands, you are a bar and be sorry I'm out of at whether I find. Rather it's got me under anyway. Aren t you re getting about the Airbus bees we're gonna get make. I am I really he's not who sang hit such as I believe I can fly and bump in grime ease and so heated, and yet our indignation, when my dermatitis fatal argumentative, was the song of my colleges. I was probably not born gotten any just aged another. Aren't so you the dressing, a series of sexual misconduct allegations
newly released and nineteen minute song called? I admit- and I did listen to US Fifteen minutes it's got a brute, all, I'm so the song it dropped Monday. It comes after charges of child pornography having sex of minor. Is, and this one leading a sex call in which he brainwash is young men to sleep with him requiring young. What women, young women were firing. I've got movement after the fact is that there is definitely to be fired off the pad anyway. You're lying that these young women hold daddy so my mom. Best lyrics, as this is a kind of sort of concedes to liking younger women. He says I admit I, with all the Ladys, that's older and young ladys, but tell me how they call it pedophilia, because that is crazy. Doesn't rhyme,
spoken word, sign up, for this assure admitted this on the Chapelle shall, but fifteen years ago, is like right after your born, ok, thank you so much Natalie for this much needed across Europe of first or culture around breaking news, I'm being informed that Demi Lovato has been hospitalized for a hero over this matter. What man, who is Demi Lovato? Emmy Lovato is a singer. Yes, on the radio can get Jai Sing song Does she hurried over the summer? I love roundly drug problem apparent
it is sad sack, airline and early youth, look gummy, ok, listen, debt, Demi, the bottles and a lot of personal struggles in her life. There's been eating disorders, she finally became comfortable with her body type, and that was what the inspired call for the summer s book up with deeds that, like it, actually appreciated your body finally big here. I think twenty sixteen songs why the summer is ass, a hot track. I thought I'd like it yeah it's fire. What I would say I am sad to hear this news, namely Lovato one of my favorites amongst the current generation of pop stars, thy Lecter music. This sad here dead or comatose. We all know the empty as reproaching Hoss she's been hospital rooting for her with the news that I that I read this morning, the Jesse camp from him tv twenty years ago is also missing at this is a tragic day for fur. Telling did not understand you, I'm not surprised. I mean
Why? Because she's had songs in which she's admitted having drug problems specifically with cocaine, that was one of the biggest drugs that she was using when she had body. Does Morphia Anorexia reflection should instruct Cooker Gwynplaine was a gateway, draw something ok up next proving how devoted he is to his craft Youtube start Douglas phase Sensor Martin dumped the world sexiest, whether girl, so we can spend more time playing call of duty. Martin dumped you net Garcia, his girlfriend a three year saying you net is an awesome girl. She deserves the best she's beautiful she smart. She was an awesome girlfriend. I know it sounds I'm saying all this, it's just I gotta do it feels right. For me personally has said she was heart, broken over being dumped for video game
the porter solve together enough to retreat a tweet that red respect yourself enough to say I deserve better Matt. Is that sound dating advice? Everything you just said encapsulates the crisis of modernity in one sentence: everything wrong with our society. The fact Now I know I actually had heard of in yes, you know I stopped upon her some time ago and She is indeed a sexy, whether lady, right and weather in the town where I feel at the top of her field and the idea that I'm a young man, would leave her and a future there together to play very oh games on so disgusting to me that it just it just represent
I think we're we're headed. We all rather play video games and you know what our thumbs, as is the years waste away, island construct, meaningful relationship with sexy, whether Ladys right I dont think that the blue jackets and the Magyar hats- I don't know if they would do this Harrison. What do you think of a first? I was kind of them, that's camp than I thought about this before, and I think this is a total power move. You gotta think about this guy in terms of who he is in the culture today he is profession
video game player? Ok for visa, these are the new rock stars. I have all of these people, their new movie stars. Ok, let's turn box office. You client, is a youtube. Staff of our office spends all day watching them. I too, I watched them. Watch video games. Are you do I wish it? I say I wish to fade everywhere to two and a half million Youtube's gripe. Look! This is this duty professional right he is. He has a professional at the top of his game. Enormities, an internal European is at the top air, but look like I'm actually can surprise met miss this part where, like this is exactly what you do when you are at the top of your field, you just create more want for yourself you're, so wanted Hannah, making himself more desirable because he dumped because the high priority calling video gave one all Democrats inspire more baby, Patrice after that. Guy in this dude is Poland down so much right. Now it would make the euro,
in order to have a high maiming, always is planned, call of duty look he's in season Regner. Ok, you just tapers, ok, this new concept, tapering outweighed the Olympics, we're yeah you're right. You work too hard. You abstain from around you. You abstain from extracurricular activities. Was you did in competition up people online joystick? Absolutely this guy's Qian Atlas- this mean I'm not gonna, question the methods, because it seems we work tags, Rhine locked. Unofficial free beacon, mascots received a fourteen month ban from the U S, anti doping agency all because he was trying to be healthy, inject vitamins with an ivy. This is the worst example of lofty being backed by the lanes dream media since he refused to be shaken down by the locals. Brazil Harrison? Why won't they? Let Rhine Lahti live work? Why law
There's really is really no defending this guy. This point squandering all opportunities that come his way. Keep this more on posted Instagram picture of him with an ivy drip in his free like that. I'd vitamins, hashtag vitamins broke up or whether it was just that, let's discuss say more on the diet. Is here gray, this car crash within four a little while reason has accused. The second used also ran to Michael Phelps, as alpha dog is banned up untold summer of twenty nineteen, I mean good luck for him. He's gonna be on one of these link. Washed up celebrity shows on view each one. Eventually, I think that's his future right. There disguise
we already have a reality shows that it was a failure. Heavily covered free beacon are then pop culture corresponded Robert Shred of asked why I have to just differ from my colleague. Here is because for many people, Lahti is kind of the embodiment of the conserve bro ethic, you know which we try to preserve and forward probably doesn't have many political opinions, but if he's very patriotic yeah, how can our on his girlfriend was upset as early as I say so, you noticed, remembers. Dont people have rights to back again. Next chick fillet is getting into the home meal kit business and will soon offer ready to cook meals like chicken parmesan chicken into ladders, Dijon Chicken, PAN, roasted chicken and chicken flap Red Matt, Dizzy blue apron stand a chance. No.
Because there's something about chick fillet that makes it absolutely attacked. I think that today, that never actually have maybe I've had at once. Maybe I went to the Really. I went to like a silly breakfast before a report. In Congress? Served as I do not in here? I gotta take back all of the conservative credit established by defending Ryan lie. I do not get the chick for anything at all. It's it's it. It doesn't tastes like anything special to me the people are obsessed with an I defend their right to have their own political villages that religious liberty. I appreciate that, but but it's just give me Mcdonalds I'm sorry give me a soulless global corporation wow. I mean the Harrison urine kind of an expert on fast food look, I'm just anxiously you shaking my head. I don't understand this like this like again miss liberals, visionary. I ever line spot to the fact that, with every bite you get to own the lives when you're in
it is not mix up my make. It worry that takes the actual tool which is above average. If you don't mind me saying, takes the next like love we're we're sitting here with a stratospheric, really awesome corporation, that still means closed on Sundays, every by like those which is the war, but the funny thing is is like. I think I think the key their business model is there closing on Sunday, because that is the most hung over day of the week for most people, that that is when they most want chick fillet soldiers. Still in their head like roads closed today, I gotta get it on Monday and then, if you kid they still in your head, you burns in there for twenty four hours. The craving never goes away, and let me tell you it is satisfying. I urge,
you to give it another shot. Man came out of. Finally, a naked man was arrested at Massachusetts. Planet fitness telling police. He thought the Jim was a judgment free zone. When officers arrive, they found Eric stagnate completely nude and I quote yoga type position Harrison. Isn't this just another example of false advertising? Look I don't understand why this guy gets busted for doing that, but John Travolta can get away with that whenever the hell he wants to. So what Well, you know that people has been out there that there is often called the internet. You look at what you use. Google John Travolta in planet, and I wouldn't call not later home no land of fairness, and you come back to me with some commentary on this hit me up in the dams and in our weight. Everybody's apology for questioning watch revolt is allowed to get away with this in this. Well, there's a dying is why there is what you're saying I'm saying: there's a significant double standards. What once again as Hollywood elites getting away
the things that normal people like this gentleman can't look. We plan to Hollywood homes that occupy Hollywood. Fitness Where is of Hollywood look like to dollar among sports club, like would expect look if you could allow bombers everything if a bomb year, you already reported it into one. Then the archive guy, we're to say people can get their own research at home? That's all I'm saying, but look, but look if, if you, if you are running it athletic club, where a bum can actually afford to come in there and work out, you are you're asking for right when I first went first show me that headline I said to myself what troubled and Adam Creta
Unfortunately, that side we have for today's digital right writer like to give special thanks, serve producer l before and of course, our rebuking guess, Matthew Continuity, Errand, Harrison and Natalie Johnson remember find us on Itunes. Google play in stature just search for free beacon. Please subscribe to your friends and leave a positive review like listener charm type, who says writin writer is my favorite political podcast and my third phase wrestling podcast till next time,
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