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Pardons (Again), the Eagles, and Dino Bones

2018-06-05 | 🔗
On the latest episode of theĀ <em>Free Beacon</em> podcast, the panel again dives into the thorny issue of Trump's pardon power, a Philadelphia native takes issue with the president's willingness to alienate voters, and the crew discusses a new, terrifying threat from mankind's oldest enemy.
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go ahead, make my day low and welcome to write and writer, the official podcast of the Washington Free Beacon. I'm your hosts Elizabeth Harrington. You don't have to like me, but I don't write from wrong. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F B, the free beacon, pod gases available on Itunes and Google play. Please subscribe till your friends and leaf of review journey from the right today is free, beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, cut Nettie. You may remember him from such mainstream media shows as New York Salon and NEWS Max.
Maybe you can follow me on Twitter act. Continuity that I was or should I say, Tommy, I don't know your data and further to that's right is rebuking present an Harrison. You pardons himself regularly we're not exactly sure he does around the office, be signs of checks. That's good enough for us who Harrison poured me returning to the programme today is chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international man, a mystery and licence Republican, consulting his terrible at keeping our paneless and line hello goal for all of us. First on right and writer, Robert Mueller says, Parliament afford attempted to tamper with potential witnesses after searching his Icloud account, and this week's pointless media driven story began when George Stuff Annapolis, Ass, Rudy Giuliani. If the president has the power to pardon himself, Rudy says: well, I guess so: Trump responds and Presto twenty four hours of coverage trump is going to pardon himself match.
Early, a pardon is imminent fur. What exactly I I don't know. I think this is good enough for the explanation for what's happened as any that started with the question from the one. Take away, is really Giuliani really likes to be on tv and I think he's doing exactly what Trump wants him to do, which is kind of press the public case throw everything up against the wall. Look for a new avenue of argument and just forward the president's legal position in any way possible in, and so it ends up with kind of this absurdities of us arguing over whether the president compared to himself or crime he hasn't been accused of and the truth is that so open question we don't know and whether the president could do he could try, but don't doesn't mean that judges would obey it, and it doesn't mean that the congresswoman impeach himself Harrison. One thing we do know is that the Democrats plan to engage
impeachment proceedings should they when the house. So what other course of action is properly have in this situation to defend himself against, took an explicitly political action other than to blanket pardon himself? So what I think this whole thing was as weak as he is laying the groundwork to do so. Should the Democrats win now, I think they're gonna win, so I don't think we're. Never gonna get to the part were tromp actually pardons himself, but in the constitution there's no express prohibition against president pardoning himself prop actually reserves its rights. Question it's be debated, throttling exiting from others do with impeachment only known peach, they'll impeach, her mother pardons himself or not It's gonna would cover among the criminal charges that would be trumped up and whatever the hell they're gonna prosecuted. With look it's over it's political action and be a guy, that's going on here in the third, so ridiculous, because the where it comes from his this twenty page letter from trumps Laurie,
similar, but in the letter all it says is Trump can even exercise this power to pardon. It doesn't mention anything about parting self. The logical conclusion is that he would pardon you know, Flynn or man afford that's what they're referring to then the media runs with us. I believe in the power the partial. I hope we expect you to exercise all across the board is also asserted. Is right there response, it winter it becomes this controversy right we're. Having seems like for less two years, we ve been having an argument about that actually had happened or don't examines the whole russian collusion, and yet we have yet to prove the collusion in any criminal
way and now were arguing over him pardoning himself for something he says he didn't do and hasn't been indicted force it. Oh, if were arguing about executive powers ran my default is typically, I would favour a more expansive view of executive power, so I don't really have a problem. I dont see what problem it solves for him. It doesn't change anything it's kind of goofy, because We don't know what we're even stand accused of anything at the moment. So I don't really understand the mentality of raising the issue. But if we're going to have a debate about what the constitution allows the executive to do, I guess in theory I believe the president could pardon himself, but it doesn't change anything for the impeachment
in fact that it would seem to make it more likely. As Rudy said, I will say that the thing Broody said that bothered me, and I suspect that bother trump too, was this thing about, but that's why you don't let the president testify, unlike Rudy, can't help himself, but like he's in charge, he'll tell the president when you get this life, I'm like Trump, who clearly has said
of a particular kind of response, the things that are set on tv. I wonder whether that didn't make him feel like you know it I'll show Rudy Amish large ominous testifying, while back the all the more reason to be safe than sorry, but when you pardon right, ok at next in a stroke of genius when asked about the meat to movement, Bill Clinton somehow made the case that he was the victim of the Monica Lewinsky affair. Clinton asked the today show. Why should he apologized when he paid dearly and, of course, bill? Has it in the precise dollars incense? He had another good defend, saying he was an advocate against sexual harassment because he employed so many women in Arkansas that he was surrounded by women Harrison. I bet he was. What was a target rich environment? Wasn't it you don't look? I think that the bubbles, the whole reason this this me to thing actually exists.
But my my belief in here is that if Hillary Clinton won the election in two thousand, sixteen one of the world with a former state department in turn, Ronan Pharaoh, would probably be in the Clinton administration in sending out the right into that. Having writing is exactly right that exactly the that, that's where the damn broke on all this stuff. Furthermore, Bubba is the biggest liability on women's issues. Use because he is so out of out of the times right now, it's it's as those society has passed him by any still hanging on by you, don't buy his finger nails to try to their such a dissonance. In his answer from where we are, in this. The whole me to era in what you are saying. Is that, because that's actually what worked for him in the early nineties, this isn't Bubba throughout the aid. He's the seventies that ninety two thousand, the guy a major league pronoun. Everybody knew it, and here
able to get away with it, because he was such a women's liver when it came to our policy and not given cover, and that was why he answered the way he did Matt. I love this because he's out there trying to sell more books to make more money at all, get being hounded by these questions rightly paid the price of being in debt. After we left the White House, which is the same answered his wife,
God. I travel for in her first pre presidential campaign interview what's interesting to me about this. Is President Clinton's responds to embassies? Craig Melvin is very typical of Clinton throughout the decades whenever he is asked a tough question, he explodes, and we have a very good super cut of this by David Rights on free beacon that accommodate which goes through even back in the eighties when he was still governor of Arkansas. This is how he responds to tough questions, and it's very intimidating. The difference today is: he lacks the institutional structure that used to back him up on it right. So when he was president- and he was of use to feminists and other special interest groups are comprise a democratic party, they would support him even in his indiscretions, because they knew that at the end of the day he was on their side for the PA.
Sees that they wanted to see implemented. Today he is bereft. He's got nothing his wife lost. The party is very Anti Clinton right now, and so you see him have this episode and no one is really Cheering him on Rang Gulf. I'm I mean he's not totally bereft. He does. Couple hundred million dollars. So it's not all bad for bill yeah I mean there was fond a watch. I also thought that the dynamic between the interviewer, whose black and am was you know he, as I said, I have pretty well like he's just sort of miss the moment, and you can't treat an interview early that in the environment, where Trump is beating up on the press, everyday sure as hell can't treat a black interviewer like that is asking you a perfectly reasonable question. I it was striking. I'm in nobody, of course, Trump sordid took this month.
Away from us play to eating about the partisan. So, instead of a day just obsessing about what Bill Clinton is we spent the day talking about whether the president could pardon how many angels on the head of a pin, while the funny thing is, if this be too thing, actually did happening Larry was the victor. Can you just imagine Bubba sitting in the West Wing right now, first committee buying his cigars and then having to come out of these questions. It would be jawdropping an heap. I dont think that he would have the composure too to maintain in interviews like this, because that's all anybody would want to talk about a K. Next, president trumped distant vital The Philadelphia Eagles was celebrated at the White House. After only a small number of players agreed to calm. The White House said the players disagree with the president over the national anthem and that the celebration will go on with the teams fans the White House. Instead, not the only problem is no Eagles players in Europe last year. The right yeah
yet we don't. We don't put up with it fully also than who, but there were some outspoken Trump cross the point as they are political, twenty, enabling organizing only zero point. Eighty members were going to come to the wider area was less Ten eleven yeah. They don't really respect their incredible and Jeff worry: that's the family, not only over the end. It said some anti trump stopped and so lorries like the most anti try owner, I think so trump just a trump, and he just came- so that that's entirely you did it character, he didn't cancel it eat, decided Instead, they are going to have a performance by the Like Marine Corps, and on the STAR spangled Banner re. Our. It's gonna go eagles, how'd, you even my question is crowded together going. I was Invited its thousands of like a thousand fans, look this. Would you, except that, literally at all of this is insanity
ok, I'll actual and saddle you'd tusky. I'm sure you want to know. What's insane is after the cap, Spanish off the vaguest nights Alex overtook in Russia? The run have our gonna be on the overall office on Friday morning. I can't wait. Liberals heads are going to that's what Arrowhead finally have mother's going to investigate trumped role in the eurozone will write about in oval. If I can just point out, though, that this is, this is Man, it's like! I get it tromp was a patriots fan. Ok, he's a Brady guy he's a bell, a check! I he has no love for the bird, A people aren't we wouldn't let each created to the to the birds on their big come back. He said it was incredible: combating exports ministerial factory, this guy's, not attack unless he's attacked for whatever it now. What does anybody up? There's a million ways to handle this? Those guys? could literally show up at the White House as a team
taking on the flag and everybody in full We would still love them guide already delivered a suitable to a city that was desperate by running their nose, the present basically doing around nazis, like literally lighting votes. Why can't? I just show there, I think, they're, the ones that didn't you know, so you should have been so you could be the bigger man and be like it's a shame or take the tangled. I haven't even brilliantly for me, but their bottom. One here is Philadelphia. Sports fans are complete trash, the disks, disrespectful. This is a dead shortly relevant to the president's electoral win. What are they matter? This is really about aid. That's pretty well for lorry! Why, whatever form anyway, he didn't have their votes. First, dealers vans, who bribes that's a good point,
Sorry, but a vote in Philadelphia is worth just as much as a vote in peer and they all voted for Hitler. Eighty Alex, I take your point, but I would say if it were, the Steelers, then he'd be in big trouble at next media Has plenty of ridicule: the media has plenty of conspiracy theories about First Lady Maloney S, recent absence, like maybe Trump, beat her return. Or maybe she turned witness for Miller or may be she had kidney surgery a few weeks ago. Harrison perhaps Emma's embassies, newest contributor Ben roads can get to the bottom of this. Well, you certainly gone to the bottom of the Obama foreign policy failures in his latest book, but I think this is all a chance for the liberals to try to get the propaganda conspiracy machine really rolling here as their attempt to fight back against all the cookie conspiracies that the right throughout against the Obama administered.
So they're really jump on this, but this one actually just looks foolish because it self evident everybody has heard where millennia is Maloney has set where she was in then she's photographed yesterday, looking more beautiful than ever in us. In a ceremony in they used wing. So listen. I think this is much ado about nothing it just kind of like the desperation of the left, because they don't have anything to trumpet. Themselves. They have no message right now, other than how much the hatred and their hatred of Trop has taken them down this weird bizarre path with their creating conspiracy theories over millennia trump that I came across a word the other week that I really like it's called troll attics to describe the trump method, and I think the melodious situation is a classic example of troll attics, because even if I bet I wouldn't be surprised if there was
I'm conversation was like you know what just hang out and the house don't do anything for the euro covering the surgery. You need to go anywhere. You didn't do anything knowing that this would make the Brian smelters, other kind of sensation. Was journalists to the world go where the political support, where small where's movement, when she could she has once again and in the trump, is very good at predicting this sort of behaviour, because he knows eventually reach such an extreme. That people will take his side over the weekend of run amok media. So I wouldn't be surprised if this all did actually release a photo, though of the of the girl starve. Yeah
there's a lady, our people I haven't. I haven't seen the image, but in any case this is total trade like the Philly thing, traumatic, that's what we practice now. I do have some sources in the inner frolic community and, according to my sources this this procedure, she had there's really only a couple of reach. This is why it would it wouldn't needed that procedure and there's really only a very small number reasons why it would have taken longer to be in the hospital. Then you know a quick in and out day surgery, so I do think, there's something going on with her kidneys. She does have an issue and what's weird to me as why they don't just say that, I mean they're, like you say, maybe troll and maybe they're like Psych widened Obama, just use that long form birth certificate. They want Ahmed. That was in trouble. You know too yet so that they may have some political reboot
they just maybe she wants a privacy. Maybe she doesn't want out there, but I do think she is sick. I dont think necessarily a severe illness. That's gonna handicap her ability to do the job, but I do think she's ill whether the first lady has a much more stringent right privacy than the President United States. That may not be the first lady is not commander in chief here, is over its fine. I don't have to say, but I we don't need. No, every little detail on saying, as in person is not a medical doctor, but has spoken to want that happening. Possible. No one would end in account everyone's. They got rid of Doktor Ronnie. Once the problem could point before we jump into our culture ran on Brighton writer. It's time to check in with our favorite pop culture, expert Natalie Johnson, who owned laying pillar away so up. First, we had the bachelor at second episode on last night that we did. We had episode too, and we already have so many tears along grown man, so much drama. I love the bachelor out because the bachelor ever thinks is guaranteed.
More dramatic, because only one here, women vying for one guy, but I have always found that the bachelor out with twenty one twenty eight men is far more dramatic, and then they really her worse than the Guerriere away worse than the women. So we had Lincoln a Nigerian is being set up as one of the villains on the show, so he won. The first group date rose in which man dressed up in tuxedos and then did some obstacle course propose to back at the finish line, which I'm in any normal setting. Men would be horrified by this experience, and I think that is our main would be a swell their first. I did so. They Lincoln kisses Becker and says afterward kissing Becca is like flying to the moon on the wings of a Pegasus what dancing with unicorn on a pot of gold wow? Well, that's the shooting to get come off. It doesn't work on you.
But it has cited a tree to me. You have this other O Connor, who is so upset that he has the pigs. That Lincoln has the occasional backer gives Gale Mine Lincoln a framed photo of the two of them kissing and the other guy, Honor is so annoyed by it. He takes any chops it off the bow and you know first, you hear it shatter like manufactured side and then you see it in the ports like way. I definitely some pretty checked in the pool burial on anyway so yeah then Connor's really upset. But then you have Lincoln saying that he is so horny broke in and he starts crying at this picture got four others upstairs. Yes with such a good food. Ok, what awaits a what else? right. So we also have Jordan the male model right, he's he's honestly, one of my favorites, while just weeks just at the love em cause he's such a douche bag and yeah
basely running around naked, the entire episode really wasn't all that great now Oh yeah, I would write a male model he's like all pudgy and grow. I was expecting better I am a little suspects is who is modeling We also, though, had a little bit of drama on backers and because cotton, where I favour it you? I think it's gonna be going very far in the season has dated tee, who was on the same season as backer competing Ferrari. Right so back guarantee both dated ARI and now backers mad? Because cotton dated tee, I mean so she's shocked that shocked that bout formation- and says to us, will also it should have not mad that she'd dated a bachelor and that she is meant that he also dated someone on the bachelor you're. So it's all over the double standard is good for him to Yasser turnover smoke.
No really like Russia, the babe. I think what happened was he thought she was going to be the bachelor at right and settle for that? Could not ban gape it, but also can we just say: Bacchus taste is horrible. The first like five or six roses she gave out. I was like there are long hair their grows up. She should be that bill and had a one, the two long haired man Laudonniere Terrible but she she did get rid of my blue collar me on the construction manager who I loved up and I could tell you started crying when you got get ya like come on, I have even on just like a tier that was like hyper. That was a girl cry. That was a hyper ventilating cry. He was my favorite one to our ip and also but looking for next week, we already are gonna. Have an ambulance call. We I've also throw this really ready
ambulant will update you next week. Again. Also, we have a new survey. That's fine lions, but less cities places to find your dream partner. Best cities for singles according to speedy, I reported by the daily mail, has definitely try. It says. Las Vegas has been revealed as the easiest city, forcing us to find a partner with the thirty seven percent of saying they found a partner. There are now what they don't clarify is. Are we talking a romantic partner nor were a dead body field. If because, if that's the case, I'm thirty seven percent as a really low response rate for Vegas- I really think it would be. A higher must be just zero for a true love. Everyone finds true love hasn't for short term truly.
Definitely word others all these are. My army is number to which this is why this visit several you hook up tax, definitely regret that. I said that this was my armies number two than we have New York ally San Francisco number six is: can Coon can't you definitely ok. I have a couple of roaming, but by the best, as Maui Hawaii is the best place for couples to vacation
which is great because live, and I will both be their organs and we're both as a single. I can't wait for this romantic get away while we're going to find tat, we love and now you're. Ok, we also have an update on Don Junior and Kimber legal foil. We too, as we have previously reported, they have been rekindling things, but last week they were spotted and a New York Club holding hands all night would definitely back together. We recently reported to that Kimberly was involved with the mooch they were seen as recently as March. I believed you
So I don't know we could but he's in trouble moods tensions in nice and finally airs, and I wondered at your thoughts lattes going through some rebranding. Well listen! This is how you stay ahead of the curve in modern digital, celebrity dumb. You need to be moving at all times. The cannot get stuck in your. You cannot be stuck in your own brand. You have to be constantly being re red constantly reinventing yourself and you gotta stay ahead of the culture. Citizen is a trendsetter and as a nine year old you need to keep moving in. I can't wait to see this new unveiling of little tat. The verse
Hildy is such an asset for her. I think this is how you stupid eleven for the long term, because she's a businesswoman at the end of the day. This is not a short term play. This is for the next three four five decades. Ok, the area where we give you two halves. Thank you. Natalie, though this much needed update a first in our culture round, though we are more attached to our phones and ever no one is answering some cause any more as the Atlantic rights. Why bother talking to someone when you have the quote rich and wonderful option of text messaging and mixing words with the movie bit? Mogi reaction gives photos, video and links that why bother, I screamed my calls here because of IDA recognise the number it's usually a spammer and I block that number spanned out of control. That's. Why would I think? That's why no one's answer? If I recognise a number, I much prefer the phone, though you know We had a problem in this office. I will name names with millennials who won't answer emails because
else are apparently passe and its texting. That is the way to communicate, snaps too and Snapchat I'm so sorry bunch? I know Harrison prefers all? Has communications snap, though that India is yet another way to do, but not like the other thing is, is that nobody is actually making phone calls anymore Either way you how it's all work is almost done mad, but you know I was struck. I will talk about the sun, another show, but I started these Showtime documentary, but the New York Times last night. Abstract, unstructured fascinating cultural document. I'm I was Fetnah how much work they do on the phone, and including the conference. Call meetings, yes reporting and I might be instead
to my staff to take this up, calling people it seems like it's really affect not one not to take us off this very important topic. But do you? Are you aware that the I'm stuck humanity that the times reserved final cut on the thing that they got to decide for for the show time of year, while its propagates corporate propaganda, which animals superficial level, but its revealing ago, it will type outlay. It's very revealing corporate pop again by understand why they are making for more phone calls and actually communicating through Work is because there's no paper trail someone they make up their stories. There's no evidence to send her Ekstrom. Ok, if his sharp a higher way to increase ratings, Miss America is scrapping it swimsuit competition and announced the beauty pageant, will no longer judge contestants based on physical appearance
Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has issued its first driver's license to ten women as it prepares to lift the ban against allowing female drivers on its roads Harrison or they making a mistake listen prayers for Saudi Arabia. We have a true weapon of mass destruction is about every act of Saudi Arabia. Having listen, you get a serious predict that we talked about pedestrian issue. Lot of females were formerly walking on the streets and now they're going to be driving on the streets. I just I think this may be a slippery slope for you. No life expectancy in the general region, I'm not tool, optimists dick as to how this is gonna turn On the other hand, look it is social progress. I guess you gotta know, engage in this kind of level, but it's going to cost laws tat, sir. The Arabians, giving women more rights and we seem to be taking them away. We can't even have the swimsuit
petitions I'm. So I'm so aghast at that news that you told them these will suit. I dont want. I want to focus on the driving into our in ten minutes to get from my house and cleaned the Capitol Hill. This morning I want to exercise the Santos option for drivers, licences, half at random gone just take half the drivers is spent and we can limit it to the diesel area or areas of high congested, but just half it. I'm willing look, I'm willing to take that chance and lose my license, knowing that at least half of the drivers will be removed, right, I also sounding had half the driver moved right going in the wrong direction. We gotta go in the federal structure and honestly not sound sexist, but I would actually take the licences away from the old people first forever.
Yeah you're in age at random regulators, Atlanta Oaken Mirth up next? The latest trend for the rich is buying dinosaurs at pricey auctions, where an hour's Soares will go for about two million America's virtually the only place you can still find it find dinosaur, skeletons and sell them on the market as one paleontologists for the National Park Service bemoan the new. Sure of private property. In the U S, so entrenched Matt, making millions and by a dinosaur for your foyer, sounds like the american dream to me. I know I know one four year old, who would be thrilled, how to actual dinosaurs skeleton. It is yard. That's great. I mean we have so much money. We're so rich is beginning to be a problem no you're like the commie National parks, every guy doesn't like proper MRI with priority both by it. But still I mean there's just think about it. Like a really do. We need this much money,
by one point worried and I need seventy different kinds of the oder and I'm not I'm not a ladder saying there are costs being his riches. We're not world is getting scary. No one's alive and dry can't make any money. Is the problem my services slippery slope that he's on which I had the money. I'd buy a dinosaur. I dont great, I get it. I would like to know what you're not gonna. Have the money, I'll listen, setting pie very here has a cash machine. I expect that we will all be multimillionaires by the end of the day and beer.
Of afford, there's, lad, wagons, go and smile. You don't wanna see when Harrison tries to get ahead of his digital, celebrity dumb brand wit wherever it is. The next evolution take us as allies similar to all tat. You want it's called winning the century when the twenty first at next now for an update in the revelation of wild life against humans, the animals have a new weapon, Dick eating Sharks Goldfarb. This is beginning to be a real problem. Now I saw this story. Andrews yesterday is frightening and horrifying, and I wish it were fake news, but I dont believe it is, but it It also made me think that, like our our president and his concerns about the sharks which which guy light in the Stormy Daniels Saga back, I was bought on about the sharks and the threat they represent, and I think this could be an opportunity has always to be an opportunity for some bridge building with Latin America, south of the Wall thing and and like I just there's gotta, be a lot of you
in Brazil right now about this in may be an opportunity for the president to speak on an important issue and oval office address on the threat we face, so in all of the history of shark attacks that we ve known about, and that happen every year. This is the first time that you ve, concerning its first anybody's more acute now. You know it's one thing. Like bite, a man in half, unlike in and you get that but, like the coincidence along is your right hand targeting the dicks Well, that's like it's also a campaign of terror. At that point, it's not just you know: they're, not just Hungary. There, they're they're they're, trying to stoke fear louder louder. Derek Unfortunately, that has all the day we have for today's edition of right writer. I'd like to give this item is not over.
They exert as there are before have. Governors are really it does, but they got better. Harrison might offer, and naturally, Johnson remember, find us on Itunes and Google play just search for free beak in place of scribe. Till you're. Ready to leave of Bosnia Review like listener, has tag coils, who says everybody sub heading on the bachelor and bachelor rat. It's a fundamental part of the list. And Natalie show until next.
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