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Pardons, Princesses, and Goat Yoga

2018-03-30 | 🔗
On the latest episode of Right and Righter, Aaron Harison returns with some good news, the gang discusses Donald Trump's power to pardon, and our correspondents try to figure out what Disney's going to do to their princesses next.
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but go ahead, make my day low and welcome to write in writer, the official podcast, the Washington Free Beacon, I'm your hosts Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W B free begin pod. Is available on Itunes and Google play. Please subscribed tell your friends and leave a river joining me, as always is free begin, free, beacon, editor in chief and notable conservative Matthew.
How many? You might remember him from such mainstream media shows us all things considered and Hannity. You can follow him on twitter at continuity, hello, man, I'll. Do the GEO peel the work, but I reject the label. Cox said notable exactly what Returning to his rider chair is free beacon. President Errand Harrison, who is also awaiting a pardon from the president, were not exactly sure does around the office, but he signs the Czechs. That's good enough for us, hello, Harrison Hulu. We also welcome to the programme today the chairman of the washing free beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international man of mystery and licence republican consultant always keep our panels in line how local, far up first on right and writer. Donald Trump is replacing veterans Affairs Secretary David choking with rear admiral Ronnie, L, Jackson, Shokhin in Obama, administration hold over reason.
I was involved in a scandal over attacks but pair funded trip to Europe and was at odds with the White House ever expanding access to private care Matt when they said trumps, personal doktor resented, the vizier has really hoping it was Doktor, Harold, worn, STI New graded trumpet those Selby presidential candidate in history in five minutes as the limb awaited yeah, but the Doktor Ronnie, the rear admiral, who gave him from the physical earlier this year, he's basically just as good as the other trumped position. So I think it a victors. A few things going on here. One is shocking, was compromise through is ethically compromises have been left out of almost all of the coverage I've read, oh maybe he should have taken this Wimbledon tickets, and the second thing is this is pretty bold trumped up put his personal physician in charge of the veterans Affairs strike
not clear to me- what qualifies Doktor Ronnie for this position and whether he had any management experience commensurate to the task. So it's a gamble to say the least, but I actually heard on MSNBC. They said none of the other, all the other previous vs secretaries had management experience and didn't really shape up the place Harrison. Why? I think this is another example, a trump fulfilling campaign promised during the swamp Shokhin, if I do believe, was an Obama hold over yet and probably the most toxic member of his administration that was left over Shelton was a total dud dossier, is still a mess and why
what's the biggest problem with the right now, it's the hospital system in the medical care for the wounded warriors and in the veterans so who better than a medical professionals to take over this department. I think it's actually a great choice. Go find I mean it's. It's socialized government run health care. What's anybody gonna do to fix it? Of course it's gonna be a disaster. That's the very isn't that what we believe about social lies. Government medicine is that it can't work well. Yeah right in the trumpet ministration is trying to fix it by broadening options and increasing choice, nourish the Miller bill that was passed last year and signed and is just one part of the agenda. In fact, there are some people who say that, among the reasons shook him left was exactly as list
It's out this debate over how much private care to introduce into the Ba system he was. He was actually defending kind of the more socialized approach, so maybe Doktor Ronnie will get it in I mean there is. There is added that the analogue, that comes to my mind, is Ben Carson, say right. So then Carson would have also a physician. Yet no experience pertaining to the Department of Housing and urban development and, of course, there's accusations that he's mismanaged department at the same time has been very effective. It seems to me at pursuing the Trump agenda, and I guess that's what behind from move of Doktor Ronnie the sense that he, unlike Saint James, call me and will be much more loyal to what the President wants to achieve their I've had a disorder suspect the like running. These agencies is less about management experience then it is about. You know,
riding overall leadership and and good decision making? At these things, I would like to see trumps personal physician yet be made into a rear admiral. I could get really interesting. I love that guy or why Why isn't he research in general? I don't know the surgeon. General is right now that seems like a nice guy, a hotel yet well, look I scored backed my point. I think, makes little off base here. I think that if anybody is deserving of functional socialized medicine, it is the word the wounded warriors. I mean they deserve free health care, but it has to be functional. This is what would you deserve to do with it? I, of course they deserve good help here. I feel that should be the goal. I mean I instead of just saying. Well, if the government screwed thing you can't, we other believe that you can have effective. Efficient government run healthcare or we don't- and I just I think, the Ba as the example of why it just doesn't work. So it takes them
an average sixty nine days to fix a power wheelchair legally greeted. But what I'm saying is that, but this is like a small sample size or indeed take like health care and then pass it around the rest of the country of four million people like that's. Why doesn't work but I've been, but let's fix this. What now that we can't? I just want one more point on this, which is its always amazing to me how quickly trump moves you know with most president's a scandal like this was shocking. It would kind of hang out there forever. There be this process about interviewing replacements. How do we introduce the new candidate in such with Trump its once he made up his mind, it's a tweet you're out of your doktor added animal, get him next. The New York Times
another scoop that tried his best to accuse tramp of obstructing justice for not doing things. He didn't fire Robert Mueller, and now we learn he didn't pardon Paul man Fort or my plan, but its lawyer may have quote broached the idea Harrison is this these smoking gun Nathan waiting for, I think since day, one always been the biggest proponent of pardoning Flynn. Pardoning man afford. Let's get this thing off the table, its decision action now, on the other hand, I am starting to see. Maybe there is some utility in this ridiculous investigation every single day that it goes on. It proves itself to be more and more ridiculous and useless. So in that sense of promise trying to prove their is called in court. No collusion, while than letting it go on and going into this like interminable just abyss
investigation kind of proves his point. We are not getting anywhere on this night man, but this was greeted as a very important story. But if you read the like the fifth paragraph, they said what legal experts are at odds over whether such a move, this discussion of a pardon would constitute obstruction of justice, which is really what I think Mahler has aiming for and what the writers and editors the New York Times with this point are basically directing the mullah investigation. You note, you you'll see a story in the New York Times and then three days later, you see him. Their story saying there investigating what we reported, they should investigate their there
course zeroing in on this question of obstruction and asking whether such a discussion would constitute that I and like I say that the attorneys or did at odds and if the attorneys disagree, it means that Trump would have a pretty good case of my mind right, but if it's basically there prosecuting thought crimes, he thought about may be firing. Mule worry well, maybe thought about pardoning, but in the whole world the lawyer call John Dowd who's, not ironically, no longer on the president's team called a lawyer for man afford in Flynn and and perhaps raised this then just thought, but it didn't. I don't know about man afford, but put forward. At least they had a joint defence agreement with the trumpet bill team right. There was a big deal when they withdrew, for I like that, with soil in their regularly on the phone there regularly talking. How could they not at some point have a conversation about in as part of the overall strategy? I just think- and I was
by the same into I mean you have Goldsmith in the story, basically saying you know, the president has an actual Pardon power, and of course, if you have the power, you have the power to discuss it with people, and then you have some other, obviously You know left wing lawyer who says well, maybe that could be something that they could pry. That would be amazing if Mueller decides to go after them for just exercising like his I mean he's the President United States he's got to talk to people about what are the extent of his powers. How can they be used? What are the implications of those things are plugged in
him basic Council about what his job as yet we are in the size and avert forgiveness right now there was gonna, be a pardon Easter week and what better time with the good man afforded rise from the dead next Kim Jong unvisited China ahead of this spring summit and man? How does this affects affect trumps upcoming meeting with can himself? Well, I attach to say it's definitely a sign at the wheels in motion from that old Seinfeld episode, either the wheels or emotion they're going to these different summits. There's gonna be the summit in South Korea before the summit with Trump, I'm still sceptical that the sum of its trump will ever take place, but this visit from King John unto Beijing to be with the chinese dictator there and its assignment
Something is happening. Yeah, Harrison, three. What the hell do. I know a little came the rocket man, but what are we actually know about this? Guy scandals we train You ve got us we'd armoured train. Nothing did both belong in a bond movie Irene. Nothing was bad. Ass mats write them. The most important meeting that occurred here is the one between Kim Jong ruin jumping, and so where are we like? I don't know like it's either can happen, it's not gonna happen. I think this is trumps attempt at day you know a big diplomatic when first foreign policy he's shoot the moon. I mean, I think we all know what's gonna happen here. Is that he's gonna go over there and walk out of the meeting? Both sides are going to proclaim victory in what or concessions. Kim Jong can argue it woke. Him is making he's gonna renege on them a couple of weeks later, a cop five Yemen. I actually, I think it is going to happen because every
We think what happen what Europe ends up happening, so I think it'll happen. They never gonna give up their nukes until we bomb until oblivion or the they get overthrown. So I don't know what the point of it is, but a but it'll be entertaining happen that how do you think a ball?
and palm peo being in their altars things. If at all I mean because this was announced before they were brought in at more hawks now. Well, the north, don't like John Bolton, because whose behind the Proliferation security initiative from the first W term, which really hurt them and really crack down on their ability to spread nuclear technologies throughout the world. We know that there have been working with IRAN. We know that there were working with Syria Bolton, try to stop that. My boltons real hawk so you'll be telling the president that he should enter into any agreement with, with Kim I trumps volatile any he so quickly swung. From kind of you know, threatening the his bigger nuclear button to now wanting to meet came face to face, and it will just be interesting to see what comes of that.
Next trump does not like Amazon, which is something we ve known for quite some time, but sunny bunch loves Amazon and he doesn't even where Shoelaces Harrison, whose side are you on well what course. I am on the side of the present Amazon drawn by the Communists named Jeff Baisers, who also happens to control the Washington Post, one of the biggest spurs in the saddle, the Trump administration. So, but I think this is actually a proxy shot at the post in the fake news media by attacking the CEO of Amazon, one of the world's, if not the world's biggest retailer. This point now, as far as Amazon goes the company. I I I like Amazon, prevent it doesn't prevented die. Allows me to avoid going to place that I like, namely, that the mall names
cv ass. The awful places that, like nobody, wants to be trapped at any type of a rush hour so, like I think, Amazon by and large, has been a good thing and I think a trump needs to put Jeff Basis and displays basis. Eta, good, runs taken down and not now find interesting story were Trump was reacting to people. Many many of his friends wherein rate retail or in the commercial property business you're tell him that Amazon is destroying their markets by by entering retailer. Making malls unnecessary answer. Trump is reacting to that on top of, on top of the economic question Harrison's right, there's this press question involve trump as a populist is for the small producers for the small worker. Again,
the large aggregations of power. So for me it's a natural issue for him to go after the tech companies and Amazon should be a target goal. Five. Any thoughts on Amazon, I'm torn I'm out. I love Amazon like every everybody else who benefits from it. You know he is, is against large aggregations of power. Unless it's him that's doing the aggregating, and you know there's like something it's bad in general to have a president using his political power to go after the corporate interests of his people. Go opponents. It's it's not a good thing in general. On the other hand, I am sympathetic as these tech companies are totally out of control and they are sort of either left wing or worth so vulnerable to criticism from the left and willing to preemptively sensor themselves and adjust course.
On that kind of criticism. I mean it's a timely, come genuinely torn out, it's good to see him taken down a peg, but it's bad that it does have the feeling that it's more driven by the post than what we have also seen this before. This is the same attack that they were that die everybody's been using on now Walmart for the past decade, oh they're, putting the moment pops out of business, let's start protesting in the time that they want to bring a new store into a very liberal.
When area, then what Walmart do right? They went green, yet right act, like I mean it is rather less can be, bought off a lot easier right before we jump into our culture topics on right and writer. It's time to check in with our favorite pop culture, expert and staff writer at the Washington, Free Beacon, madly Johnson, who Natalie Color Lynn. So first up, I wanted checking of wheat there's a big story. I know you are concerned about speaking of Walmart and Cosmo magazine. Yes, I am very concerned, so Walmart has announced that it is pulling cosmopolitan magazine from its chuck lines in light of the ME to movement and the hyper sexual education of women. So how does it have to do what it does? I'm not that I don't have that kind of contradictory so contradictory. That is not a victory for me to at all its aggressive. It's it's prudish!
and it totally feeds into the narrative that women should be coin or shy about their sexuality. I mean it's just completed. I actually, though kind so this is just on the check out. I yes they're, going to be moved to the magazine. I want my check out I ought to be the trashy tabloid on Related STAR magazine, the Enquirer, that's what I want. That warmer, are you in Alsace? I'm Now I want cardinal, I wanna check out I'll do the next year I want to keep it in the check out I'll, but look, but aside from being a be ass, move and a bs excuse for me to cargo is an absolute trash, ASEAN. I don't you think I don't think. That's the indisputable fact, and I dont and our new things Kobay obviously come out. I every single cover is to have the best sacks of your life, and it's like how many times can you reprint the exact same story about
that is wrong, and I guess I mean, but again it's a trash magazine. It has so far have not really terrifying Sextette. I don't know anyone who reads it aside from high school, all right that that's my ticket point. Ok, we oughta breaking Sexton the city news last night. There was a cryptic somewhat endorsement from as J P, but what what's happened now yet so we did have that cryptic endorsement from Ass J p. If Cynthia next and who is running against Crystal Romo up in New York and drew com the core out yet curses roughly the brother, my right yeah he's afraid of what MRS Wine, the pop contracts were, not the political vacuum but Why is there that we had a J p endorse Andrew Cuomo and actually sunny bunch is the one who flagged this topic, and and yet left are necessary for us to talk about it.
So now, I'm curious as to whether can control is gonna, pull her door endorsement or try to undercut undercut, which I hope she does cause. That's what we said. We ruin for the drama here, I'm reading for the job. I hope the endorsement gets pulled. Ok, so we also have a trending hashtag, who bit beyond say, is apparently a thing I know what's going on here. We had it in trust me hardish, who told tee q on Monday that she was at a party and December, was an after party for J that old number. It's that all over town it in and some tourists who was on drugs, apparently went up and bit beyond lay on the phase, and now there are like thousands of think pieces all over the internet, trying to uncover but beyond that history act. I have really no thoughts on that other than today. I saw that Lena Dunham denied that she did it, and I a hundred percent, think it was raining down on the other,
got. My only take. Theirs was little more than the story, the it's the whole druggist. She write like that was a big clue that Christie Teague in our Chrissy taken put out on twitter and suggested that, like that x, person is the worst when she's on dry. Ok there. Why are we covering up the mystery binders name here? Right like there are alternative mode of supply? I am a firm leave her, that we have a very powerful figure in Hollywood who bit beyond that figure, I'm gonna go Edinburgh, name out there, I, my number one aspect on this Oprah Winfrey, this car at a very perilous time for offers political career she's considering running for president. Could you imagine if it if it was revealed that Oprah was on drugs in
like one of the most famous and beautiful women, an entire Morocco, because she is cordon court, the worst when she's on drugs, that's that this is why I think it's Oprah their protecting her like the Hollywood machine, protecting its Oprah at the party No, if Oprah was asinine confirmed that she wasn't there, that's the thing like they are covering this up to protect her there there great warrants. They couldn't write down just say who it is why adequacy, because their political future, their biggest allies on the longer. I think that's a good. You mean I tell tee I'm at all, while yet one of the two, their bodies, gray, hair of all, ok. Well, thank you. So much now, happily, for this important update. First, thank you First, on our culture round of right and writer, the revival of Roseanne brought huge ratings to a b c and prompted a phone call from the President. I for one cannot stand rose and, but I guess conservatives are excited Matt
we're, not all conservatives. I saw Ben Shapiro on his podcast, which is now going to become a nationalist indicated. Radio show sang warning, conservatives Roseanne is not one of us in and he is right, she's, not a conservative, but she is as representative of the White Working class swing voter, who basically decides national elections, and I don't think it's an accident that she and her character came out as Trump supporters, because he understood their economic conditions and necessities. Far more than Hillary Clinton, the National Democratic Party. I think this is a huge story and it is also the subject of my column today, rail here we go in the three biggest caught: Natty she's. Not. One of its well, who is ass Matthew? I think it sounds a lot more like it's. You lose out of this kind I just it's it's not funny.
Who was a little confused oaks like? Why? Do you not just be funny rise? I've only hold additional Rosales. One of the funniest shows its every girl. I've actually never watched the exact because I like to your credit, you're too you're, probably have to you too young Diane have seen it. While your case, I was very young. I was sixteen when it went off the air. It's a good show is funny from from day one. This is a great revival, because let me to these other rose in his doing something very brave in hollywood- is that she is poor training, a trump supporter in a positive light dealing with the type of hatred and scorn that surrounds most trump voters when they come out so to speak, and in discussing in with with liberal relatives with Hilary supporting members of society and their usual heap on so keep scorn upon this first episode. Killed it in the ratings. Now this may be due to a brilliant marketing campaign by the rosy and producers.
They actually oversold the politics on this. Every single headline is rosy the Trump supporter resents trumps. That's all you hear about this. Show no I was going to survive on Ike up political comedic debate the every week. That's it it's not gonna work as a sick com, but I think what you are doing, as you have in your having a protagonist of a show whose loud and proud in support of the president, its unique in it's killing it it is I watched it it. It was entertaining I mean it's. A shocks are come like every other, so calm, but it's it's entertaining as far as that goes. I don't. I don't know so much about the trump I mean. Obviously has a piece of it now as part of the promotion, and it is, it is featured prominently in the show, but what I was most struck by his like it's
not a conservative, but she has a conservative sensibility witches. They got a little Trans clay he's not trams, yet he whatever's in women's clothes. But it's like it's like saying: hey, you know this is going on in the country. Everybody's got something like this family a cousin of this or that you can love those people, but you also don't have to pretend like it's not happening. You don't have to pretend like it's normal, like it's, not super, weird and it and its awkward and theirs and, like you, don't have to just shut your mouth about it there they loved the little kid, but there also like wow. This is weird and working. Crack some jokes, your expense, and so that is like a conservative sensibility that is not reflected anywhere in Hollywood. Right you're not allowed to crack a joke about about. You know gender issues other than self art. Missourians gets word what right next
FED up with vague in animal rights protestors who had been outside his restaurant for weeks, a tyrannical shaft decided to carve up an animal leg right in front of the window. The chef said their offending us I'm going to offend them, so I went in that a deer leg Harrison. Have we found in early contender for free begin man in a year word I'm on the fence on this. When I tell you, I think that the look hakon up a deer work in to get to a bunch of liberals protesting
your store, I mean I I I like the boldness of it. It's a little little bit of guards our come down like a worrying man of the year. I don't think that loud, big events angry downwards and rising really wants to make his case to us and the reason I say this is being a free beacon. Men of the year has become a hot property. When this story broke, I literally have received at half a dozen emails, and then you just put it out there to disseminate them saying three beacon manner the year here is an abomination I nominating they want to be the free beak amenity here and it's up to the nominees to make their case to us in December that I shall very good point as a high bar now, because we ve actually had the White House comment for our men in the here, we have big little kid who pushed to one or two lawnmowers. One brother Hughley Sanders actually commented. Third enough
egg on big deal well in terms of this award, I mean, I think, that, like it's like a lot, what they told me at the when I got the part for the crisis actual edition of the lad, but thank you very haven't, got the. I signed a big India. I tell your whole lot about it, but I think that we really can manner. The euro goes a lot like how crisis actors know when to take action. You know it when you see it, there's no debate. Ok, that's
they told me they got like ones might when when do I start there, like you know when you see it free beacon manner the year, you know, when you see at length, flan parenthood affiliate weeded out that the next Disney Princess target audience five year old girls should be one that had not portion or one whose pro choice in illegal alien trans or a union worker Matt. Why stop there? How about anti Second Amendment Disney Princess and how come we don't know where snow white stands on the Paris accords I'll tell you of the list, the one that they will never truth, and that is the Disney Princess throughout the union worker, because labour is literally at the bottom of the peer hierarchy of grievances least important
to the Democratic woke coalition and- and you know what, if they did something about the Triangle- Shirtwaist Factory fire- that's actually makes sense for a Disney movie. You could actually have a do. You wanna be that overt you'd be at that economics we discussed the resigned pointed always. The heart Democrats and liberals immediately go to the most hot button, polarizing social, cultural issue. When the end. The day there are. The people who used to be their voters are economically minded. People Well, what I will say is that I have just been informed by our free beacon legal advisers. That dog Cinderella has officially filed a slander lawsuit against you laugh if there are no poor princess is out there. So what I
say is, I don't know you told me mister, I'm in Ireland that the social justice warriors would choose the union. They would that's. Why said like having a clasping, the Cinderella was, that makes sense night. What doesn't make sense is having the you know, whatever the most transgress of causes, this maker movie Disney me. The about an abortion. Is it so it's with this. Ok. Now I admit I haven't seen a animated feature in about twenty five. Thirty years So are we saying that, like we now that we ve run through the line of like diverse princesses, that, like we're out of diversity, so now we're gonna, like goat alike, Well, like fragrances have to be a virgin, argues in that. Part of the deal is it ends with her getting the true loves cast one, and I know that no, they don't do true love any more rights, starting with froze them right. That's the whole thing else, a dozen how romantic interest and then When my wanna there is literally no man
on the dynamic froze but like how do we I watch a lot of animated will now we're talking royal princess because they have a friendly Europe into two and yet, why not? You know and you know, I'm making culture dollar that's what I would like all I know is an old school for plastics and all I'm saying is we don't fully know the history of a lot of these characters. We know just a moment in time in their lives. Like I don't know, what's up with snow whitest, she lived in. The house was seven door. They were all men, ok, you're, trying to him. It likes. You didn't get me to mention our relationship with one of these guys. Maybe didn't go a little too far. Maybe somebody didn't like There was a sticky situation that maybe somebody had to get out of. I don't know
because if you don't know, there's a reason he's grumpy know. What I'm saying I'm saying is that if the liberals really want to do it right, they're going to do like a snow white prick? Well, what were they can like? Fill in the gaps and all these corrections histories hurried, finally go yoga sweeping the nation is yuppies, millennials are doing yoga, surrounded by goats which climb on them and pee on their yoga mats. One practitioners says quote: you're used to having this very mindful practice and all of a sudden you are surrounded by animals who don't care. That occurs when you ve been talking about this for months. Well, listen. I've got our close relatives that actually are amateur goat farmers, pygmy, goats and they ve got a collection of them in their backyard. These are some of the more friendly animals in the animal kingdom, they're very affectionate. They do climb up on you. They can like stand on your head down. How is this happening?
are we having that we want. I mean the eggs from last episode now seem like a rational, edit Oriole direct at the Palais. Look the contrary to countries and say: look what I'm telling you is it like? This is real. The goats are awesome. If you wanna do, like frequent use, a Yo Yo Yo Yo, the videos, are, as they say in the commercial I dont do the yoga. Never done the yoga will never do the yoga, but, like I could tell you see you run out there like made points soccer with kitty, ease up that maybe a little touch football utterly Urien. I small yoga. I now I became aware of this just yesterday, apparently the sweeping the nation and its a fad, but as after I put the kids to bed, I unwind by watching access, Hollywood and access. Hollywood had a story, where the correspondence did go yoke, and I was so amazed that this is a thing that I went in research that it is the most disgusting unhygienic practiced eye
ever seen to have these women and list or man. If you, if you're a man who does that not that there is anything wrong with men who do yoga, but your honor, I as your in that you're in the studio and the goat, sir, walking over you, these farm animal, like playing soccer in the field of their crawling all over you and accelerating mats its discuss. The abbot listened again as they say in the medical community, urine sterile, it's actually clean. Like it's just what I was down if it happens and how we need to get a robber Mercer involved. In this conversation, although we ve taken a turn, the urine real expertise, we discover What exactly is going on with the stockpile urine out there in Oregon bright bird, has access for the urine stockpile. I think
My best guess on that is that you ve got a survival mechanism where, if the animals take over your left in the woods you can you can drop the human urine and establish a perimeter where the bears in the coyotes and and the king cobras will not come after an origin, ITALY. That is all the time we have four days edition of right and right here, I'd like to give special thanks to produce producer, Louis Bunch, a fourth and, of course, our We can test magical, Nettie Errand, Harrison Michael Goldfarb and Natalie Johnson. Remember finest on Itunes and Google play just search for right and writer. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a positive review like listeners, socks out who says we're a quote revolution in podcast until next
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