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Pruitt Out, Avenatti In (?), and Sweet Dreams

2018-07-06 | 🔗
This week on the <i>Free Beacon </i>podcast, the gang discusses Trump's rallies and his feud with Elizabeth Warren, wonders if Michael Avenatti is the Democratic frontrunner for 2020, and asks the big question: do podcasters dream of electric tweets?
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go ahead? Make my day. Hello and welcome to write and writer the official package of the Washington Free Beacon sponsored by quit electric toothbrush. I'm your hosts Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F, B, the free beacon podcast his available on Itunes, Google play and sticker. Please subscribed till your friends and leave a review. Joining me from the right today is free, beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie. You may remember him from such mainstream media shows us meet the press daily and the daily show you can follow him on Twitter, at cut Nettie element pillars and further to match. Right is free, beacon,
as an ant and big Eddie Show number one fan: Aaron Harrison are IP were not exactly sure what he does rounding up as many signs of checks and that's good enough for us, hello, Harrison condolences to shorten morosely artificially and returning to the programme today is the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international men of mystery and licence republican consultant. He always keeps are penalised, line local far below us up. First, right and writer present drunk rallied supporters in great falls Montana Thursday, where he went after democratic incumbent. Senator John tester pegged crazy, axing waters IQ in the MID sixties and said if it comes down to him and poked harness and twenty twenty toss a dna test, approver ancestry, on the debate stage, but quote have to do it gently Because we're in the media two generations that we have to be very gentle- that something tells me he's looking forward to running again spoken Seems like it and I think one reads:
for him to look forward to it? Is that he's already labelled her anxiety hit her with one of these in a rhetorical, ballistic missiles and the problem. Ralph trumps enemies is what once he brands you. You cannot escape it and that I think I honestly, I think the room he's already beating her gets because she's kind she she doesn't know how to respond to this kind of owning it. Now her her responses on Twitter were kind of lame about the dna tests than the family separation, but that was confused. Obviously you do need to make sure that that you're giving the children back. Right parents, so I'm not. I think the rally was classic Trump and it showed even I was kind of surprised at the reaction to
hold the me to joke, I mean when I saw her trunk an ox me too. I was worried guy, I'm worried about what it. What let me read a kind of funny, actually so yeah he's hashtag winning I mean this was this: was the W W E rally of all time. I mean it. I this the Trop rally, which are starting to happen once a week? Now there becoming more they are, must see tv. I think this is something that I have encouraging the administration the background to do for a long time. We need more tromp at his, there is most comfortable, and that is in front of thousands of screaming fans. Or in front of the press. I I I I would like him to mix in a press conference, because I think he dominates the press when they start when Thickness Jim Costas out
Just a lobbying screaming insane questions Adam. I think that he so good abetting away, but it you know if we can't get the press conferences, I will settle for these rallies. I mean this was amazing. Yesterday, we'll trump verses. Liz warrant thing: you guys are a hundred percent right, she's disqualified chicken escape that heap he ran her and then because a heinous in an actual scandal that she elevated her here by high out her she so sensitive to this. And he knows it, so you just keeps pouring salt into the wound and what's her response, it's not even to defend yourself. Instead of talking about My dna present a trumpet. What about the children at a good lesson learned? I pose an avid workin on it because so stupid, like her. Her response is so politically inapt, the second that use deflect from yourself to talking about other people. You lose
especially when you're doing with prop crop is about us and Elizabeth warns. Response is to deflected but somebody else like she's losing their she's branded. You guys are a hundred percent right. I would love to see when the nomination, but I don't think that they're gonna have somebody that can't even hold you know they can't find him on twitter. Goldfarb stipulate. At the front under this, that the Democrats clearly showed in twenty sixteen be careful you wish for and who you elevate from the other side, but Mcdonalds same thing- the Warren rightly you know, and they embraced it with this. She persisted nonsense, its clear that Republicans would like to run against war and trumpet like to run against war. I would like to see that race almost at any cost, because the street theatre at the and currency and then from campaign would engage around. This race would be so epoch. The teepees construct it outside her rallies smoke signals. You know that
it would be endless. Summing trump would be no sense wampum. It would be every kind of indian joke possible and it will be funny and, like the like me to thing being fond he's kind of an absolute defence on this stuff. So the meeting was funny. So what's up, are we really going to say? What can you do? What you do is you act like this? morning you overreact and you take it. So personally, that's that's how you have obscured over ok up next. President Trump is sounding off the forest trip to Brussels for the natives next week telling member states we are the schmuck who pay for the whole thing. Last year, the only the U S and five out of the twenty nine member states paid their share of two percent of their GDP. While Germany only contributed one point, two percent Harrison sounds like wish: monks coming recurring. Are the NATO is only as good as its work? When you don't we
come into this alliance in you say that look when somebody's against one of us are against all of us. That's the buffer, theoretically, against the rise, this of the Soviet empire and an theoretically, it's really all about Russia right. So what we have here is we have this alliance that has Come a hundred percent dependent upon the United States, its really about if they get in any trouble than we jump banned, but when we need them well, then maybe they'll throw us forty five troops to, to go fight the terrorists in Iraq or Afghanistan. I mean that's really what this is all about: they're, not keeping. They have not kept their word to the tree. Itself. Prompt is using a little bit of pressure. Here is leverage to get everybody else on board. That's the way I see it. I know my colleagues are definitely going to agree or disagree with me and now I prefer to see the german defence budget as low as possible.
That's kind of my lesson from history: there really mine were subsidizing the german defence, because, when that number rises to a certain level historically, it has not been a good thing. I think with Trump has a trump is making a critique of the international system, but he saying is that the institutions that we set up after the Second World war from the United Nations, the World Trade Organization to the I am at to the net North Atlantic Treaty organisation. Nato are no longer extensions of America and instruments of our foreign policy. There now constraining America and, in fact weakening american and he doesn't make that argument. The way I just did, but I think that's what he's coming and he's he's been saying this now for thirty years in fact, start saying it when the Soviet Union still existed, which is interesting now that it hasn't existed,
for a generation. Those arguments actually take on. I think a little bit more weight, but this is a very precarious moment got time you mean, I definitely agree with mad like it's. For me, it's not about. I now having forty five thousand. U S, troops in Germany from now until the end of time, whatever that cause it's worth it yeah, but yeah minutes. I think Trump does not necessarily appreciate that these plucky little democracy is on the periphery of of of this resurgent russian empire and how precarious their situation is. Then again I didn't the truth. Is NATO is kind of? Because is America gonna go to war for Estonia? I would be for that I think it's the right thing to do. I think it's a moral imperative, but I don't really think even if Hillary Clinton was the president or even if you know Richard Blumenthal and all these people are all of a sudden, so tough on Russia. They were got that these are Public and senators went to Russia over
fourth of July that there was some kind of insult to the Eu It states and independence day these the same people who, like the Bernie, Sanders liking. I would go for their honeymoon to the Soviet Union, but now their anti Russian, just. I noticed during a capital for celebration this week that, as the fireworks were playing, of course, as they always do, the music was the eighteen, twelve overture by a russian good posts That was a message being a plot. Next, the czech homes are saying Trump has ignited the biggest trade war in economic history. After the, U S and China, each impose tariffs on thirty four billion dollars worth of goods.
Washington. Cities are affecting water boilers X, Ray machine components, an airplane tyres, while China let tariffs on soybeans, pork and electric vehicles. Matt. Is this trade war good and easy to win to be determined, and we will see? I think we need a distant which, from the very that, between the different trade wars that are happening here. I think of fighting Canada over milk is a far different thing than trying to rebalance the. U S, China relationship, which I think many economists, even if they don't agree with the tariff strategy, do believe that the China America trade relationship has not necessarily been the best for the United States economy and for the american worker. There's a lot of data on that and look conservatives include many neo concern.
Opposed most favoured nation training status for China and China's entry into the W p o. I opposed it twenty years ago, I'm a China hop now when it comes to trade, we should not be subsidizing the economy of an enemy, So, what's happening is that the decoupling of what's called chimera, this convergence of the two economies. It really came and reach nap regime, as Obama was becoming president, but were now separate, because at the end of the day, what matters more than economics is politics, and the politics of China and the United States is heading towards a collision Harrison why this hope the whole trade war concept here. I think that it is a little bit overblown by the press. Are you not envision us engaging in a full on full blown trade war? A lot of people would argue that were already there because of the rhetoric. I just think that present tromp is
trying to exert some leverage that has never really been exerted before? I think leverage is a good thing. I think. Negotiating better deals for this country is a good thing. What concerned about, is it over the long term consumer goods at prices, You're in the country are going arise and that is going to really heard president tromp politically absolute. What I think he's making a bet on is easy. Is he thinks of the domestic job growth that theoretically could result out of these new tariffs is going to outweigh the political damage of the right in cost to consumer goods? Miley objection to that is, there's a lot more. A lot for consumers that have jobs in their heart jobless in this country, and I'm not sure the numbers are really gonna play off President Trump, but I get what he's don't go far.
Yeah I mean I I I I am. It is striking that the China, the the idea that China we were gonna- have this economic relationship with China that that would lead to a reform at some point: political reform in China, some sort of mitigation of them the military and security threat from China. The opposite happened there as dangerous they ve ever been. You know, a trade war is probably at the beginning and end at some point. You know we may well have a roar with China, so you know it's scary stuff and like it's, been a long time and is directly since we ve seen this kind of great power escalation Even the Russians, data equally over the last ten or twenty years since I've been paying close attention to this stuff. The truth is when the United States, escalated, they would the escalate pretty quickly because they knew they were weak and we just haven't played these kind of game. The China last time it happened was the the incident with the spy plain at the beginning of the Bush administration, and
sort of sorted itself from our very quickly because nine eleven happened and it was like, while nobody was focused on China anymore, will they ve taken twenty years and and it's a scary place now, so you know I I wish there was I wish I were I believe there was a more concerted, thoughtful strategy by this. But there's gonna be a conflict at next EPA administrators Scott Prelate submitted fitted. His resignation on Thursday, after a string of scandals, including his refusal to name his favorite bachelor at contestant on the free beacon, Podcast Harrison, was that the nail in the coffin. I saw a comment online about the interview with private being possibly the polonium to ten of this, and I see that Europe is of an entire year in our job. As if the administrator, it was a oh burn clearly took effect over time and by the end it was just that was a lost cause, I believe, is what we're dealing with Europe, but in all honesty I think that
look prove it. Where things we saw in the trumpet ministration that their left really criticized him for was here was only nominating rich people to a lot of Papa most of his possessing the administration right now. We're starting to see. Why proved was not one of the rich people? Are it prove it actually had them living in this ridiculously overpriced housing market up here, do you get a lot of trouble for trying to get his wife a job he was trying to maintain his home in Oklahoma? his home here, and I guess it doesn't look like an item Oregon on a mattress and in the meantime, you got these mounting legal costs. Things might all fear of the left, the blood him out. Ok, I think Scott Brutus the victim here. I just hope that his mission of deregulation and getting the big brother government that that exists in the interim environmental regulation industry. I hope we shut it. Who do you want to see her replacement horse and Wilbur Ross
Clearly, we are old hand. Harold right, you need a billionaire Ah, then, then, you won't have these prop billionaire oil man. Look, I think, the picture, the big challenge there is. I really wish to Rex tiller symbol. Such because the whole he might have had the good he and yet there it is. Are a german law would be good if you want more needs to be. Rather that is a good idea. We not Andrew Wheeler, that's not a millionaire rise you give you can wreak, is rich and to say with private one or two of these
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Back more Lindsey NEWS, Moorland, some hard law and make an oh she s. She who knew she was such a great capitalist rise, savvy business. There savvy business at her, so she just in this report that she had basically tat all tail on arrival, mechano snake to tax authorities, which then landed them in a two day. Shutdown owes only to day yeah to southern border yeah scowling at I'm, she's, a nine or portuguese. I would set an article she's, not a dark side. We have I don't buy her deny. I don't buy that denial, but that's brilliant, but it also said that you know everyone has been going to her night clubs that there is also no reason for her to be doing. Right so successful. Why would you, after knock on the competition it actually, but speaking of a lengthy, her thirty second birthday was yesterday
right, also celebrated at the mechano. So this is yet another reporting opportunity. This truly is well how she's gettin up their thirty two. I now makes me feel old as well as younger than I thought she was yeah. She ran round ever while she was Mina a child, the greater the expiration date approaches We also have an update on one of her best ease Tiffany, trompe ass Tiffany Tromp was spotted partying in the Hampton Oh with to limit of evergreens headlong our favorite first caught a tipsy insider, telling page six, that there is a secret service all over that's Hamptons mansion, but the person was too drunk to notice ruin. One, why it's eleven even see tip, and now it was just later reported that Tiffany have been ok because she was like postmen and
ram about a neglected. The dots Justin Bieber was also in murder. Was there with his brand New Instagram official here I look up when he looks really bad. You look outlawing airbrush dash going on wearily hasn't been going to his church yeah, clean now. I think he is further Eustace. You know how long I'm anyway, she was hanging out with a bunch of people who I have never heard of. Despite being your pop goes cigarettes, the murder, I have no idea where these people, I thought you would inform me what some of them ass. Yet what was it like? Have the many something poppy I gotta our group's Chris ALARM and Party boy David Poppy, you mine, Horn poppy, but like pop, like poppy and Mommy programme, the icy, if the oven.
The second, is a lot of hearts tariff levels, believe it I'm horned, maybe maybe it's the Son of Vine Horn investor? Oh, that's you think. I'm just french people online. It's ok. We also have other with his warm it. We also have scars. Johannsen is under fire. We do We have another update on scar, Joe because she is playing a transgender man and an upcoming crime by OPEC, rug and tag which I fully expect sunny to be reviewing. When it comes out The killer is so she's, actually she's Lange's. What happened there? I don T like came out as a total, babe and lost in translation and then now, when she was in rough night, one of the worst movie air above all time that we afford weakens our lawyers movie day. She had like the Hilary politician get going on, did not look good now and now she's playing a man voice. She does she.
Husky yeah I've kind of asking why they have not gone wrong with the higher voice can be very noisy she'll. A great army of injuries movie want, went blonde senses casting decision, but anyway, she's receiving backlash from the Trans Community, because she is not in fact As we know, gender weird, it's almost like her profession is pretending to be something you're, not less and less of a problem. Yeah sorry are receiving on a backlash I mean, as we know, that's news comes after the three beacon reported earlier that he also made, in addition to be Tom cruise his girlfriend. So right, I don't know, what's going on with our job, I have. My prayers are out for her authority would not settle for a fake transmit unless the real but
finally Mario Lopez, who you do know who he is cause yeah did watch saved by the Bell apparently era. Yes, okay, what what's goin out with them? He had a very rough fourth of July. He posted a string of photos to end, the problem in a hospital bed as people are doing these to what happened to him. He option the photo so frustrated and it he apparently tore his achilles while sparring. Oh, I don't even know that Mario Lopez knew how to through throw a pint. Clearly, he doesn't because he tore securely. I up in the hospital. I guess he's gettin up there and he has his forty four well, but meanwhile, the John Steamers, seventy four years old, excellencies, twenty five is hosting the game. Please it's because he's a Scientology
we must stay. The same are really does Horace Greeley back I'll. Look about sixty yeah he's got some issues. Partner, screech back in the day, is low, but don't worry he posted alongside the caption that he's about to get hooked up with some great pain killers, oh open someone already crisis accuracy should delete that post our prayers for lots of people, regarding ok and all attics. Thank
Mario loping, thank you so much value for this machine update of course, of first in our culture around present trump finally has a real challenger. He should be worried about twenty twenty, a stormy Daniels lawyer, Michael Avenue ADI, said he'll thro. His hat in the ring on the off chance the Trump seeks reelection to those they claim that only a traditional politician with experience can beat Trump go back and look at the results from twenty. Sixteen ever naughty says adding. If we are not smart, the Democrats could lose again. This time. Matt, I think he's right. The american people ready for our smarmy fain, more of an attorney to turn this country around. I do this just run the tape back for a second, so ever noddies. Basically been in the public spotlight for what six months really great, when was this, body. Reality hide stormy, Daniel. That interviews, lice, bring rights. Rights of three months he's gone from nobody to Stormy Daniels attorney to now twenty four percent.
The twenty twenty democratic nominee to what? What? What is it going to be doing by twenty twenty I mean he's gonna, be the economies a launch into space or something or he's gotta declare himself. The I heard your damper at the world I'm this guy's megalomania is progressing at a geometric rate, and yet there is no there there's. Limit to it. We still have so many more years to go how delusional about you have to be Harrison. This guy is like this. If you just feel like you need to take a shower every time, I see him, he so slimy, but yet he's, gonna he's gonna win twenty twenty and become president look. I don't think this is all that crazy. Even idea I mean look at their part, crazy, mastering you don't we got goofy Pocahontas, you got you got. You got the the fake feminist
New York, Gillette brand out there they know blown whichever way, the loss of a naughty. I mean look to see what you will about him, but the guy is the shameless self. Promoting scumbag dead beat trying to Canada he's look. He could lay their anti hero. The way trouble is our anti hero is that he too eel Trop, looked at the great port about tromp is a key is like the stone, cold, Steve Astern of american politics. The key is the guy that you're not supposed to light, but you can't help but, like any turns all the self righteous because he felt on the wane. That's exactly right! I'm not enough! Not I'm saying not you! Last year's forty, two look, here's a weird looking guy but listen, I would say is that I think that other similar bullion ethics naughty is, is an amateur right. Now he's a minor leaguer, tick
shots at a major legal star. Ok he's chicken shots at the F B. I get it. I appreciate the spunk. I like the tenacity of it, give him twenty years and he will be either the democratic leader in the Senate or maybe the democratic nominee for president. I just think it's like its little too soon for him, but I see future star in him. A cat next of real headline in the guardian reads: I stopped going to the gym, because if Trump now I cant open jars, yes, Brigitte Delaney, who lives in Australia was so disheartened by trumps victory, which, if your call was in the United States, she gave up working out and now can't lift her bag of groceries. You're either strong or you are weak. She writes and I was weak Harrison. I guess that's one way to get more people on the anti exercise bandwagon look. This is this is the more brilliance of tropical he actually can.
Against a lot of people that you have a finite amount of energy in your entire existence? The mordioux exert that the lower your life expectancy is, and I think that with this woman in particular, like he's totally mind like she see well, but now, she's detour she's going to like she's to turn into a pricking baggage dust within like three more years. You can open jars right now, she's, can it be able to breathe and we prefer to see the trail you and I'm out and another? Doesn't it doesn't have a man to open the pickle decided? I really like this. This australian crazy person isn't isn't the door ten thousand a hundred thousand more these welcome in our country, and then I think that you're gonna take another look at here's. My question: do Us Tralee in jars
open counterclockwise. That might be the Natalie. The way why? What an idiot, what a partisan ever make you start working out even worse, I don't even really worked out by didn't open ajar prior to Trump and I cant open ajar after Trump and why I, like my burly, very good point of decay of Now, what woman kid opened, a drug that that would be the one said that it's tough out they're out there ok now offered update on America twenty eighteen. The declaration of independence is now considered hate speech. According to facebooks algorithm, the flags violations of its speech coat Facebook said the posters removed by mistake and restored once they looked into it. That met the declaration of independence, was signed by a bunch of white male colonizing land. Stealing invaders. If that's not hate speech, what is
Well, what do you make a pretty good point? Let me add that I would urge you to say you know these. These social networks are a kind of screwed, because on the one hand they rely on and judgment than all the biases? The human judges leads to political censorship and in such. But if you rely on the algorithm, which of course the algorithm is pro and by humans have his vices. Then you get kind of silly stories like this. So I refer back to my solution for all social media, which have said many times on the show is to shut down all the platforms and let's go back to the way we live before them. Where we did just fine Harrison is very conservative viewpoint
I can't help being me, you do you listen. I actually can shock alot of people but actually do view the declaration of independence of hate speech. Ok, it is it is. It is hate speech, against tyranny against taxes against monarchies again again these averages gone grabbers The savage is like me: these hate speech against all that is wrong in this world, and so, when you get supper and stupid little algorithm out, there is a lot that has no human emotion, no human analytical skills? Yet that's right. The declaration. Independence is hate speech for next day. Viral tweet is leading many to wonder.
Why don't we dream about our smartphones as much as they use my smartphone? I don't think I've ever seen it in any of my dreams. Tweeted Brendan credence, leading Newark magazine to consult with dream experts who say dreams are defence mechanism to prepare for stressful events. People tend not to dream quite as much about reading and writing, which are more recent developments in human history and more about survival related things like fighting Harrison. That sounds like your dream. Well, listen. I don't dream about smartphones anymore after I purchased and aunt em, now user of Express bbn, because I sleep safely at night, knowing my date as and when it might hit that my data is secure. No, honestly, I don't understand this thing. I've had dreams about a cell phone before it was before Express review of, but no I I have had you ve dreamt about a smartphone
it's I don't know what I thought this was interests is where I am trying to send a message and like I will be pushing the buttons on my phone and there like not the ones that I want like. I will push like a, but Q comes up or something. That- and I guess I've had- that it's actually kind of a review of nightmare that I might have actually I'd winter, but with the five were the where you have a gun, but the girl. Doesn't work. Yes, oh yeah or the pulling out in it just doesn't get up fast enough to kill anybody discontinue wraps out last extreme man. What are your thoughts on I've? Never! dreamt about myself. I thought this was an eye opening article. Yet I want you to leave. Usually these are all silly headline ass, an anxious to learn hundred hanging making our time and we notice that there's a gender difference. So I ask Natalie Johnson dreaming about smartphones or no
rights- and I am in raymond- revalued only Realise Agnes smartphone and nobody here on that there is a lot yeah. I do. That's my fancy there, but why is that a gender gap? I'm curious? They did. They don't have it well so the bottom line from this article was no one knows a single thing about dream No one knows no one knows wise. They talk to the psychologist and they said we ran the studies and with them in dreams really that working out your mind is thinking about. But then you go to the final paragraph and even the researcher goes yet we just don't know you don't know why we time, but we don't know why we dream about what we dream about, might have something to do. With anxieties or something, but no one really knows why there would be a gender gap in in dreams about self smartphones them. I think I know I there might be a gender gap. Why does because, like the men who was at three percent for the women right and two percent for the man I thank them,
Men are like ninety eight percent dreaming about sex and fighter, and and the women like an extra Conrad able and bones conversation you're gonna like here as I already dreams about this package, Unfortunately, that is all the time we average. Today's edition of right and writer, I'd like to give a special big sir producer before and, of course, our free beacon guess, Massacre, Nettie, Erin, Harrison Michael Colbert and nobly Johnson remember find us on Itunes, Google play and sticker just search for free beacon, play subscribe to your friends and leave a positive review like listener young guns forever. Who says quote I moved to DC to pursue a career on the hill. This podcast affords me the privilege of Greece entering twice weakly and remind myself. Why wanted go into public service in the first place to own the lives until next time
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