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Red Hen, Travel Ban, and Men’s Fashion

2018-06-26 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the Free Beacon podcast, the season two crew discusses the Red Hen restaurant, whereabouts of President Obama, the Supreme Court ruling on the travel ban and men's fashion.
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Go ahead, make my day why hello welcome to write and writer the official Pike, the Washington Free Beacon, sponsored by expressive. P, and I'm your guest house, Victor Maddest, filling in full as Harrington, whose consecutive games of thirty seven episodes is over. Do too corneal abrasion, which is painful as it sounds. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her. The free beak podcast is available on Itunes, grew complaints. Teacher please subscribe. Tell your friends, and over a view joining me from the right today and occupying the rhino squash chair for math economy. Eddie is Alan
Griswold, whose literally fresh off the bus. You can follow him twitter at Hashtag, Griswold, hello, Alex allowing for having me yes, and further to Alex is right is free, bickered president and someone who will never patronized read an errand Harrison we're exactly sure what he does around the office. Buddy signs, the Czechs and that's not for us, hello, Harrison O Liz, forever easy. The mistake speaking of the red head over the weekend White House, press secretary, Sarah, be Sanders was at that Restaurant Lexington Virginia enjoy cheese plate with her other friend and her husband nature comes over politely asks her to leave. They took a vote apparently in the kitchen, and it was this I did to quote eighty six her, but let's be fair to the redhead said? They could serve everyone off at the table, not just her. She just have to wait outside Aaron. Isn't it the restaurants right?
refuse service to someone who is the embodiment of evil like if Joseph girls walked in you wouldn't serve him right, but at hand during the hell once right, it's a private organisation it's private company doing business in waters. Fredericksburg Virginia they can kick out whoever they want. But you know this is the capitalist economy, which means they had to suffer the consequences of the actions. So if gonna kick Sarah Huckabee Sanders out? Let it be known that there are very proud members of the resistance, because that such a defensive act and there pending the the honor of their employees, who, I guess did not like the president, this is the stand this the hill. They want to die on. Well, good! Luck with that in I honestly have one of the things that strikes me about this is the confusion. The red hair, the term raid on the red hen and touch- for restaurants up the most original title after I mean there's hundreds of them, but the funny thing was
and it wasn't funny was kind of sad- is that you get innocent bystanders crop caught the crossfire here and there is a very popular with pretty well. Guarded restaurant here in DC out the redhead red hand. Yes, redhead is probably another one of you like to go to Europe. Something else that up to now, but anyway, their content. Ass fire. It of course like to get sucked into this ridiculous political debate that they have nothing to do with, and somebody egg them the other day anyway. Look it would be, but this is this is this: is the collateral damage of political idiocy? So when you want to think that you're taking a stand here in making a big public display about a vision, think about the consequences- and I hope there are some economic impacts that therefore, that they feel down there in Fredericksburg running this was a dick move on their part its end, Listen that there will be a reaction, Alex your thoughts. I only mostly agreeing so far a very bad thing around squash, but I'll I'll. Just try to pick up.
We risk remit that their absolute Lee within their rights to deny service to whoever they want something. It's not for me. No illegal discriminatory reasons, obviously you know if I were in their place of Cecile Richards work to him. You know, that's probably someone I would kick out of my restaurant and say no one of your serving you. I dont well I dont like, though away the red him has handled this. I feel like there's been a lot of dishonesty on their side. I'll be honest, I don't believe that that vote ever happen for it. Look, that's. That sounds like a ready made for fur, but I don't think that's what people should be proud. As you know, a waiter clarified, I believe, on Facebook or somewhere and said that we did in quote: kick them out with refuse them service and ask them to leave that. Yes, I did kick them that is the same in. Thank you, dont parse, this nonsense, like wanna, be somebody who walks into your establishment outlook that you're right, I don't think you should be forced to serve
where the hell you one where we you all want to outlook that all circumstances up sure that's very controversial opinion up and down the spectrum, but look I think by enlarged your business, you deal with the consequences. Are you a higher you want to its people around fine. Then you suffer the consequences of having it. Durable, wait, staff or or a terrible cooker whatever in the economy. I believe economies can settle most at school. Somebody on the left could easily find themselves in a diner Nebraska. Then the tables occurred so to speak, so ok Moving right along on Twitter President Shrub called out Jimmy Firewood. His tweet said quote Jimmy found now whimpering, to all that he did. The famous hair show with me where seriously messed up my hair and that he would have now done differently because it is said to have humanised me he is taking hee hee called and said a monster ratings be a man.
Jimmy. I am reminded by the way of a seat in the Godfather Don Corleone slaps Johnny. Contained in says you can be a man. He says what is really necessary and of our people to go after Jimmy Fallon errant. Absolutely Jimmy Fallon deserved everything that he got right now, if you look at the way to Jimmy thousands rolled over with, spineless wimp that he is with the secondary. Ok, he gets. He got a bunch of flak for interview with Trop, which was totally uncalled for because he treated tromp as he would end. Other politician that walked Andrews under it on a late night stage. It's not supposed to be a hard hitting political interview, though now the left, I mean, if you ve, ever seen, Stephen we call bearing after interview a figure, a political figure of the left. I mean it's a prick in fifteen minute Yanks.
For making the blow job just for their very stretching measure adopted, but that it that's really what it's all about here is like this. This is this is the philosophy of the left. It is, it is conform, Org or be exiled, and Jimmy found lives and liberal Hollywood. He hasn't. He has an audience that is competing with the liberal political bent of Stephen Colbert, who, since Trop, was elected and started to Heaven success in the ratings, and I think Jimmy has suffered because of it if socially and professionally, and he rolled over You know what you were all over: the troll paratroops gonna, probably fire someone off action, I think found actually joked about him, not helping him in the ratings. In fact, if I saw a correctly Alex I believe that a yes Phelan absolutely deserve to be called out. I don't know that Trump should be the one to do it. I mean that sort of a lost cause. At this point I mean the man's gonna tweet. What he's gonna tweet, that's always been worried, been kind of bad at is leading other people fighters battles by
Jimmy. Fallon is in fact a little. I mean that is not in debate. I mean we will we can't even discuss without talking about the Jimmy Fallon tweet that he's and and deleted, which was Jimmy Fallon tweeted after down front called him Well, I'm gonna donate to this pro immigration advocacy group in your name, and then Jimmy Fallon responded to Jimmy Fallon on Twitter. Saying wow great. Thank you now. Clearly what but merely what occurred is Jimmy Fallon meant to sign out inside into another account, and praise him? Perhaps staffer? We don't know, but it's pathetic. It's almost, though, is this one of the most perfect micro chasm of why he sent it we noticed kind of a dumb performative, completely ineffectual antitrust move. By the way. Please, like me, its end, it is pathetic what
You know, I have always interesting at the Trump rally and he talked about the treat that he sent out Anja. We found any described in this kind of lost soul. I think that's interesting you if it get. I mean people talk about, and this has been written up on page six in other places about the struggles of found a few, don't I mean so you know I mean goes back and forth, but I'm certainly if you look at all the other wait, my talk show host he's gotta be the most sympathetic. I mean that's relatively speaking of all these. Natasha Hosts, while he's the one. That's stayed the furthest out of political frame, yet he allowed himself to be rang and do it and honestly, if you're, trying to distinguish yourself amongst the field, I would think that the better way due to do this would be to go against the grain and not try to do try to adopt the advocacy stances of of Jimmy Kimmel went The call in the daily show me what you have a good time.
There was a covered, entertainment weekly. I think, guy a couple of weeks ago that had all of the late night Hosanna an end to a person. They are left wing fanatics with the exception of Fallon. Who is now just look. You went out. I M was so have more respect for guys like Colbert, where they are more liberal, but their heart is clearly somewhat in it. I mean It wasn't in at the beginning. I remember he tried to be. He tried to not carry his Stephen Colbert character from the comedy central show. Yes, it was a terrible yet flop at times with any reverted to what worked before and he's had some success. I mean, I think, the election, a trump actually aided his success because of the enthusiasm that the left, wingers, apps, ok Many Democrats are asking by the way: where have you gone Barack Obama right? He has quote virtue. Disappeared from public life says Gabriel debated at New York magazine. Is he inside his Keller, I'm a man she and walking round and tissue boxes is shoes with really
fingernails being in jars. What's going on here, Aaron known Obama. Having the time of his life. This is exactly what Obama wanted to be doing. You wanted to go to spending time with himself. His favorite person on the planet is himself as a wondering that we know about Morocco bombers that he has always been dedicated to the myth of his of himself. Yet there are a lot of like an interesting anecdotes mean by enlarges. Is it this is six thousand words of pretty boring material because Obama, I think, as a person is really boring individual? But you talk about like the laziness of Obama, I mean what is he doing all day? They really only talk about the fact that he makes couple a phone call.
Can a lounges around goes out on these vacations with his his the leaders, Pasok, Richard Brainwaves Oprah in Europe with just intrude and then he'll go up and housing a great trip. I wish I was very much with just in Trudeau or what you know whatever these are all like: pretty lame things for somebody to be doing. I think at his age I mean look. He supposed to be a leader, and always doing is following a bunch of other people around the country just to enjoy himself. Let me look. I think that I am a firm believer in executive privilege, Post office, so I think that, like whatever the hell you want to do after your present, you gets through it and if the liberals are looking for Obama to actually led this continuing Obama revolution. When I got news for you, there Obama Revolution was nuke, done no votes in November of twenty sixteen and it ain't coming back. Thank you. Erin Alex. I think this obviously Harrison things. This reflects the poorly on a bomb. I think it reflects more poorly who rode and I printed out twenty five pages of the Atlantic booing about where is Obama, you know
What do you need? Obama covenant swoop, save you Ideas are good if trumpets as bad as you know, Bhamo, because the other inspiring leader in their party, his knee Bill Clinton, the guy's molest during a borderline rape and sometimes actually depends less on actual out and about borderline pollyanna. Could you continue Alex, but it is pathetic. I think I did and highlight some some yeah. They speak to Miss Jennifer, Palmiry and says what what they want is for Brok abominably president and he's not. Miss dad their homesick there's so much in the world as disorienting. They want something that they love and that's familiar I mean have to move on he's not can be present again and bluntly he's doing the right thing, because Trump is someone who just what he wants the foil. He wants Barack Obama in the freight, so He can make everything not about himself and make it about a bomb in the failures of the Obama legacy YA,
You shouldn't Verona. Tromp does wanted to be about himself. Ok, that doll actually is winning when the issues are about himself. I think when Obama comes into play, it distracts from the fort yeah sure and somehow somebody else to blame for this, but look or by Trop once this thing to be about himself and wants to be is about as the chief Mintz and ones it wants him to be about us once if he wants to be about its conflict because Trop doesn't lose these will, if about, was in there be part of his conflict on the fact that he can't stay away from criticising trumpeting sad ok. Finally, the supreme court has upheld the tribe travel ban in the five four ruling. Just handed down Harrison. Isn't America going to be? safe, because there's gotta be retaliation against the bad or is it just straight up racism? Not this is a win for freedom. It's a wind! Furthermore, security.
Country honestly. You know the biggest winners here, please, which Mcconnell- and this is the guy who is going to be leading the is gonna, be at the top of the ballot effectively, not not in name I mean look this election that's coming up because it is going to be largely about tromp and whether you support the direction that you staying the country, which, of course I do but Mitch Mcconnell is the leader of the Republicans in the Senate and in twenty eight teen. Look if you're disaffected republican, this is an opportunity really checked yourself on your hatred or disappointment with much Mcconnell, because let me tell you something: this was a one hundred percent Mcconnell ACT that preserved the Senate or that Supreme Court seat. One just Scalia died. If it wasn't for Miss Mcconnell,
We would have merit garland, liberal Democrat Obama, nominee sitting on the been sitting on the bench in this decision would have been reversed, so this decision was about securing giving the affirming the president's ability to secure the country how he sees fit. The executive in this country has that is that, where he is most authorized by the constitution, order to protect the countries given the greatest latitude there. This decision affirms that, if you look at the countries you out is that the second or third version of the court on quotas, one ban, but it's no longer a muslim bandages security protocol and good for trumpets of wine for trumpets and wind from economy, and I think it's a win for the Republicans two thousand eighteen, those were very deep thought Alex. I had to sort of make distinct my thoughts on both the policy and I actually read Really, what I don't you haven't, I didn't bother innovative financing, but Neither will I despise the policy I mean quite honestly around
I do think it is intended to be a muslim Ben. I think they may that perfectly clear and words, albeit not much an action, but I think the Supreme Court was right that you know if you look at it strictly technically, strictly through all the processes that went through so many agencies, they gave a good enough reason to block certain segments of people from those countries for getting into the country and then, even when there were muslim countries and they ruled that they were now meeting the press is that the Trump Administration met while they took him off, which is not what you would expect if it was only driven by by muslim animists. As an aside, I ll say it is amusing that you brought up America darlin you we had so many people told us America, Ireland was in such a renegade he's a motto We don't know how is going to vote for them. We only then we learn today well if he was here that would have definitely been overturned. Ok, so you think he's of rank and file. Liberal, basically at all, is what it was. They who looked at the judicial nomination process
is politicized. You know exactly where these guys are going to organise land with, of John Roberts, apparently on frequent Obamacare without Squish authorized, the looting of our health care system and authorize. The kidnapping of people's doctors run out of that rather than on their lives. So listen Roberts you and I we got issues. We got beef, my friend, but are by and large. I support this decision. He made a good emitted. A decision today around still worried about these countries being angry retaliating, especially please? For no ahead for yes, strike solve in a recent letter, not ok if we ve learned anything, but there was one interesting parties that was brought up in this decision today and it is through Thomas's sent more. He actually foreshadows the point that the court may actually start having to rule on some of these activists decisions from the lower court. The injunctions which
is a political tool of the left. I'm in billions of dollars a year are donated spent by the left to clog up there. Social system and prevent political policies that they do not like throwing away. Look for the ok. Thank you. I think we should be on the alert for sort of these terrorist counter attacks with pride, perhaps he would possibly cyber terrorism unless, of course, you have a virtual private networks, speaking of which we all the recent There's about that a hacks and breaches it's hard for me not to worry about I digital privacy eventually Do online your mobile carrier and internet service provider track at all every for your visit, Aaron S, email. You said Alex. It's ridiculous. So that's why every every ever, even the ones in Japanese, so that why I decided to take back my privacy by using Express VP, and these days use the internet without it expressly. Pierre is the world's leading VP and provided that lets you securely use the internet without being tracked by anyone Express VP,
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every time you use the internet without Express bbn you're, putting sensitive data at risk. Take back your internet privacy today and find out how you can get three months free, go to express gps dot com slashed WS, be that's a ex p r e s, ass, VP and dot com, Slash W F, B for three months free with a one year package visit, expressive, gps, dot com, such W F B, to learn more so before we get to our culture around his time to check in with our favorite pop culture. Expert, Natalie Johnson alone, Natalie allow back so tell us what is happening first on the bachelor read. How is back a coup friend doing it's happening in Vegas. I thought I
are we Newton was involved in this. Please tell us what happened. I will tell you all so that they rolled the dice on love in LAS Vegas, which, as we previously reported, is the number one city for singles defined love, So I gotta get their great choice. Of the badge of honor to be a single common. Please continue, not allowed, was not right. Look with market minded action. We regret is that we have the first one on one was our acts and it fell. Football player continue. I still have no idea who he played for, but he they rode camels through the Vegas Desert and backers. Grandma caps running away from continents came all which made it all the more entertaining. The only thing I have say about that day. Is there, as you know, a night in a nice little m o make out session oil recall and the night portion of the date so that with lovely we then had a group date with Wayne Newton,
in which the guys had to write a song for Bacco, which was really acquired and they then added sing it in front of a live audience and vigorous, which probably bought these tickets on grew pond thinking. It was some great headliner and it was a bachelor Students, how do they do not well with the collective heart now on that? Yes, it is terrible. We then had crests. He was another contestant who stayed back during the group date. The whole am vibe of group day. Is the men have to chase after back? I you know to get their time and he stayed back the whole time and then was very salty about not having talked to her anyway. Use kicked We then had the infamous two on one between May out. Yes aware to man. Imagine the show to man more reticent to make laws on ahead as to how the reason Express Vps another
FR. I have got so that its extra like yours, so we had another team on one day in which two men go on a date with our backs the rat- and it's always you know the scariest for our contestants, because only one of them remains gets very competitive. Jordan was is the young male model, and then we have. The chicken- I don't even know what his real name was about the guy he dressed as a chicken the first night. They both ended up living as well, so that with the game is a great week of batch. Still no ambulances. Ok, thank you know. I met way. Newton knows that the M Gm grave- I wouldn't bet I wouldn't say, met on yes, rest wearing, please Natalie. Do you know who I knew? No, yes, I know Good question, I was at a black throttle able, I was out of electric cable, no surprise at the embryo, grant it with my Jersey crew. Suddenly we knew in appears with entourage, walking through
and it is amazing to start power he projects, because everybody stop what they were doing. I just stood up and said. In applauding him, it was crazy. Every my glass and clicking it people were at my boys, were shaking his head. He had that sort of star power. So I thought why, if he was in the bachelor, he would probably help deliver for somebody, but no now he did. I hope I also have our common about Way Newton. If there is an odd to not get plastic surgery. We're having timid, Kim Novak, ok I'll leave, yes, thank you must move on from there. A baby was just very hot or something ok in other news, Natalie it's now. Instead official Justin Bieber inhaling Baldwin back together, they were seen he all over New York City pity eying Oliver New York City. What Does this mean for Selina? Is it too late to say sorry? I have no idea what that question means. I just read from the teleprompter go come on. Is it too late now to say sorry as Justin Bieber is most famous.
So that, while so out of it, anyway. It is too late to say sorry because Selina is killing the single life as well had been. I have a question: is this Alina Gomes? Yes, I'll get just check it, just the other one is dead. I like that was a good movie. Go ahead this it's very late and knows more about contraception. We ve had to ask questions like what makes the wide why you're so that that questions put the stuff anyone going had highly Baldwin, who is in the Gigi, had indeed Bela and Candle Jenner Model Squire. They were Emma weighing all over at New York City and then a week later became Instagram official. I'm not really sure what that means. Thummim, they may have posted to occur, and so you know I read an article that they share the same
Oceans, partying and praying yes as large aid has a chart were overjoyed Harrison very again cults What college Harrison's all for the parting and praying for more party? That's a year's Harrison's like the Spinal Tampa keyboard is have a good time. Oh that's, ok, finally, Natalie Princess Megan Markel is apparently ditched cross bodies and bulky handbags in favour of the more elegant club the Philistine on this. New trade should wouldn't be tossing out their product practical purposes to emulate the princess. I do believe that clutches are far more elegant than a bulky, bad and across body any formal event that I've gone to. I have worn or carried, I should say a clutched. The only issue with clutches, as I'm called in as I found out at the free begin. Our Christmas party is after you drink a little bet. You put them down and forget about them and lose your.
Our wallet fell, only bring these two non alcoholic. While that's very bogey, basically only have one hand. Freeze I correct. Are there? Are there not ok, look events? not that we know that the great question of thank you that of course, now back to our culture round up unrighted writer. I knew, Study has found that extremely hot weather is worse for life. Satisfaction, then divorce Alex. Could this be why people this year so miserable? That seems like the number one reason by might just be: there were all psychopaths accordingly other study that came out last week a really wishes. We have something like the highest rate of psychopath. He suddenly thirty percent. I want to say that's right. I'm fact check me, but I truly believe that, as someone who's from Buffalo daftly preferred cold weather do the hot weather I mean what with Co.
Whether you can always add layers hot, whether you could only get composedly they bar yet and yet rapidly. I agree Harrison studies, but it's it's fake science, more it's this is. This is an attempt at viral nears. I don't believe a word of the study. Will we have seen over the years? Is we ve seen people live darkness in coldness, licking worming, they didn't document. It is about the people that kill themselves all the time in the middle of Alaska. Seasonal affected disorder. Yes, I know it's. It's essay de seasonal, effective. This sort of em look if you are living in cold darkness for four forever cold likeness, are called period called us miserable. You are locked inside there, You, you become a bowl person in the winter, I've seen v c in the winter. It's this places a virtual goes down where people live underground. That summer, careful sweltering. There are things that do outside, I mean you and any talk about specks in up your nightlife, I mean you can walk around outside. Around a mockery, honestly, like after living in six months, is a mole per.
In cold deasey in we're not we consider causality get lucky. I think that the. I was gonna, try buffaloes, This is why it is very for some ok, yeah, ok, moving on socio just are now saying that, in order to be more, creative people need to embrace the art of doing nothing. Harrison. Is this why the free Beacon office is thriving? Absolutely I mean just look at the output that we have on the site on a date with no, no I'll bet listen, but I think I don't know actually can spur created that he cannot look what I mean. What are the most like actual great artist? Do not like at a desk job during the day, though they were arbitrarily Anthea listen get loaded. On wine, do drink and a lotta absinthe doing
crazy ass. You describe my day, yeah exact now, so that I think idleness losers, a good value to it now, but it is good for society if every pretty perceives as pursues a life of late seat, is like a Brok Obama and his presidency at the cats, necessarily the best example to that I've. Just a few but like you not take a couple of weeks off, our recharged batteries get out there and in start dunes like more creative stuff. I'm all for that Alex careful with your answer. Look I'll bet, you're, not saying I mean create all you re all. Allow us good those good, very good. Ok, the Wall Street Journal is asking quote: can men where a baseball cap without looking like a frat boy on one hand the soil is commonly associate with the image sure on the other. Many designers are proposing sophisticated. Looking quote dad caps that, like dad genes, I don't know I'm looking at her.
Directly, and I know what the answer is, but please Aaron share us share with us your thoughts. What do you know what you look like when you were a baseball hat is a large headed person with a baseball ruben. You look like an athlete our answer. Like really elite level. Athletes like myself, we we don't let that We will make sure you, edit, that we suffer. We dont like leave in the field of play behind. You know we looked a little bit of it with us. I thought this article is preposterous as another attempt to troll masculine. You know what they did the Wall Street Journal. They were the same ones who try to troll the cargo shorts, whereas back in the day like Was it like a year ago, they had basically the same thing so now washing worthy shame do and what I thought, what I thought was up and they also. I believe there is article last week where they were we discussed on the show whether they were hitting open too, sandals, so they literally have hit me from head to toe in daily wardrobe. They hit my head,
That is your dealing here. We are going to tell you everything. You're missing is t shirts and polo shirts and then visually like the robe punk rock guy of our generation of ism, against all the trend it, but that's basically, my uniform is cargo. Shorts, I love you and basically retirement of you Alex, please here's thing: baseball caps, cargo shorts, sandals what are they all have in common is that their all practical baseball caps keep the sun on your head cargo Schwartz. What you need to have ten billion pockets? Apparently sandals. I do you need to like tell someone your single I mean I I you not. I have never, I dont really, where baseball capsize more and a kind of my hair. I have a ridiculous amount of phrase. You do, you think, is clear.
It's a lot of girls, I'm so impressed by a real nice real they made clown. I mean that the herbicides writs it's crazy over rail as laxity sexy sides. I will say that ok, fine vernal, like whether those are one thing here, is that we need a female perspective on this because our hasn't? What we're talking about many national most men's fashion is designed to attract the opposite aspects. The evil ITALY, Johnson. What is your thought on the hat? I have mixed her views on the heart. I disagree that it is always Friday and whatever My only issue at the heart is, I dont know if your covering a bald spot, which a lot of my mail friends have done. So that would be my only concern with the hat other than that. Have you ever seen Bradley Cooper. Could he looks great to see every heresy that I've seen our heroine Harrison and ahead of the palm in that
Is that we have an alibi and others shortened what I say lesson I say: keep the hats. Ditch the cargo sharks are terrible. Ok! Thank you. Finally, great news. Everybody there's going to be a Michael Jackson, musical it's gonna hit Broadway. Can you beat it It's gotta be off the wall, all don't look at me, thou. I please I bet whose bad, how which take a look at yourself, man with a mere anyway The blessing of the Jackson Estates, others, probably know, seems involving Corey Feldman or the Elephant man Alex when you want to see the show in homage. To be perfectly honest, I would want to see the Shell I mean it sound, it sounds really get. Michael Jackson is incredible artist anyway, they shared yes, yes, I'm great songs. I hope they incorporates happy birthday LISA from the Simpsons. Oh yes, but that's my personal favorite annual he's an interesting, fascinating
human being no matter where you follow the allegations. This is something I can. I want to see yes and we're not. We're going to mention those jobs is terrible. Jokes involving K Mart and the punchline about boys, pants, half off nothin like that. We're not talking about it here at the free big it we're classy operation Harrison. Let me ask you: this is Michael Jackson just misunderstood and I'm asking you do you remember that touching MSNBC interview touching so to speak, that he did with Martin Basher, member thou. And how could I forget awake? Let me tell you what down my cup at times this blood. Please tell me why and my shot glass Jesus JUICE, I'm in a slight him over Natalie Way, because she brought Why doesn't even know about my job- and I mean like Natalie Israel, quick like when good Michael Michael Jackson, was basically already white, where I was coming- had become a woman? Yet now, when untried molested a few others, you know a little bit about.
Nevertheless, no more may make use of data by Neil tried that it didn't work as we knew from the Martin bash. I don't have an interesting thing right in the meat to era were promote, we're still promoting Michael Jackson. You know he can. He can have a zone brought. Show, but look at all the other, and I mean the pull via carcasses of former former Alice celebrities in power players. In Hollywood they can't they can get a job wash in cars and why it is so. I think TAT is kind of interesting here, but look. I think that that a Jacko musical would be pretty entertaining because look see what you will about the kids. So what you will about the ridiculous, the monkey that he had for a while, the other chip nonsense. The guy was involved in them like the guy. If he could dance and end moon
How can we know is like one of the most historic pop cultural events and of anybody's generation. You know what he started: something ok. Now I'm gonna head something good end it very in black and white. If you will, like it very good air, and unfortunately, that is all the time we have for today's edition of right and writer. I'd like to give special thanks to our fill in producer, a k, forty seven and, of course, our free beacon guests, Aaron Harrison Alex Griswold, Natalie Johnson. Remember finest. On Itunes, Google play in stature just search for free beacon, police subscribe. Tell your friends may leave a positive review like listen. James Riley Junior, who says we quote, serve the same function for satire as monasteries did for academic knowledge during the dark ages, the best com. That was very that's until next, until next time,
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