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Remembering 9/11, Keeping Up With CNN, and Eating Fake Meat

2019-09-11 | 🔗
The gang analyzes how America memorializes the September 11 attacks, how CNN operates as a political organization, and how fake meat isn't as healthy as some people think.
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Leave us review and a five star rating. It is September eleventh, two thousand nineteen, of course, marking the eighteenth anniversary of the deadliest terror attacks ever occur on America. Soil, but not every media company has seen it that way. We have the New York Times this morning basis, blaming autonomous planes for conducting these attacks so mad when it get your take on how this tunnel remembers nine eleven and how that's played on the media, actually surprised at how we continue to us, kind of some. We mark the occasion of nine eleven, a M leave them eighteen years after Pearl Harbor. There was a moment of silence and great. You know, Look ceremonies without have been nineteen. Fifty nine Irene obviously remember these dates or so
but clearly nine eleven had a huge, hugely dramatic effect on an America to the degree that we are still. We really do carve out this day morning of this day. For em, national recollection, I wonder if its tied in some way to the continuance of the war to kind of connect. This conversation with things will be discussing later at the fact that, eighteen years after the attacks, America's remains in Afghanistan remains in this kind of grey zone. Conflict with the Taliban at probably is one reason why We continue to mark this occasion. The way we do so, the lack of closure you see is what striving continued remember. If I were. I bet it's just a theory, but damn it I would want,
surprise of its unrelated in the sense of you think about other national traumas like Pearl Harbor, like John F Kennedy, Juniors assassination with their John F Kennedy senior answer, well, I spilled being the body count. Iron out, the challenger Hilary with mysterious disappeared before he could take is ok. Yes, J F K is assassination in nineteen sixty three. You know I'm obviously we mark these occasions. We remember them, but nowhere to dig degree that we continue to remember nine eleven and look. I think that's for the good, because I do think is less. Terrorism remains a global threat, but it is striking that It is literally almost degeneration census think happened, twenty years right, the kids, the kids, who were born in the year the attacks happen are now free.
Women in college there or fighting enough there now old enough. They will be old enough soon to go and to fight in Afghanistan, and yet it continues to have a hold on our imagination, What I thought we see this every year, when the anniversary comes up, how do you explain nine eleven to your children and at first it was here's how you talk to your young children, whose classmates may have law. Fathers and now is how do we tell kids, why, when nine eleven happened, how due process this and an eye you, you think, that's an important lesson to impart, as otherwise we start to get revisionist histories of the type we saw. No Omar than an elected member of Congress out their Harrison well look eighteen years ago on this very day, some airplanes did some things. That's according to the New York Times from, this very day, so it down. That's how you explain it. If you want to watch aeroplanes, are control
We were targeted by airline control we hit, but we do have airplane control, and that was a thing you know that's really to take away in domestic life, since, if you to believe- the mainstream media is now revisionist narrative that we do have airplane control, which is to say, and if anybody here remembers, going into an airport and getting onto an airline before nine eleven it was a much different process that it is not. It is hard to. I think this is the only one that is actually shaking his head. Yes, none of us are not the same, and every time a fury- the just wasn't anything like right today. There is not the full cavity search more yet on the x rays, hole up your arms, the metal detect, don't look, I was, I can't get frustrated with these whole. Oh, how do we explain this to our children? What we don't have?
to explain to him we can show them. That is what unique about nine eleven. I think it's probably why nine eleven a celebrated as a singular event in many cases its because it was the one of where you can see the entire world watched together, We have vision proof we saw this using all together. You address the horror of contemplating what it would look like in the universe of social media right, because at that point you would have had accounts from the planes. Yes, there are less the people up the towers had a voice mail as you would have live. We have the voice males in an echo in kind of the phone calls, but but you are right that it was captured
live. Television I was, I remember, distinctly I was awakened by someone say turn on the tv play at that point. Is one planet crash, so I saw the second one you know and dumb yeah, so it it the things it things have changed. Obviously in eighteen years, but then of course the actual reality of islamic terrorism has not ended and wondering what to do about. We changed approaches right and we were now clue clearly going to approach where it's more rather than us going out other. We did do some of that in the beginning of the year administration seems like the approach now is prevent them from getting in knowing, in terms of how the troubled me duration, is handling foreign policy. We saw national secure, The advisor John Bolton resign yesterday because he was at odds with the president. Reportedly, the present asked for his
indignation. Then he delivered to him about what, I'd say about the terms for the translations. Foreign policy moving forward I think it means that the Trump is now in advance of his re election. Campaign moving in a double direction. I think me we will you leave Afghanistan dialect day, twenty twenty in some form we might leave some new rump, forcing wins a grand wants, a thousand a there, maybe maybe we'll get there. Maybe you'll go under, I think, with the chances of a meeting between Trump and The iranian president, Romani at the United Nations General Assembly this month have increased, so our trump is a true to form. He was always a dove,
He was always as the campaign against war against Iraq WAR against mission to intervene for humanitarian reasons or for democracy, promotion or nation, but he was always against that and I think he is now freeing him for people who have different views- and that was matters obviously night matters resigned because from wanted us all out of Syria. Now malice resign were not entirely up, in my view, for the good, but damn were deaf me in fewer numbers than than matters would like an answer. Now Bolton is gone, and so I think that means a chain that means of an acceleration of our withdrawal, Afghanistan and a new overtures to IRAN Nelson separate matter? We were you more surprised by boltons appointment to begin with the war by the fact of his resignation.
I don't think I was surprised by boltons appointment. You know. John Bolton is expert. National security, professional use very visible on Fox news. So if you think about that round of appointments because a bolt enjoined reference in time it where a cobbler joined, it was the sense that trumps wanted his advisors, who were defending them on tv. It actually just be within him, but within the administration and cut low, continues to defend Trump Anti acres. He agrees tramper whatever he doesn't. Let his disagreements rise to the level. I think the bolt and at a Bolton in recent months has not defended Trop on tv that clearly or the president. So I was slightly that's something I was really surprised by his out, I think, are slightly surprised by the timing, was fascinating. Is the things that you think how people actually don't help people so
when the invitations to Camp David for the Taliban collapsed over last weekend. I thought that was a good thing and then, when I saw that Bolton had been the force behind it, I thought of that will help Bolton because trouble see that that day was a good thing that the Taliban were not an american soil. For the eighteenth first remain eleven. Well, that's not what happened in full, when she that Bolton had with made his disagreements in the press and who- and indeed was probably effectually taking credit for the collapse of the talks- that's that's it. That was the breaking point. Lobby. That's always been the criticism as he does not play well without others is less a cuddly teddy bear and cuddly porcupine. If you will, because this goes back to the Bush administration. I mean Bolton, isn't
operator and master operator, but he's kind of a singular operator in a sense it worth not on his team. He is liable to be against in ethical. Its biggest. I think this was more being operational and managerial move than it was a philosophical move. And the reason is because suddenly, like math, said bonds getting his own press bought and put him. Self out. There are saying hey, I was the one who was guess it lets me clear? Who was for this wacky Taliban plan, as opponents upon peo was very much like pale gets no press their height and Billy press it gets is out there saying how often the president is in that's if you want to survive this and that's what you do because that's me The team play any need to be a team player. If you want to stay on the team- and I think that a lot of you saw this coming. This was was the warning on Bolton in a gave, his philosophical, ethical enemies within the administration and an external philosophical enemies. The M
that they needed to share their basically cigarettes were rat see you don't see Trump necessarily moving in a more devilish direction. No employees of combat he's ready to drop bombs, but he needs a good excuse to do. So all good presidency, as the White House reached out to you about filling the role Harrison as an outside adviser the president. I feel that I am a farmer on a far more lucrative path outside the White House and am inside now. Let me fired from your cannot, of course now in terms of the national security establishment and the term administration, that the biggest news outside of the Taliban this Monday, when seen, ends chief foreign, responded or national security, correspondent and former Obama. Employee Jim Shouto rub report dad. I trump was the reason we had to extract a spy from Russia.
Now we saw washed imposed and the New York Times basically come. And refute that saying it was media attention beforehand but CNN has seemed to stick by this report. Well. Remember was at last week where a Bloomberg story of failed to notice that guy was being sarcastic on the internet and it ended up with him being fired from the Department of Fibre and then once the whole world new. Bloomberg just didn't get the joke. He was actually reinstated at the department, but as far as I know, Bloomberg has not corrected the story, so it's not surprising to me that CNN would fail to update its reporting based on the the material that has come forward forth from the New York Times. Washing pussy, I am,
the Secretary of State Pompey. I was asked about it because he was the CIA director at the time of the reported exile, and he also said the reporting, also doesn't surprise the and is not a news organization, it is there that is Thank you said political operation. If ever there was a week, did displayed that for all the world to see this was it I mean: what can we foresee in it? They did we for our nonstop coverage of trop dont, drawing on the map of the hurricane pattern and then we proceeded to take from that to the fake new CIA extract, won T forget, led by our Obama metaphor the eight hour climate marathon. Oh yes, that was captivating television up, that scored, access of one point: one million viewers over the course of the eight hour marathon over that eighteen hours is what we're going to do it again next month, because they got nothing better to do because they can't show the map with done it
twenty four seven for more than a year now, but Bolton has pushed the dvd notice. Bolton has pushed sharply gate, off the currents. Now I love because they level this rate. The media, John Baltimore Criminal, John Bolton working on drugs ambled and leaves light of childbirth, and please tell US refugee. Nevertheless, I also see this all the time. It's like people like people, just wait. John bought him to tell us what it's really wakens. Does anyone have any allusions about what a second we know every. Oh broadcast to us. Twenty four, seven through twitter through leaks the rally I mean it we know what it was like for an We Harrison. It's wonderful and forty Eight percent of the country thinks it's hell on earth and then we're gonna have an election it, as I would only John Bolton to say anything. We know we know already what with CNN.
But this about. So I need to tell you how ridiculous CNN is that this is a giant fishing expedition. They do twenty four seven, every single reporter on their staff everywhere their hostess. After looking for the smallest thing to turn into a giant thing, I mean I got this tweet here from this name: Brian Spelter, who Private make a story out of people out of promising that there were people outside his floor is his faith, veal, North Carolina Rally, soaking wet I deplore this up because apparently eighty degrees outside in the baking son, what got news for you, you can sell park, he's talking about the women out of a hot day in other news,
Joe Biden, be reconsidered, front runner further, the democratic nomination has been found to have said in two thousand for speech that we need it. Practice creative diplomacy with Russia by sending them piles of currency and given them oil money to get them to. Their blessing for the Iraq war from the same Kennedy was now backtracking on his past important is. This can actually hurt him usage, organised crime, and this hurts everything about by his. His current argument is that he is the most electable candid well, what when they have to read what a great relocate the Iraq war stage in the debates and trumps gonna say like it was. The figure is going to go out there and say it was a stupid idea to begin with it was. It was outcome error hardly debate that at this point and binds gonna go out there and say? Oh if we had only given vital Putin, the oil. None of this would happen, and this would have a perfect. We would have executed this war perfectly with global support behind us. That's that
way by cuts deals is just gives away the farm that is created for given that LIVE Medina, what they did, they try to do the wrong with along and look at that problem solved right now, in terms of democratic electorate and trump moving forward speaking of his division, I mean we saw this in the republican primary where he took aim at JEB Bush by talking about George W Bush in the Iraq war, if, if by means of the nominee mad, this is that going to be the exact might have attack he's gonna take their right. In a previous democratic nominees voted for the Iraq war, like Biden did and the Trump use that against her, and I think he made more of a deal that in republican primary against a bush, but- Nonetheless, it was an issue, their ship job, lower and lower energy. And you know it worked Men for this to have an impact in the
democratic primary one of the Democrats will have to make an issue of it and I don't know who will I mean this is why the tomorrow will be interesting because they will be of them on one stage, there is a peace, Yasser is a pre viewing violence lines attack on Warren on her court. Work, so I wonder if the worn campaign you know what what are they deciding willed her line of attack against Joe will it be foreign policy? Will it be corporate back, other direction of corporate backing or moderate his moderate views, it must necessarily be race because Comma tried that quite work I am interested to see, but this is the with all this news about Biden
might hurt him in the general. Well, it has to become an issue in the primary right first and nothing to date has really stuck with against Biden, and I think that is the reason for that is again. He is presenting himself as the cannon who has the best chance of winning by the greatest margin against our Trump and Democrats right now they really want to win what they got. A step up, Otherwise, Biden he's gonna run away with this thing. They need you started packing human right. Here I mean the courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon. We have provided them with credible dagger if any of these ones have the stones to step up and use this against a binding in the debate that we are going to school weak areas while see her wealth and know how to use them in court
We prefer numbers wine, I mean not only that annihilated her target will internal hop truth and until she gathered is that the dove in this ring of achieving ionization lets us can say is that this round her aunts of all these minor characters who have nothing to lose by attacking a front runner calling the senator Kirsten children have no precisely that doesn't seem like entities front runners, who, while Yang Alone Estate, right who resin light hearted foreign put a judge it put it just has to think brutish edge has to do. I thought that's the w em. You are poorly came out today, or maybe it's in that than other college there. I am yours on New Hampshire yeah, but but it maybe it was another. It was Emerson College of yes, whatever, yes as another new Hampshire, but that its new Hampshire today Marquis was in fourth surging yeah. So
you keep an eye on him and, of course he puts, I don't get it, but nonetheless forth in New Hampshire, Somethin watch and if he were to use it if he were to go on the attack, I mean he's been kind of a non entity in the in the previous two debates, in my view, but you know just what in all these candidates are waiting for a moment and the moment often comes late, but you could see you could see Mare PETE, make a generation based attack on I'm Biden, that's partly on focused in foreign policy now in in terms Harrison of the other, also Rand's, who have still managed qualify for this debate. Is there anybody who you see dropping out in the night? If I dont know, if they dont have a good not only out of under drop in some of these people have an hour of butter. He's gonna Harrison's gonna be disconsolate with them the blood blossoms.
I want you, love he's your favorite Canada. I am. I right in any debate has always smiling he she's crazy, look, the Plaza De Mayo. Biggest media market, the country needs a stand outside this. Damn debate, Hollan host as our debate here made himself. He could put people out of the crowd. He could pick up african scary movie and debate him. Why Why don't we have a kid stable debate being brought fast on disown or one of these other we're digital chant, Tiktok, I never even heard of Tik Tok until this morning or last night. Actually, my wife mentioned- I don't you, don't you explain to me that this had the presidential debate there one factor, both applause- you get out mean that the aims and to make this happen got twenty four hours. So we In pulling news? We saw their head two heads against Trump released, which showed a war in which key at everybody, trouncing em, and there was doing they talk about. You know,
with Carolina, was going to be a bell whether in the third district now it besides, a nice gesture dumps are the third striker as loud for Republicans, Nine district resolve Bishop beat MC by two else. I too, once he flipped several counties them greedy at one in twenty eighteen, but still far below the twelve point. Margin Trump had actually one in twenty. Sixteen. Do you think that the net districts pretends to some of these bad news for Trump in twenty twenty may be worried by these point. I'm not sure I mean why not. If you know normal politicians would be worried by consistently high disapproval and erosion of support in
additionally republican districts. I think an unseen. Nine was good news for a public, and I mean look at showed. A bishop did better, then the the guy who is involved in the ballot shenanigans and twenty a team Without spent almost to have exactly Mccrae had been running for years. He was dead. Democrats have spent him. So He still once I think with that shows, is ripped. The foreign the floor has not yet dropped below the Republican. Some, on the other hand, a trump it. What it shows is the process. The bet Trump made the trade trump Maiden Twenty, sixteen Between heap, when he traded in traditional republican families in the in the suburbs for these new and constituencies, Hi margins in the rural economies, forgotten minimal forgotten men among women of America that works and what works better.
About Iris, Cairo WAR? That's trop right! So this is why we talk about tat in Georgia, Arizona as swing states now. This is why, with the race in North Carolina was so close. It's why a lot of these taxes, suburban congressmen, retiring, because that that might work- you might get your you may When, at all, because we have winner takes all elections, you might win at all on these narrow margins that it might not in Oh that's why you have these closely fought, races in places that were once considered safely republic, also, these open sea to mean that I think their way overvalued in terms of their significance, national ethnic collectively? Yes, a big difference, but Crimea River, if you're an eighty year old congressmen running first twenty second term in the house and oh, my god, you gotta, run a race again
Poor baby, I'm so sorry to hear that ok side on our care when you're telling me that they actually gonna try this time like this, betraying every single member, every single member of Congress should be running for their life every two years? That's where the system was design. Nobody gets a free ride. No matter. How are you worried about their head had numbers we ve seen from individual democratic candidates, because we ve seen in the past. You know he loses two generic democratic, but we ve
why had on the right? I think they had had question right now is really just a generic question and you have to do the worrisome thing if your trump is just doing this for a talk today in one Paul or who, at one moment in the real, clear politics average a pulse. Has he matched his forty six percent share of the popular vote since February twenty seventy? So that is, if you look at the hour, cp average, nationally only once since the first month, the administration has, he been at forty six percent approval, which is then number they mounted the popular vote? Even so, if you're running for re election, you'd you'd think that you would be easy You gotta be where you were right when you, when you one in twenty. Sixteen really based on seventy seven thousand votes in three states. Rightly,
You have to be there if you below there, it's all that more difficult, so get approval, and not necessarily on the head with the head had showed, though, again that it matter more for the democratic primary, which is, I think, a lot of Democrats, because her so determined to be tromp. They really want to see who is getting bigger, margin against women in its the same as it's always been in spite of the current lucky. I think when you talk about pulses far out, look, we get a look at the historical comparisons- okay, the trumpet forty three percent and r C p. Ok Obama. At the same point, in two thousand and eleven was forty three percent. These candidates to get real at dinner between forty two and forty six percent like latest. That's the way but presidents in this country hang and also allow these poles. You look out But the ABC one that I saw yesterday were tromp was getting buried by Joe Biden. It was it was pull of adults. It, registered voters. It wasn't likely voters
literally people with a pulse and people with the pulse of you're gonna pull them. They are not the ones a jug, usually shocked about so yeah. I mean that that Europe's light it did the screens get tighter Thrace will get tight. We America moroccan politics, is very closely divided. It has been that way for two decades plus now that the issue for Trump is that, unlike Obama and unlike George W and I'm like Clinton it's never gone beyond fifty percent. In and say we were in the major poles in the south and his disapproval have always been higher than theirs. So I grew Harrison, but I would just look at those too as well speaking of two things that are unlikely to happen. It make any sense. Give us give us food and beverage director victim.
Tell us about the impossible, burger hello bill. Yes, so we we talk a little bit about upper kings, impossible water last week right and as my my I would say well. It turns out the wildly popular impossible. Whopper has more salt than a reg one hundred percent pure beef, flame, broiled, whopper, okay, so an embassy contributor air Conical Kendall recently pointed out that eating burger kings impossible whopper was not exactly a healthy, old or healthier alternative to eating a regular whopper. She says it's got nothing to do with health and all about the company's bottom line. We want to be coffee and they have a burger that doesn't kill any cows and cows by the way they say are killing the environment, so the smaller the cow population, the better for those methane emissions. But let's kid ourselves, this is not necessarily a healthy alternative for you that she saved not only that, but if you're a pure Vigo like you're kidding to pre is that right,
Patty is caught on the same flame, broiled grill, as the other meets its now tainted. So you can have that as the Kindle argues. It's all about consuming less, not just what we eat, but how much now have I tried the impossible whopper, I think Erin. You asked me this last week. I have not I am concerned about my sodium levels solve the. Sick, the classic whopper has nine hundred eighty milligrams of sodium, but the impossible whopper one thousand and eighty. In terms of sodium softer concern is fewer cows or you're. A soybean farmer short. Have it your way, but you're trying to be healthy, a mouth watering, flame broiled, all beef whopper is the way to go the lettuce, tomatoes, onions, Mayo Command, and I would like to add this: if you really want to treat yourself or you gotta go to the electric chair, something the triple stack or king. I looked into this it has two thousand three hundred milligrams of sodium which, but perhaps
not, coincidentally, is the maximum daily allowance of sodium for the EU, body according to standards, so that with the bacon option, I think that with everything- and I can't it what oh acceded Gazeta wants me to say that its more surely minuet per day. So my thought is, if you are able to do one of those twenty four hour fast, the knock yourself out private literally, will follow the food come I the Harrison. Does the sodium report making more likely to eat a vague in water or less like actually more likely, because there's one thing that I known as world was that salt taste good? I like salt salt is that that is the key did making anything task. I consume probably a thousand milligrams assault in every meal. Breakfast include snack included. There are five How do we really have anything economically others? This five meals at ever written
Not six per hour, I've never known which, like data, classify midnight as because I like alcohol, like a hive, sodium back, ah That's a good quality marries. Algorithms Letty marries grew driving arteries and car, where we are heading on worker readers why certain alcohol is have a lot more calories, though rum soda straight vodka, I'm drinking of not having nothing to relocate. Great, I recommended, having like a a stir, by a vodka with like a diet, club soda or something that that would really be great free. I would be putting be ended and then a wedge of citrus. You know that have you done you set. Is food and beverage director VIC matters now under kitty. Do pray. Tell us tell us about the latest. Celebrity news. I do want to add that a line would be really great at the end, his drink. You have to throw Lyman that when somebody got so, I wanna preface this as well that I'm not trying to step on banks.
Toes with the legal matters by I have a very pressing permanent are prominent person and I need us. So he or she is she's got you. My God, when of histories greatest lapsing artists and assume Starbucks galled level rewards member Britney Spears is having family issues again. Everyone remembers Britney's, two thousand and seven meltdown and prior to her.
Shaking her head, she coloured her hair Brown, which, for me this was poker. Her tell for things not going while is her hair color and they bring that up. Because last week Brittany became a brunette again after loads of drama. She has lost more custody of her children to access, bend and former backup dancer cabin fatter line and to make matters even worse. Two weeks ago, cabin requested a restraining order against Britney's, dad and conservative Jamie Spears fur, allegedly shaking violently the former couples eldest son Sean Preston. The restraining order was granted and keeps both of Brittany sons away from their grandpa for three years. Her her break down over a decade ago led to her father becoming her conservator, but, as of yesterday, her dad is no longer in charge of her. In that title has been passed on to another lifelong associate of bright knees. I can totally understand that a new look me
new you like, after a break up, you have to get into a haircut to prove that you ve, moved on same hoping in the weeks to come, that correlation doesn't equal causation and our brunette Brittany can flourish, yeah who's not pulling for bread me at this point you other great residency in Vegas Sheep. Bringing in millions again seek in Leipzig, her is all in their everyday dancing. Not so much by the inner he's got banned. The actually Simpson combat must bring all the corporate. I'm being so right now. Actually, on that, I would like to be a conservative. Do you wanna be and never that title before, but that's apparent? Did you hear guardian? once you're an adult you'd. Have a guardian anymore. You have a conservator back then and searching far currently is an adult too, and I am a political conservative,
making me responsible for the job of conservatory, I mean I would just like to be in that job interviewing process of trying to get a conservator, but now is not just to let her go daddy. Your bank account more no, yes, kitty and there's not a money issue with her. That's not what she's going bankrupt. Well, that's not battery when her whole breakdown had been her dad had to take over because she was kind of blowing through my and it's bad, you we're all rooting are we for Ireland? I was wont you know I was. I was at the gym yesterday and sure enough. That's on toxic can use to be made a classic now tat. He was a class here. Is the classic outlined so she's gotta make money off every time it, and you know I mean people start listening to. It aims, at least at the G8 the pride parades Have everyone loves or that's refreshing news again
we're running for her right now, her dads and legal issues. So how was he shoot? Your kid, like? The kids gotta, be like twenty years old, this teen old enough to be shaken like going so she so he wasn't shaking a baby. You shaking seventies, Vena dreams. Yet that's exactly that's exactly who should be shaken teenagers him I a stone in this. I'm presenting you now get those Here we have This ban, the Washington Free, Beacon, podcast thanks as always to food and beverage director VIC Madison Kitty do pray. Our celebrity correspond in math. Continuity or editor in chief and Aaron Harrison. Our president, thanks is always, and please be sure, to check this out on Google play sticker and apple podcast. Leave us review. Give us if I star rating and have a nice day,
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