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Matthew Continetti writes: As a conservative, I am skeptical of new things. This "technology," for example. I don't own a Kindle. I deleted my Facebook account over a decade ago. It took me years to adopt Twitter, which I did under duress and to my unending regret. I do not play games on my phone, or really do anything on my phone other than email, text, and make calls. I want to restrain and even break up the tech giants, not for economic reasons so much as for political ones. They are growing too concentrated and too powerful. Such amalgamations trigger my populist-republican sensibilities.
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but go ahead, make my day below and welcome to write and writer the official podcast at the Washington Free Beacon, I'm your hosts Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on twitter at Liz, W F B, the free beacon podcast available on Itunes, Google play and sticker. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a review journey me from the right. Is free, beacon, editor in Chief and Georgetown Cocktail Party, Goer, Matthew, cotton Eddie, you remember him from such mainstream media shows as meet the press daily and empires morning. Edition even follow him on or at continuity. Further demands right is free
Can chairman and resident survivalist Aaron Harrison we're not exactly sure what does around the office, but he signs the Czechs and that's good enough for us up. First, right and writer, Donald Trump Card Oprah, very secure during her appearance on sixty minutes and challenged to run for president in twenty twenty Harrison who would win a smack down between these two reality: tv star, billionaires, one hundred out of one hundred times. Donald Trump is gonna, win any fight against over Winfrey Oprah, wait when it comes to national security issues, a lightweight when it comes to issues that matter to the american people over is if only in touch the female voters, that your biggest advantage going into a fight like this. But, let's be honest, those offers not serious is that can give up this billion dollar empire to run against a real billionaire, a real need. Like Donald Trump. She did creamed continuity. Some, I think the real story about trumps tweet an opera was: he wasn't watching sixty minutes for Oprah sprinkler. He was wanting to watch Rex tiller since interview on sixty minutes, because you know
he's always paying attention to how his cabinet members or his staff do on tv how they appear, how they talk, because he wants to judge them on their appearance. So I think you just happened to watch the upper segment and was struck by her what he called insecurity to think it's funny. I also you know when Trump is in a corner and feels that he's being besieged he lashes out, they wants to pick a fight in order to drive the conversation on to ring he controls, and I think this was an attempt to do that. He wanted to resurrect the Oprah story, even though she had said earlier to sixty minutes that she's not running Harrison. Well, I think the Donald Trump never takes the first shot. Somebody attacks him. He fires back any fires back heart overspent. Can shots at Donald Trump fur about better part of the last year and a half sixty me in our view, is another thumb in his eye, and Donald Trump took shot
continent when has overtaken shouted Trump Perker bigoted. Her big thing was the me to speech at the girl at the golden gloves thing to do with Trump. I mean it is about it. Had everything women Ross Lobby eye irritation. Now this is the biggest criticism of the laughter, the Donald Trump as a sexual abusers living in the White House. This whole movement is about Donald Trump So now and it's totally wrong Harrison it's about Harvey wines. Dean in Hollywood Trump is part of it. I dont think that he is part of it. The targeted he's at eight hard for sure, started off with it with criticism of right wing media figures like billow, Riley and Roger Ales, and then led the access Hollywood tape and then you got My argument is it s not about giving their old Charley ones are alarming. Outward women, that's why that's why they're being attacked, left or right centre? There are horrible toward women right, but the one big cheese and this whole situation is Donald Trump Present United States who has rendered on women leaves something to be desired, lots which you say cook next time,
Political scientists have weighed in and after just one year in office, declared Donald Trump be worst president in american history, that's person who verve Cannon and Andrew Johnson after keeping score met. Who really is the worst american president? I think I think James became and probably deserves credit for that, because this presidency led to the civil war and you D things resolve the sectional conflict, I think Jimmy Carter, always what he's always overrated in these Paul's and he was a pretty bad precedent- is very rare for a president to lose reelection and he did it to a guy who was of an outsider at that time, Ronald Reagan and view very conservative figure it when he lost. So it's we not trump. This whole exercises so pointless. Setting at all has to do with the kind of making
Obama, larger than life. Historical figure. There's no way to judge these president's until at least a decade after they ve left office. Trumpet we ve been office for one year and also with the criteria. The criteria is the historians, don't like Trump well tell me something I dont know Harrison whether historians also didn't like George W Bush, who upon when it when a office. George W Bush was immediately rank at the very bottom of all. These list is of the same ridiculous list. The come out every forty eight years. It's nothing new does. Is this the profession of his history, professor? It leans extremely laughed, and this is just more damn putting their own views and other ridiculous rankings sites it's a conclusion in search of a fact. A fact pattern will you know it's. Funny, though, is that bushes risen in the ranking and
right Amelia when they were taking these surveys when he was president in the worst president? Ever he would be ranked very low. Now is like actually in the mid range in this New York Times, survey that we're talking about which I think is resting. So obviously the presidential evaluations can change even within a few years of leaving office in no small part of bushes. Rising profile is probably because these historians IRC compare in him a trump, so whoever the next republican President is after Trump will be so awful. If, if history shows us anything that trample rise from the bottom position, where, as we know it wasn't jealousy, is don't truculent in president for just just over a year. How is that any measure of being the worst president in history
is not even a chance for there to be a trump legacy at this point, other than great tax cuts and a booming economy right now, if you was to leave office immediately, that would be his legacy of be a pretty good legacy. So if they want to try to get an empirical fact base to make this concur and then what are they sang, are raising its voice because it's only been present for you. Well, we know where he is in your ranking airs no numeral who folks for the those view scoring and how you know, need await his whole term to yeah, actually that Spanish we talking English, only the walk, ass, a global audience trotted, hoping you to hold me the cock. Next up, Robert Mueller has issued thirteen indictment against russian trolls who meddled in the twenty sixteen election by tweeting things like Hillary Clinton would quote, ruin America and the entire world liberal say these tweets arms and social media adds were a worse. It
on America than Pearl, harbor and nine. Eleven would say you Harrison assume they ve got their own communist to tweet farms that big Most of the most liberal supporters in this country are communist trolls. If you look what are anybody on the left, what anybody on the right that says anything remotely controversial the liberal army Bernie Sanders supporting Hippy Communis out there will immediately start attacking you. You see the twitter mobs on both sides. I think that the Russian toward for all farm. It is an issue, but it's been stamped out, and you can't tell me that a bunch of quacks on twitter, the
blue eggs and the purple eggs were the ones that actually swayed votes in this election, I think, is a ridiculous. The images are ridiculous conclusion. Many why I think this is a big issue and, of course it's nothing. We didn't know right away. We ve known for some time that there, the Russians were interfering with the twenty sixteen election that indictment that Mahler unsealed. On Friday last Friday, we gave a lot of detail. To the russian operation, but likewise been greeted in the media. As kind of this seismic event, this world changing thing, and I don't think we can go that far. I mean I've I've seen especially lot of former My officials say well yeah, there's no way. We can say that this didn't influence some people, you know when the margins in these three states were so close. Well yeah. We can say that we're not sure this is the reason that
from won. The election in whose Margaret Brennan on CBS is past weekend, who ass John possesses saying you know what will look Russians new to target purple states widened Hillary Clinton of that, and you didn't have a very good answer for her. So I think it's bad. I think there'd be a big mistake on the right to dismiss. This is obviously back. Now? You also have to wonder what other nations are trying to interfere with our elections. If all it takes is a bunch of facebook. Ads and like a million dollar budget, you don't like the Chinese are doing this. You think the Iranians are trying to do this, because the funny thing is the actual ads. Are the same as any other ads. You see on Twitter, its it how how can one actually police against as it so it raises a lot of questions, but I dont think that the media or the Democrats or treating them very seriously instead there just kind of using this- is another way to kind of create smoke in that these spectre that one day, Donald Trump will be impeached and move.
For office from office. Because of this large, that's Africa. The Russians have been trying to interfere in american campaigns for the better part of the last seventy five years. This has been a long term goal of former KGB officers like Lattimer Putin. We know this, but these they hack the campaign they dont hack. The election, the nomenclature here get confused. Nothing is intentionally duns because you wanted. You wanted to look like if you're on the left in Europe method, Donald Trump is present United States. You want to look like the letter that the Russian were actually in the voting booth. Looking up people shoulders and changing the ballots read before they were submitted a right after that's not what happened the hack, the camp The message of the campaign that was Afeared with it. I don't think anybody doubts that, but there's very Little Evans's suggest that, as you are saying that that actually info
voters any more so than any of the other messaging that was going on during the campaign I mean it. It is true that Jill Stein Margin of error was greater than say, Donald Trump Red, rather that you can it just time, one enough votes enough places that if those votes had gone to Hilary than she would have made up the difference in the three in several key states that this won the election for Trump. On the other hand, was it because the russian trawl army? No, it was because Hillary Clinton is it corporate Democrat and the same argument. They made about nature and Gore in two thousand. It's not it's not trolls. It's the candidates. Next up its rush to push gun control, the media has left a lot of the facts behind falsely claiming there have been eighty school shootings this year that you can conceal, carry a rifle, not the like an amendment is about hunting. Meanwhile, looks like Democrats are adding done control to its dreamer platform, going into them in mid term elections.
That is this a winning strategy. I don't think it's a winning strategy for the Democrats. I think there's been the union and unanimity at the elite level over gun control and gun violence that that peat, the elites, are missing. The fact that in the twenty years since the columbine- almost twenty years since the combine shooting the politics of guns, have moved to the right and your times had a story about this- is that this morning saying the gun rights have increased in the time of this mass shooting generation that we ve been living with. So on the one hand, what the democratic doing is pretty easy to see that want to use the spectre of gun violence in order to drive up trumps negatives among women, voters in particular, minds in particular, and, of course, it's a rallying for cry for their base in there are. There are several districts, especially those districts. What could the twenty three districts represented by Republicans Clinton, one where this could play an issue
at that at the macro level. It's a bad strategy for the Democratic party gun. Politics is one reason why Trump is president now and for them to repeat it repeat: their mistakes is while very typical of Democrats. Harrison I agree with everything the magic said, but at all like to add that this is the classic democratic strategy that was that was defined by Rama Manual several years ago and to win Obama took office of never letting a good crisis go to waste. They believed that, because media funds over the argument that need to remove guy from our society that this is it politically winning issue for them and is not. It is actually
over well mainly popular to protect the second amendment. I have one other comment on this, which we can never discount elite opinion and what elites will do in order to achieve their goals and so, for example, and Raw Sorkin in the New York Times today has a calm saying why dont the credit card companies to crack down on gun purchases, if the political, if the Congress Is it going to do anything then? Have the businesses have civil society? Do this? You look at what is happening in Pennsylvania where the court overruled a Republican based congressional map right and drew up a new map, which is incredibly favorite Democrats if, if elites dont get their way, will change the rules of the game to achieve what they want, and I think you see that with the gerrymandering crusade and the Anti gerrymandering crusade and now you're going to see it with guns, it's going to be judges and it's going to be pressure on the businesses in order to
down on gun purchases? Will I like a really like what the elites do here? Is that it's all about their language? They use right. What is the real goal here? It's actually gun confiscation. I don't think there's any there, there's really any argument that that's the ultimate goal here. They want a ban future sales of our fifteen in court on core assault weapons. They can't even come to a conclusion as to what salt weapon actually is. The definition is stolen to find out what was it? There was a one hundred page attempt at defining what an assault weapon is come on. That's not gonna actually than that having a policy based on this. These this.
Leading this cloudy language? Language is not going to have a positive effect on on what their rashly trying to do. They want to ban guns and there to Fritz it before we champion to today's culture topics for right and writer. First, we need to check in with our pop culture expert Natalie Johns welcome Natalie. Thank you. Thank you for having me so breaking news. You have an exclusive inside source about this week's this Thursday night. The soul of the Bachelor winter games. You have the scoop, tell us all about it that I do. I have been d I mean back and forth with the man from it. Canada Vanua. He left last Thursday, I DA mayor call after Clare broke his heart. He dropped the Love you. After talking to her maybe three times he could have set it to me, and I would have that dead, but you know I'm not on the show anyway
even back and forth, trying make it happen with him. It's not really working, so he drew to the exclusive to me that he will be back on Bachelor winter games. This coming thursday- and I dont know if it's too I for Claire's heart or, if there's another woman on their man, you would have thought the clear really lost her chance signing. What does she thinking? She's already been on the bachelor, like ten years ago, she's gettin up She has she's thirty seven. She still looking for love all give her that my I have to say it's quite an interesting route to go at that age. But again you no good for her She chose the German over the Canadian and will see who who Windsor heart. Just when you thought, then, why was out just on it Then why was out- and you know up for grabs he's coming back squeeze of news on the free beacon by gas than washers real savvy here, and he knows how to get to a journalist, heart S, use of scooping content, exactly he
knew what he was doing. I also I wanted to ask you about. Keep Milton is getting a lot of criticism. To the bathtub and she was not wearing black. She was wearing green, and everyone's really upset, because this means she must hate hate women, because she's not in solidarity with the meeting, went movement what's going on here, I think the entire time's up movement and the reaction to the women who are not dressing end quote: code color at these a warm ceremonies, its content three to the entire movement and general women in these that movement are trying to step out of a box that they ve been placed in by placing themselves and yet another box, Kate, Middleton really can't show a political expression or opinion on things, yet she still catching flak for not wearing black. It was the exact same thing that we saw at the golden clothes with blogger blog go. She was wearing a red dress.
Cut out on it, and she was ashamed for that. She was sludge for wearing a cut out. Droughts, I'm not stupid. How in solidarity with these women and again, it's just contradictory and antithetical to everything The times of movement is standing for right, excellent point, I wanted to ask you about the Olympics, so the? U S is doing really dismally in the metal count, so we only have twelve metals Norway has twenty nine. Germany has twenty three, and even Canada has nineteen. Now. Our only hope in getting smaller pride back rests on the women's hockey team, Our american women are only hope now lay yeah. You know I think, in this the situation they must be heated. Unfortunately, our american men haven't stepped up in the Olympics.
We had a few figures skaters who are supposed to be pulling gold, and you know, as we ve seen, have been politically distracted. We had a tenth place, alembic skater, who now is being called the sweetheart of the Olympics. In the real, the quote real winner of the Olympics. Again he got ten plays. I mean this is just ridiculous, and so now we have women's hockey, going through and so looks like the female or the future. Its female. Thank you, as always, are pop culture, expert, Natalie, Johnson anglers. Thank you for having me so first up on our culture portion of and writer again, with the one pics in the sign of the Times ice skater, an atom Ripon was rewarded with a commentary gig on NBC after finishing and tenth place, but slated on Twitter and called out my pants Lindsey VON value.
Go to the White House if she winced gold and has yet to metal, is opposing trump detrimental to your alone. Pics performance Harrison. I don't think you can argue that it's not. Upon the gets this contract from MSNBC Nbc having it is there a difference anymore, not really, simply because he's against the president Vice president- ribbon even before the wind Nbc and MSNBC wanted a loser to be compensating for them. Anyway. If you look at those that their their cod ray of former athletes, they're all winners- terror, Le Pen, Sk John we're Scott Hamilton and altogether Does it anymore, but these around you gonna win, you gotta have some kind of notoriety, otherwise you're just a loser, but guess embassy in MSNBC below there there deviating from their doctrinaire philosophy of anything against the president is a good thing. So that's why you got the contract offer, but I think it was
and a funny that he declined the contact tracked offer ultimately because he wanted to stay and party in the Olympic village can't Mehdi yeah he eat has it's kind of a bizarre zigzag journey through this Olympics. First, he he kind comes onto the scene. Blasting might pants randomly and say: I'm not gonna meet him because of his support for religious freedom in Indiana, and then they get tenth place names as well? I don't want the only thing to be about the only thing people know about me is that I'm gag well, you know, That's literally that you you're the one who said it I made you made it the number one thing that people are talking about, then he gets the offer and there is like a deal. That he's gonna beyond be on NBC. But then mysteriously it vanishes in here, not gonna be on NBC anymore. I Harrison says it's because he he's we wants to continue parting at the Olympic village. I have a theory which is that Johnny we're stabbed him
back, I think Johnny we're felt threatened because at a rip off his energy, he he's got a job personality, he's gonna, be the big star na Johnny we're and his hunger games costumes he's been wearing during these things. I walked by the room and it's like someone from STAR Trek is good the play by play on the Olympic and the ice skating game. I bet he's the one who sank Adam upon that is bold, that I, like this theory secondary up next fur. Ye had to apologize for her odd rendition of the sparse stars, STAR spangled banner of the NBA Auster game. while her renders performance finally bring us together on the national anthem one we should all be together in the national anthem I what I hope this does is bring us together and the fact that celebrity music start.
You're not sing the national anthem celebrities end even pops are you have to take a test before you are allowed to give the national anthem at any of these major events, and I know that they do it. For marking purposes in oh we're, gonna have whoever that Forty singer is at the moment, do the national anthem, but the truth is a very difficult song to perform. You take the time you have, the judges have Johnny we're have out. Upon. They can judge you on. How are you sing national anthem and if you pass, if you get a four point, five or whatever, then you can actually go to it, because we, Without this string of embarrassments, they have to stop Harrison. Well. I've got a couple of thoughts on this, number one that performance of the national anthem was so bad it. Actually. We want to start protesting the national anthem. If they're going to be, they're gonna, be God awful in going forward, everybody there should have been on me now: listen the reason it was so bad is because Fergie wanted to do what so many in in the past have tried to do.
Failed. She wanted to put her own personal stamp on the national anthem is where artists, performers, singers, all go wrong. Any time, but they want to put their own unique twist on the national sing their style of the national anthem that's where it all goes wrong. Now her voice was not any any form of shape to be developed this off. If she was singing this the song straight, but his daughter our country is of tents. Were it's written to be reformed basis, we in the same style through and through when you deviate from the platform a recipe for disaster in Fergie really stepped in, and on this one sub newly released, recording, show, chaos and confusion. When a UFO was spotted over organ last fall. They have at Bay as a and the air force were puzzled over what to do with a fast moving, unidentified object, flying and stealth mode Harrison. Why didn't
blow, this UFO out of sky. Exactly the first question that came to my mind when I read the story and saw these these tapes, I don't understand what what was with the daily dallying. Here I mean garden with God nor add we ve got, we ve got the finest defence, force in the world we gotta fighters on call. We can't We're gonna sit here and just let some strange object fly across our skies. We don't know if this is a hostile enemy, its spotted everybody. Confirmation from four other partial airlines. We scrap F, fifteen fighters to do what not sure everybody just kind of sat there in all like wish Shooting first on situations like this, we have no time to lose to screw around and an and wait for the attack to happen, you got money. I just, I can't believe Harrison's leading us to an intergalactic war, so equally, I am too so it yours a huge moment for you now to communicate with another species. What reason we don't we
you're right. We don't know if it's an enemy, we also don't off it's ours. There are plenty of their plenty programs out there that the defence Department probably is awaiting its heart. What you're telling me is that our government is gonna, go out there and admit that something happened. Then we don't know what it is and you think that's a cover story, absolute they do that all the time and by the way that you have the FDA rights over the FDA. Admitting this, while their death aid does no, what CIA or that the odious doing and nor nor should they probably amino it almost certainly leak I think, might be quest No, as is the same UFO as was in the New York Times story from a month was the same shape. Remember them video that CNN released with the kind of this is like an oval and travels very fast? It looks kind of similar to me, guys what this is, what we re ambled fighter. So these are the vulcans or clear answers, I just read our sky aside. I don't think we should just rush to war with them. I am sorry that you're sitting here things they came here to communicate a message of peace when they didn't communicate anything at all the doing something with that,
Health, is a sign that haven't you two rival that itself as assign you have to figure out the puzzle, we, where is trying in the rival that will sign who's gonna, give us the key to saving humanity right. You just Judas leaping to start, the conflict. We you don't know what the repercussions are. We get a study, these creatures. You're, the one that wants to like invite disaster upon our society. There's no disaster. They ve been flying around in the cloud now four year waiting to strike, who put straight when it they have already done it. You have the power to travel, huge intergalactic, interplanetary distant. And you come in you what you're inviting the next attack with this type of strategy. You need fire from the first of all. It is that comparative midnight inviting you're inviting the first two to live without you get you, there is no time to be grown around here, we must show that we are not to be trifled with when it comes to defending our homeland. I wonder if this is another russian disinformation campaign, the UFO. This is what then. This is what they want to do to so distrust in our system,
it is through these drones or whatever they are at high speeds up in the clouds and make everybody fight over them. The truth is out there boy, Jennifer Lawrence says she's. Taking a year off, acting to quote, fix our democracy, that is, time we had more celebrities, Wang and on politics, that's exactly what we ve been missing. All this time was is more celebrity act. I think now the real reason jail is taking some time office hurdle. Recent movies have not been very good at all. She lost the hunger games, franchise, there's the thing she's in the x men movies. We don't know what the future is there of she's she's, blue and expand movies. That's not very flattering ass! She had ridiculous movie, mother or whatever that does it seem bizarre. I would never watched that an hour later latest when she was actually in DC last week after the premier of this new one, where she plays the russian spy and Anna Chapman type character
looks intriguing in that, but is it going to be a black buster? I'm not getting that sense. So I think she's having some trouble finding funding titles and that's why she's going to try to join the court will actually what we'd need, just in general, more people opposing the president cause that's really in it. We haven't, we haven't had enough yet Harrison laughed reading, sunny bunches review of the movie mother on the free beacon. I think take a lot longer than just a year off at things out in horrible and see it, but on risk and assume antitrust everything sunny says what comes a movie south anyway. Besides appoint, look, I think, got another classic tale of somebody who had an epoch amount of, at a very young age. This happens to act. Actresses athletes. Especially where they are such Vien arms at such a young age. That everybody's too afraid to tell him that by K e your kind of uneducated on a lot of
these issues. Nobody tells him now everybody tells me there so funny and so smart and so talented. They begin to but the all their view, the bullshit that's thrown right at them and I think that's what we have here, as we have somebody that actually thinks that she is now an expert on the field of politics in international affairs and wants to go home. Save the world needs an admirable sentiment, but I dont think it's really based in any type of an educational background or any type of expertise. Other than being surrounded by a bunch of sick of it, I have to say that's an incredibly ellida statement: you, you have to have expertise or background in order to weigh in on politics. I mean this is gets too people who were annoyed that Lebron James is voicing. I don't just if you disagree with the opinions, then debate them, but dont say that they should keep out of pocket this is it. This is a democracy and that's not what I saw it all. I said that there are any ok, that's that Difference plenty more said, she's an idiot, but then
she doesn't have the expertise or the right. Where the educational background doesn't mean you have to have you met America? No one here talk about an elite is put opinion right there that I like. No, I want you to know, I don't ask other people who don't my hope that my will take here. Is that look you're in any, not you put like like these these these am you know. You think that to his these athletes and these celebrities and want to go out. There are very uninformed about the issues that they're so passionate about. So much I'm saying no, they shouldn't be allowed to do this. It you're saying there dumb ass. Unfortunately, that is all the time we have for today's edition of right and writer remember find us on Itunes, Google play in stature to search for free beacon, please Dr tell your friends and leave overview until
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