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Rudy, Hillary, and Handmaids

2018-05-04 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the Free Beacon podcast, Victorino Matus fills in for Natalie Johnson and the panel discusses Rudy Giuliani, Hillary's love of capital, and Jim Comey's pump-up jams.
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but go ahead, make my day. Why below and welcome to write and writer the official podcast of the Washington Free Beacon, I'm your host Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F B, the freebie complied gases available on Itunes and Google play. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a review and mark your counters four may tenth an eleventh. We will be joining the American Enterprise Institute and ricocheted. First ever pay.
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Julie Ani, reveal that present Trump reimburse Michael Cohen for the one hundred and thirty thousand dollar payment to Stormy Daniels, saying it was quote perfectly legal and not campaign money map Trump annually on. I have a nice one to punch while this is Giuliani, came on board as the Trump lawyer- and this is the dawn of the new trumped legal strategy and I'd say what he did. Hannity the other night is really kind of a rip. The band aid off legal technique, for he knew it seem set of everyone. I mean no one seriously doubted that this payment had happened or whatever, and so your Giuliani just kind of admitted it in order to for close the possibility of any campaign finance violations. Other he successful, of course, is another story altogether
I just think is another masterful, Donald Trump Public Relations strategy victory. Would he have you have really Giuliani going in there and completely blowing up another new cycle? The lefties go crazy thinking that he just indicted Trump on national television when in court. In fact, quite the opposite happened. You Giuliani, gay, an explanation for the payment that had been very murky before you got Cohen, whose currently, under massive investigation, I'm sorry do what I say as account right behind you, Sorry Cohen call me get out. We conclude, oh god, I don't know how many other people do. We have honoured diameters, likeness hodgepodge of collective characters, I'm so confused on this thing, other than the fact that I think it is pretty clear that there was no FCC violation. That happened here. They're really
they were. The left was vote really sunk in on trying to claim that Donald Trump somehow involved violated Effie see standards with this payment, but in fact the explanation makes sense to me Cohen was on retainer from another entity that was not the trunk campaign. He used whatever funds that were that existed from those immense two shots, Stormy Daniels up in the final two weeks of the camp. Famous people have to do this. All the time rise in their go after them for their money, playmates porn, star, supermodel, Sir all throwing themselves at this president. What does he spoke to do. He has a marriage and the family to protect its better just to just change. What's What is located in his pocket change? trade money as they say you're. So, honestly, it was the simplest shortest easiest way to get out of a potential firestorm and the final two weeks, the campaign. Especially knowing the media environment that wherein we know,
the media is gonna, take anything Anti Donald Trump and run with its twenty four seven news coverage young black out covered the ink on the papers, but, like that's the thing it's like it, would they would run with it or rowing. They certainly love story. Now up next, Hillary Clinton has come up with a new excuse for her loss being a capitalist. Saying: what can you do when you're in the Iowa carcasses and forty one percent of Democrats are socialists? Matt will we do know she does love capital, she loves while she will have. She loves the blank and their having another Clinton. Global initiative, fundraiser and she's. So they're kind of can it be a Clinton summer raising money for that year. Axis started this week by saying and of coming Clinton wave so good, which is advocated,
right, but I'm sure every single Democrats like lowered their head or kind of like sunk in their seats can sell. My god can and she doesn't disappoint by that same. You know, she's, so tough, so tough to be helpful. Hilary life. They should have a virtual reality programme where you have to be Hilary. You know, and you see how so tough to be. Equally, it's really hard. You just hate in order to do that, you just happened. Literally everybody around Rachel S, mind! You hate your supporters. Hey dry owner. He hated the people that are supposed to be rising to it, because I think it just like frustration on her part that she has worked so hard to convince people that that she should be put in charge of something when because the natural disposition of people is to not trust her, because she does nothing but lie and money grub. She is the most dishonest duplicitous politician in american history,
It's no wonder that she hates everybody, because that feelings mutual actually got a like her point, though it it might not be that I, but it's getting there forty one percent of terrorist acts of socialist, and that is a problem for that right must not build Clinton's party. Does she every time should try to move towards that? It just came off rather move towards this new, more left Wing party came office in a fantasy, which is our biggest weakness. She's always is sheer. Husband have always been trying to establish a softer democratic partner party right. The deal c in the early nineties that was part of like a pro capital is a big money, softer version of the? U
left wing democratic, socialist out their solemn wondering if maybe this is a pretence for a third party Hilary run. They all know she's not going to give in cinema. Riddick unity took at the heart of your first year. First next, the latest bombshell from Jim Combings. Never ending the tour is his claim that he would sing beyond says Saint Castles during FBI briefings hairs that I hadn't even heard of this fiance saw what it sounds like commies taste it's about crying and a tough break up, but the only really be answer song that Jim call me who's gonna, be singing Daddy lessons when he's a prison one day, I'm not a lying. The gym combing has been doing on this book. Tour is preposterous. According to Jonathan Turley he's getting very close to per jury spend on that. Maybe I can get it remember to be under you. Don't like the lie, has
the under oath one, and I think he has a timeline Anderson Cooper Town Hall is now you. He has a timeline problem in his testimony before Congress was right when he thought sudden caught me. The. I also actually I'm relieved to hear you had not heard of the song, because I know her song. I didn't look it up its deep track. Guy had to look at Is it out it s like? I just nothing annoys me more than dead to want to be cool, as you know, and you can tell it is. I think he has at least one daughter, Yan and its, and so the only way to help China Sea were exactly the same dynamic like the Andrew Mackay family. Yes, Norther, Virginias just apparently filled with these family of like Laden, dad's, red and yellow dad's working government, they're kind of dorky they're trying to appeal to their thirteen age, children and it just comes off so completely fake and
right. Where were the other FBI agents in this meeting like thinking when he started singing their problem knowing what we know now about the FBI and or call me they were probably liking, tapping their fish sang out it s also made my favorites evil thing in meetings at the Free Beacon office live here, but we do see now that's right going. There is a very distinct patter of forming amongst these northern region, Northern Virginia fake republican men and their also all married to like these hard core feminist democratic women. Yet what is going on here I mean this is a beta male revolution that could be the in cells, arrive, rushing up that we ve been you gonna get rich in! You live in the bubble way works before we jump into our culture ran on right and writer. It's time to check in with we would Natalie Johnson, but she is a way
Next best thing: we have deputy editor, the free beacon victory. No matter. Slovak, however, is how, but I was gonna pretend to be Natalie transfigure highly discreetly. Back in advance. You it's me at the end of the crying game. They are confused and references to old movies, solve out. Ok, ok, he gets the current times. We have an important update on Amanda Knox, Amanda Knox, who is by the way innocent in a court of law. Yes, she has a tv show on vice call. These scarlet letter reports talk about. Trinity Knox, as you hold the hoe, What are the opportunity of duties you gotta show They do. Thank you. Thank you. As you all know, a man and I spent four years in italian prison for the two thousand seven murder of her roommate Otis Kerchief. Ah, she and her boyfriend raphaelites
so the seat o both were convicted, but then the sentences or a reversed by the italian Supreme Court. I believe it's the ill quarto supply. Is what they call it. That's it is and Ambrosio my Italian and it like and miss handling, and what not, if you remember, the accusations were wild. Yes, yes, Harrison remembers this there is like it. I forget Foxy Knox, Foxy Nazi. What she's as that monitor it haunt. Sir, it's a problem for her. You know they were accusations that it was like a sex king, candy, and DNA, and then there was any game by them any game, involve salutation, has borrowed and say you get involved any game, and so we takes out of life. You gonna walk away, and it's not worth it. I don't care. What I don't care. What it is no longer a day is the longer guess what we gotta get hurt. So now she has a show and going to be featuring other wrongly maligned when they I love, is yes, including Amber Rose and Michel Barton, whom allied
sure board on earth. Are we really well by regime in your shoes or some a year opponent? No, I know what what what is it was reading on daily mail? What's the article that I sent you, a her boyfriend was going to release a sex tape or something and submit flattering photos right. Remember that back in the day, but its many years ago, and so anyway, she's gonna beyond the show, I'm glad at a man and axis, you know as a new best e measure Barton, you know they are like they'd get along positive reinforcement. Yeah is so you know Foxy Nazi. She doesn't like that name but anyway, personally, I pass I'd rather watch Samantha Fox over over a man. If you know she's, look it up on the internet. Star arrive late already, do
We also have another conjure up day. Yes, he is blaming Taylor, Swift, fur, his mental Bradley, bring down and was as two years ago that's correct was it goes way back the nervous breakdown. He says now stemmed from the famous incident, where you interrupted Taylor, Swift at the video musical wards in two thousand and nine, when he said that the award should have gone to beyond C4 single Ladys, and now he says that there is this link between that incident and his not getting a fair amount of play time on the radio, so literally video killed the radio star. They now dead, get what you pay, but you know what I personally would it? No, because I only I wasn't serious x out my always into the Beatles Channel and the spectrum and Jesus is not understand. This is hard to know who's side to beyond here, because you know natalie- and I are big t- swear, fan spit
yeah, you know he's coming around. Has some good stuff too, is a trump there. Now you have these. They have music video. How many years ago was this the amazed that was two thousand and nine it's crazy, because her latest album she was still referencing lessening this on dang like ruin their lives for the next ten. It was a big deal really both and then there's always been lingering close range of whether or not there is any complicity like deep down beside it in its he do a video and like his last really I was like a naked Taylor. Swift, look like with Donald filed out loud near so I've. You know if, if canny wants, a future republican politics is gonna have to you meant that then wound between the end, between his teeth with a lesser silence, can be definite. Lesser was another aspect of the stories of he claimed that he was addicted to opiates at one point. Yes, part of this break out, and it was due to him undergoing life of such
treatment not with what is your take on male liposuction such not a huge fair. I guess, but in four from guys gotta. Do it a guy's gonna do maybe just should admit that he got labour section fair. I just where I take my name, that's what I was kind of like an extra happening. I fully section or gastric bypassing the one you prefer. My Christie don't want. That trinity was wasted. Yes and safely, not exactly my type, if you need either myself either one that is kind warnings. Finally, with important update on This work really jars of the hill. Oh my gosh, you're, gonna love this and finally fans event. Tvs. The hills will be delighted to hear our Trina patronage and Rank Breyer our dating again after an eight year high
What I have no idea who these people This is a view it I'll drive. You saw guess I would I never liked the hills wondered if tv stop showed videos you oughta be this like executed, we'll have like a reality, show about living in the real world, or something and be crazy, so they I remember they had a show called undressed and I watched that in the late nobody's yeah. That was good, and that was it so now they have. These other shows, like the hills, never watched it involving April. I target audiences pseudo high school girls on the Thai. Well able to me. Ok, so I feel stronger for you, but it was also the audience is also people who, like watching high school girls, which is fixed, we're only merit realisable, girls and lonely man. Thank you. Obviously, I am a little disappointed that she didn't get back with just and Bobby. That was really the true love story. I shouldn't directed this question to you.
Get off the generational difference that thank you so much of it. Well, I hated update of first our culture around a serial dine and dash is using tender to take women out order, lots of food and skip out on the tab, leaving countless women with the bill. Meanwhile, other losers are starting an insult rebellion, claiming society is shut them out from sex through through no fault of their own, their jealous of the chance to get all the Stacy's map. This is the future the feminist wanted. Is it really? I think, sir, I think it's a future that you could not possibly have imagine. Even a year ago I dislike I looked at my computer today, I'm looking at all these terms in cells who were involuntary, celebrates parent
or a vile cells or a voluntary celebrates in Chad, swore that, like the jocks who get all the girls in the Stacy's who are perfect, another thinking always that woke, whereas that S S J W or is that red pillar based on my heart, how about time over their hotel, I'm like I'm living, I'm living in it and like I, don't even know what it's like a cartoon. It's like what was that movie man of his like right after Roger rabbit curl cool world that exactly right. Sorry, I was working at the standard of the cruel world where, like the guy, I forget the added. Let's do is broken a Brad Pitt. First rules and he'll useful hee hee, all of a sudden, like ie wakes up in like this, like nightmarish cartoon land and
That's where I live now: yeah yeah. It says what we always united, it is laid down in these words are easily hazards jerks, and you know it's it's weird how this can be. The question is: how can it be policed right? How can we get get these guys off of tender? So they don't? They don't stiff the ladys with the bill. You think blasting their picture on the local news. You wanna do it, but he still like. I looked up this story and he was the humans. They played it back in March and then earth yet was weeks ago, and then he still getting away with it and I want to hear from Harrison. What, though, are this if the rules are reversed.
Right, because some women are offended. If you offer to pay the bill are well. That's why I say when the future Feminist one ahead, she could see. The rules have been reversed for about three hundred years or three thousand yourself. Men have been getting stuck with the tab for far too long. That said, I am a little disappointed with this guy's execution. There's lots of people that have been trying to get in touch with me said. Have you seen this down a dash guy real American Oh he's a type, a man that we need. No now is not the type of man that anybody aspires to be here. Getting laid out of any of this. That's the whole point of going out of date in the first place is virus by understanding Etas cigarette, rather than just some kind of glutton MIKE. I'm gonna, get a practice for the hot targeting Carl or they don't like, then I'll hit it off, and he then these there's no future there and then
I'm, not brain for getting a lobster cocktail, here's what I hears. What can I do? about this guy. Perhaps he was going on dates with these checks went back to his place and then he stepped amount for the branch tat. You know the next morning, then,
what is there then? I would be like ok at least we're going further and faster player bs, but like stiffened them with dinner before anybody. Does anything funny like come up. It's ridiculous that guy's kind of a loser, I'm glad that the restaurant owners Alpha dog him out of the restaurant. I hope this guy gets arrests and us more time. That's the only legion. Next, the boy scouts have officially dropped boy to their name, to make the organisation more quote inclusive, as it starts stealing members away from the girl Scouts Harrison. Why didn't they just be safe and call it? The non binary scouts looked libyan along the non binary scouts for a very long time. Unfortunately, the boy scouts used to be something to be proud of in this country. I think they were very poor. There were very positive influence on the youth. Unfortunately, restarting believing like the late sixties, early seventies,
counterculture started to see them. This is militaristic, ouses, pseudo military force it we were training our youth to go into the armed forces and take over there s the world rape and pillage whatever we're losing this culture war, its lost with the boy scouts. You know it's no longer, ok, to teach masculinity to two young men to teach responsibility to teach any type of our doors. Man, you can't fix anything. No kids, kids and in young men can't fix me more than just call people because so spoiled not bother to learn mechanics. They can't even changed our own oil and let alone expire anyway, but that's all started the boy scouts. We're all was designed to teach kids in young men, these basic schools as the girl scouts work. Girls, but this gender has just got in the way of every. Its ruin. These institutions Here we have just the scouts and the scouts are probably gonna start learning how to knit
it out and do some some more domestic chores, maybe they'll play video games. It's kind of a disgrace on very disappointing is actually super depressing. Looking at the original handbook in how pretty bad ass. It was telling the little kids like be a man, be a hero like sacrifice everything go out there and now the book doesn't say that it does not. It says, be careful safety like you might fall like it's that this was there is great mica showed it to me. Meadowcroft Claremont wrote back in two thousand and eleven comparing ought to have an annual of change in its really to present every look. This is positive, but I wasn't a scout behind even a couple no I wasn't even a than then I should talk galleys do
I was a cop scout I was. I went up to very able I enjoyed it. I was horrible at all the skills I hated, the camping, my one and only time camping was in a cup scope. Trip, and that was the end of that yet and my dad made Maya Pinewood Derby car. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it, I'm glad I did it have it, but I was always suspicious slightly suspicious of the of the guys who continued on to become the boy scouts, which is what this policy changes addressing it's the right out. He's are now the scouts right, so there's still cub scouts and girl scouts, but now there's just scouts,
For that reason I was a cub scan for two weeks meant only to a year. I first became right if you took a cab, MRS Kaufmann, for psychiatric reasons, and not just in Rio. That was that I was sexually as they said. It was like four metal others like five ethical metal, Cubs, Heil Metal vessels, although metal, usually say everywhere around the year by year, we say that ok up nags bad news for feminists, as the handmaids tales. Second season is just another example of quote very conventional massage monistic entertainment with women constantly being electrocuted with cattle prods, kicked threaten with dogs chained to a gas stove and burned and left alive on a gallows covered with urine hat
will they do without their favorite lay mean about my tents and the trumpet major straight I dont know I mean I read that I read this piece of feminist writer saying how unfortunate is to watch the logic. Any I've never seen an episode were empty Milly with the story because of Margaret outwards, novel upon which it is based, but I have to say I read in the peace I actually sympathized with her, because I find it very difficult to watch a lot of these premium. First, you know first rate a celebrated shows because I just believe they're pornographic, and I believe I believe that there is not pornographic and the poor no sense in another. Some of that, it's just pornographic. The obscenity send signals.
Oh needed story telling that our any of the things they describe, there's no storing telling purpose for that weird orgy. Seen in that one westward- and I know that there's no story telling purpose it s nothing and an ear, offending people like me, and a people like this, this right, this critic for New York magazine right. So unless your total evil nihilist with no values, Sonny Bunch. There is nothing for you in this. The Harrison I disagree looking at me like I watch these like, like I'm, the one that the joke the correspondence dinner about, sir. How could be looking like she was in the handmade stale like over my head. I don't watch this. I see him another. One of these shows that the elites try to signal that they watch and there are the insiders because they see Highbrow story, it's another! It's enough! bed down
Town Outlook is guarded. Another house of cards were only the insiders watch it and it's just like I don't know what it is. I it's it's not for me. It's not designed for me. I don't get it go feminists, I'm sure you'll find something else. That's out there that just for you, so I'm sorry what episode was aunt. Not that I don't watch where those guys didn't they wanna try episode, I don't watch. I want an ex right on my dry. I'd, be lagging please flag, it see you don't want. It just doesn't want to admit that he gets nightmares from a lot of these shows. That's the real if you're, not a horror guy, no man is not hurt now alive. Now I don't even want bother with the horror it because I don't want to its nightmares, but then I'm watching o every item with like West Road, for example. Some people in this room are always a. U have to like what you have to like West role. Are you don't watch westward wary freak you dont want? Was I tried watching? It was literally like you know, Doktor Ronnie, giving away the ambient that was the last world from a metaphor. Put westward
I'm out weight within twenty minutes? Nothing happens on the show and then all of a sudden they have this. It's only now I want you got all hell seen you know the plots getting interesting and end. Then it's like this, but Dick he was orgy. What the hell is this I actually I like less world because mine as some of the gratuitous stuff. That really is no point in it. I think the story actually essentially not alone, I'm a minority on this, but I just I just
the thing. Just put, you have to think, while you're watching it we'd better than a lotta garbage, decide minded people like sunny bunch sounds interesting: a minimum undertook out West Sex violence role ass, a cake of. Finally, a new documentary is rethinking Barbie as a feminist. This is the feminist show today, by the way and explains the quote: history of Barbie is nothing less than a history of western womanhood or Harrison. Maybe she's just. Da work, ok! So what what's the point here distorting back? There is an awful documentary, and people are over thinking, Barbie that only they sing that Barbie use a good thing or a bad thing or shaggy visiting remedies. After all, good thing has led us. She, when she wore an astronaut or something, of course, should also data
down on bar, knows it out. You can. I didn't say that all three of them, but you could see the history of american womanhood through the evolution of bright barbie, Flash Malagasy states, while I've always thought the barbie was a feminist. I mean that's great, you think about the thing we think about the Barbie world, I'm sick of people having like there's a whole documentary about this. Actually that are we dies. We don't really need to think that much about Barbie she's, just a doll, no she's, a feminist issues, a feminist. I what happens when you have just. People, usually I'm about. Why it, I'm gonna tell you, as you got it, you gotta cut the interjections down here. A little has a very important point to make about bar, ok, Barbie. We realized feminist when they introduced can, and you want to know. Why, because can is the feminists ideal man? No genitals, it doesn't
any rights in the passenger seat of the Barbie Ferrari, gender, the tiles jetted, like a combination, like a german words like an hour. I wish to end without believed animal ivy. I'm pretty sure that can I don't know I don't know things religious affiliation, butter. No way no desire to once again spirit. Ivy League is probably very spiritual. He doesn't need. We know that I know he doesn't go to church now use the use of new employees guy he just six hours in the day Just sit there and looks perfect That's enough. All women really. I was from their ideal Yet again I must understand your body sculpting. Ok, what, unfortunately had it all the time We have read today's edition of right and writer. I'd like to give a special thanks for producer L before can, of course, are free, beacon, guess. Matthew got many Erin Harrison and vague matters finest on Itunes and Google play just search for right and writer. Please subscribe to your friends,
The very positive review like listening Harrison Super Superfund. She says Liz as hilarious of the production is amazing. Till next time.
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