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Scott Pruitt, Gray Hairs, and a Munchkin #MeToo

2018-04-06 | 🔗
On the latest episode of Right and Righter, <em>Free Beacon</em> Deputy Editor Victorino Matus fills in for Natalie Johnson, who is in California stalking Channing Tatum. Our crack team discusses turmoil at the EPA, "theybies," and sending the National Guard to the southern border.
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but go ahead, make my day below and welcome to write in writer, the official podcast at the Washington Free Beacon. I am your host Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F B, the free beacon podcast They'll have on Itunes and Google play. Please subscribe, tell your friends and leave of review. Me from the right today is free, beacon, editor in chief and career politician Fan Matthew, cotton Eddie, you might remember him from such mainstream media outlets, as the allay times in the Amazon Post can follow him on Twitter ACT. Continuity plummet,
Listen, hello, media matters for when you listen to this future and further demands right is freely. President. Aaron Harrison who also like to tell Democrats are not answering your effing questions were not exactly sure what he does around the office, but he signed the Czechs. That's good enough for us hello, Harrison Good Morning, but doses of exclusive yeah. I say up a verse. All right and writer. Resident Trump is threatening hunter.
Billion dollars more and terrorists against China. An imperfect champion fashion went off script yesterday in West Virginia Matt Thoughts on Trump being Trump. Well, it's been entertaining for one thing, I think a lot of the coverage of the trade move is missing. Some important aspects of one is so why? What provision of trade law are these moves taking place under? Well, it's because China for twenty years has stolen american intellectual property. The hive high barriers of entry into their market from for american companies. They routinely bully american companies into forcing them to hand over industrial information, and so that's what these tariffs are being threatened to combat that's being left out number two. Yet we having these summits between China and the United States in North Korea,
in the spring, so clearly this is part of the leverage game. I don't know Trump hasn't vocalize that, but it must be the back of his very capacious mind in third. You know: there's a lot of complaint about, oh well. These affect these disproportionately affect the arab states and that's for sure the arab states have benefited from chinese imports of american agricultural products, but you know what they're more states in the union and the arab states and in particular what these are aimed at are to benefit the rust belt states, which are the key to Donald trumps presidential coalition. Harrison yes in, including in those states where West Virginia had that great moment yesterday on through the script on the ground, while work when it comes to trade in China advocates a complicated issue. I thanked the China
It does not have our best interests and mine additionally, yet which I like having cheaper goods in their country. I also like having a booming stock market, so You don't were on one hand you ve got China, that's clearly can exploiting their competitive advantages when it comes to slave labour off again
cheaper man manufacturing processes, so there is like the trade deficits, the real thing, I'm not really sure the best way to to do it, but if we are going to go down this path, we are gonna have to make some sacrifices here in an sacrifice. Maybe what you don't like for dollar Tv Walmart, she price she prices are nice, but one thing I dont like is the fact that workforce participation among primates males has plummeted over the last forty years, but especially over the last twenty years, which was the introduction of China, which is a mercantile as power into the global market. Its shape shifted everything and its lead to real costs, and we lit as we look at the benefits with the cheap goods and the high stock market, but it's really lead to real costs, in particular in the employment prospects of men and that that carries overrun
family formation, the stable communities, and we, this is the beginning of an attempt to address that clumsily is always a motion. Can a shocked at the left as an embrace this policy, a little more to smart ones, have shared Brown is over the top and that's gonna help him in his Senate. Election is falling good Point next, the media is out for blood against Scott Peru. At present, President Trump is still standing by his effective EPA administrator. I love the media's sudden interest and wasting taxpayers money, but I can't imagine what spurred this on Had no less. You been covering this issue for almost a decade now and Finally, that media takes an added. The losers covering it before we hire heard, were six years old. So you now ok, eight years eight year you can grow
eight years I rounded up. I'm sorry that you're, very young, fake and more important, your young at heart, you think so Scott proved Scott through it is in deep trouble- is in deep trouble, mainly because he is the most effective member of the Trump cabinet other than maybe Secretary defence, Jim Manners, but he's off in big trouble, because he's seems to kind of like your ride. You know with without training real. Here, and there are mounting stories of conflict of interest in such I'd like to meet his real estate agent. You know I loved I've loved to be able to get a mortgage similar the deal he got for that condo and I think it's gonna come down to when Donald Trump gets tired of all these bad headlines, Harrison African loves corporate. I think what is done for the EPA is been exactly what needed to be done for the past forty years.
Its inception. Basically these to bring the sense of like realism. The to the department is actually not some one of these when, via Nl Crusaders that even the republican administrations in the past have always seem to want to put into the into the EPA job. You had Christie, Todd Wit, in the Bush administration I mean it is always just like a dumping ground for your like moderate, liberal Republican, just throw bound and then just also ass american Court American Corporation, so I interest disappointed that, like we can't seem to get one of these good crusaders. Free markets in and rationality in the environmental policy. That's not just like a sloppy and when it comes to personal stuff and finances white guys saved the grid.
For when you get out of office like that's thought, that's really. What we need to be doing here is encouraging these guys to make money after their in office and stop skimping on on rent outs. In my favorite thing, my favorite story about her and look some of this stuff he's Binny being attacked for is defensible right. I mean he that lot of is unfair. Are there other stuff? That's kind of like come out really at the hundreds, exceed grand first scheduler raises is pretty agriculture of the life of Abraham when he Martha cash out, like you said, once you get out of it all with all this, because the reality that we got to deal with is that we do have rules and laws and stuff. Look, I'm willing to give a pass on all this for the effect of this that is brought to the office. But you don't look. I understand if we're not gonna be able to. I would like him to be able to be replaced with somebody. Those equally awesome. Mercury thing, though, is apparently, he was late for dinner, and so we had the motorcade turn on the site
For traffic- and that's really whenever and stuck in DC traffic, I just so desire you cabinet secretary, who give later but, alas, african bad ass. I like that's, awesome. Ok at necks and democratic state senator in Colorado, who is a man frequently enters the women's bathroom, contradicting his claim that he only accidentally used the Ladys once in fact, Centre Daniel Kagan had to have his key card access restricted because he was using the Ladys so much Harrison. The obvious democratic defence should have been gender neutral bathrooms known a weller perhaps, but I am an odyssey that this is a further. This is an issue the troubles a lot of Americans of talk of some people in the medical community over the past week and they're telling me that gender Dyslexia is a common occurrence. In society. I myself have walked into the wrong restroom now this is different from gender. Dismay
Yeah noted the medical professionals glass. Unless it is generally legacied, you read the gender gaps. Awkward yeah. You read the signs on the bathrooms review you transpose the wrong gender onto the bathrooms and who can blame porn society now when they are confusing the sexes. I will say that you know after a bottle of wine, or so, if I'm at a restaurant, sometimes there's always that risk You know you push that you got some restaurants mark them like again as you right away. There ain't no wincing especially fits in a foreign language. Excuse me: we speak in English, United States. Look, I've always found it helpful to have a bathroom attendant. They are the ones that have short circuit this infer that this, this error in judgment right out right off the bat and also they got good breath, mentioned and in some common things, help you fresh may have the barbershop The coming I as always the best, but this came to light this Democrat, because here
started railing against sexual harassment, saw it on the Senate floor and start using really graphic gross terms in describing what sexual assault is. Then a Holly's Republicans afterwards, is coming from the guy. That's always in the Ladys. It's great themes projecting a little bit, I think, will listen. Gender Dyslexia affects us all and that we should say that this report is by you in that way. We can end. It is real news. It is real NATO kit point again up next, as if he listens to the free beacon podcast immediately after recalled the Mexican Caravan invasion Trump announced she would send the National Guard to the border Harrison it's about time, it's about time, for some drones too. If you ask me, look better one foot over an order in our property
and they get a blown off? That's that's really the way that we need to be dealing with this situation. I like what trumps doing he's he's telegraphing, that that's exactly what's gonna happen by beefing up troops at the border is what we need keep him out of here man, but I mean this is something that I love. The commentary surrounding this issue. Will Donald Trump stood listening to his base? Well, yeah! That's what politics is about and if he felt that he is concerned that his base was eroding because he hasn't really built the wall yet and in recent weeks the number of illegal entries has increased their then he is absolutely justified in time. Trying to address is, I think, a lot of Americans are wondering why we haven't had troops there for longer or before, or even before, the twenty eighteen,
Bush. Did it in a six a bomb? Did it in twenty ten interesting Obama didn't do it when the we had that kind of child migrant crisis of the unaccompanied minors in twenty one widely encouraged that exactly so Trump is doing now these that the soldiers have to work in an advisory or logistical capacity, but it frees up more border agents to actually do the interdiction. I think it's a good move and I think Trump is right to say that they should remain there until we have some type of protective barrier and we secure border re thing I can and given the money for the law, why not secure the boy or other ways of before we check in on or get her culture topics we have to check in with their pop culture experts the chance and is a way to day off, stalking Channing Tatum in California, but we are lucky to have victory nomad as deputy editor of the free beacon to fill in for her hello back home,
Liz and I'm sorry to disappoint. So many people who look for listening to ITALY, tiny and you're. Getting me you get us, it's you. Have your fans If there are people out there, we could just love listening to the voice of a middle aged filipino. It's a very, very niche miss some would call the sect effect. Yes, please go down ok up. Firstly, we do that we need an update. There was a big story. Marie Clare had a scoop on Megan Marco dubiously bid and this right a grey area really, but let me get to the root of the matter. I don't. Why have somebody pungs in my notes here for some recent I've really Harry situations in any way, the other Allie homes ought to be good. Vows can see Sally Yeats, but Sally HOMES,
where the different sally she wrote a four six hundred warder little item about hey. I noticed that make a mark of the future princess has a no strand of gray hair all lie yes and who are well? What are we going to do about it? The diet, the plug it now, but I want you to split hairs. Sorry, the pointers, I'm gonna take the side of a very clear and Sally homes on this, because, everyone's several weeks after her skull every what's going after her and ass, I got how dare she? How dare she criticise? You know the future princess it? Don't you have anything better to do in this journal ism at its worst. I'd like to point out that this was published in Morocco. Ok is that this is an open harry's in the national interests, like oh she's got a single gray here. This is what Marie Clear does right. The rather concerned about personal appear
and giving you all sorts of chips autumn. But it's it's! It's like red book. It's it's like women's day. That kind of thing so, of course, all the magazines. Regular. I reiterate that I read it for the tips. I read it for the tips and anyway, something to take their share of the, because I can totally see as a journal You know some matters saying to her. Can you come up with something forty, six hundred we're just try to make a mountain out of a molehill here and say all we can talk about? Oh miss, age, middle aged crisis what what women do when this happens, do you die or do you plug in and if she can do that I can do it to accept. I thought it would yard tat pain, indeed idea plaque, as these are probably the only person here with gray here, a little bit which my constantly getting a shave What they want is short for. If you have black here, we have short, then its harder to notice, but I'm member, I had veto friends who were there. I don't know you five ten years out
beef just had fallen gray, hair and women, whatever VIC is doing it's working, I haven't noticed anything. It looks natural. No one can tell it does ok, we also have an update on Cynthia Nixon who is running for governor of New York. What what's going on with her or yes? She was an to review, and she they, of course you know within the interview with celebrity half the time you want to talk about. Ok, let's get through your agenda politics. What do you want to do to me New York about a place and of the other half is. Can we talk about sex in the city of cork? What we want to hear that that's right! We did the same thing when I was at the state of the earlier me with a ten minutes of sort of charitable stuff. He doesn't include time at full metal jacket you now, and so she talks about sex in the city, and she says that there was a scene that you know in the movie sex industry that left her kind of devastate, quote
devastated, that's correct and it was a scene where Mr Big Chris North is no yes. What do you call us too big and over and over again That's the Solway because he was Reggio yeah yeah, yeah yeah. That's why thank you. Thank you. Yes here and he while that we don't need to get the big hearted to know that he gets and he gives carry Bradshaw this walk in closets and then a pair the audience. You know laughed it up. They loved it, they clapped then she was offended right. This is the most absurd thing like the headline on this story was old she's. What seen left her devastated like was at all one of the many nude scene she was, then I don't know from the show that went on for six or seven years. No, it's MR been giving carrier. Walking clause because that's the issue is about women's empowerment and that's just so
for that. You have a man, give a walking clause in New York, which actually is a big I want to say anything about white as nice as like them. You know the walking closeted, rids Carlton and indeed see you now. I've ever seen. I hear you show me your email know We could say: there's a euro at such an indicator with its one, but what I call a one percent indicator because she's like ah you know it's really not a big deal, getting a walk and closer. That is a huge deal. I wish I had a walk, a closet. I can really get my hand in the closeted so dark the right act that can actually this year's windows and tower meant to have a lock and claws. Ok, bye, Finally, we largely I sold me on this movie. I can't wait to go, say it's, etc. That it really is ever show is good. The movies balcony. Finally, an Hathaway fat, shaming, what's happened. She's, making a movie, and apparently she has to gain a lot of weight for and people think I'm making a movie now I'm just getting a lot away. She's a
he's, anticipating all the haters out there who could say? Oh, my gosh he's getting so big, but you know, in fact I have two thoughts on this. One is she's she's, a big woman right, she's, big bone she's tall, I have to say, is probably not that hard for her game wait. I know this message very easy for me to gateway and half the way and she's taint like you, like, a giant big boat, she's giant compared to let me tell you she she's hot pot. They make a final vote for I do where lists, but she you know, but at the same time this is like Robert anew raging ball, she's, not dealing like fifty something Why would you with the secret to that by the way? Is you know he just wake up at twelve p m, for I M just have a slice of chocolate cake. You go back to bed, she is fine, but finally, so there is poor.
How did you know that was? Have you met her now? You know, I read Marie Clear, say, thank you so much work for this important caught up. First in our culture round in liberal media, after just one article, the Atlantic is fired. Conservative writer, Kevin Williamson following a media matters had job against him for his more provocative viewpoints. Meanwhile, there is a woke civil war brewing at the New York Times with the quote New Guard of Hipster feminist millennials, who majored an intersection. Lee battling the Times olds, who are basically liberal employees. Her order than twenty two the Woke set was upset. They weren't allowed to attend the women's Marge and don't understand the difference between opinion, writers and reporters, but Matt there's not much difference there than you are
well, we saw a kind of a battle play out fifty years ago, when you had this old guard of liberal professors having to fight the growing ranks of four farther left students, and that was the creation of the new left in the nineteen sixties. What what's fascinating to me about this is this battle is now taking place outside the university in places like the New York Times or in companies. Conglomerates like the Silicon Valley, companies like Google's, and so for me this is an active academic imperialism. The culture, the campus, which is dominated by far left postmodern ideas and radical activism, is now basically
full trading, our cultural and indeed corporate institutions and I'd like the New York Times. You know I read every day: I've read it every day for two that is already a mountain I dont want. I I love it. I've I like the paper, but even I can begin to see how it slowly changing to resemble a gender studies. Seminar at you know at Middlebury College, and I am on the side of the old here. I Harrison die like they quote, from managing editor, Joe COM. You says journalism is not about creating save spaces for people. It is now total. I love it. This is Frankenstein's Mars. Tobacco growers have gone on, although they have created. I don't read the New York Times I'm have my than you are also surprised and listen
from what I know about what I've heard about the New York Times. This is awesome. I love the internal struggles. I love that all the values and all the lessons that they did, that the old people been preaching since the sixties have now come back to bite them in the ass because they have liked this radicalized monster that is now devouring its own newsroom bats column today is fantastic, everyday z, they're turning these institutions, turning journalistic institutions into the campuses of Britain. We Middlebury it's great. I mean I love it, because I want the destruction of these old school institutions that really don't bring a whole lot of value other than their liberal value judgments and bias against the present United States one. What one other point I would like to make on this, how many people at the New York Times that are employed by the New York Times actually voted for. Donald Trump, like I want you to get my dear here. I'd like legitimately could be zero and we're talking about these. The security guards in the building on Eighth avenue they might have had
did you write them wherever people janitor are still printing press is right now that the any blue Collar New York Times employ you, but you go back to the to the criticism that they're getting on the of their cortical conservative writers, who all hate tromp on the editorial page. I wonder if somebody actually came out and said openly that they voted for Trump and they continue to support him, whether they be fired on the spot like what this could be it. We will put the area concerned just about somebody fetching coffee. I do just we're getting the signal from the producer to move on to levy a prayer highlighted on one point. I do want to make one point about Williamson, which is there for a long time. The goal of conservative writers was to move on to more mainstream, indeed liberal institutions like New York Times and like the Atlantic, and what I think we're seeing now is that model of kind of conservative journalism is breaking down in one of the reasons we created the free beacon of unwanted our reporters to go on and report for outside.
Publications. Now, maybe, if your rapporteur that's different, because you are supposed to supplement your opinions but for opinion writers, it now seems like basically, if you're a conservative, you're gonna end up spending your career writing for conservative publications. However, I do have a proposal for the Atlantic which, as they could always replace Kevin Whims and with our victory, Madison. I know that you're commentary have yes ought out. It is provocative. It is and I'm very sore unwell. Red myself. I mean I have actually read any of Kevin williamsons. You know work ever ever have but I have a lot of opinions and I think it would work well. Move or be covered by the good luck. Ok, media matters might take you to task for those comments about walking clauses The media had wall to Wall coverage when a shooting broke out on the Youtube Campus, but curiously stop covering the story. Once we found out it was a crazy Iranians, iranian woman who posted Youtube videos about vision, body building Harrison. I wonder why they lost interest in the story:
yeah that really spiked narrative pretty hard their business. Well, I mean what is there to say. I was more taken aback by or not taken aback, but I found more amusement inject orgies. Admonishment of president Tromp, that, while this shooting at Google was going on Jack Dorsey was like I'm sick of your thoughts and prayers. President Trump, you know it's like great, ok path, you're, the one guy, that's like it, empowering trump through Twitter. He now I hear you are like the atom about his tweets and you're. Not
doing it on your own platform, as it's gotta be amazed. There is this very morbid trend now, which is as soon as there are reports of a shooting in a place where its unexpected right. So if there's is kind of like the jokers monologue in dark night, if you expect violence to happen, say you know in in the cities are such that doesn't get national cavy cable coverage, but this second there's a report about violence at a school or at a major corporations such as Google, which owns you. Every single network. Every single cable rushed to have live coverage and and knowing that this might be the opportunity to forward their agenda about gun control and in its disturbing me and making a doubly disturbing, is Second, that they found out that this ran against the narrative of one
that was a woman whom he had the gun. Legally, it was she's, fascinating videos, if you watch them, I'm in their Herbert complain against Youtube was that they required age, verification for her exercise, videos because they were too yeah, then there's one where she's like issued in size in a shudder speaking in Persian and criticising the cup. I it's it's any which gives a bizarre lady, but then down the memory home, we're not time that having you could see there were. You could see the other burn out. Tyre marks the news vans leaving Cooper. I have asked the saddest thing was done. Ok up next awful parents are treating their infancy, science, experiments by raising babies or baby boys and girls that they refuse to acknowledge as boys and girls calling them they and avoiding the colors, blue and Pink Matt. Is it offensive to point out that baby making involves lemon mixture of this right to genders and not say sixty four? What, let's?
old school eyes, because now really is gender any barrier carrying a baby to turn your walk in a thin, I ain't, gonna say I'm gonna teach platform. You media matters, stifling a drag me for this huge Anders. This is, I see stories like this and I grow very sad. These are signs of not only a confused civilization, but one that is so rich, so spoiled set out. We can often is all tat. I can indulge exactly in these kind of experiments, and the funny thing is there is this story about the babies and I will get to vote because I know he's raising his children is that there is a story about Davies, but two weeks ago, in the times is an article about the gender neutral preschool in Sweden, where they go out of their way to make the boys will play in the toy kitchen and the girls play with sticks and rough house, and
it was fascinating to read, because that's all the school administrators who try so hard to enforce gender neutrality, all admitted in the article yet doesn't work they actually at the little boy will grab something integrity. We live with the second. We leave them alone and stop pressuring them. They go to fighting superheroes their boys or playing dress up and with dolls if their girls. You know it's that if it's that line from Horace you can drive, you can try to drive nature out with the pitchfork, but it always comes back Harrison. Well, I I really am a little confused on this issue. I fear that we may be creating fake transsexuals, yes like what, if Let them pick their gender, you not to five or whatever, and they pick the wrong want, and then ten years later did.
Puberty hits their back on the other train sex super Syria. The late again say no. I this is that we want to talk about by creating a mental illness of before it even exists like this is how you do. I think it's terrible, but you know because I want a fitting in modern society. I am raising my child gender less. I dress machine, maybe biologically a female or male, I'm not even sure anymore, but I'm just gonna play it safe and dressed up as a lesbian. Finally, on the Hollywood front and upcoming from Judy Garland late husband claims that there was a munchkin me too. On the set of wizard of OZ. The drunken lollipop kids took advantage of the teenage star Sid loved rights quote. They thought they could get away with anything because they were so small
here soon or no big deal you gotta vexed are vague double! Yet this is that Europe will serve only ever be the same away. Its thinking Harrison feel similar I do, though, it's hard enough to be a little person. You know VIC. Would you setting a they kind of? through the short straw. Unless he could he's got and two? Oh yes, yes, you do. You do go out. I had to actually change. Could I don't think you know you're not use this revision the more I know you're not now. Remember me, no more vigilant raisins You know what you gotta say: got drug somewhere, MID Dominic, keep it waiting for a little persons vertically, or, I believe somebody said dwarves I don't know what is the difference there is that it is the work she has. Dwarfism is a different that that's right.
Harrison. I want to hear your thoughts on the munchkins common really together. I am really embarrassing for satellite, rising legal arab different. Take what look! I think that this is like almost we're going to close to a century long alignment of the munchkins robots like what do we really have to expose, and quote you no shame the the very last surviving munchkin, whose ninety. We ve very all these orders he's on his death bed in, like we, his court called me to victim Judy Garland, I mean she's died of a deal overdose fifty years it get. Well, it all started with the munchkin clearly so like. Let's make sure that this guy can't go out on its own merits and like just survive on being an actor in one of the greatest movies of all time, a bead we're trial. What's next to me, we're gonna find out. Munchkin Land was also me to her what he molesting the lollipop killed, what
guys we're seems Steelers the day. I believe this guy was a lie upon guilder right now. I think what he was. One of the members know there's only one there, ok, what he was one of the November there were their officials from an area like the EU is one of the areas of treasury. Much is this. This person he had been accused by Judy Garland decades ago of being a little drunk yeah and that was lit again. And so one a little drunk of one of the three events is was of him. Now is look, he went through this. Do we have to make it now that the charge is that they were very hands, a duty, but it all that there are technical Judy was like years old, but she was also like fricking, like your three feet taller than them. I don't understand. Why should this didn't start kicking off like I mean really. Nineteen thirty eight you can do is a time they weren't even considered. Like actual people. As my understanding back then, oh ok sought limit.
Jumping are now and they are by the time TAT S right and let's move on. Don't give them short shrift? Ok, sir. Thank you. Yes, I just wish to point out to listen, as at the few the interested. When I was growing up, There was always a story of the munchkin who committed suicide on the set of wizard of OZ, and, if you go to you, can somebody you too, it's the scene leaving the forest? And if you look in the back, you could see what looks like a little figure going up the ladder and failing to swing, and then he does again and then he's like swinging now, supposedly the Net and snobs have supposedly debunked there's on trust, dont trust them, I'm gonna maintained. There was a cover up and that in fact it's not a piece of falling set, the munchkin ain't that this guy lives golden years. Airy. Yes, that's nice!
Let me help with the current waving you're right. I don't give up and go longer we're doing a bonus segments there, actually we're not ok or generally. That is all the time we have four days edition of right and writer linked to give special thanks to our producer, Louis Bunch forth and, of course, our free beacon guess, Matthew, cut, Nettie Errand Harrison and big manners amber find us on Itunes and Google play just search. You heard right and writer pleased subscribe, tell your friends and lead a positive review like listeners, spaced seed who says subscribe now, your freedom and security are at stake. He also called me lovely, until next
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