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SCOTUS, NYT, and Commie Dems

2018-06-29 | 🔗
On the latest episode of theĀ <em>Free Beacon</em> podcast, the gang discusses Anthony Kennedy's retirement, wonders what it means that the Democrats are going Full Communist, and reminisces about the good old days of concrete and metal playgrounds.
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but go ahead make my day. Why hello come to write and writer. The official podcast of the Washington Free Beacon sponsored by Express Bbn. I'm your Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS. W have be the free beacon, podcast. They'll go Itunes, Google play and sticker. Please subscribe to your friends and leave a review. Me from the right today and filling in four Matthew caught Nettie, who is off at Yale or something is executive, editor of the free beacon and purveyor of bad opinions. Sunny bunch, don't follow. Come on twitter ex Ante bunch flow sunny. Thank for that warm welcome moroccan
and further to study is right, is free, beacon, president and senior volunteer judicial advisor to the White House, Aaron Harrison or not equally, surety does around the office, but he sides the Czechs and that's good enough for us. Hello Harrison always a pleasure for everybody else. When I'm here. Returning to the bird today is the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international man, a mystery and licence republican consultant. He always keep our penniless inline local bar pillows, First on right and writer Supreme Court justice. Anthony Kennedy announced retirement giving President trump his second opportunity to appoint a justice to the court, causing a complete and utter down from the left with some even saying summer, is ruined Sonny. You know a fan of Sun Summer anyway, you're summer, sucking Anthony Kennedy did manage to work and self onto the short list of the man of the year yeah competition for the free beacon by retiring who is best decision.
In years I work with this just another example of me being wrong, as I have in very vociferous in arguing there's no way to Kennedy whatever step down one trump, had always American Senate, because I figure he is the he's such a vain individual who only concerned about his legacy and how he has seen, and this is why he writes these terrible flower- opinions and Did you write a lot of new sunny on the right side of the maker thing I mean? I know it's mostly. Oh, that's a very narrow ruling. I you know it's were ye. Did he did but I will not comment on the right side of a series of five for decision. These last few weeks bring alongside of another amateur him. Any you go out on a high note, but he's been he's been he's been on. The wrong side of plenty of these decisions are anyway getting rid of him, we'll be good can get another Gore such type in there will be great. It'll, be I am
As you know, as the residents wish on the panel, I might be expected to be a little bit down here, but now just jam the most wrecked Bork put him in that sense, I mean Zombie Board were Scotto, he's got a lotta good picture, the free beacon like what you know. We honestly, I trust the president to do exactly the right think he did a great job with where such and, if you ask me how I think his bag is already in the care of you know, I think we're going to you. I thought that the way that they handled the gorse is gorgeous nomination was brilliant there. A lot of smoke and mirrors that was played. Remember ethical judge, Hartman that everybody started to focus on when he hopped in his car and like was gonna, go. Your case on one of the other circuits- and all the sudden than they pulled God, Gordon Brown yeah Gort horses from behind the stage, and- and it was like all that this guy's awesome, so I dont think
Everybody knows who it's gonna be other than positive other than not the president tromp right now. I think that that decision has been made, That said, I thought this was an amazing announcement by Anthony Kennedy. I thought this was a total scooby do ending on everybody out, There are thought that he was the never tramper that was sitting on the bench. Jesus, moderate, squish, All this sudden, what's he do you like ages, drops a bomb on all than all the people that thought that he was this never tramper. He pulled out the red mega hat fruit on. I guess what babes out I'm out. Replace me with something hard core: that's why that would be my legacy. Great move, Anthony Kennedy, five yeah, I mean look. We A lot of us thought this was gonna happen a year ago, and we may yet regret that it didn't work. I think the confirmations actually gonna be pretty tough and and
the real fear is that it gets jammed up. Somehow it falls apart. We lose the Senate and the fall, and then what the hell happened and Democrats already talking about just the total blockade on traditional nominations of any kind if they take back the Senate. So that concerns me, but I'm hopefully get it done. My favorite thing I will say in the last twenty four hours, which which has just been twenty four hours of enjoying liberal heads exploding. That detail in the New York Times story this morning that Anthony Kennedy, Son Justin, Hu. There were a lot of rumours about adjusting out, there's no talking to people in trying to arrange this in and smooth transition that he read the real estate, the vision at Deutsche Bank, which was making the loans to the Trump Organization, and it's like it just it has nothing to do with anything. But it's juicy any, could just see them like seething over their sites and laughing. I see another special council investigation. They hold me that can last for three or more years, a k, s neck,
commies are taking over the Democratic Party as its latest star Alexandria, Us Casey a quarter. As a hard road pronunciation. Craig had delivered a huge surprise upset the reading the Democrats forth in command in the House door, Crowley, the twenty eight, old self described socialists once the government to give you a job, give you healthcare, House, college and everything for free, because quote no person in America should be too poor to live. One of her campaign platforms, very primary victory and New York's fourteen district was abolishing ice and she's already gotten Kherson Jill Brand on board her looks like the dams are moving in the right direction. They allow are now listen. It's not like. They haven't been here all ready for a very long time. What by Miss courtship on home. Ok, your court casualties. What matters she was just on the view and she
She was asked, what's the difference between a Democrat and a democratic socialist which proclaims to be in, she really had a heart I am answering that question, but I want to help her out. He said a hard time answering ever hit us etiquette. Well, I'm gonna help her out here may give a very simple talking point. The answer is that a demo, socialists is just an honest Democrat. I hit Sonny. I I don't think we should get to too excited about this. She remembered Dave, Brat Debra, feeding their canter kind of presaged, a pretty big republican. Grew. Two thousand for tea would led to all this winnings, which was greatly but if we're, if we are considering that, if we're considering us from the democratic opening America's great again- I don't know like America, Americans great find all were. We knew knew a new Anti Kennedy on the on this report, but the but but but by just thinking about this. From the perspective of two thousand fourteen a
big left wing surge in the primary law. Young Socialists excitement means hype, maybe maybe possibly higher turnout in the mid terms for the Democrats, I think that we might want to just attempt down our lives. I imagine you are. I agree with what sunny say and I agree with most of it, but the differences will there's a couple. Friends, one the media did not celebrate, Dave Bread and say it was a win for John Vainer hours. Whereas now like the MIKE Alan's playbook was. This is like a coup for Nancy policies. What are you talking about them, but the than the other difference here is that brat was not a threat. In a way that was gonna scare. The living dead people This woman is like, oh, my god, she's, These small is coming to Amerika. You know I want to turn the country read. I just think it may have an offsetting effect in a way that the bread thing didn't to wear like this,
will also motivate Republicans because they are going to be scared, IBM her her play Sorry, I guess it's it's gonna. I want of charisma. It's kind of scares me then I will vote for her. The disk look district. Ok, it it's a seventy percent hispanic district. He carried out any shadow, they don't know they old fart from freaking out for old machine politics or far from my own back in the olden days if you will write at next. Joe Avram son is blessing. Her former paper going on a twitter tirade against the New York Times for missing the rise of Sandra Cassio Courts, has hanging over hanging Harry Border Alley, Watkins out to dry by hearing her sex life three thousand word expos ay and took shots at the papers, new tv planet. I've always thought language less foes took shots, will,
guess, focused on personal feelings and experiences of times. During less covering news quote, more Narcissism, she says it's always at that bus. Well, sunny she's, not wrong with, He said what exactly she said that the New York Times plan for its new tv show, if you didn't rudely interrupt my interests that book focus on personal feelings and experiences of times. Journalist covering news is just more nurses em, That's the problem. She says I the woman who got the New York trying to catch. You say it's a trap stamp and war crimes tramps. It's me it's my big take away from that. Peace was Her complaining about the New York Times covering the sex life of her reporter and not the fact that She, she wasn't didn't seem upset at all about the fact that her reporter or you know, the report
August institution- was asking her way to stories I mean I like I mean I think the real the real her while ten hours or so real concern here shouldn't be that their reporting on The sex life of the reporters there were. The concern should be that the sex life of the New York Times reporter is leading to stories like that. That's actually much worse right and in her response all this just do reinforces the fact that it's a good thing that she is not charge the paper anymore Harrison like. I think this is a policy on this area too just one scoops, whatever it takes Michael whatever it that's how we found this institution, which, whatever do the buggy I'll put it. This way, we have the Hungary's reporters and again that the free bacon. Bonus archer is, is, is very mine eyes.
Now you're gonna, Maxine Maxine on them or to make your listen joy Abrams, like she was run out of the New York Times that she is aging rapidly. And losing her looks, isn't just me or using a daily with sources anymore. You, this is a case of jealousy run. Wild life this point next, a new Paul chose Joe by and Hillary Clinton are the front runners for the Democrats. In twenty twenty, with good old Joe taking in thirty two percent, and Hilary limping in an eighteen percent edging out Bernie Sanders who came in third poor Pocahontas could only pull ten percent of the vote. Harrison when Hilary sees these numbers. She's gonna, start to think their times. A charm sire regime, a train of thought here, because I just saw picture of you'll ever since,
image or new die of the French who stole Christmas. I mean honestly if anybody is like on on their computer at home, put em side by side. It is. They are double gang by daylight, Joe Biden TWAIN, twenty right; ok, yes, yes, disasters such as that of the subjects that are currently the Democratic Party into the future. Ok, of course, like these early central poles. I don't put a lot of stock in them because I think of the proletariat at large. If you will has not exactly heard of the entire field, there just get to revert to cool heard of before Hilary and bind those are the two most famous people are not named Bill Clinton or Brok Obama, so yeah they're gonna League is, I think, if you look back in two thousand and three at this time are two thousand and two at this time I think Joe Liebermann was leading the nomination for the Democrats these pulsar really your meaningless. It, oh I don't know, I taught him while I wish. I had a sound board because every time Joe Biden Name said, I want the shot guns.
By a shock we can, we can get a sunny, does put it in later. I more work, I would say that this pole, before taking place before the midterm taking place before anyone is run any as before any candidate you don't have good, nay, mighty are in the races, the insane and ludicrous, and nobody should pay any attention to the next question. No, no, but it's like it's interesting. I The minutes it's kind of meaningless on one level, but it's interesting that eighteen percent of Democrats think salary should run again. Those people were kind of concern that, since I was a Democrat, I would answer by that, like the women's marched away before we get to our pop culture update. First, we want to check in with our sponsor Express VP end with all the recent news and data hacks and breaches it's hard for me not to worry about my dear privacy. No matter what you do online. Your mobile
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bbn costs less than seven dollars a month, Enron seamlessly. In the background of my computer phone or tablet. Every time you use the internet without Express bbn you're, putting sensitive data risk, take back your internet privacy to day and find out how you can get three months free, go to express gps dot, com slush, W F, P, that's Ex p r e s as VP and dot com, Slash W of b for three months free and wore a one year package, it expressly panda com, such W B, to learn more. That was good worries. Tax benefits, our worries, agriculture, our day, it's time to taking whether favour pop culture expert, Natalie Johnson, who will Natalie whether we have really good, exciting news about the next season of paradise, review bachelor hard, as we have the main course in the bachelor franchise which has bachelor.
In Paradise wishes so much better than the ends and idler air. It is terrible where we have acts contestants from previous seasons going to a beach in Mexico to get drunk and find lot and before you knock it. Oh I've had a few, Our job is to engagements that remain one babies are, I think, it's a good platform, it's better than I think, a bachelor bachelor s, probably the most successful and rockets and parents agents were its best. We're to address you gotta trust. The process from put yourself out there go to Paradise. Uterine it's an all star cast. I mean paradigm has never failed to deliver. Thus far, I can't wait. August is the is a month paradise It's an enemies. You they'll tell us who is on its all right, so they ABC dropped the cast list this week. Our number one through you're. My highlights number one obviously grow grocery store, Joe had Alyzia a babe.
And cut from the far out of back, also are actually see chairman's favorite rattled sourdough die. Hi loves gotten it. So you know we love him too We have another Anna least, who suffer traumatic. Childhood experiences like riding in bumped car and putting DA about. I remember our comfort, Garcia. We also have the chicken we remember. Really he s so annoying. We have the chicken you, as we recall, fell out of his bunk bed and broke his heritage and with less in the yard, then we also have the Maude all on whose also new area will have beef. The chicken I'm a theme of questions. I think I know who the perfect antidote to the chicken would be pill while boom Oh, my God is one, which is why boom on lottery is not operational. That, and we also then my creator, which I'm just I kicked off re yes, and I am why the this guy,
going on Paradise when he greeted Van Dam's are definitely blowing up right now, yeah, that's kind of shopping lay I have not been among those slots, you and I might get a site, your type nice, unlike our money, that's your pathetically also have Kevin from back the Canadian from bachelor our game. You Harrison, Actually, I definitely lost her regard sexiest up and then we have crystal you. We'd have reported on in previous episodes. You're over eyes. Those about really, I definitely think she's gonna be hooking up at the male model and then Lastly, we have tea in cotton who data before a court and went on the most recent season, a bachelor. And he's still on it and other really on oiling. How then soil I learned of no? No? No, it's not your own allows. There are the listeners who watch Ray the night. Ok, so that's exciting its errors in August, okay, and we also have a really it's really kind of upsetting that the New York Times.
Is all over me Canoes B and on the only lie at the hotel and free beacons up, there are growing scoop we're out. Looking like, we don't have this one of the richest people in the world by Carlo Slim. You don't have, as has happened, pouring money into us ring gonna lie. Not that's your life working worth our aid Lindsey lower. I know many times profile, gas Mechano funny loves and we talk about the New York Times, flew a reporter out to the meek and earth to profiling. Hello handed her new low hand, Beach, house, speech, house Club, I don't even know the name place, how lonely and let you have remained all that's why I have here. I have to get around other report to see you don't want it to halt. The internet solution is not, is not really a pressing me. I don't know if I can trust your your shoe leather, that voice now I got more thorough. Haps we need to go is as guides. You know that
I think we need a right and writer threat, regret and crews in advance and make it right now to crew perfect, and we will go to the Lindsey Low here The headline of the article that was great it's you can't hurt Linsey now and the head. The sub had declares her our greatest export, which is a hundred percent. True yeah, that's also what she's doing a lot better. It seems she like meditates. Now she didn't say converted. So that's good news has not a Muslim, but I don't know she's she's sounds and a much healthier play that is focused on herself. You know she came out on the other description of that with a club is met of its very inclusive lesson to that description. Families played on beach on the beach, alongside top
swimmin alongside the religiously covered up alongside a shortlist romanian guy with teardrops tattooed, on its face in an image of a person, snorting cocaine on his adds? Where misled now, one hundred missing out one hundred percent chance with that guy has murdered issues to be right. Not only that's what they hear jobs our for running to your job, but not ok, we all have Scarlett Johansson out every house. Now I don't just gonna, say it's kind of pathetic work being done by the failure to sell me skirt, Yo Hansen. She is out there denying rumours that she auditioned to date, Scientologist Tom cruise She can deny it ass. You want. I totally on hundred percent have error auditioning allotted checks before they got Katy home I have no evidence that she did not order for Updates Tom Cruise, so she definitely did
ok and also quickly. Finally, Drake announced some shock James dropping bombs of his new album Scorpio, which dropped this morning or script on which dropped to day in what she thought. I was gonna Scorpio. That was really an artistic look, not only at the Narses anyway, you confers on multiple track that tracks that he does in fact have a child with a Porn STAR or, as we are calling them today, a adult actress Adult will answer that not all stars, that's why I've got actress, lay there trying to deem them all start Arterward as Harrison told me earlier this morning, Jake it's following in the footsteps of our great precedent
You know what to an extent, but where there are no love children that we know the other three did do like the music video Drake Grain, like this, the spoon after aches, music, video. Yes, to be a fly yeah by Drake Decision confirms the sun was born in October and said he celebrated in Miami. When the dna test confirmed he was a dad, which I definitely do not believe you are celebrating to these only met the child. One Christmas there have the tabs on this that thank you so much larger. This much needed culture, update of furs and our culture around the. U S is now among the ten nations considered to be the dangerous for women. According to the experts who have America alongside Yemen, Afghanistan. So Euralia and Syria. These experts say They placed the: U S on the list, largely because of the need to movement where in a free, society scores of women have come forward to share their stories, while sexual credit
I've been ostracised from society. Sunny makes sense. Yeah. I know this. This is the sort of thing It makes me really sad that we are abandoning groups like the: U N Human Rights Council and all these other places. Why does make any sense? doesn't make an advance modal sent two weeks. You know what this is. This is this is the flip side of the Muslim Ban right where You have haven't policy right, which is like we're: gonna rank countries that are really horrible to women, but then you're like, but this looks bad because it's all Muslims right, you know and a dozen drive with our politics in this case, because we're social justice warriors solution. Throw the United States, Japan and then we don't looks like word, you know you are good selling sign Harrison. Well, look. I think this simple solution here as we need to keep the women
House I let us keep our low inside. I keep them out at well, become stuck in the house like little takes away their shoe, they are aware there are allowed to go out with a mere line nor eat, so they can only go so far as it better off. If we're about protecting the need to take the furthest. Measures that was the Saudi Arabia is ahead of us on this. With the driving re there they were now they're going back is encrypted, there's no exponentially more dangerous to be a woman insulted the very real rights they deserve to watch them sky. Get up the list. I wouldn't be surprised to hear how the others are. Five right now does it'll be top three by probably within eighteen months at next eight months.
Of a mother is trying to go viral with her photo of her in her one year old daughter, going down a slight at a playground and the kids leg is going the wrong way. The quote moment her leg was breaking Heather Clare hopes up by getting a lot of retreats. She'll convince others about the dangers of playgrounds Harrison. Clearly, since kids some get hurt. We should just ban playgrounds altogether well bill. I honestly think that, like a book to danger dangerous playgrounds, that that is a part of America like that. We have a tradition in this country of broken limbs, broken neck, sprung faces, and so, like you, don't want it. When I, my daughter little vodka in we go. We when we hit when we hit the playground, What are you gonna hit at heart and in now listen, but this is working hours. Has these kids ass our view? These are valuable life lessons. This is where you learn risk taking our right if you're the year, the little brat that wants to climb up to the top of that that jungle, Jim Dome,
of death and you want to try to make it all the way to the top than you better. Have the skills to get you down right now, you all down. Maybe you learn a lesson? Maybe you don't get hurt, but if you like really do breakin armor finger a face like din you're going up We think twice about certain risks. I will say this mom now: it's her fault, the kid got hurt she's going down. This lie with the kid so he's holding her into the kid when it just gone down by our century, when parents should not be on any of these important any of these pieces of these apparatus. But I did his shrill arrange parent inside he is, I might might one of my favorite images are like the old, but the old times, like nineteen fifties, playgrounds yet which are just like it's basically like a giant. Ocean of cement right like the hardest cement. You could imagine with light. Poles in the ground that useless
like shimmy up and then like monkey bars at or twenty feet in the air and others like right. No wonder American used to be awesome wing we haven't, we had energy was lad, we'll play that come out of it, the rubber that's and there like the o, had robbed at it, but now it's like there's our around every that have cancer and right so, furthermore, I'm and get them to rip out the rubber of wood. The concrete horse afford once about our necks and new survey, revealed the majority of millennials believe they'll be millionaires. He can retire in their fifties also saying they have no plans to start saving until their late thirty's, a quarter said they don't expect to get married and third said they don't expect if children sunny, maybe that's for the best we asked about it. Some of those things are better than others say. How do we really need a generation of millennials raising little millennium awful?
They are getting worse and worse, and I I mean aid. They just stayed the astounding lack of foresight in the west. Wishful thinking is is to be I also expect to be a millionaire by the time I'm fifty Ellie area Rightlier euros at all, so I can understand where they're coming from you know once once once my movie reviews truly go viral moneymaking pride and serve reiterated here, I'm not sure this is wishful thinking, because once you have five hundred and thirty five Alexandria Cassio Court says is in Congress right. We will hyperinflation, so everybody's going to be a millionaire abolish, I so when they don't have kids, you have open borders we're going to have you know when you have already of harmonization growth? I don't. I don't think it's like, MRS these, these things there saying they're going to do them. I mean that was that was the big lesson of all the social justice stuff right like five years ago when he said they can't do this in the real world
that's not other railway works, and now the real world is totally cave to them, and that is how corporate Amerika works. Apparently, so I give them credit over there. They turned Sisera handed the girdle fantasy land. Here do not months now. I've got nothing gather this I mean I totally grew the modal split, create hyperinflation. Appoint I mean that that was. You have really been mining source and I do all the act with those preparation. If you can believe our, I can. Actually, I haven't genetics. They offered a woman has been arrested. Verger heightening nineteen miles on the freeway with their ex boyfriend on the hood of the car after he desperately tried to prevent her from leaving undeterred by the man atop her Mercedes women began driving iron earlier on Mercedes that led her to a vision that letter the Interstate ninety five, where she put into the x
wrestling at speed, consistent with other traffic. The boyfriend did not want to prosecute his axe and refused to provide a sworn wrecked recorded statement still hoping to rekindle their flame Harrison. I know cotton any isn't here for his expert dating advice, but this sounds like the start of a very promising relationship guys. I know I know I think guards it's gonna be difficult to channel map here, but I think I know I know where he would go here. He would attack this guy, foregoing all right. Like total beta move now you're, you are basically through waving the white flag in this relationship I mean it is so desperate. It's sad.
No points for tenacity on this guy. Now I mean this dude was seventy miles an hour on the freeway, the it'll lane, we're like there was no pull off. They were in the far left lane with that was actually like partitioned off from the rest of the freeway. Like there's no stopping here I mean this guy was already willing to throw his life on the line. You know like like that of the heart discuss showing, but honestly at the smartest sunny beta move, they ve never never go I'll, never never fail to leave yourself out. I held on four seventeen miles and you're gonna call him a beta they like to see. You hang on four seven straight strain: it s. Not strength is not in the higher than mine. Lay though we need to get nowadays opinion here might act. My only regret in life is not having come With this first he's, it's brilliant.
I just think a warning to the to the Saudis. I mean look out not my words. That is all that we have for days edition of right writer, I'd like to give a special thanks, you're producer. Eighty four, seven and, of course our freebie can guess. Sunny bunch, Aaron Harrison Michael Barb and Manly Johnson remember find us on Itunes, Google play and sticker just search for free beacon, play subscribe to your friends and leave a positive review like Listener Hank W who says finally podcast doesn't focus on big foot erotica until next time
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