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Security Clearances, Dem Slogans, and Whitey

2018-08-17 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the <em>Free Beacon</em> podcast, presented by Quip, the gang discusses the revocation of John Brennan's security clearance, wonders if the Democrats are planning on running on the "America Was Never Great" platform, and asks what's the deal with readers of the <em>New York Times. </em>
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leave a review journey me from the right today is free, beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie. You may remember him from such mainstream media shows as meet the press daily and reliable sources. You can call him on Twitter at cut Nettie Coloma Ella lose in further. That's right is free, beacon, President Aaron Harrison who is in a permanent twitter time out we're not exactly sure what he does around the office. Besides, the Czechs and that's good enough for us, hello Harrison will push up free from Baku system. A group collector Hoover Are you your way to the next level? This is the end for war. Turning to the programme is the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international man, a mystery and licence republican consultant. He always keeps our penniless online helical part what up of a first unripened writer just
as the press was foaming at the mouth for day to of Amr Rossa and is Trump raises questions for Sarah Huckabee centres. The president pulled a fast one and revoked John Brennan Security clearance. Mister Brett is lying in recent conduct, characterized by increasingly friends, commentary is wholly inconsistent with access to the nations most closely held secrets. Trump said in his statement. Matt Rennet Brennan, light under oath and most likely leaked classified information, but he's also a crummy. Should com These have security will be raised. That's it. I favour employed rock that president trumped in it include that in his indictment yeah Brennan might take on this is from had cause to fire to revoke Brennan's Security clearance, as Ellie Abrams wrote in political magazine in July. These clearances don't matter much anyway. There there in case you are called to consult on specific issues. I doubt the truck
ministration would ever be calling John Brennan him to consult on anything and, moreover, up Brennan his abused his position in the in the year and a half since he left office, I'm calling Trump reader, treasonous right and also saying you know every these incredibly overwrought tweets about how trumps crimes will be him. Come to the surface in such an providing any evidence so Brennan his misused his kind of authority as a former CIA director. What worries me is obviously the selective any of it this never been done before, but also the fact that if one thing to revoke Brennan's clear for which I think he had cause to another thing to say: look we're just ending the policy of these officials retaining their clearance when they leave, which makes total sense to me, and you can grant special clearance if they come back on top and then you
The third group of the I think, nine people he mentioned, who he's also threatening to revoke the clearance of clearly one person who continue to work for him in the Justice Department of duration. Let me just seemed a little bit weird right Harrison These are demons Like the Bible says it's basically intergalactic invasion in this space through people, I'm telling you it's what all the ancient said: it's what they warned of its, what we're dealing with thirteen months. For I could enter dimensional invaders. Ok, I'll just say it make fun of me all. You want on CNN or wherever, but everyone already innately knows this. These people are not reckoned humans, ok, Valerie I can do that. Damon good point golfer, you know I am not a Brennan fan, I would say: twittered tend not to bring out the best than anybody he has. He has really not brought a lot of dignity on the position of former
the director or you know. I actually think it's a weird situation, because, on the one hand, I think the one thing that leaves out of his list of the sort of accrued benefits of these security clearances is the sort of financial value. It comes from them in so far as consulting once. You ve, left government right and and its value in that, and there is a value in access to the CIA and and sort of access to the building and access to the people. But you live in a world now where Peter struck raises. Half a million dollars on a gold mine. They eat a secure, and so there is there's an azure large financial incentive to act like it, and so I suspect, is probably something of a wash before somebody. People on that list. Who may not be quite as prominent as Brennan. I think it actually is. It could some punitive value and dumb, and you know I don't know if you're not gonna, be sort of
dignified and civil and the way you treat the current administration on. Why should expect sort of that to be treated with them? Eddie incivility in return. But you know we live in strange times next near sir Andrew Cuomo has found his re election campaign slogan, America, men, Sir, king at a bill signing event New York City Cuomo said we're not going to make Amerika great again. It was never that great adding we will reach greatness when they quote. Stereotyping of women is gone, hairs, makes sense if he wants to appeal to the left. You gotta say America sucks, the threat to Amerika. You aren't anywhere at war with you traitorous little rat. What a piece of filth! This is war. You bet it's war as the american people against you we're restoring our republic. We are going to be a sovereign nation again dirt bag. We're going to bring our jobs back, we're going to restore the second amendment. Dart bag right man
I was reminded of this moment. This takes us back in time, but it must have been like twenty wealth. Twenty thirteen? Maybe I was sobbing fur Jennifer Reuben at right. Turn blog should impose different eruptive era, and I was Don't you like a last time that the right turn was actually the radio lining when no or maybe that was presaging so I was. I was doing my job and generous, very generous. Allow me to sum for her and I wrote a p about potential twenty sixteen nominees and I included Cuomo and I went through all Cuomo strength at is being governor. New York and, of course, the whole gay men. A debate where he was very prominent in and legalizing same sex marriage in new york- and I the post by saying it was kind of a reference to an old David. Tell us a bit. I ended the post by
Can you who will start Cuomo and within minutes post going live? I got an email from my friend John Ports, who set who will stop Cuomo COM, I thought I thought of that. Five years later, I thought of that. When I came across the news Cuomo in his completely him fisted way saying America was never that great guy got her. You know no, I mean, I think, he's making a play for the left. You know it's, that's why I mean you gotta, go there you gotta hate America, he's got a million eggs in you know twenty points behind right right on Rashid ITALY been Olano more like I live. I think they would probably concur with that view of America. You know I was sort of struck the audience like, despite being portrayed as jeered or booed or gasped. I didn't get the sense that the audience was that put off by missing star
They were shocked that he would say our shocked. Why was there There were some reaction from the audience, but it wasn't like if you say that at a trump Allie, they'll, murder, you real american zeal. They love their country. The people in that room. They weren't, I feel like they sort of maybe makes some good points. Ok at next, the New York Times seemed to issue a warning for their party. The Democrats, which is quote discarding the lessons of successful midterms past and pressing, only air bones national agenda, leaving it to candidates to tailor their own messages to their districts. What is its stance stand for the dam. The times asked. The approach could also raise questions among voters about how Democrats would govern Goldfarb forget fine A slogan Democrats can't find a message. Yeah. Well, I mean nobody stands for anything and that that's like is not unique to the democratic ready. For being honest,.
I don't know that if I was a crowd right now. I would want to run as a generic Democrat, which is to say why attach yourself or burden yourself with some policy that somebody might not like. I would just run his age and Eric Democrat same thing of your generics look and I think, being a real person is a liability in any one of these races. You'd rather just be a d or in our on the line in the less people, know about you, the better off. You probably are assuming get to know you they're gonna hate. You met, look the message, it's the message that dare not speak its name and the messages we hate trump yeah we're gonna do what Kids resulted from here, but none of them were saying and that's what struck me reading the New York Times peace there they have their coming up with messages tailored to their districts, some cases the messages are far left him in their democratic socialist left. In other cases, there more centrist Obama, light and still others it's more of a kind of shared Brown, Elizabeth Warren Working Class economics issues. First, even though
and is moving off that now by saying that the entire justice system is racist front back. But enough, probably for the reason that MIKE says, because now everything is judged not so much by policies but by nation to a personality and personality the President Harrison. What do you think the Democrats will actually do if they can power, my blood. Sal that any parts. I rest, the rapporteur that expose our catering babies alive data hospitals, where their bodies, the Pepsi taste testing systems, be based on fatal to issue all demonic systems, genetically engineered all the crops overthrow creation, more belied by sillery couldn't agree with you more next that thing, he's media reached a new low and are even resorting to making up fake conversations with their dogs to criticise Trump Chicago trip.
Columnist. Rex Husky published an editorial dictated by his large and very good dog quote on behalf of myself and my friends, I must protest. The dogs says you seem to be using the word dog as an insult. I think you are calling It will dogs, because you think that makes them less human. The dog even cause Trump a fascist man. I can see the White House press corps nodding in unison, saying at dawn gets it well, you know, You stole my idea for this week's column. This this violates a few of my columnist. Put my personal comest rules. One is no imaginary conversations. Another is no writing about pets right after you know, they're like two people who can write about pets, trials, crowd hammer who wrote several good essays about his dogs, Fred Barnes. When Throat a very touching, I say about one of his dogs and then the new one. That came. That's it no more, I'm done so. This violates two of them
and just this self the aspiration and kind of like where our trump will drive. The opposition is always amusing. To me, too. Now it's like making up the thought of your dog eat dog doesn't care no you're about from right, probably like strong Harrison. Thank God. Four Donald Trump, because Donald Trump is putting himself under the fool media and psychic and cultural attack of the enemy? And it's real put on this On percent real, the energy level is rising to an absolute cacophony a crescendo finale, a good girl. A good you're dumber wrong battle. When you're right, you're right go far too long. Didn't read for me on
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expert Natalie Johnson, returning from the beach. How was it it was lovely, get good for you. It's nice even get away up up up. What are you got for us? We have a new study finding that women's pockets are inferior to men's pocket. They, just in general, all types of pocket, so too ambitious bloggers did a deep dive into the inherent sexism of pockets, find one at that the rare instances in which the patriarchy, doesn't it entirely deny Lady luxury of pockets, true, Women cannot fit a damn thing in the bloggers measure pocket in both men and women, pants across twenty of the most popular Jean brands. In the? U S, finding that, on average, the pockets in women's genes are forty, eight percent. Shorter and nearly seven percent more narrow than men's. Thus, not as bad as La Hague as to why they don't
and have a why other than they they come up with excuses. So if you are asking well art women smaller than men, that companies are in fact, part of the problem. They say that eight men changeover of Iraq- they studied men's genes across the exact same sizes and found that the difference does not. There is no difference in terms of pocket. The pockets are stolen. Syria, yet even if there are no matters, I man Yes, they are still much. They also go into these types of gene or other persons, yet but not much less, then why are you so? May, when women want, everybody will carry round, I glad they have. There is the patriarchy. Ok, you are part of it. They quote, while the sheer inconveniences of not being able to keep your belongings in your pocket
may seem like a small issue, its one that women have faced for centuries. Pockets, unlike purses, are hidden private spaces by restricting the space women can keep things safe and retain mobility of both hands. We are also restrict their ability to navigate public spaces and travel on account need was it not be independent? Women cannot be interpreted as they have to carry a personal ran and I drew out. I have to ask my mail friends to hold my phone, In my view, all if I dont want to bring a purse bright, you can't it champion, Depend Heracles back at least as it really is, not really guy like me and mad, who are making these decisions right I mean. Can we call a spade a spade like? Who is your real problem with here? designers and who are the designers game? A gay man you all at it, but like to point out that you know
it's not like somewhere in the period of your emitted, a pressure they learn. I met a problem. Is women the problems indeed allow lockets redress is no. That's not true! I actually love when major side by address it has I will, I will agree Wade's way, but I do not care to ever. Carry my they need to be a girl there, so large and bulky I dont want now days erects ridiculous Gaza. You don't want. I don't do things in your part. No, I really don't I'm I'm I'm fine with the tiny pockets other women are not. I am not.
Choosing being all win and right. Then you could never do that her own number. One. This is interesting, though, is that the researchers found that only forty percent of women's front pockets can completely fit one of the three leading smartphones which is actually higher than I thought considering front pockets for me, you can typically fit a quarter and that's about it row, forty percent, I think we're doing pretty good there. I'm ok, I'm happy with the pocket size you I just like one. More more output should have puck. I agree what I what else we have another study. This goes back to the study we talk about last week, but We saw many we found even better finding for online data, as women are picking at eighteen, while men pate peek at fifty study for the I saw this and I will come on Skype according to a study undesirable and published in the journal, science advances men, sexual.
I rebuilding peaks that age fifty, while a women's begins to decline at eight p m, so basically rising on their legally ask when it essentially lives, and I need to just give up now because here away over the hill it by now. I know it's sad, I'm glad I m now online dating So this study it does echo data share. Lions Okcupid, which found that men from twenty two to thirty date, women who are younger than them witches and knows firing so much rock. So on the median thirty year old man spend as much time messaging teenage girls at sea does women. His own age is a little bit concerned dance normal. Yes, I'm Adele developmental science, told the New York Times that this aligned with evolutionary theories of meeting and which youth suggests fertility. And then another no finding is that women want brains. Were men really dont care
the brain rains money. Fifty years old yet year in having grime of your income, nobody would bring method. I both date orders. I have to agree with this study. After you moving on now to do too Soulier. What I'll see you have? We had at Cologne card ass she and in candle Jenner, took a couples trip to Mexico. Staying in an ocean front, a state owned by the founder of girls gone wild, that's ends,
The fund- my only point, is that clearly trusting third trimester, Tristan Thompson anywhere near the founder of a man who made a living off of filming women, drunk and half naked is the little ambitious. But you no good for him, and I am glad that the route that trust is restored there anything else and finally, it would not be a proper right and writer episode without a Linsey low hand, update brought to you by sunny bunch is promoted a vile before our meeting Princess has apologised for critical comments. She made about the hashtag me to moment in an interview with the UK based times earlier this month, Lindsey said women speaking out about sexual misconduct. In Hollywood, look weak, the exact quote. I am really going to hate myself for saying this, but I think women speaking against these things, it makes them look weak when they're, really strong women speaking on abuse. She said: if it happens at that moment, you discuss it at that moment, you make it a real.
Thing by filing a police report. And then goes into how a lot of women doing this are young and just want attention. That's probably the worst part of it but everything else she said I mean, is kind of true any mere marksman, whilst the last, where she sunny Bunch sunny, says yes last last year's. You got a lot of heat because she defended Carbines in more to override ripe, saying that you know people need stopping mean to him, because I was never personally harmed by this method. Let us say in light of that, it probably wasn't her wisest comments, but we will forget. We will forgive our queen who has apologised rhetoric in the back right, that's good our rights. She should just stick to the clubbing, oh yeah. She needs to stick to the part. I thank you so much for this much needed culture update,
of course, a person or culture around and were being joined by free, begins. Vic matters a wreath of Franklin passed away: the queen always passed away the age of seventy six on the same day that always died Matt thoughts. I thought it was nice of her family to come and give a miracle warning when she was moved to hospice earlier in the week, they said. No time is not is short for Russia and that began. I think I'm gonna gave us a lot. Cushion Rau as opposed to having all these celebrity des words a sudden thing in your life. Where did they now enough? Okay, well, she's older, rang, rang so yeah
Are you alone danged their on she's a big deal? You know that I loved Wareth Franklin and I actually saw her life at the White House- Correspondence dinner in the nineties This happened after the dawn. Imus fiasco saw you another cleanse wanted to avoid another thing like that. We're so too can potentially fertile the first on Imus vs added correct that is the core: how old you that's right! That's right! Actually use should be peeking in your tinder rating. Five hundred years are ready to start right. So much to say about that segment jumped in is inappropriate. About so anyway, she had performed, and
Wonderful and I was a big fan of hers and shit. You know she also had these views struggles with her wait. You know but soda. Why so? I can relate to that and she was she was a couple years was a couple years was a spokesman for Jenny, Craig right and then she quit because they expected to subsist on one thousand, seven hundred fifty calories. I can't subsist on. One thousand seven hundred, not possible powers, will form an idea that is not possible for the queen saw Goldfarb. I, unlike very concerned the VIC's, been trying to lose, At our doing the competitive eating wavering away over here, I was going to go to new, wing ball and you you should talk MIKE Karen Carpenter over here coma sorry popcorn references. I don't even understand. Tell me about the next millennium have killed Mayo, at least according to a viral article and Philly magazine that actually only offers proof of this, because one of the authors, children does not like manners
just barrow his since corrected the record in forming millennials that they do in fact love mail on burgers in chicken, salad and everything, even if they want to call it in a wholly VIC as the free beacons food editor. What is your authoritative take? a man. Is absolutely people like it even if they say they don't like it, but this goes through every generation. It's not just the current Maloney right you're. Talking about. I don't remember, is hated. You know you, like. I love mayonnaise I'll, have a with I'll, have it with french fries of no one's looking, you know I'll have as they do in Belarus as a belgian, but also do it on a burger. These I remember the manual Brian's Connecticut Avenue these to make a fantastic burger with mayonnaise, and you know what it was good. So I always had this advice for people eating oysters. They just embraced the slime and the same thing somewhere with mayonnaise, just just embraced the agents of it, and let me just they also Jennifer Amnesty, her guilty pleasure
we may, in a sandwich itself, its great with Jennifer and stay with me just mayo. Narrowing our red ill. I have no problem with that man. As you know, it's interesting you bring up the boomer thing, because the rumours in my life do not like it. I love it. I need is great. I love macaroni, salad, I love potato sounding. That's all those like mid western. I landed in the area we are carrying out, so I was a little bit shock, but then next year reporting. I know that this article, the original viral article, was basically the equivalent of my dog talks to Trump yeah. I know there is certainly another two long didn't read. Bed like it was just the headline and was it is true that there is a certain
cohort of older Jews from the New York area, who really frown on italian son as an italian sue. Aunt right, really frown on man is outside. I love, manipulating. It disturbs me is like when you actually make the chicken salad and the amount of mail that goes into the chickens. Alec, it's not hell. I don't want to see the sausage get made in and I did it can be alarming at next. The New York Times has some helpful tips on how to hear your white privilege in a letter to the times quote radically and pathetic advice. Column signed. I kid you not whitey wavy rights, she's old with white. Shame I feel like there is no me outside of my white upper middle class. Since gender identity Whitey said I feel, like my literal existence, herds. People like I'm always take have space. The chink belong to someone else. Of course, Whitey donates the blacks black lives matter, but
Is it enough quote, shame and anger or powerful emotions? Whitey says times advice, calmness, Steve Almond. We do live in culture, steeped in white, supremacy in class, bigotry as well as patriarchal values, but the solution to this injustice isn't to wallow in self hatred. Instead, heed the words of the writer Bell. Hooks privilege is not of itself bad. What matters is what we do with privilege, He continues as it straight white male raised by two professionals. In an american suburb, I know I was born into a life of extraordinary privilege, but it wasn't always that way it took me. Here's to begin to recognise these advantages as unearned the product of corrupt system stacked in my favor can't change. The story were born into Whitey, but you can't be. We're better cause a radical. Jerry who uses privilege to define and determine truly equitable standards gold
our, but when exactly did we lose our is bill hooks a Duke Porn STAR is that Maybe you know, I don't know I don't know- start with that. You know what there to say simply that they understand like that's. The whole point of America is to confer some privilege on your children through dint of hard. I mean that's the point exactly. I think, there's a lot to say here: yeah guilt, insulin, James Burnham, suicide of the West Pollution and sixty four. He identifies guilt as basically the motivating factor of liberalism, gas and of american liberals, and if I read that peace, which I actually have any thinks is satire and the times as being trolls but re read it it's did you ve, just the purest expression of the guilt of a liberal and now because it raises
in the? U know everyone talks about re soon, ass, it was racial, Guelder were anything, but it could be guilt about America's role in the world. You can find it and it's it's debilitating, because if people of all you do is feel guilty I have no confidence in your society in your civilization. GO, the way of other civilizations it disappear, and that's not that's not the right attitude to have. Can I propose something which is that perhaps you know the lack of guilt that people now feel about their sexual perversions and predilections as America embrace? As you know, the range, the full range of of veto every fetish is like now, you know protected by the Supreme Court ghetto.
When we take that away and they're not supposed to feel shame about that kind of thing anymore, maybe they have to look elsewhere for four for shame to feel well right, right, went well, I'd, say the way I would put it is in place of religion where you know, which would regulators your sexual behaviour, total and other behaviors once that goes away in your looking for another source of meaning, it often come through this idea of identity, politics. Elf obsession way privilege in like they say this is really self obsession right near here. Upsetters already off your skimming o Lord Elmwood cleared due to the Bell Hooks says: there's a way, you can redeem yourself right, which is basically confession. So to reality. Saving yourselves and the way to save yourself is to think and act like Bell hooks and if you that then you're save two so where's the Christians have a different understanding of salvation in a post,
Christian America. Now we have. The alternative is bell hooks. Can I also share, as as somebody who is non white, I did not feel under diverse universal and very bright, my right hand, or so of course I didn't feel underprivileged rolling up. I mean he's without doctor but of course we did come to you and I think that these clauses and places a question, but only Goldfarb point is correct. You know my parents keep from extremely underprivileged background they they grew up during the war in Japanese occupied Philippines. I have lived in a mountain, you know, I'm not suddenly became a general surgeons are, but that's the whole point so that I didn't have to have that experience rational, I mean do they have to stipulate in this column. Oh, you know four for white and Asians, because a lot of Asians, I think you don't feel you know underprivileged I didn't say what I wished ways: there was a comment section really wanted. The seas are just me. You know. What's out there,
people they didn't have comments. I looked and looked confided. That's unusual, usually guess it's the advice column. Finally, CEO Jack Dorsey says he's giving Alex drowns Twitter time out as they work out. What exactly there censorship policy is quote were always trying to cultivate more of a learning mindset and help guide people back towards healthier, behaviors and healthier public conversation. Dorsey said Matt. I can't think of a more healthier place. Have a conversation, then twitter I think America needs a twitter time. Does the blanket time out now, I'm on their not as much as the personal. Out across the room right at the outset. I have as many followers as he does with each other as a consequence of non spinning. Hey follows that many countries are here while I ever did the we would be better if
honestly. I would I'd rather have Facebook and twitter if I had to choose which, which the big, companies is heard America, the most it sweater of the fangs of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google. I guess that Twitter doesn't even in. Because it's not as big as the other shit. I'm sorry right, but so anyway. So, ok to add twitter to the fangs Twitter is the worst cover, This guy is an oversight made a great point today when the firmest forwards made a great point when it does not have a business like what people want to rewrite re visa- and You know this was like over two months after it did the thing retweeted that story like sort of calling for a civil war we have for California session. As for democratic asked how rush their opposition these, like he's, just the guy's, a jerk, then he any then he was like he's. Dino took this position of conviction on Alex Joan
They were not going to go with the heard that lasted what four days I am now flipped on it, because it is only not marry again. It showed over here our these individuals in charge of these platforms. In their areas, everybody's media, but I mean it's like they have this. They have full describe no power over these incredibly influential platforms. It raises questions like how they these platforms should be treated in the law and I'm young of the sceptical side on this.
Then he thoughts on Twitter. I want to know I am it I'd like to be at its rise, every art, a toy at United in our ass. We ve had the draft campaigning on Twitter to get the presidency very actively tagged, rap they're, waiting for them to have a bigger avatar under rather right. You had your head declared fit inside my very little problem. What would you get like my eye or probably have a twitter? Unfortunately there all the time we have four days additional right writer like to give a special thing, Sir producer L be born, of course, are free, beacon, guess, Matthew, cotton, Eddie, Erin, Harrison Michael Goldfarb victory, no Madison, Natalie Johnson. Remember kindness on Itunes, Google play and stitch, urges search for free beacon, play subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a positive review like listener. John ports fan boy who says he picture Harrison to look like Dean winters in the Allstate commercials, till next
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