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Shut Downs, Syria, and Just the Tip?

2018-12-21 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the <em>Free Beacon</em> podcast, recorded Thursday morning, the gang discusses shut downs, Syria, and Hershey's Kiss problem—all while welcoming a surprise visit from the big guy upstairs. (Get better soon, Aaron.)
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oh, and welcome to write and writer the official pockets of the Washington Free Beacon. I'm your hosts Elizabeth Harrington. You follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F, B, the free beacon pot gases available on Itunes, Google play and sticker. Please subscribed tell your friends and leave a review during to me from the right today is free beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie. You may remember him from such mainstream media shows as PBS News our an uncommon knowledge can follow him on Twitter ACT, cotton, Eddie Womack, I was brothers, mats right is free, beacon, present and creator of the build. The wall go. Fuck me Aaron Harrison were not exactly sure. Does around the office be sense, checks and that's good enough
US lawyers were antiquity. Twenty percent commission on the final tally for the build a wall. Given me getting up. First on right and writer, President Trump announced the: U S is withdrawing all remaining forces in Syria, declaring quote we have one against ISIS and now it's time to bring our troops back home Trump ignored the advice of his generals, including Secretary Defence, James Madison, who argued the counterterrorism mission in Syria, is not over and the small. U S, presence of two the trips and Syria should remain. Nevertheless, Trump said it was a political move. Tweeting getting out of Syria was no surprise. I've been campaigning on it for years, Russia, IRAN, Syria and others are their local enemy of ISIS. We were doing their work time to come home and rebuild. The decision has received widespread criticism, from all sides, including ones. A grand who says that withdraw is an Obama like mistake, Matt Lindsays, not wrong
not in this case luck. This was a low cost high impact policy with two thousand guys there. Every death viewer soldiers, a tragedy but very few- have died in Syria in the M some five years of our involvement and our presence, there was mainly reassurance and stabilization, and so it both reassured our allies with the Kurds, who were the main ground force against ISIS. While also stabilizing this, this part of the country, which, of course is under threat not only from Syria from iranian proxies from the Russians there, but also Turkey, which wants to basically
carve out an enclave in northern Syria and repel or extinguish the Kurds. There is certainly rule over them, so we were getting a lot out of this mission and was also serving as a check on russian ambitions as well. Remember our forces there repelled an assault on from the little green men in the past, in where our forces basically killed about two and thirty russian marks were operating under government. There is also the historical lesson here, which is that every time we leave, especially in the Middle EAST, we create a vacuum into which bad actors occur. We have won the war against Al Qaeda in Iraq.
By then. Twenty eleven when brought the Brok Obama, pulled our troops out of rock well what happens within a few years? Al Qaeda in Iraq had reconstituted itself under the name ISIS and was becoming a huge global threat. Well then, Trump declares war on ISIS rightfully, so he was very effective in defeating or at least degrading ISIS, because I think there are still many ISIS fighters remaining in that region. Now he saying well turned to go. What does he think he's gonna happen, because the truth is IRAN, Syria, Russia, dont care about ISIS, that's that's regime propaganda, and so I think that it won't just be Trump, but Trump Successor, who's gonna have to deal with the fall out from this
decision Harrison. Yet why not keep just two thousand troops there? What's the deal here, Lucas two thousand troops are not enough and sought. The court were got hears, a kiss three dimensional torch us, so crop is always thinking. Three steps head of everybody else on this pact or on this, but on this point you use way ahead on the planet but, like most importantly, the politicians and the bureaucrats in Washington who always will will attack him for whatever decision makes. Ok, so we ve always had come up with one foot in one foot out in Syria. We ve never. How are you going full on commitment to the to the destruction of every bad terrorists and every bad rican horrible dictator? That's If there is there's lots, they all need to be eliminated. Here's a debt trap is now calling attention to this. Okay, so we we are in retreat and I use that with air quotes right now pull our people back. Ok, this thing's gonna go straight to Hell, and then you what's gonna happen more common. I can go
Blazon turn the whole can place the glass. That's the trump. That's that's truly what's in trumps hard here, nobody loves killing terrorist more than Donald J Trump. Nobody cared kill and bad guys more than Donald Trump and nobody's better out of the United States military. So that's what but we're going to be doing here, we are going to just go ahead and say: ok enough for this. She wash you one foot in one foot out foreign policy, we're gonna retreat, we're gonna, show the whole world. What a disaster really looks like and then we're gonna come in and we're gonna fix across. So you're saying it's kind of a rope, a dope that absolutely kind of summer we're just gonna, leave Syria and then, when it It's really bad, then we're gonna say when nobody knew where nobody continued anymore, we're coming back in June, with with with every gun, we're goin going we're goin hardcore single, be over about a week and a half and them start building after after the the radiation levels, that aside ten thousand years from now, so I dont think that's cool.
When he's like. Oh, it's gonna be his successors problem. We all know that fixes successor, that's gonna, be a very long time long time away, but probably not ten thousand years, I think we're talkin like ten millennium away, keep guy like that. I wouldn't worry about it, occurred to me when you were saying about the way that Trump plays multi demand nor has it really. The only prison plays higher multi dimensional, chest and present trumpet is, God knows you're right. It's like the old asset else get takeovers. God is really the Trump verse got trot who, when they got it, who in an eleven dimension chest match wins Harrison while Trump or God drop, is the closest thing that we have to God on the planet today, not God, that Spirit God, but many clubs- and there is going to do- is ask the name of all time. Is there was collusion?
its Chiesa citizens more guide Strip that that there are only battling, there's more, that group of God on the radio there's other Russian, all absolutely Hutton Tags while trying to keep a campaign promising Syria president Trump might be about to break a bigger promise on the wall if he signs a short term, spinning That includes new wall funding. Meanwhile, Nancy Policy is out dancing at a bar. It appears trump. This is serious about shutting down the government to get border security with the spending bill that would cap the end of the Republican controlled Congress that finished with the jail break and no more judicial and executive branch nominee What the Wall Street Journal penned as the latest lame duck Harrison has trumped stopped. Listening to writing writer I don't think so little look. This is it. This is kind of a difficult topic for us to tackle at this point in time, because we are actually filming issue in the future, but when the future hears, the show great show will be in the past,
so events may take place. But as we sit right now, I would like just to tell everybody what I am predicting into the future. We build the wall or shut it down. Don't I also, and if we do, that would be a Christmas present to the american people. Shutting down govern Santa Trop is coming down the chimney and he's come down Ricky nineteen hundred mile baby right, hares and he's coming down with with the government, shot down temper early until we get the five billion dollars to get this thing off the ground. Now I think that's really where, The party is in that's what part, what that's, what tromp didn't really understand, or nobody informed him of where the already actually is doing these negotiations when ye his minions out. There are signalling that will wool sign whatever the hell comes out of the house, I think he is recognised reckoning with the fact that people are that it is
years there s, listen internal radio. This massive third rattling record this. On Thursday people are up in arms. I already got the american public once the wall. That's why we voted for Trot one of his number one form issues of being elected, its wise hats success and for him to not fight tooth and nail for the war will be a massive let down, and I think that he is reckoning with that fact. Right now and I think that some ass is about to be kicked shut. It down, build walls Matt because of the government is functioning. They can't build a wall. You can have the reopen the government, the pale, but what the government, lasting until the Wall exiles checking Nancy to come back begging to open the government. Here's here's because pray, drugs problem he's gonna leverage, and this is what guy has confused me about this whole debate, which is when we went. Through the Schuman shut down earlier this year, the war was tied to Dhaka, so the good bargains.
Ok, give me the billions from the wall, and I will legalise the kids who were brought here illegally as children that to me and I'm someone who is more on that. Strictness side of immigration, politics, but that me so like a reasonable compromise, because the kids there now adopt they're not going away. It's just population are doubts. That was there now what about quota? You know it's true number, but they're not going away and you dont have to extend to their parents, and you get the wall to well so the politics of that worked in terms favour, because people looked at this and said well, ok, that makes sense as a reasonable compromise. That's what voters want out of Washington compromise? Why humor obstructing, of course, Shimmer backed and then we funded the government in things went on, but we request we didn't get either the Wall or Dhaka right this time. It's just the way Oh, I don't know what happened to Dhaka. Of course it still out there
I don't know why the White House and the President in a frame it once again as this is a potential bargain. Instead it you authorized one point eight. I want five point. Oh, we have a difference of the three. I want that three blossom, shutting down the government and they said we're not gonna, give you that three and he said okay I shut down the government and then, as of Thursday, it looks like the government will be shut down. So the present it is kind of exposed as having not only no leverage but no Paul, but you need us out what does he have? A veto pen does set back for years years were gets even more complicated. Three billion dollars, nothing in the law in the scheme of things we shut me humor would gladly spent three billion dollars on ongoing ambulances. Full surgery had, but he hadn't ones, point eight. So this is why its if, if you son, continuing resolution. That's under debate that the Senate past were recording the sun, Thursday sent a pastor.
Continue. Resolution on Wednesday, which had no money for the Wall Y see. You went from one point. Eight approach, two zero and that's why, hawk radios even more said the unusual, because the you get less than nothing Baraboo one point with that: daily set something: now you got nothing so that the whole thing his kind of dinner, a meal, down there, and I don't know how you get you guess the on is that we advocated any say this now, but
try givers looking into our chair when we have the have billion for a wall when that, when audience is listening to the young, we ve got a lot of already re watching over three million Billy. What this is, what we all know cost more than five billion, but like the five billion gives, I think Trump can get a dongle above schedule under Budget uniting Europe. I value the brick and executive work who are up next. President trumps attorney general Nominee Bill BAR sent an unsolicited memo to senior Justice Department officials in June, arguing the special councils investigation into obstruction of justice was fatally misconceived bar argued. The president cannot be obstructing justice by exercising his lawful authority to fire. His FBI, director and Robert Mueller, trying to demand trumped to submit to an interrogation over the matter, would be quote grossly response
with potentially disastrous implications for the executive branch. Matt sounds like a solid choice. You I love you. I love this memo. If you remember we re yeah, look, this is supposed to be an investigation to weather the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, and it turned out because Ravenstein delegation of Authority Mahler that it was also going to be an investigation into whether the president obstructed justice by firing his employ well guess what the president can fire his employees. That, I think, is a pretty basic constitutional idea. When you can't obstruct justice by saying combing get their cattle you're right, especially because of all of the conflict of interests and a bad steps that call me had taken during the twenty sixteen she's cycle so bar is totally right, and this right think the media's kind of misjudging this whole thing because their liking it to the end.
The attorney general Mark Whitakers comments on CNN reset the Mahler problems unconstitutional such the problem with Whittaker. Isn't that he's a critic of the mullah probe? There are a lot of critics of the more probing crew, including in some pulls. The american public is critical of the mob probe probe, if not Mahler himself It is a privilege that high yet higher than tromp right with, if not the highest, in any case, private Whittaker if it wasn't offered for job where he's not qualified. Job is a temporary employment. Get somebody new and ill bar is qualify right, he's already been the attorney general and he was a well regarded one. So factor this men exists as aims cloth. I guess he was consult Then you know because I had mercenaries. I lose my fight an all of his comments in completely kind of in the mainstream conservative view of Mahler, not that
special council is unconstitutional which, by the way, some conservative law professors but argue, but that this idea that you're gonna go after the present for obstruction of justice. While but in the performance of his executive duties is a very dangerous idea. That is, the whole problem was Bueller's that the meat here is rooting so hard against Trump that they have basically conveyed something that does not exist it in, and the law, which is impunity to two Miller or to music, is that he can use like the one person there are more than willing to grant above the, status to is to the investigator present United States. What that's not actually the case. Ok, he has a bosky answers. The american people, just like everybody else, no matter what the media wants to believe. You can now it's time to check in with our favorite pop culture expert. Natalie Johnson, whore Natalie hello live what's Goin on Instagram in
Their answers are posting fake, sponsored content to gain more credibility, o this I doubt yet may have to start because I still have gotten zero sponsors of healthy, so rising instagram stars are imitating. Professional company adds to make them looked sponsored to their followers one influenza in imitated adds posted by a chinese phone maker, one plus hush jogging the phrase tied to the phones launch. She said followers? Just assume everything is sponsored when it really isn't the editor, in chief of fashion niece S, said the more sponsored content and influence or has the better it's a sign of success and wealth, since many are paid to post this content. This all things, basically a scam right, even if it's real liken How does it really? I guess that's the celebrities actual celebrities at work.
Values that are human rights itself, but we were dying out somebody some time that was like outfit fun, you're, ok, the author, that, though she says the problem, is that its very difficult to lay on your first deal with a company because they want to see your promotional abilities and past work. So many aspiring influencers are now just fake it man, I, how do you judge influence where people liking the instead yeah followers amassed, that's your. Well, you can tat you contact the post to see where, like the website traffic to buy whatever than people click through You can measure this yes because, like really advanced spyware, it's. So we learn on staff from the New York Times the other day. Yeah, so maybe in the new year. All I start my faked sponsor content. Are you gonna? Do
yeah? Well, you are influential by economy to step up nineteen now. I would, however, like all recommend reading other federal government's ethics outlines for employees or you re. I guess this is trail. I guess I can't do that anymore The latest millennial problem is looking young, Oh now we're getting older. This is a really big hearts. I personally undergo this, but I have to do I rode dumb. I know it's a lot more difficult for man, I mean for me. I like it cause. I just say I know I look eighty right now, but our work twenty eight when I'm forty eight I bought it, but for men. I know I've heard at the hardship twice. Five year old man named Robbie, published an opt out in the times lamenting his baby face. Saying, may pay off when he's older. It is difficult and twentieth, I thought so
He said millennials really avid tough, the ideal. He said there is a fine line between kidding among friends and being disrespected by a train, our stranger like one time, a venture refused to serve at twenty six year old alcohol. Even then, he gave him a driver's license she this. The problem is that you get these millennials that are so self focused. They ve been taking too good care of themselves over. Past decades. So they look like I love you and when they look like babysitter, they don't need me even worthies, like skinny genes, everything is Slim Fitzroy hot you out there What are all we're all visions, you know what it's like everybody, that's a vague and looks like they have cancer. So many years I must say you know you ve, probably faced ass. You look very young. Well, I do look pretty young and pretty well preserved. I would say I don't: I don't use a lot of cosmetics, contempt eyes with Gabby they'll by what one of the things I
I'm strawberries no vague, and I think that the area we are all man baby. When I think about you know my personal appearance here, though the biggest challenge for me, as I am getting older, you guys are unaware. And a week we all get older every day and I have grown. Chrome my winter beard. In the end, I noticed that there are there's like a couple of like I'm somebody with brown hair. I've noticed that I, my beard is changed little blonde its plot. You got. How long does each blown so We have, as you know, I don't know. If that's If that happens to other people, were they turn blonde later in life? But it's happening to me and I do not. Usually it's the reverse yeah. Well, you know we lose the boy people each different ways. All I'm saying is I'm fine myself being more attractive to the opposite: sex There are no one, but I'm a taken kept me. So that's
real challenge here is a deal. I walked down the street. They like other ASEAN, Harrison from brain writer, powerful podcast, the entire country like any try to get with this guy, because like a maturing, very good looking? imply an older man who actually is looks better. As a block listen, I know their struggles are being blind. Rights relating just got attacked down the street in everyone wants pre on cash. Opera and Neck Jonas have returned to India for a second and third wedding reception after to marriage ceremony, Zaga Control, their wedding has now been stretched out across two weeks, had a traditional indian wedding first and then a traditional christian wedding, the wedding reception round to. As for the media, which is interesting, and Thursdays round. Three reception is for bollywood. Why is she famous Is she about the Bollywood star
He apparently wasn't baywatch in the. U S: okay, about my revaluation. My sex yeah she's, a baby is kind of a deal with the eye she got to find who is letting yeah. I guess I got an indian because then you get you know a month long, strive. I now adding yeah they have. They have the most amazing weddings. We were talking to occupy about it right. He sadly did not have a indian winning in India right. Mrs unfortunately, now dead Thank you now, of course, much needed culture update and you never Natalie up the first in our culture. Around Netflix is probably going to see her next next week. On the shows. Next week of oh, that's right, she's, Covenant she's coming back in four, though that is in my lab, love, callouses young, we're taping for the future, a future. I don't know where we are a version.
Walter around Netflix is probably reading. Your d ends the failing New York Times reports. Facebook gave some of the world's largest technology companies, including Netflix Spotify, and being more intrusive access to users. Personal data than has previously disclose face, but gave Netflix in spite of five the abyss need to read facebooks users, private messages and allowed Amazon to obtain users, names and contact information through their friends and let Yahoo view streams of friends Post Harrison. Is that why Netflix keeps recommending you magic MIKE? well I'll. Tell him I'll tell you what I'll keep recommending is that you just you're not on line not on online anymore, so I've gone totally dark I've gone back. I wouldn't know Louis messaging on Facebook, any more like what you thought faced by getting rumours yeah, I get so told me. So before the old out there
if you're listening- and I know there might be one or two of you- do not trust the tech companies. Ok, they are trying to figure out how to read your mind. They are trying to figure out how to control you. They are trying to figure out how to steal your purse. Info put it on the dark web and allow all the criminals out. There does he'll all your money, so just get offline you it's not for you. It is. This is a place for the young and is a place for the with it. If you, Adam Sandler, it's not even further. Facebook is even for the young anymore. They ve moved on another they're, not young anymore. There. There what you say you have nobody on life. This is coming from the gentleman who spent- and I know because I was there fair amount of time in the past couple days, watching a young Alexandria cause your Cortez on you too,
so I did say that on anti far while this was in her drama club data, this allows jockeying. She was in drama class. It seems like a drama. All I'm saying is, if you do happen, to find yourself online, make sure your incognito mode and using a vps death. Next, Cycling is a lie. Cbs news reports, the years scariest statistic which might be an overstatement, is that ninety point, five per cent of plastic, is not recycled. Britain's royalties the testicles society reported the figure as the proportion of plastic waste that has never Ben recycled crushing lives ever where Matt seems like a lake Christmas present with the Good NEWS that all the godless lives you think they're, making a difference. Aren't it's a gift it keeps on giving, because I think this data has been out there for some time on my
favorite magazine articles ever was by John tyranny of the New York Times. He was riding in the New York Times magazine. I think two thousand door spring summer. Two thousand one with the title cycling is garbage, and this was the cover story of the New York Times magazine. Imagine that rigour, people here and he went through all the data into showed how its junk sides it's a great peace. Was tricked tyranny no longer works it in your time. Smithy. Unsurprisingly, and he's now writing for US city journal. The men had an institute so definitely follow. His work is great Harrison with its wide, like there's a show. A couple years ago on, I think, was undiscovered, maybe was not GEO and it was called life after people and it was covered many series, but it would take you from basically saying ok day, one everybody dies right. Everything that we have here is still there, and it shows you like overtime. What happens to everything that we did on the planet. Ok, looked
big lesson. There is like a million years after people till we were here. Ok, you got ok, so you know who recycles guy. Recycles ages cycles, alot of slower. Ok, it's a one hundred one hundred percent, and we ve been here that we ve gotta lifespan, five billion years on this planet, allegedly before God just gives up. He's like ok. Well, that was cool we're gonna move on to the next experimenter, maybe up to us to get often in your conquer another galaxy or something next now for an actual crisis. Hershey's kisses are missing their tips and people are happy, including bakers, USA. Today reports who are calling out the recent deformity saying quote the sloppy kisses are affecting the presentation of their cakes and cookies kisses are now coming out with a jacket or flat top, and the problem is affecting virtually all her. She kisses out on the market, Her. She company has not provided an explanation of the missing tips,
nor given any indication of when the problem might be corrected Harrison. This is a real problem, ruin Christmas cookies, both what what is, if you like, I back, I took out just like this we are experiencing it was. I was in a really I just got really really hot. All of the site intervention like I was a place where there were like smoke but like lava and- and there is a lot of scrap a beautiful women- there were some sexy, but like he was very brief. It was only one will add, are raised to real hot water yeah. Ok, so anyway, you ve got as you know, is this with her. She guesses about what the missing the top, the terrible tips, just tips, just the tipps are gone. Just the Tipp, your God. That's weird. I think I buy her she's guess I want the
thing there are need. The little curly q point to pass the nipple of of her. She kissed. That's that's what makes its that's. What makes it unique that's why people buy if her she kissed shows up at just apply without that just a blob of chocolate. The motion is a presentation of all the good little her she blossom, which others is the Moslems. The peanut butter, bosomed cookies harder, really get what you don't. Cookies with the periphery. She kissed her mother in law has long. It's all right I'll. Do it like an Encyclopedia Brown Novel Ministry, the missing tips I'm just amazing. No one knows what's happening to them. There must be some day is it beer malfunction in Ireland about it to other, not questions, but do people really spent much time studying the her she kiss in between unwrapping and eating it? So I guess right! So it's if, if it's for display purposes, you need is a real need that part of her she guessed
ok, my instagram. Therefore you? How can you info That's what you know. I tried that learn often really talk, but fortunately has totally ass. Is AIDS a digital right writer like to give a special baser produce their own before, of course, every beaten. Guess magical, earn Harrison. Now Johnson remember find us on Itunes Google play in just search for free beacon. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and we re positive review. Like the listener? Definitely not Goldfarb, who says quote everything about the show is great, but I worry, Goldfarb goes under appreciated. Someone needs to tell him Sup until next time
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