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Shutdowns, Cookie Dough, and the Secret to Eternal Life

2018-12-11 | 🔗
On the latest episode of theĀ <em>Free Beacon</em> podcast, the gang discusses Trump's taking ownership of the looming government shut down, wonders who will be man enough to eat raw cookie dough in these dangerous times, and figure out the secret to immortality.
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me from the right today is free beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie. You may remember him from such mainstream media shows as meet the press daily and impairs morning edition. Even follow him on Twitter at caught, Nettie Huemac, I was and further to mats right free Beacon present an Harrison who is also good at shutting down. The government were not exactly sure we does around the office besides checks and that's good enough for us full Harrison by force if necessary and returning The programme today, as the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international man, mystery and licence republican consultant, he always keeps our palaces line Hogan far below us. First unwritten writer, the most transparent and pro freedom of the press. Present? U S, history! Let the press in to see him school Nancy Pelosi, inject humour on border security, where president trumped said humor is lousy at shutting down the government, but if he does it he'll get the wall. Of course the presence much more comfortable with their panels on who called who a moron behind someone's back than with debates about you, no actual policy.
They were stunned by the argument which they called quote remarkable and wild man. He only wants five billion? We spend that on intersection, avi right and well. This is the last chance to get it, because there's no way for the wall to be built for additional funds appropriated for at once. The Democrats take over the house in January, so We're going down to the wire, I think, is important to remember that much of the government is funded gather partial partial, shut down mainly affecting the Jes, which is where the funding is for and look at the media. Continually misunderstands the politics, rounding immigration, and I think that President Trump has the stronger position here. He wants the wall he ran for election,
while he he won the election, and this is it. This is make it or break break it and dumb. So I'd want to suppress it off. We have apart, shut down, and then we'll see what happens now, because I think the Democrats especially Trump reintroduces the idea, maybe a dream act for the wall, which is what happened earlier. This growing he had the humor shut down. Very brief they could fault Harrison. I like that. The statement elections have consequences, came from shimmer who did not pick up seats in the Senate. Well, the heavy handedness of chalk. Humor look. You saw the body like Their shimmer could not have been more caught off guard by this whole thing. He was nervous. He was patch ready for far given energy. Look at em Andy was the least powerful guy in the room. By far like it, the fact that he has to listen to Nancy, they got just that rubs his ego.
The wrong way not, but not only that but Trump bullied him in that meeting I mean you, but he pushed chalk around like a rabbit. He was a rag doll them in the middle of the ring. It was incredible and, and also Nancy was the one it was like trying to like be the level at one in the room at their. She couldn't control crop. Of course nobody expects them to expect her to control him, but what she, You was sidelined. Shortcoming truck with such an unknown factors This whole thing you only bearing on factor there will be only bigger non factor was pants. You didn't work. I did like the prey looked very comfortable. You know they look like he looked like trumps enforcer like his body men in their like. If anybody really got out a line like pence, was just gonna start next I so I like the imagery there. I love. How true is the one that invites the transparency like this is
most like alleged in time. Media present really not true here how he takes so many class. So many questions like though they don't want a little about not having a formal press conference, whatever they have a press conference literally three times a day with this guy get me in and not a helicopters get not of the air force, one in the White House on the White House lotta. He talks to the press constantly and the fact that he did another. One of these meetings in front of cameras is only good thing for him and he had a similar message. The two we are going to shut down the government. If you are not going provide border security for this country is a national security issue. It is a more it is a national emergency that needs to be dealt with immediately. If we're not going,
shut, but that is one of the things that you would shut down the government for, if you are truly believe that you back your words up and you shut it down and we're gonna win that fight politically go farm. You know I was struck. Did they tried to paint him into it to the extent they had a plan, Shimmer Nancy, which they didn't really they seem to on the fly. Take on the plan that We're gonna call it the Trump shut down, we're gonna say he's the one that wants to shut down the government. Chucks Annie said twenty, times he wants to shut down. The government and tromp was like you I would remind you, don't give me what I want, so they I mean what kind of weights shadow boxing, I mean hee hee. Is willing to accept the their verdict on here and then what are they left saying? Then? What are they even talking about a mini saying? I am not going to move.
Forward. Until we have the funding now he beat does have the sort of I'd buy it though I mean it does have to extract any those four zone, real action, I mean, if you can't really point the sum accomplishment. As far as. Building a wall funding a wall. I do think you know the an Coulter wing of the Trump base is gonna. Be often they may not show up. In its end like. What's the last opportunity, when we see that of doing criminal justice reform, they may be, could get some republican agenda through look either its worthy hill for him to die on, so to speak, like if you're going to fall on your sword, this is a key issue. This is why you were elected as bike said, so what keep it shut down? Let it go until the new Congress, then yeah he's done it that possibly could, with this Congress to shut down such a bull direct though, because what happened is a bunch of government workers who are all Democrats. They get paid to sit at home, maybe they re files there are weeks later, but but they get paid all the same.
For not doing work but get to see the media coverage of how they won't have presence at Chris I mean holiday, I know it's a Christmas, as we saw Nancy Correia. Sierras emphasise track herself. She was like, oh no, I said the sea workers. You said the crystal for those listing. She said Christmas presents in her Post game press conference here than immediately corrected yourselves quality presents it was. It was exactly what you would expect a cat. Next president Trump tweeted Tuesday morning, there are very productive conversations going on with China Watch for some important announcement. Shortly thereafter, it was announced China has agreed to reduce terrorists on U S, autos to fifteen percent. Down from forty percent currently Matt is a time we sat back and let the deal makers do their work at the clock is ticking deserve.
Today. Truth. I think this is a good sign China to actually pledge reducing the tariffs for the. U S: maid autos is not exactly the structural reform that the chinese communist to make it a fair trading partner with the United States, but it's a step, and I think it might be the beginning of an off ramp from this threat of increasing the tariffs that war you again just to maintain its position. Trump will have to do. Should we emerge out of this ninety day window without it without a deal, so it's a good sign it through the markets will like it and again, as we start looking toward the twenty election having us having some sort of deal, China like the deal that he made with Korea and like the deal that he's made with the U S and Canada would be some eight point, two on the trail right, Harrison
I don't know, I don't have any faith in China. I don't know I'd like China, Japan, Korea, like these people, are all like epic, racist when it comes to national products. Ok, I don't have any visit there ever gonna be buying american cars over there, because I don't like that that they believe in the concept of by the ring eating chinese cars or whatever the hell they make over there. Or important meetings. Gm over the problem has been that it goes back over here. The other, just don't think did like. I dont, have any faith that this is going to make all that big of a difference. Now the fact that we have you reduction in the tariff to begin with his eve is a good thing for the markets in the economy and all that stuff. I just don't know what the practical effects of this are inadequately have any faith, a decision to be a long term solution to the trade issue go. I have no idea what the hell happened,
I m fascinated by the arrest of the white way right. I guess she ordered still going on in the train. Ass tat hand, a canadian lots of its authority YO for us throughout the community. How world worth three. I mean while awaiting trump got a lot of four caving on that, and now we have a more hard line position than anyone could have ever passed, we imagine that actually is a national security issue and not just a trade issue, but on the trading I'm sort of cure, I mean I do you know two years from now, whichever way the election goes, if Trump wins Democratic, when who the hell knows this thing is this thing could be going on for years and years, because no everybody agrees that, like that the situation is unacceptable. Nobody, I want to make a bunch of unilateral concessions to China now that this has gotten under
It is not obvious how this thing- and this is trumps greatest legacy. Is he catalyzed the change in America's attitude towards China and that that's it? That's now is becoming a bipartisan consensus, and so your apsley writer what they will carry on the matter, who's in office and twenty twenty one next Paul man afford. You worked for Trump for a very short I'm as in court to address allegations that he broke his plea agreement with Special Council Robert Miller. Meanwhile, Michael Cohen, a week person will be sent. Wednesday in New York after pleading guilty to tax charges, campaign, finance violations and lying to Congress. Prosecutors have suggested son sentence of roughly forty two once. The media is very excited. The trump has been identified as individual one in court documents Goldfarb as if this whole exercise wasn't about getting trump. In the first place, I mean in the wood he's not individual to loudly Hillary Clinton. I nodded
I'm excited now: it's like it's cool to make prison rape jokes again, that's that's back and fashion. I don't know it's me. It's the same. That is the same exact thing is Bill Clinton. Ok, both of them lied to cover up. We business that everybody knew was going on anyway and included. Case. He actually lied under oath and trumpeted something like a complicated king, pain, finance violation than unless you have a lawyer in the room telling you that's illegal. You can't do that. You would need to disclose that payment slot obvious to any person. Yet hush money. You wanted to stay quiet, you don't want to do it out in the open. That's the point of the hush money. Unlike its not overtly illegal, to pay hush money. You just want to do it quietly in this case, when you're running for president, there seems to be an argument that you can't do it quietly with that hold up
for I have no idea the idea that you would impede the sky over. That is absurd. On its face to me, I think it's even to the Democrats who, over the weekend, basically said yeah, it's not really enough to go on. So I Nor were the Mahler thing goes from here. Maybe they have a lot more stuff to come, but if this is the, if this is the reveal its not it does not there? She ain't that right, I think the real question is: does the Eu S attorney who wrote this sentencing information for the count for Cohen, where he described the campaign violence violations any embedded in his page on exquisite and exposition, rather on the coordination of the campaign, finest regulations which, in my opinion, stultify free speech in political activity in the United States, but in his view the lawyers view are the absolutely key to the american democratic process. You read that in your like, as any Mccarthy said
Did they must one indict Trump, but who would it how? How could anyone? How could the american people discern the trump was chase? entail isn t it without the disclosure of these payment that they did not have all I back, but here's the coffin used by some Justice Department guidelines say you can indicted sitting president. Are they going to test these guidelines? Get there arrest him? That's a crisis. I mean that that is the crisis. If they don't, if they decide we're just gonna, let it wait well, trumps elected then, by the time he leaves office. Twenty twenty five This may I laid of limitations, will have expired. This thing is let what is he going to do? Is gonna do less time than pop adopt less if they victim of this. In writing. Penny any campaign. Fine Riley right right, sir, but if it becomes a fact that a U S, attorney overthrown by the Department of Justice guidelines which have been kind of their since Watergate and indicted sitting precedent. The present
There is your constitutional crisis that liberalising the liberals have been warning about for two years is not yet from fights it's. The result was that level just start the whole ball and then that only that'll be structured he had sent out. But the point is the agent of it is not tromp. Now it's the lawyer re if he does it, which you might not Harrison but comprehensive discussion was just add here, love when we can come to consensus effectively, but I do have a couple of corrections to the record for Mister Gould far by air in what would some fake news of his own? He said that the corner quote: Tromp was chasing tail mister,
for she had anything factories. Ok, so let's get that straight right. Now, that's very good boy. Celebrity deserters love noted at its edge really one clear that up to now, it's time to check in with our favorite pop culture spurred Natalie Johnson, who are not legal. I live what's goin on, Miley Cyrus says her mom got her back into smoking, weed a year after the wedding at nice, more loudly in inner you at the sign. Molly said she and her mom Tisch quote talk a little. Every now, and then she told us the current or mom smokes a lot of weed and has joked about threatening to quit. Managing her to start a wheat far met so she's one, these. Yes, yes, Miley quit last year were recording her album Malibu because she wanted to be clear and all
It was spending too much time playing with her pet pig and not recording these at PIG S way, moping for me vital interests We are always want to know. You're, not Google, sir. You didn't like by hurricane, like you are you're tiring years now and I would just say, according to Instagram and some of her newly released pictures, there appear to be of a few enhancements that may have been made in this area. So I want you to take a gander that out and get back to us, maybe next Epps I'll report by experts. Perfect Hayley Baldwin has hit back at critics who are constantly tearing apart relationship with Justin Bieber that twenty two year old, idle and now wife of Bieber opened up on her instagram story over the weekend about the immediate anxiety she feels when she logs onto the social media platform right, you
you're an influence. Thirty, I feel anxiety when you go and social media time tat. I think we shall just get rid of it. I agree, but that I couldn't influences and they do not cause. She said that she likes using social media to connect with others by that, it's hard to focus on her well being and mental health. When every time you open the app someone is tearing apart your relationship or job, and we have privileged previously have reported on Miss Baldwin, unjust and relationship they had who her uncle S, Alec Baldwin Honour, dad, could occur action. They got engaged in November, just weeks after dating and have apparently since married in a secret wedding, while good for them yourself for the most part than the instead he's happy. She have any Anita, happy she's been posting a lot of be pictures. It's nice. She changed her name on Instagram to Hayley Bieber, very traditional. We like that I'm Roadrunner under on the smart. Oh you, given life, yeah,
but my question is what the over under our life as long as they keep going to church. Well, it's gonna, be me about, did not sign a pre, not because he said they will be married for life, so we thought that turns out classed as a summit hashtag sports NEWS War, NBA Flower already, Stephen Currie, said he believes the moon landing. Was fate, not alone he was he allowed along. These also probably correct those speaking on the ringers winging its pod cast Currie repeatedly said he didn't believe the: U S had put a person on the moon and ass, the others on Nepal, asked what they thought. Fellow NBA players, Vincent Carter and Kent based more also casts doubt on the moon, landing Right and then they say, like checkout Stanley, Cuba Ex work there
in light of this theory, I don't really understand this one. I am inclined to like a lot of conspiracy theories theories, This one is never day was pretty funny. I listen to a little chunk of this and they were taught they were having kind of a broader conversation about sports and life and rules and Stephen Courageous, randomly interrupts and asked if anyone both cases. If the meeting we didn't have other kind of came out of nowhere, it was not as a subject that is being spoken about. Nasa has since offered to show courage, proof of U S: Moon landings, inviting him their leaner lab in Houston to look at moon rocks and ok. Well, I wouldn't like them to also invite him to the sound stage in Hollywood. Where they filled the head, then explain and how the american flag was flowing in the wind. There's no there's no longer when staff duration to shut up and drivel and leave the conspiracy theories to the experts like air inherit. Thank you
You battle over this much needed culture up day, of course, first and our culture, Round Oklahoma, quarterback, Kyler Murray, one Heisman trophy over the weekend, but in twenty eight one cannot achieve any, great without summit on the media trying to drag them for tweets. They sent when they were fifteen. USA today, reports Murray, had quote Saturday to remember, but the Oklahoma quarterbacks memorable night also helped resurface social media memory of several homophobic tweets. More than six years old, the vultures found that Murray once had caught a friend of his a queer on twitter
and you say today's crack team reported as of early Sunday morning, Afore offensive tweets using an antigay slur, remained active on the high seas and winners. Account Murray, of course, was forced to apologize Matt. Isn't it great that journalists got times person in the year there too? In God's work, parents should not allow their children to have access to social media period. If you have access to social media, delete your account period for That is why this is the proper guy. Color Murray is still technically an amateur athletes, even though he signed a major league baseball contract, right, and it is the football player that might play baseball represented by Scott Boris. Ok, Scott bourses actually falter how his
how his agency did not vat the twitter feed to delete. It is not said, I don't know about that. It seems that it would be a route in thing when you start when you start taking a massive paycheck from one of the one of the teams, professional sports? It just seems, like common sense, protect your client at all costs, easiest thing to do now. The fact the merit this thing or are absolutely stupid. Ok, he was like fourteen fifteen years, talking to his friends, this wasn't even like a targeted bullying situation where, the house, I actually that targeting gay people don't he was calling his friends queers online that was it for tweets five years ago six years ago. Who cares why this adventure, these loser, journalists that have never accomplish anything in their lives and they go onto someone? Does some good and then they search you have to search. So I guess they put in queer. Every antigay slower in this stupid search bank define these two.
What this say. They ve been routinely doing this. They all star game this past summer. They target the brewers pitcher error that he gradually entering their king for this, because I guess the athletes of the real enemies here go far I don't even know. If I can share my honest thoughts on this is probably fast, I just I just take a pass on. Bags, the fun valise over the CDC are working against eating cookie dough, but it's not just the raw egg. The government says even egg free dough isn't safe if it contains raw flower, because uncooked flower can carry a variety of these disease causing germs, including coal lie, the CDC advises quote: do not let children play with or eat Rondeau, including dough for crass FDA administrators. Scott got leave agrees. Tweeting quote, you cannot eat it.
The house, you could not eat it with a mouse. We do not like it here there. We do not like it anywhere. We do not like Raul Chocolate chip cookie. Do we do not like it hashtag FDA? We are Harrison. How do we end up with such a nanny state her? Well, maybe this guy will be out of a job in the hope of ever know, under the rate, are keeping all these a bomb policies in place by the way. Well, we need an action needs to be taken as a whole. In this thing gets down. I've got this issue with a tolerable risk. There should be an acceptable risk for certain behaviors. You know you're getting into, but yet it varies risk in eating raw cookie dough number one. It's really bad for you from caloric antics. And point the cluster, all in all its other stuff, so like you're, probably gonna get the diabetes one day, and then you don't number two.
Ok, so there's a little bit a risk of whatever the hell, the eco, I examine our whatever. Whatever look we had, the problem lies level and what about the doesn't cookie down on the ground? We had the roaming, let us recall, get off Libias. They recalled the labour call everything it's just what happens in a modern society. I think they ve gone power. Mad yeah started with remain. They saw everybody react to the remain recall and chopped got worried about its business model and then the FDA in the CDC kind of us. In this. Their chains and they said was true, be they do with beef and all I can leave any beef now, and so they said you know what it's holiday season. Let's do the cookie do yeah,
ruin every. How do you manage openness, spray appropriation season, because his report is try to justify their existence like the global warming kooks out there every every time there is a natural disaster that you gotta say all see. We told you about. This is why we need more funding for our nonsense studies about whether arm d, like Chiquita, I the cookie dough they make the cookies out of your desk. You know what is theirs. I wish trumpet actually speak up on some of this stuff. I mean our president understands. Ok, what you know. What is it? I won't talk a little bit about progress here. Ok, if you notice just this past week, we now have chocolate milk back in Ok, oh so we are start. New rate is rather ground. As the USDA arguing along, I was afraid we win the war on Christmas Day,
much to Nancy policies just out their fighting. Trying tat was it. That was wrong. Thousands more! I mean the President unprotected sex with a porn stars. Ok, unproven. I knew you were going to get there and I'm how, from the best by hurricane by her account, but I I I would be Sturbed defined out otherwise, direct these questions. You MIKE lava naughty hurry. We disturbed it be like no, I dont want to present a new doesn't was afraid it can cookie. Do you know president jobs right in grabs, big handful waters. We when you're a big star they let you do at night have you never got your dream thoughts? You know I gotta run I would rather here your thoughts on what was
Let me thank the one hundred and one year old man, secretive and Djibouti is daily. Four p m course Light Andrews, Slavonic a word or two airforce veteran from Mcmurphy Pennsylvania, as a can of course, which he swap recourse light fifteen years ago, helps keep an active and motivated around four p m. He tells me that its four p m and it's time for our beer, his son, said out of appreciation Miller Course sent him a course. Light branded beer fridge stocked with they beer Goldfarb as the eldest on the panel. What's your secret, tough one Note tat, Thou also. You know the course thing it is. It is brood right by the rocky Flats nuclear waste site, and so it's possible that some of that you know nuclear water has
turn him into a super here. I know it's like I'm: U radio end! If I'd he's got the cores mutation and that's helping him live along productive like you could be a Harrison this revolutionary. I have always had the term while at five o clock somewhere at Jimmy Buffet. That's that's is big line. You know let's start happy hour for you. This. Could bees never stop Zaire to longevity, it look at its as big of it. I hear that has never stop me sometimes happy hour starts at noon. Ok up, but this did just remind me. Watching something about Mary Classic Movie. Last night Natalie, the green hitchhiker had his big business. Vision watchers. He was gonna, be eight minute apps by releasing seventeen So this is the way you are. You happy. You read out there, but you move it up in our signal. Daylights. It's no daylight savings for four happy hour. Now we're going back,
Standard happy hour starts at four clock: ok, good man. These things are a crock, if not the customers, that making him it's his genes and you dont know until he tried that's bogus racial science man That's it you're, lovely better with the region that happy genetics, unfortunately it's all the time we have for the decision of rain writer like to give a special day so producer before, of course, and Freebie Guess, Matthew got Nettie Aaron Harrison like or Alan Johnson remember finest on Itunes, Google play in stature just search for free beacon, place, subscribe to your friends and leave a positive review like listener senior NEO, who says quote you can find intelligent nuance: conservative com, station and plenty of pop cast, but that's not are in our sports but informative, entertaining content. This is my
two. As those that think conservatives lack empathy, I cannot imagine anyone whose heart doesn't go out was his attempt at table. That testosterone tainted team. Until next time
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