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The Trump Show, Crappy Tippers, and Nail Clippers

2018-06-15 | 🔗
On the latest episode of theĀ <em>Free Beacon</em> podcast, the crew discusses the Trump show, wonders why blue states have such terrible tippers, and ponders the merits of a Twitter edit button.
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but go ahead, make my day low and welcome to write in writer, the official plaid guess at the Washington Free Beacon, sponsored by quip electric toothbrush. Whose Elizabeth Harrington you can follow me on Twitter ATLAS. W have be freebie, can podcast, available on Itunes, Google play and sticker. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave of review journey. We from the right today is free, began editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie. You may remember him from such,
Free media shows us meet the press daily and reliable sources. You can follow him on Twitter ACT, continuity, Loma, Vista, loose and further to match right is freebie, can present Aaron Harrison, who FBI agents also to stop we're, not exactly sure what he does around the office for signs of checks and that's good enough for us who Harrison. I was ordered sorted. This arbitrary record wish or president a happy, belated a first rate and writer president trumps. Surprise reporters after seeing and friends recording on the White House lawn and said: maybe I'll have to taken unannounced stripped down to see them. He then talk to reporters for nearly an hour. Blasting, the scum on the top of the FBI calling James Komio, criminal and CNN Fraud, told Peter Deuces the Hilary got elected instead, a trump you think it be so exciting. Matt perish the thought when we know the answer to the last question, which has no it would not be as exciting trump is a long way
as he is like cannonballs into the pool. The? U S, media is kind of displaces. This vast amount of water, so is this performance set? We gotta watch for forty five minutes because, of course, when he was fit, Fox may been finished with him, but he was not finished with the press that he goes and talks to the generals. Scream scrubbs from scrub, scum. I know there are confusing orders did he make news it's hard to say, but it sure was a lot of fund watch right, there's so much there Harrison it's hard to kind of than the media. I think he's gonna confused what to pull out of that. What he's the ring master and he reach them all as the performing animals it's it's me, it's amazing is, is the Trump show its every day to day was an especially bold tour de force. This was trumpet his best
He walks out and he commands, commands everybody's attention and he's got like the little rodents. From CNN Nbc, and there s the fake news milling about behind him as commanding the presence on Fox NEWS and giving a full on full length. Thirty point: thirty one minute interview on of television and become, mounting Steve, do see on the high ratings of fox and friends, talked about he's about their about to take over the broadcast morning shows in terms of the ratings are, we know, is amazing, and then once again he he makes a joke about wanting his people caught him or to stand it attention to him is as Kim Jong IL subjects due to him. I always there was trouble, probably was hilarious and then all of a sudden you got news alerts going out, you you would. It is also if they reacted, as though he declared the constitution over and he's declaring a full military
dictatorship, I mean that's really what their, how they see him anywhere, but it was, I thought, I'd say, he's immediately asked about it when he is talking to the rest, the reporters. Today's I will hear you I think the sick and envy foreigner totally blossom. He said you couldn't recognise, sarcasm unit with that line, and but I have to say, even if it was sarcastic, it's not then you expect from a present. On the other hand, nothing trumped does is what we expect from president, so it's just kind of par for the course has been three years now, where we are, we are the captive audience of the I'm sure I will say this if ever walks into the room and I'm there I'm standard attention next long awaited idea report on the Clinton email investigation was released, fighting not just the company was insubordinate buddy use personal email that here Laurie emailed with Obama on her insecure account, while in the territory of a foreign adversary FBI employees were crying.
After Hilary loss in an FBI lawyer who worked on the Hilary investigation suggested while he was working for Mueller on the russian investigation. He work against Trump sang viva, low resistance, fears, stroke then bowed stop Trump and becoming president while helping led the russian investigation and stroking page warrant, the only liberal hacks at the FBI sleeping around who like to bash trump, while their investigating Hilary, the other lovers: agent, one and agent five said screw. You trump called his supporters retorted revealed Hilary Thy T guy quote law. His ass off during his interview, but the was in so ain't. No one gonna do Harrison, even if the idea tries have it. Both ways so there is no biased and their investigate decisions. This is really bad for the FBI. Well, the mostly about Gee report, as we now know why they were not able to stop tromp because they were too busy Secondly, so look. This is amazing comin.
Team of incompetent, partisan cockroaches as finally exposed for fur duplicitous liars that they are so this is what you have. You have an investigation that was completely screwed up from day one. The team that was assembled at me: do they even screen people for four biased before you put them on investigative team. It's incredible, whereas the tropics I don't see any trop tax that are saying all men. I hope he wins gotta do everything we can to stop Hilary didn't see any of that. The text way worse and I think that had ever had leaked in its honestly. It sounds like an MSNBC hosts Gallagher leading the investigation matter. The price does that email that you quoted, because, of course, the resistance sakes and friends I am struck in page elsewhere is one reaction I have is either no other personnel at the FBI. Raiders struck was involved,
in the email investigation. Then he slides over to the Trump investigation many slides over to the special council investigation. He was either a very good investigator, or that is If a person hell we're waiting, certainly was a compromise investigator, and I think that that is done the most damage. They have guys reputation, but you know that at five hundred and sixty eight pages of war and peace of Miss judgment and tomfoolery and self see in an air at every level, beginning with Hilary down through Loretta Lynch down through Co. Me through Andrew came to the half dozen some FBI officials who have been reassigned, including struck and page. You just see an organisation that, through the rule book out the window in N Y, know why? Because I felt that it could well right how spineless comin in this whole thing, how spineless does he look now, after that press conference in July of twenty
sixteen, or he goes out there in Indict Hillary Clinton. For all intents and purposes, a forty five minute press conference. I've got out of it. I don't know how you could any how you could not prosecutor after after everything that laid out, and then he still chickened out at the end and didn't it didn't follow through with anything in the investigation than bubbled up again and again All of US agents are on this team of incompetence. Discern says are wasting our time here because we know how it's going to turn out anyway, because Jim Comb, we don't have the balls to prosecute anybody. Might such a disaster cat next and near they attorney general's office is going after the Trump Foundation, alleging campaign, fight, fan, financed violations and improper political activity. The agee wants it the foundation down and barbarism promptness and three of his children from serving on non profit organisations trumps said the loss. It was the work of sleazy New York Democrats and are now disgrace and run out of town Agee Eric Schneider meant and set his mount
Jim gave up more than into again collecting eighteen point, eight million, but giving out nineteen point two million Matt. I dont really recall. The New York Agee, taking interests in another foundation that next the political with philanthropy we'd be out there the ideal Clinton vanished and we never really heard what happened that. Well, you know what I think. In that case, they filed protocol, they didn't hold a huge disruptive press conference to disclose their findings but or for all women. It still ongoing. I thought it might be on Trump and his foundation. I'd say what strikes me is how small stakes are. You know that this is a civil suit. First of all, is not a criminal complaint to civil suit, and what she wants is for the chair to be charity to be dissolved,
for them to pay restitution of two point: eight million dollars, which is a rounding error in the Trump Organization right and then for the trumps to be barred from being on the boards of any charity, which I don't throw me into, that right I mean how is that punishment, the press? Then said he wouldn't settle this case, but I think it's I think is the most likely going to write. One of the things are upset about Teresa ten thousand dollar portrait of from better got like what really. Well. That's the whole, but that's the tell here that this is a purely political action by the by the state government of New York it because the stakes are so small like they know that the larger stake here are the police, the theoretical political price that does that president rumble be paying with their sex civil and this latest quest just it's so funny to me, because New York is just run by this democratic machine, and it's like this. In
fighting that exists within the democratic machine between Cuomo and bless YO. And what used to be Schneider men and now you ve, got like this. This power struggle, fur proves to be the new state attorney general. And then you know it's it's! It's really a race to see who can who can do the most outlandish damage to trumpet so everybody's gotta get their little every sitting at their shot in herself at next. Of headlines are continuing for Skype, prove it the mountain scandals that he uses AIDS to get his wife a job and other aids for using aids. For other personal matters like getting tickets. The rosebud, where republicans are going against M Lord Ingram called for him to be fired and centre. James M half schooling for hearings in suggesting Andrew Wheeler per Second in command could step in and replace him Harrison is prudes luck,
out where a couple of weeks on the show I was one of the ones you came out and said that prove had become too big of a headache and that it was time for him to go. Now. He probably heard that interview- or he probably heard that that hot take on the packet and he reached out our office and he came on this shell and he answered some very tough questions from Lisbon. Harrington herself, that specially that bachelor, but For those listening, go back, listen, Scott Prudence rate about, and so with that he flipped me I back on the brute train, as you. I am fulsome fully supportive of Scott prove it, because I think you do bang up job over there. He is cutting regulations like it like nobody's before in history. That is good for the that is good for the economy, and I dont the care if his wife, if needed, an extra jobs sitting out there are not willing or thumbs at the chief Fillet Board of directors or whatever the hell are they going to try to put around like he's not wealthy men, Are we going to say that I that you can't, I don't
I know that offended by Scott prove it somebody to hires, wifi and mad, as tribe said today, we do have Crystal clear air today. It also, of course, so I'm offended by Scott Prudent, then check for land to pipe political matters. Now let me check the lays reputation. Not only are we don't want to evolve in these tales. Job seeking, you know, is another part of the Trump show that I focused on with Peru, where he was asked about private in the more general questioning and he's he was much more ambiguous, then has been in the past. In saying that we will see, he said, I'm not happy about these stories, we'll see when you have
no national review also called for him to leave their that's one thing, but when you have Lord Ingram and James off, like you say, calling forms leave, you have the sense that his time may be running out Ray. I well just caution. Also one thing: the New York Times there still relying on basically one same source right, I mean obviously the headlines our good will review with. When you know I mean it's also like the search for a moisturize regulation, I mean, really mean that really this is a republican administration. You know the Publican mad dont moisturize, let's get this while the other. He is running that You darling longer I, which is chock full of activists, bureaucrats, You don't know where you're going out there unless you're this, unless you're in environmental Ahmed activist. Basically, so look I think that he has a hostile, your section, the bureaucracy, to try to try to run
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only you can update us on involving linsey and meekness lines low had and we can use this money will be so thrilled we're talking about making those leaves nodding his head, yes, but he's even throwing his arms up enjoy NATO excited. So have Lindsey low hand and Tiffany Trump are apparently b f as any tramp eyes and they face time each other all the time and they upload pictures of their face times, because if you don't do that really how exactly I always pardon works, so their most recent faced time appears to be plans to vacation to Greece together right. Where Lindsey has the new clubs? Yes, there, I'm gonna be going meeting as there are soon Ferrari search ya. Think
Screenshot reads: planning Mika knows and again, as you heard, first on right and writer, Linsey just opened a new night club in the meek knows, and I now cannot wait to be planning this trip being Harrison and that because now not only does this tion to my pop culture, at length he research, if any trump as political. So now we really have so that both whirl exactly I was a little disappointed by Lindsays, said the club, it its social media presences. Could you some help there doing these contest for Free Taos, any notice thing? We have four hundred followers he adds very bad in the towns are not even Q. I hope I wouldn't areas where it goes. Likewise, reserves the winning or my Darnay lounge report from the trust and top riding incident which we ve been putting on track record with researches kind. I guess we need and we need it at that.
Gave them or hypocritical are fine, we also have Degrasse. We do the best show ever My high school favorite shout the canadian show yes, that we, I guess our generation, why it right, religiously and launch the career of dragged so Drake, ok a robber for those of you who do not now forming earth was just released, a new video for a song com, I'm upset it. Centres on a two thousand seven class were union at Degrasse High School, which drake with on this show This is when he went by his real name, avi Aubrey, graham- and he played a kid named Jimmy right on the show from two thousand one to two thousand six. So as care there, was most memorable, has he was shot in a single shooting,
and a hair and eyes there in why I was the most dramatic episode of our, maybe not considering the series typically featured murderers. Instances of this is one like Highschool, shows actual thought literally uncovered. Every eye was sayin pregnancy, rave, schools, shootings lay. There was like the one one show you thought it was a hundred and eighty and accidents it. S like I have as this funny charges by the bill will get asked whether it actually up up up up. Nor do the trick was Disney store. I mean mistress, makes the millennium generation even every night work, either already freakin Disney stars or even the coal character. He will signal Emily are you in? we would have no grounds. It was like a loser, no offense, not one shot even before that before you got shot, but us. So, I thought about it words they had
all the main characters from Degrasse back on in this reunion. Video right and one of them who played a character called J T was not on it. And he was on six seasons with Draken. He was super upset. He was so upset that he wasn't on it that he went to page sex, complaining that I guess he never received the text to come on to those, etc, etc. Remember this guy! I don't either by Drake, responded, saying that J T thought the music video was scams. We couldn't go what made his absence even more noticeable was that the guy who shot, drag and put him in the wheelchair is in video! We see them, but a long Ryanair realities, running away from like a group of a dozen agonies did look like Michael shooter. Other schools are made it into the videos that I mean an hour. You go with your regular character on Yahoo rising here no that's no sooner. Yes, you idea he, while others Mozart, surprising,
Note how so they didn't everyone was prevent Madonna heretics. Nobody d J T was friends with Drake on the show and he was stabbed to death. Now that's how he died, then the school suitor became a school shooter because he pushed his girlfriend down and paralyzed her and then got bullied, know the best preserved. Isn't that great show what freaks? Ah, yes, as much better, it was not only on foot. Six ups. Let's say it's nine episode caught, but it is a compromise that check the milder grassy went on from the next generation went on from two thousand one to twenty fifteen say: ok, we also quickly have a crazy woman update crazy women world. We do have a guy who plays the clear, that a k, a clear and not test both good thought. They, I hope I got the pronunciation thought a prestigious music school had turned. Him down only to find out his girlfriend had faked.
Direction because she thought he had left her right. What a psychopath hacked in creative, fake email coun broke. This its heart and then consult him. Yes, when he was so upset he got rejected. Oh, he had won a full ride to the Coburg conservatory of music and must end as and when he reaches one hears he received their acceptance uttered a girlfriend hacked into the email rejected and then she proceeded to make a fake email of the guy who sent his scholarship up, offer, sending a rejection to him. I'm the best part was they lived together at the time Oh, he was super upset and crying, and she decided tat. You should put a ring on. Long true love, she understood long distance, never works right. Dad she was marked, volume I like this girl totally proposed,
right or more should kill ass dating. If I really really do you, I mean I, I remove irony treated our but, like I just want to say it on air you're. Welcome to all of my axe. I'm gonna demonstrates that. That's, U updating advice. We off. We should creative people need it. I did tolerated. This makes the woman who sent the sixty thousand tax a day and she wanted to bathe in disguise blood. Going on a date may you're kind of seem normal right right. I don't see how to relax yet alone I gotta go. I would thank you now for this much needed culture. Update of course our culture around a study found that blue states are terrible, tempers with DC one of the riches cities in the country not even cracking fifteen percent on average. Ever after pointing this out on Twitter Building Morris was inundated with people clamouring to admit that they too are cheap
one users thing, he always tips. Eight percent pat, who are these monsters wild, not even ten percent actually harder to do the math again and it is to do fifteen like the reunited twenty percent. Most Mozart. It's the easy as you that's where I do then would always double a tip inflation, because I think, twenty years ago ten percent was considered generous and now it's gone to twelve to fifteen and twenty percent right backed it is apparently not. This is a new. I read a lot of research from Arthur Brooks the earlier in his career. The present ivy I researched tell conservatives more charitable, then ran liberals, and so maybe liberals feel like they ve done their tipping in the form of taxes again, so they don't have to be general,
said, the restaurant in just get the government to raise the milliner railway and am aware asian sure, they'll be out of work, but the whole of the waiters and waitresses will qualify for foods to write airs and what not to quibble with that point there. But I've found liberals required generous with our money right people's money. They knew the very high generous with now look. I think that the explanation here, like a list, the way this, affecting me. Amsterdam do my homework now before or when you, when you live inside this bell wave bubble. One of the unique aspects of it is that we are within three different states without basic We have rejected Marilyn Deasey. You could find yourself eating at a restaurant any of those states. So what I like to do is go and find out if they have passed a minimum wage requirement and, like the fifteen dollar range for the weight staff at a lot of these place, and then nominal lower might live address. I'm gonna go down about to three percent. Pennies. You know just how you do it in Europe
has recovered. That's the whole point, that's what the liberals want. They want a no Tipp society, so everybody is year he's trying to add their eyes apparent. No on seventy seven campaign, in which I believe the votes coming up, maybe next week, or so we can, with the waiters in DC our arms on this, because that is the future. The liberals, one party, no ninety, one- that parties the Democratic party. This is what you get you get poor waiters and in Cyprus at next Brigham in women's hospital, is taking down a prominent display of its past medical legends because they're all white and reinforce the idea that white men are in charge.
Teaching hospital a Harvard Medical School is moving white men to less visible areas like conference rooms because they might trigger minority students Harrison. Maybe the hospital should change. Its name chooses its named after Peter Bent Brigham and Robert Breck Brigham too rich white males grows well what the bottom line is mostly institutions nowadays There are still wrong by wealthy, rich white liberals. I I I hesitate to call them men because of the way they behave in the policies and any there will if they try to impose on the student, on everybody around them. So I'm not calling the men, and I don't think we should invite men and I wonder if they actually changed their gender identity, do something
in between a man and a woman, something maybe non gender that they would be able to avoid having a pictures from her Van Matt. Look if you're gonna be triggered by the portrait of dead white male. What's your response to open heart surgery right- and this is medicine- this isn't clowning around. You know, there's gonna be real costs, this political correctness, entreating medical students like snowflakes because they have to go and they have to deal with real pain and real injury and I've read the story and informative just because I thought it was complete
We radicals who they're gonna, hurt bigger, replay they're, going to hide the photo yet they're. Moving up to do my favorite less icicle play. I had a lot of fun writing a story because that is the main one says: Psych Doktor Cushing, you like founded Neurosurgery, it's getting move to a new building which is the hail building, who guess what was named after Robert Hale Junior, whose a ceo of Attila communications? Somebody who donated a hundred million dollars to open as New Brad Trade, the largest Dodi, should it did the hospitals. History, unease also a white male. They get bad, that we should give them money back of the change of name too. It's insane- and this is also the same hospital- got the three and a half million dollars to study why lesbians are obese for This is there's. This is only the beginning of the problem. I may add links and diversity and inclusion offices. Its insanity was that we ever get to the bottom of why lesbians or so fat you now it's it's too opening of London.
I think we need wasn't more. Wasn't this Michel Obama's make work job was that as its diversity consulted for the Chicago I don't think so. Rigorous salary that refer opposition, though, is never failed. I think when she, I may say so and yet, where we're going after Scott Brutes? Why for next Kim Kardashian can't be stopped actors success with the present securing a part and now she's asking Jack Dorsey for an edit button on twitter quote. I had a very good capo with at Jack this weekend. Economies beady she treated, and I think he really heard me out on the edit button patch must be stopped. What would the. But I guess just allow you to fix a typo was elected leader tree and then also, why didn't we do you like to have on Facebook? You can edit the post. If I had a conversation reject rosy, I would ask him to shut
I think, that's the fetters of life and the wave of many many people to feel better, activity rather button. Just have nobody just have no twitter, please stay indoors hairs on it. I'm gonna familiar with the whole twitter thing have robbed you. Ve, never tweet it loads button seems like a good idea. You know, but what they really need to do. Is they really need to edit the souls of companies having these things were literally designed to get the most craven record impossible on your enemies. I mean they allow for anonymity. They encourage and share and spread The meanest attacks on there, received enemies and political opponents, and so listen. I think that like when you get Twitter and Facebook like they are at their core evil, dark and rotten and that's what they really need at it. Not,
stupid edit buttons, but I think in terms of monks, now, what's another part of the army, no really doesn't really affect me, because I try to keep myself apart and out of the swamps of the internet that splits good for you, that's good Finally, I think dot com is asking a terrible question quote: is it ok to clip nails at work. One reader complained in their last two cubicle type jobs. There has been at least one person who cliffs there cells in the office on a regular basis, even over the copper. Is they said so I have no idea how to address it. Edges here clip clip club every few days and I want to die, he very soon. This should be a viable offence on the spot. Were positive. Others all. If you have to ask you probably shouldn't, do it things I am habitual like nail fidget or I rarely amusing clippers. I don't I've device.
The system work and actually like get my nails to trim themselves with other nails? It's my extras. Retains its. I'm not going to demonstrate it, but I've been ass. I am I am. I am find myself. I find myself fidgeting with my with my finger nails and keep it trimmed at all times now that set I have a luxurious executive sweet, I exist privacy. Throughout the day I do not subject others to some of my certain peculiarities. If you well in the office in height, look, I think that you're right, if Europe, if you're, in your ear, your finger, nails, you're, picking your nose, the out your confession, the microwave like these are all things that affect the people that are around you, I think, you cannot contain the sounds. The smells and the sites from others We are acting like a freedom stood at home.
Rages dynamism on Twitter, like the nails, don't grow. It's not like. You have emergency growth in your name. They grow very slowly. Somebody. I can wait to get home to clip that someone on Twitter. So if you have the presence of mind to pack the clippers, why don't you do it? You know take the time to do it at home, then so weird I will say that they did did they specify whether they were fingernails or toenails. So there s, no doubt is tied in with specify. I think they are talking about fingernails. But every time I hear nail clipping is automatically you're no longer but toes but have you imagine walking into the office and see someone in the newsroom does clipping Toenails that would be a viable had concession yeah painted a top coat. That's all I've got to do with it. Still. I am glad that I have heard his pocket. It wasn't pedicure now on the subject
after I had any headway interview on the whole, the dews item at my nails, look, let me look at school cause. You got more than all the male chemicals give you kind of a secondary and higher. That's actually gonna visual, nothing ever enough! Unfortunately, those who die we Aberdeen exiting the right writer. Let's give especial thanks to our producers. L before it, of course, are freely can guess Mexican any Aaron, Harrison and nobly Johnson member funds on Itunes, Google play and stitches just search for free beacon, play subscribe to your friends and lead a positive review like listener him of the ball, who says we're a bunch of mostly men bro? splaining the issues of the day you install next time
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