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Trump and Putin, Democrats and Socialists, Die Hard and Summer

2018-07-17 | 🔗
On the latest edition of the <em>Free Beacon</em> podcast, sponsored by Express VPN, the gang discusses Trump's terrible press conference with Putin, wonders what differentiates a Democratic Socialist from a Socialist Socialist, and, for some reason, argues about whether or not <em>Die Hard </em>is a Christmas movie despite Bruce Willis recently stating for the record that <em>Die Hard </em>is definitely not a Christmas movie.
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hello and welcome to write and writer the official podcast, the Washington Freed, Beacon sponsored by Express Bbn, I'm your host Elizabeth Harrington, you can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F B, the freebie can pot gases available on Itunes, Google play and sticker. Please subscribe till your friends and leave a review during me from the right today is free, beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie. You may remember him from such mainstream media outlets as rear real, clear politics and the failing New York Times. You can follow him on twitter account. Nettie lament the willows and further to mats. Right is free, beacon, present an Harrison head of the missing Dnc services.
Party were not exactly surety, does around the office, but since it checks and that's good enough for us full of Harrison good due to you, madam returning to the forgive today, is the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international man, a mystery and licence republican consultant. He always keeps or pen was in line. Hello. Goldfarb follow us first on right and writer. President Trump pleased everyone with his performance in Helsinki with thought where he refused to say whether he agreed with his intelligence community over Russia's attempt, an interference in the twenty sixteen election trunk correctly oh, did that Russia is an excuse for the Democrats losing our election, but passed the blame around for our poor relationship with Russia
during weak in the process of course, Democrats called this performance, treasonous and Matt. I guess we better take the word of guys like John Brennan, who voted for the commies during the cold war. I choose to take the word of New Gingrich, choose one of the president's most vocal supporters and causes the most significant mistake of the Trump presidency to date, which is its worth thinking about what that means, what it Donald Trump DO, what he basically said that he doubted his own intelligence agencies, not Obama's, not John Brennan, but damn coats is the DNA and he doubted not even on, idling. What coats was talking about and what it seems Trump was referring to- is the dna assessment that Russia is trying to meddle in our elections now an trump said I well. He said this, but put instead
that an Putin was very powerful and strong, and why would Russia want to Metal Ed saying that those words in front of thought him, your Putin standing right next to him? Was it one of an incredibly unforced error on Donald Trump part and ruined any chance of having a successful summit with with the russian President, Harrison. I mean I don't understand the outrage here. What goes on its actions and it's not the words, its actions that are going to lead this presidency success. He has been tougher on Russia than just about anybody. Aren't he's been Braun, China, the guy, is the communist sofa? What, when I see all these people out there screaming, skies following ok. Well, I guess this is just the crisis of the weak. Ok. I was always said that the worst day the trumpet ministrations tomorrow, it's not today, not yesterday its whatever it was
whatever the new crisis is gonna, be in the next twenty four to forty eight hours. Ok, so what I really struck by is the outright UK, who are the people that are so outraged right. You said John Brennan, the former communist okay, the Democrats who spent. An entire Bush administration in most of the Obama administration trying to prosecute CIA interrogators using the CIA and far intelligence operatives of collusion with the evil Bush administration to lie us into war. Ok, spare me the sanctimonious lives and then for all of the anti Republicans in the Senate that are coming out in the house that are coming out with such courageous statement by like of condemnation of president Trump. Like Paul, Ryan and Bob Corker and and Jeff Flake, the three winters, the three Amigos acts of who hold firm to the motto that, when the going gets, tough quit yet that's leader,
does the guys. I want to follow into battle here. Ok, now Donald Trump is doing just fine. Thank you very much to me. Goldfarb, it seems like Trump does not want to accept in his mind the premise of that and so he is trying to have it always in refusing to answer, because the premise of the media is that Russia into interfered and somehow it taints his victory. So then he gets ends. From this mass of not saying anything and not looking tough at all. On the issue of a good fair to say that there might be some stuff going on and trumps head that explain means what we saw you I dont know. Quite how do I identify or diagnose the problem, but it was weird any Was disturbing and eat looked like it? If I can, if I can fairly say We cannot just. Let me finish: ok, the actions, Harrison is fair to point out, have not been bad, which is what makes it
all the more mystifying right. Tromp is a guy who cares about optics, though, and I think anybody could stand there and say the Trump look like the tough guy next Putin no one just let me finish- no one could say that, except for RAM Paul who comes out morning he's the one guy who will defend Trump on this, because the guy has never company has never seen a foreign policy issue. Were he didn't want America to look like the weak side in it and didn't want to appease a bad guy. So I take care of the point- and I also think there is a lot of unfairness about this- the New York summit- a good at it, this morning, where they made the point that it was Obama who sent oh, it's. A cash do in actual american enemy, exaggerating support forces that work that had killed? Americans? It's, it's not fair! The press is not fair. It is the sterical the reaction, but just on the merits, trumpet
look like a tough guy yesterday, I take your point on ran Paul and I totally agree with you on him is never really been an never really been in favour of things that are good for this country. But when it comes to Trump yesterday, look d: it is not the first. On two haven't knocked down: drag out fight the middle of your press conference, alright trump, as always operated by the bye bye, the rule. That is, if you say, good things about trumpet say good things about you, you say bad things about him, he's going to say bad things about you. The press wanted the fight, and then you know it press was going to do they we're gonna go, do exactly what they did. North Korea, they're gonna, say we're we're about to be on the brink of nuclear war. How dare you confront Poohpooh like this, that that's exactly so predictable crop is just out there to have a press conference in four people. What, but what has been talked about, and everybody wants to make a big deal out of nothing.
Ok. Next Fox NEWS, John Kennedy snugly first interview with present Trump following the Putin pressure where he again said there was no collusion with Putin and called the Mauler Investigation of Funny Witch Hunt that has driven a wedge between the. U S and Russia Harrison hard hitting interview from handed. He wrote the army first, first and foremost to meet this interview shows why Sean Hannity is the foremost number one hot vivier killer, and again today they had tuckered out a great bang up interview with If the president as well. Tonight, I don't spoil it, don't spoil it saw some clips, it's hot,
but in the hot headed he did a great job because you were here. Did you dozens? What I like about Hannity when it comes to tromp, he lets Trump speak. Ip is not speaking over him. He has just letting tromp flow and that's how you get what's Goin on site President's head. I was very happy with that interview. Look for the next one will. The interview was conducted right after the press conference, and so there is no sign that Trump was backing away from his statements. He went down double down and even said that the issue of meddling came up in the meeting, but at prudent said what this is. Because of the Mahler investigation. We can't make a deal and trump seem to internalize that argument and agree with it:
That's not really why we can't make a deal with Vladimir Putin. It's because russian interests on nukes on Syria, on IRAN on Crimea, Miss line with ours trump, wants to correct this relationship through the power of his personality in I don't think that the record there is very strong and one also has to wonder what was the what was the point of the last week. It seems like do trump comes out of this, not with other than the commitment from NATO right, which he kind of. I think he maybe ports and salt. The wounds in that relationship and in the process of getting the additional commitment other than that I just I don't see the the the victory in either image or action that that came out of this foreign trip. Legal, fine, Yanina, the interviews kind of it kind of miss. The point for me is like mine, said it happens, right away and and none
These questions. I mean it therefore, a sense of the actual react yeah. That was the interest, their story from the press conference, so it just if there if it had happened, the hours later would have been much more interesting interview so's. I thought I was gonna boring pianist. Ok at next news Chris Wallace Nang the first interview with Bonn Vladimir Putin, where he laughably said Russia has never interfered with these internal affairs. The United States while as press Putin on Syria, NATO and its political enemies always winding up dead Goldfarb another hard hitting interview from Fox NEWS yesterday, Army in Wallace's, tough guy. So I have also done top interviews tromp. I think it's to their credit dome norm imprudent. I thought, looked like the bad guy that he is in that interview man. I thought it was put in one. It touched the indictment yet law said it of banana. Why is in the dictator's mind you know? What's on that
The paper lumber, how the new don't know where you live, soccer, hadn't, come out and like wiped down the and that they used to sign the communication, Singapore you're always very kind of worried. Your in secure as a dictator, I actually find reading and looking at prudent statements in both a press conference in this interview. Much more enlightening, then what what trumps said and the controversy over the legitimate controversy surrounding what trumped said, because when you look at what put in his saying not much was agreed to it clear that there is no progress or concessions from where I can tell made on any of these things, whether its renewing new start, which is the nuclear reduction treaty, whether it's the pull out from Syria, which both leaders say they want, whether its recognition of Crimea, in fact, prudence. Add in the interview with was well. He was, he has his position I have my let's different from what Trump was telegraph.
Earlier in the week. So when you let go up Instead, it actually seems like the americans- are pretty forest foreign and not much ground was given to the Russians. When you look at it from said, you just fall into this endless debate about the twenty sixteen election Harrison. Why unjust surprised that you know without all the outrage over the collusion between the president and and and prudent to score him. The presidency, the United States, a Putin, hasn't been indicted himself. You know I mean look at their serious, isn't that was not what they would do here I mean all the liberals in all the Commies over in Europe want to do indict Dick Cheney right. Remember that so like wet, where the people here saying. Oh indict, Putin like just let's just go all the way here now, but look. I have one role when it comes communist dictators like I believe a thing they say so anything that this guy says you know I just without the window, because we'll see you will see, can I just that? One thing that's been bothering me, I'm talking about about it this morning this this idea that the press, as soon as the Prescott
whence was over was like what we didn't deny that he had the compromise on honour on Trump and, of course, of course he does have compromised on Trump and, of course, tromp has compromised on Putin. They both have massive intelligence infrastructure, whose sole mission is to collect information and data on foreign leaders and observe vulnerabilities and think through ways. You can manipulate that information it just to my mind the nobody's. Of course do that's their job, but you don't talk about fight club, remember once again Next Margaret Hoover sat down with Miss South Carolina. I mean Alexandria, Cassio Cortez, who struck to explain himself after she attacked Israel for the quote: occupation of Palestine. But when pressed on the issue said, she is no expert
on geopolitics. She is, however, an expert on economic saying: unemployment is low because everyone has to jobs that capital. That has not always existed in the world and will not always exist in the world tat at least she's honest about it, ass well, ass. She doesn't know I've Free beacon stands ready to educate her realities of Israel's dilemma in in the region and with these heavy the Palestinians I was this was twenty six minutes of dumb cynically the habits. It was a bad interview for Alexandria, causing Cortez. There is an extended moment of silence. I think, in relation to the Israel question, which is never good sense. From elected leader. I was thinking that something that Margaret said machine The show she was saying about the rise of the Democratic Socialist America since twenty Sixteen- and this is this- is a narrative you see throughout the media,
and Margaret said, with its explosive growth in the membership. There's no doubt about that. The current membership stands about forty four thousand, so I looked up the membership of the inner hey where basis of compare and it is so deep essays. Forty four thousand inner raise five million. Until the essays breaks? I don't know the hundred thousand mark. Maybe to be, where I'm going to continue to believe that this story is totally overplay Harris right. I've looked at this interview as an educational opportunities. I do most television that engage with learn something new and I found the most informative aspect of this particular interviewed occurred when Miss Hoover asked ok you're Cortez what the definition of a pandemic socialist is incorrect into a regular socialist in case you tears in us by saying that, while a democratic socialist in it,
credit, Socialist Republic, you get to vote and the people about, and so I was thinking. I was like what that makes a lot of sense, because last check the link of the peoples that the democratic People's Republic of Korea, actually won his voting I bought a hundred percent of this failure, and so we turned over to the people you actual we are improving upon socialism because you're giving them a forks and that's really what she's about and he's wearing read today is wearing read. As you say, I don't want to feel like she's preaching to the converted here by dawn but yeah. I found her arguments to be quite compelling and I can't wait till she becomes the new.
Minority leader in the inner room in the House of representatives supplanting Antsy Pelosi walks. I guess we're after policy can become speakership produced retire, so that leaves the new leader or crazier Cortez got five yeah. I mean she's, not a rocket scientist, but I don't, I don't think she's. The her position on Israel. There was there was two things going on there. I thought one she's like read her J Street Briefing book and so she, in a sort of said, will, I believe, in two states in this and that Israel has a right to Israel has a right to exist. She has her messaging. She also didn't want back away from her earlier comments. She made to the intercept where she said this is a massacre, and if this was happening in ferguson- no, we wouldn't tolerated, even though that makes no sense at all and is an insane thing to say, but you didn't want to show that she was backing off, but at the same time I took them the video. I don't really know anything, and I am I can't wait to learn. I took that as her own.
Chicken way of backing off the issue, because you know what it is New York City there are a lot of Jews there. That's the thing is she's. He's, probably not going to be a brave leader for the Palestine. In in the Congress because it is Queen ok, so there will be, Anti Israel Democrats in Congress, but I expect that she actually will end up taking a back seat on this issue. She will vote terribly. She will not be a friend but she's, also not going to be the vanguard of the Palestinian Cause in Congress before we get to our pop culture, update its time to check in with our sponsor Express VP and with all the recent news about data hacks and breaches. It's hard for me not to worry about my digital privacy matter? What you do online? Your mobile carry carrier and internet service provider track it all. Every website you visit every email. You send it's ridiculous. So that's why I decided to take back my privacy by using Express VP in these days
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more now. It's time to check in with are noted. Pop culture expert, Natalie, Johnson, hello, Natalie low is so we had a mother, extreme really boring episode of the bachelor at last night. It's getting down to the wire and is getting down to them. Last night we had home towns in which the remaining four lucky man get to bring back home to their family, Ray It was relatively uneventful. All four have now said that they are in love with Becca, which good judges over how much time is. This list is like weak fibre, weak five. I think we're getting regard. Ok, I think court. Our acts, football player virgin. Yes, I think his was the most interesting because he kept bringing his virginity up with his mother, which I found very I'd, say, OECD asked. I mean
God. Your guys are going to talk about it so much now that any brought it up throughout the entire episode, and it was just a little bed overkill- but then we also had the ladys soul interesting part of the entire episode yet Ez Tia, who was on armies season alongside Becca, came back and Rebecca that she's still hats feelings for cotton right, so this is after they went out like once. Yes, so he slid into the ends they went out once literally. Nothing happened. Yes, but now, she still has feeling. Yes might thus be the produce, sir, your actual little magic here. Yes, yes, so the main course of the bachelor entourage is better. Ice right on which both Bialik so good. Bye, though our it's gonna play added another really good commercial, perfect,
This is where TM cotton are definitely going to find love, so we will see other than that. Nothing excited exciting happened, but next week is what am I favour A percentage is the fantasies we episode in, which These are all three men, or no man get to stay the night with better for the first time right now, Poland's out of the way we can go celebrate separately, might go your supper If we have different times, how do I want a frequently there really open up their gave back yadda back to back night. It gets a little theology Sidney. I don't want to be here today to eat. I don't know what is going on We also have. Speaking of that type of they gave up, the EP is pregnant. I gotta get back like yeah. Why Beacon favorite lady came up to him
design and the oven rivers. They not that long ago, that she's aging out, while I was there, a majority are likely to grow here. Beat the clock, about five minutes. He announced she announced on Sunday on Instagram, as most celebs are doing these days with a picture caught: captions hashtag pregnant in Miami show its good showed great, unjust and virulent. Our her professional baseball playing husband commented a very sweet thing, saying can be the most amazing mom and he loves her so much. She was born nourishing mother, and therein town there, both in town for the Ostler game is in D C. They
Arbogast environment, as the send some reports Brent sure needs to get on my cousin slaughter and said she will agree, but he was the one who inform me. We are aware that the merrier Marquis user linking her. He was the one that informed you. She has dragged me. So there is a noticeable improvement, are different. Ok, we also have news about TIM Tita. We dude, Empty bow has confirmed that he had stating Miss universe. Twenty seventeen Her name is Demi, lay now Peters and she, from that's gonna Rinaldi's through Demi Hyphen lay space now hyphen Peters Jimmy lay noble, I was well loudly. Demi lay would not be done I don't want any member who were now to go or for words to names. Yes, one woman, why? How am I mean,
Good luck I mean besides, she is an absolute baby. You mean she's, absolutely for donating she's, Has the time has arisen in the minor and he will be discussing a major. We ghastly, pure virtue. I mean what are? They are well aware: the Maghreb waiting or were you couldn't hurt right, but he had told people last year in an interview that he was ready to start a family and was looking for a woman with a good heart and a good relationship with God, Sir. Good Fermi, Hell another favorite yeah, you guys Gregor Bieber. We got t bo yeah them, We also have a prince Louie christening photos my goodness royals, yes, I,
scrolling through these on Instagram on Sunday, and I was nearly until they were so you have heard of it. We had Kent's Kensington Palace released the official christening photos of Prince Louie in his little. I don't even know what it's called the little gown that they used when they do. I guess it is again yeah, the baptism, gown and rustling of young Kay. Nonsense. Just looks absolute, they really are large Larry loathing, but my favorite. They gave us a boner bonus picture on Monday of Prince Louie, You actually see his fear of him and laughing and Kate Middleton arms, and it was probably the most candidate photo. We ve seen yet at least of this baby, but I would say of most of her kids, but it was. It was great good. Is it on actual truism, but no mega Magnum articles there too, so we're good looks good. I also urge the royalists Goldfarb no power of reason.
I have visited. Oh, you think you Natalie for this much needed culture update course up. First and our culture around the office rental company, we work, has banned meat from company events and will no longer reimburses. Six thousand employees for meals include red meat, poultry or pork once all of its employees who become vegetarians in order to save the planet from climate change, the company's upcoming internal Summer Camp Retreat move now offer no meat options. That sounds like an awesome placed work right. Another example of woke Capital, Luckily, if the market functions, there'll be alternative, work spaces that are exclusively like barbecue pits desert do nothing, but you know have stakes and chop some ribs I'd love to wear I am, though I am sympathetic to the idea of banning certain foods from the works is specifically fish from workplaces that have
occur waves. There's one rule in an office: do not bring in any left over fish to the to the office microwave because you corrupt the entire workspace for with the oder for four days, afterward Do that sometimes hair? I know that we have all noticed: I'd be healthy same planet, I'm not don't ever forty percent even fishes and save the planet is another in all bio. Recently, ever some nonsense. Look. I would like to ban certain ethnic food The office is well that's way worse than fish prices, with the modest results. There are too many, but you say, third world food trucks that surround the building, that certain members of our staff continue to bring into this obvious. It's usually certain over rice meals. If you will that ray, and we have a serious freakin per,
problem around here with people bringing in odd cultures into the office, without permission, slipshod, culture, traditions of our cultures so before it and they looked at my my my american senses are not adapted to certain things and it makes me ill at when they just sit there and let it wrought in the office trash can in the open air does pollutes. The environment are walking around this place after who in the afternoon it it's a virtual wars out. I think it's actually Bio has remembered when we thought there is like a rat in the ceiling and is really just creators office. That was what I am hearing food now who knows what was in their low farm unenforceable economic force, this meat? the meat ban like? No, it doesn't say on your receipt, what kind of saying what you had does it I mean they're gonna go poorer,
who's going to do that, it's crazy they would have to require an itemised received, but the true professional will never turn in. One of those you ran away will pick up slack. We at least for me, that's where the We workers at next stubby dummy. He has reinstated twenty sixteen free beacon men in the year HAWK Hogan into the rustling hall of fame. The news comes after three years, three years after. A sex. He found himself banned from W w e, but victorious in shutting down. Gawker I've been praying for this day and Finally, I feel like I made it back home Hogan set on Twitter, only love for the Hashtag W w e universe. Brother Harrison about time. Look hawk hurt if anybody doubted that this was reopened. Not a permanent ban young paying attention brother, so what
let me tell you something: brother, whole cocaine is the greatest ressler in the history of professional wrestling yo. He did more for the support to bring it into the mainstream culture than anybody else. Hope is the Babe Ruth of the W W, and you cannot have a hall of fame from ITALY Baseball without Babe Ruth. You cannot have a hall of Fame for W W e without the holster, all Cohen. He's also being thrown out of the debutante. You like it of a dozen times like this is part of the story. Liner was the brilliance of W W E. Is that these storylines continue in and out of the ring, and they will until these people perished from this earth and send to Heaven. I much add that I have to say speaking to HAWK organs importance in our culture, my late great grandmother and immigrant to this country from ITALY
in her late eighties and early nineties, spent most of her time watching professional wrestling and her favorite, She spoke very little English. I'm is already ever get to meet. This will see Angelina she loved professional rate wrestling and included to such an extent that she had a whole coggan plushy in the sea. The next to her of all in the next to her bed. So so Hawkins I really like that. Michael Jordan has yielded of professional wrestling. He we deserve a space in that Museum Goldfarb. What what kind possibly added to those lovely story, eulogy plus another. You
Would you in an adventure that annually nor set aside soft but for a muscle, leaning her gay act like you have some good ideas, literally her worries literally her words when I interviewed her in the seventh grade, eggs Bruce will as decided to take matters into his own hands by declaring die hard, not a Christmas, maybe, but a Bruce Willis. Movie Matt. Does this settle the matter once and for all? I hope That, I think, is a stupid to pick on somebody in this room that about I have a free two in an act of trawling began this campaign that that is just a kiss metastasize. Eyes to such a level that I wanted to go away. I don't want here, any more about it being or not? Being a Christmas move, it's been since been appropriated by, I think people who have never seen the movie eyed and I can see no fraud. They just think if I lost.
I'm not name names, they dusky never seen die hard day. I would like for when I came out siren born, I still watch it three times a one. Of all artists have no say in how the culture interprets there are. Ok, it's not up to Bruce will decide what is one hour you die hard will be ok, just what you're acting so, which is a Christmas movie. Okay and Christmas? We add its tell me about all. If your Christmas traditions, Michael. Wow, Quarter- in babies. Ok, I gotta say in this argument a little scared, I'm setting limits. We rejected it up. It's all. Yours like become a Christmas tradition and he wants to deprive us a watch and dying are to Christmas. He wants to deprive himself of the royalties I dont get. It was submitted, stick to his own Danny. What site you are on resources. Side? Yes,
it's not a diverse Europe proved right, that's my italian colleague! Well, what about our two. Nobody ever talks about TAT being a Christmas movie and that has a single zone deserted. Tell us that the great Christmas Blizzard of nineteen ninety everybody was therefore it shows how snowmobile I had snow isles just in case there was a Christmas must. Finally, a new HBO documentary shows Robin Williams, special relationship with the USA in his dedication to performing for american troops pen all what are your favorite Robin Movies that start with you, I endorse Documentary Robin Williams. Come inside my mind, Son HBO, I watched the last night. I thought it was very interesting. I think you have to pick favorite Williams movies into categories, one serious, the other humorous, serious, favorite, serious role,
I have to give it to the one he won. The Oscar forgettable hunting commuted role, Aladdin Harrison I like her. I found Robin Williams to be tedious and tiresome, and this Dick just was so played out by the end of his career. You now he had one mode when as a comic actor- and it was just go full full tilt full on cocaine. Binge you now it was. It was too much for me. I wasn't a phantom was commuted work. I mean ethic mats right, you do have to cut categorizes work into other, dramatic or comedic community. Mrs doubt, fire I think, was probably the best one, but you're. His dramatic rules were always so dark. He was that was a that was a true old soul that would come out in a lot of those performance. Is my favorite ones, probably insomnia that I was going,
this time, I was looking for it without Stephanie. My there's another one that was really really jacked up like this movie was really really target is called what dreams may come and he's. Basically, I'm not going on the plot, but like that, even a talented that nobody was troubled in like, but that by the end the whole act. It was so tedious Natalie. I haven't favorite Bert get. Oh, I loved bird cage. I will watch that randomly whenever I need a laugh. I think it's just such an brilliant film go farm yeah I like most they'll fire I didn't get into these real, weighty, dramatic roles, because I was watching die hard good movie Christmas. So so so nobody's a fan of bicentennial man knew some real. I was a bad lanceor drinks if I'd like to know what it's like averages, because
There are a lot of good shot out. Some others got some other all dogs, God that, got really bad awakening using awakenings, replace the dead guy in the wheelchair, already know Robert on Euro is locked in any comes awake, yeah really one hour to order. Can we serial killer eyes, see that, unfortunately, while the real and all the fat boy nerds out, they're gonna kill us, we don't mention own poets society right. That is a guy like that. But I didn't see within the original and you that's like twenty. They should use a senior regions, it is always assigning out and kids come out and say they were molested in the dead poets. Sorted out was many people, though, never seen, but I recommend Moscow on the Hudson, where he places russian immigrant kind of in Manhattan and has to deal with
very good words about playing russian immigrants like why why they had no one will always the truth. As you are right, the accents were fairly limited. Yet, like four voices that economists I set, the Latin, which was great and among the accents and allowed in which will always have a special place, my heart is, we must Buckley. Junior is imitated it several times in the movies. Nice, ok. Unfortunately, that has all the time ever today, unfortunately, of right and writer, I'd like to give us so things are produced, or else before it. Of course, I've rebuking Guess magic got many errand Harrison Michael go. Barbara Natalie Johnson remember find us on Itunes, Google play and sticker just search for free beacon, play subscribe to your friends and lead a positive review like listener. Bob. The gain player who says the quick wits combined with sultry tones and pretty faces of the panel make this the best conservative cast available, listen, Natalie! Aren't you bad either? Next,
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