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Trump Meets the Press, the End of Snow Days, and Bigfoot Erotica

2018-07-31 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the <em>Free Beacon </em>podcast, Bigfoot is causing big problems in one House race, while President Trump is meeting with the <em>New York Times</em>. Which is stranger? Listen now to find out.
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me from the right today is free, beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie. You may remember him from such mainstream media outlets, as commentary Magazine and the Claremont Institute to follow him on Twitter ACT. Cotton anti climax, though it was further to match right, is free, beacon. President and big foot. Erotica author Aaron Harrison when exactly surely does around the office, but his sons, checks and that's good enough for us. Hookers was illustrator illustrate sorry, for my sake, and returning to the programme today is the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international man, a mystery and republic. Since republican consultant, he always keeps our palace in line helical far below was first on right and writer. Present Trump is having a busy day on Twitter, hinting again he's willing to risk a government shut down over immigration and blasted. The fake news media is going crazy. He also praise rational and law as a great guy who truly gets it, but blasted the coke brothers, who we called globalist and a total
in real republican circles. Trump said he doesn't need their money or bad ideas other than that they're nice guys met. How quickly will the cope brothers go from the biggest republican buggy men to heroes for the media not very quickly from what I can tell. I was asked about this over the weekend and look I mean the thing about Charles Coke is: he is a libertarian and he's a philosophical libertarian, and he has very well defined views on the place of government and markets and also in foreign policy by the way, and especially on the issue of trade, he is real criticisms with Trump policy. So I think it's a little bit o weird for Trump to respond in this way, because it's not less so that, as far as we know that the public criticism is just that, it's just criticism doesn't seem like Coke is moving directly against him, and maybe he knows something we don't
But he knew his his enemies seem to be multiplying. I guess at least from his perspective. Harrison was just shows you how stupid the liberal press is right, like the good. The coke brothers are supposed to be there giant boogie man billion dollar political operation that buys democracies off right, like that's the whole chant from the laughter going against the coaxes Will you give us our democracy back? You can't buy democracy looked at. The fact is that the cooks- for all the money and all the groups that they have out there. They actually haven't been terribly successful that you politically not. They, therefore, We're policy focused and they have ever been politically, but for Trump too draw a line here. I don't really understand the surprise that everybody has because I ve never really been enamored prompt and fraud to attack them.
Cook brothers I mean I could we get. It makes sense politically, it's good for him. It separates him from the big money machine of party uncle virus. For years have been pushing the Coke Tokyo but he'd they weren't able to bring it about, but here Trump is making Amerika great again, no, no, what what the coax brought about and in some ways this was kind of inevitable. If the timing wasn't was they etc to build a sort of parallel republican party. They had started building in all the pieces of the infrastructure. F P is a grass roots, peace, doubted data, trust. Had it a co competitor, and I three sixty you know you saw it, you saw it all for the place that they were mimicking the party and in some ways displacing the party- and you know the court,
and was always well to what had to what end and what happens when there's a divergence, and it seems like the divergence happened here in the case of the South Dakota Senate race, where the coax or not backing cabin Kramer, and I don't think they're necessarily backing high camp. They put up thousand dollars worth at supporting her on a policy issue. It's not like they're going to war for her, but there seems to have been a real falling out over their refusal to tobacco, and I just think it would be interesting to see which weighed donors go you? Nobody in some ways, appeals to me like this was inevitable that at some point, the Republican Party and the coax we're going to find themselves at odds over something in it and Trump doesn't. You know, he's not subtle about those kind of Congo. It's funny, because Charles Cook was very critical of the last republican President George, W Bush, more so on foreign policy and government spending. Then say on tariffs, but it is striking
made the coax always because, at the end, up become disappointed with republican President's and so I'd. Their influence may just tend to wax when there's a democratic office and they have a republican Congress which tends to be more well libertarian previous kind of class, libertarian libertarians never satisfied unless they, themselves, who are actually in charge at the end of the day right. Let's never gonna now for an update on the biggest political story at the weak, big foot erotica, which is rocking the race for Virginia S. Fifth, district return to breaking news from our chief political correspondent brand sure Brent, yeah, hi lose obviously just got off the phone with Mister Riddle. Men Denver, wriggle men who is the republican candidate in Virginias fantastic. This all started on Sunday night when he was accused by his opponent, Leslie Coburg of beef.
Exposed as a diversity of big foot. Erotica land Evidence was a picture posted on is instant on page of what look like big for erotica, though it was big foot with a arms. Black censorship box over Bigfoot member I think not. He says that this was actually just the product of a fourteen year, long running joke. He had with his military bodies s running jack. I guess that's exactly what he says that when a joke is running for fourteen years, it gets carried away and for his birthday last year it got carried away in the form of a powerpoint presentation. Created by his military friends and the cover image of it was the picture of big foot He says that when he got the picture of big foot, he put
surround Instagram because he thought it was funny. It is fun. At the time was in a politician. Had no interest in getting into politics is actually the owner of a central Virginia gin, celery, called silver back distillery, quite gin what a coincidence but ass, he watched him. Can ensure what what makes this big foot erotica, because if it was big foot erotica wooden, there have not been censored image, they know. Would they not have black that out and- and I just like a picture- doesn't we're closed so is in any image of big? What kind of in her leap, Bigfoot, Erotica, then yeah. I see your point. I don't think it's big foot erotica. He didn't think it was big foot erotica every time and our interview that he said Bigfoot Erotica or I called it big for poor and he couldn't stop laughing even at the term. He just to him and his friends like to joke
big foot he also areas or something to haul Bigfoot Erotica. Yeah. Well, it's hard working out a right. What is your reporting lead you to discover about that a lot of stuff. I wish I didn't know. Apparently there is now such diversity with big foot, erotic demo recommend knows about this. Apparently. This is why the joke has gone on. For so long, because once they started looking into it, which started on a trip that him in a friend took as a joke? One of those legs urging flouted tours I dare say he is interested in book bigfoot. Yes, he thinks it is incredibly interesting that people believe in big foot. He is steady does not alienate the big foot, voters either
now is also part of his ass. My right, what is everything really is line? Is that everything is a joke here, he's taking this with a lighted candle to see a joke brim, I do I think so, if anything is opponents candidacies a bit of a joke and is this: this is an open sea right. Yes, it is: it's Tom Carrots former see resign so dumber recommend wasn't pact by the voters. He just got him politics, not really politician. Committee chose him in this district include Charlottesville right, yet its Charlottesville, which is its one urban area. The Republican Party has lost the sea. I would bet. The other way, and I happened to be about him and that's why you think wriggle men is gonna, write this out. I wanna eighteen. I think that in the long run, Charlottesville this story will help him. It an absurd thing to say that he is into big foot erotica lesson
Coburg is an insane person you talked or less later. I've tried to. You are actually want all been trying to talk to her for two months, national and more proof it how crazy she is right. We talked a big, not all go I'll, go certain member. Actually member says that big foot does not exist when that's what he's about is more controversial. It doesn't believe in big. I think you gotta be kind of crazy he's, probably out. There's something I'd like Harrison has some thoughts on this a year and expert. Why look? This is course it up in the big foot community getting there, because it there actually is a very well done. Documentary on the port augur fee. Industri, that's about fifteen years old, called pony copious going down. The valley was on reach dont HBO for about. I don't know about seven or eight years and in what Harrison lost everything. It was
We must see tv was rate Nike every needed about three in the morning in what are you gonna? Do it actually was compelling, but things that they talked about was this: if gonzo porn dressing up, and so this is not really think it reasonable suffers because is it proportionate picture, bigfoot, bread, let yourself Thank you, bread for this breaking update of next present trump met with Agee Salzburg. The publisher, the failing near times, who claims that present make mix Miss character
eyes. Their meeting is talking about fake news in the phrase enemy, the people by saying they talked about the terms fake news and the enemy of the people. Sulzberger said he warned the president against such attacks on the media and according to the failing New York Times, by the end of the meeting. He felt Trump had listened to. His arguments, Does it really matter when they're all going to go out of business and seven years when trumpets no longer in office? Well, look this is tromp reaching weapon out an olive branch to the press they're, so hostile to him and to bring them in there and to try to broke some kind of an accord. I mean it proves that he when he says that he will meet with any terrorist out there without preconditions that he means it and, if he's going to bring in the periphery the publisher, the New York Times the oval office and meet with them without preconditions. I think that that is a positive step, and it shows that Europe is willing to come
like reach out and say hey, this is this is what my agenda is all about. I just want a fair shake. Shreds prop is all about fair deals and deals that are favourable to the american people. The New York Times not given him a fair shaken for him to reach out and and and and try to broker,
a deal or a meeting with the New York Times. I think its admirable Matt. I dont understand the purpose of this meeting. I I'm with the editor of the Times steam packet, who said there is no reason for him to attend. I dont know what Salzburg who was trying to accomplish from is not going to change its behaviour and truck. Never has bad meaning he'll. Listen to anybody who brought in front of him and held not his head and he'll go along no say. Oh, maybe you made some good points and that's that and then he's gonna revert to the way he's functioned for thirty years. So I'm not sure what what the purpose of this was. What Salzburg was trying to accomplish assail you stop going after arrested depresses endanger. How is that? How is trumps behaviour gonna be affected? I think the most important detail is that the very day that this meeting was reported by Trump
then your times had an article about Jared Cushion or an avant garde trump saying that Salzburg had been to their home and d c for that and freedom for a dinner party. Oh, he was invited, yellow get me as I break and because I read this article about Bob Woodward showing up on people's front door or for a rod front porch it out a little, and I let you know about that. But even now is phrased weird. Actually I was thinking about that alot he may be, he might be going in for a late night Reuben, unless cells burger was at a dinner party, and I think this is a new kind of Jared Avanti idea in order to try to build some bridges between Trump and the basically, the eastern establishment that he has railed against fruit for for a decade now got time a more
The times is normalizing president charmed by meeting with the Israeli they allowing without was kind of the day in the moment that he became President United States right when you know after the oval you know what upsets me is. Is there are perverse incentives in politics and media? I don't off its incentives but perverse outcomes where, sort of the worse a job. You do the more your ordered and the left about this all the time. It's a when refrain for them, but it in the timescale like who did a worse job and twenty sixteen, the New York Times nobody, nobody. There are worse job in the times, and here they are, the stop prices doubled subscriptions or up
their meeting with the President of the United States is that seems kind of unfair. I dont think that you're be actually being a little harsh on the times your I thought there. Twenty sixteen coverage was actually outstanding author. Twenty seventeen coverage was done in their twenty eighteen covered has been even worse, but their twenty seven twenty. Sixteen you people forget that was Michael Schmidt's, email story, that's where arguably the reason doll what is that was biggest weapon? Will now I've seen it all speaking air and defending the New York Times, a speaking, a fake news, the Amazon hope is turning to a two year old children to prove that global warming is real Goldfarb. Doesn't a video of a two year old, crying that it's too hot in Texas? Well, prove that it's usually Hoddan Texas? I mean just
Stop German, it down are thrown back, it's like if they, if, if every new story mentions global warming and makes clear that the science is overwhelming and even the two year olds are crying about it like and then what and then what? What are we gonna do? we're gonna, stop driving our cars you I'd. What are they one what's the plan, I dont understand what they I dont understand. This is like one of men. The arguments in which liberals are engaged where it is not possible for them to have a successful outcome. I just don't understand the point of it. I also to understand why the kid was complaining. My kids do not care how hard it is if they want to go outside they're gonna go outside I'm the one, that's crying that's too hot, and why don't make me go outside I dont want to go outside is too hot. I think this is staged. I'm calling figures who take two degrees out here. Every day in Washington DC there always and then the story in a month about how the yet
he's coast. It seem like a normal or even cool summer, but everywhere else the world was boiling. I have a few just too quick comments on this. One is, you know, gallop did their survey of public priorities and they found the global warming and even make the list this year, which is interesting and two I was reading the nation this morning and they had a long review of a new book put out by versus the radical press called climate leviathan, which is basically saying you know that, just like Thomas Hobbes said that the state needs to take over everything. We need to give up our lot of our freedom said to the to the leviathan. To protect us. We're gonna have to do that. Some type of global government to stop climate change. To put it so that, basically, where that, where all this ends, if you follow the West's argument to its logical conclusion. Right then, if you please MIKE says it never works out for them Harrison not much more. To add that I mean look that that's been the point of the whole environmental movement from day. One is to bring em
cut down a peg much right every week, every three weeks? We see another story about how last month was thus fourth hottest month on record. Ok, look as somebody spend a lot of time and sell taxes and in central taxes, especially during the summer, hot months, it's always haughty down. There is hot until it till thanks giving five degrees to a hundred fifteen degrees depending on the wind. So, for this little this little kid, you don't look, I gotta lotta hope for actually in. I don't want to. I don't wanna crap on his generation, because they are our future, but this is how this is pretty much how every Texan grows up to you, hold your little like an. U art, toughened ordering right over the years and by the disease grown in Texas, he's gonna be
fire is gonna, be out there is need all you, gotta should also be riding on. This is the awful trend among liberals in the trump here. It's always the kids are now the moral Authority on my nine year old said daddy. How can we? How can we live in a tree presently known. Ass, a two year old complain about how hot is examined. I learned our lesson that it can. I somebody's dont really acts actually to legally, and I saw it is bleeding heart lawyers on television today talking about the kids that are in the jails down enough at the border how they were made to clean toilets at nine years old, bullock. Okay, what else you can have dues don't start the wall and its work for cleaning up the toilets and bathrooms years. Maybe the learned some life lessons out of this house? How this whole should bang outside her Bob Culture of David Natalie chance in Hell Natalie alive. What's up, what he you got for us. We had another exciting episode of the bachelor at last year. Being sincere,
I obviously best episodes that is it was the man tell all in which that's right back a coup, friends rejected suitors reunited and it's basically twenty five grown men, Catherine, in an hour and a half before they get to see their acts again run notably notably missing, however, was Lincoln, who was convicted in May of assaulting and groping a woman on a cruise ship. He was not even today. And mention, so that was very swiftly swept under the rug. Highlight of my right? Yes, the highlight of the night with our beloved grocery store, Joe View was cut the very first night and maybe got forty seconds of air time. Chris Harrison asked how his three seconds of the show to which he replies pretty pattern, very bad. When you gonna shown you get, kicked off the first ass poor guy, but another highlight- and I basically mean by that. The only other thing I really remember
last night is cotton yet again bringing up the virginity And how do you like this is like become his entire alike. Yeah personality at this point, or I might right away from this episode is that Becker's choice was basically all the terrible and what is their fashioned sense to their all dressed like crazy every time you had the baggy like hipster, glass, Jordan, now, the male modest Jordan, the master, He doesn't always ok, I'm. So all of this is to say that next week is the finale in which back I get engaged, which means next Tuesday, Why, in our favorite spin offs starts Paradise right away
They may have my visit this horrible things that it had like a five minute trailer that looks also I could have watched on Lupin. It would have been more exciting, then listen to this season. What else I'm hearing you have some updates from meekness it deals with everything on the more updates whenever it would not be a proper episode of right and writer. If we did not have some Linsey low hand moved editorial what is going on and we have to be a fast Lindsey low hand and Tiffany Trump were partying it up in the economy over the weekend, posting videos and photos of each other Linsey actually Todd Donald Trump in one of the pictures, but in bigger news, is the MECCA Nos one, I several I've never get like Ukraine or is it like the meek, those islands maker
I believe that it can also highlight here Natalie CALL College, who knows what they actually also pronounced and I'm trying so highly learn some citizens living aims: boomed private actors, its greeted I've, been there against it, as you like it your Xerxes, a woman of the war? I recall that in more important news, legs allow hand has landed in and tv reality shows that today you in twenty nineteen that will follow low hand, Beach house, which is also so, if you guys, ever since the universe that get undressed apply. Applying for this reality is not about idea. We get
What what else update money on review we have millennials are now using dating apps to network, so market watch reported that our favorite generation is now turning to sites like tinder Okcupid and match dot com to not only pursue romance, but a career is. Is this like us civically DC, thank as it sounds like something horrible that DC type so out of a tragedy, but I want to offer very great point: I don't understand it about they follow their get. We already this this one either. Interviewed ass, a photographer from New York, whose recent match, led to a wedding photo shoot that will be paying him between five thousand ten thousand and he's as he's gotten ten photo gags off of this, which again probably goes to Harrison's point. But then we have another woman. You said she met a guy off tinder who quickly turned our conversation to work and handed her his business card, which probably means she was in DC nice man.
Now dating advice from the accuracy and covering random tinder hookups. Now one. This was a big story and I saw him on ass. I was a little bit confused about the methods for your saying is once day swipe a swipe and then have a conversation, and then they bring up work immediately. Yes, even before you get to the day, you got it, which would be an immediate block on my right, I don't want to know about work until like ten Dayton, really talk, but for the wedding photographer I dont understand that's their swiping. And then he say, oh I'm a photographer, and then he somehow getting hooked up with their contact the seller to personalize this, but you're not like curious. If the guy has a job I want to know if he has a job. That's what linked in this form, but that's what all my other stocking. As for I don't want it to be a point of converse. You dont, have you dont Wist employed unemployment on tinder. Can people do that now? It's just Who you is, I think, a about our spokesman
yeah. You can your face about this autonomy. That's a lot of times, it'll save what industry or in which that's good enough for me, pretty much like there's a box and is due to you, of course, in mourning the Us Harrison those from Bavaria. I don't know I deleted all that crap awhile back you finally Kim K K appeared on Jimmy came last night, where she reveal that she was naked at a photo shoot when Donald Trump caught her to say that he had commuted Alan Johnson from prison, Classic Kim So, as we have previously talked about on this show came, took up Johnson's case earlier this year. After reading she was serving a life sentence for non violent drug offence. I'm sets the whole interviews that seven in seven minute, interview of essentially Jimmy came all trying to back, can grow into a corner, to criticise, stronger and and Kim expertly diverts The entire time I mean at one point came all says: oh, whose who's up next on your commutation list and
that she should have millennia freed from prison and came kind of get all awkwardly and says I love millennia method, Sounds area who applauded, but not at purse now at at Kimmel that combats ochre. Yet now. Thank you so much Natalie from this multi, the update of first in our culture around the end of snow days, might be upon us as a school district in South Carolina has taken upon itself to ban snow days, make kids do their work from home on school supplied from books when the weather is bad. Luckily, for the kids and Anderson counting it hardly ever snows there, so they even know what their missing but Matt. What if this becomes a trend and other states start taking up this disturbing practice? ass no days, I think ones, attitude towards snow days- is heavily dependent on one issue. If one is a child or not, grass love Snowden, now the problem. Now I be happy if they are banned now their total problem.
Get on with my life. I do not want the kids at home get the AL you still one iota sites that it's nice when not when we need to come here. Yet. Why knows that the rate of where it good its nose invention, Deasey delighted? I thought this was gonna, be another stupid global war. Story, though, about how there's, no more no days for the kids, because there's no- and I was actually delighted when it turned into the stupid education story- that stupid school district, that there slant, self, Caroline narrow at sight, sign of a moot point. Is you got kind? I owe you have ass the days yet another right on that I snow but Line Harrison. Look. I think this just goes to prove the point that we spend entirely too much money in this country, on education here. Why do they all get a chrome? Are you kidding me like what these kids? everybody, but the millennials in end up and coming generation? We know you x, Y, see or whatever the hell they caught, but they dont know how to
pie their time if they dont have African Iphone or an Ipad or computer in front of moments like the second. They lose internet access, the loser freak in mind, so I actually think that computers should be banned. During these secondary and primary. I actual ass ways you actually because, but children are not self sufficient. This is where you learn life skills, how you learn how to communicate. If you learn right: you learn how to dream of playing in this now than going to school and play. This. This is how you get generation snowflake, you coddle them, and you say: oh honey, oh it's too cold it for you to come to school the day I just stay home and learn your computer or not know you, your assignment
coddling there's, no sugar regime. It is not good for the next world war of next situational expert, Jim Harbaugh tells his players, not each sicken, because quote it's a nervous bird. He told former Michigan quarterback Wilton Speight about his belief. That quote some type of sickness injected its way into the human population when people began eating white meets instead of beef. And pork, however, is the picture of health with the daily diet. That includes whole milk and state Harrison is eating chicken making us weak, unites Harbaugh. My beyond something here. I've spoken to a few ornithologists over the past week. They actually inform me that there's a reason that we don't need. Hummingbirds, eight hundred birds in the Midwest ubiquitous they have a higher rate of over ten thousand beats per minute can you imagine consuming that amount of adrenalin? What that would do to you, it would lie. I mean you talk about about
creating a genuine circuits, while Dorothy Member, the bird family, she's all things are really dumb our nervous moody. There, maybe he's crazy. Only what I think about onto something I hear you ve got a lot of what you got. A lot of panic attacks. Think about all the people that are anti anxiety, medications that or there's probably a correlation chicken is like literally, that one protein that is available at all time. It's either a chicken and egg both come out of a nervous animal. I never thought about this proposal Next, the clash of political sport has begun as Jerry Jones and Deck Prescott have taken on the task of defending America by vowing to stand for the anthem, while Lebron James just wants to make everything about Trump Goldfarb. Whose side are you on? You know I have to say I hate the cowboys as much as any veil Irian does. Ok, I put my cowboy hatred that take a back seat to no one but I'll that Prescott his com.
Were really on the ball, like I was impressed at how coherent they work for an athlete just on the face of it, but he basically made the point. These guys The goal was to raise awareness. The awareness has clearly been raised. Okay. So what is the point of continuing with these protests, which are tearing the game apart from any any also said, like going to stand for the at them, whether its Jerry Jones or whoever. I respect Jerry Jones for actually just drawing a line in the sand, and I thought that for
That was really impressive. The way handled it I mean eat they did not on the players or during the protests. He could yet like a clear, coherent point about the mission has been accomplished. Let people just enjoy the game of football. I take my hat. The deck Prescott not worry me talking about the Anna fell and the national anthem and kneeling, and not kneeling for as long as Donald Trump this president. So that could be a very long time and I was struck by the New York Times column by David Land Heart on the US today. Talking about how trump his speculate really is speculation about how Trump could lose. It was his response to an affection, but it was his fan fiction in response to Brett Stevens kind of to still be infection from last week about how Trump one reelection and the funniest per I stopped. Reading after I came across a sentence in the column, we're landmark rights with a straight face that the twenty twenty democratic tick
of Elizabeth, worn and Eric holder. Irish Eric holder never took trumps debate about the NFL protests during the twenty twenty campaign and the idea that Eric holder and Elizabeth weren't, whose entire career is always been about taking debate, would not will not make it will not respond to trump Sensation was tweets or whatever cultural or issue he decides also die. That's an error code of course, combination, a nation of cowards. In his first speeches, attorney general recognition. Howard were not that living on my owning our recent, our racial races path. The idea that this not be a live issue in the twenty twenty election. With these absurd Harrison, amateur artists took up the cat,
boys you're, very unpopular move in Redskins country in surrounded by Philadelphia, Eagles fanatics, but look this is this is on bread, this America's team standing up for America's of national anthem, that I think that this is very good for the cowboys going forward now. The other thing is that I love the fact that you actually do have an athlete that will stand up to the liberal celeb de jure. You had Michael SAM five years. Totally backfire. What are you- First gay at first gave football player, and then you had Capper Nick Backfire, with actually at them thing and now they're trying to do the same thing to the broad. Now that he's come to Hollywood after stabbing Cleveland in the back twice I'm not sure that you have looked at the Braun is going to the guy that they all think he is he's not as transcended is Jordan, because Jordan was far Savior. He was a boy
Missis Hamley was a better marketer, and that is why the Morton Brand, better movies online conference that what the Jordan bread lives on, not only on basketball. Those anymore. It is now on every college, football, Jersey and the country, so is called an icon Leubronn. It's not ever gonna happen for him right there and if the liberal sick, they got a new one of afraid tell them it's not gonna work out. Unfortunately, there's other time we have for today's additional right right. I'd like to give a special thanks are producer l before and, of course, our free. We can guess. Mattie got many errand Harrison microscope. Our Brent sure and nobly Johnson remember find us on Itunes, Google play and stitches just search for free beacon. Please subscribe tell your friends and leave a positive review like listener fire track, who says fantastic panel? Very astute young people also username. Until next
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