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Trump v. Biden: Who Ya Got?

2018-03-23 | 🔗
On the latest episode of Right and Righter, the panelists discuss the return of John Bolton, Biden v. Trump, and Wes Anderson, while Aaron Harison breaks down the ugly gap.
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but go ahead, make my day below and welcome to write in writer. The official package at the Washington Freed Beacon, I'm your host Elizabeth Harrington. He can follow me on or at W F B, the free beacon pod gases avail on Itunes and Google play play subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a review mainly from the right today is free beacon, editor in chief and member of the establishment, Matthew, cotton Eddie, you might remember him from such mainstream media, shows as meet the press and impure talk of the nation. You can follow him on twitter at continuity, parliament. I was further to match right,
free beacon, president and newest member of the trumpet legal team. Aaron Harrison were not exactly sure what he does around the office, but signs of checks. That's good enough for us hello, Harrison thanks for having me first on right and writer, President Trump is named John Bolton as his new national security adviser, replacing Hr Mc Master, the New York Times reports. We now have quote one of the most hawkish national security teams of any White House in recent history, but not so fast and be ours. Reporting Bolton once appeared in a quote: Kremlin linked russian gun rights. Video the plot, thickens Matt right drop, you know, you'd say that would come up in a confirmation hearing, but pop Bolton doesn't me to go through a confirmation hearing as national security adviser he is appointed at the pleasure of the president. In the thing about John Bolton is no one has ever really understood him. I've seen him identified as a paleo con who words typically
He wore an anti death democracy promotion and have also seen him identified as a Neeoka, who is typically hawkish on foreign policy and pro war, and also for democracy promotion, so he's been in DC for thirty, some years, and no one's ever really figure him out. The thing about John Bolton is, he is definitely kind of America. First guy he death. He views foreign policy as a hawk who's interested in promoting America's national interest, maybe not necessarily in interfering with the internal affairs of other countries. The other thing about him he's an extremely savvy bureaucratic operator, and it that's usually why he's made such a at so many enemies over the years is because he is very good at getting what he wants through the bureaucratic process. This will be a big change for the White House. Harrison these also got the power. Mustache listen, be insects.
Has never been a hindrance to enforcing strict national security by policies in protecting the interests of America, as I'm pretty excited about this pick and here's why Donald Trump, keeps another promise we're talking about draining the swamp? There is no bigger swamp drain. Then John Bolton here the number one enemy of the swamp. Well, maybe number one number one: that's not currently the president enemy the swamp he has made splendid career, making all the right enemies in Washington Winwood too opened in what six he was nominated to be with a permanent you and ambassador was at it or well. Oh five. He was nominated by George W Bush to be the U N, embezzler and then his is a point. I was held up by the Senate for two years, and so that's why he was recessed appointed right so, but when he came After he served his is recess appointment of one year. He came up for permanent confirmation and one of the great
moments. In? U S Senate history is when Squishy Rhino Republic in George Foreigners of Ohio went to the Senate floor and kinda tears against on board, because John Morton was like mean to one of his staffers one time. Fifty five years prior to that I mean it was really amazing and it's like that is the bureaucracy that is the swamp right there like he makes some of these people cry or boo hoo he's getting things done. The strong advocate for America and for America's national events on pumped. You know. One thing, though, is a Bolton like we say he, you know he can damn. You can run up against other people and he can throw blows and the bureaucratic sphere. But history, but the president. You know and there's one person who sets the agenda and that's why I think all the kind of
manic panic by liberals and even some devilish conservatives over what book Boltons appointment, as is misplaced, because he's going to have to respond to Trump. That's one thing: we ve learned throughout all this. How those to put those two personalities mesh, I think, is the story to watch, and you know what this appointment may not last long, why I happen to think that this is actually something it may have been worked on over the previous here we ve heard John Baldos name brought up and in new for numerous administration post. If it is a personality clash, I hope that they have worked it out and I do think the John boldness is really intelligent, brilliant guy, who probably gets that dynamic, is going to work as best of managing right up next Congress. Past eight, two thousand two hundred thirty two
age. One point three: trillion dollar omnibus spending bill released and voted on in less than two days. The bill does not fund the wall, but Congress gave itself a bonus and at least there's millions of dollars for breastfeeding grants. Whatever that means trucks, humor feels pretty darn good about the bill. Trump is now threatening to veto it over Dhaka and the Harrison should he veto shuddered veto shut it down and get him out of here. This thing it stinks on ice. Let me tell you something: when you see cried fictitious chuck go they're in praise. This thing is like a bill. That's gonna really do a lot of good for the middle class that right there is a red flag. You should know when Chuck tumor Nancy Close you go out there to praise spending build something rotten in Denmark. I hope Donald Trump vetoes the sun
before the end of the day that I have to agree with air, and I think that the president would probably be on solid ground if he went into a shut down fight over darker in the wall and that's why I think that's the biggest bloated trump in this bill. Is he wanted twenty six billion dollars for the wall? They gave him one point: six billion with restrictions in the S reply she was crying about. This is a big big loss for Trump and he only realise that they have. The bill was passed, which shows you some of his weaknesses. He not having political experience was an asset when he ran for president and twenty sixteen, but it has allowed hit. It has allowed the Republican Congress to undermine the very agenda that one the presidency, in my view- and that could be a big problem not only right now, but also in twenty eighteen and twenty Twond. But what's up with the republic
all right. I mean new. I thought I'd remember when trillion dollar bills and trillion dollar deficits or a bad thing, and now the increase spending on everything. But we know no money for the war. Loaded routes will monitor the fraga. We got a lotta swamp area, rats on our side of the oil that still exist in Congress, but this is this bill sucks so hard. Precisely for what man said. I think that present in a fire. I am not one really criticise my present, but if I had to he's been far too deferential to the Rhine, Republicans in the house who honestly their embarrassed about the wall, there not really committed to it, you do was large contingent within the republican cognizant wants to see this get done, but they have really kind of botch this, and I think that the Trump sent back to him is going to be a good thing. It's gonna
their mind right because they get an election coming up. They gotta from they gonna have something that there have been broken promises cap promises made like if they want to get a reelected, they gotta deliver. I just say finally Trump one: the nomination and the presidency, by destroying distinguishing himself from the Republican Party in four ways. One was on trade. He was for renegotiating our trade agreements and for you know not entering the ppp. Another was immigration where he wanted not only to really enforce laws against illegal immigration, but build a wall. Aunt changed legal immigration. Third was war, he repudiated the Iraq war and the fourth was entitlements. He was against any changes as Social Security Medicare the thing about those those are those
in democratic with the exception of immigration, those have been kind of democratic positions. Since the end of the cold war, Trump took them onto the republican portfolio. I think became a much stronger candidate as a result, but they can go back to the Democrats at those issues. In the Democrats, if they want they can we capture them, and I think they have been since last year, up next crazy, Joe Biden was added again saying you beat the hell out of Trump if he was in high school for contacts that would have been in the nineteen. If these tramp, of course responded, Betty would wipe the floor with Biden. Meanwhile, Jeff Flake Inquiry Booker were showing off their software side, stirring snowball fight Matt, who you got tramper Biden. I think they did both like die in the course of the wrestling match. I don't every either one has the physical capability wrestle one another? What at what a preposterous David would govern Donald Trump by air?
physicians ever taught. That's ever. That's ever examined him, since he is an absolutely perfect health. Now Joe Biden on other hand. Has a history? of Brain Aneurysm Ronald, is from Canada, guys always golf course about his own goal or you'd around in the Gulf Harry Rounds of golf viewplate. I dont need to place a goal that we see. The photos in the pool report is no can and explain something to you. The only reason the trump drives a cork is for the Ladys are right, Listen he doesn't gonna get to that. I've always drives the car, a drive the car under the green kids, his course he drives the cart. He plays a golf he's. Ingrate shit He kicks Johns, gives no questions, Trump would be Biden Engulf, but I'm telling you that that after the first punched is landed, they both fall over dead preposterous. David drop, drop highest energy president history, Joe Biden, never The be president liars and energy with no physical exertion
Look I think, he's an incredible. Athletes is good at everything, very, very good points, but We should also say about its, not just by didn't whose threatening the president is the whole of the whole resistant. That wants to beat him up her. All the violent rhetoric drums shows every one he brings out the true self of everybody at an end, so that liberals, who just really kind pummel, the opposition into applauding pop. You see they were in thy angry. I like this war and whenever she writes about Republicans and conservative she's, Reda fight them eat them up punching theirs. It of anger, angry people at its ESA. It's also so forced right, like Hillary Clinton. She ran into them. In an age when she finally got her mojo, she was a fighter right. Ok! So now fast forward, eight years we got tromp. Who is a joy anyone pugilist when it comes to the public arena and
Now you have all of these Democrats. A trump has dragged down to his level. In the meantime he exposes them. As he's disingenuous wanna, be what they call the rap community. A studio gangsta with with these fake threats, Lecter t there there have back up and are trying to compete with each other. Like you look at that clown, Terry Mccall of versus Biden like one there trying to one up each other and then little Lizzie, worn, is get in there and trying to throw some punches I'll get it it's a little from Biden would be a draw, but I think was warrant would shift from I really am forever scrap scrap exactly everywhere, issue, which you would greet further like the broken bottle. Truly terrifying tax, former Playboy Playmate Karen Macdougall apparently wanted out of her non disclosure agreement to accuse Donald Trump of thing, brilliant, very sweet, varied kind, very carrying a nice per
and in a nice looking man with great posture. Meanwhile Stormy Daniels is also. Interviewed by Anderson Cooper just set to IRAN, Sixty minutes Sunday Harrison how high is Trump going to go up in the ports. Listen. I was too in by this Karen Macdougall Interview last night on CNN, but don't love with a guy. Well, I think this is the right. Ok. So here I got a lotta thoughts on this matter. This may take the rest of the show. I get some more coffee ray. I go, get a fillip filler up, so listen Karen Macdougall. Clearly we have a jolt lover here. This woman genuinely, I believe, fell in love with Donald Trump. Ok, now, going away and on whether or not sexual intercourse, actually happened between the two of them by What I will say is achieved, genuinely love. I believe that, and we, have somebody who couldn't land the big one, aright and listen
a lotta ladys, like Donald Trump, he's very divisive amongst the female community in this country. I think in, and I've studied this a little bit over the past week is that it appears that, after these interviews have come out and afterward history q, article about his weekend in Tahoe, where there were three not for adult film actresses and a Playboy Anna Playmate of the year there were all in hot pursuit of our president when I found out through my studies, is that Donald Trump is incredibly popular amongst various active women, and he in and the women who don't like Donald Trump, tend to be blue haired or purple haired tattooed up porkers and there also largely waif uglier than than most of the women. The Donald Trump has been a key
Whose of having relationships with so, I think that's really what the heart of this matter is here is that the beautiful smart funny attractive women. They can't get enough tromp, it's not his fault. He was just born this way a strong correlation, the man would rise and research is done there Harrison them. This, to my mind, is kind of alone with you, what you you ve identified, a new dividing line in american politics between its a glee gap. What they only that's, what you say: that's necessarily ready people, the pretty people like Trump, an ugly people dislike locks, nice verses. That other look. I think it is a significant electoral challenge heading into them. The terms- and it is how on earth and what is the attitude we really? We have to go researched. The disparity come in just sheer numbers. How many ugly p While there are voices how many I've actually already people have as the policy show that women have turned against Donald Trump you
by your analysis that would mean that those women are all ugly. Well look, that's it! That's not just my opinion. Ok, I've talked to People in a sociological community of law sources that have studied this and of reported back to me that, yes, it's true the thugs out there they do outnumber the good looking people but once again. This is a natural challenges. Donald Trump is gonna think we have seen this from day. One in his support now now that we ve the sociological aspect. Oh there's, more workers, I wanna get into the journalistic value of Anderson. What Anderson Cooper is due, who is whose interview both the stormy, as the heron I mean, every second trumpets probably slept with what huh
rid right of would be, alas, Norris Aerial models over the years. So it's it's not gonna be business, the rest of Anderson, Korea, it look. All I'm saying is that look it's either. Donald Trump has been faithful to his beautiful wife, millennia or he's had sexual relationships with many many many, the perfect tens and and very good looking porn stars, so that doesn't really the only two choices here. I think I'll trumps coming out ahead either way. But let me get back Anderson real quick is set. Obsession has exposed him as being one of the biggest degenerate perverts in the media. I want to get out and take everybody, to the year. Ninety ninety two, when Jennifer Flowers held a press conference to discuss her admitted nation shifted Slick, Willie Bill Clinton came out and knitted. Several years later, she held a you'll press conference in at the time, a
one of Howard, stern producers named stuttering, John interrupted the press conference to ask joking manner, whether Governor Clinton used a condom during the at last Anderson Cooper did that make serious fashion. He asked Karen Macdougall Flat out if she had unprotected sex with Donald Travel, which they also asked stormy that's also in the storm that we have actually gone from Howard, stern parity over the last twenty five years to this being a serious journalistic issue that needs to be fleshed out on national television. The guy's a pervert in I think or is it such a ratings- play his panel afterwards, basically trash the news value of having on their because there was nothing untoward other than possibly adultery. That was discussed. He didn't do anything that she didn't want me to do.
Fell in love with them in their relationship fell apart. It's not a big deal. We know. Donald Trump is very attractive to beautiful when we all know that they will have to jump into our culture around fright and writer. It's time to check in with our pop culture expert, Natalie, Johnson, hello, Natalie. Clearly, so you heard of your first that cuffing season is the breakups continue it. Can you give us an update, please I can we had Tiffany Trump and her two year view they are over, but I want to get into that's, because what I find really interesting is the media is already attacking their relations. And putting it into the same basket as Don Juniors relationship ending vanity, fair, had a headline Tiffany Trump catches, the Trump family break up virus, which is very dramatic, Tiffany, I want to just stay right: your Tiffany trumpets, twenty four years old, yeah lookin for a hug right now, ok, her out as the president should,
good, looking girl, she's in law, school she's intelligent. She has not to get married right? Now she moved here. Did you D Georgetown? You know it's. That was a long distance thing, let her letter increasing our fun exactly, but speaking of Junior, daily mail had an explosive scoop. They really then on a roll lately with the rapporteur, who picks thing, and now this a hum Dave discovered something about trumped June. What was that they have. They had all be odd Aubrey Day, who is these singer of fifth harmony who they believe had an affair with damages earnest harmony, a ban that came out of out and out ditties show making the bay under whatever anyway outside the point in Baghdad. Now we have an investigative analysis of this picture the other area Aubrey Day had posted on twitter back in two thousand. Twelve caption of two feet: two sets of feeding my babies protecting my feet from Bunyan attacks.
True love feet, so the daily mail, with their astute reporters, did a deep dive into this and actually found. A bunch of photos of Don juniors feet and compared them complete, complete with photos fighting to lie What did they find away without a duty? They have you slide it over and you have the foot from the twin Aubrey Yo Day, yes, and then you have a foot from a bow younger vacation, extra fishing trip and you slighted over its the same footing flat, but once first caught ready and but once again we're starting to see the superiority of the Trump DNA translate through generations. We ve got another very strong famous woman. That's kick it enough: Don Junior it is true, and I was by the media outrage over this won't we had one the outlet calling it the worst thing, you'll see on the internet today I strongly to
greed. This is literally why Al Gore created the inner its poor. Things like this, I mean come on. Harrison said last episode. It's great radio to discuss pictures, and here, with your head search, other boasting word, listers you'll have a fund of Montenegro. You may be sure, in my mind, is important finally, we need to update No Miranda for governors raise a couple of these sex in this city. Co host have weighed in this could be good news for her. I think it's great for her. As I said last episode, there is nothing more economically New York, then sex and the city, nothing had Charlotte. I really do Ahem lighter Kristen David, yes Shower Levison Kristen. She endorsed Cynthia next then for governor. That's, that's! That's fine! That's a good ignore them, but we had killed. Patrolman girls, Samantha, pull in the big guns and endorse its anti next, and I think this is a great for her eye
this is a solid when it gets more exactly in the only one that still silent is ass. J, P, YAP night, which you know it's kinda, draws looking pretty good. Now she came out before us. She paid back and I love her the way she endorses. She said I support and respect any former colleagues right to make their own career choices. She said, I know, should be an excellent governor exactly so you know it's not lived. My strong hearted endorsement by you know it's kinda thrall. As I said, I am very classy. Ok. Thank you very much for this update. Now, of course, thank you. First for culture right and writer. A new study found that twitter violates women's human rights and can be a quote hostile and dangerous place. If you're, not a man well for women and for sunny bunch who people like to call a nugget and sunny bunches of oak flecked
Course Harrison. You may twitter hostile and dangerous for liberals. Well, look I think this is people that are like get off that they got wet by jumping into the ocean. Look, you commented the twitter jungle, you're gonna, get cracked, you gotta have a thinks thick skin if you're doing twitter, but I'm not personally on Twitter, I watch it. I observe it. I dont really participate, but I do supporting people getting beat up. Where does not and as such and such are the thing about.
A study which I think is total bs, because Harrison is right. Everyone on Twitter is attacked, in fact everyone, women, its men, it's it's! It's Jews are singled out its everybody that then, but Newark Maisie published the story about the study and twitter rushes to offer this lengthy kind of apology, defensive we're. We would never Caritas. You know at hostile space from why, of course, meanwhile, if twitter just last week
shut down the account of Stephen Crowd or whose a conservative Canadian, if a mean and not part of the all right or anything, but they disband him, and it took a real public pressure campaign to get him back at so Twitter. It twitter is hostile. The platform is hostile to conservatives and there they do at amino that they'll ban people the well letting Louis Fair con still keep his presence there. That's, I think, the real issue you have to look like a thing. Twitter is not really the most psychologically healthy thing to be participating in that. I am bound that, like not being on Twitter, has actually increased my quality of life compared to others that obsess on twitter all day, hats, very good that you're never twitter up. Next, the Facebook controversy has launched a delete, Facebook campaign
where many users are fleeing the app for the Facebook owned Instagram Matt. If millions quit social media, could this possibly save America? It would you know, I'm proud to say I deleted my facebook account and to the seventh. That's all I'm saying I'm not to remain whore. I'm saying was a decade ago: I'm not on Instagram social meaning is bad for America, it's bad for Americans. They should get off of it that you know this whole idea that marks outbreak Zuckerberg founding idea that bringing people together to share.
I would make the world a better place is empirically false, as we have now had over a decade of experimentation. The evidences in it is false. These technologies have been bad for all of us, and you know people should delete them outright before the government starts. Regulating them, which is gonna, happen, yeah, Harrison. Well, look. I think the facebook in its inception was actually a good idea. I think Facebook used to be fun. Facebook used to be a restricted community, just college students from recent knowledge grads, who you had to have a university email address to even be able to get on Facebook now when they realized. They had this huge value of having this massive, data base of everybody's eat, up with whims and and likes and actions on a daily basis They decided demonetized it send this thing public and in order to get a broader use, base. They opened it up to everybody. This was a fundamental misunderstand
on their part, because they didn't realize that when you let old people get onto the internet and on your website, they're going to ultimately destroy they needed in age limit on Facebook, of, like thirty, like once, you hit thirty like that. Comes weddings in baby map and, if you're older than that, but then it's your kids in your stupid political opinions and your forwards in your means it does sit down and it ruins the user experience. Kids get the internet, it's fun to be on it, but old people ruin things and they ve ruined facebook. Facebook sucks now and that's why nobody? I don't really know a lot of other people that are like under the age of acts, are no forty that use Facebook, anymore man and no more thoughts. Well, this remember that the whole technology was supposed to rapid it digitally the actual physical book. One got I got one run I showed up and ninety ninety nine. I had a book waiting for me in my dorm of all the people in my class that target list, and that was
that a couple. That's that's why and that's why it was expanded to limited to undergraduates when they first, created in this. It is. This is the only reason why people used the Facebook to begin with, which is to check out their college classmates and since then, it's and into this Bahama than we are facing a publisher and it needs to start being treated like a publisher, not not the the book that showed up at my dorms, you gotta check out who are the cute girls? Were Next Wes Anderson is out with a new animated film Isle of dogs, certain dis dopey in future, Japan were all the dogs are exiled to an island because of canine flew. Naturally, people are crying cultural appropriation and upset that the dogs speak english
Anderson Staple cast of Bill, Murray, annual and delicate Houston and Jeff Goldwyn are not east Asian Harrison. Wended movie reviews become college essays on intersection allergy. Well, look I gotta be us at orally care. This isn't my expertise. This is like Louis bunch. The fourth expertise area I have spent most. I spent most of my twenties being exposed to West Anderson films through various friends and ladys that I thought it was so great and I never got it. I think every one of his mood, these soccer like they were so boring, I don't think I've ever been able to. Actually awake in a West Anderson movie other than Rushmore, and everything else has been just wrap in I'm. Not. I have no interest in seeing his animated feature sounds boring. I don't watch kids movies, GSM frickin adult so anyway, I got it. I really just don't care about was Anders
after your was innocent. Then I like it. I like fantastic, Mr Fox, Budapest. Hotel one need only burial, tenable. I've always said it was over rain office. I like her. I move a boring, didn't get it I'd like you, don't get it's funny. Rushmore may have ever to Rushmore Rush, wherein send a bomb, sir, if movies, but I have to say, but it's funny. Ok like tat is just like a thing is supposed to be funny. It's is he's a very kind of peculiar person in the movies are all By creating his own little world Eli unhappy people find those girls appeal, adjusts Ellen wasn't in their characters, whereas hipsters love was Anderson. That's a good point out wrong to talk about the cultural appropriate, regardless of whether we dislike or like Wes Anderson, this issue of represented at the japanese D.
It has to be played, lie a japanese actor hygiene saying it's insane. It's it's one! It's an animated movie in and to its dogs. Are. How do you do a diverse? the writer or whatever you know. Only a german shepherd should voice the Germans It's crazy wanna be true. You know do this subject, as I did know, I think, is anti dog. I think its Anti Kane. I too think that as soon as the dog shows up in a country, they assume the cultural characteristics of that nationality. That's that's! You know that is that species em right at least we were discussed then what the actual style of the film making and not this crazy political identity anyway up next to Cape,
and tat is defending Woody Allen. Saying social media is not be judge and jury when it comes to allegations that she did not take the brave route of so many other actors who denounced the director after they got their Oscar nominations to blame. If this problem is she's been a lot of bad, we are removing, regardless of the whole Woody Allen. Question is to shoot. Bad ones and that's what she has to apologize for. Well, look social media may not be the judge and jury for Woody Allen, but I'm gonna go ahead. Take the words of his children, one of which he married did know that he's a disgusting pervert That's the one he married was one is Romania is not about to Madame encouraged off she defence him against the accusations of Dylan Pharaoh that all this sick- I don't ever want to hear I'm never going to agree that Woody Allen is like a deserve it. Somebody who need submitted who gets these
angry accolades. Yes, thank you and put upon the sailor the Roman Polanski, another child rapist. Would you Hollywood? Is a sick disgusting deprived place? I dont defend these people. Would you rather watch a West Anderson or a video? If you hadn't you almost at Yalta? you was aileth. Well absolutely now it's like. I can't separate the art from the pervert in Woody Allen case do, unfortunately, that is all the time we had four days edition of right and writer. I'd like to give special thanks to producer Louis Punch, the fourth and, of course, our free beacon, guess, Matthew, caught Nettie, errant, Harrison and Natalie Johnson. Remember finest on Itunes and Google play just search for free beacon. Please subscribe tell your friends and leave a positive review like listener. Dj each egg who praised Harrison's hot, takes Natalie cutting edge that were updates and your humble correspondence, deft, hosting a plum until next,
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